Bald Britney rehab doll sells on eBay, hair still available

All sorts of eBay entrepreneurs are trying to make a buck off the Britney scandal by shaving Barbies bald and slapping homemade labels on them.

One artist has made a custom six inch Britney doll, though, that’s particularly well done in polymer clay. Britney wears a white straightjacket, pink sweatpants, and her newly bald head. It comes with cute packaging and a padded room diorama. The artist says his work has been seen on Leno in the “things found on eBay” segment:

**Britney Shears**

Poor Britney destined for the straight jacket and padded room.

My artwork has been seen on Jay Leno Twice in his segment “Things We found on Ebay” here is a clip

Figure is Six inches tall sculpted in polymer clay, This is a ONE OF A KIND item. comes mint in packaging. Complete with Padded room diorama.

The auction ended this morning and the doll went for $182.49. Britney’s hair was also up for sale on Ebay for the ridiculous price of $1 million, but site operators removed the auction. The seller, salon owner Esther Tognazzi, set up a website Buy Britney’s Hair, but there were probably no offers as the site is now showing a default page from the webhost.

Britney is said to have booked a whole wing to herself at that Promises rehab where she’s staying, at a cost of hundreds of thousands. She is also speculated to be either suffering from postpartum depression or bipolar disorder, although it looks like drug paranoia is the most likely cause to me.

Thanks to DListed for this story.

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  1. lexi says:

    you forgot the word ‘thousands’ you simply said “at the cost of hundreds”

  2. celebitchy says:

    haha, that’s all I could afford. I am working too fast today. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Toubrouk says:

    Well, at least she IS in re-hab, getting the help she needs.

    We don’t need another ANS right now.

  4. marlene Sandford says:

    There’s no getting over addiction just separation. Rehab has a 90% relaps rate. She’ll crash and burn like the rest of the knuckleheads.

  5. frewtloop says:

    Geez if she’s not bonkers now, all this smack will certainly send her there. I’m all for taking the mickey out of celebrities but this is schadenfreude at its basest level.