Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen cover The Edit: creepy cool or washed out & weird?

Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen cover the November issue of Net-A-Porter’s The Edit magazine. To be perfectly honest, I almost didn’t recognize them at first glance on this cover. They look different than usual here, right? It could be Photoshop. The twins don’t get papped a lot these days, so it could also be that we just don’t see them very often. MK and Ashley have become virtual recluses in comparison to about five years ago. We occasionally see Mary-Kate with her much older boyfriend, Oliver Sarkozy, but otherwise, these girls are like vapor trails.

These twins are heavily focused on work. They are very serious and hands-on with their fashion lines. I very much appreciate their dedication to making their line domestically instead of offloading their workforce to foreign sweatshops. Mary-Kate and Ashley give some details about their work process:

Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen

The clothing obsession started early: “[On Full House] we would be in six-hour fittings three times a week, because we had to wear 12 different outfits,” Ashley said. “We were designing clothes for ourselves as we were so petite. So I think that is when we became obsessed with it, and now the obsession has become a profession,” Mary-Kate added.

Ashley on fame: “We were nine months old when we started, so fame has always been part of our lives. There wasn’t any weirdness where we decided that we wanted to be famous. Then as we got older, we were very fortunate that we could hire and work with amazing people who want to protect us.”

Mary-Kate on the paparazzi: “There is a threshold in New York, and once you pass that and are considered a New Yorker, they leave you alone. But we’re at the office every day, then home or out for dinner, so there aren’t the opportunities for them to take pictures. For the most part you try and avoid it… [I do], at least.”

Ashley on The Row: “We saw a space in the market. We knew there wasn’t another brand offering basics in a luxurious and contemporary way. If I wear certain designer brands, or too much of something, I look crazy, and I need something to break it up. If you are wearing a Chanel jacket and you need an anonymous piece that will show just how special that jacket is, I hope that is what The Row gives you.”

Mary Kate on the future: “We’re really focused on The Row at the moment.”

[From Net-A-Porter - The Edit]

They sound so intelligent and sure of themselves in this interview. I’m so glad the twins found their way in life instead of falling into the classic child star trap of too much money, too much free time, and too much trouble. They don’t have to work at all, but they love making clothing. They might look a little spooky in this photoshoot, but their passion for fashion is always obvious.

Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen

Photos courtesy of Net-A-Porter – The Edit

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  1. Anna says:

    Hm…I feel like Celine and Chloe have a similar aesthetic, Calvin Klein, and even StellaM, when she’s not going nuts. So I dont know that they really created something that no one else was doing, but at least they did it well from the start.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    just eh

  3. MeowuiRose says:

    That first pic makes their nose jobs obvious. I find them repulsive for their tacky use of animal hide and overpriced everything.

  4. blue marie says:

    Even though at times they remind me of little old ladies, I can’t help but like them. They seem intelligent, level-headed and know what they’re about and I can’t find fault in it.

    The cover photo looks a bit alien-ish, but I like all the photos. I’m partial to a black sweater over a white button down, does that make me old. Or is it just my age that makes me old? ha

    • LadyMTL says:

      LOL. I don’t know your age but I’m pushing 40 and I like the black sweater over white button down look too. :)

      MK and Ashley look creepy in these pics but they usually do look creepy most of the time anyway. They’re nice photos but I’m not blown away.

    • V4Real says:

      A lot us know that they were not the cutest when they were little but I think they grew into their looks. I think they have a unique kind of beauty. Some people on C/B raves about Tilda Swinton alien-like so called beauty but I like these two aliens much better. The photos look ok in my book.

  5. Nev says:


  6. Dani2 says:

    God, they look so..cold and almost not human. They’ve really proven themselves as business women but I still roll my eyes when I remember their $55,000 bag.

  7. EscapedConvent says:

    Since I thought it was the Lady Galadriel & her twin Elf-sister, I vote for washed out & weird.

  8. M says:

    I never noticed them being so duck-faced before. Is that new? I thought they were doing the duck lip thing, but that seems to be their regular resting faces. Odd. Other than that, I’m glad they found purpose in life. I applaud them.

  9. DesertReal says:

    I have nooo idea what mary-kate did to her nose, but she should have followed ashley’s lead and left it the eff alone. Its so thin and tapered and elizabeth-esque…it’s like pin holes at the bottom or face. Or she’s always smelling somethin rancid.

    • M says:

      Yes, it’s weird. And looks like Elizabeth’s – who looks like she had a botched nose job. Always surprising to me when people with means get botched anything? Don’t they have access to the best?

  10. Bert29 says:

    I like them. Smart business women who capitalized well on early success and seem to have good people around them. Good for them.

  11. lenje says:

    I like them and have a lot of respect for them. They’re not the first designers to put overpriced basic pieces (as per their claim), but to be fair The Row has been using top class materials AND top class cutting for their products.

  12. LadyRay says:

    jeez, do they have something against smiling?

    The duck face is still strong in these two.

  13. eliza says:

    Fashion tip ladies:Hairbrush. Your welcome.

  14. Hautie says:

    All I can think of is “prunes”. Is that the word, you use to get that duck lip pucker. To roll that top lip just right, in pictures. You say “prunes”.

  15. Stef Leppard says:

    Duck face.

  16. Allie says:

    Loved them since their ‘you’re invited to’ videos. They aren’t famewhores and I appreciate that.

  17. Kiddo says:

    Could we please stop with the high key photography already? Is it 1997 again?

  18. Lucybelle says:

    Do these girls ever smile? EVER? They may be great business women but they don’t look like they enjoy life whatsoever.

  19. Axis2ClusterB says:

    One of them did something bizarre to her face. I think it’s Ashley, but I could be wrong.

  20. lulu says:

    Lol, the look like something out of a horror movie! Not a good look. I find them beautiful but their style has always been a little weird. Good for them to make bank and not become sluts or druggies.

  21. Aud says:

    Remember that film The Village of the Damned?
    The Olsen sisters is what the kids would look like when they grew up.
    I look at those images and think that I’ve entered an Aryan nightmare and there’s a freakish moment I’ll turn a corner and bump into Gwyneth…

  22. AlmondJoy says:

    Not to be mean, but I think they’re the creepiest twins ever. Loved them when I was a kid/teen but I just don’t like looking at pics of them anymore.. I always feel as if they’re staring into my soul and reading my innermost thoughts *shivers*

  23. Bronwyn says:

    I really don’t see why everyone thinks they had their noses done. They have always had somewhat “weird” features…the fact that Elizabeth also has the same nose…could it be because they are related?
    Ashley has always had much rounder and soft features, with MK being more angular. These features are becoming more and more prominent as they get older.
    I have loved these two since their reign of sing alongs and movies…good for them for creating and being passionate about something. It’s refreshing to say the least.

  24. Algernon says:

    I love the sweater (dress?) thing the one on the right is wearing in the cover shot. I cannot tell these girls apart, but the one on the right has a cool sweater-dress-thing.

    I can’t afford their clothes, but when I see The Row or E&J in stores, I find that I like their garments and accessories more often than not. I’m not a fancy dresser, so versatile basics are my thing, and their stuff appears to be quite quality. I wish they would do a line with H&M, TopShop, or even Target, so I could afford something!

  25. Blanca Guizar says:

    They look creepy, they give me the chills.

  26. Nicolette says:

    They look like two vampires.

  27. Gia says:

    I think these two are the biggest try hards going. I mean, I get that they want to move away from their little girl or tween image but holy hell they couldn’t reek of effort any more than they do. Just dying to be cool…

  28. bettyrose says:

    I have no issue with them. I even find them a little interesting. They grew up on that gawdawful show that pretty much defined the rest of the cast while these girls went on to be moguls in their own right. Yes they’re freaky looking but that’s part of their appeal.

  29. M says:

    Mary Kate looks a little Voldemort-ish in these photos. But I love them still.

  30. Bree bree says:

    They need some f****** highlighter, blush and bronzer. And pink/red lipstick. So corpsy! They are two of my favorites though! I grew up watching all of their movies and it’s wonderful that they found something they love to do!

  31. Christo says:

    Ugh…these girls looks like they just wrapped up filming..The Dark Crystal 2.

    • CoolWhipLite says:

      Yes, Christo! I immediately thought of The Dark Crystal also! They are spooky, and I don’t mean spooktacular.

  32. tessy says:

    At least they aren’t standing with their chests together like every other picture of them I’ve ever seen.

  33. kellyinseattle says:

    I didn’t even think they were cute when they were little….sure, all kids are cute, but they were so annoying. I felt their parents must have really been shoving them in the spotlight. I like how quiet they are , though; but maybe a little more personality is in order.

  34. Dommy Dearest says:

    Mary Kate needs to lay off the coke and eat at a buffet. Those sunken cheeks look terrible.

  35. bendgal says:

    These gals are multi ma-zillionares. I commend them for their marketing skills and continued work ethic when they don’t have to. They are set for life. However, I have never seen them pictured in an outfit that I would ever want to wear. Their fashion sense to the average Joe is just plain awful. Wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a single stitch of their clothing.

  36. Meg says:

    this shows that if you like what you do, it’s not about the money. life is about more than money

  37. gg says:

    They both got surgery. One of them looks like she brought in a photo of Cate Blanchett and said, “here, do this.”

  38. Penguin says:

    Anorexic drug addicts.

  39. Kat says:

    For all their financial security and success, they never look happy.

  40. Bridget says:

    Wow, MK did a ton of something to her face.

    I know there are a lot of comments of ”good for them for doing something with their lives” but I just can’t with these 2. They’re just really, really good at keeping their stuff locked down tight. Remember all that weird stuff with the way Heath Ledger died? And yet MK’s involvement was completely buried. She especially has had major, major issues for a long time.

  41. NoWay says:

    The Children of the D.a.m.n.e.d…

  42. sunnydaze says:

    What on earth happened with the one on the left in the top photo and on the right in the last photo…some people mentioned her nose, but its the eyes, her hairline, her jawline…her nose. …how are so few people seeing this, its ridiculous how different they look than in previous shoots!

    The other one does look lovely, and although I’m not fond of the materials they use or the pricetag it’s nice to see them living quiet lives, not in the tabs for horrible behavior.