Cameron Diaz hooked up with Tyrese Gibson

While Djimon Hounsou has moved on from his brief dalliance with Cameron Diaz into the scarier arms of fashionista Kimora Lee Simmons, Diaz wasted no time finding another buff bald actor to hook up with. She was seen making out with Tyrese Gibson at LA nightspot Xenii, and was out at an Oscars party with him:

Looks like the tide went out and took surfer Kelly Slater with it. A Gatecrasher spy caught Tyrese Gibson and Cameron Diaz in full lip-lock at the hip L.A. club Xenii. “They made out right in front of me on the dance floor,” says the spy.

They also came (and left) together to a pre-Oscars party thrown by Harvey Weinstein, Tamara Mellon and Tracey Edmonds, although Diaz’s rep tells us the two are not dating.

And in that same article the NY Daily News claims that Whitney Houston’s recent younger boyfriend and star of the now on legal-hold sex tape with Kimberly Kardashian, Ray J, was hanging out with plastic surgery victim ‘Lil Kim!

I don’t know much about Tyrese so I looked him up on IMDB and Wikipedia. He was first known as a rapper and R&B artist under the names Tyrese and Black-Ty. He got his start in films in 2001 in Baby Boy and was in 2003’s 2 Fast 2 Furious, and 2006’s Annapolis. He has several films in the works, including the upcoming Transformers movie. He also has producer credits on two films to come out next year.

Gibson is 28 while Diaz is 34. She certainly seems to be enjoying her single status since splitting with Justin Timberlake. Hopefully she’ll find a guy willing to commit this time.

Here are a bunch of pictures of Tyrese from 2 Fast 2 Furious and Annapolis thanks to All Movie Photo.

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  1. aneurysm says:

    i’m pretty sure i’ll get slammed for this, but she is most likely going to kill her reputation making out w/ numerous black men. while it may not be politically correct, it’s the truth.

  2. JUST ME says:

    Tyrese is a great singer and really good actor. I thought he was with someone who is also pregnant with his baby. He gets P@ss! thrown at him left and right by really good looking girls, why would he hook up with that MESS! Cam needs to do her self a favor and date men around her age group. Guys don’t want older chicks and if they get with an older women it’s only a matter of time before they leave them for someone younger.

  3. Pecarrie says:

    Why would that hurt her reputation?

  4. Kolby says:

    I just don’t get these two as a couple. She’s a train wreck and maybe he just wants to get his name out there more by hooking up with a ‘big’ star.

  5. !@#$ says:

    His name is already out their. How could she kill her reputation by messing with a black guy? Rednecks..I tell you. Cameron is white and Cuban so how can she mess her reputation up when she’s already a spic! Don’t be fooled by the blond hair and blue eyes that she’s got.

  6. me says:

    I wonder if the first comment was writen by a white man. If so, it does not surprise me. You guys hate to think that white women would be attracted to black men. face your insecurities and realize that a lot of white women are attracted to us. As an attractive and educated black man, I get hit on all the time. Many white women have told me how their fathers and brothers would hate it if they found out that they would date a black man. Its not the white woman that are racist it’s a lot of (not all) white men. Wake up!! people are people no matter the color.

  7. Carol says:

    I have to agree with “me”, I dated a black man for awhile and it wasn’t worth all the crap I got from my brother. He’ll still occasionally call me something rude. And we’re not even rednecks!

  8. celebitchy says:

    Djimon and Tyrese are hot as hell, I agree with “just me.” I knew this kind of discussion would get started. In my opinion Tyrese is too hot for joker-face Cameron but I didn’t mention it because I don’t want to rile people up. I don’t think she’s “ruining her reputation” by hooking up with an attractive fellow actor.

    I was just talking with a German woman last night whose brother was an exchange student in Alabama. She told me how racist his host family was and we were talking about how there aren’t enough interracial celebrity couples. There are Heidi Klum and Seal – do you think it “ruined” her reputation to have two kids with a great husband?

    Cameron is single and dating really hot, also famous guys. When I was single I would be flattered if either of those guys even talked to me even if they weren’t famous.

  9. C says:

    It appears, once you go black, you never go back.

  10. MaiGirl says:

    It’s interesting, but I think that everyone is right so far. Cameron isn’t in Tyrese’s league looks wise. I do think that some white men are threatened when white women date black men, based upon the stereotype, which I won’t waste typing to mention. I also do think that some white women may lose “status” for this reason. I have a white friend who has been seen as inferior by her friends and family because of dating a black man.

    Tyrese is actually a really good, and unfortunately really underrated singer. I love some of his songs. He may be in it for the publicity, and if so, smart move. Even if not, I doubt it will last, since Cameron seems to have troubled relationships.

    And did I mention that Tyrese is waaaaay to hot for her?

  11. aneurysm says:

    i’m a white woman. & i’ve used that ‘my family would disown me’ line, myself. you have to think quickly when you are having a perfectly nice conversation w/ a perfectly nice black gentleman & he decides to ask you out. you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings & you don’t want to be made to feel politically incorrect, just for simply not being attracted to someone who’s color just happens to be black.
    & i’m not racist. i have no problems w/ black ppl or any other race for that matter. i just haven’t met a black man that i have yet to find attractive. albeit, i have dated a peruvian, several asians, etc. it’s a taste & mine isn’t chocolate.
    & yes, there will be people who will frown upon her dating black men. wake up people. agree w/ them or not, it’s a reality.

  12. FF says:

    Cameron wouldn’t ruin her reputation by going out with a good looking man. A lot of white guys in Hollywood might make a point about those guys being black and deliberately try to ruin her reputation.

    So let’s be clear about what might actually be ‘ruining’ her ‘rep’ here. Ignorant people who want to project their insecurities onto other people. And *not* who she might be happening to be bonking.

    And yes, he is better looking than she is.

  13. kikistar says:

    Aren’t we supposed to be in the 21st century? Why interracial dating should still matter?


  14. mamcita says:

    FF I agree.

    She would be so lucky if she could get him and keep him. He’s just as talented as she is if not more. The other actor she was dating wow lucky, too bad she didn’t keep her. She better step up her “A” game.

  15. me says:

    Aneurysm, you should try to improve your reading comprehension instead of interpreting only what you want to hear. I wrote, “I get hit on all the time (by white women)” (go back and read). In addition, the women that have told me that their brothers and fathers would have a problem with it, are women that I was already involved with. Trust me, judging by the things they told me and the things we did together, they had no problem with me being black. You’re the one that needs to wake up. I would bet anything that you are really a white man and it’s just eating you up. I feel sorry for you. My points have only been supported by the other above oppinions written by white women. Sorry but your racist views are fading away in this country.

  16. me says:

    aneurysm, It is so funny when people like you say “Im not racist but…” just by saying that cameron would ruin her career by dating a black man as opposed to a white man, says that men who happen to be white, are some how better than men who happen to be black. If it sounds like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

  17. me says:

    aneurysm, that duck is a racist. I think you might have to post an oppinion with a fake name. It looks like thats the only way you could get someone to agree with you.

  18. aneurysm says:

    i don’t have to change my handle in order to express my thoughts. if people don’t agree w/ me, that’s great. i’d hate to think we all think the same. it would make for a boring world if we did. yeah, i reluctantly used the ‘but’ in my post, knowing it would be thrown back at me. BUT the things i expressed are all true. i’m not a liar. if i were, i would make a happy little agreeable post for you all to cheer at. & the views expressed here or any other message board are, in fact, marginal at best. you people think anyone who doesn’t opt to sleep w/ people of color are all racist. that is assinine. you’d be surprised at how alive & well racism is in other countries. america is far more tolerant of your shared views.
    & here’s a thought: what about all of these white women running around, that only date black men? are they racist to their own race? it’s a taste people & one that shouldn’t be forced among others to prove they are down with integration. please. so, if cameron decides to start dating only men of color, it will, ultimately, label her.

  19. me says:

    Once again Aneurysm, you should really improve your reading comprehension. Where did you read anyone say anything about only dating black men. These women just have the since to look at a person as a person and not as a color. As for myself, I date all different types of women. You just don’t get it. You are allowed to be attracted to whom ever you choose. The problem is when you look down on others because they are open to dating black men. Why don’t you just be brave and admit that you have a problem with it. Stop placing the identity of your racist views onto “others”.

  20. celebitchy says:

    Ok, I live in Europe, and at least here, I call bullshit on the “other countries” argument. “america is far more tolerant of your shared views” is not true in my experience. I live in Switzerland and my husband is from Germany. There are interracial relationships here and it seems like not such a big deal as it is in America. If Cameron thinks bald black guys are hot and that becomes her type more power to her. While I understand your point, aneurysm, I don’t agree. I do appreciate the way you express yourself without harassing people or getting worked up.

    You can have a type and not want to date black men without making a big deal out of it or bringing it up as an issue. I see what you’re saying. To me it’s not racist to like blonde guys or whatever, but to make a deliberate effort to avoid black guys, no matter how charming, attractive, famous and rich they are, is.

  21. Action says:

    He’s an idiot for dating her. She’s definitely a train wreck. HE will lose HIS rep for dating HER! She’s a nut job.

    As for the racial thing, it’s silly. People who think that reps will be ruined for dating black men are not worth worrying about since they are most obviously racist. Who cares about a racist’s point of view? Not me!

    That said, I will say that I am not attracted to black or asian men. It has nothing to do with personality, I’m just not. I have GREAT friends of many different ethnicities but it’s just a fact that I’m not. Does that make me racist? I don’t think so.

  22. MaiGirl says:

    You know, making a blanket statement concerning an entire race of people IS racist. How can you say that you are not attracted to ANY asian or black man? Have you met them all? You can say that you haven’t been attracted to the ones that you have met, which is fair, but to say that you are categorically not attracted to these groups is just ignorant and incorrect, if only because you are speaking from limited experience. Like who you want, but don’t deny your own racism.

  23. aneurysm says:

    i appreciate everyone’s opinions stated here regarding my posts. i can see where they make me appear to be biased or prejudiced & i commend all of you for not flaming me as much as you could or may want to. the statement about europe comes from my time living in ireland. there were quite a number of nigerian refugees & i witnessed situations between them & the irish natives on the bus nearly every day on my commute to work. i don’t have a problem w/ people dating interracially as i stated i have myself. i love heidi & seal as a couple, as an example. the point i was trying to make is that cameron seems to become a serial dater & the last 2 men she has chose to be seen canoodling with have both been men of color. if she continues with these choices, as my original post stated, i feel it will indeed hurt her reputation or maybe to put it better, label her. i see it every day in the real world. on the internet, not so much. although, you can see how people have reacted to kim kardishan for comparison.

  24. aneurysm says:

    i said i had dated asian men. maybe re-read my post. also, ive dated a french algerian. jewish men, muslim men, marxist men. i havent discriminated against any of them.

  25. me says:

    Aneurysm, How does two men make her a serial dater. Did dating white men make her a serial dater of white men. And if so, why would that not hurt her career. Can you admit that YOU have a problem with her dating two black men in a row? Also, do you feel that white men are more respectable than black men? Can we really have some honesty here.

  26. neelyo says:

    Umm, aneurysm, I don’t think people reacted that way to Kim Kardashian because she let a black guy pee on her, I think they reacted that way because she let ANYONE pee on her. When it comes to water sports, everything is equal.

  27. aneurysm says:

    but she is in fact white. we should have honesty here, you wish all women would just date black men. it would make things awfully convenient for you.

  28. me says:

    Did you see where I said I date all women. And, where did I say I wish all women would date black men. I know, when you’re loosing an argument it’s easier to start making no since at all. Good job Aneurysm you’re the best.

  29. aneurysm says:

    & btw- i’m not going to reply to this thread anymore. i think it’s turning personal & since i dont know you or you me, nothing good can come from this. so, i’d like to retract my last reply & bid you good day.

  30. aneurysm says:

    & it’s sense not since. you’ve made that mistake twice now. AND NOW good day.

  31. me says:

    I never called in to question her race that was written by someone else.

  32. me says:

    You are correct Aneurysm. It is sence. I can correct my spelling, you on the other hand will have a harder time correcting your racist attitude. You’re only hurting yourself and any other impressionable people (hopefully not kids) that you may influence. I sincerely hope you take a look at the way you see the world. Good luck, and good day to you also.

  33. miss luigi says:

    Ha, I knew this woul turn into a heated discussion about race.

    Personally I find it sad that interracial dating in America is still an issue with a great number of people. In both white AND black communities.

  34. gg says:

    Actually, it’s “senSe”. dang.

    What I wanna know is, how does any of this make Cameron Diaz a “nutcase”?? She hasn’t done anything!

  35. me says:

    Thats what I meant GG. Thanks. Lets change the subject. How about those Lakers. LOL!

  36. kikistar says:

    I say it again, it shouldn’t matter…We are in 2007 people, so wtf can it make if two people from two different races/colors/religions date?
    And anyway we’re all the same race : HUMAN.
    I wonder when it will be at last accepted in the US. Fortunately Canada and Europe are a bit ahead.

  37. BLKNYKR says:

    I guess she’s going on some kind of binge. Binge drinking! NO… binge black men banging!?
    He can do better. She was hot a few years ago, BEFORE Justin got a hold of her.

  38. goodey says:

    I can’t agree with you guys, cameron Diaz is still smoking hot!!!

  39. roni says:

    whomever “me” is has a chip on his shoulder the size of mount rushmore. i hate political correctness, im not convinced that it helps people. if a so called “minority” such as blacks talk shit about white people it’s okay, but if a white person states their personal preferences, you want to jump on them and give them some kind of retarded guilt trip about it being racist.

    you’re a dork.
    i dated a black man in college for a couple of years, and the people i found to be most racist and judgemental were black people. doing something like simply walking through a shopping mall would entail me having black women give me dirty looks and hurl insults at me.
    so, bullshit…it goes both ways, hon.

    and as far as tyrese, he has a pregnant girlfriend whom he punched in the stomach less than a month ago.
    i dont care if he is purple, cameron could and will do better.

  40. julie says:

    I kind of hope that this one ends up being something real. I’d hate to see what she’d be accused of if she burns through these two black men and then ends up in a serious relationship with another white guy.

    And I just don’t get the talk about “I’m just not attracted to” a certain race. I didn’t see personality mentioned once. Physical features should be low on a list of priorities if you’re looking for a relationship that is truly rewarding. Personally I’m just not attracted to guys that are boring, stuck-up or superior. I’ll date anyone that is fun, smart and kind (or at least I did before I married my short, overweight, bald husband who rocks my world.)

  41. This is a rediculous argument. Don’t you people have a desire to maybe make some money??? Travel??? Who has time to debate interracial dating? If two people are attracted to each other they should hook up. Period. It didn’t seem to hurt Heidi Klum’s career.

  42. me says:

    Roni, You too should go back and read the post over again until you can comprehend. I don’t take an issue with anyones personal preference. I take issue with someone thinking that MEN that happen to be black are somehow less respectable than MEN that happen to be white. I believe that people who make negative blanket statements about a group of people based on race are definitely racist. Now is there anything that you disagree with in that statement.

  43. me says:

    In addition Roni, your comment about their being racist people in black America is correct. And I feel that a black racist is just as terrible as white racist. When did you ever read anyone write anything to the contrary. Go back and read the post again carefully. You totally appear to have missed the whole point of the conversation. The conversation was about this belief that dating a black man will ruin a white womans career. Any person that dislikes Cameron because of this, is racist

  44. Action says:

    Let’s see… I’m almost 30 and have seen hundreds of thousands of black and asian men in my life. I do not have an immediate physical attraction to them. I do not look at them when I pass them on the street and think, “Damn, he’s hot! Man, is he cute!” It’s not that I don’t appreciate some of their physical characteristics (great hair, fit body), I’m just not attracted to them on first sight on a whole.

    So, if it’s been 20 years that I’ve been checking out guys, I think I can logically assume that even though I haven’t met every black or asian guy on the planet, I probably won’t be attracted to them on first sight!

    Have a met a lot of really nice guys who are asian or black? SURE! Am I friends with the ones who I get along with? Yes. Am I attracted to them physically? No.

    By the way, I also don’t go for fair skinned blondes with blue eyes at first sight, either. Does that mean I’m racist against blue eyed blondes? Again, I don’t think so. So what’s the difference between blue-eyed blondes, black or asian men? What makes one racist and not the other?

  45. me says:

    Once again. I don’t have a problem with anyones personal preference or who they are attracted too. We can’t help what attracts us to people. The discussion was about the pending destruction of Cameron’s career based on dating a black man.

  46. yellow man says:

    “me”— go get a freaking life.

  47. yellow man says:

    “me”— you are destroying my dinner because now i want to puke.
    sho yo name ain’t nasty?

  48. Action says:


    I think your points are well made. And yes, it definitely is racist to think that men who are white somehow deserve more respect than those of other races.

    Everyone deserves respect until they have proven themselves unworthy of it.

    Too bad we still need to even have this be a topic of discussion.

  49. MaiGirl says:

    Action, your original statement was racist. Deal with it. Had you said what you are saying now, I may have responded differently. But you did make a blanket statement. You should have said, “I have not been attracted to the black and asian men I have met.” Fine. Sounds a hell of a lot better than your original comment. If you don’t want to be seen as racist, just watch how you say what you say.

    Now, I’m going to stop so that “me” can post for the millionth time.

  50. SillyWilly says:

    I have to ask this – does anyone find Justin Timberlake attractive?? I just don’t get him.

    He seems to really break the hearts of women he dates.

  51. Pecarrie says:

    I think Justin is UNattractive– extremely. And his mental development is not farther than any thug kid you pick off the street. I mean really- what makes him stand out? [Some people will tell you that] he can dance/sing but that’s it.
    I think he’s AWFUL and nothing to admire. He needs to grow up big time.

  52. rootytooty says:

    Maybe Cam just developed a thing for big c&#k after Trousersnake and she doesn’t want to let go. Ok, its a stereotype but its fairly accurate IMO.

  53. Action says:

    Mai, I will say it again, “I am not attracted to black or asian men.” Period. End of story. I’ve had 20 years to find one I’m attracted to at first sight and it hasn’t happened. I simply believe it’s not going to.

    And by the way, not being physically attracted to people does NOT equal one racist. Racism is a hatred and a predisposition to think one type of person is better than someone else. It doesn’t mean that because I’m not attracted to them physically I hate them or think I’m better than them. I’m not physically attracted to women either, does that mean I hate women?

  54. me says:

    Action, I agree with you. I havent met a fat woman that i’m attracted to. That doesnt mean that I think I’m better than fat people.

  55. hamlet says:

    I am a black man. I was only attracted to black women until the time that I was in my early 20s. I thought that I was not at all attracted to other races. Suddenly in my mid 20s it was like a light switch flipped and I started noticing beauty in all women. I am now not only attracted black women but Asian, White, Hispanic etc. Now I regret missing out on so many great personalities and possible relationships. I said all that to say perhaps as you get older you may find that you change action.

  56. Cyndi says:

    freak me, this is the 21st CE and we are debating whether a white women should date a black women or not. Its really pathetic, we all have our types of men, including within the same race, but to point out ‘her reputation’ will be ruined by dating a younger and much more appealing man than timberlake just due to the color of his skin is hilarious.

    I wonder what ‘reputation’ Cameron got to damage, she’s not puritanical homely girl, she’s an actress who’s been around the block with various men of all kinds. Its Hollywood, no one has any decent reputation to damage, they all trash most of the time.

    Good luck to her thou, Tyrese is a major playa, but they might be ‘it’ for each other.

  57. Mr. T says:

    Cameron Diaz is a skinny dude.

  58. Fabiola Thing says:

    First of all, whatever she’s doing it’s to keep her name in the paper.
    And to presume that her reputation will be “ruined” for making out with black men is just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Second of all, I’d tell my father and my brother to go f*ck themselves if they gave me a bad time about dating ANYONE because of his race, religion, background, etc. I have never dated anyone who wasn’t white but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t date someone black or Asian or Hispanic or whatever.

  59. Action says:

    Hamlet, you’re right, my what I find attractive at first sight may change. And I’m open to that and have nothing against that. I’m just thinking it won’t according to past history. But hey, whatever happens!

    Now, I realize that it sounds like I’m quite unattached according to my last posts. But let me say that I am quite happily married to a man I love dearly. But we all still *look* at the other sex, whether we’re attached or not. So no, it won’t open up my playing field since mine is quite closed. 😉

    And I do realize I have quite gotten off topic. But I felt the need to defend myself and my viewpoints.

    Back to topic: I hope the two of them have fun together while it lasts. I don’t understand why Tyrese would ever pick Cameron, but hey. Whatever they want to do. I think relationships are what we make of them and there is no reputation to be lost just because the person we’re dating is a different race than us. That’s stupid and ignorant. But, if Cameron ‘loses her reputation’ in the eyes of some because she’s dating a man who’s black, why would she care about such ignorant idiots who think that matters anyway?

  60. MaiGirl says:

    Action, clearly you don’t get it and don’t want to. I just hope your husband is a patient man.

  61. MaiGirl says:

    Also, if you don’t want to be seen as racist, you probably shouldn’t talk to anyone of color.

  62. Action says:

    Mai, it sounds like I’m not the one with the hate issues.

  63. MaiJaLuk says:

    WOW….. too much trying to make a point. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion and so far I havent seen anything that wasnt too politically incorrect or untrue. Yes some people arent attracted to some at first sight and I know from experience that just because your an attractive person of race doesnt qualify you to be attractive to every other race. Thats what preference is. If people out there have to be shallow enough to conceal a hidden liking or lusting for people of other races then so be it. You cant beat it out of them.

  64. MaiGirl says:

    You’re right, Action, I’m the hateful one. Now go tell your many, many friends of color what you originally said in your post and see how they react.

    I suggest you duck.

    Now piss off.

  65. Action says:

    You know, I have called a few of my friends (asian and black men and women alike) and they don’t see the issue with it. I discussed it at an outing with friends/acquaintances this morning in a very mixed group and they too, didn’t see the issue with it. They did say I am limiting my options, but not that it meant I was racist or hateful. They also said they weren’t offended by it either. Funny, I said it the same way I first typed it here.

    I don’t know where you live, but it sounds like I live in an area that is more tolerant of differences of opinions. So it sounds like, dear, you are the one with the issue. And I guess I don’t need to duck around anyone but you. Use violence much to solve your issues?

  66. Me says:

    Action- Count me in the group of people that agree with you. Just because you are not attracted to other races does not make you a racist. This is coming from a black man.

  67. abby says:

    Go ahead girl! He is so fine. She is beautiful he is beautiful they would make the perfect match! Don’t worry about all these HATERS out here their just jealous you got him and they dont!

  68. Action says:

    Me–Thanks for the support. 🙂 You’re intelligent and well spoken. Too bad people don’t actually READ what you have to say. I think you make complete sense. Heck, I wouldn’t be offended if you said you didn’t physically like caucasian women. Really, in the long run, if we weren’t all attracted to different kinds of people, we’d all be the same. And variety is the spice of life. Sure, if we all ‘looked the same’ it would all be easier some how, but it would really be boring. I like that we’re all different in our own way. I say live and let live. I don’t think we can help who we’re physically attracted to. It doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate and respect each other as people–since we all have so much to give. And I don’t think that means we should judge each other’s choices, either. What suits one may not necessarily suit another. And that’s fine as long as there’s no judgment that comes into play from outsiders.

  69. Edward Norbin says:

    FYI this was a Wallop event produced by xenii

  70. me says:

    You’re welcome action.