Miley Cyrus’ ‘Bangerz’ album is selling like crazy: not surprising or wtf?


These are some self-tweeted photos of Miley Cyrus from the Bangerz release party we discussed yesterday. Since the record has been out for a few days, we’re starting to see an indication of whether it will sell. The numbers are … not encouraging. Well they’re good news for Miley, who is projected for 250-270k units sold in the first week. That’s a first place finish. In the UK alone, she’s already sold 62,000 copies, which puts her 18,000 copies ahead of Eminem. Em doesn’t do much hustling anymore. I guess Miley’s hustle is paying off.


This release party must be part of the game too. According to a rather lengthy Us Weekly piece, Miley was seen twerking all over people and motorboating Amazon Ashley. She was also “all over Mike Will Made It, grinding all over him, kissing his neck.” (Larry Rudolph has already dropped some hints about their “relationship”). Then she was seen enjoying a “triple kiss” with a little person and a “tan mystery man wearing a grey suit.” She’s staying classy.

Miley Cyrus

Miley stopped by Jimmy Fallon to perform “Wrecking Ball.” She told him, “I don’t just twerk and lick stuff.” Here’s a video clip:

Canada’s Fashion magazine has released more from its cover feature (the one where Miley talked about how strong Terry Richardson makes women look). Here’s more editorial and new excerpts:

Miley Cyrus

Those damn VMAs: “People expect me to shock–that’s what I do. Shocking people is what I’m good at. I grew up, lived and learned/ I didn’t wake up and say, “How am I going to change? How am I going to shock people?” I figured out who I am on my own. Artists are supposed to be honest. Think about it: Would Donald Trump really care about anyone’s VMA performance unless it was at that magnitude? My friend’s 94-year-old grandma saw it and she didn’t remember anybody being at the show except me.”

On selling sex: “It’s 2013! Get with the program! If you wanna be sexy, be sexy. If you don’t, don’t.”

Her good friend Molly: “People can try to censor me, but it won’t work. You can bleep out Molly in my songs, but I don’t let people censor my personality.”

On double standards: “No one talks about who I was dancing with at the VMAs. It’s never ‘Robin Thicke gets raunchy with Miley,’ it’s always ‘Miley Cyrus gets raunchy with Robin Thicke.’ It’s because I am young and a woman.”

Her parents’ support: “My dad loves my music. My parents aren’t really strict. They don’t care about what I do on stage — that’s not who I am as a person, that’s who I am as an entertainer. [My dad] supports me and is happy that I am succeeding. What parent doesn’t want their kid to succeed?”

[From Fashion Magazine]

Ugh. These quotes aren’t as inflammatory as some other stuff Miley’s been saying, but damn. I just can’t believe Bangerz is selling at all. Are these inflated figures in manner of Madonna’s MDNA? Damn, now I sound like a conspiracy theorist.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Miley Cyrus on Twitter, Fame/Flynet & Fashion magazine

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  1. Bea says:

    The CD is meant to be good. Serious broadsheet the guardian here in the UK gave it a very good review and called it a gamechanger for Miley.

    • Anna says:

      I have been in love with Wreckingball ever since the song dropped. The album has at least 4-5 catchy, original, quality songs.

      • Sherry says:

        I know, yesterday my 16 year old daughter and I were in the car and Wrecking Ball came on. I found myself turning up the radio and singing along before I realized I was liking and singing to Miley Cyrus. It’s a good song and whether you like her antics or not, she does have a good voice.

      • Lucy says:

        Then you should check Mozella, the singer/songwriter who wrote it. She’s CRAZY talented.

      • Marty says:

        It’s not that the songs aren’t good catchy pop songs. They are. I just wish someone else sang them. Miley has more talent than most, I just find if I listen to a song of hers for too long my eardrums start to bleed.

      • Yvonne says:

        The actual songs might be decent, but her voice is atrocious. I don’t care about her little “antics”. For me, the shock value is just nonexistent and she comes off as desperate for a bit of attention. I just find her voice grating.

      • Greenieweenie says:

        It’s a solid album. She sings the shit out of two tracks, FU and Someone Else. You might not like her or her voice, but she can sing.

    • The Wizz says:

      I know a fair few people that bought the album, and they aren’t girls in their 20s!

    • glaughy says:

      There are only two tracks on the album that I really don’t like. The album is very decent.

  2. ray says:

    i listened to the album cos i enjoyed we cant stop, its catchy but i only made it to song 4. it was terrible. it sounded wayyyyyyy too try hard, and i doubt this success will translate well to ticket sales. once people have listened to the album i predict a loss of fans

    • Ellie says:

      @Ray I streamed it on iTunes radio before it came out and made it about four songs in, too—and was like WTF. But I’ve since heard some of the later tracks on the album, and though Miley’s driving me just as crazy as she’s driving everyone else right now, I have to admit there’s some good songs. “Drive,” “Maybe You’re Right,” “Someone Else”…then again, these are also the songs where she’s not trying to go so hard, be so ratchet, etc.

      • Hakura says:

        @Ellie – I liked the songs okay, up until the song 4×4 w/Nelly…one of the verses included “Driving so fast bout’ to piss on myself“. which was classy enough, but then Nelly’s verse, which is saying he valued a woman Based on how well she can lie to give him an alibi (even under oath)…along w/doing what he says. Totally MY ideal.

  3. Mika says:

    She’s been pushing herself to the media like crazy, so I can’t say that I’m surprised that her album is selling like crazy too. But I’m pretty sure people aren’t buying it because they really like her tho.

    • Marty says:

      If look back every young female artist who went through the revamped sexy image did very well on their first albums after their “transformation”. Brittney, Christinia, heck
      even Janet. But Brittany and Christina were never able to acheieve the same album sales again, only time will tell with Miley.

    • Ava says:

      Is this post a joke, selling like crazy, What!! 250 thousand first week is barely selling , average…. Selling like crazy is Taylor Swift who Red album sold 1,2 million it’s first week, or even Justin Timberlake who sold 989 thousand his first week for 20/20 … Even his second album 20/20 II, got crappy reviews and has no hit songs sold 350 thousand last week.

      What a weird post , I thought it would be for the media attention , degrading acts and good reviews for her album she will only sell 250 thousand , when Katie Perry album comes out in November it will sell way more 25O 000 it’s first week and she didn’t have to sell it like a cheap wh* ore selling a blow job on the corner.

      • Cameron says:

        I wanted to say the same thing but you beat me to it. When did selling 250k albums a huge deal. Selling over 1 mill a week like Taylor did is BIG! even Drake did 680k in a week.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        But the week isn’t over yet. It’s only been two days, and she’s already sold a number of albums in two days that it took Christina Aguilera and even Demi Lovato over a week to sell.

    • glaughy says:

      “But I’m pretty sure people aren’t buying it because they really like her tho.”

      OH yeahhh you’re right, because people are going to go out and drop their hard-earned money on an album by someone they hate. especially in an age where it’s easy to steal off the internet. That makes so much sense! /s

      • Hakura says:

        @Glaughy – People can like someone’s music w/o liking the artist. & many, even w/the ease technology affords us, believe it’s very wrong to ‘steal’ any music. So theygrudgingly bite the bullet & put money in her Chanel a
        , leven of s/1

      • Hakura says:

        I can’t believe this posted 3x! Sorry guys, I hate tryin to reply through my phone.

      • Hakura says:

        Ack! Triple post, sorry!

      • Mika says:

        I’m just saying that people might be buying it out of curiosity. Jeez.

  4. Ginger says:

    That’s why she did it. It’s all about the money!

  5. Krissy says:

    I havent listened to it yet but i have read favourable things. The thing is people think miley is just crazy but if you talk to people who have been around her over the last few years they say she knows exactly what she is doing. I heard that Miley is quite smart and clued up about the business, on the contrary they say Liam is kind of like a dumb meathead. It would not surprise me if she played the break up out exactly the way she wanted.
    Anyways she is winning and i suspect he will be forgotten quite soon, unless he can better his acting.

    • magpie says:

      “The thing is people think miley is just crazy but if you talk to people who have been around her over the last few years they say she knows exactly what she is doing.”

      THIS. People who think she’s on drugs or headed for a Britney type meltdown are going to be dissapointed. She’s not a puppet either imo. She’s in control and calling the shots here.

      • Dlo says:

        Team tramp

      • magpie says:

        See? This is exactly what we’re talking about!

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        @DLo: You mean as opposed to Team Puritanical Bigoted Troll? 😀 😀

      • skyler10 says:

        So people who don’t have the same opinions as you do are trolls?

      • Ava says:

        So unless your outfits show off your nipples and ass your puritanical and a bigot , good to know.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        It’s not about having differing opinions, it’s about how that opinion is expressed.

        I still don’t get why women don’t understand that the terms “tramps, slut, whore, ho” and the like are NOT ok to use in reference to other women.

        I mean, my mom taught me that when I was just a little kid. Thank goodness I was raised by feminist parents, I guess.

      • skyler10 says:

        Well, kitten, my mom taught me that just because someone doesn’t agree with me, doesn’t mean I should slam or hate them for it.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I know what you’re saying. I just think that Leila and women like myself have a strong reaction to that term being thrown around so casually, you know?

        Truthfully, Dlo slammed Miley for dressing in a way that she doesn’t agree with. Not much better, no?

        PS-I’ll let you call me a “troll” if you want though, Skyler
        …just don’t say I look like one! 😉

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        Ava, you can wear whatever you want. And Skyler10, I didn’t call the person a puritanical bigot because he or she disagreed with me. Slut-shaming is a form of bigotry, just like homophobia. One who engages in bigotry is, by definition, a bigot.

    • hunter says:

      + 1,000,000 !!!

      So much THIS. Yes I agree and frankly I think she’s doing awesome and she looks awesome and she killed her acoustic performance on SNL.

      I’m Team Miley, kinda surprised but I am. Also – I loved her VMA performance I could not believe my eyes.

      • Kcaia says:

        Yup, team Miley all the way. You show them girl! Never let anyone tell you who you need to be or what you have to do. Miley should be a life lesson for everyone. Just because it isnt how everyone lives their life doesn’t mean its wrong. Success is still success, even if her road wasn’t yours. Just be yourself always!

      • lisa says:

        if that is what passes as great singing today – oy to the vey

      • Anna says:

        Sorry but I don’t follow along with the thought police, people mostly on the left who want to control speech so they can control thoughts and set the parameters allowed in public discourse.

        No male artist would wear booty shorts that show off their ass cheeks with no top and bend down to give the audience a ass shot.. It’s people like Miley who degrade women , not the women who call the Miley’s of the world out on their antics … if the only way they can attain success is if they do it by selling their sexuality and body and people like Taylor Swift are then seen as boring and immature because she doesn’t give ass shots to her audience.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “No male artist would wear booty shorts that show off their ass cheeks with no top and bend down to give the audience a ass shot.”

        I guess you weren’t around during the hair metal craze in the 80s huh? Because those men were DEFINITELY selling an image based on sex and if you’ve ever read the Motley Crue bio then you know they got laid constantly, just because of how they looked.
        Yet their sordid tales of sexual escapades were heralded by the masses as something to be proud of. What studs they were! In fact, I don’t remember one outraged person screaming about Axl Rose being a “tramp” for showing off his junk in spandex shorts.

        But when it’s a female performer in spandex shorts, well she’s just a prostitute selling sex right?

      • cs says:

        You forgot to add Taylor is also a bad influence for young girls because she’s a pretty and slim singer/songwriter.

      • glaughy says:

        I’m 100 percent team Miley. Especially on this website where 95% of the comments are bashing her in every way possible (yet Miley posts always get tons of comments – hmmm?)

        People acting so shocked and outraged at Miley’s antics and the way she dresses – have you seen a pop music video before? A Britney or Xtina or Mariah video? They all flaunt their body parts. Yet the hate for Miley is just 10x what other people get. I understand she may be annoying to some people, but I don’t understand the downright HATE.

      • Ann says:

        @ TheOriginalKitten

        You have to go back over 30 years to make some counter argument, it was a different era, taking it out of context and making it relevant 2013, a era that came out of the sexual revolution, that Aids and a counter revolution put a stop to .

        That’s why the biggest bands today even though they still have groupies , heavy drugs use, they hide it instead of publicize it

        But I”ll make the more obvious argument that no they weren’t held up by the public or media as anything but a hedonistic culture that was bad for the youth , portrayed by the media and greater public as a unhealthy culture of heavy drugs, alcohol abuse, random sexual partners, and a dangerous sexual lifestyle that would lead to destructive outcomes.

        They weren’t considered pop or mainstream , they weren’t sold by the media to 13 year old years, or performing for the national morning talk shows or even the more adult nightly talks shows

        And just like the rap culture of today they weren’t selling their sexually to be objectified they were selling themselves as sexual Gods, women in their videos and songs just sexual objects, replaceable things with 3 holes to be used and there to satisfy their needs… The term groupies wasn’t invented because a bunch of random men follow around women singers willing to do anything sexual .

        And Miley Cyrus songs aren’t about sexual empowerment, they’re about a guy cheating on her and treating her badly, she is looked at by the majority of people even in her own age group as a girl barely out of her teens with a pubescent boy body who wants attention by parading almost nude while humping teddybears .

        That isn’t sexual empowerment .

      • Hakura says:

        @Hunter– I thought Wrecking Ball was a good performance, but didn’t care for the acoustic version of We Can’t Stop. The two should’ve been reversed, w/Wrecking Ball in acoustic. We Can’t Stop just doesn’t lend itself well to slower tempo. Critique of her performance, during WCS, she mumbled the verses w/o proper enunciatiom w/her mo.uth too close to the MIc

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Ann-the late-80s and early 90s were a time “sexual revolution”? Um, no.

        “And Miley Cyrus songs aren’t about sexual empowerment, they’re about a guy cheating on her and treating her badly”

        You mean like Taylor Swift’s or Katy Perry’s songs? Or really any other young female pop star’s songs?

        “They weren’t considered pop or mainstream”

        Guns N’ Roses weren’t considered “mainstream”? Appetite For Destruction is the highest-selling debut album of all time and certified by the RIAA 18 times platinum.

        “they weren’t sold by the media to 13 year old years, or performing for the national morning talk shows or even the more adult nightly talks shows”

        You are really really wrong. Not only were these bands performing on SNL and other nightly shows but their videos, images and interviews were splattered all over MTV. They most DEFINITELY saturated the pop culture, in fact they pretty much defined it at the time.

        “They weren’t selling their sexually to be objectified”.

        I assume you mean “sexuality” and yes, they most certainly WERE allowing themselves to be objectified. Why do you think they wore outfits that bordered on cross-dressing as well as makeup and big hair? The whole point was chopping up traditional male dress codes.

        I’m not sure why you’re making the argument that Miley isn’t sexual empowerment, as I never said she was. My point was simply that men sold a sexual image (and also backed it up with notoriously promiscuous behavior) and were never called a “tramp”, “whore” or “slut” for it. The same does not hold true for women and it’s a double-standard.

        I would assume from your comments that you’re very very young and maybe weren’t alive in the 80s because you have a lot of misinformation in your post.

    • tifzlan says:

      @kcaia Oh yeaaah, she is such a great role model and lesson. You know, in between the racism, cultural appropriation, objectification of black women and ableism. We should all aspire to be like the great Miley Cyrus. Yep. Totally!

      • Marty says:

        Yep. If she would just stick to making music instead of being such a tw-t…

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        Yeah, Miley’s othering of black women and use of little people definitely keep her from being any kind of ‘role model’. I don’t think she meant to in anyway dehumanize either of them- she probably thinks she’s just being ‘inclusive’ and ‘diverse’. But there’s a difference between that and portraying a group of people as ‘part of a show’ because of something that’s different about them. That just screams “I’m ignorant in my white, able-bodied privilege.” I’m surprised that nobody has publicly called her out about that. But on the other hand, a person wouldn’t want to come off as telling her dancers what they can and can’t do. I wish there was some kind of middle ground.

        It’s great that she’s uninhibited when it comes to her style and image, but that doesn’t make her an ‘inspiration.’ I’m not anti-Miley, I just wish she was more aware.

      • SummersReign says:

        @ tifzlan So convoluted….relax a bit. “cultural appropriation?” culture is culture, it cant be ‘appropriated’ she can copy it all she want! “Objectifying black women?” Only person she is objectifying is herself. Let the tramp be…..We really are overanalyzing Miley’s antics and that is exactly what she wants, just look at all the comments here

      • tifzlan says:

        First of all, although i am not a fan of Miley or her current image and antics, i object to you calling her a ‘tramp’. I’m completely fine with Miley exploring her sexuality and exuding a “sexy” persona. Everyone does that and it’s a completely acceptable part of life. It doesn’t make any of us, including Miley, sluts or tramps or hoes.

        As for everything else you said, please refer to the comment @SummersReign made above. I don’t really feel like getting into the politics of cultural appropriation, etc right now, and it might be complicated in some cases, but it definitely is not as simple as you make it out to be. Sure, culture is fluid and should be shared and enjoyed by everyone. I come from a multicultural country whereby different races coexist in harmony and our everyday lives are peppered with traditions borrowed and adapted from other cultures mixed into the individual’s own, but there has to be some form of accountability and awareness when borrowing from different cultures. I think many commenters on this site have made a parallel between Trayvon Martin and Miley – they both wear grills, take “gangsta” pictures, smoke weed and swear but one is dead and the other is making money and profiting off a culture which was completely foreign to her (Miley’s words paraphrased, not mine) until just a year ago. She has made several inflammatory, offensive and ignorant remarks about ratchet culture and black people in general so no, i respectfully disagree with your assessment of culture, and specifically, Miley and ratchet/black culture.

        As far as the issue of objectification goes, i can only point you to her music video for We Can’t Stop and her VMA performance. See also: Venus Hottentot and compare to the black women in her video and performance whose butts she repeatedly smacks and motorboats.

      • Kcaia says:

        Tefzlan, no not a role

      • Mirna says:

        Yup, not to mention the countless drug references. Yay, go Miley! Those of us who point these things out are puritanical sticks in the mud.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      I think that Miley knows exactly what she is doing and is in control of her image but I do not believe she is intelligent. She could be a smart and capable type of person who knows how to accomplish things tough. And she has intelligent and talented people working for her.

    • momoftwo says:

      I agree! I was totally ready to blow her off as a train wreck, but she seems very mature for her 20 years and quite sharp.

      I can’t believe I am saying this, but I really like Miley.

      She grew up in the “Shock and Awe” age of publicity so for her this is normal

  6. aims says:

    In the recent weeks we’ve all been grossed out by her behavior. We’ve all made fun of her stupidity, tryhard and exhausting antics. My hope was that her album would tank, to wake her up a little. I’m so disappointed that it is doing as well as it is. She’s being rewarded for being desperate. So she stupid ass is going to be, literally rubbed in a our faces because she thinks that’s how you become successful. I’m losing faith in humanity.

    • Inconceivable! says:

      Well said. I completely agree!!!!

    • dagdag says:

      I have lost faith in humanity, but not because of Miley Cyrus.

      Miley is what? A pitiful entertainer, that is my opinion, and that it all.

    • NeNe says:

      I agree with you 100%.

    • Nicolette says:

      Agree. All this will do is encourage the next one to push further and be even more offensive. This is how the world works now unfortunately. Instead of setting the bar high to better standards, it’s lowered instead, straight into the gutter.

    • MonkSolo says:

      I don’t know. Numbers these days seem bullshit to me. Nothing there to stop her from throwing some of her 140 million to buying copies to inflate the figures.

    • Raflesia says:

      I totally quote you! My same thoughts, but I have to say I’m not too surprised …

  7. Aussie girl says:

    I’m just over seeing her with very little clothing. It’s like overkill of her body. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad if she wasn’t doing it all the flipping time. I just feel like I’ve OD on images of her mostly naked body.

    • hunter says:

      She has a very nice body but it’s not terribly sexy so somehow I don’t mind the fact she’s showing it all over the place.

      • Hakura says:

        @Hunter – I feel the same way. I can’t figure out why, but I just can’t see her as sexy in any way. Even as a straight woman, I can tell when others are sexy, but I just don’t feel it from her.

  8. Mabs says:

    I swear, sometimes I look at her and I’m thinking the old Nutty Professor, ie the the third pic…

  9. Lindy79 says:

    Not shocked, unfortunately

    • blue marie says:

      + 1. I’m more shocked at how good she looks in those photos. (for the magazine, not the tweets)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I echo both of your sentiments, ladies.
        I had a dreaded feeling that her album would sell really well and I am also shocked at how decent she looks in that fashion spread. Nice to NOT see her damn tongue for once.

  10. tarheel tina says:

    I like 2 songs on the album that I’ve heard (Drive and FU) but i wont buy it when I can go to youtube, type in miley cyrus drive lyrics and listen to it for free and then when I get sick of it im not out ten dollars and Miley isnt paid/validated.

  11. Barbara says:

    She disgusts me and I feel secondhand embarrassment for her all the time, but she’s right in her statement about it being 2013 and anyone and their mothers sexing up things. She took it to a new level, others before her did th same. Is there anything wrong with her doing it because of the money? Don’t all celebrities do a thing or two because of the money?
    I’m not defending her actions – as I said I feel secondhand embarrassment for her. I’m defending her right to act as she pleases. I don’t like it, I don’t watch it. I also don’t buy her album although Wrecking Ball is a good song.

    • Leila in Wunderland says:

      I agree. I’m so tired of there being pearl-clutching and scarlet lettering every time a celebrity is nude/semi-nude in a photoshoot, like it’s still the Victorian era. And people do have a right to wear whatever they want, even if I personally don’t like their style. Another person’s physical appearance and clothing choices doesn’t hurt anyone. If anything, the human race’s history of intolerance in this area has been harmful.

  12. Cary says:

    Spin magazine got it right:

    Though Cyrus has a lovely, albeit generic voice, singing is not her truest gift; instead, it’s the sheer quality of her mirroring, the way she gives us exactly what we want in lethal doses, grinding against our most American horror. As Pharrell himself says in the new MTV doc Miley Cyrus: The Movement, “Why is she doing this? Because she’s a product of America.” She’s playing it like a rebel, but she’s simply being who we’ve goaded her to be.

    • Caz says:

      Is Pharrell being ironic? He did wear an awful silver shiny suit and point and ogle naked women clutching animals in Blurred Lines.

      Miley’s PR agent is a genius.

  13. shelley says:

    I like her album. She has some good tracks..well done Miley \o/
    The same supporters of Rihanna’s skanky ways want to be all up in Miley’s face..smh

  14. Lucy Goosey says:

    I am not shocked at all. And I am not disappointed either because my expectations have finally reached the level where nothing can possibly accomplish that any more!

  15. Kim1 says:

    My local paper Houston Chronicle gave it four stars.Good for her

  16. paola says:

    I don’t believe people would actually go and buy her album, on the other hand i do believe that people are watching her on youtube for free

  17. Original A says:

    I kind of have a conspiracy theory of my own. Let’s say Miley pushes this crazy, hypersexualized image for a few years (she’s only 20, after all). She sells crazy amounts of records. Then in a few years, when she and Larry know she can’t say part of it is because she is 20, and people get even more fed up and want her to grow up… She tones it way the hell down, maybe goes more alternative, and tries to do an image rehaul like Madonna and her hippie phase…and claim she finally grew up.After all, America loves second chances and reinvention. Just my prediction.

    • John says:

      I don’t think she has the talent or the smarts to accomplish that. Madonna’s not the best singer, but she’s a master of self-promotion, she controlled every step of her career from the start. Gaga actually *does* have talent, and she’s also insanely creative.
      Miley’s just a pawn, it’s not about the music, it’s about her exposing herself as a sex toy. This will be her only shot, I hope she makes the most of it and banks her money.

    • Cheryl says:

      Totally agree with this. A few years of this, people will get sick of sexy Miley, and then she remakes herself… Because although she doesn’t have the greatest voice, she still can sing, and she has a talent for finding people with real talent to help her along.

      Now if we can just get through these naked years without our eyeballs combusting….

  18. Skins says:

    If she calls herself an artist one more time my head is going to blow up!

  19. Leila in Wunderland says:

    I’m not surprised that her album is selling. She’s all over the place, everyone is talking about her, and her music has been popular so far. I liked 6 songs off of Bangerz- which is decent for me, because I expected to only like 2 or 3. Ariana Grande is way more talented than Miley Cyrus, and I liked the same number of songs on her album.
    My complaint about Bangerz is that I wish it had been more… diverse. Almost the whole album is about Liam, partying, and her hitting out at her pearl-clutching critics. It was better than her last album though.

    These pictures are pretty. I like these quotes:

    “My parents aren’t really strict. They don’t care what I do on stage- that’s me as an entertainer. Not as a person.”


    “It’s 2013! Get with the program. If you want to be sexy, be sexy. If you don’t, don’t.”

    Holla! This isn’t 1950. People are way too uptight. Live and let live.

    • Tapioca says:

      Well quite – it’s not 1950! Back then a female artist would be a vacuous puppet, her career stage-managed by a middle aged man, singing songs written by committees of songwriters, without providing any of her own musical input, and aesthetically conforming to the image of what was most likely to sell to the widest audience at the time. Miley, you’ve come a long way, baby!

      Oh, wait….

      • Jules says:


      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        “…career stage-managed by a middle-aged man, songs written by committees of songwriters, without providing any of her own musical imput, and aesthetically conforming to the image of what was most likely to sell to the widest audience at the time.”

        Can’t this be said about most of today’s pop stars, male and female?

        When I said this isn’t 1950, I meant it’s time for society to get over its puritanical hang-ups about the ‘EEEvils’ (shouts Mermaidman) of nudity and revealing clothes.

      • magpie says:

        Miley left her old manager and record company on her own and built her own team. She’s the one that wanted Rudolf. I think it’s terrible and almost anti-feminist that everyone assumes she’s a pawn. I think she’s calling the shots here.

        She was working on the album for last two years. Yes, it’s a collabrative effort with different writers and oroducers but once again Miley is calling the shots here.

  20. Melissa says:

    She is awful with clips like this. It was the same on SNL you could see her reading everything. Also she kept showing her hands in this skit! 🙁

  21. Steph says:

    Um….who buys whole albums anymore? Who buys music anymore? I used to buy single songs that I liked from iTunes or Amazon and now i use Pandora and Spotify.

    • Jaynab says:

      You’re missing out. I love the album experience on a good album. The songs you didn’t notice are the songs that grab you later on after really getting into an album. True, I don’t buy average albums just the singles, but just to be a singles buyer means you miss out. And never to buy full albums and support the artists you love hurts the industry and their desire to put out more music or to have a record deal.

  22. jamz says:

    I just love I adore you and do my thang. the rest is okay its not terrible soo Im not surprise she is selling

  23. John says:

    Terrific. So the pedophilic predators and opportunists who encouraged her will be making 90% of the profits off of her misplaced Exhibitionism = Art delusion, while this moron continues to believe she’s “empowered”.
    She’ll learn the lesson in six years when she’s dangerously close to joining the 27 Club.

    • fingerbinger says:

      I’m not wishing her ill will,but let’s be honest she’s not talented enough to be in the 27 club.

      • John says:

        You’re right, of course.
        I was just using the Famous + 27 + substance abuse = Death equation, no variables.

  24. MonicaQ says:

    Not surprising and still wtf. Not even because of her antics (those just eye-rolls, ain’t like we ain’t seen this shit before) but because her voice is reedy and awful and heavily auto-tuned. Whatever. Obviously this is what “the people” want.

  25. Schnikes says:

    I heard Wrecking Ball the other day and while catchy, her vocal register made it sound like the latest single from The Chipettes…

    • Kolby says:

      I’ve heard bits of it and her voice is SO overprocessed, it’s hard to tell if it’s even her we hear. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what her talent is.

    • MonkSolo says:

      sounds like a chipmunk on helium with a flute up it’s butt

    • John says:

      Sorry, Mika, her broken, untrained voice may be tolerable on a great song Dolly already made a hit, but she’s no stand-alone artist.

  26. janie says:

    She’s achieved the outcome she wanted.. we’re talking about her! I like to hear her sing, can’t stand her talking voice. She’s looks good in in the photos. She’s 20! She’s suppose to.

  27. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I just read Entertainment Weekly’s review last night and was surprised by how favorable it was. It made me curious to I read several more, and her album is getting good reviews pretty much across the board. HOWEVER, this is thanks to her producers–the good reviews have very little to do with lyrical content or her voice. So let’s not give her too much credit yet.

    • Jaynab says:

      Actually, her voice is great on the album and she experiments with it all over, and the lyrics are important because a lot of it is about heartbreak. Miley’s fingerprints are all over this album.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        She didn’t write the album, others did. She just happened to chose break up songs due to her relationship with Liam being done for that long. And also, autotune isn’t talent. It’s a computer program and alters the voice. So Miley has no talent on this album. Her other songs before this melting pot of insults persona actually showcased what talent she did have in her voice (until she just decides to scream into the mic like Beyonce).

    • Atlanta says:

      Well you could say the same for madonna and rihanna, They know how to pick good producers, they are not amazing musical talents. Madonna is great business woman with good taste in producers and not that much musical talent.

  28. Mon says:

    Can you please stop promoting her?! has she now truly taken over the kim & co? so many posts about her and the bs she comes out with… boring.

    • Tammy says:

      If it so boring, why are you commenting?

      • emmie_a says:

        Tammy: You can still comment on something if you find it boring. Ex: Miley is a delusional fame-whore who has become a huge bore. I’m tired of hearing about her; I would like her to go away.

  29. Samtha says:

    It’s not surprising. The singles have been killing it on iTunes and the charts. It’s not a big leap to assume the full album will do the same.

  30. Jaynab says:

    The full deluxe album is very good and different. With two amazing singles, it deserves the sales.

  31. emmie_a says:

    Sorry to bring up the VMA’s again but where is the double standard she’s talking about? I don’t think Robin Thicke was grinding all over Miley, which is why they said Miley was raunchy with Robin. He was trying to sing while she was like a drugged-up rabbit in heat.

  32. Patricia says:

    Thought the skit was really funny. When I was a nanny a few years ago I used to watch Hannah Montana with the kids and was always impressed with her as a funny, wacky, willing to go there type actress. I think her sense of humor sets her apart from other half naked pop tarts. she’s just wacky and loves to laugh. I am glad her album is selling. You go girl!

  33. NeNe says:

    She the latest famewh*re! Someone will come along soon hopefully, and knock her down to steal the famewh*re crown!

  34. Lynn says:

    I am enjoying her 2 songs. I really like when she slows things down and dose an acoustic version.haven’t heard the album yet. I am team Miley! She is working for the cameras true but she is also only 20yrs old and wants to have fun and get crazy!
    I don’t think it’s fair that people put the weight of ohh she had young fans, she is a role model on her. We all have people that look up to us. Let her do her thing. Sex it up or not.let it play out. It’s a faze, we all have been through them. They mold us.
    On another note, I don’t think the things she is doing are anything new or that shocking. Madona was shocking 20-25 yrs ago. Masterbating in her performances . I am not comparing talent here just saying its nothing new.

  35. Erm says:

    I wonder if she will change her image entirely for the next album, now that she’s pretty much guaranteed publicity whatever she does? I do think she’s a smart businesswoman who understands her audience and her anti-audience (who ironically, are helping drum up publicity for her by being offended/annoyed/interested/whatever enough to talk about her and thus make her news). However, given her making fun of mental illness and idiotic “I’m very busy and important” method of argument, she’s kind of a jerk too. Hopefully she’ll grow up in that respect.

  36. Jennabean says:

    I listened to the album it’s ok the singles out now are the best ones by far but her music is ok maybe her persona isn’t but her music def is

  37. aquarius64 says:

    The 2013 American Music Awards nominations are out. Miley didn’t get pne, but she’s scheduled to perform. This proves Miley is a money maker and a ratings grabber, but the industry doesn’t take her seriouly as a musician. Blurred Lines is nominated.

  38. Maggie says:

    If she truly thinks she’s an artist why doesn’t she allow her art to show versus her sexuality? This has already been done by Madonna years ago. It’s boring and I’m tired of seeing her tongue hanging out all over the place. Grab some class Miley.

    • Leah says:

      If its so boring why are people so outraged by it? I mean i do agree that madonna did it before and thats exactly why i dont get the outrage. It seems to me like she is doing a really good job at getting on middle americas nerves and its working to her advantage as its translating into CD sales.

      • Maggie says:

        I agree with your comment. But she’s a copycat. I don’t see anything original here other than an arrogant little shit with a bit of talent. She’s getting exactly what she wants though.

  39. Dominique says:

    Her name is in three posts on the first page of this site alone, but you can’t believe her album is selling? LOL

  40. Mandy says:

    Not surprised at all. But, will it be long term? NO.

  41. MonkSolo says:

    I have a hard time believing this cause I have yet to meet a single person who would buy this.

    Also, Modern sales figures seem so phony. Supposedly the Beatles Sgt Pepper album finally went platinum last year. And here I’m supposed to believe that she’s selling 1/4 of that IN ONE WEEK???? Something doesn’t add up.

    • Macey says:

      Im with you completely there. I wonder if they’re (her and her label) are purchasing large quantities behind the scenes to boost the sales numbers to make it look likes its really hot. This is actually done quite a bit during the 1st week to get the album/singles to chart. she could easily buy a few thousand or hundred thousand units and its no loss from her bank acct.
      I dont know anyone that listens to her and I cant imagine anyone over the age of 15 that would.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      “I have a hard time believing this cause I have yet to meet a single person who would buy this.”

      Well, me too, but the again I don’t hang out with pre-teens or teenagers and those are the people that are buying her album AND the largest faction of the population that buy albums in general.

  42. Bread and Circuses says:

    Fashion Magazine made her look REALLY great.

    Which is rare, these days.

    • jwoolman says:

      What would parents have to do with it? She’s aiming at an older audience. The girl can indeed sing and chooses interesting songs. I don’t find it hard to believe that her songs are selling to those who buy songs. Yeah, her videos make me feel like I’m watching child porn… But I don’t have to watch. She’s acting stupid but can still deliver.

  43. Dommy Dearest says:

    She’s such a hypocrite. She says that what she does on stage isn’t who she is on this interview and yet in others she proudly proclaims that ‘this is just who I am’. Says she doesn’t want to be a role model and just the other day she talks about being a role model.

    Incredibly tired of this child and ‘shocking’ antics. She was never shocking before until she decided to troll the culture of other races to come up with what she is now.

  44. Megan says:

    Nobody has been saying anything about Thicke being raunchy at the VMAs because he was just STANDING there! God this girl is such a f*cking idiot. She was the one grabbing him and rubbing up on him while he just stood there looking like he wished someone would pull that rabid nympho donkey off him. Stop trying to cry out that it just because you are a woman that people criticize you like you’re some great feminist of something. Your a sad joke that needs to go away.

  45. Luce says:

    Not surprising. People like crap. Especially teenagers.

  46. Jayna says:

    @Leah, I have to agree with your comment above. This is overkill. I have seen heavy rock bands that are overtly sexual on stage, and no one ever said a thing, much less carried on like this. It’s sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Isn’t that the saying? And I was very young seeing my first rock concert where the band was wasted and very rockstar sexual. I just went to see Depeche Mode recently, an electronica band. He is 51, stripped down to his vest and then to no shirt and in great shape I might add. He dances suggestively and even grabs his crown jewels a few times and caresses the mic stand a few times. He laughingly called himself an overpaid stripper. No one is up in arms. He gets rave reviews as a tremendous singer and frontman who carries his performance off because he’s invested in it. Their music is what has created their longevity, but make no mistake, his ability as a frontman, not just a singer, keeps them filling up stadiums with fans. Not one article has said he looks ridiculous when he pulls a few rockstar moves.

    People need to calm down and move off of this. She’s 20 having fun. Her fans aren’t taking her that seriously with her antics and some stupid comments. Why is middle America so up in arms? They were young once going to a metal concert probably or Madonna concert, Stones, Britney, Red Hot Chili Peppers — maybe not.

    • bettyrose says:

      Oh, Jayna. I’m the furthest thing from middle American values and I love me some healthy erotic entertainment. Please Depeche Mode has always been too tame for me. What you’re missing here is empowerment vs. Exploitation. This girl is being used up by an industry that will toss her aside when they’re done. Her parents/handlers are too busy riding the money train to care.

      • Jayna says:

        Sorry, I don’t believe anyone is using her. I think she is hell bent on erasing her Hanna Montana image and is choosing this way to do it. I don’t even find most of the stuff she does that sexually provocative. Beyond the tacky VMA where her performance was just bad, she doesn’t offend me. Her mouth and self-importance is eye-roll inducing, though, but she’s 20 and I can’t be bothered. And her album is good, not tacky.

        Re Depeche Mode, my point was lots of acts use sexuality or drug references in their acts When DM was a young band, early 20s, they were spouting S&M lyrics, still do in deceptive ways, as Martin was/is deep into S&M. Martin wore women’s clothes. They wore makeup. People thought they were gay. They weren’t. Teens went to their concerts and weren’t harmed. Their music spoke to fans. On the Devotion Tour, ’93, Dave was out of it on heroin/speed balls, called the most debauched tour in rock hisory at that time, psychiatrist on tour, drug supplier on payroll, sex parties backstage ad nauseum, and teens flocked to that tour and loved it and survived.

        She is experimenting with her sexuality. Let the 16 to 22 year olds make up their minds about her and what to dismiss and what not to. A little objectification isn’t an isssue for me in pop I feel she is in control of it and not being used. People are giving her too much attention for nothing really, a little acting out with her sexuality. She sounds like an idiot a lot, but I just ignore her remarks. She will realize she sounded a fool down the road.

      • bettyrose says:

        Jayna I grew up in the gender bending culture of the new wave 80s. You are right that it didn’t harm me. It shaped me. There is absolutely no comparison to this little girl who is actively complicit in her own subjugation. She could shed her Hannah Montana image in so many more productive ways. Have mature romantic relationships with a diverse array of individuals. Become a vocal advocate for transgender youth. Make quality music with meaningful lyrics. Heck produce sex positive female erotica. Do anything other than being the corporate music industry’s flavor of the month, like every poptart before her.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @Jayna-Yeah I posted something similar above. I remember a friend and I looking at pics of Axl’s package when we were kids and giggling like “there’s a wiener”.
      It really didn’t *scar* me or anything. Although now when I look at the pics it kinda does….men in biker shorts and satin boots don’t really do it for me 😉

  47. The Original Original says:

    I. HATE. MILEY. the end

  48. bettyrose says:

    I finally watched the video fir wrecking ball. In between being embarassed for Miley I noticed the extent to which her voice is studio altered. Gawd Miley the human being is merely incidental to this whole affair. Any naked barely legal girl willing to hump inanimate objects will do. Poor Sinead predicting the future like Cassandra with no one listening.

    • cyndi says:

      Go watch her performance of “wrecking ball” from last weeks SNL
      Stripped down, acoustic, and she was *most definitely* live. Sounded a lot like the recorded version.

  49. lucy says:

    Dear bettyrose, Maggie, emmie_a, and MonkSolo: RIGHT ON!

    Dear Steph: You are hurting artists. Please don’t be proud of it.

    Dear Family Cyrus and Fans Thereof: Only desperate, insecure, needy people confuse precociousness with strength. Please stop being those those people.

    ps. Horny exhibitionism isn’t talent. Neither is digitally-enhanced “singing”.

  50. cali says:

    I wanted to be annoyed by Miley and her antics, but then I watched that documentary she did for MTV about the creation of the album and the road to its release. I found myself really getting her and liking her and respecting her right to do what she wants finally. She really works hard and we just see a tiny snapshot of her in the media.

    I even caved and bought the album and I like it, too.

  51. mar says:

    she is young, she is having fun, I am starting to like her

  52. MAC says:

    I must belong on another planet after reading some of the comments. Who would buy an album from a person who publicly makes fun of a person in the hospital getting life saving mental health treatment.

    • BooBooLaRue says:


    • MonkSolo says:

      If i was otherwised disposed to buy her product, that would have been the deal breaker with me. It just highlights her ugly personality.

    • Hakura says:

      I’m with you MAC… Her album comes out, & suddenly her awful insult to the mentally ill just slips everyones minds? Yeah, I want to support the career of an arrogant, selfish child who could care less about the people she may have hurt with her comments, even among her own fans. Seems like, even though she never acknowledged how hurtful it was, or apologized, many are acting like she has.

  53. Homegrrl says:

    It’s apparently possible to sell a mediocre product with sensationalism. people have money to waste on that sh*t, but god forbid we should fork out on affordable health care. No doubt the wt teapartiers are buying her album…would love to see that demographic as proof

  54. Jennifer12 says:

    I find the irony absolutely titanic-sized that Miley’s post is next to Malala’s post, and people are going on about feminism and sexuality and Miley’s rights to do as she pleases. Um, yes, of course she has that right. However, when you look at a young woman attacked and still under attack for educating herself and trying to educate other women, a woman who survived in a painfully misogynistic country, it is astounding to say the least to read feminists posting about Miley’s sexuality and owning it being a feminist issue. Are you kidding? Miley is doing what shocks, which is quick and cheap. She is demeaning toward other groups of people, using them as stage props. She is deliberately targeting an audience of young girls, sexualizing childhood symbols, talking up drugs and promoting a hyper sexualized image for money. If no one is talking about your music, but everyone is discussing your image, then a) your plan worked, b) your image is what is leaving a lasting impression and c) you should stop putting down other women whom you claim sell their sexuality, unlike you, who would never do that. Feminism is not accepting whatever females do and accepting it as standard.

  55. lenje says:

    I’m not sure we can tell how many is “crazy selling” or just “decent”. With less and less people buying album, I think studios have revised their standard for success.

    I haven’t listened to Miley’s album. Out of the two songs that she has released (We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball), I like the latter better. The first one isn’t just my cup of tea.

    However, I suspect that the praises she got are not necessarily due to the quality of the album. Of course, quality is VERY subjective. My opinion is: people have already made a (negative) preconception about Miley’s songs based on her persona. When they turn out to be much better than the expectation, the reviews go to the other extreme. Again, this is my opinion, and again, it’s subjective.

    • MonkSolo says:

      Yeah, but what does Miley bring to the artistic process? If she doesn’t write the songs or play the instruments or produce the music? all she brings is a voice and an “image.” If people like the songs but don’t like the image, what it really means is they don’t like her and her contribution to the process.

  56. Asdfg says:

    Her PR team probably hired random people to buy her album. Lol.

  57. LovesGossip says:


    “Success is still success, even if her road wasn’t yours” . Miley achieved her “success” by showing us her minuscule t*ts (complete with classy star pasties) and her flabby non-existent ass which she attempted to twerk. She also stuck her (unclean) tongue out at every opportunity (the point being ?). She also swung naked from a wrecking ball ( how original!) and almost strangled her tw*t in one of the “Uncle” Terry photos. Instead of relying on her actual TALENT, she relied on cheap gimmicks, IMO.

    • jwoolman says:

      Nothing wrong with “minuscule tits” especially for someone so lean. There is life below A cups. Also shows that she hasn’t gone plastic, hope that stays true.

  58. TherapyCranes says:

    Holy balls. I haven’t been posting much anymore because I felt like everyone was into slut shaming when it came to Miley and I was fed up trying to defend a young woman doing her own thing. I am really shocked to read all these pro Miley comments.

  59. Evie Rose says:

    Congrats on moving 250,000 units. All you had to do was sell your soul, steal Rihanna’s look, & bang all of the hottest black record producers in the game. She doesn’t have talent, but she does have a mean phony ratchet white girl hustle which people will be sick of in a year.

  60. Elizabeth says:

    The songs are amazing and she sounds awesome! So yeah, I totally understand why it’s selling. Why don’t you get it? Because people thought her VMA performance was raunchy, or she references drugs…uh, Madonna dry humped a stage in a white bustier and garters that was supposed to be a wedding dress. I love when people jump on the “oh how awful” bandwagon only to get kicked off and run over.Just stop being so appalled,and move on. This article is more annoying than anything Miley’s ever done. Lord, have mercy!

  61. wowsa says:

    I don’t really listen to Miley’s music, but I think she looks AMAZING in the editorial shots for the magazine. Gorgeous.

  62. newtoyourn says:

    I don’t get her appeal…and the tongue makes me want to use pruning shears….

  63. angela says:

    A 250k projection is hardly selling like crazy.

  64. courtney says:

    300,000 in the first week isn’t big numbers nor is she as talented as she believes herself to be. for example if Warner Brothers Nashville handles Faith Hill’s next album correctly it could sell 800k it’s first week which would be a 69.3% increase over her highest debut to date 2002’s Cry which sold 472,486 copies it’s first week that October. mind you albums sell about 50% less now than they did then and that album only managed 2x platinum.

    • Jayna says:

      Her first week sales are more than double what her last album was, which was 106,000. The projected 250, to 270K is a very solid opening that I’m sure her team is very pleased with in this day and age of album sales. She’s not at a Gaga or Katy Perry level, but those numbers are nothing to sneeze at.. This album also will probably have solid second week sales and not take a nosedive like some bad albums that are selling purely off of hype. Word of mouth on the album will probably keep the sales decent as it’s a good album with great singles. She’s isn’t as talented as she thinks she is, no doubt, but she is talented.