Is Angelina getting special favors in her Vietnamese adoption?

The story is that Angelina was working on adopting a Vietnamese baby since she paid a surprise visit to the country in November of last year. Everyone was a bit surprised to hear that she’s filed for adoption of a infant boy there using single status, and is not listed Brad as a co-parent. While she lives with Brad they are unmarried. Brad has also gone through the legal steps to adopt Angelina’s two adopted children, Zahara, 2, and Maddox, 5.

The NY Post stirs the pot a little by saying that Angelina is being favored by the Vietnamese government, because surely she wouldn’t be granted an adoption when filing as a single mother but cohabitating with the father of a biological child:

She filed for adoption as a single parent even though she lives with boyfriend Brad Pitt, who is the adoptive father of Jolie’s Cambodian son, Maddox, and Ethiopian daughter, Zahara, as well as the biological father of their daughter, Shiloh. (Shiloh and Brad are pictured above on the New Orleans set of the film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”) The State Department says it abides by Vietnamese rules when it comes to adoptions there. But, “This is a clear contradiction of Vietnamese law, and such situations would not be allowed for other couples,” said Tatiana Beams, an international adoption advocate. “Most co-habitating couples who try to adopt as a single parent are either turned away from agencies or face difficulties.”

A short while ago Angelina made a little sideways dig at Madonna in a statement about her controversial adoption from Malawai. She told a French magazine that she “would never take a child away from a place where adoption is illegal,” but tried to make nice by saying she has “been horrified by the attacks [Madonna’s] been subjected to [for adopting Davie].”

Page Six pointed out at the time that the agency Angelina used to adopt Maddox from Cambodia was convicted of fraud with the result that adoptions from Cambodia became much more difficult. They said she shouldn’t talk smack since her adoption record is not without its bumps, either.

It seems like she is using her celebrity status to expedite her latest adoption, something that the NY Post is quick to point out. The countries and adoption agencies are all too willing to bend the rules for some cash and publicity, though, and special favors seem inevitable for celebrities.

Here are pictures of Brad and Angelina in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 11/23/06. Pictures from

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  1. ok says:

    first off angelina is single. when fills in application forms she will always have to put single. Yeah she is with Brad but they are not married so again she is single as far as the law is concerned.

    second the adoption agency that she used for maddox is one of the most well known agencies in the US so how was she to know that there was someone who wasn’t doing everything by the book.
    When they story came out a judge in US ruled that there was no evidence to suggest that her adoption was not legal.
    The only reason her name is/was being linked to it is/was because she is a celebrity. And if adoption is now made more difficult isn’t that a good thing to make sure fraud doesn’t happen at any other agencies.
    Lastly Malawi(Madonna knew that and said so herself that why she has human rights activist chasing her a.s.s) does not allow foreign adoption end of story.

  2. countrybabe says:

    Ok-please, She said single because you can’t adopt there if you are shacking up. Ofcourse the people just ignored that Brad is living with her. They know the thrid world countries will be grateful that’s why they go to these places.

    Ofcourse Madonna knew because she like most celebrities thank they are above the laws and can change them with their activism.

    I’ll bet a gay couple wouldn’t be able to adiot in these countries.

    Why should they do a tap dance for a hetero couple that isn’t married?

  3. JUST ME says:

    What is the big deal. We know she’s a responsible, loving person and great mom. These kids are going to a home where people are going 2 b taken care of. They will have so many opertunities in life. Hopefully they will grow up to do better in the countries they came from. There are so many kids being adopted for the wrong reasons. If we really want the best for these kids, we should try to go after the molester, rapist, the ones that physicaly and mentaly abuse of kids. Look at all these teachers that r sleeping w/ their students and doing any time cuz they look good. What kind of crap is that. This is the stuff we should really care about!

  4. bgirl says:

    ok – Malawi international adoptions are possible, I am aware of a couple of children who were adopted from Malawi recently to people in my home province (which is in Canada)

  5. Iva says:

    The problem is that Angelina constantly goes running her mouth on how more people should be like her! She has this high and almighty attitude that she is better then everyone because she’s out there saving the world one child at a time…

    You and I are NOT like Angelina and the RULES in place would never be bent for oridinary people like you and I – but they are for her.

    She should stop her freaking preaching and realize that she is getting special treatment.

    It took a friend of mine 8 years in total to adopt 2 little girls from China…

    As Madonna would sing – Angelina (Papa) Don’t Preach…

  6. Breederina says:

    A gay couple I know who adopted their son from Thailand also had to apply as one single man,( the partner with the highest income as advised by their agency). It took under a year for them to get their son.
    Why is everyone acting so surprised and indignant that the so called rules are different for people with alot of money ? Is that really such a news flash?

  7. Cupcake says:

    I just don’t understand why anyone cares how Angie adopts a kid from substandard living conditions in a orphanage, isn’t enough that she’s doing it? That she’s changing a childs life for the better?(If any of this is even true…)

    No, of course not because people love to b*tch and moan about whatever they can whenever they can do it…

  8. countrybabe says:

    I don’t think gay couples can adopt in in vietnam. Thailand will give children away.