Jennifer Aniston is still drinking booze, so there goes those pregnancy rumors

Last week we had an old-fashioned Womb Watch on Jennifer Aniston following Us Weekly’s surprise cover story that Aniston and Justin Theroux were allegedly expecting their first kid. As I said last week, I knew Us Weekly was full of it when they didn’t even publish excerpts from their cover story online, plus Jennifer’s rep was sending strongly-worded denials all over the place. I’m still confused as to why Us Weekly did the cover, and why the denials were so intense this particular time, but those are questions for another day. Because now we have even further confirmation that Jennifer isn’t pregnant and she’s probably not even trying to get pregnant: Jennifer still loves booze. Because a mojito will never grow up to resent you!!

Pregnancy buzz is surrounding Jennifer Aniston, but Life & Style can reveal the actress was spotted drinking wine on Tuesday. An eyewitness at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood tells Life & Style that Jen “had white wine” with her meal.

“She looked really good and didn’t look pregnant,” a second onlooker tells the mag. “She was with friends. Jen came in the back door with lots of security and bodyguards.”

A new report claims this week that Jen, 44, and her fiancé, Justin Theroux, 42, are expecting a baby (“Jennifer is not pregnant,” says her rep), but by the looks of her recent outing, they’re not prepping to become parents in the near future.

While promoting her film We’re the Millers in August, Jen revealed she was fed up about being asked if she’s ever going to have a child.

“I surround myself with my amazing work, my amazing partner, my beautiful dogs, and I tune that noise out,” she explained.

In 2011, the actress said there was “no desperation” to start a family.

“If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be,” she told Elle at the time. “I’m at peace with whatever the plan is.”

[From Life & Style]

I really do wish Jennifer would just come out with a swaddled bottle of vodka and announce to the world, “I’m going to call her Jennifer Junior!” Still, this isn’t breaking news of anything. Even though Jennifer’s biggest fan-girls always yell at me for calling Jennifer a boozehound, can we at least agree that she loves to drink in general? A little wine with lunch, a little martini before dinner, a mojito for an after dinner treat. Plus some shots before awards shows and TV appearances. A drink for every occasion!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Birdie says:

    Just saw it for the first time… She has huge ears. Anyway, cheers Jen.

    • itstrue says:

      Yeah, heavy ear rings are a bad idea, but they all do it. When they’re 70 the ear lobes will hang to the middle of the neck.

      • Can ya hear me? says:

        Those ears are not the result of jewelry from the earlobes. Those badboys are nature born. Damn! I bet she could put out a fire with those flappers.

    • JibberJabber says:

      @can ya hear me?

      Lol, right? Reminds me of my glory days in elementary school. Them big-eared kids had it coming, on account of them choosing to grow their ears all big.

    • Jigli says:

      Mine aren’t much smaller … Major sads…

    • Nikita says:

      Well, thats the reason why she always covers them with “the hair”. She covers her chin an the unflattering shape of her face/head with “the hair” which is totaly comprehensible. Which is simply the reason why she doesnt change her hairstyle. But she could at least change her haircolour, i think darker colour looks great on her. But well, hollywood loves the blonde girls.
      There is a youtube video where she got an emmy or globe for friends, she had a ponytale and thanked brad pitt, she lookd horrible.

  2. clock says:

    “Jen came in the back door with lots of security and bodyguards.”

    This makes me laugh. ALWAYS. Bwhahahahahahahahaha LOL

    • Spring Season says:

      I’ve come to the conclusion that her necessary need to have bodyguards and security around her for absolutely no reason at all, it is purely to be noticed. She can walk the streets in NY and no one will give her a second glance, unless her one paid pap or BG is with her. She even admitted to being unnoticeable in NY and I’d say its the same in LA as well. Boring chick must get attention for nothing at all.

      • HappyMom says:

        This exactly. Hence why she’s still making headlines for nothing-she courts the attention.

      • marina says:

        Pretty much every celeb can walk around NYC with no one noticing because no one cares, unless they’re a tourist.

      • Megan says:

        not to defend Jen because I am not, but seriously every single celebrity can walk around NYC and not be noticed or bothered, unless they are in the middle of a scandal- Katie Holmes (during the divorce) or the press knows they will attack them Alec Baldwin.

        But all celebrities can roam free in NYC without being bothered.

      • Pia says:

        Tell that to John Lennon! There can be crazy fans anywhere.

  3. Andrea1 says:

    Well I will be damned if her fans feel the same way.. This woman doesn’t want kids if she did she would have had one by now regardless of her having a failed marriage.. Look at Charlize and Sandra they went the adoption way.. Then we have Cameron Diaz who started she didn’t want children….
    Throwing the floor open for another round of argument!!!!!!

    • siobhan says:

      I don’t disagree about JA not wanting kids but I don’t know why people always want to bring up Sandra. She didn’t become a mom until the age of 45.

      • Maya says:

        Actually Sandra said she registered for adoption 4 years before she finally adopted. The laws are such in US that it can take up to 4 years before you are cleared. Plus Sandra had a stepchild she was raising with her ex for a few years before that as well.

        Charlize never commented about children but instead went ahead and adopted. I don’t like Charlize but she is doing what she says she wants to do.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Maya pretty much summed everything..
        Like some posters here already said, Jen has gone on the record to say she wouldn’t adopt. Sandra started her adoption process wen she was 41. And oh IMO she is not having IVF else she wouldn’t wear clothes that spark pregnancy rumours she would want to keep that under wraps knowing the stress that comes with IVF until it finally happens.. Except that’s what keeps her relevant when she doesn’t have anything to promote.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Siobhan, who wrote: “I don’t disagree about JA not wanting kids but I don’t know why people always want to bring up Sandra. She didn’t become a mom until the age of 45.”

        That’s not really true, because Sandra was very much a ‘Mom’ to Jesse James’s youngest daughter. Remember when Jesse tried to get full custody of the little girl, who was a bout 2 years old and had seen more of Sandra then her bio mom and considered Sandra her mother?

    • JibberJabber says:

      This isnt Aniston-specific, but don’t presume to know what people want to do reproductively. Again, not arguing that Aniston does or does not want kids, but plenty of women who want children and who have the means to do so choose not to adopt or have IVF unless the circumstances are ideal. Some women want a child, but want one with a partner, not as a single parent. For example, SATC’s Kristen David adopted at age 47. She said that he wanted to do so with a partner, but finally at 47 decided she couldn’t wait anymore. Sandra bullock adopted at what, age 45? Marcia Cross got IVF at 44 after she got married. She had the money to adopt or have IVF before, but she didn’t, maybe because the circumstances weren’t right for her.

      Again, this isn’t about Aniston. I’m just saying, in general, some women would welcome kids, but don’t necessarily want them unless the circumstances are right for them.

      • siobhan says:

        Actually Sandra didn’t become a mom until she was 45. She didn’t become a mom the minute she started the adoption process. And as is pointed out on every leann rimes post being a step-mom is not the same thing as being a mom. She was older than JA is now so bringing her up to point out that if JA wanted to have a child she would have by now doesn’t make sense.

      • tracking says:

        Much too sensible for an Aniston thread 😉 this was meant for Jibber Jabber.

      • AllyUK says:

        JibberJabber your point is far too logical. Shhhhhhhhhh……

        Yes, I agree. I never wanted to bring up a child on my own as I grew up in an unstable one parent home. I decided to wait until I was in a healthy relationship, that never happened and I missed the boat. I have no regrets. It’s one less messed up person in the world.

      • Lady D says:

        In the 70’s Ann Landers or her sister Dear Abby did a poll: If you could do it over, would you have kids again? I can’t remember how many answered but it was in the tens of thousands. Over 67% said they wouldn’t do it again. I was absolutely floored.

      • Becky1 says:

        Excellent point, Jibber Jabber. Very true!

      • Bridget says:

        I will point out one thing: you’re referencing women who waited a long time for their first marriage. Ms. Aniston has been married previously, to someone who very publicly wanted children. It didn’t happen with that partner, it didn’t happen alone, and at this point the speculation is reasonable.

    • Sabrine says:

      This will be a good way in the future to stop the ridiculous pregnancy rumors in their tracks. Just down a few cocktails or liquor of any kind. That should do it.

  4. eliza says:

    It is clear this woman has no intention of carrying a child herself. IF she wants kids I am sure she will adopt. I do not know what the obsession is with baby watch. She is in her 40’s so chances of getting pregnant are significantly lower without help. If she has a kid via gestational carrier, adoption or through IVF or the stoke brings it, who cares. So tired of this woman and her life.

    • MollyB says:

      She’s already gone on record saying she would never, ever adopt, so I doubt that is going to happen.

      • Lady D says:

        I wonder why she is so adamantly opposed to adoption.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Not even making this Aniston specific, I am really surprised that more celebrities (especially females) don’t adopt. Because that’s the perfect solution to the whole “I want to keep my body” thing. Which cool, don’t judge. Because I know how hard it is to do something that is “wrecking” your living i.e. your body. And a lot of people don’t just snap back. So I’m actually surprised that they don’t go–aha! let me adopt my offspring… pregnancy required.

  5. ShakenNotStirred says:

    I think we should stop publishing pregnancy rumours. Can we stop feeding attention to the rags? It’s ridiculous now. Everyone is pregnant if we listen to them.

    • Spring Season says:

      Yes, we need stop feeding Aniston/Huvane planted pregnancy rumors. She’ll probably check here in a bit to see how the latest plant is going to decide whether or not to deny it.

    • HappyMom says:

      How else would she stay in the public eye? It’s not like she does anything particularly interesting or makes amazing movies.

  6. Lila says:

    That top one sure is a classy picture.

    Of course she’s not pregnant. It’s her fans that want her to be pregnant. I’ve never thought she had any desire to add a child to her lifestyle.

    Woman is 44 years old. While a pregnancy is possible, it’s not that likely. And it’s much less likely if she is actively trying to prevent it from happening. Can we give this up now?

    • Janet says:

      I asked one of her fans once why they are so desperate for Aniston to have a baby and she said “We just want to see her happy.”

      Why would they assume Aniston’s happiness depends on her getting pregnant?

      I have a suspicion a lot of her fans harbor a delusion that Aniston getting pregnant would be the ultimate revenge on Brad Pitt for leaving her. “Take that, Brad!” But Brad Pitt wouldn’t care less if she had one baby or a dozen. He has six children with the woman he loves and he’s happy as a clam.

      • anon33 says:

        Because MILLIONS of women think having babies=being happy. They do not think that any other choice is even valid.
        I know this as a person who has chosen to be child-free. You would not believe the ignorant comments people make to me when I tell them that I honestly don’t want a child and never have (I’m 35.)

      • Janet says:

        @anon33: I can believe it. They probably called you selfish and narcissistic. I caught flak for having only one child. People need to get a grip. Nobody is obligated to reproduce.

      • Esmom says:

        “Nobody is obligated to reproduce.”

        Amen. And honestly, fewer people probably should.

      • anon33 says:

        @Janet, the worst one so far is “OMG! what a horrible thing to say! I will say a prayer for you in hopes that you change your mind.”

        (This is not an embellishment, someone ACTUALLY said those exact words to me.)

      • Lady D says:

        Wow Anon, just wow.

    • JibberJabber says:

      Actively trying to prevent it? Do you have inside gossip?

  7. Quinn Parker says:

    Girlfriend is looking rough lately.

  8. DenG says:

    Her amazing work. Oooh, deluded.

  9. davidbowie says:

    That last picture is going to haunt me in my nightmares I just know it. 🙁

  10. Lisa says:

    *Jennifer Melfi voice* I see.

  11. Lr says:

    That first picture and pose! She looks desperate for some love…who poses like that besides d-listers?

  12. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Oh God–that first picture.


    She does know that my fourteen year old sister and her little friends do the duck lips in their pictures–and it’s not cute then either.

    And maybe it’s just me, but I thought the entire discussion was fun. It’s gossip–we can bitch all we want about how she’s is/isn’t pregnant–it was a great stress relief for me. I’m already gearing up for the next one 🙂

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I’m with you, Virgilia!! I love the “is she or isn’t she pregnant” stories…you can always count on some funny comments!!!

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      I kinda think she is just having fun with it. Unlike Lohan, who you know was absolutely dead serious about her kiss blowing.

      I don’t have a clue as to the state of Jen’s womb, but it is undeniable that the has put on weight and looks crazy bloated from time to time. I would not be at all surprised if IVF is going on, now that she has a committed partner.

  13. Cecilia says:

    I think this statement she made pretty much sums it up:

    “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be,” she told Elle at the time. “I’m at peace with whatever the plan is.”

    So, in other words…whatever happens, happens. I think that is a very healthy attitude & also a proper statement.

    • Badirene says:

      I think it makes her sound passive in her own life. She is a grown-up with many options but she seems to be happy floating along, not really active in anything, not just in respect of having a family but in all aspects of her life.

    • Vera says:

      But when you are almost 45, can you really leave a pregnancy to chance?

      At that point if you really want to be pregnant, you do not have a second to waste to see what will happen.

      She sounds like she read that from her many self help books she loves to quote from.

      That statement is actually a perfect example of giving a non answer because she would never dare say she does not want kids and upset her loser fans who dream of her pregnant.

  14. Maya says:

    Jennifer is a known weed smoker and alcoholic – she is always either high or drunk on stage. This woman said that children are messy and to much responsibility. She has been playing the media game and contradicting herself for years. And yet she doesn’t get called out because she has the best agent in Hollywood who would sell his own mother to make sure Jennifer keeps her good girl image.

    No one who are friends with bully and children Chelsea Handler, pervert Terri Richardson & woman beater Joe Francis – are good inside. The whole image of Jennifer is fake and it is slowly becoming clearer and clearer to see how she created this fake image while being a disgusting person inside.

    The next pr game from Jennifer will be that she will lie to the media and say that she is trying to get pregnant – right after Brad and Angelina announces their wedding. The pattern is there to see how everytime the Jolie-Pitts have something in the news – Jennifer releases something as well. Jennifer cannot handle if the JPs receive good news and praise from the world. While the JPs don’t give a shit about Jennifer and are living their lives happily with each other – Jennifer only lives to make sure they fail and how to make sure she is in the news regularly. Fame hungry is Jennifer’s middle name alongside triple home wrecker.

    • siobhan says:

      I think you are way more obsessed with JA vs JP than anyone of them are. Btw Angelina married Billy Bob while he was engaged to Laura Dern so why only the home wreaker label for JA?

      • Janet says:

        This rumor has been trashed a bajillion times already but here we go again. He was never engaged to Laura Dern. She kept pestering him to marry her and he had no intention of doing it. So he dumped her and married Jolie and Dern has been crying foul ever since.

        Like she’s anyone to talk. After Thornton dumped her she started humping Ben Harper, who was already married and his wife was pregnant. So what does Dern do but get pregnant too. Harper left his wife when she was around seven months pregnant and married Dern. The babies were born three or four months apart.

      • Layla says:

        Uh…do not think they were engaged!

        And AJ has been called a homewrecker every single day for almost a decade now with zero proof.

        Jen has a good pr team to erase the fact she began a relationship of some sort while Justin was still very much with the beautiful Heidi, his partner of 14(!!!) years.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Siobhan, who wrote: “Btw Angelina married Billy Bob while he was engaged to Laura Dern so why only the home wreaker label for JA?”

        And Billy Bob was married with kids when Laura Dern willingly entered into an affair with him. Dern was also 8 months pregnant at the same time her current ex-husband’s wife was pregnant before he filed for divorce.

        And yet, Jen’s fans still hold Laura Dern up as some kind of pillar of virtue the Villainess Angelina Jolie wronged.

      • Kim1 says:

        FYI Ben Harper v Laura Dern divorce finalized September 11,2013

    • Cecilia says:

      @ Maya

      My goodness what a hate filled comment. It sounds like you have no idea what your talking about because you are so hate ridden You don’t really know these people or anything about them with the exception of rumors on gossip sites. Give it a rest.

      • Maya says:

        Oh so writing the truth about Jennifer is now called hateful – typical Jennifer fans to be hypocritical. Those things I said about Jennifer were all confirmed news by the people involved. I only believe stuff when it is directly from the horse’s mouth.

        Jennifer cheated with Tate Do while his fiance was pregnant – she miscarried do the stress Jennifer caused her (confirmed by Tate & Jennifer). Jennifer again slept with a close friend Jo Gartin’s husband Chris who is also the father of her children (confirmed by Jo’s close friends). Lately Jennifer slept with Justin for almost a year while he was still living with his girlfriend of 14 years (confirmed by Justin’s close friend & Heidi’s mother).

        As Angelina and Billy Bob – Laura and her assistant confessed months after that Billy Bob never cheated with Angelina and that he had infact broken up with her weeks before meeting Angelina.

        Laura first got together with Billy Bob while he was still married to his second wife and she also got together with her husband while he was still married to his ex.

        Its ironic that a woman who was labelled homewrecker (Angelina) is not a homewrecker while women who are homewreckers (Jennifer Aniston, Laura Dern, Courteney Cox, Claire Danes, Julia Roberts) deserve happiness.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        To add to what Maya said, what really turned me off Jennifer were those lovey-dovey pictures she did with Justin, right after Heidi moved out. Because I had just started reading the site shortly before then, and didn’t really have an opinion on the whole Triangle of Doom. I mean, I didn’t like Jennifer’s movies (couldn’t get through 10 minutes of The Bounty Hunter), I like Angelina and Brad’s movies, and I was absolutely in love with that gown that Angelina wore to Cannes-the nude versace, in 2009ish.

        So I read through all the archives of all three people during my Spring Break last year–Celebitchy has archives going back to when Angelina was pregnant with Shiloh. And what I read was….interesting and it certainly formed my opinion of all three today.

        But what I didn’t like was that Jennifer, in her Vanity Fair interview, made a big stink about that W photoshoot that Brad and Angelina did for MAMS. She said Brad was missing a sensitivity chip for having creative input (he didn’t like what they were going to do, so he changed it) and doing the photoshoot so soon–which was on the day of when they filed for divorce-somewhere around there. So doing a work photoshoot was wrong and hurtful, BUT

        she can do the same thing to Heidi. Except, this “photoshoot” wasn’t for work, or to promote any project she was doing. It was for fun. And they released those picture less than two weeks after Heidi moved out (I have the links, Heidi moved out June 14th and the pics came out on this site on the 22nd)–so it’s okay for Jennifer to show how happy she is less than two weeks after the *snort* “official” (like any believes that) breakup BUT it’s not okay for Brad to do a WORK photoshoot with his costar 3-4 months after he and Jennifer legally separated…..

        Of course I could open a whole can of worms on just who Jennifer has an issue with….

      • Nikita says:



        couldnt explain it better!!!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Virgilia, who wrote: “BUT it’s not okay for Brad to do a WORK photoshoot with his costar 3-4 months after he and Jennifer legally separated…..

        If I remember correctly, that ‘W’ MAMS pictorial shoot was done during the first week of April 2005. So it was not only 3 – 4 months after he and Jennifer legally separated, it was also a couple of weeks after Jen filed for divorce.

        But the fact really ‘is’ that Jen played up being ‘offended’ by the photo shoot and egged on her fans and the mini van moms into believing the photo shoot was done just as she was blind-sided by the news of Brad leaving her for Angie. It’s the ‘playing the victim’ card most of us usually refer to.

      • Lr says:

        She calls him her boyfriend! And she could exaggerate you know. Also its been over a decade, so move on.

        Also, she had no problem getting with a married man later on…. so she could not have thought it was that cruel.

      • Janet says:

        Oh for heaven’s sake, that proves what exactly? She called him her fiancé? Ask Billy Bob what he called her and I think you’ll get another answer entirely, not nearly as flattering as fiancée but probably a lot more accurate.

      • Cecilia says:

        @ Janet

        And Billy Bob speaks the truth, as he is such a pillar of society & culture? I still see that pic of him feeling up Jolie’s boobs in front of a crowd of people with his eyes on the camera — and now…4 wives later. Yeah, I’ll stick with Laura on this one. Jolie picked a winner there.

      • Janet says:

        @Cecila: Actually, Jolie has a winner. His name is Brad Pitt.

    • Just Passing Through says:

      Really? A known alcoholic?

  15. Janet says:

    Why is she mugging for the camera like that in the first photo? She looks absolutely ridiculous.

  16. Layla says:

    I hate that duck face! She is posing like a teenager in a selfie on facebook. She really thinks she is 20 something.

    Does she think the duck face will make people think her non existent lips are full like someone else’s? ?

  17. Proof says:

    May be this isn’t true,i mean there’s no proof,maybe they’re trying to erase the rumour so that wen she announces the pregnancy for real”the world would be shocked”.

    • Kie says:

      Wow, you fans will just never give up!

      At what age will you finally give up your pregnancy wishes? 50? Or will you still think it is possible?

      The world hardly cares about her anymore!
      Most of her fans think she is Rachel in real life.
      She does nothing amazing or interesting, she is a big old bore.

      • DEB says:

        Here, here, she doesn’t want kids and never did. Main reason for splitting with Brad. When will people GET this?? She is not the mother type, at all. Never was.

      • Maya says:

        Well said. But you cannot expect her small fanbase to realise the truth. They are freaks and lunatics as Jennifer herself called her fans.

      • siobhan says:

        I think people just like to get the crazy obsessed JA haters going. Seriously your epic posts about her are hilarious. And sad. I don’t understand the undying obession with someone you don’t like.

      • Jospehina says:

        There is NO rational defense for hopelessly wishing someone to get pregnant MORE THAN THEY WANT IT.
        Watch it now–

        The Henettes do not like being called out for Babygate. Huvane knows its prey–er, JenHen fans quite well. (after all, he has been playing the henettes for years now.)

        All it takes is a shady tabloid article about a bloated stomach and the hens take over from there. Here is what they tell themselves, “Our beautiful Aniston is …”

        -in the midst of IVF treatments
        -in early stages of pregnancy
        -besotted from previous miscarriages
        -waiting for “the one” to procreate

        Then when she is found being normal, drinking socially…they let out a big sigh…until the NEXT(fake) pregnancy announcement.

  18. Kay says:

    @Maya just calm down,i know jen fans have said far worse things about angie and her children(the one i would never forget was when one of them said;i quote”that orphan angelina bought from africa is sooo UGLY”,i’m an african and that got to me but i didn’t retaliate because its not worth it)but saying things they would say makes you no different from them.The best thing to do is IGNORE them.My mum always said”the best answer to a fool is silence”.

    • Cecilia says:

      awwww Kay…sorry your feelings were hurt but I’ll bet you those hurtful words were not posted by anybody on this site. You see, this is my problem — the JP STANS take out their anger on the nice, regular posters here who are just commenting on a post like they normally do only to be ripped a new one, as revenge is sought for something that was said by some idiot on another site. Maybe the JP STANS here are too afraid to confront the real culprits.

      • Kay says:

        Actually it was on this site,i wud never go to another site after wat people write about them here.They were many more hateful comments which i normally overlook but that one kinda stuck.

    • Maya says:

      Good advise – I am going to follow it. Why waste time commenting about someone I dont like at all? I am going to be like the Jolie-Pitts and ignore the haters and just get on with my life.

      • Maggie says:

        @Maya:I am going to be like the Jolie-Pitts and ignore the haters and just get on with my life.

        Good idea!

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        Very sensible attitude Maya. If you’re not having fun with it, what’s the point, eh? 😉

  19. Amy85 says:

    I don’t know why this site is so obsessed with Jennifer (not) being pregnant. This is the third or forth story in a week.

  20. chloe says:

    Anon I hear you, when I told a woman at work that I was not having any kids she told me I was going to regret it later in my life, I was like WTF. BTW it has been several years later and I still do not regret it, it’s not that I don’t like kids (I luuuvvvve my niece and nephews)I just never had the urge to be a parent.

  21. Sparkly says:

    I totally want that swaddled vodka child to happen. That would be so amazing.

  22. Nicolette says:

    She’s still drinking. Shocker.

  23. Meggin says:

    Ugh, wish people would stop obsessing over whether or not she will have a baby. Leave the lady alone!

    • Nikita says:

      TO be honest, i guess she fears the day when people will stopp obsessing over whether or not she will have a baby or whatsoever. Because this will take her out of the news and out of relevance, and if this happens, she wont get ever a movierole again because only her tabloidpower keeps her in the game.

    • SAY says:

      You’ve got the wrong address. Go an Tell her (&PR team) what you’re saying now. Leave this LADY alone? That’s not what this lady and this lady’s PR team want, maybe absolutely definitely~~~

      Don’t you know? She’s the one who obsess w/ pregger rumor and stirs it with loooooooooong sticks.

  24. Kim1 says:

    I can’t wait to see if Usweekly mentions Aniston this week.

  25. Vee says:

    All we hear is this and that, but JA probably never wanted kids, or it wasn’t that important, so of course, her marriage would end with a man who had that desire. From the little I’ve read of her remarks about her fiancé, he has raised brothers or sisters (can’t remember), and sounded like maybe he was fine not having children. My husband was perfectly fine without, although we had children later. Not everyone wants to be a parent. I don’t see JA adopting or having children. She seems to enjoy her life as is.

  26. lisa2 says:

    Drinking wine doesn’t mean she is not pregnant. I think she loved the IDEA of children. I think many women do. They want to have a baby. But not necessarily be a parent. Not the same thing at all. I never thought their marriage ended because of children. I think there were obvious issues. And something kept them from crossing the line and actually having a child; excuses and work. I also don’t think she ever wanted what Brad wanted. He has been talking about having a big family for years. Long before getting with her. In one of his very early interviews. Brad said if he ever had a family he would do it big. Jennifer was saying 2 kids. Not on the same page. Brad also said having kids never felt right til Angelina; and then he felt why wait. So now they have 6 kids. I don’t think he would have said that if he and Jennifer had lose a child. Sometime when it is right you know it and nothing stops you. Angie never had a child with BBT or JLM. Brad never had kids before Angie. The man was 40 years old. NO kids. NO unplanned anything.

    I just think she wanted kids in the sense that it sounded good and all, but when it was time to actually make the choice and make the decision it just didn’t happen; that was probably both of them. Not just her.

    and at the end of the day.. I think anyone with a brain can see it was for the best. I just couldn’t imagine the life of these people (especially a child(ren) if they were connected by a child. As is stands they are not connected at all.

    I do think JA fans want a baby for several reasons. They want her to be the person they think she is and they want to say “ooohh Jen’s baby is more whatever than a JP baby”.. Jen is a better mommy than Angelina.. They have done it regarding every man she has dated. compared him to brad..and of course Brad loses until the next guy and it starts over again. I think it pisses them off that Angelina is the mother and Jennifer is not. that somehow that is “unfair”

    I also don’t get why they think Brad would care if she had a baby. It won’t be his so how is he affected after all these years. His children are with Angelina. Jennifer having a baby with Justin is only about them.

    But the JP fans don’t care if she has a child. We say all the time; it is her fans that still live that fantasy. And not because they “want her happy”.. because they keep screaming how happy she is without Brad.. because he is stuck with 6 children (Children I add he has wanted his entire life)

    • Liz says:

      Seriously? How many “JA Fans” are on THIS thread leaving comments that they wish Jennifer was pregnant??? It seems YOU and all the AJ/BP fans are the ones that keep this non-story brewing….


      And please tell us how you met Jennifer as, it appears you know her very well.

      • Hello says:

        First, Jennifer Aniston and Mr.HU
        Then, Jennifer Aniston fans
        And finally, BP/AJ fans

        Why do you skip all previous stages ? 🙂 No one can beat the JA-HU Bros. for JA’s endless-baby rumor-love.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Spot on as always Lisa2!
        @Liz it has become So obvious to people not just on this site but on sooooo many other site that JA and Mr Huvane plant these stories to keep her relevant and always in press and many people are calling them out on it. This time around the reaction they got wasn’t what they were expecting except for her fans of course who were So sure she was pregnant or undergoing IVF treatment. They need a new strategy because this has become soooooo old… People are not buying it anymore.

    • Jospehina says:

      Careful now, Lisa2,..

      You forgot to slowly deliver the truth in small teaspoonfuls.

      You see how one of the posters quickly jumped down your throat?

      I concur completely wit your opinion BTW. You are on point.

  27. Becky1 says:

    Why people get so upset about JA liking to drink and not having kids is beyond me. It’s not like she’s out there getting in trouble with the law or causing problems on movie sets, etc. I don’t know her and I don’t profess to know what goes on in her mind but from what I’ve read it seems like she’s pretty harmless. She parties, vacations in Cabo, makes mediocre movies, hangs out with her friends…so what?? I feel like there would not be this degree of criticism if she were male. I hate that there are all of these cookie cutter notions of what women should do and be. If she’s decided not to be a parent for whatever reason that’s her business. It’s actually a much more responsible decision than having children for the wrong reasons.

    • Jospehina says:


      These articles are printed in tabloids for a reason. There IS an audience that wants her pregnant. AND it is related to getting back at Brad… “See I said I was gonna have a baby and I did! Suck it Brad!”

      All Brad would do is congratulate her while holding and kissing his youngest child.

  28. ann h says:

    Jen’s “upcoming wedding” hogged the cover of People for the Oscars.
    Probably not all of them, but a good majority of pregnancy rumours are planted and denied from Huvane IMO.
    He’s like the little chicken going around announcing the sky is falling every chance he gets, with the combination of the little boy who cried wolf.
    It’s just making both of them look beyond stupid, and all this “news” all the time makes Heidi and Spencer look tame in comparison for fame**ore attention.
    Talk about oversaturated.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I’m honestly questioning whether or not they’ll even get married at this point. Not because they’ve been engaged for over a year, but Jennifer just doesn’t seem into it–if that makes sense. I’m not saying she has to be all lovey-gushing over Justin every chance she gets, but with the recent rumors–it’s not looking good for the Theroux/Aniston household. We’ll see…

      • Jospehina says:

        I do believe they will get married. She can’t back out now. This is Jen’s last chance for a man to commit his life to her the way SHE wants it without truly ever compromising.

        This relationship is so unequally-yoked it is laughable. But that is the way Jen wants it. It is definitely all about her.

        Squiggy is bought and paid for. Look how much he has changed since she got her claws in him. Hair, skin, CAA PR agency (welcome to the world of Huvane, red carpet events, GQ magazine covers, People’s Most Beautiful List, Ellen Degeneres talk show appearances, CA residency, furniture shopping, Cabo vacations)… All of these changes occurred while not working. This man does not have to work. He ain’t goin’ nowhere.

        And where did SHE compromise or adjust for him? Oh yeah, she bought an apartment in NY, sold it and relocated back to LA within 2 months.

        He is now the tick in her life…

  29. Anon says:

    “I surround myself with my amazing work, my amazing partner, my beautiful dogs….” (says the “beautiful Jennifer Aniston”).

    Uh, okay.

  30. hag says:

    maniston could not get an A list actor to play her pr game. she settled for a no name loser who was desperate for fame. good luck with that.

  31. Bird says:

    Janet, you are on a rampage today! You guys are so MAD! It’s kind of amazing.

  32. Caz says:

    Huvane/Aniston are desperate.pregnancy rumours AGAIN…really?

    A 44-year old woman blowing kisses to the camera? Is she taking cues now from PMK? Yawn.

    PS – not a hater. Just not buying this PR nonsense.

  33. sara taylor says:

    who’s writing this shit at celebitchy these days? i feel like it’s a stay at home mom in minnesota. lame lame lame. the edge is gone

    • AB says:

      My thoughts exactly… oh no, a woman who doesn’t want to have a kid and likes to drink and travel and have fun… you only live once and you need to do what makes you happy… if people don’t like it they can pound sand

  34. MegG says:

    Well this was as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow! When will this BS actually end, when she’s 60?

  35. Maggie says:

    Better not to have children than have them and parade them around for PR as so many of these HW types seem to do.

  36. Rux says:

    Good Gawd with the booze shaming. Men, my husband in that equation, can have a bottle of wine or half a fifth of Scotch and no one shutters. I pour myself a “healthy” glass of red wine every night as I cook dinner, during dinner, and if chocolate is unavailable, a glass after dinner. Let’s move it along with booozey comments….

  37. megan says:

    dude, she’s forty fucking four. tabloids need to accept it just ain’t gonna happen.