Mia Farrow admits that Frank Sinatra could totally be Ronan Farrow’s father

Mia Farrow has given a lengthy, exclusive interview to Vanity Fair in the November issue. VF published part of the exclusive already – Mia is still talking about the mess with Woody Allen, and she allowed many of her children to talk about what happened and whether Woody had abused Dylan (who has changed her name) when she was a little girl. While all of that is definitely an interesting, compelling story, Mia drops a bombshell about something that I had always wondered about: Ronan Farrow’s paternity. We know Ronan around these parts because he’s movie-star handsome AND a genius and he hangs out celebrities and he worked for Hillary Clinton and because he’s super-cool. Ronan had always maintained that Woody was his father, although they are deeply estranged. But now Mia is saying Ronan’s father could totally be her ex-husband Frank Sinatra. OMG. Here’s more from VF:

Twenty years after Vanity Fair special correspondent Maureen Orth reported on the sexual-abuse case involving Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter Dylan, Orth reconnects with Farrow to discuss her human-rights work, her relationship with Frank Sinatra, the home she created for her 14 adopted and biological children, and the scandal that nearly destroyed it, 20 years ago. For her piece in the November issue, Orth talks to eight of Farrow’s children, including the long-silent Dylan, who speaks on the record for the first time about the alleged incident.

Farrow discusses her relationship with Frank Sinatra, telling Orth that Sinatra was the great love of her life, and says, “We never really split up.” When asked point-blank if her biological son with Woody Allen, Ronan Farrow, may actually be the son of Frank Sinatra, Farrow answers, “Possibly.” No DNA tests have been done. When Orth asks Nancy Sinatra Jr. about Ronan’s being treated as if he were a member of her family, Sinatra answers in an e-mail, “He is a big part of us, and we are blessed to have him in our lives.”

Orth speaks to Farrow’s children, including Dylan, who now has another name and who discusses what she remembers about Allen and how his behavior has tormented her. She refuses ever to say his name. She calls her fears “crippling” and says, “I’m scared of him, his image.” Dylan tells Orth, “I have never been asked to testify. If I could talk to the seven-year-old Dylan, I would tell her to be brave, to testify.”

According to Dylan, “There’s a lot I don’t remember, but what happened in the attic I remember. I remember what I was wearing and what I wasn’t wearing.” She tells Orth, “The things making me uncomfortable were making me think I was a bad kid, because I didn’t want to do what my elder told me to do.” The attic, she says, pushed her over the edge. “I was cracking. I had to say something. I was seven. I was doing it because I was scared. I wanted it to stop.” For all she knew, she tells Orth, “this was how fathers treated their daughters. This was normal interaction, and I was not normal for feeling uncomfortable about it.” Woody Allen’s lawyer Elkan Abramowitz says that Allen still denies the allegations of sexual abuse.

Dylan tells Orth that Allen contacted her twice by mail. The second time, during her senior year of college, a large stuffed manila envelope arrived at the school, filled with pictures of Allen with Dylan. “I should have recognized the handwriting—I didn’t. It had a fake return name: Lehman.” According to her, the accompanying letter read, “I thought you’d want some pictures of us, and I want you to know that I still think of you as my daughter, and my daughters think of you as their sister. Soon-Yi misses you.” It was signed “Your father.” Dylan wonders to Orth, “How do your daughters think of me as their sister? How does that work?” When asked about the letters, Sheila Riesel, another of Allen’s attorneys, called it a “private matter,” adding, “This is a man who loves all of his children and should be respected for that.”

Farrow’s second husband, André Previn, tells Orth of his adopted daughter Soon-Yi, who is now married to Allen, “She does not exist.”

Farrow’s son Fletcher Previn, who built his first computer at the age of 13, tells Orth that he has Photoshopped Allen out of every single family photo and edited him out of family videos so that none of them would ever have to see him again. “We can look at them and be reminded of the good and not be reminded of the bad,” Fletcher tells Orth. Of the family’s reaction to the crisis with Soon-Yi, Fletcher says, “To my siblings and me, you thought of [Allen] as another dad. It can disrupt your foundation in the world. It resets the parameters of what is possible.” He also discusses the impact Allen’s actions had on the family, telling Orth, “There were casualties, who were totally derailed. It had a different impact on everyone, but everyone had a reaction.” Fletcher singles out Lark, who died at 35. “I really do think he’s got some blood on his hands,” he says of Allen.

Orth details the complex, intense, and ugly legal battle that followed, with the court proceedings and hearings dragging on for more than four years. Although Allen spent millions of dollars on legal fees, he lost two custody trials and two appeals. He also hired private investigators. Speaking anonymously, a top Connecticut State Police investigator on the sexual-abuse case says, “They were trying to dig up dirt on the troopers—whether they were having affairs, what they were doing.” The file for Dylan’s case in New York City’s Child Welfare Administration is nowhere to be found, someone close to the matter tells Orth, although it would ordinarily have been marked “indicated” to signify that it merited further attention—a potential red flag in allowing someone to adopt children.

Today, Farrow is far removed from the media circus. Her focus is now activism, in Africa, as a UNICEF ambassador and on more than 20 missions of her own, particularly to the Darfur region of Sudan and to neighboring Chad. Her frequent partner in these crusades has been her son Ronan Farrow, who speaks to Orth about the joys and advantages provided by the diverse household that his mother built. “I am so proud of my family,” he tells Orth. “I saw problems and needs, so the next thing you think is: O.K., what are you going to do about it?”

Farrow tells Orth she is finally able to relish “glorious laziness. For so many years I was like the NASA Control Center.”

[From Vanity Fair]

Well… I don’t know what to say here. The child abuse situation is too intense for a Wednesday morning, but I will say this – I think Mia has been a great mom to all of her kids and it warms my heart to see how they support each other. And on a more superficial note, my God, Ronan is gorgeous. Seriously, seriously good-looking. He has a great Twitter too.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Twitter.

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  1. Frida_K says:

    He looks way more like Frank than he does Woody.

    • Dee says:

      He actually looks like his mother all the way. Look young mia. Sinatra was not that good looking as a young man.

      • Blannie says:

        Look at this picture of Frank Jr (on the cover of Celebrity Magazine) and say they don’t look like brothers! Exact same lips and mouth…


      • Kiddo says:

        Yeah, I came here to say that we needed comparative photos of Mia in her youth.

      • Rosie says:

        Sinatra was actually quite fugly by movie star standards. I occassionally catch his old films on TCM and I find myself glued to the screen trying to figure out what our grandmas saw in that scrawny, rat faced Mafia pawn (fun fact: did you know that the mob connected singer in The Godfather was based on Sinatra?)

      • Kiddo says:

        It was the voice and eyes. I’ve watched the old movies too. Looks don’t always make someone sexy. You can be great looking and lack that special something. Sinatra was actually a fairly good actor on top of the other talent.

      • fabgrrl says:

        Funny thing about Sinatra – he was fugly when he was young. But I think he was a lot better looking when he was older. In his 40s/50s he put on a little weight (he was very skinny) and it filled out his gaunt face and made his ears less prominent.

      • LAK says:


        What Dee said. This is Mia as a young woman.

        Let’s also not forget his grandmother, the actress Maureen O’Sullivan.

        Ronan clearly takes after his maternal side.

      • Dinah says:

        He does strongly resemble his mother, but look at this Sinatra album cover- the ice blue eyes, the elongated nose tip, the slightly fuller bottom lip.

        He must be Sinatra’s- as many have already said- he’s too handsome to be Allen’s.


      • LAK says:

        THIS is Mia’s father, John Farrow.


        Edit: having found this old picture of Mia’s father, i amend my previous comments. Ronan looks like his grandfather AND his mother.

      • Thinker says:

        Ronan and Frank have the same exact nose tip, and it’s a very unusal shape with a little cleft at the bottom.

        Agree with everyone that Ronan bears a very strong resemblance to his mother and her family… But there are signs of paternity. His nose, his face shape, his very full lips, his EYES….

        Woody has dark brown eyes, Mia has grey-blue steely colored eyes… It’s Frank who has the crystal clear baby-blue eyes that Ronan shows.

        Moreover, Ronan looks nothing like Woody. Woody has thin lips, and a long face – Ronan has full lips and a rounder face. Woody is dark, Ronan is light… Now that Mia’s saying Frank could be the father, I believe it. I see it!

    • doofus says:

      agree…think he looks a LOT like Mia, but I see NO Woody and a little Frank.

      • Sabrine says:

        He has a look of Frank about him, and bears no resemblance to Woody Allen. I wonder if Frank had any inkling of this.

      • gefeylich says:

        Well, Ronan’s possible half-sister Nancy Sinatra commented to Vanity Fair that he “is a very big part of our lives and we’re blessed to have him,” so I think it’s highly probable that Frank knew Ronan was his (he died when Ronan was 10 or 11).

        I don’t know why Nancy would make a comment like that if Ronan WASN’T her little brother – Mia and Frank were divorced in 1969 or 1970, I think, years and years before Ronan was born, and Nancy wouldn’t have had anything to do with any of Farrow’s children afterward – UNLESS one of them was a blood relation.

        Too much smoke, etc.

      • karol says:

        The resemblance to sinatra is too much to deny, after seeing pictures of frank jr. when he was younger he looked alot like Ronan, except Ronan is much better looking, why has this taken so long to come about? I would like to see a dna test done.

    • Lake Mom says:

      Google images of Ronan Farrow and it’s obvious who his father is. Wow!

    • Aud says:

      He is the spitting image of Mia Farrow more than Frank Sinatra.

  2. Sandy says:

    Those are Sinatra’s eyes, 100%.

    Woody Allen is disgusting.

    • Evie says:

      +1 There is a very strong resemblance to Frank Sinatra. Even his body language is reminiscent of him.

      +1 again. Woody Allen is so gross. Reading what Dylan said was very upsetting. I had a situation with a family member that was similar and it never ever leaves you. The fact that he tried to contact her again later isn’t surprising either. They try to rewrite history and make you think you’re crazy. I won’t ever see one of Allen’s movies.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I agree. It never, ever leaves you, and it actually carries off to people you end up being attracted to (mostly people who want to dominate you, emotionally, physically and psychologically) and to the feeling of ALWAYS being bad and disgusting.
        The best you can do is grow to think of yourself as a survivor, not a victim, and try as hard as you can to build a different life for yourself.
        Allen is just as disgusting as Polansky.

    • Launicaangelina says:

      Yes, those eyes…

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        I agree. Nothing about him looks like Allen, I definitely believe his father is Sinatra as well.

    • Birdie says:

      Yup, the eyes give it away. Woody Allen is a sick man and it’s awful that he is praised in the mainstream media.

      • jwoolman says:

        Katherine is quite correct. It is extremely easy to implant detailed false memories in young children: leading questions, overhearing someone talking, even a tv show in the background while they are playing or dozing can do it. The false memory becomes real to the child, it is processed like a real event. Mia has some secrets of her own and has demonstrated odd behaviors concerning her children and exes. The court decided there was no evidence and their assessment may very well have been correct. So it is by no means certain that Allen actually did what the girl remembers so vividly.

      • Kate says:


        I don’t know. Maureen O’Sullivan, Dylan’s maternal grandmother, was quoted (in Farrow’s autobiography, I believe) as saying she witnessed Woody Allen use his finger to rub lotion between Dylan’s buttocks when Dylan was very young. O’Sullivan asked Allen how he wanted to be remembered by his children, iirc.

      • Katherine says:

        Are you serious? There are many things one has to do taking care of a baby or child that can be made to look inappropriate if that’s what you’re looking for. I wonder sometimes if people have ever had to really tend to their babies and toddlers especially before they are potty trained.

        People are so quick to see abuse and perversion in everyday matters that I suspect it is more about them than anything they are seeing others do.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Agree with both comments.

      I’m glad the truth is coming out. Woody Allen belongs in jail and it sickens me that he’s walking around free and prospering.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        Unfortunately there is a statute of limitations on child abuse so he will never have to face what he did.

    • Esmom says:

      I wonder why Hollywood never turned on Woody?

      • Anon33 says:

        Because Hollywood is chock full of predators, perverts and child molesters? Most of them just know how to hide it better.

      • CL says:

        THIS. It boggles my mind that actors/actresses are still lining up to work with him. I have to admit thinking a teensie bit less of anyone who works with him. The man married his stepdaughter, for God’s sake! That business with Dylan is horrifying, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s been grooming his daughters with SoonYi.

        All that being said, Ronan is very very pretty and obviously Frank’s child.

      • Cameron says:

        Just like Roman, they never turn on their own… If you get my drift.

      • Dap says:

        Because justice cleared him?

      • Aud says:

        You made a valid and interesting point. Hollywood went insane over Mel Gibson, but the charges concerning people like Polanski and Allen? Nothing.
        Sometimes I wonder if the fact that they’re Jewish has anything to do with it.
        I know, controversial to say it, but what else can be thought?
        But in terms of sexual abuse and Allen. Has anything been proven?
        Elizabeth Loftus’ research has debunked false memories in children and there are many heartbreaking cases where children/adults are adamant about being abused, whose parents vehemently deny the charges.
        As for Polanski. He is 100% guilty of having sex with a minor. He was arrested and taken to court and yet, he is accepted by Hollywood. He even said, in an interview with Clive James [ages ago] that he liked young girls.

      • gefeylich says:

        Nah, I think it’s the fact that Polanski and Allen are DIRECTORS is what makes actors (most of whom are notoriously neurotic and needy) excuse them for their heinous deeds. Both directors have great Oscar track records: star in their films and your chance of getting a nomination and maybe even the Academy Award itself rises appreciably.

        As most Hollywood actors are big hos who would do anything for self-aggrandizement, forgiving Polanski and Allen for raping little girls is nothing, just so long as they get to be in their films.

    • Caz says:

      Cosign on both. For the children to go to various long lengths to forget/wipe Allen out of their memories indicates he did very bad things. Words can’t express my disgust for him.

      • Katherine says:

        Not necessarily. Very good coaching and brain washing by mommy also works. Sadly small children come to believe they were molested when they weren’t. It is reminiscent of the Elizabeth Morgan case.

        It’s very unfair to assume Allen is guilty of anything. There was no proof which is why there was no case.

        People do not just become pedophiles in their 50s. I have always believed this was a trumped up charge by an angry and vindictive scorned women.

        Now we’re being asked to believe that despite prolonged custody battles over many years that Mia held this trump card and never played it by getting Ronan tested. Baloney. This is about Mia trying to smear Allen again as he is set to receive a Hollywood honor.

        People who know both know how crazy Mia is and they don’t believe her.

      • Aud says:

        Not necessarily.
        During my psych undergrad, we were studying cognition/memory and had to watch footage and other documentaries concerning the work of Elizabeth Loftus whose work showed how therapists can implant false memories in children. This research has been replicated.
        There was a period in the United States when therapists were being sued for malpractice for implanting false memories of sexual abuse. There are parents who have been falsely accused of sexually abusing their children and still remain accused to this day – without adequate evidence or corroborated evidence only what was ‘retrieved’ during therapy sessions.
        If the accusations against Allen were properly corroborated, then Allen would be facing serious jail time. However this has never been the case.
        But there must have been significant problems with evidence.

        Charges/accusations of sexual abuse are serious and they are damaging to children. I’ve always wondered why it was always so easy for Mia to open her doors to the media and use her story as fodder. Did she not consider how this would affect her children? Did she care or was it all about her own martyr complex?

        Alternatively, consider sexual abuse. In many cases, sexual abusers need to be in control of their environment, if only to minimise being caught. Allen didn’t even live with Farrow – throughout their relationship. It’s a surefire risk isn’t it? He’d have a lot of things at stake, surely.
        I think it’s easier to charge Allen with not being around as a parent [being a workaholic, etc], because there is evidence of that: one film a year [writing, developing, filming, promoting]. A lot of corroborative evidence there.

      • lily says:

        the man thinks it’s okay to marry his girlfriend’s daughter and his children’s sister and people are accusing the CHILD of lying about sexual abuse???
        are you f*king kidding me?
        guess what. implanted memories are very rare.
        i suggest you read the vanity fair article with mia done in 1992 for some enlightenment.

  3. Monkey Towz says:

    He has his mother’s gorgeous bone structure. Damn I would hit that outta the park! Swoon

  4. Sarah says:

    That guy looks a lot like Frank Sinatra and nothing like Woody Allen.Look at those eyes!

    • Hakura says:

      What actually caught me while comparing the two was Ronan’s brow bone. The unique ‘arching eyebrows’ that Frank had. I think his facial bone structure is very similar to Frank’s.

  5. Amanda says:

    Makes sense. Ronan is way too good looking to be Woody Allen’s kid.

  6. MrsBPitt says:

    If I were Ronan, I would want a DNA test…personally, I’m leaning toward the “he’s frank’s son” gossip, because hs is too good looking to actually be Woody’s kid…

    • Ellen says:

      The fact that they haven’t done DNA suggests that Woody may actually be Ronan’s biological father, but that the emotional ties between the two families trump biology. Imagining the possibility is one more way they can try to erase a very painful part of their lives.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        I think you are right – at least without the DNA test he can have hope because of the possiblity he is not related to Woody. He has Woody’s nose and Mia’s eyes – and I think he got a nose job to thin it out – to my eyes he looks nothing like Sinatra.

      • Thinker says:

        Very thoughtful comment… However, in the context of the Farrow family, I think singling Ronan out for a paternity test would be insensitive… in a mixed family where so many children were adopted, I think a paternity test would only emphasize to the other kids that they “didn’t belong” the same way Ronan belonged… In Mia’s family it doesn’t matter who your birth parents are, it matters who loves you.

    • Rosie says:

      The Sinatras treat him as family according to this piece so maybe he doesnt personally even need to know by DNA. I mean can you imagine how devastating it would be to conclusively know that your dad is a sister-raper, child-molesting, one-note dick like Woody.

    • MavenTheFirst says:

      That was my first thought as well. Mia has the means for a DNA test. The fact that it hasn’t been done makes one wonder about this brouhaha. Why the prevarication?

      Having said that, Ronan looks nothing like Woody, not even a little.

  7. Cool Water says:

    F*ck Woody Allen. I shudder to think the stories his other adopted daughters will tell.

    • Aussie girl says:

      I shudder to think that they WOULD let him adopt. Now that’s all kinds of wrong

      • Brittney says:

        Exactly, Aussie girl. I know a loving, compassionate couple who are great with kids (she was an elementary school teacher), and they tried for DECADES to adopt, but they’re retired now and childless. It’s devastating to know how badly they wanted it, and then to see abusive monsters like Woody Allen adopting more children/victims.

      • Hakura says:

        @Aussie girl – My aunt & uncle tried to get pregnant 10 yrs, before deciding on adoption. Despite all the needy children in the world, it took them 5/6 yrs before they were successful. (& my uncle, & my aunt’s father, are Christian ministers. Not to say they’re any more deserving bc of that, only that it usually plays well regarding finding someone a positive candidate for adoption, which I agree, isn’t fair.)

        They didn’t specify gender preference, & were waiting for a little boy (whose mother wished to give him up for adoption) to be born, but a few days before, being called by the agency. They said “There was a little girl just born available. We weren’t immediately approached because her mother is 14 & lives in Hawaii. We know you were approved for the boy, but given how mothers can sometimes change their minds, you may want to take that into account.” They were afraid to say no, & have the boys mother change her mind at the last minute.

        So they took the little girl. 4 days later the agency called to tell them the boy (who’s mother was 40) was born, asking if they still wanted him, so they took both. Girl is gorgeous, has some native Hawaiian features & curly black hair, & the boy is super fair with white-blonde hair. On their 2nd Bday, my aunt found out she was pregnant. xD

        I really wish the couple you described had gotten the chance.. I love my little cousins, but empathize, which makes me unsure offering them both to my aunt was really ‘fair’ to other waiting couples.

  8. TheEmpress says:

    Yeah, that’s a Sinatra, no doubt.

  9. blue marie says:

    That would explain it, he’s very handsome while WA is not. Ronan looks a lot like his mother.

  10. Ellen says:

    Ronan looks so much like his mother, I don’t feel like I have any way to tell who his father is from appearances. (I think his eyes look like Mia’s.)

    I used to give the benefit of the doubt to children whenever there was an allegation of abuse, and I still want to, but there has been so much research now on how suggestible memory is. Plus, abuse allegations are such a common tactic now in child custody cases that they are approached very differently today than they were when the Farrow-Allen nightmare all exploded. And Mia was so (totally justifiably) angry, and had such a bond with her kids, that it’s hard to see any of the kids as neutral witnesses.

    That having been said, Woody Allen’s a sleaze ball and I feel queasy whenever I see him with his daughters. YUCK.

    (I do feel sadness for Soon-Yi. I understand why Mia cut off all contact, but to lose her father, too? If all the Farrows really thought Allen was an abuser, wouldn’t they want to try to HELP Soon-Yi?)

    • Huh says:

      I don’t mean this as a criticism of you in the least, but I don’t think the issue of how malleable memories can be for children in traumatic situations is applicable here. This links to Maureen Orth’s 1992 profile. This, plus Dylan’s story of Allen mailing her photographs under a false name is incredibly damning as far as I’m concerned.

      I believe he abused her.


      • Ellen says:

        Dylan has been alleging abuse since very early on, and like I said, Woody gives me the creeps.

        [Edited because I had forgotten some of the details of Orth's report. I'll just repeat that parents in disputed custody battles will often re-interpret past situations, or even develop completely new memories of the past, when put through the fire of an ugly divorce. The Allen family is just as insistent that Woody didn't molest anyone as Farrow's family is that he did. And unfortunately, a lot of what happened follows a classic script in highly disputed custody cases.

        When you think about what happened, Farrow really NEEDS to believe Allen is sexually unsafe and that he has no biological ties to her family. It's hard to say where her need overlaps or affects the truth. It's awful for everyone no matter what.]

        The whole situation just makes me sick. I will never understand what Woody Allen thought he was doing, seducing his step-daughter. Because never mind all the other allegations, that’s just a truly disgusting fact.

      • booger says:

        This. Allen gives me weird vibes as well, but the court ruling that his daughter may have been manipulated into believing that she was molested prevents me from believing that he’s a pedophile with absolute certainty.

        Honestly, my heart goes out to those kids and everything they’ve been through.

      • LAK says:

        Ellen – I agree that what Woody did was disgusting.

        However, sexual abuse seems to be a recurring theme in Mia’s familial life. Her Brother was recently taken to court for sexual abuse of children.

        In the case of Woody, the Judge at the time threw out ALL her allegations of Woody sexually abusing Dylan because,’ they had no substance’ That’s a direct quote.

        Further, Mia went on Oprah and said that despite what she believes were sexual offences against Dylan, Dylan was still allowed visits with Woody. Her explanation was that they were court mandated and she couldn’t stop them.

        I ask all social workers/court experts in child protection….does that sound a reasonable process where sexual abuse is being alleged by the mother and later the child?

      • lamoca says:

        @ LAK

        Well the judge in the custody battle said the findings (that acquitted Allen) were inconclusive because the doctors who questioned Dylan were loyal to Allen, refused to testify and destroyed their notes on the case. Fishy isn’t it?

        Furthermore, Allen was not allowed visitation rights to Dylan. He was allowed to see Ronan under supervised visits and their third child Moses, 15 didn’t want to see Allen.


      • Ellen says:

        @LAK, I vacillate wildly between thinking Dylan probably was abused and thinking Mia was a betrayed woman who poisoned the well with abandon. Re-reading Orth’s piece after all these years, I’m struck by the sense of hysteria: it wasn’t enough that Woody and Soon-Yi became sexually involved — which I would think is gross enough. No, one of them had to be sexually abusive (Woody), the other was a disturbed child suffering from a form of Reactive Attachment Disorder and/or cognitively delayed (Soon-Yi). There’s something about the description of Farrow’s entire household that makes my alarm bells ring and ring, and not because of what Allen did (which again, was really, really gross).

        No matter what happened, it seems like a total disaster for everyone. Blergh.

      • LAK says:

        Ellen: it’s interesting that you have all those feelings because I think I felt the same during the goings on back in 1992 as more details came out via the court case.

        When I read the VF later, it simply reinforced those feelings and sense of confusion. Frankly, that any of the kids came out of that atmosphere functioning properly is a testament to the kids, definitely not Mia or Woody or any of the grown ups in charge.

        In as much as I think Woody traumatised them, I also didn’t think Mia wasn’t the best judge of the children’s needs. That house sounded like it was chaos.

      • Katherine says:

        You cannot be serious. That is not evidence of anything nefarious.

        Children are easily manipulated. Especially children who do not live with their father as in Mia and Woody’s case. I hope peope, aren’t naive enough to think this kind of manipulation doesn’t exist. There is plenty of evidence and examples to prove it does happen.

      • lily says:

        actually in the court ruling the judged ruled that the findings were inconclusive even though woody’s therpists said that dylan hadn’t been molested. the judge said that he felt the therapists were in the pocket of woody allen (and he indeed did pay for the investigation) and a lot of the written documents were destroyed by woody’s team. so the judge basically said that he didn’t trust the investigation to agree with their findings.

    • Londerland says:

      Maybe they did try to help her and she rejected their efforts? On the face of it, Andre Previn’s “she doesn’t exist” is an incredibly cruel thing to say of your child, but for all we know, he tried for years to maintain ties with her, and eventually had to give up.

      Evidently, the choice to stay with Woody was also a choice to leave her brothers and sisters, and a refusal to accept the allegations of abuse made against him – hard to maintain cordial family ties when you’re married to, and supportive of, the man your sister alleges abused her. And hard for them to remain loving toward someone who has effectively sided with the man who destroyed your family.

      • mayamae says:

        I am shocked at Andre Previn’s statement, and can’t help but wonder if he would have said this about a biological child. I know Mia feels equally about her bio and adopted children, but unfortuantely, some people don’t. He obviously doesn’t believe in unconditional love.

      • lily says:

        i don’t think he meant ‘she doesn’t exist’ in a cold or callous way at all. i think iyt’s simply how it is—-soon yi cut them all off, and so she doesn’t exist in their lives anymore

    • Kiddo says:

      I don’t think you can automatically dismiss allegations because there have been cases that were untrue. It’s sad that children will not be taken seriously because some accusations were “built” memories. We are then back to a time when children are not to be believed and perpetrators can go on with impunity. Look at Sandusky and how long the abuse went on.

    • Loveuk says:

      Hear hear

    • Nina says:

      Woody Allen took naked photos of soon yi while she was only a teenager, living at her mothers house abd while woody was “dating” Mia. That may not be pedophilia if she was a teenager but it’s pretty darn close.

      Plus, I’ve seen pics of his adopted daughters with soon yi and there is something very wrong with him and his relationship with them. I don’t believe Mia made any of this up.

      • lily says:

        you are so right.
        he is ALWAYS touching one of his daughters in paparazzi photos. always holding their hands or touching their backs or looking at them.
        and he seems to mainly do this to bechet, the daughter that looks like a young soon yi. bechet always looks really really sad, and i don’t think i’m projecting that. when he holds her, she never leans into him, she always seems to sepaate herself from him in some way.
        body language is how child abuse is discovered in many cases and these photos speak athousand words.

        he is a pedophile. there are no 2 ways about it. i doubt he feels guilty at all, honestly

  11. Samtha says:

    ” The file for Dylan’s case in New York City’s Child Welfare Administration is nowhere to be found, someone close to the matter tells Orth, although it would ordinarily have been marked “indicated” to signify that it merited further attention—a potential red flag in allowing someone to adopt children.”

    THAT is the biggest bombshell to me. And the fact that he was allowed to adopt two more children.

    He’s disgusting. Dylan’s words in that interview are heartbreaking. I seriously side-eye the actors and actresses who work with Allen (Queen Blanchett, Scarlet, I’m looking at you two).

    • JJ says:

      Hopefully Blue Jasmine tanks big time and that was Allan’s last movie. He is completely lazy and overrated anyway.

    • Dana says:

      ^This. Actors that work with him make me as ill as those that work with Polanski. I remember when it all went down.

      • socalgal says:

        Thank you. I refuse to watch anything of his. I absolutely believe he is a child molester.

      • Snazzy says:

        I totally agree. I refuse to watch anything by Polanski and I do not understand these types that want to work with him, think he’s wonderful, etc. He’s a pedophile – that’s it.

        And for me, WA is the same. Gross, disgusting, self-absorbed pedophile.

        Go away you disgusting little man.

        PS Ronan is a babe! I would totally hit that!

      • lithe says:

        I used to love WA’s work, but I stopped watching his movies when I first heard about him and Soon-Yi. The pictures of him with Soon-Yi and their 2 adopted daughters make my skin crawl because they suggest something is not quite right about the relationship he has with them. Poor Dylan.

        p.s. I’m in awe of Ronan’s intellect—and he’s not bad on the eyes either.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      It seems like someone was paid off big time to not flag the file.

    • Dap says:

      Maybe the files are nowhere to be found because they were empty? The judge apparently believed than Dylan had been brainwashed into thinking she has been abused. And the judge, unlike us, had access to both sides of the story.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Files would never be empty. All the information collected would still be in the files, the files would be marked accordingly.

    • Katherine says:

      Many fine people work with Allen including people who are still friends with both Woody and Mia, Dianne Wiest for instance. They simply don’t believe Mia or her allegations. Just as the courts didn’t believe her.

  12. luffy says:

    he looks more like frank than woody actually.

  13. Izzards Chick says:

    uh theres no way Woody and not Sinatra is this kids dad. absolutely no way.

  14. Londerland says:

    *looks at pictures of Ronan*
    *does whatever the mental equivalent of a jaw-drop is*

    Oh my god…when I read the headline I thought it was just Mia trying to jab a knife into Woody, but seriously, I can’t unsee it now. There really is a definite resemblance to Sinatra, isn’t there? And none to Woody Allen. Jesus, who even needs a DNA test?

    • bluhare says:

      Now, THIS is gossip, people!! Wow.

      And I totally believe Sinatra is his dad. Once you know and then look at his photos you can’t unsee it. Not so much a physical resemblance (although there is a little), but mannerisms. Like the top photo.

    • ctkat1 says:

      Once you look for it, you can’t unsee the resemblance- it makes me wonder how people didn’t piece it together long before now.

      If they cared, they would have gotten a paternity test. Obviously, feeling as close to him as she does, Nancy Sinatra would have obliged. I don’t think it really matters to them- they have the emotional connection of family, and that isn’t strengthened or weakened by blood.

  15. Huh says:

    Wow. He really does look like Sinatra. I have to write, too, that it speaks well of Mia that Nancy Sinatra, Jr., is so warm about Ronan, and presumably other members of Mia’s family.

    My husband is very, very picky about following people on Twitter and he loves Ronan. The Tweet that went everywhere, where Ronan called Father’s Day also his ‘happy brother-in-law day’ is what got him in.

    I’m definitely reading the article – poor Lark. And it is unbelievable to me, though of course 100% credible, that Allen reached out again to Dylan with those photos a decade later. I have no doubt that he abused her, that he abused Ronan physically, that he abused Mia and the rest of the kids emotionally.

    • Bert29 says:

      Ronan’s twitter is amazing. Love his comment on this little story too.

    • Katherine says:

      Mia is a child of Hollywood and they are a tight knit group. I’m sure the fact that this is a huge slap in the face to Barbara Marx doesn’t hurt encourage Nancy to slyly suggest it’s possible. You notice she doesn’t come out and say she believes her father is Ronan’s father.

  16. DanaG says:

    So Sinatra. He is way too good looking to be Woody’s kid. I hate how people carry on about Woody’s brilliance and forget how he destroyed those childrens lives. I can’t stand anything he films and I haven’t and refuse to see anything he has anything to do with.

  17. LucyS says:

    Mia Farrow’s twitter is pretty amazing, too. No doubt she’s a good actress, but her work with refugees and kids is amazing. Her kids’ smarts didn’t come out of thin air.

  18. Baskingshark says:

    What a nice family….

  19. Hypocrisy says:

    He looks mainly like his mother. And his mother looks nothing like her own mother used to be.

    I always wondered how Tarzan’s Jane could have a daughter that looks nothing like her.

    Anyway, he should take a DNA test. It’s always important to know your genetics and where someone comes from.

  20. marina says:

    He is so obviously Frank’s son. The fact that he is tight with the Sinatra family tells me they all know he is his biological father. I always thought he was waaaaay too good looking to be Woody Allen’s child. Woody is no better than Roman Polanski, if not worse, since they were his own children. Mia is awesome.

  21. Relli says:

    Whoa super intense, but I really like thier attitudes toward each other. Ronan is super good looking and would make sense becuase one cannot look at think that would have come from woody allen. So interesting though if he is Franks kid, despite the mans talent he was interested in politics and even befriended the Kennedy’s in that pursuit. How cool that his possible son has done just that and with great success. I wonder if he can sing?

  22. Dana says:

    He looks more like Frank ( or maybe its just that he looks totally like Mia) but he is seriously brainy i cant see that coming from Frank, woody is many things but he is also kind of like a genius, so there is that…

    i dont know how she talks as if she isnt sure who the father is, there are dna tests

  23. SamiHami says:

    That pervy little weasel could never have contributed DNA to someone that looks like this young man. No DNA test needed-he is unquestionably Sinatra’s son.

    • YoYo says:

      lol as if so obvious sinatra would have contributed dna to a child prodigy, its not just about the looks you know. its a toss up to be honest they should just take a dna test, i am weirded out that they havent.

  24. Kiddo says:

    Wow, I feel so bad for Dylan. I am also completely grossed out by Allen. I need a brain bleach wash now.

  25. khaveman says:

    I see no Woody in that man. I see FS’s bone structure, but mostly the chin and the eye area. Ol’ Blue Eyes.

  26. Mia4S says:

    I can see not wanting the DNA test, just in case. Plus it’s not like he needs any money from the Sinatra estate. I had not heard this rumour before but wow does it make sense! Frank was no saint but I would much rather be his child than creepy Woody Allen!

  27. A says:

    Does he wear contacts? In childhood pics his eyes look brown…and something looks off about his blue eyes.

  28. Sandy says:

    Holy God, he’s Frank’s!

    Meanwhile, I have not seen a Woody Allen movie since the scandal. Just refuse!. He’s a pedophile, for God’s sake.

  29. MrsBPitt says:

    Personally, I just don’t understand why all these “movie stars” are just dying to work with Woody (the perv) Allen…I’ve seen a few of his movies, and can honestly say, that his talent eludes me…very, very, overrated, in my opinion. His movies are almost never commercially successful, and many are not even critically successful. And yet, for some reason, he has the mantle “creative genius” hung on him…and to add all the personal dirt on, I don’t know why anyone would work with him, or anyone would go see his movies…

    • booger says:

      While his relationship with Soon Yi is repugnant, in the eyes of the court he’s innocent. Until the evidence against him is more than circumstantial, people are going to give him the benefit of the doubt.


      • Kiddo says:

        Innocent and not guilty are separate things. Because something can not be proven does not always mean that it didn’t happen. Also, being found guilty can sometimes mean that one side had a better, more persuasive argument. Courts are not always the great determiners of truth.

      • lamoca says:

        He is innocent because a questionable team of doctors found Dylan unreliable and now it’s too late due to statute of limitation.

        Justice Wilk, however, questioned the manner in which the Yale-New Haven team carried out its investigation of the allegations, as well as conclusions by two psychotherapists who treated Dylan that she had not been abused. “I am less certain, however, than is the Yale-New Haven team, that the evidence proves conclusively that there was no sexual abuse,” Justice Wilk wrote.

        The justice said he believed the conclusions of the psychotherapists had been “colored by their loyalty to Mr. Allen.” He added that the unwillingness of members of the Yale-New Haven team to testify at the trial, except through a deposition by the team leader, and the destruction of the team’s notes had “compromised my ability to scrutinize their findings and resulted in a report which was sanitized and, therefore, less credible.”


        Even without his sexual abuse of Dylan, there’s his disgusting relationship with Soon-Yi which is definitely 100% proven.

      • booger says:

        Of course, but I’m citing Allen’s acquittal as to why he hasn’t been blacklisted by the Hollywood elite.

        Then again, my explanation makes no sense because Michael Jackson was acquitted as well, and he was hounded by pedophilia accusations to his grave. I have to wonder if the reason the careers of Polanski and Allen are more or less been unscathed is because they’re white men, or their connections…

      • Kiddo says:

        @booger, Race may play an important role, but Jackson was much more blatant in his affinity for spending time with children alone, and sharing his bed with them. He was unapologetic about it. He never shared his bed with his own children, and yet said that sharing a bed was the most loving thing a person could do for a child. He was an almost 50 yo man when he said that. Whether or not he was a pedophile, there was definitely serious mental illness going on. Flaunting the behavior didn’t help him in that regard. Polanski doesn’t often speak about his love for tween girls. Woody “legitimized” (I feel disgusting writing that) his relationship by marrying his wife when she was of legal age.

        Also, MJ fans will defend him to the death. And I say this as someone who enjoyed and appreciated a lot of his work. It was genius. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t something wrong with him.

      • booger says:

        Re: Polanski, he did allegedly have an affair with Nastassja Kinski when she was 15 (puke), and Charlotte Lewis has additionally claimed that he raped her as well (so disgusting), but you’re right in that MJ is more visible, particularly given that Polanski relocated to Europe. I do still feel that there was a bias in terms of media treatment though, especially considering MJ’s tendencies were alleged, and Polanski’s are a certainty…

      • Kiddo says:

        booger, I think you are right, now that you have framed it in that manner. Maybe it was more distasteful for the media since Jackson’s alleged victims were younger and the same sex? I don’t know, that could be part of it too. I don’t understand how Polanski gets a pass. Even Allen is disgusting based on seducing his step daughter alone. It’s creepy how these guys keep it close to the inner circle.

  30. eliza says:

    I must have missed the memo where Ronan was Frank Sinatra’s boy. I never knew that was out there in the gossip world. Hopefully it os true because Allen is a supreme POS.

    • Christin says:

      Agree. I had never heard this, either, but he does resemble Frank. I remember Ronan as Satchel. He really is handsome and obviously smart.

  31. Birdie says:

    Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski. Pedophiles and the media praises them. Disgusting.

    • fingerbinger says:

      It isn’t the media praising them. Most in the media and the public can seperate the art/work from the person. Most people can still listen to Billie Jean or watch Rosemary’s Baby or Hannah and her Sisters and not think about the things they’ve done or things they’ve been accused of doing.

  32. Mandy says:

    Wow, I am SO out of the loop on this one. I had no idea that Mia and Frank were ever together. How did I not know that?!?!

    • Aussie girl says:

      I didn’t to until I read her bio years ago. They were even married

    • Londerland says:

      😄 It was kind of a big deal at the time – she was about 19 IIRC and a rising TV star, and he was, well, Sinatra. I think it was Dean Martin who quipped, “Frank’s got scotch that’s older than Mia”.

    • bella bella says:

      Ah, you must be young. It was a big deal, back in the day. She was the total opposite of Ava Gardner.

      Also, re Frank and his looks as he aged — I saw him at a gala benefit once in the ’80s, and he looked like a bloated, red-faced drunk. So much for those geeky teen idol years!

  33. fabgrrl says:

    Mia’s pretty face plus Frank’s voice = *swoon*

  34. Cel says:

    Maybe Ronan doesn’t want to know – a DNA test could confirm that Woody is his father, and he clearly can’t stand him.

    The part about Dylan breaks my heart; glad to know she has such a loving and supportive family around her.

    • fabgrrl says:

      I don’t see the difference it would make – Woody Allen is NOT his father. He is, at most, the sperm donor.

      • Dap says:

        Right: he is not the father of Ronan, the child he recognized, but he is the father of Soon-Yi, the child he never adopted. You, people, are going to choose a strategy: Allen never married Farrow, never lived with her and never adopted her other children, so whether he is Ronan’s father and he did married his son’s sister, whether he is not and there is no incest.

  35. LAK says:

    He looks like Mia as a young woman, eyes and all.


    Saying Woody is too ugly to have a beautiful son is ridiculous, especially when the mother, Mia Farrow, and the Grandmother, Maureen O’Hara,were stunningly beautiful as young woman.

    Ugly people can have beautiful children just as beautiful people can have ugly children.

    Mia and her family were traumatised by Woody Allen, and she went out of her way AT THAT TIME to distance herself from Woody, not just privately, but also publicly. She took steps to claim ownership of ALL her children particularly the bio kids with Woody. If there was any doubt at all that Ronan wasn’t Woody’s kid, she would have made that very clear then and in the ensuing years because She hasn’t hidden how much she would like to erase Woody from their lives. And why torment Ronan with someone who isn’t his father when they are all actively despising and hating the man? for decades?!

    This isn’t a defense of Woody’s actions in any way, and Mia did and has done what she thought she needed to do to remove Woody and to protect her family, but this is simply wishful thinking, and if in doubt, a DNA test will give the answer and peace to all of them.

    • LAK says:

      Correction: Maureen O’Sullivan NOT O’Hara.


    • bluhare says:

      LAK, reading this I wonder if Mia told Ronan that Woody might not be his dad. I can see why she wouldn’t have wanted that released at the time of the scandal, as it wouldn’t have helped her case if she were looked at as sleeping around.

      I personally can see Sinatra could be his dad. Not so much in looks. I agree that he looks like Mia’s side, but mannerisms and expressions. I totally believe it.

  36. drea says:

    Ronan! He’s been my nerdcrush for years.

    As for Woody, he’s disgusting. Here we are again, with even more proof of his despicable behavior. But, like Roman, he’s still going to have actors and actresses lining up to work with him and gushing about how that’s SUCH a big honor.

    Honestly, I think his movies haven’t been good in a very long time. I only liked Midnight in Paris because…Paris. And, of course, Tom was so cute as F. Scott.

  37. GiGi says:

    I do see a lot of Sinatra in his looks, but more so in his mannerisms which can often be genetic. He’s already written Woody Allen off and is treated like a part of the Sinatra family – I can’t imagine he would even need a DNA test – or want one.

    My brother never even lived with our father and has had limited contact with him throughout his life, but their mannerisms are uncannily similar.

  38. Shelley says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Lark – why she died so young?

    I’ve always found Woody Allen to be so creepy as to make watching his movies or understanding his appeal impossible.

    • Sam says:

      If I recall correctly, Lark had multiple medical issues throughout her life. The family has always maintained that the stress and anxiety that Woody caused for the family really negatively impacted her and made her illnesses far worse, and she never really recovered from it.

      • Cel says:

        Although no cause of death was released, Lark had previously been treated for AIDS-related pneumonia.

  39. Joy says:

    I feel like the commenters here are the only people in the world who think Allen is gross. I mean if you’re a father figure, and he was, then the lover to a young girl like he was, you’re gross.

    • booger says:

      He’s sleazy, sure, but I get uneasy when people label people like him and Michael Jackson as pedophiles, given that both were acquitted in the court of law.

      If the evidence against an individual isn’t sufficient to warrant a conviction, then they shouldn’t be labelled as such. Even if he or she is a sleazebag. I don’t believe people should be sent to jail on the basis of hunches and circumstantial evidence.

      • Samtha says:

        Dylan still says that he molested her. That’s all the evidence I need.

      • booger says:

        If that’s how you feel then why should society bother with due process, evidentiary support, and the court of law? Should convictions should be made on the basis of one person’s word over another?

        If you want to judge Allen on the things we all are certain of, i.e. his relationship with Previn, then by all means. But as far as child molestation goes, nobody who isn’t directly involved knows enough to have an educated opinion.

      • Sandy says:

        You are obviously not a lawyer, and you don’t know how fame and money influence the legal system!

      • booger says:

        Straw man argument, but I’ll bite. Is there proof that Allen’s acquittal was fixed?

        It could be that he did molest his daughter. I’m definitely not ruling that out, and support his daughter’s accusations. But at the same time, I can’t say for certain that Allen is in fact a pedophile. Pedophiliac tendencies? For sure.

        If anyone can give me solid proof that will convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that Allen is a pedophile, then please be my guest.

        Like I said, I’d feel less uneasy if people referred to MJ and WA as having pedophiliac tendencies, instead of pedophiles.

      • Samtha says:

        @booger, do you also believe Casey Anthony is innocent because she was found not guilty? Or OJ Simpson? Or Zimmerman?

        Multiple people testified about Allen’s troubling behavior around Dylan. It wasn’t just her word.

        Excerpted from the old VF article:
        The day before, Casey’s baby-sitter had been in the house looking for one of the three Pascal children and had been startled when she walked into the TV room. Dylan was on the sofa, wearing a dress, and Woody was kneeling on the floor holding her, with his face in her lap. The baby-sitter did not consider it “a fatherly pose,” but more like something you’d say “Oops, excuse me” to if both had been adults. She told police later that she was shocked. “It just seemed very intimate. He seemed very comfortable.”

        One summer day in Connecticut, when Dylan was four and Woody was applying suntan lotion to her nude body, he alarmed Mia’s mother, actress Maureen O’Sullivan, and sister Tisa Farrow when he began rubbing his finger in the crack between her buttocks. Mia grabbed the lotion out of his hand, and O’Sullivan asked, “How do you want to be remembered by your children?” “As a good father,” Woody answered. “Well, that’s interesting,” O’Sullivan replied. “It only lasted a few seconds, but it was definitely weird,” says Tisa Farrow.

        Dr. Coates, who just happened to be in Mia’s apartment to work with one of her other children, had only to witness a brief greeting between Woody and Dylan before she began a discussion with Mia that resulted in Woody’s agreeing to address the issue through counseling. At that point Coates didn’t know that, according to several sources, Woody, wearing just underwear, would take Dylan to bed with him and entwine his body around hers; or that he would have her suck his thumb; or that often when Dylan went over to his apartment he would head straight for the bedroom with her so that they could get into bed and play. He called Mia a “spoilsport” when she objected to what she referred to as “wooing.” Mia has told people that he said that her concerns were her own sickness, and that he was just being warm.

        Just a few of the troubling and damning incidents.

      • Cindy says:

        If you google and read the articles from the legal case long ago: the NYT and Orth’s original article, you will see that Mia was reticent to come forward with the child abuse allegations as she was financially dependent on Allen at the time. She wanted to work it out in family therapy. But two different people came forward in the investigation with testimony that they had seen Allen in sexually inappropriate positions with Dylan. The investigation was already under way when Mia found the explicit nude photos of the then 17yr old Soon Yi in Allen’s apartment.

      • booger says:

        Samtha, my reluctance to believe with absolute certainty that Allen is a pedophile is on the basis of the court ruling that his daughter wasn’t lying so much that she’d been coached by Farrow’s team into believing that she’d been molested. Refer to the thread above with Ellen and co. Just as Allen could have easily fixed the court’s decision with his fame and money, Farrow’s camp could have compelled VF to write a biased article.

        I’m not going to comment on Casey Anthony because I know nothing about the case, but OJ and Zimmerman aren’t accurate corollaries. In OJ’s case, the jury didn’t understand the implications of DNA evidence. Zimmerman we know for a fact killed Trayvon, and his ruling was on the basis of the “stand your ground” law (which is ridiculous imo).

        Re: Previn nude photos, UGH. Can someone provide information verifying their existence?

      • Samtha says:

        @booger, the Yale-New Haven Hospital report was problematic. The judge in the custody case stated:

        Justice Wilk, however, questioned the manner in which the Yale-New Haven team carried out its investigation of the allegations, as well as conclusions by two psychotherapists who treated Dylan that she had not been abused. “I am less certain, however, than is the Yale-New Haven team, that the evidence proves conclusively that there was no sexual abuse,” Justice Wilk wrote.

        The justice said he believed the conclusions of the psychotherapists had been “colored by their loyalty to Mr. Allen.” He added that the unwillingness of members of the Yale-New Haven team to testify at the trial, except through a deposition by the team leader, and the destruction of the team’s notes had “compromised my ability to scrutinize their findings and resulted in a report which was sanitized and, therefore, less credible.”


        My point with Anthony, Zimmerman and Simpson is that we’re not dealing with legality here. We’re dealing with personal moral judgments that do not always correlate perfectly with what you can prove in a court of law, or what the outcome is in a court of law.

        I also believe you’re incorrect about Zimmerman. He didn’t use the stand your ground defense. He was found not guilty of murder.

      • booger says:

        My bad, Samtha re: Zimmerman. You’re right about him claiming he killed TM in self defence.

        Re: Allen, people here seem to be under the impression that I’m claiming an expert on law. My reluctance to believe whether he’s guilty or innocent is precisely because I don’t know enough about his situation to have an educated opinion. To me, the court deciding that the evidence against him is inconclusive is enough for me to not want to label him as a pedophile with absolute certainty. Even with the possible biases in Allen’s favour, the VF article, and people testifying against him. I don’t have a problem with people speculating or conjecturing that he’s a pedophile. It’s them saying he is one beyond a shadow of a doubt I take issue with.

        As I said in other posts though, the man gives me the creeps, and what I am certain of is that his kids are victims either way.

      • Kiddo says:

        Even if you want to remain neutral in your position of whether or not he is a pedophile, the burden of proof is not “beyond a shadow of a doubt”. It is beyond “reasonable doubt”, which is much much different.

        There can still be a doubt, but only to the extent that it would not affect a reasonable person’s belief regarding whether or not the defendant is guilty. “The shadow of a doubt” is sometimes used interchangeably with reasonable doubt, but this extends beyond the latter, to the extent that it may be considered an impossible standard. The term “reasonable doubt” is therefore used.

        Sorry, but the use of “shadow of a doubt” drives me crazy.

      • booger says:

        Not neutral. Believe me, I have my suspicions. Just reluctant to state an opinion with absolute authority. And apologies – I will henceforth refrain from saying “shadow of a doubt” ;p.

        My takeaway from the whole situation is that I wish that pedophilia accusations were handled better generally. The bias in how his daughter was assessed makes my skin crawl.

      • Ellen says:

        Look, Orth’s entire 1992 piece was explicitly written to present Farrow’s POV. None of the people quoted in that article were disinterested/neutral parties (and how in the world was a licensed therapist/psychiatrist allowed to discuss what happened with a patient? that makes NO SENSE). I don’t know if there’s ever been any attempt at neutral reporting, and I don’t even know what neutral reporting would look like at this point. I think it’s extremely dangerous to rely on her Vanity Fair piece(s) to get “the facts,” because Orth has never hidden her allegiance to Farrow’s side of the story. Allen’s family has always disputed their claims vociferously, and in a he-said/she-said case, we all get to choose where we think the truth lies.

        What’s certainly true is that Dylan 100% believes she was abused. I’d almost rather conclude that she was, because the alternative is that her loving mother convinced her of this horrible thing that wasn’t actually true.

      • mayamae says:

        Only the perpetrator is responsible for the sexual abuse, but often people allow and enable that abuse to continue. The thought that Mia and her family saw huge red flags but didn’t want to make waves because Woody financially supported them is unbelievable. They hardly would have been on skid row. And even if they had, I’m sure Dylan would have appreciated being removed from her abuser.

      • lily says:

        if incest is occurring, t is incredibly common for the non-molesting parent to be in denial. this is, unfortunately, not rare.

        as for the therapist speaking out: if the therapist is given permission by the patient they can speak to whomever the patient wants them to speak to

  40. Dana says:

    he may be franks son but s the picture Kaiser posted shows, Frank had a narrow longer face and was no beauty. Frank looks nothing like the gorgeous Ronan does so i dont find evidence in pictures
    Mia however had a heart shaped stunning face like her son. If you look at color pictures of her she also had the piercing blue eyes too so thats not a sinatra thing necessarily.


    • TommyAnnE of the Sad and Lonely Forest says:

      People are not sent to jail on hunches. It’s actually remarkably difficult to get a conviction in these cases. I can’t emphasize enough how important the physical evidence is. That the legal stuff. On the moral and psychological level, it is really important to be supportive of victims, even if it turns out that they don’t have sufficient evidence to convict. The evidence in this case is actually pretty damning, but I can understand why it would be hard for a seven year old to testify. Implying that the victim is a liar does incredible harm. If Dylan sYs he molested her, I believe her and support her.

      • booger says:

        You can believe and support an individual who claims they were molested, and at the same time refrain from labelling the accused as a pedophile with absolute certainty. Those two options are not mutually exclusive.

      • Anon33 says:

        You can talk all day about proof and the courts-knock yourself out. Apparently despite what you think is intimate knowledge of the legal system, you have no idea about how money influence and privelege can shape the outcome of cases. I work in the legal system, 90% of my friends are attorneys and my uncle is a circuit court judge with 30+ years on the bench. They could all tell you horror stories of how someone with the right means can influence court rulings. The court system is not infallible.
        Human behavior follows patterns. Especially maladaptive behaviors. All the proof I need is Soon Yi and Woody’s marriage to show me that he is capable of what he’s been accused of. People who engage in this kind of disgusting behavior rarely if ever only do it once.

      • booger says:

        Whoa whoa whoa. When did I ever say I had “intimate knowledge about the legal system”? You’re putting words in my mouth. My reluctance to label him as a pedophile is precisely because I DON’T know enough about the situation! There’s enough vagueness on both sides for me to not believe that he’s innocent or guilty with absolute certainty.

        Would you rather I play armchair lawyer and be an authority about a situation I’m not thoroughly versed in?

        Allen could be a pedophile. Allen could have been targetted by a wife scorned. Mia could have been overpowered by Allen’s Hollywood connections and psychotherapists inclined to favour Allen. The testimonies, verdict, and VF article aren’t enough to convince me one way or another. One thing is certain though, those kids are all definitely victims, and I feel for them.

      • bluhare says:

        booger, I just wanted to say that I admire your open mind. I don’t necessarily agree with you, as I think that jurors are seriously swayed by celebrity, but you certainly are correct in that he’s not guilty in the legal arena.

      • nicegirl says:

        everyone, this is a very hard issue for me to write about, although I detailed it a bit in a past comment re:WA sick piggery- it too close to home for me, and today, I have to function, for my children.

        But I agree, it never goes away – because sexual assault incest tears families apart. We owe it to all children who sound this particular cry NOT TO JUDGE that they are crying wolf, but to offer support and healing, for if the allegation IS false, certainly the child is needing assistance for something.

        I know that in 1992, it was very difficult for authorities or even health professionals to assess the possible levels of assault/abuse injuries, and since, many policies have been put in place to effect evidence collection and review so as to limit the trauma on the injured. So many years ago, it was sometimes hard for a family doctor, who got these types of reports, to then examine little children and their family members, all extremely upset and in shock, and folks just don’t expect this kind of thing, and don’t know how to handle it.

        THIS SH-t, this sh-t, (when this happens to people you cannot protect, or did not know to protect, because you were a little kid, too,) THIS IS SOUL SUCKING.

      • booger says:

        Thanks Bluhare. I hope I don’t sound like Allen’s apologist, or that I believe his daughter is lying.

      • bluhare says:

        booger, I didn’t think that at all which is why I said you have an open mind.

  41. elle says:

    I have not watched a W.A. film since he “married” his daughter. I have absolutely no respect for any actor in his films. Willingly working for a blatant pedophile for the sake of critical acclaim/vanity is disgusting.

    • Toot says:

      I’m the same. Cate made me sad because I did like her, but Woody just disgusts me so I can’t look at her the same way.

    • GiGi says:

      That’s the same nose he has now.

    • bella bella says:

      That looks like the same nose as the top picture, but it does appear the nose in the bottom pic is different. I like his old one better.

      • PHD gossip says:

        Maybe I did not link to the correct former nose, but he definitely has a slim, “nose job” nose now and he didn’t previously.

      • bella bella says:

        PhD, I agree. Too bad. His old one was fine! Now he has that Paris Hilton kind of nose. Why do people do these things??

      • Cazzee says:

        Agreed! I like his old nose better too. It’s more masculine.

  42. Toot says:

    I hope Woody’s adopted daughters with Soon-Yi are alright. Never liked Woody since this situaton and don’t watch his movies.

    I’m happy no actors I truly like have ever worked with him.

  43. Sam says:

    I remember reading Mia’s autobiography a while ago. She and Frank remained so close that when Woody’s scandal first broke and all the allegations came out, Mia confirmed that Frank actually called her personally and offered to have Woody, uh, disposed of. She declined the offer. I just always thought that was kind of a nice gesture, though.

    • Sandy says:

      Yeah. Not a fan of Frank Sinatra generally (no shade on the Farrows), but that story (the offer to off Woody) always warmed my heart!

    • bluhare says:

      It’s a bit surreal that Woody Allen is such a creep that we think an offer to hire a hitman is sweet!!!!

      In the interest of full disclosure, if I were Mia I’m not sure what I’d have done.

    • Caz says:

      if I was Mia I would have taken Frank up on that offer.

  44. Kemper says:

    Nice.to know those Ol’ Blue Eyes live on. And those lips. And that chin. Woof.

  45. WendyNerd says:

    Well, considering he looks a Hell of a lot like a Sinatra… Yeah, I could see that.

    Allen doesn’t deserve a relationship with his kids with Farrow. He gave up that right when he decided to bang her daughter.

  46. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Woody clearly demonstrated his predilection for very young girls when he creepily cast Teenage Mariel Hemingway as his forbidden love interest in Manhattan. Just surprised he never remade Lolita with himself as Humbert Humbert.

    CB armchair psychologists/sleuths–what:do you make of Soon Yis behavior? I’ve wondered if her early upbringing as the possibly abused child of a prostitute led her to take out her anger and feelings of rejection on Mia. I’ve also heard some suggest she is somewhat mentally impaired. Thoughts?

    • Samtha says:

      Stockholm syndrome?

    • LAK says:

      i might blame Woody more as the adult in this situation, BUT i am equally disgusted with her.

      • lamoca says:

        Why? Woody clearly started his conditioning when she was very young and then isolated her from her family. We should pity her and his adopted kids with her.

      • LAK says:

        Lamoca – just because you are groomed, doesn’t mean you don’t wake up.

        There is never an excuse to take up with your father no matter that he is grooming you UNLESS he is abusing you and you are afraid.

        Not only was/is she not afraid, she married the guy and had children with him.

        He is disgusts me more for many, many reasons, but she’s built on this situation and continues to perpetuate it to give him a veneer of respectability so she disgusts me.

      • lily says:

        unfortunately in cases of incest there is often a lot of denial that goes on by the non-molesting parent. it is unfortunately common.
        i wouldn’t equate mia’s denial with woody’s molestation though. that is extreme

    • Cindy says:

      Yeah, her tutors and teachers who knew her when she was younger have said she seemed mentally handicapped. She needed (and received thanks to Mia) extensive help to get through school. They said she was slow and easily influenced. When she got to be an older teen, 16 or 17, she started spending time at her older sibling’s apartment, they thought she had an older boyfriend whom she was sexually active with. Then the explicit photos of her were found in Allen’s apartment and she left home and moved in with him permanently.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Woody Allen could not play Humbert Humbert. Humbert was supposed to be quite handsome and charming (in the book at least).

    • lenje says:

      From what I read in various sources, Soon-Yi doesn’t seem too fond of Mia. For what reason, I don’t know. I also read she’s now going back to school to get her PhD, and it looks like her two (adopted) daughters with WA grow up ok. I always wonder of the dynamics of this family.

    • Aud says:

      It seems to me -going by how she ceased to exist for Previn/Farrow – that she was a disposable child to them.
      Children [adopted or otherwise] aren’t stupid. They know when they are wanted. Let me put it another way: loved unconditionally.
      It’s only when children feel that they’re lacking something [they're not getting at home] that they seek comfort from something else [that is usually not appropriate]: drugs, alcohol….inappropriate people.

      Something pushed her toward Allen and that is something that Mia and Previn don’t wish to address.

  47. bettyrose says:

    Was this ever really in doubt? I mean really?

  48. lucy2 says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize the extent of alleged abuse that happened. I feel terribly for all those kids, because something obviously happened and they’re are suffering for it. At least their mother Mia seems to be a strong and dedicated woman, and they have each other for support.

  49. Miss Jupitero says:

    If I could only transmogrify into a twenty-something, I would be all over Ronan. Btw, his Twitter feed is brilliant and funny and well worth following.

    I think a lot of us would sing a song of praise if it could just turn out that he had no biological connection of any kind with Woody Allen. It would just feel good.

  50. Sprink says:

    So Woody and Mia were together from 1980-1992. Sinatra & wife Barbara from 1976-1998 (his death).

    Ronan/Satchel born 1987.

    I don’t have a horse in this race, but cheating on your partner to bang your ex (“Possibly”) isn’t very nice, so can we please ease off on the Saint Mia schtick?

    • poppy says:

      harsh but ITA. it is sad to not have any idea who the father of your child is. the dynamics of their situation are like a bad soap opera.
      for the record, taking “erotic” pictures of your (adult) step-daughter and having sex with her is just gross. he’s disgusting.

    • booger says:

      This as well. I think we can all assume that both Mia and Woody are completely messed up. I feel so so so bad for their kids.

    • kristiner says:

      Thank you! Plus Roman Bates Woody so why not have DNA testing done with Nancy to know he’s not related to that predator. He said he thinks Woody is disguising anyway.

      Why bring this up now? What’s the point if nothing is to be done (ie DNA testing)?

    • fabgrrl says:

      Well, she (Mia) did get pregnant by a married man (Previn). Maybe this is just how she rolls?

    • lamoca says:

      Lord. Where is people elevating Mia to sainthood? She has indirectly admitted that she was sleeping with Frank during her relationship with Allen, but since he was having an affair with her adopted daughter I can’t muster much outrage over her transgression. Cheating is wrong but pedophilia is disgusting!

      • booger says:

        Honestly, if the VF article is correct in that there was an unspoken rule in Mia’s house that Woody wasn’t to be left alone with Dylan, I wish she could have gotten out of that relationship a LOT sooner. Does anyone know if there’s a specific reason why she didn’t?

  51. lady mary. says:

    i think he has Frank’s nose and beautiful lips .

  52. telesma says:

    I have been going back and forth now looking at pics of this kid and Woody Allen and Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow.

    I think he looks more like his mother than anything (he even has her ears), but I don’t see Woody Allen in him at all and his facial expressions are Sinatra all over. That could be learned, mimicking someone he admires, but I doubt it. He’s also got the Sinatra thing where one eye is a little bigger than the other and the quirk of his mouth is the same.

  53. RobN says:

    So I guess we’re all fine with somebody screwing around with an ex and passing the kid off as their current boyfriend’s kid?

    Allen may be gross, but this isn’t exactly kosher, either.

  54. A says:

    He looks very different here from when he was younger, a kid.
    When he was a teen his nose looked more bulky and larger, also his eyes look brown, dark brown even in old pics of him.
    Does he wear contacts? His blue eyes look off. I don’t see Frankie in him but I see a lot of Mia.
    And it’s strange that they haven’t done a dna test…maybe neither one of them is Ronan’s father. Dun dun duuuun.

  55. Dawn says:

    Actually I think that it is wishful thinking on Mia’s part. I think Roan is a combination of Mia and Woody and nothing more. He is a good looking kid though.

    • jc126 says:

      I agree, wishful thinking and hatred (justifiably) for Woody Allen. She would rather have people think she cheated with someone than have them think Woody fathered her child.
      He looks just like his MOM, in my opinion, not Sinatra.

  56. BeckyR says:

    No matter his paternity, Mia’s son is not only attractive, but intellectually brilliant. He is a credit to his Mother.

  57. Jaded says:

    I saw Mia speak live at a conference about 5 or 6 years ago and the one thing that came across was that she is a painfully honest person, willing to speak bluntly of her own life, and willing to put herself into the most atrocious places and circumstances in her charitable work in Darfur and Chad. She’s had her life threatened, spent millions of her own money trying to raise support and stop the horrors that continue there today.

    All that to say that there is no way she falsified what happened between Woody and Dylan in order to “get back” at him for taking up with Soon-Yi. He is a sick dick and most certainly had an unnatural obsession with Dylan that he was acting upon. Unfortunately he had and has enough power, money and cachet in Hollywood to turn the tide of popular opinion against Mia. No wonder Ronan and the rest of her family consider him poison, and poor Dylan is clearly still suffering from what he put her through so many years ago.

    Team Mia all the way, she is a wonderful woman.

    • Katherine says:

      You’re just not in any position to judge this. Mental health experts investigated this entire matter and don’t share your views.

      • Cindy says:

        Nonsense, Dylan at 7 years old told her family and the therapists that she was being molested. It was corroborated by independent reports from caregivers who witnessed Allen being sexually inappropriate with Dylan. And now the adult Dylan/Malone confirms her memories of abuse.
        Woody Allen is a pedophile.

  58. RHONYC says:

    i can’t will everything else…like you said too heavy, but one thing’s for gotdamn certain: it doesn’t matter who his bio dad is ’cause Ronan is A-L-L Mia!

    i mean put him in a 60′s shift dress, some lipstick and give him a kitchen knife and i swear to Christmas i’m looking at Rosemary Woodhouse.

    bitch is just that fuggin’ pretty. :mrgreen:

  59. Maggie Grace says:

    I sat next to Mia at an airport in Hartford CT one time. She kept to herself, looking at her phone, but when someone approached her, she was very polite. She looks exactly like her pictures – no makeup, loose curly hair, simple, comfortable clothes.

  60. Cindy says:

    It is interesting to look at pap photos of Allen and his two adopted teenage daughters with Soon Yi. In many of the photos he keeps his hands on them at all times, even leading them around by the wrist. The older daughter looks really depressed. The photos look like a controlling older man with young concubines.

    • bettyrose says:

      ITA. I don’t assume sexual abuse, necessarily, but probably exerting extreme control over their lives. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were prone to childlike tantrums when he’s contradicted and that could be scary for the children.

      • Apsutter says:

        The creepiest thing about him is how he’s known to be emotionally manipulative and abusive. Mia and the kids were said to have been terrified of him. He’s a sick, evil little man

    • lily says:

      yup. i noticed that too.
      he seems particularly obsessed with the eldest (the one who also looks really depressed) bechet.
      he apparently showed an extreme, hands on interest in dylan as well.
      i worry for his children.

  61. Ginger says:

    I have long admired Mia and I still recall the mess surrounding the split with Woody. I have a difficult time watching his films because of it. I will sometimes watch a movie he directed if someone I like is in it but only for free… I never want to give him my money. The fact that “Dylan” is speaking of the incident in the same terms to this day lends credence to the fact that the allegations are true. I was disgusted that he and soon yi were allowed to adopt. I truly hope that Ronan is indeed Franks son as Frank always loved Mia and was protective of her. I recall that he threatened to use his connections to take Woody down if Mia said the word. She didn’t obviously but I wish she would have. He is a disgusting person.

  62. buzz says:

    Is there any doubt?

  63. Geo says:

    Thanks to the contributors here for being so low in IQ. Taking sides between two seething passive aggressives is not intelligent. Ms. Farrow’s revelations re Sinatra reveal her to be the equal to Mr. Allen. Screwing Frank while dating Woody, yet he’s the only sleazebag. Stay out of it, you are only revealing how dumb and shallow you are.

    • Aussie girl says:

      There’s a difference in two consenting adults and a man molests a child!

    • Aussie girl says:

      There’s a difference in two consenting adults and a man that molests a child!

    • Jaded says:

      @Geo – no need to spew angry generalizations about the interesting and intelligent observations the posters here have. Unless you personally know both Mia and Woody, and the complex problems in their past relationship, keep your venom to yourself.

      • Geo says:

        Frank was a married man. Spew your venom appropriately, sweetie. Have you ever heard of a conscience? IQ has a lot to do with the not complex comments posted here. Simpleton stepfords.

      • bluhare says:

        If it’s so dull and unintelligent over here, why are you bothering with us simpletons? And Frank was married; Mia wasn’t. So vent your bile there.

        Also, having an opinion re paternity based on photographs is just that. An opinion.

        bluhare, a MENSA member seeing as you’re questioning brain cell content

    • bettyrose says:

      Geo, sweetie, that’s an ad hominem logical fallacy. Your assessment of an argument’s value does not translate to a character flaw in the arguer.

    • Jaded says:

      @Geo – And Woody was a parent to one daughter he had a dangerously obsessive, bordering on sexual, desire for, and a sexual relationship with Mia’s daughter behind her back. Everyone has someone in their lives they turn to in times of emotional disruption. In my eyes and all the other high IQ contributors to this blog, her crime was nothing compared to his. Now take your unfounded anger and leave this blog.

      • Katherine says:

        The “bordering on sexual, desire for” is not what any psychologist who examined the matter said. In fact, they specifically found there was NOT anything sexual about Woody’s interest in his adopted daughter, Dylan. That is all Mia’s interpretation. Woody claims he spent more time with Dylan because once Ronan was born Mia became so absorbed with Ronan that she ignored and neglected Dylan.

      • lily says:

        hey katherine, or should i say woody.
        the therapists that mia got for her daughter all agreed she was being sexually abused.

        woody hired his own team of therapists for his case, which he paid himself. the judge later said that he couldn’t go along with their notion that dylan wasn’t molested, because they obviously had a vested interest in saying so (as allen was paying them)

        do your research.

    • lamoca says:

      LMAO, sleeping with a married man is equally morally reprehensible to sexually abusing your adopted daughter and your lover’s adopted daughter. You are hilarious.

    • doofus says:

      Geo: so you’re saying that cheating on your spouse = molesting your 7 year old daughter, taking nude pictures of your underage step daughter and marrying her?

      Mia’s no saint, but she’s also not a child molester. there’s a reason that child molesters are targeted in prison. even murderers and rapists think they’re scum.

      but you think they’re equal in scumminess to a person who cheats…OK, then.

    • Dana M says:

      Geo: Chill, this is a gossip blog.

    • Franklymydear1 says:

      Iq does not measure all types of intelligence. One thing that is also considered a form of intelligence is social skills which, you seem to need to work on. And, my iq off of ADHD medications and measured while I was doing a puzzle is most likely higher that you assume. But go ahead judge on.

      • Geo says:

        The situation is complex, whether this audience likes it or not. The comments are generally black and white, as if written by simpletons. They read like simplistic republican ideas. I don’t view that as a judgment. Maybe you should stop demanding an echo chamber of simplicity, your life will be better. You’re very welcome.

      • bluhare says:

        Geo, before you start calling us simpletons you need to read what you write. How is calling people’s ideas simplistic republican ones NOT a judgment? And why is it acceptable for you to make statements like that but not OK for anyone else?

    • Cazzee says:

      “The comments are generally black and white, as if written by simpletons. They read like simplistic republican ideas. I don’t view that as a judgment.”

      Bless your heart!

    • Jaded says:

      @Geo – Maybe you should stop commenting here. You clearly aren’t reading what most commenters, who are actually intelligent people despite your baseless opinions otherwise, are writing here. Yes the situation is complex but to equate child molestation with a love-based affair is just ridiculous. Don’t bring your disdain of Republicans into this either. This is a forum for sharing information, not for accusing everyone on it of being simpletons or that their lives aren’t somehow fulfilled as a result. Now stop trolling this blog Woody.

  64. LMS says:

    Wow — he really looks like Sinatra. And he’s so much hotter than Clint Eastwood’s son. :-)

  65. Thinker says:

    This is not conclusive evidence, but Woody has been known to take plot lines from real experiences… In the film Hannah and Her Sisters, Woody’s charachter cannot have children. Woody and Mia’s charachter (Hannah) struggle with the infertility (she wants more kids, he’s ambivalent) and eventually settle into Woody’s charachter serving as a surrogate father to Hannah’s children from her previous relationship. Hannah and Woody split, and Woody pursues her sister.

    Life imitating art?

    Woody Allen may very well be infertile. He’s certainly expressed ambilvance about fatherhood in the past. Ronan would have been his only biological child, and the evidence is looking like he’s not Woody’s.

    • magpie says:

      ohh, that’s good.

      I don’t think he’s Woody’s son…but I’m alone in thinking he’s not Frank’s either. I’m sure Mia knows who the father is, but I think it’s a secret that only she and her son know.

  66. Jazz Jazz says:

    Look at all the great work Mia Farrow has done without any publicity, not like Angelina who does everything for publicity.

    • Kim1 says:

      Well Mia likes Angelina she tweets about her often . So I guess Mia is a poor judge of character , right? Do you still admire since she is a fan of AJ’s charity work?

    • lamoca says:

      As Mia said of Angelina and other celebs who does humanitarian work: they don’t need the extra publicity. I disagree. I think some B, C-list celebs would do it for publicity, but an A-lister like Angelina? Come on now! Angelina has been a big star since she was 20 and she started her humanitarian work even before she met Brad. She isn’t doing it for extra publicity or to make the public forget about her (probably) affair with Brad. Not unless she can predict the future!

  67. Shelly says:

    If you read this excerpt above on the VF website, at the end of it there’s a link to an article written in 1992 about the Woody “situation”. I found it very disturbing. Everyone in the article pretty much witnesses Woody being inappropriate with Dylan, yet it seems they all tiptoe around it. Including Mia. It’s stated that there is a rule in the house that Woody cannot be left alone with Dylan. Which is bizarre to me, as obviously Mia and company had suspicions. Yet he was still allowed to see and be with Dylan. I’m not sure how blameless Mia actually is. http://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/archive/1992/11/farrow199211

    • lily says:

      unfortunately this is not uncommon with child sexual abuse cases. there is often a good deal of denial going around for awhile. mia can ver very naive, and she really dropped the ball on this one as she so readily admits in her biography.
      again, this is an all too common occurrence, unfortunately.

  68. someone says:

    Well, what everyone is glossing over is the fact that Frank Sinatra was married to his last wife Barbara from 1976 until his death in 1998. Ronan Farrow was born in December 1987. If Ronan is Frank’s son then Mia was totally homewrecking Frank’s marriage with Barbara. Not that Frank wasn’t known to be a huge dog in that department. It seems a little fishy that Mia was devoted (yet not legally married) to Woody Allen from 1982-1992 and right in the middle of all that had an affair with her ex Frank Sinatra and got pregnant but still was 100% committed to Woody?

    • fabgrrl says:

      Mia never let a man’s marital status stop her from getting pregnant by him. (see Previn, André)

    • lamoca says:

      Well, just because Mia is a great mom and humanitarian that doesn’t mean she’s perfect. However, there’s a huge difference between having an affair with your married ex and having an affair with your lover’s barely legal daughter. Not to mention the alleged sexual abuse of your adopted daughter. He escaped conviction because a team of doctors found Dylan’s statement unreliable, HOWEVER, the judge in the custody battle said they were shady because they refused to testify and destroyed their notes!

      • RobN says:

        There may be a huge difference, but that doesn’t mean that one is ok because it’s not as bad as the other one. Both are be horrible and damaging. Being a victim in one situation doesn’t give you the right to be the victimizer in another.

      • lamoca says:

        No one is saying her affair with Frank is OK! I said she’s not perfect. Unfortunately cheating happens a lot, especially in Hollywood. But it’s not even in the same ballpark as pedophilia. I also never said what happened to Mia (I’m most sympathetic to Dylan and Soon-Yi, not Mia!) made it OK for her to have an affair with Frank!

    • Cazzee says:

      Frank Sinatra and his last wife had an understanding about his infidelities.

      He kept her in diamonds and champagne, and she turned a blind eye to his dalliances. (I read this in an excerpt from Barbara’s autobiography).

  69. Jayna says:

    He looks like Mia all the way. Franks had intense blue eyes also and full lips, so I can see why some would think he resembles him too, but I see Mia. I doubt Woody is the father. None of his strong features are there at all. Frank’s features compliments Mia’s, so he was probably the father.

    • someone says:

      I too doubt Woody is the father but I’d say it is just as likely that she used a sperm donor as Frank. Frank was 72 at that point, and Mia 42, it seems odd to think they just “happened” to have a baby. Especially with him married to someone else. And as for the theory that Frank did it so Mia and Woody could have a biological child – does Frank seem like the type to do something like that?

      • fabgrrl says:

        Excellent points! I agree about not doing it as a favor. Possibly, I could see Frank doing it if he felt he “owed” Mia for the terrible way he ended their marriage. Totally idle speculation.

      • someone else says:

        paul mccartney had a kid in his sixties. men don’t really have an off switch when it comes to being able to produce children.

      • mayamae says:

        someone else –

        I feel the need to add the word “unfortunately” to the end of your sentence.

  70. Janet says:

    Farrow was actually very pretty in her twenties. Check out photos of her in Rosemary’s Baby. Ronan looks a LOT like her when she was young.

    As for the Woody/Soon Yi mess, I don’t know which of the two is more despicable — him for messing with his partner’s daughter or her for the way she disrespected her mother. Both of them should have been horsewhipped, IMO.

  71. madchen says:

    What’s to be gained by revisiting this story now? Is it to prevent Blue Jasmine from getting any Academy nods? A story like this overshadows the good advocacy work she’s doing. I’m not defending Woody Allen here but I remember reading everything I could get my hands on when the affair w/Soon-Yi broke. As much of a tool as he was, Mia behaved like a lunatic – and not in a way that said ‘mother bear out to protect her kids.’ She said vile things about Soon-Yi, she was accused of grossly manipulating the children and having undue influence over the nanny. It was hideous on both sides. Also, this claim that Woody had a hand in Lark’s death is beyond. She suffered from HIV and it’s been unclear how she contracted the virus.

    • Claudia says:

      ITA with your post.

    • booger says:

      I too recall both Allen and Farrow acting like a couple of nuts during the custody trial. Though the ruling judge did say that Farrow was an excellent parent, but that her one (major) shortcoming was getting involved with a man like Allen to begin with, and involving him in her children’s lives. Egregious behaviour all around.

      Ugh WHY do people like them with messed up issues have kids to begin with if they’re just going to make their lives hell?

    • Kiddo says:

      I’m guessing Orth would not have had an article, writing solely about Farrow’s charity work, if she hadn’t revisited the more scandalous story.

    • mayamae says:

      I really like Mia and I think Woody is probably guilty, but I remember following the case closely and it was fishy at times. Facts were changing all the time. Soon-Yi went from being of age (at least 18), to suddenly – well we weren’t really sure of her age at adoption, and she may really be years younger. It was too convenient.

      I too hate how both of Soon-Yi’s parents have turned on her. Either she’s a victim of a Svengali, or she’s an amoral monster. They can’t have it both ways.

      And I absolutely hate public speculation on paternity – and coming from the mother is somewhat despicable for me. If Ronan wants to disown Woody (which is great), then do a DNA test and then announce the results.

      I think Mia is a great mom, but she’s made absolutely horrible decisions with the men in her life. I’m very disappointed she continued to sleep with Frank Sinatra, considering he treated her like a dog when they were married. The story goes that while she was filming Rosemary’s Baby, he notified her he would divorce her unless she quits acting immediately. She didn’t, and he did.

      • Aud says:

        It’s impossible to say whether Allen is guilty. These are serious accusations and I’m shocked that Mia feels okay with letting these accusations filter through.
        The only thing that people have is speculation [re: Allen's relationship with Soon-Yi, etc].
        But I’m guessing [as a former foster child myself, of a f#%$%ked up individual] that the ease with which Farrow and Previn excised Soon-Yi out of their lives ["she does not exist"], indicates how screwed up they were as well.
        So what was Soon-Yi to them? A ‘prize’ for Mia to show the world how caring she is?
        Is it remotely possible that Soon-Yi yearned for affection and looked to get it from Allen? No one will ever know, but the possibilities are endless.
        If one considers one’s adopted child as their child, then it would logically follow that they would continue to be one’s child. She didn’t kill anyone.
        Some parents of serial killers accept that their children are their children.

    • LAK says:

      Me too. I remember the lunacy.

      When the VF article is presented as the sole surviving article from that time, it’s hard to remember how insane this case was, from both sides. And the VF article was definitely written to present Mia’s POV.

      However, there was so much damning information on both sides, and I remember thinking that none of them thought of the children. Only themselves and what damage they could inflict.

      • TG says:

        Reading all these comments I don’t know what to think. It does sound like Woody really was grooming, molesting Dylan, but why would Mia have allowed him in her life and Dylan’s if she new this was going on? Sounds lik Mia wasn’t putting her children first. I have always gotten the impression that she was chaotic and not the best parent. IMO good parenting extends to picking partners that are good for your children and annoncing that your child no longer exists is sick IMO.

    • Aud says:

      Any adult who collects children by fostering/adoption due to their own inadequacies and, therefore need to be a saviour to prove something, has problems.

    • lily says:

      idk, i think if your daughter shacked up with your boyfriend and your daughter was making sexual abuse allegations you’d go a little crazy as well.

      i think it’s disgusting that people excuse woody his behavior by saying mia is ‘crazy’
      fr godssakes, dylan has changed her name and still insists that this happened to her. woody is a pedophile. he is a bad person. all of the evidence adds up. deal with it.

  72. miapatagonia says:

    I think Mia hooked up with Marlon Brando, Frank’s nemesis. The Brando-like beauty is there!

  73. Maggie says:

    He’s absolutely gorgeous! But he could be anyone’s son. He looks just like his mother.

    • LAK says:

      Funny, many other sites are saying that he resembles Brando more than Frank, and as much as I can’t unsee his mother in him, I think he absolutely looks like Brando.

      The eye colour is the closest he comes to Frank.

  74. Fan says:

    Why bother with guessing games. We have DNA test now don’t we?

  75. Megan says:

    Dude…that is SO Frank Sinatra’s son! I never noticed the resemblance until now, but you’d have to be blind not to see it. It’s so obvious.

  76. Dap says:

    No wonder she never managed to convince the social services and justice department of the reality of woody allen’s alleged wrong doing by saying sh*t like this.

  77. fabgrrl says:

    I think Mia just cloned herself :^)

  78. Christin says:

    Sounds like this young man could have a promising political future. Strictly a theory here, but could the paternity “possibility” be tossed out to help him in that regard? Both possible fathers have their own dirt, but maybe she views Frank as less potentially damaging?

  79. Kelly says:

    Woody Allen is disgusting

  80. Cindy says:

    If anyone likes Ronan’s tweets and is a fan of his twitter, I encourage you to read/follow Mia, she’s very informed and insightful about world affairs.

  81. Jeanette says:

    Holy Crap @Blannie you are so right!

  82. Sandy says:

    One thing we can all say with certainty — Ronan is NOT related to Woody!

    • Aud says:

      We don’t know that. Not unless he has a DNA test.
      Barbara Sinatra wasn’t impressed with what Mia said and dismissed what Mia said as ‘junk’

  83. Sand says:

    As an adopted person, can we please stop with the “adopted daughter/son” thing? I personally find it very offensive. Why does it matter if someone is adopted. Is it not enough to say ” my daughter/son”?

  84. Xxx says:

    I wish Mia would leave Africa alone and manage her family, they seem to need all the help they can get.

  85. Metoo says:

    Dr. Coates, who just happened to be in Mia’s apartment to work with one of her other children, had only to witness a brief greeting between Woody and Dylan before she began a discussion with Mia that resulted in Woody’s agreeing to address the issue through counseling. At that point Coates didn’t know that, according to several sources, Woody, wearing just underwear, would take Dylan to bed with him and entwine his body around hers; or that he would have her suck his thumb; or that often when Dylan went over to his apartment he would head straight for the bedroom with her so that they could get into bed and play. He called Mia a “spoilsport” when she objected to what she referred to as “wooing.” Mia has told people that he said that her concerns were her own sickness, and that he was just being warm.
    Reply so Mia knew about Allen’s issues and only went to court once he was with soon-yi

    • Kiddo says:

      That’s messed up.

    • Katherine says:

      WOW! Now that’s distorting reality, Metoo.
      HERE is what Dr. Coates had to say under oath.

      “A clinical psychologist testified yesterday that she warned Woody Allen that she feared for his safety because of threats made by Mia Farrow. The threats were made in the months after Ms. Farrow learned that Mr. Allen was having an affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, the psychologist testified.

      The psychologist, Dr. Susan Coates, also testified that while she considered Mr. Allen’s relationship with his own adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, to be “inappropriately intense,” the therapist never observed him acting in a sexual way toward her. And she reported that an evaluation of Dylan conducted in 1990 found the girl easily “would be taken over by fantasy” when asked to describe something as simple as an apple tree.

      The testimony of Dr. Coates — who regularly treated the couple’s biological son, Satchel, from 1990 to 1992, and often conversed or met with both parents — appeared to provide an alternative explanation for Mr. Allen’s behavior toward Dylan other than the one advanced by Ms. Farrow. The actress’s accusation that Mr. Allen had molested Dylan at her country house last Aug. 4 is a central issue in the custody trial in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. Mr. Allen has denied the accusation.

      Escalating Rage

      Dr. Coates was questioned by Mr. Allen’s lawyer, Elkan Abramowitz. Dr. Coates — one of several psychologists and psychiatrists whom various members of the couple’s family had seen over the years — portrayed Ms. Farrow as filled with escalating rage after discovering Mr. Allen’s affair with Ms. Previn in January 1992.”

      And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the story.

      You can read some more at the link.

      • Kiddo says:

        I read a little more after reading here and the entire thing was insane. Mia claimed that Soon Yi was mentally retarded, which, apparently, she was not. What caring mother does that? She also cut off funding for her schooling. I will give the benefit of the doubt that she may not have been able to afford it with the horde of children to care for after she and Woody split up. I am still disgusted by Woody, in the seduction of his own step daughter. But all around, it seemed that there was only narcissistic behavior from all the adults. We’ll never know what really happened. But we do know that Mia and Woody are truly selfish people.

      • lily says:

        soon yi completely cut mia off so it wasn’t mia who made that decision.
        what, mia was going to force soon yi to take her money for schooling even though soon yi refused to talk to mia anymore?

  86. lisa2 says:

    This is why I never understood when gossip site or tabloids or posters spend so much time making up crap stories about celebrities..

    Real life is way more dramatic. This is all kinds of just UGH and so much more. I wonder how this will affect Blue Jasmine in the Oscar race. I’m really kind of WTH is going on.. and why they decided to drop this kind of info in this interview. I mean this is a LOT of personal information. And it all seems to be aimed at Woody point blank.

  87. drea says:

    Just had to update… Ronan tweeted: “Listen, we’re all *possibly* Frank Sinatra’s son.”

    I like how he handles the crazy in his family.

  88. suhon says:

    “Uh, not Jewish.” Not Woody’s. Nope.

  89. JustLurking says:

    I’ve always thought Mia Farrow was off her rocker especially with her fanatical adoptions and her relationships with Frank Sinatra and Woody Allen. Mia sure carries a lot of rage and unresolved issues if she still talks about stuff like that. It takes two to tango in a relationship, as well as being a parent, and I don’t think Mia is as inculpable as she is portrayed in those articles.

    • gefeylich says:

      Woody, is that you?

      • Aud says:

        I think the same and I’m definitely not Woody, okay?
        Sexual abuse isn’t a casual thing. It is cultivated over time and the abuser has to have a lot of control in order to maintain secrecy.
        Woody and Mia didn’t even live together and that detail has always raised questions for me.
        A sexual abuser has to have total control over his/her victim to minimise the risk of being caught.

    • lily says:

      hey aud, you know nothing about sexual abuse you IDIOT. plenty of people are molested by people they don’t live with. are you stupid?? sounds like it.

  90. Greta says:

    I was a kid when Mia Farrow was starring on Peyton Place. She was dating Frank, which was scandalous because of the age difference. One day she cut off all her gorgeous, long blonde hair which upset the producers, as well as everyone else. She then developed an image as an unstable person, even though a very talented actress.
    Woody Allen has never hidden that he’s a messed up guy. But what made me think he is a very bad person was the end of Hannah and her Two Sisters. The two men at the end of the movie are talking about righ and wrong. Woody endorses an amoral view of life, and he was a philosophy major at college so it was loose talk. He was telling his own personal view of life. I hated him for that morality ever since.
    The personal lives of these two entertainers thank heavens are not my problem. I don’t believe either is a saint…I don’t give moral credit for helping the poor people in far off lands. Maybe others do, but not me. And in terms of that good looking son of hers, I don’t agree with his politics…but he sure is drop dead handsome!

    • Katherine says:

      Greta, I know it’s been a long time since I saw Hannah but what about the ending philosophy did you find amoral? Wasn’t it the monologue about the Marx Brothers movie?

      I’m interested.

      • Greta says:

        Katherine, it’s been a very long time for me, too. I think it was the conversation between Martin Landau (?) and the Woody character about murdering somebody. That conversation. What I meant to say above is that he knows exactly what he is saying philosophically because that was his major in college. Woody may very well be a relativist morally, “what’s good for you is good for you and what’s good for me..etc.” If so, no matter what your behavior, if it’s “good for you” then it’s ok, i.e., don’t judge another human being. That made my stomach literally turn over because he endorsed the worst possible ethical idea. Or else he has no conscience. And Mia, who turned herself into a “Woody” character seems like she is missing something herself…what it is, I don’t know. But she was so beautiful on Peyton Place with her long hair, and then so perfect as the wife in Rosemary’s Baby. Hollywood breeds some strange bedfellows, eh?

  91. Metoo says:

    Katherine I am not supporting Mia proposition. I am saying at best she knew what was happening and failed to do something about it, until it appeared she was losing Woody and that’s taking taking her at face value. This does not make her mother of the year. At worst she is the head of a family with a great number of issues.

    • Katherine says:

      Metoo, I am pretty sure that the first mention of any allegations of abuse followed Mia’s phone call to Dr. Coates begging her to somehow help her stop Woody from continuing his affair with Soon Yi. It was Mia who told Dr. Coates that Dylan just made the allegations. I haven’t heard or read that these allegations were made previously.

      I guess because I don’t believe her that I don’t accept that Mia knew something but chose not to report it until it was over for her and Woody. I strongly believe she made this up out of whole cloth.

      One of Woody’s own allegations against Mia during his custody battle over Ronan, Dylan and Moses was that as soon as Ronan was born that Mia completely neglected and ignored Dylan. Besides Mia telling Woody not to get too attached to Ronan since she didn’t know how long their relationship was going to last. From the psychologists’ report who investigated the child abuse allegations Dylan seemed like a troubled child. I don’t know how old she was upon her adoption but there may have been emotional or developmental issues already in play.

      • lily says:

        YOu clearly know nothing of abuse.
        There is a lot of denial on the part of the non-molesting party that goes on when a child is being abused. It is incredibly common.

  92. Aud says:

    He either is or he isn’t Frank Sinatra’s son. What’s this ‘could be’ BS?
    I don’t know what to make of this, considering there were many problems in the United States concerning sexual abuse and implanted/false memories involving therapists and the damaging repercussions [children accusing parents of sexual molestation that never happened, etc]
    It’s best to get both sides of the story, but it seems Mia is quite happy to be interviewed and Vanity Fair is quite happy to publish. I hope they’ve consulted their lawyers.
    At the age she’s at, I expected Mia Farrow to be more mature.
    I’m beginning to think that the only normal family in this scenario is Woody/Soon-Yi’s family and I say that because I too have endured the histrionics of being raised in a foster family by a ‘parent’/guardian who had a propensity to collect [foster/adoption/whatever] children and a saviour complex [for every social/international issue that they cannot really fix]. They’d spend more time fixated on the idea of being saviours and less time being proper parents, so that if you’re a child in this type of setup, you’re perilously close to requiring some type of therapy and if you don’t have therapy, you make many catastrophic mistakes and learn the hard way. If you do have therapy, you’re basically providing a therapist with a regular income, which raises the question of whether therapy actually helps.

    The very attitude that they [Mia and Previn] have/had that Soon-Yi ‘does not exist’ pretty much gives an indication of how they treat the adoption situation. It’s frightening. Your child is your child irrespective of what they do. You cannot just will them into non-existence. But they did and it gives an insight into their warped psyche.

  93. Green Is Good says:

    That is NOT Wood-Yee’s kid. (Joke from the Howard Stern show).

    That’s all Mia and Frank. Thank God.

  94. allheavens says:

    I don’t care how batshit Mia was or how dysfunctional the family was, or how Previn and Mia dicarded Soon-Yi, none of that dismisses Allen’s behavior.

    I was a social worker for some years, his behavoir was completely inappropriate and it was abusive. Woody Allen slept with a young woman who he had represented himself to as a father figure for years. Whether they lived in the same residence has no bearing. He should have not entered into the relationship, end of story.

    The sexually explicit pictures of Soon-Yi was just a part of the grooming he did over time. It is classic behavior.

    If anyone here thinks he didn’t touch her before she was 20 I have some prime real estate in the Louisiana swamplands to sell you.

    Whether he abused Dylan is up to debate but his behavior with Soon-Yi is not and that is enough to land him a permanent place on my shit list.