Tom Cruise signs mask for Anonymous member, adds peace sign

A member of the group Anonymous showed up at Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie premiere in Berlin to protest the star’s involvement in the notorious Scientology cult. When Security guards took away the protestor’s Guy Fawkes mask, Tom Cruise got it back for him after his repeated appeals for help. Cruise then signed the mask, starting off with a big old peace sign.

Whatever is going on with Cruise lately, he’s definitely been in a good place emotionally. He’s handled press expertly, steering clear of the topic of Scientology and taking responsibility for the debacle he endured after his over-zealous antics in 2005.

During a recent appearance in Canada, Cruise completely ignored a silent protester in a mask, pointedly looking away. He seems to have realized that the best way to deal with criticism is to face it head on and love bomb it. Everyone may not be buying into his attempt to return to the public’s good graces, but he’s making strides with fans and detractors alike.

For as much as we know the whole thing could have been a set up, although I doubt Scientologists are that clever. The user who posted the video, BerlinAnon46, has several other videos on YouTube of Scientology protests dating back months.

Thanks to Defamer for featuring this video.

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  1. 88modesty88 says:

    If I squint, he seems to be the Tommy I was crazy about when I was 13 and Top Gun was in cinemas.

    But all the craziness…

    Have to say I think he handled the Anonymous thing great this time round. He seems to be a gracious man when he’s not in full-on Xenu mode!

  2. Baholicious says:

    “…he’s definitely been in a good place emotionally. He’s handled press expertly, steering clear of the topic of Scientology and taking responsibility for the debacle…” Possibly, but have you seen his eyes lately? He’s filled with all kinds of crazy. Worse than before too, from what I can see.

  3. vdantev says:

    There’s a saying that one cannot unscramble eggs and it applies to Mr. Cruise 100%

  4. 88modesty88 says:

    Dante, is that like trying to get the toothpaste back into the tube?!

  5. Kaiser says:

    His charm offensive is working – the other day I found myself actually having sympathy for the guy. Praise Xenu!

  6. CandyKay says:

    I agree – his charm offensive has been very effective. And I just respect him for putting in the effort.

    Some guys would be bitching about how mean everyone has been to them, how unfair life and the media and Hollywood is, how they’re being persecuted and oppressed.

    Instead, Tom’s gotten in there and done the work to turn things around.

  7. Annie says:

    He’s only doing it, because he realizes that it’s the only way. And if he wants to continue bringing in the big bucks for Lord Xenu, then he’s gotta go play nice with us.

  8. Libraesque says:

    uuuuhhhmm candy kay…..he did that….on his poor-misunderstood-me two day PR fest on Oprah….how quickly some forget

  9. Jbo says:

    Eh, I STILL don’t like him and will NEVER see another of his movies. This is one of the reasons I HATE papparazzi, etc b/c actors/resses images are just ruined w/their personal BS and make it VERY hard for me to picture them as the “character” they are trying to protray.

    Can’t get past an idiot who believes in aliens???

  10. Mairead says:

    Nicely done teeny-tom, nicely done.

  11. Annie says:

    Can’t get past an idiot who believes in aliens???


    I can’t get past an idiot who is so damn self-righteous, self-important and self-involved.


    Ok fine, the believing in aliens babbling doesn’t help either.

  12. NotBlonde says:

    Tom Cruise has always been a nice guy. He’s not a jackass as some people seem to think. He’s an idiot for believing in Scientology, but really…how is Scientology crazier than all other religions on this planet?

    Anyway, I thought the Anonymous guy was being a moron. I despise public stunts like that. They just sound whiny; like children. “Pay attention to me! Over here! I’m important! I’m in a mask!” and if he doesn’t pay attention, “Humph, he didn’t pay attention to me! But I’m important! I have a right to be paid attention to!”

  13. FunMe says:

    Do you think Tom’s craziness is just his way of hiding his gayness?

    How lonely … the closet the closet that he’s in.

  14. Libraesque says:

    NotBlonde huh? interesting screen name for someone who sounds very “blonde”

    You obviously have NO idea what you’re talking about re: Anonymous, and their tireless efforts to bring knowledge and awareness to the public about a dangerous cult that tom cruise is the #2 person of.

  15. marty says:

    Aw come on–does no one know Epic Fail Guy? Really?

  16. NotBlonde says:

    If you are stupid enough to join Scientology, you deserve everything that comes with it.

    Anonymous is a group of whiners. Sorry. They whined when they got ignored by Tom Cruise (even though they didn’t say anything and he had no real reason to acknowledge their presence). They whined when they got kicked off their property in Northern California.They whine whenever no one pays attention to them.

    Everyone knows Scientology is a cult. Germany has put it on their books for crying out loud. I say again, if you are dumb enough to get involved with Scientology, you deserve whatever you get from it.

  17. LIBRAESQUE says:

    WOW, where to begin. What a compassionate person you are! This devious cult preys on the weak and vulnerable and you call people “dumb”???? Let me guess you’re one of those lovely people who think women who are in absusive relationships are “dumb” and “why don’t they just leave” It’s basically the same thing, it’s called mind control, abusive men do it and this cult does it.

    I for one am just glad there are people like Anonymous who care enough to DO SOMETHING about these abuses and not just sit back like you, being judgmental. You should be ashamed!!!!

    And HOW exactly can someone “whine” when according to you “even though they didn’t say anything”

  18. Mairead says:

    I can see NotBlonde’s point though – a cult is a congregation of people not some dastardly evil being just sucking poor innocent lambs into it’s clutches. With the exception of those at the very top, especially in the case of L Ron Hubbard, the devious cult all started off with individual people who were feeling adrift or were born into it.

    Personally, Scientology has nothing to do with why I don’t like this man – I just happen to know more about a cult I distrusted because of him.

  19. NotBlonde says:

    Libraesque, relax.

    First of all, my mother was beat up by my father ONCE and that was enough. She divorced him the next day. The only reason why we weren’t homeless was because my grandfather gave us his house and he moved to another state with his new wife. Women who don’t have choices or opportunities to escape abuse are NOT comparable to someone who is depressed and goes into Scientology thinking it’ll help them.

    I’m clinically depressed. I take medication for it. Even before I did, at my lowest, I never thought I joining Scientology because they consistently take your money. That seems off and it would make sense to me for someone to see how off it is. However, if that person is that weak or that stupid, it isn’t my fault or anyone’s fault that they joined but theirs. The only people I feel sorry for are the ones born into it. They didn’t choose that craziness.

    But unlike being beaten by your husband/boyfriend, people choose to be in Scientology. No one would choose to be in a relationship where someone was beating them. People choose Scientology a lot.

  20. Nony says:

    But you *don’t* have to chose Scientology to fall under its evil influence. scientology *doesn’t* just affects its own followers.

    You could be born in it and get the mindcontrol from birth. Family members or partners could join the cult and if you fail to support 120% you could get cut off/divorced/harassed endlessly.

    You could be a mental health professional and become scientology’s target because they believe you are the devil. They have harassed, slandered and done harm to psychiatrists simply because of their profession.

    You could just write or say something Scientology doesn’t like and you could become a target for harassment, slander and even attacks.

    Or you could just be a tax paying citizen who funds a mindcontrolling pyramid scheme and the absolute opulence David Miscavige lives in while he beats and abuses his staff, and others are denied medical treatment for illnesses such as cancer and MS.

    scientology affects *everybody*.