Has George Clooney been hooking up with ex-GF Monika Jakisic this whole time?

Here are some more photos of George Clooney flying somewhat solo at last night’s NYC premiere of Gravity. He posed alone on the red carpet for a bit, and then he posed with Sandra Bullock and that’s it. He didn’t have a girlfriend or a parent or a Rent-A-Date. You could sort of tell – in some of these photos – that George didn’t know what to do with his hands. He was used to having his arm around an Official Girlfriend. So, the Oscar season has begun and George is without an Official? This is new territory, people! What if George actually had to attend the Golden Globes solo?!

Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that because an old dog never learns any new tricks. Literally. Back in May, George was in England working on The Monuments Men, and he had a night out in London. He ended up in a club with an ex-girlfriend, and the UK tabloids claimed that George was A) drunk as hell and B) canoodling with the ex-girlfriend, a Croatian model-type named Monika Jakisic. George and Monika dated briefly many years ago, and it was such a non-event that I don’t even remember it. Anyway, George had to deny the May canoodling because Stacy Keibler was still his Official Girlfriend. But now that Stacy is gone, George can acknowledge that he’s been hooking up with Monika this whole time:

How do you like your eggs, George? A source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly that George Clooney, 52, had a sleepover with Croatian model Monika Jakisic, an on-and-off fling since 2004, at his L.A. mansion on Sept. 25.

“They spent hours talking, and have an incredible connection,” says the insider. The sexual tension had been building for a while. Back in May, the London-based stunner, 33 — known as the “Croatian Sensation” — and the Gravity actor unabashedly flirted at London nightclub Loulou’s.

Though he was still dating Stacy Keibler at the time (they split in July after two years of dating), “they danced and held hands,” adds the source. “He’s been calling and texting her ever since.”

Keibler, 33, has also moved on. The Supermarket Superstar host shared a photo of herself and new boyfriend Jared Pobre drinking wine in Paris together on Instagram Monday, Sept. 30. “Stacy and Jared are dating,” a source confirmed to Us. “They met through friends, but they are not anything more than dating.”

The WWE star called it quits with Clooney after their long-distance relationship got to be too much. “They are both working and haven’t seen each other,” a source said told Us at the time. “You can’t have a relationship with someone that you don’t see.”

[From Us Weekly]

You can criticize George for many things, but usually he’s not this obvious with his jumpoffs. George is the kind of man who likes for a relationship to have a definitive end before openly pursuing another woman. I wonder why it’s different in this case? Was it because Stacy clung to him until the very last moment, trying to squeeze every last drop of fame, money and connections from George until he was way past “over it”? Or is George’s M.O. simply changing? I don’t know. But I do have my doubts that this Monika lady is going to be his new Official. But SHE really wants to be.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Rosie says:

    Note by Celebitchy: banned multiple nicks
    Damn. I was holding out for Eva. I need a new celebrity couple in my life. And the acres of gossip would be endless.

    I would even settle for Sandy, although I adore her too much to wish Clooney on her.

  2. Andrea1 says:

    George looks old for a man of 52!

  3. Vesta says:

    So this Jakisic is 33. Isn’t she kind of too old for Clooney? Or maybe Georgie is growing up and ready for mature women now (ehhh…)

    • V4Real says:

      But he dated her years ago so she was much younger then. Maybe now that he’s 52 a woman in her early 30′s is fine. When he’s 62 he may be ok with a woman in her early 40′s. Stacy Keibler was already 30 when she dated Gorgeous George.

      Looks like George doesn’t have an issue with recycling gf’s. Where’s that waitress? I hope she recovered after being thrown off the Clooney Express.

    • Vesta says:


      Clooney Express moves so fast that I had already forgotten that waitress, yeah she has disappeared completely. Maybe he really is moving to “next decade”. Could be for PR reasons i.e. he doesn’t want to appear too creepy.

  4. MellyBee says:

    I must say this without apology: George is my forever dong.

  5. MistyNinja says:

    I have never understood his appeal. He is such a creepy old dinosaur. Even when he was on the show Roseanne-even young he has always been a creepy old dinosaur. I guess money and fame can make someone appealing-even a creepster.

  6. Cecilia says:

    You know…I don’t care who George is seeing any more. He is turning into a joke.

  7. magpie says:

    I don’t know ho this Monika Jakisic person is, but her Twitter you linked to is really annoying. She seems like just a big of bimbo as all of Georgie’s other bimbos (I think Stacey was actually one of the smarter ones).

  8. Hautie says:

    I thought the whole thing with George, is that the new girl had to be between 24-29. That when the 30′s come a calling. George moved on to the new one. So to pick one already 32/33 seems a little too old for him.

    Besides, if he really wants to do an Oscar campaign. Sandra Bullock and him would be a better team up. As in they could charm the hell out of this whole awards season.

    Plus it gives him a season off, of having to put all that cash into a new girl.

  9. mia girl says:

    He’s better off being solo, unless he shocks us all by dating a smart, successful, independent businesswomen, writer, activist, whtever…
    So tired of his young rent-a-date types.

  10. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Damn it! I was actually hoping he’d relinquished his budget girlfriend/escort ways—-when I didn’t recognize the name, I thought maybe it could be the one girlfriend that he actually loved….the smart one, in the late nineties/early 200s…she was blonde???

  11. mslewis says:

    The sight of an old man dating young and dumb women is so pathetic. I’ve known of George most of his life and he always seem to be intelligent and ambitious and I never expected him to turn into a junior Hugh Hefner. (George’s daddy Nick was an anchorman in my city and people could watch and read about Nick and his kids playing with Ken Griffey, Jr.. Back in the day, there were some live local talk shows and well-known locals and their kids would hang out being adorable.)

    Anyway, I just wish George would get himself a nice woman in her late 30s and just be with her for longer than two years so he can just stop being a joke.

  12. Cora says:

    All those photos Monika posted on her twitter playing basketball look like the basketball court at George’s house. It’s a bad sign if she’s already posting pics from his house.

    Repeatedly writing #loveandbasketball isn’t so subtle, either.

  13. MissNostalgia says:

    This is news?? Clooney got himself yet another very young, fake girlfriend….yawn! He is gay and I don’t know why he won’t just come out of the closet already……there is no shame in it and it will set him free from all of the fake bearding.

  14. Cora says:

    About the age thing – Elisabetta Canalis and Stacy Keibler were both 31 when George starting dating them, so he’s been dating women (at least the official ones) in their early 30′s for a few years now.

    Sarah Larson was the last official one to be in her 20′s but even she was in her late 20′s – she was 28 when he started dating her.

    George seems to like a 20-year age difference with his GF’s. That and he likes them to be d-list bimbos. The man has a type.

  15. Aqua says:

    I hate to say this but even I’ve become jaded to George and his so called romances.He’s probable picked the girl out and is working out the last few details of her contract.

  16. janie says:

    I’d do him in a New York minute!! He’s so darn sexy and handsome!!! Don’t care who he dates, he can have anyone he likes!! Yum :-)

  17. sabrina says:

    But we are sure that the basketball court and’ at the home of George ??? If and’so’ i’m so sorry for George because ‘ this and’ a the other Stacy just looking for publicity !!!!