Clint Eastwood’s son Scott looks like a young, fratty Clint: would you hit it?

Did you know Clint Eastwood has a son? I didn’t know that before yesterday. I thought he just had daughters. But he has a 27-year-old son named Scott, the product of Clint’s union with Jacelyn Reeves. I don’t know what Jacelyn looks like, because all I can see is Scott’s paternity, all over his face and body. He looks SO MUCH like young Clint. Michael K suggested that Scott looks like the love child of Clint and Chris Hemsworth, but do you know who I kind of see in these pics? Some Alex Pettyfer. Scott’s paternity is really obvious in profile too, but from the front, he looks more like a frat boy.

Anyway, these are photos of Scott in the new issue of Town & Country. Scott’s interview was… eye-rolly. Poor Scott.

On getting his start in Hollywood: “People assumed that I would have everything handed to me, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I was on my own just doing the grind.”

On the kind of actor he hopes to be one day: “I want to be a man’s man—not a kid actor or a glitzy pop star but a no-bulls–t leading man.”

On his father Clint’s advice: “As a director and an actor, my dad’s motto is ‘Tell the truth.’ The only way of doing that is having life experiences and being a storyteller.”

He co-owns a bar Solana Beach called Saddle Bar: “I’m not a club kind of guy. Dive bars are much more my thing. They’re no-nonsense.”

He makes his own Eastwood whiskey too: He is bringing his very own Eastwood Whiskey to market, distilled from water found on his father’s land in Carmel. Of course he enjoys the product the way an Eastwood man should. “The only way to drink it,” he says, “is neat.”

[From Town & Country]

I also learned that Scott has a part in Brad Pitt’s new World War II movie, Fury. That’s the one with Shia LaBeouf. Which dude will Scott spend more time with, Brad or The Beef? Also, how in the world can this dude claim that he was “on my own just doing the grind” while at the same time talking about bringing “Eastwood Whiskey” to market using his dad’s distilled Carmel estate water? For the love of…! DOING THE GRIND.

So, would I hit it? Eh. Probably.

Clint when he was younger:

Present-day Scott (I don’t understand the nautical p0rn of this photoshoot):

Photos courtesy of Noe DeWitt/Town & Country.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I saw this last night on and he is yummy! My jaw dropped lol.

  2. aims says:

    he’s hot! I didn’t know Clint had a son.

    • Cel says:

      He has another son called Kyle, who is a jazz musician and singer. Kyle has compose music for several films that Clint has starred in/directed.

    • mayamae says:

      Scott was one of two children he fathered secretly with a flight attendant while in a long term relationship. The birth certificate actually states, “Father declined”. He didn’t acknowledge them for years and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s received little help from Clint.

      • Gretchen says:

        I guess Clint tried to make amends, Scott’s first film role was in Flags of our Fathers, he also appeared in Gran Torino and Invictus…so maybe not such a grind after all…

      • mslewis says:

        I don’t think Clint actually “denied” his two kids with Jaclyn; he just didn’t sign the birth certificate. There were no court visits to get support or anything. At the time he was in a long-term relationship with that actress whose name I can’t remember (Sandra something?). Their breakup was very ugly and she is the one who revealed that he had fathered children while they were together but not with her (she said he made her get an abortion). Clint is actually close to all of his seven or eight kids and Scott and the daughter Alison have both appeared in various movies. Clint is just a dog when it comes to women, that’s all.

  3. blue marie says:

    hell yes, in a heartbeat, dude is hot

    • RocketMerry says:

      Lol! Yeah, one would definitely need some kind of obstructing object to shut his mouth, but other than that he is kinda hot in the conventional way.

      Not my type, though; too blondish, too “ripped”, too “look at me”, too tanned… just too much. If one ever thought of Clint in a sexual way, it was for his charisma. This one does not seem to have any. Eh.

    • Anna says:

      Yeah I’d hit it, but I am also getting a strong TRY and SPOILED LITTLE RICH KID vibes.

    • j.eyre says:

      I would hit it like an empty chair talking back to me in a debate.


      But then again, I hit Dad too. Maybe I could be their Father/Son Fishing Trip

    • Brooke says:

      hells bells! Yes!

  4. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Holy shit YES.

    Wow….he is really really sexy. Definitely my type.

    • ParisPucker says:

      this and a HOLY HOTNESS!! and one last YUM …I need to go stick my head in the freezer now, thanks

    • Nono says:

      He is exactly the opposite of my type. My brain says, Oh, he’s sort of symmetrical and attractive, Nono, why not? but my bits are just going, Eh.

      Doesn’t do it for me at all, in any way whatsoever, physically, mentally, personality-wise … Nope. Nada. Nothing.


    • bijlee says:

      right? the picture of him lighting the cigar and working on the boat just dear lord! Get the women out of the other shots they are ruining it for me.

  5. Nev says:

    First picture um….YUM.

  6. MeowuiRose says:

    No! He looks and sounds like a tool.

    • Allie says:

      Agreed. Total frat boy

    • Emily C. says:

      Yep! He wants to be a man’s man because he thinks being a woman’s man would be bad because of course manly = good and womanly = bad, right? He’d probably avoid foreplay and last about a minute. He is the perfect picture of a man I would absolutely never have sex with for any reason. He’s gross.

  7. MisJes says:

    I would hit this so hard, he is 100% my type. Ridiculously hot, and his eyes – amazing. Actually, in some pictures he looks a bit like Jensen Ackles.

  8. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    Holy sh*t.

    Yes. Yes I would.

    He can’t talk though. I didn’t finish the interview it was so wrecking my boner.

  9. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I think he sounds a little, I don’t know, Lily Collins-esque about his comments…BUT I would hit that in a heartbeat. My God, those cheekbones!

    Brings me back to my Fassdong attack on Sunday.

    • CaribbeanLaura says:

      I concur, I’d hit it quick and I’d hit it hard. Though he seems to have a faint wiff of eau l’douche…

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yes, LADIES-we’re not talking about marrying the dude. Why even read the interview?

      The question is: WOULD YOU HIT IT.
      He’s good for a roll in the hay IMO.

      • CaribbeanLaura says:

        Lol you’re right. We don’t need to get to deep do we?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Did you read the interview, Kitten? Because all I did was look and the pictures and go “sooo pretty”. I’m sad that his father is/was such a douche when he was younger, because if I could I’d hit Clint Eastwood too. As it is, I’m already cheating on my sad, sad future husband, Liam–so I won’t say too much.

        (oh and I sent my friend those gifs that someone put up, when we were talking about the size of Liam’s dong, and her eyes went like 0_0–hehehe)

  10. GiGi says:

    He wouldn’t even see it coming. Just so, so hard the hitting would be.

  11. IceQueen says:

    Damn! He’s really fine!

  12. Lizzie says:

    I’d hit it. But regret it afterwards. He sounds so fratty. Total Shame f-ck.
    Like Adam Levine.

  13. Shelby says:


  14. mia girl says:

    His first positioning piece is in Town and Country and he wants us to believe he didn’t play on the family name? My impression of Town and Country is that you must have a family name to even be considered a subject worth covering.

    Fun fact not covered in T&C – based on the list of famous men and their many wives/kids that @lucy2 posted in another thread, I now know that Scott is one of Clint’s seven children by five different women

    • Esmom says:

      Haha, I thought the exact same thing about Town and Country! And who even reads that but “the choir” that they preach to?

      I immediately thought “Hemsworth” upon first glance. I see the Eastwood resemblance, but maybe only because it was pointed out to me.

  15. Elisabeth says:

    i’d bang him like a rickety screen door

  16. janie says:

    Wow! He’s very handsome! I’m anxious to see what kind of actor he is… lots to live up to? Maybe, maybe not?

  17. Birdie says:

    He is gorgeous!

  18. Cecilia says:

    Good Lord!!

    Wait!! My panties were here a minute ago.

  19. GeeMoney says:

    He’s hotter than Clint. Drool!

    He has a lot of lines in his face for 27… WTF.

  20. OhDear says:

    In some of the photos he looks a bit like Oliver Giroud.

    Anyway, was all, “daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmnnnnnn” until I read the interview.

  21. seVen says:

    Yep… Like the others commented tho, he wouldn’t be allowed to talk. Just shut up and let me handle things, Ok?

    I’d beat it like it owed me money, Just sayin.

  22. Mia 4S says:

    Definitely hot….but can he act? ;-) Picky picky I know.

  23. brin says:

    Oh yeah.

  24. HappyMom says:

    Gorgeous-but another who started on third base and thought he hit a triple.

  25. Leah says:

    Yes. Several times. Without shame or mercy.

    He doesn’t need to talk. Just EMOTE, Scott, FEEL THE MOMENT and EMOTE. I’ll know what you mean by gazing into your deep, endless, non-lying, ~real, manly-man’s eyes… or something.

    Can he act?

    in conclusion: sex.

  26. JM says:

    Clint has another son, Kyle too. He’s somewhere in his early 40s and starred with his dad in Honkeytonk Man. He was a cute kid but I haven’t seen him all grown up. This one is too pretty for me. Must take after Mom.

  27. toto says:

    He is so sexy and the girl with him is so attractive, she reminds me of lauren bacall.

  28. pwal says:

    Knew he had a son, but didn’t know about this one. I know that one of his sons composed music for his movies… Gran Torino, I think.

    • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

      Scott also had a small role in Gran Torino. He was the young man that the female lead was walking with in the neighborhood before they started getting harassed, and Clint’s character had to intervene to save them. It was funny watching that scene, because he ended up insulting the kid (played by Scott).

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That was HIM? Oh my Lord, he cleans up GOOD. Because when I saw him immediately in these pictures, I said he was Clint’s twin–didn’t even recognize him in the movie. Probably because his character was an idiot.

  29. toto says:

    He is so hot indeed much much better looking the chris, his face is sketched with very fine lines.
    Does anyone find the girl with him extreemly attractive? she reminds me of lauren bacall.
    To be honest she is more captivating than him.

  30. Lucrezia says:

    Wait … he’s managing to distil whiskey from water ? Are we sure Clint’s the dad? Water into alcohol was someone else’s gig.

    (I know what he meant, it’s just funny if you read it literally.)

  31. Brooke says:

    I’d climb him like a jungle gym

  32. davidbowie says:

    Hubba hubba.

  33. Emily C. says:

    He looks fratty. So hell no. Also the cigar is a massive turn-off.

  34. Sannie says:

    He looks like a Hemsworth brother

  35. Hautie says:

    Tall, good looking. Well groomed. Pretty. :)

    How in the hell did he get hired in LA?

    I was sure it was a rule that male actors, under 35, had to be no taller than 5’6. Or 5’9 with their lifts. :)

  36. Dommy Dearest says:

    All day every day. This man is yum.

  37. The Original Mia says:

    Yes! Hard and often. My goodness is he hot.

  38. Hillshmill says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes. And more yes. Yachty preppy boys are my weakness. Add the rich douchbag factor and it’s all over for me.

  39. jean says:

    Dammmm He is fine!!
    So glad this site finally stop being delusional of what a good looking man look like.

  40. starrywonder says:

    He sounds like a tool but that does not mean I would not still hit it. I would just ensure I kept him gagged at all times.

  41. posh-toes says:

    Where was he when they were casting Christian Grey? He is the right age and has that rich arrogance thing going for him.

  42. fabgrrl says:

    Wow, totally looks like Clint. Especially with the cigar. Mmm…slap a dirty poncho and cowboy hat on that.

    Doesn’t Clint Eastwood have about 8 children? I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least one male in there.

  43. Penelope says:

    Scott looks a ton like his dad did back in the day; no question. He’s very handsome. But save us the “I never got any perks or special treatment” crap. Please. This very photo shoot is because of who your father is. LMAO

  44. serena says:

    Oh god, of course I would! How could one not hit it? He’s so Clint(!) and hot, damn, every day and every moment I’ll be all over him.

    Damn Clint was damn hot in his younger days and his soon got a part of that, yum!

  45. Anne De Vries says:

    He’s hot, but he sounds like an utter moron about how he’s doing the MANLY GRIND all on his OWN like the LONE MANLY MAN he is with his MANLY WHISKEY drunk MANLY AND NEAT

    *giant eyeroll*

  46. Fatty Magoo says:

    Yes! It’s about time he is getting some kind recognition. I have known about this guy for a while now. Didn’t know he was Clint’s son at first because he used to go by Scott Reeves. But the resemblance is obvious that I looked him up and sure enough lol

  47. Bubulle says:

    Agree with the other posters he is hot but sound like a douche, I ‘m surprised he still hasn’t made it considering he is 27, seriously even without his famous dad when you look like that you’re more than welcomed in Hollywood.

    • Kim1 says:

      Guys that look like him are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.Also he didn’ t use Eastwood name until recently.

      • Maureen says:


        Hollywood is just full of people all blending together like a bunch of pod people manufactured from one single mold. Well, two molds: one for the males and one for the females.

  48. Welldun says:

    Ok, call me a perv but someone help me out here…that pic of Clint. Look at it and tell me if that’s just an odd shadow or do we have I guess an old school Eastwood version of Hammdong?

  49. bijlee says:

    Super super super attractive. Just needs to keep his mouth shut is all.

  50. Bee says:

    In this particular pic, the young Clint looks like Michael Vartan!

  51. Isabelle says:

    He’s hot because he does look like Clint. His dad was hotter at his age. Think Clint was one of the best looking men in Hollywood.

  52. Maureen says:

    Yeah, douche. Pass. Next!

  53. Hiddlesgirl85 says:

    I call BS on Scott’s nepotism gripe; he has already benefitted from it from this piece in Town and Country, and the small role he had in Gran Torino. He was the young man that the female lead was walking with in the neighborhood before they started getting harassed, and Clint’s character had to intervene to save them. It was funny watching that scene, because Clint ended up insulting the kid (played by his son).

  54. moon says:

    SO HOT! I prefer young Clint though, he looked a bit more mysterious. Scott doesn’t have that mysterious vibe. But oh gosh do they look alike. I see the Pettyfer resemblance too.

  55. JC says:

    I would watch him talk to a chair for days.

  56. jaye says:

    I would RUIN that pretty boy. Good LAND he’s hot.

  57. Ginger says:

    Definitely looks like his father. And Clint was hot back in the day. I agree his son is hot too. I wonder if he can act? I haven’t seen him in anything.

  58. Happy21 says:

    OMG he is so so hot! And wow does he look like his dad…My GOD!

  59. Sachi says:

    He is good-looking and photogenic, but doesn’t have his father’s charisma and sex appeal that jump out of that one photo of a young Clint, and Clint’s pose wasn’t all that but his smile…

    • Cirque28 says:

      YES. I’m not particularly a Clint fan, but papa’s photo is 10 times hotter. Why? It’s the charisma, spontaneity, relaxed attitude, etc. Love the imperfection there, too, with that teensy smidgen of flesh hanging over his waistband. We never see that anymore in these types of pics.

  60. Carine says:

    Christian Grey??

  61. Mandy says:

    I would hit that SEVERAL times.

  62. Dominique says:

    Can’t help but be reminded of Dr. Evil’s son, Scott.

  63. Madpoe says:

    Save a horse, ride an Eastwood, Scott Eastwood. Dah-um!

  64. Sarah says:

    Oooh nice! Where’s he been hiding?

  65. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Nice looking bloke.

  66. newtsgal says:

    I can see bangin out a couple of AA’s looking at his pics…..Thank you Kaiser!! ;)

  67. Jess says:

    Wow he looks so much like him. What a hottie.

  68. Allons-y Alonso says:

    Nepotism – you’re doing it right

  69. Grant says:

    Is this even a question?

  70. ZAK says:

    He’s attractive but nothing too special. His acting doesn’t seem that special either.

  71. arizona says:

    Omg clint was so hot his son is a hot too.

  72. Fdb says:

    This guy ain’t no frat he’s wearing jeans

  73. lisa2 says:

    I like when Hollywood sons look like their Dads.

    Some do and some don’t. He has been in several of Clint’s films.

  74. skeptic says:

    I think he’s worlds better looking than Daddy Clint every was.

  75. Kudzuqueen says:

    My panties just fell off. Love me some frat boys.

  76. Britta says:

    He’s gorgeous..but he knows it. I think his dad in his day has a scrappier sort hotter thing going on. His son is just too pretty, almost.

  77. O.K. P says:

    Won’t hit it. Looks like a sleaze

  78. Amelia says:

    He looks exactly like a younger verson of his father. The same grin et al.

  79. Jazz says:

    Hell yes! But he’s not allowed to speak, just shutup and look pretty.

  80. Bizzyb says:

    Hottest MAN in Hollywood by far. They don’t make em like this anymore.

  81. Nibbi says:

    deyamn, he’s hotter than Dad

    the pics w the chick disturb me a little. he’s got a manly beer, and she’s got an ice cream and looks 12? … yeah.