Scientologist Bijou Phillips to depressed people: ‘get over it’


Bijou Phillips wants you to just get over your depression. And your sadness. And your anxiety. Just tell it to go away, push it out, dance it out, whatever. But don’t you dare act like you’re depressed, or like you just might need the help of a psychiatrist or some medication. In fact, her educated advice is to just, “get over it.” Thanks doctor. Bijou is a Scientologist, which means she doesn’t believe in psychiatrists or psychiatric medication. In fact they don’t just “not believe” in it, they’ve waged an all-out war on the evils of psychiatry. Unfortunately for her, it sounds like Bijou could use a little of it herself.

Scientologist model Bijou Phillips went off on a tangent about the dangers of psychiatrists medicating depression during a recent interview with Paper Magazine.

“My grandparents didn’t take any pills, and they were fine,” Phillips said in the February issue of Paper. “Just buck up and get over it. Stop being such a f—king pansy.”

The budding actress frequents Scientology-sponsored events and spoke out against psychiatry and prescribing patients with medication for such mental illnesses as depression or anxiety.

Phillips, 28, lived alone in New York City after legally emancipating herself from her parents — her father, John Phillips, was in the Mamas and the Papas — when she was 14 years old. After several years on her own, she went to rehab.

[Us Magazine via Deceiver]

Bijou was going off in the Paper magazine article, which was an interview with her and equally Scientologist-y (a word I just made up) longterm boyfriend Danny Masterson. Phillips is not necessarily a model of mental health herself. Filmmaker James Toback had a few interesting things to say about the model/actress, who sounds like she’s all kinds of crazy. Luckily for him, Toback seems to have enjoyed her loose mental health. He called her a “genuine psychopath,” and said she didn’t understand the line between thinking and saying things.

Bijou Phillips — you never knew what the f%@% she would say or do next. There is no line between her unconscious and her articulation of it and her behavior. She is a genuine psychopath. I say that with affection and admiration, because she’s also incredibly smart and talented, so she knows how to amuse and how to get and hold attention. If she were just a psychopath, you wouldn’t want to use her; you’d just be bored. But she is always kind of amusing and interesting, and if one thing isn’t working she has a good sense of it, and she just starts on something else.


I really get annoyed with anyone who tells someone else how they should deal with their emotions. Especially in Phillips’ case, when she’s essentially saying that she has a better way of dealing with things than everyone else. It shows how limited her understanding of complex emotions really is. Perhaps she was able to just get over things, but maybe that means things just don’t affect her as deeply as they do others. Perhaps the answer is empathy instead of cold judgment.

Here’s Bijou with boyfriend Danny Masterson at the “Choke” New York screening on September 24th. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. california angel says:

    Ugh. Does she even pay attention? Medicine has found a link between CHEMICAL IMBALANCE and depression and these medications are given to re-establish that balance. Of course, in some cases, depression can be conditional on life circumstances and stress, for example, loss of loved one etc. Seriously, people who practice medicine for a living have not yet been able to figure out what most of the brain is capable of, but she has it figured out? Narcissism much?

  2. Melanie says:

    If she has a sadness that she can just “get over” it probably isn’t depression and she has no idea what she is talking about. Furthermore, psychiatry is not dangerous, her comments are. These comments make her sound incredibly arrogant.

  3. Eileen Yover says:

    I can’t figure out how the Scientology religion can keep going with all these crazies representing them. There’s a lot of religions out there that aren’t main stream that celebrities belong to and they don’t cram it down your throat or judge anyone. I’m tired of hearing these people get on thier soapboxes and run their mouths, when they are clearly not stable. Keep the mouth shut and stick to entertaining inside the studio please.

  4. HEB says:

    Those on the outside simply can not understand. But she shouldn’t talk about things she knows nothing about.

  5. Mr. Sleepyhead says:

    This is the same celebutard that has been in Rehab and her family has 3 generations of drug abuse – I’ll listen to her and her incoherent ramblings after I train my pet chinchilla to make chicken enchiladas.

  6. Ash says:

    What an insensitive potty mouth. Yeah people, just “get over it!”

  7. gg says:

    Let me just state the obvious: Real depression is by definition the INABILITY to be able to “just get over it”.

    When that happens, normal people go to a therapist to do that. Idiots just rant at the public, exposing their ignorance, Bijou. See your little buddy Tom if you wanna hear about the lasting career fallout effects.

  8. Baholicious says:

    This just in: Depressed people “get over” Bijou Philips.

  9. audrey says:

    “I’ll listen to her and her incoherent ramblings after I train my pet chinchilla to make chicken enchiladas. ”

    — hilarious!

  10. boomchakaboom says:

    Why didn’t she just “get over it” with her drug addiction? eff her.

  11. RReedy says:

    This woman is an idiot.

  12. Christina says:

    ok i understand this coming from a 16 year old who hasn’t really seen much of life yet… but a fully grown adult? just sad…

  13. vdantev says:

    You know the word BITCH gets bandied about an awful lot anymore, but it’s never seemed more appropriate a name than it does right now for this little bug-eyed troglodyte.

  14. Syko says:

    Bug eyed troglodyte. Love it!

    Right, our grandparents didn’t take psychiatric meds because the availability was not what it is today. And the stress level of just getting by was not what it is today. I figure if you’re having a hard time dealing with things, and there’s something that will help get you through it, then go for it. Whatever gets you through the night, whether it be God or medication or a warm body beside you.

    Apparently Bijou had no problem with taking illegal drugs. Just the prescription ones.

  15. Jenna says:

    She went to rehab? But I thought since she was a scientologist. Why can’t she just ‘get over it’ without having to go to a clinic?

    She’s a twit. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Danny is dating her. I think my attraction just completely went down the drain. I can’t find anyone attractive when they have a sh!t-for-brains hag on their arm.

  16. barneslr says:

    This is a no talent wanna-be riding on her parent’s coat tails. She has accomplished nothing of value, so she thinks that she is being “daring” and “controversial” by spouting this nonsense. It is a sad, desperate attempt to get attention from a public that just has no interest in her.

  17. Kaiser says:

    Next she’ll be telling people in wheelchairs, “Just walk already, bitches.”

    Off-topic, but she’s the daughter of Michelle Phillips, right? Who’s her dad?

  18. Exiled says:

    Didn’t her parents do massive amounts of recreational drugs to ‘get over it’??

  19. Enonymous says:

    Who is she again? Is she actually famous?

  20. FF says:

    Only someone who’s never experienced depression would say something that flippant.

    I’m sure she’ll find out the hard way, though.

  21. daisy424 says:

    Kaiser, her father is John Phillips from the M’s & P’s, her mom is Geneviève Waïte.

    Well said, FF.

  22. Orangejulius says:

    Stupid c–t. GRRRRRRR

  23. NotBlonde says:

    “Next she’ll be telling people in wheelchairs, “Just walk already, bitches.”’

    LOL Kaiser.

    I have to agree with everyone. Unless you’ve experienced depression, you have no right to speak about it.

  24. Giz says:

    This just in: Depressed people “get over” Bijou Philips.


    Taking advice from individuals with nice banks accounts amassed from working in a field that doesn’t require much in the way of brains or brawn is like taking advice from a door knob. Although, the door knob may more to offer.

    Hey, Bijou and Tom, want people to get over depression? Write a check!

  25. Cinderella says:

    Sure, I’ll get over it as soon as she passes me the drugs that she no longer uses.

  26. OXA says:

    Lets see, her sister and her father were all big time drug addicts with multiple relapses. Why did her father have to have a liver transplant, why didnt he just get over it.

  27. Mairead says:

    Good Lord, the silly b*tch can’t even manage to brush her hair properly – forming a coherent thought on mental health is going to be waaaay beyond her capabilities.

    Unfortunately, she’s not alone in her attitude and it’s not exclusive to clams either.

  28. Run-DMS says:

    So … Bijou’s too smart to “believe in” psychiatry but she’s not smart enough to see through the BS of a lying scam artist’s “space opera” of Xenu and alien souls infesting our bodies?

    Good fucking Flying Spaghetti Monster, what a dolt.

  29. xiaoecho says:

    Who are these non-entities?

  30. morgs says:

    And as Bijou spoke those words…poof! I just got over depression. Happy Days. Or is that because I’ve been taking my meds like any normal crazy person would?
    Right on Dante, troglodyte indeed.

  31. buenavissta says:

    hey guys! I did “just get over it”….with the incredible help of my dr., my meds, my therapy and new lifestyle choices.

    guess xenu doesn’t want me.

    and i’m okay with that.

  32. Codzilla says:

    Didn’t Daddy Dearest teach Bijou’s older sister, McKenzie(sp), how to shoot up? No wonder this ho’s brains are fried.

  33. meow mix says:

    And you are???

    Dear Bijou,

    Please f#$K Off.

    Yours truly,

    Meow Mix

  34. Jess says:

    I was such a HUGE fan of Danny Masterson until I found out he was in the Scientology Cult. Boohooooo!!!!

  35. DD says:

    um b*tch, why don`t u leave mental health stuff to the actual experts. I can`t wait till she has a psychotic breakdown. I know that`s evil of me.
    I`ll have to talk to my therapist about that.

  36. Hellary says:

    All $cientologists should hang.

  37. czarina says:

    OK, I think we can all agree on the fact that this “troglodyte” (awesome description!) is a great advertisement for: Why Nobody Should Become a Scientologist!!

    What is wierding me out is that quote from Tobeck (whoever the heck he is). Either he is using the term “psychopath” with no real understanding of its meaning, or else he is scary crazy if he finds a genuine psychopath to be “amusing”!!!!

  38. tigerlille says:

    Yup, narcissistic and SHALLOW.

  39. aleach says:

    these idiots are LOVING the attention that they get for saying such stupid shit.
    when was the last time anyone really had a reason to talk about bijou phillips? probably been awhile…so this gets her out in the spotlight again with her comment. what a bitch.

  40. aleach says:

    ugh and i am so disappointed in danny masterson. i was so in love with him when ‘that 70s show’ was on. if only he wasnt such a douche in real life…ahhh well…

  41. Bodhi says:

    Maybe her GRANDparents didn’t take pills, but her father sure as hell did & more. And I’m sure her many many many addictions were cured by vitamins & confession alone 🙄

    Scientology is DANGEROUS. The “principles” the “religion” espouses are seriously dangerous to society.

  42. ISBN says:

    Her forehead is HUGE. She’s going to be very funny looking as she ages. hahaha! But she’ll get over that.

    Other than that… *yawn* yet another uneducated pseudo-celebrity spewing feces out the wrong hole.

    By the way, she still does coke. We have a common ex. Scientology auditors: do a hair test. Bet she fails THAT drug test.

  43. Mandy says:

    I think Scientology is like Wicca, in that people only join to compensate for their utter lack of personality and inability to form a single original thought. And yes, I know there are some serious Wiccans out there, but let’s face it: most are just attention-starved high school goth kids.

  44. NotBlonde says:

    LOL Mandy…the only difference is that Wicca will only cost you some candles and sage to burn.

  45. CB Rawks says:

    Awesome, Mandy! 😀

  46. Tulipgirl says:

    I went through some really hard things as a kid (parents divorced – twice, close family member dying, peer pressure…) and yet I managed to come out of it all WITHOUT drugs, sex, alcohol, risky behavior, etc.

    However, withing a year of getting married to the most wonderful man in the world I wanted to DIE!!! As a Christian, I do NOT believe in suicide, but I was falling apart, crying for no reason, couldn’t swallow, couldn’t eat, wanted to throw up every waking moment…

    I was lucky in that I found a doctor who realized that I was suffering from a massive depression brought on by a floral imbalance in my gut. I had been given antibiotics for several massive sinus infections, which gave my a systemic yeast infection, which then carried the toxic byproducts to my brain, blocking my serotonin receptors.

    The point here is that I had no history of mental illness/depression/alcoholism /drug abuse in my family and STILL I was struck with this disease that I tried to “just get over”. Without psychiatric intervention and antidepressant drugs, I would probably be in an institution, sedated and without my wonderful husband.

    Do NOT put these people on a pedestal – they are just humans like the rest of us!!

  47. Julia says:

    Wow. I have had depression for 9 years and I just hadn’t thought of ‘snapping out of it and not being a pansy’. Problem solved. Thanks Bijou. Whoever you are…

  48. lene says:

    she looks a little bit like kate hudson, don’t you think so?

  49. vdantev says:

    I think Scientology is like Wicca

    Except Wicca is a real religion concerning nature spirits dating back thousands of years, not just the amalgamation of the worst of 60’s self-first pop psychology with UFOs tossed in for jollies.

  50. vdantev says:

    People who think Scientology is just like any other religion need to be euthanized for the good of the species.

  51. Baholicious says:

    “I think scientology is like Wicca”

    WHAT? That’s on par with saying a real estate agent is like a geologist…

  52. CB Rawks says:

    We’re outing wiccans all over the place here. 😀

  53. CB Rawks says:

    My sister in law is one (wiccan), but definitely the fake-ass goth type. 😉
    No offence meant to those that really understand and follow it.

  54. Mandy says:

    In my limited experience with serious Wiccans, they’re MUCH more discreet. The Wiccans that I compared to goth kids are the sort who shop at Hot Topic, and draw pentagrams all over everything they own, and pretend to have terrible relationships with their parents even if they’re actually very close to them, and try to make people call them by ridiculous names like “Blood-Raven” or something similar. Like the goth kids on South Park, basically. I guess those people aren’t really Wiccans, but I didn’t know what else to call them. So, sorry I wasn’t more specific earlier.

  55. A.J. says:

    Yeah, because a member of the Phillips family is EXACTLY who the world needs to listen to regarding mental health and drugs. Bijou, go snort a few more lines with Mackenzie, you never-was bitch.

  56. Jill-e-b says:

    Oh, so that’s my problem. I’m just being a pansy. Gee, I’m sure glad she told me to get over it. That’s going to solve all my problems right there.

    And how the hell does she know her grandparents never took pills? Barring some kind of trip in a time machine and dogging their every move, she can’t know.

    I find it ironic that scientologists seem to need psychiatric help more than the rest of us and they think it’s all crap.

  57. Bijou is my cat’s name, as well, and he has a fuck of a lot more sense than this mental giant. At least he meows and looks cute when he wants attention . . .

    No, I’m more upset that Danny Masterson’s face got snapped by the paps – like he’s somehow relevant again. It broke my heart to hear that my beloved stoner Hyde is nothing more than a fictitious character . . . Deceiver!

  58. Eileen Yover says:

    I’m having the same thing happening to me now. I was in the hospital over Thanksgiving with severe pneumonia (yes I’m only 34) and had enormous amounts of antibiotics and steriods pumped into me for a month. For a month after the pneumonia was gone I was exhausted, severely depressed, and my stomach was totally messed up. I got on anti-depressants and am now on a cleansing program to get the balance back into my system by killing off the yeast build up that happened when the antibiotics killed off all the good bacteria in my system while treating the pneumonia. The antibiotics and steriods saved my life, but it does leave serious side effects that doctors don’t acknowledge. I’ve been on the depression meds and cleansing program for two weeks now and already feel better!

  59. Kim says:

    As someone who has suffered from bouts of depression in the past, I would never, ever have wished it on anyone. Until I read this.

  60. AC says:

    Bijou can go kick rocks with her ignorant self!

  61. Keekee says:

    Why is this woman even being heard? Is she famous? If so, for what??

  62. MT says:

    She is a beautiful woman, and I think we should all take a step back and rethink the usage of psychiatric drugs.

    PSychiatrists have been playing with the minds of unfortunate patiants for years, and we don’t know enough about the brain.

    That is the sad truth.
    Drugs are a problem- legal and illegal.

  63. Kelly says:

    I was diagnosed with bipolar over 25 years ago, and my daughter is autistic and is bipolar also. She has NO IDEA what I go thru! Get over that, Bijou!!!

  64. Green Is Good says:

    So my problem is I’m a “pansy”? Yep, Bijou the drug addicted trust fund baby and alleged model should get a frikkin’ Nobel Prize.

    vdantev: “bug-eyed troglodyte”. Glorious.

    Countdown to Bijoooo’s next stint in rehab.

  65. annex says:

    Shame Scientology doesn’t teach people how to mind their own business.

    err…being in your own body

    …owning your own stuff

    …lift as you go

  66. G. says:

    Mandy- Actually, I do have a Wiccan friend who is much more discreet than most of the Wiccans you know. She does shop at Hot Topic, although she doesn’t go all that often(their stuff is expensive!), and she doesn’t pretend to have a bad relationship with her parents, and she mostly keeps her religion to herself.

  67. G. says:

    Also, I have had bouts of depression before, and I wouldn’t ever want anyone to go through the same crap I did. But seriously, depression is not something you just “get over”. Me thinks Bijou might have some problems herself that she just wants to mask…

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