Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ex Rich Cronin speaks out

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Reports recently surfaced that Jennifer Love Hewitt called off her Spring 2009 wedding to Ross McCall because she was insecure about her body and their relationship. She would reportedly call him onto the set of her show Ghost Whisperer and demand that he tell her he loved her. And as we reported yesterday, Ross McCall has denied the breakup rumors.

Now Jennifer’s ex boyfriend of two years, LFO’s frontman Rich Cronin, is speaking out about their relationship. On Howard Stern, he revealed that Jennifer cheated on him and that it was he who played the “girl” in their relationship.

During their two-year long relationship, however, Cronin revealed that she cheated on him and even used the same line on other guys — including Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees.

“Jeff goes, ‘Hey, you and me have something in common… Jennifer Love Hewitt,”” recalled Cronin, who said Timmons received the same Cartier ring. “I had always asked her about that. ‘Did you ever get with this guy?’ [And she was like,] ‘No, no, no.’ So when that happened, I was lost. This was two years ago. It was rough, man.”

Cronin — who grew to fame in the late ’90s thanks to his boy band’s hit, “Summer Girls” — first met Hewitt at the Blockbuster Awards more than eight years ago.

“We had the same publicist, so I started to talk to her and I couldn’t believe it — she kept talking to me and talking to me,” he said. “She was actually interested. Later on that night, she gave me her number. I was floored.

“I was so anxious about calling her. I actually got a notebook and wrote down all these subjects, like, ‘Okay, so when there is a quiet point, I’ll talk about this.’ I actually called her up and she answered the phone and we talked for like two hours…”

“She was in New York doing a movie, and I get a phone call from someone at my record company. They go, ‘Rich, get Us Weekly. It just came out,” Cronin said. “[I’m thinking] maybe there is something cool about me.

“No, it was a f–cking thing about Jennifer Love Hewitt in New York City… with seven guys.”

Hewitt dumped Cronin shortly after.

“I was on the bed having a panic attack, so I called her up and was like, ‘Do you have something to say to me?’ I was the girl in this relationship.

“And she goes, ‘Listen, don’t you f–king call me up like this when I am at work. If you believe that bulls–t, shame on you.’ She hung up.”

Hewittt — who recently called off her wedding with fiance Ross McCall (read the story in the
current issue of Us Weekly, on stands now) — called Cronin three days later to end it.

“She goes, “I am out of this relationship. Goodbye, I have to go do The Tonight Show’ and hung up the phone,” he said. “And that was it.”

Still, when Stern asked if he would have married her, Cronin said, “In a second.

“But whatever, she is a great girl. She is just out there doing her thing.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt is getting a lot of flak recently over her relationships. First she’s labeled as a clingy, insecure finace, and then she’s accused of cheating on her ex. What’s the real story here? If Cronin cared about Jennifer at all, he wouldn’t be revealing intimate details of their relationship while she’s dealing with a public possible-breakup. This seems more like a case of Rich Cronin trying to become relevant again. The latest thing he’s done, according to his homepage, is release an album in May 2008. Post-LFO fame has not treated him well.

We’ll see if her Love Hewitt’s engagement, which her finance claims is still on, lasts. They’ve postponed the wedding several times already.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is shown shopping on 1/18/09 and at an event on 10/27/08. Credit: WENN. Rich Cronin is shown at an event on 10/29/07. Credit: PRPhotos

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33 Responses to “Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ex Rich Cronin speaks out”

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  1. Jenna says:

    What’s a ‘LFO’?

    Seems to me this little lad’s checks have stopped coming in. Tsk tsk.

  2. Susan says:

    I’m not sure I understand the last sentence. If true, she changed over the last 2 years? She dated this Cronin dude in 2000-2001, when she was like 20 or 21. The chronology goes in the other direction.

  3. Celebitchy says:

    You’re right Susan, that part was confusing and was removed.

  4. Baholicious says:

    He looks like a collision between Alvin the Chipmunk and Lance Bass…

  5. Baholicious says:

    Oh, Jenna: LFO is some boy band or something.

  6. joan says:

    holy cow! he got FAT!! he used to be the hottest and fittest one .. wow. just wow.

  7. ChristinaX says:

    Wait a minute.

    She’s insecure and clingy in one story and in the other, she likes to screw around?

    Sounds like someone needs to take a lesson in being consistent. Maybe I’m just biased in favor of Jennifer Love Hewitt recently, but since her ex is the one running his mouth and telling two contradicting stories, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s being the ass.

    Second of all, I don’t know about anyone else, but anyone who just ended a relationship and goes onto Howard Stern to expose all the details is tacky as f*ck in my opinion.

    Also, how can you be clingy and simultaneously a cheater? Aren’t most cheaters detached from their partners? I think that Mr. Has Been Third Rate Backstreet Boy is full of it, sorry.

  8. Kait says:

    Personally, it sounds to me like she put him up to it. Or maybe the publicist did. Like if he went on Stern and talked her up to be a badass and a cheater it would be better then being an insecure clingy whiner.

  9. someone says:

    he looks like the monster child from the Goonies, post-plastic surgery and with a tad of the gayface.

    even worse, he seems pretty pathetic.. freaking out over a tabloid cover (claiming she’s cheating on him with 7 guys)? I’d break up with him too.

  10. shane says:

    Woman is absolutely beautiful and extremely successful. Some ex on the Howard Stern show doesn’t mean squad.

  11. lauren says:

    people, he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005. so maybe leave his appearance alone.

  12. CB Rawks says:

    “I was the girl in this relationship.” Proving once again, that most men are jackasses.
    Yeah buddy that’s right, if you feel any emotion, ever, that makes you *the girl*. What a sad little douche.

  13. CiCi says:

    People behave differently in different relationships with different men, come on. It doesn’t have to do with being some inconsistent psycho. Perhaps she had zero respect for Rich Cronin and that is why he “was the girl” and she walked all over him. Likewise, maybe she held Ross McCall up on some kind of pedestal and felt insecure around him, OR maybe she was in a different phase in life.

  14. brianne says:

    I can actually understand about her being both clingy and a cheater at the same time (at least if the story is true) Usually the cheaters are the most jealous people in relationships because the obviously know that its pretty easy to cheat and not get caught cuz guess what? they’ve already been there done that! I hope thats not the case, everybody deserves to be happy and leave all that drama behind in high school or possibly college! or at least most people

  15. Ohforf says:

    Its been my experience that the most insecure women are the ones most likely to cheat, because they cheat to feel attractive. I could totally see her doing this, because I’ve dated screwed up head-cases like that.

  16. Ria says:

    I agree with you CAN be clingy / insecure and cheat. The insecurity makes you more apt to seek out and act on men’s attention, and then you become overly clingy because you are terrified the guy will find out. And yes, I speak from experience from when I was in college.

  17. Jenna says:

    Thanks Baho. I’m guessing they must have been a one hit wonder or just didn’t really make a lasting impression. The only boy bands I remember from the past are N’SYNC and Backstreet Boys. 98 degrees I remember cause I liked Nick’s arms.

    Ah, oh well. This douche needs to just stay quite. He reminds me of Pratt slightly.

  18. ChristinaX says:

    I’d never justify cheating or anything, but it’s more understandable if men or women cheat if they feel they aren’t getting any attention.

    A male friend of mine told me that if men don’t cheat, they think about cheating and that there’s not a single man in a relationship who doesn’t at least think about it constantly.

    I don’t know. If someone continuously fantasized about an affair, that really makes them no better than the person who acts upon it. Apparently a lot of guys don’t cheat out of not out of respect but in fear of being caught or expecting something in return.

    Might as well cheat on him before he cheats on you.

    Then again, maybe they’re full of it and are trying to justify they can’t handle an emotionally committed relationship. Who knows, but it still bothers me.

    I still think that Jennifer Love Hewitt seems very friendly in interviews. She seems rather insecure, so I don’t doubt that.

  19. Loren says:

    dude leave the poor guy alone. he’s battling luekemia. some cancer treatments make your face bloat.

  20. czarina says:

    Fine, leave him alone regarding his appearance, but having a disease doesn’t automatically make you a good person.
    HE is the one who sounds like a clingy, insecure person (“I couldn’t believe she talked to me!”) and then he reads some tabloid “has a panic attack”, calls and disturbs her at work to freak out over a tabloid story…any sane woman would have seen a glowing neon sign over his head “EXTREME EMOTIONAL MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” and broken up with him, (and I seriously doubt she did it in as nasty a way as this guy makes it sound.)
    Why would he make a public idiot of himself talking about this?

  21. sassyspank says:

    exactly. it’s an adverse affect from chemo. This is what he used to look like:

    Poor guy. Stay strong. JLH seems like a twat – he’s better off without her…

  22. Aspen says:

    I feel bad for Jennifer Love Hewitt. According to the media, she’s a fat, sad little cow who can’t keep a man.

    And that’s funny ’cause I have never seen her as anything but charming and beautiful and respectable.

    I’m wondering where all this is coming from. lately.

  23. MT says:

    I think she thinks the world revolves around her and she thinks her men are her assistants or some sort of pets that need to praise her all day long.

    I never thought she was pretty- but this picture really shows some ugly features.

    I don’t know if she cheated, but I know a girl who was insecure and needed a lot of attention from men, that cheated on her boyfriend, because she needs that extra attention, so it wouldn’t surprised me.

    Goes with the self-centered attitude of hers.

  24. ChristinaX says:

    Yeah, I’m not really getting the bitch thing either, Aspen. I’m with you.

    She always comes off as friendly in the interviews I’ve seen.

    By the way, insecure does not = self-centered. Maybe she cheated, but you really have to wonder why she feels insecure enough to feel as though she needed to. Honestly.

    Believe it or not, you don’t have to cheat to be a lousy boyfriend. Like I said, I’d never cheat, but you really have to wonder why she feels so insecure. Is he the type who spends all day in a strip club? You have to wonder.

  25. Sickitten says:

    I’ve never found her even remotely attractive. I had a friend who did but she wasn’t so attractive herself. He is attractive, for real. Has a nice face. She just doesn’t.

  26. Keekee says:

    If this Cronin guy would marry a woman “in a second” who would talk to him in that manner….that is very sad, indeed.

  27. I Ivy says:

    Looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt has
    suddenly gone back to the year 2000.

    Dating a new guy after a major breakup.

    Same results assured!

    Going around in circles….

  28. Man Cheat says:

    She gets another guy after breakup.

    That’s fine.

    But the problem is when she cheats.

    Every body does it, right?

  29. The Watcher says:

    You F’s. You don’t know Howard Stern. No publicity bullsh*t can be pulled on Howard. Only total absolute truth comes out. Dirty, ugly…whatever. Rich is standup guy who got F’D by Cancer, JLH, and Perlman. Hang in Rich.

  30. chris says:

    Rich Cronin has passed away today…R.I.P. Rich

  31. evie says:

    Its so horrible how you all sat behind your computer screens and made fun of rich cronin of course he looked different he had cancer and he also had a stroke he still looked sexy to me….the song girl on tv was from him to jen love and she fucked him over and cheated on him she broke his heart she was a whore he died alone with no wife kids or girlfriend just his family may you rest in peace rich

  32. Christina says:

    People are just cruel by nature…nothing new really. Maybe in time everyone will finally come to terms with the concept that no one is better than the next; whether it be looks, personality, or whatever. Each individual looks for different qualities in another and sometimes people just don’t mesh as much as they want too. RIP Rich!!! You’ve truely been an inspiration in my life. I just hope I can return the favor to someone someday.

    KARMA: What goes around does come around! It’s just a matter of time.

  33. anna says:

    I don’t think Rich was over Jennifer completely. He even knew about her new tv gig. It’s too bad she wasn’t mature enough to realize how nice, humble, & rare this guy was. The time she could’ve spent with him wasted. Lessons learned? May he rest in peace. Genuine & sweet.