Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fiance accused of assaulting pap, she posed for pics afterwards

These are not photos from the incident

Celebrities should know at this point that if they get into an altercation with a paparazzo, they’re going to get sued. That’s the inevitable next step in this latest story. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fiance, Brian Hallisay, got in some kind of tussle with a photographer a couple of days ago. The incident happened outside a restaurant in Brentwood called Toscana, where I’ve seen photos of celebrities before. It’s not like they were laying low. Plus this is Jennifer Love Hewitt we’re talking about. If she didn’t call the paparazzi regularly they wouldn’t be following her around. I’m not saying she for sure called them this time, just that she normally has a very symbiotic relationship with them. I guess her baby daddy does not approve. Here’s more, thanks to TMZ:

Jennifer Love Hewitt and fiance Brian Hallisay were involved in a pasta-fueled confrontation with a photog Friday night … and cops have launched a criminal investigation.

JLH and Brian were leaving the always-delicious Toscana restaurant in Brentwood when a pesky paparazzo prepared to snap some pics. We’re told the couple asked the photog to lay off, but he ignored them and started snapping away.

Hallisay then allegedly got into it with the cameraman, and during the scuffle the photog claims the camera hit him in the face — near his eye.

Apparently Jen — who is pregnant — felt so bad she let the photog snap a few more pics … and then she and Hallisay left.

Unlike Toscana’s rigatoni, the confrontation didn’t go down well with the photog, because law enforcement sources tell us he went to the cop shop a few hours later and filed a battery report against Hallisay. Our sources say when he came to the station there was no visible injury to his face or eye.

The investigation is ongoing.

[From TMZ]

So the paparazzo had “no visible injury,” but of course he went and filed a police report so he could shore up his civil case. J-Love is exceptionally “nice” to the paparazzi, and she knows her livelihood depends on them. Maybe Hallisay was feeling protective of his pregnant fiancee, and maybe the photographer was up in their faces, shouting awful things. Whatever happened, this makes me wonder whether he’s on the same page as she is when it comes to publicity. I hope that this doesn’t indicate that Hallisay has a hair-trigger temper, or that there’s any trouble in their relationship. I just want Love-Hewitt to be happy and to get married if that’s what she wants. She’s been waiting so long to find “the one,” and she’s been nothing but vocal about it.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay are shown out on 8-23-13. She’s shown alone on 8-30 (red skirt) and 9-4 (gray shirt). Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Erinn says:

    I think it was just a case of being super protective. His fiance is pregnant. He’s protecting two people he loves. I’ve never heard anything about his temper before, so I’m going to write it off. We’ve all heard enough terrible stories of bad behavior from the paps. And since the dude had no visible injuries, it probably was just him being vindictive.

  2. Anki says:

    This just seems fishy.

  3. pam246 says:

    I can’t believe Jennifer let the pap take more photos. She’s really pathetic.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I am sure she was doing it to appease him, hoping that if he got the money shots the whole thing would blow over

  4. lucy2 says:

    If the pap was bothering to the point her fiance felt a threat, why would she let him take more photos? Very weird.

    • Sardinia says:

      She was probably just trying to diffuse the tension in letting the pap get what he wanted. Its not that strange.

  5. megs283 says:

    It’s only 8 am, but I could TOTALLY go for a pasta-fueled confrontation right now!

  6. Jayna says:

    Is it true that she is causing big trouble on the set because she wants her boyfriend’s role pushed up to be much more prominent on the show and having a standoff as a result? If so, another boyfriend an actress lets mess up their career by letting them have too much input or power regarding their career. She’s lucky to have a hit show.

  7. janie says:

    I’m shocked at this story as well.. JLH has never had issues with the paps? Maybe the daddy just reacted out of fear. Love JLH!!!!

  8. Tulip Garden says:

    Somehow I got this and the Gandy post confused and thought that Love’s fiancé was guilty of assaulting PUPPIES ()#$&*$*(&#! I read thru the comments and couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t livid…oh, assaulted a paparazzi…Yeah, different thing 🙂 Need more coffee!

  9. phlyfiremama says:

    So the photographer was SO INJURED by this encounter that shock made him take more pictures before he went to go file a police report? Didn’t go to the hopsital to check his “injuries” through a medical professional first? I smell a huge rat.

  10. Sixer says:

    OT (sorry everyone) for T.Fanty.

    I’m here for about an hour. Spill your rage!

    • Sixer says:

      Stood up!

      Never mind, another time.

    • T.Fanty says:

      I’m sorry. My husband just bought a business and I was merrily going about my day when he sent me an unexpected invitation to come and check out his new premises. It was quite selfish of him.

      So. Luther. There were moments of absolute brilliance – I loved the scene where he was fighting off the braying mob and holding up the perv – but overall it felt so rushed and there was NO character development. Just shock piled upon shock. It skipped over MASSIVELY important scenes that needed to be told – for example, what was said on Luther and Justin’s drive from Luther’s house the morning after he listened to Justin’s disclaimer on his deposition? Instead, they just magically transported them to the murder scene and played out some half-assed bromance scene later. And all of a sudden Luther professes his love for Justin and Justin gets a date with a woman he has NO chemistry with before chasing a killer down a dark alley? They might as well have given him a speech about how he suddenly has everything to live for. It’s sloppy, sloppy writing.

      Then, the women. After one night, Luther and Mary have this magical love connection? In an interview, Elba promised a little humor in this series, but watching the “courtship” scenes was downright painful. The very nice actress playing Mary did well enough, but it’s one thing to deal with the flimsiest character development since Alice Eve in Star Trek, but she and Luther also had *no* chemistry.

      Which brings me to Alice. I ADORE Ruth Wilson; I want to be her eyebrows. She’s amazing, and Alice is amazing, but after all that, it boils down to her wanting a boyfriend. The whole point of Alice is that she doesn’t feel anything, and suddenly we get a disney princess ending? Pass the sickbag, Alice (oh, that doesn’t quite work in this context). The whole intrigue of their relationship was that it met on common ground, outside of sexual tension, so the end made no sense (plus, there has never been an ounce of sexual tension between them anyway). PLUS, the whole point of Luther is that he’s a “good” man and by getting him together with Alice at the end, recognizes that they’re kindred spirits and, by implication, makes him as guilty as her.

      Annnd, I’m done. Although probably not. In short, it was lazy, melodramatic writing that simply lurched from crisis to crisis. Plus, there was no coherent trajectory to justify half the season on random creeper dude under the bed to vigilante dude with a shotgun. Plus the whole point of shotgun dude was that he went after the guilty, and if they’re playing the moral-ambiguity-of-luther aspect of that storyline, then it would have been nice if someone had said so at some point. Any point. Otherwise, it makes no more sense than Kahn-the-genius deciding that the only way to escape Star Fleet is to steal a Bad Guy Trenchcoat and run in a very obviously criminal manner through a crowded city.

      Okay, so maybe I wasn’t done.

      • Sixer says:

        How very dare Mr Fanty?! (Good luck to him with the business and no worries really, obviously).

        Oh dear! I did warn you. In fairness, I didn’t think it was entirely awful. There were some great scenes. But I agree about the narrative. I wonder if they shot too long and cut too much? Mostly, I was unsure of what they were trying to achieve.

        Was it Luther as tragic but charismatic figure who breaks what he loves, a la Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall? If so, you can understand the melodrama but the villain plot should have been more focused.

        Was it Luther as policeman forced into morally reprehensible acts while trying to do good? If so, we needed more than a series of crises, one buddy scene and a less-than-credible love affair.

        Or was it just a hamfisted attempt to achieve the much-vaunted “big storytelling” TV?

        On the plus side, we now know why any film will be a prequel!

      • T.Fanty says:

        Personally, my vote is on the latter. I think they were following the Sherlock/HBO model, and whether it’s because Idris has a limited schedule, or they wanted to be more exclusive, but they passed on substance for what they consider to be style The series became a series of climaxes, and a pay-off only works when there’s a build-up. I still maintain that it’s actor-led in a very bad way. There’s lost to showcase Idris’ ability to hit big moments, but, lest we forget Tony Soprano, the true beauty of character acting isn’t found in the moments that aim at the rafters, but the minutae that draws in the spectator and doesn’t allow them off the hook. Luther sells itself as character-driven drama, but it’s cheap thrills all the way, and this last series really put that forth in a way that felt really makeshift. After two patchy, but generally solid seasons, this show deserved better.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Still ragey: one of the things that annoyed me about the whole Alice-needing-a-boyfriend thing (apart from the whole affront to feminism, treating a strong female character like that) was the sexual tension issue I mentioned. I was just thinking that the original relationship was obviously conceived as a “Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling” type shindig, which made me think about how generally derivative the whole thing was. The hiding under the bed and taking his hair off serial killer was an absolute rip-off of the first villain of Whitechapel. And Whitechapel always wins because it has RPJ and (possibly more importantly) Alex Jennings.

        (there might be more to come)

      • Sixer says:

        I’m still wondering if it would have been different had the BBC given them 3 x 90 minute slots a la Sherlock. I suspect there is a great deal on the cutting room floor.

        I agree (with bells on) about Alice.

        I think we ended up with a product without a satisfying narrative – I criticise action/comicverse films for this all the time but truly, there’s even less excuse for it in a TV show.

        You know, much as it pains me to say it, Idris’s music is like this. He recognises innovation and quality when he runs across it and saves up influences like a magpie saves up glittery things. But he spews them out again without a central hook/conceit.

        Perhaps that’s it?

      • Sixer says:

        PS and to lend a positive note: Channel 4 is making some great stuff. Top Boy might be The Wire in London, but it *is* the London I know and the light moments are perfect. They just had a recent domino-topple series which was nothing new in terms of kitchen sink narrative but had Olivia Colman and Lennie James acting up storms. Southcliffe, the shooting drama, was just brilliant. Visceral, and one of those shows with a bleak, washed-out colour palette (is this an anti-reaction to HD and CGI? Dunno, but I like it).

        And I’m going to give the BBC points for What Remains – a murder drama that’s more about a weird set of tenants in a weird house. Mind you, that’s mostly because it has David Thewlis and Victoria Hamilton (I’ve been in love with her since I saw her with Eddie Izzard in Joe Egg).

        So there is *some* good stuff happening on British TV. H-h-honest.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Oh yes. No criticism about BBC TV from me. I just read about Top Boy yesterday, actually. What made me ragey about Luther is that because Elba is attached, everyone just stopped thinking and started fawning over it, when it really wasn’t very good.

        I’ve avoided his music, on the advice of Lainey gossip, which said it’s as lust-destroying as Hiddles’ twitter.

      • Sixer says:

        Continue to avoid the music!

        I’ve been unimpressed by a lot of BBC (well, BBC1 to be specific) drama of late – it’s been stodgy and predictable. I could actually do with a decent historical drama and instead we got that dreadful Philippa Gregory thing. The rest of it is either crime-by-numbers or an attempt to be edgy dwindling to yawnsome in the face of desperate PC fluckwittedness. What Remains has given me hope, however.

  11. Claudia says:

    I love the combination of the white tank, red maxi skirt, and sun hat. Hmmm… will have to copy that. With high high wedges because of my shortness :*(.