Did Anna Nicole have Lupus?

There’s now a totally speculative account that Anna Nicole may have been hopped up on so many narcotic painkillers to deal with the ongoing pain from the autoimmune disease lupus.

The thing is, there’s no source for the story that she had lupus, Access Hollywood just says there are “new claims,” and the doctor they contact for his opinion didn’t know or treat her, he’s just guessing. Plus the cocktail of drugs that Anna was on are not regularly prescribed for Lupus:

Startling new claims have emerged following the death of Anna Nicole Smith indicating that the model may have been suffering from lupus.

A medical examiner has yet to determine the cause of Smith’s death almost three weeks ago in Seminole, Florida. Prior to her passing she had allegedly used Topamax, Dilaudid and Methadone, as it was revealed in hearings regarding the final resting place of her remains.

These three drugs are not normally prescribed to treat lupus, a disease which affects the immune system. Pregnancy, however combined with lupus could present a severe amount of pain to a patient according to an expert contacted by Access Hollywood.

According to Dr. Bob Lahita a practicing physician, Chairman of Medicine at Jersey City Medical Center and Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical School who has authored several books on the disease, about 60% of lupus patients develop a condition called Fibro Myalgia. The condition causes chronic and extreme pain across the body in muscles, tendons and ligaments and can make it hard for a patient to sleep. Such occurrences leave open the possibility that painkillers Topamax and Dilaudid may have been used for comfort, Dr. Lahita speculates.

Dr. Lahita has been in contact with at least one other media outlet regarding his opinion, since claims that Smith had the disease began to emerge.

If she did have lupus, it would explain what prompted her to take all those drugs in the first place, but it doesn’t excuse it. Lupus is said to often flare up in mothers a few months after they give birth.

I have a small amount of sympathy for her if this is true, but plenty of people live with chronic pain and are careful about taking their medication responsibly. Anna’s ex bodyguard, who also claims to have had an affair with her, says that she suffered from seizures. I wasn’t aware that seizures were associated with lupus, but it turns out that it can cause neurological problems like seizures. Maybe Anna had lupus and didn’t know about it, maybe she kept it a secret, or this could just be an unsubstantiated rumor.

There are all sorts of new stories of Anna Nicole’s debauchery and sleeping around told by a former assistant in this week’s Enquirer. He also says that he was told if Anna fell unconscious not to call 911 and to take her to the hospital himself. I’ve been putting off reporting on it as I have been sick of Anna stories lately. If you want to hear about it, let me know in the comments and I’ll cover that story. Thanks.

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    there’s nothing and no-one Anna Nicole Smith didn’t have

  2. Mr. T says:

    I’m sick of this woman. She was a waste of a person and while she was a mother, she sucked at that horribly. Bury her already.

  3. Gigi says:

    I agree with Mr. T on one thing….bury her already. However, I do not agree that she was “a waste of a person” because no one is a waste. How does he know that she was a bad mother?….did he get his info from gossip websites such as this (sorry, Celebitchy, I do LOVE reading your website), but look at her son, Daniel. ANS and Daniel were pretty tight. I’ve read about numerous “soccer moms” that take speed everyday just keep up with their kids. I don’t think that ANS was that bad of a person. We don’t know why she was taking tons of drugs…maybe she did have some unknown disease that caused chronic pain. I am not condoling her drug use while pregnant or afterwards (or even before) but, really people, we didn’t walk in her shoes. Yes, I am kind of tired of hearing about her life and people that claim they knew her (just for publicity) but let’s just bury her!!! I think she died the way she has always dreamed of dying….like Marilyn Monroe….a MYSTERY. Sorry for the long comment….it was just my 2 cents.

  4. Girlygrrl says:

    Since when did Methadone become a cure for Lupus?

  5. Hannah says:

    The source is Frank Rodriguez, confirmed by Howard K Stern to be a close friend of ANS:

  6. countrybabe says:

    Xiao..I agree with you totally apparently the woman went around having un protected sex with all the daddies and the miscarriages. She could have had anything.

  7. marlene Sandford says:

    Oh, the price we pay for fame. The fact that she could be worth a lot beans someday is what put an end to ANS. It was her beastly way’s that killed beauty in the end.

  8. TishDish says:

    I really don’t think she was a horrible mother. I truly believe that she and Daniel had a very close relationship and you can’t have that without some good parenting skills. However, I think that ANS had some serious mental health issues and God knows what else. The real victim here is the baby. No matter how much money she comes into, her life will be shrouded in this cloud of mystery surrounding her mother’s death and the death of her brother. I wish the child well and hope she is able to have a secure and stable future despite this whole fucked up situation.

  9. gg says:

    She was an embarrassing sloppy, high, slut. Sorry but that DOES make her a bad mother. Wake up people. Obviously those who think she was a “good mother” never saw her show where she abused everybody and lied her ass off.

  10. Poor Boopie says:

    I see some of you are smoking crack before you log on to this website.
    How do we know she was a bad mother?
    Uhhhhhhh….. let’s see……

    1. Did drugs with Daniel.
    2. Let Daniel rot in the morgue for over a month while she was “marrying” Howard Stern and partying it up.
    3. Supposedly used methadone while pregnant with Dannielynn.

    Any one of these things would qualify her as a bad mother in my book. Christ on a stick! I’m tired of hearing about this “poor unfortunate woman”. Bury the bitch and let’s move onto the next ANS in waiting: Britney Spears.

  11. xiaoecho says:

    ‘I see some of you are smoking crack before you log on to this website’

    Speak for yourself Boopie

  12. Jeannette says:

    The typical drug treatment for Lupus is high doses of steroids, like prednisone. Long term use of these drugs, while controlling the worst parts of the disease, has rather noticeable side-effects, including hair loss and a tell-tale, very obvious swelling of the face, causing what you might call “chipmunk cheeks,” even though the person has not actually gained overall body-weight and mass. Since ANS does not appear to have suffered from such side-effects, it’s unlikely that she was being treated for Lupus, which in any case can’t be helped by pain-killers or Methadone.

  13. solange says:

    I agree with Boopie. Can’t hide the facts.

  14. Mother With Lupus says:

    I am in absolute shock at how the media has built her up to tear her apart in death! The sad thing is that her daughter will have to grow up seeing all of this and who is really benifitting here…..the tabloids and the media? If they took the time to find out WHAT was really wrong with her which could have been LUPUS (“SLE”), than they would understand a little as to why she was the way she was which explains so much. Do a GOOGLE search on LUPUS or look up The Lupus Foundation of America where there is a wealth of information about it!!!!!!

    I can be very sympathetic to this as I suffer myself from Lupus (fibro, IC, APS, Sjogren’s, Raynaud’s, OA, Asthma, Neuro-Cardiongenic Syncope, Common Variable Immunodeficiency (“CVID”), GERD, Anemia, IBS and I’m also a Breast Cancer survivor) — as do many of my friends that I have acquired on the Internet and my doctors offices. No one can judge anyone else for what they chose to deal with as far as treatment for their chronic pain or illnesses unless they have been there themselves!

    Once I was privey to the fact that she could have had Lupus, it gave me a better understanding as to why she was the way she was.

    Lupus is such a multi-faceted disease and can make you seem like you are in a “drunken stupor” which can be from kidney involvement and/or central nervous system involvement. A great number of lupus patients have major organ involvement. Most doctors can not treat infection, kidney, heart and CNS involvement because there really isn’t anything to treat it. All of it is systematic treatment not a cure. I was treated with Cytoxan for my kidneys – didn’t do much….I am being treated every 3 weeks for 3-consecutive days for infection with IVIG (gammaglobulin – human plasma) and taking many medications to treat the other symptoms of my lupus. I have a medaport in and will be getting these treatments for the rest of my life! I have been in and out of the hospital since my diagnosis in 2000. Currently, my monthly medical expenses to include doctors and medicines are approximately $18k!!

    She may have abused drugs at some some point in her life, but who hasn’t tried drugs? No one should pass judgment!! She was not a drug addict if she was taking medications for Lupus. Lupus patients take a significant amount of medications to symptomatically treat the symptoms so that we can function on a daily basis but even then it is a constant struggle. As Dr. Lahita said on Entertainment Tonight the other night that Methadone is used to treat chronic pain. It is also less addictive than many of the other pain medications that are used to treat chronic pain although like pain meds it can mask what is actually going on. I was on Imuran and Cellcept which also masked what was going on with me for my kidneys. These medications are used for transplant patients.

    In adddition, I am APPAULLED at the fact that people from the Hollywood scene (fellow actors and coat-string wanna be’s) as well are not being more compassionate. This Scientology crap is unbelieveable to me to even think that this was a quick fix to a cure that isn’t. There is NO CURE FOR LUPUS!!!!

    My doctors combine both traditional and hollistic medicines in the treatment of my Lupus. If people took the time to sit, learn and listen — then we could all work together to find a cure for this dreadful disease. I have almost died 3 times because of Lupus. I have 2 small chldren that I am striving to live for every day so that they have a mother!

    If a cure is found for Lupus, a cure will be found for so many other diseases, i.e., MS, parkinsons, AIDS, etc.!!!! Please, please help all of us that are suffering from this disease in finding a cure.

    Thank you.