Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal?

Reese is shown flirting with Jake while wearing a prosthetic pregnany on the Rendition set

There were rumors a few months ago that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were getting close on the set of their film Rendition. Today the NY Daily News repeats OK! Magazine’s claim that Reese stopped by a NYC apartment to see Jake on March 1, and that he was seen at her hotel the next night.

It could be true that they were hanging out, but I’m not so sure they’re an item. Despite an oh-so-plausible romance with Kirsten Drunkst, I always believed the rumors that Gyllenhaal was gay. If he’s not and is involved in a quiet romance with Witherspoon, more power to them. Maybe I thought he was gay because he seems too hot to be straight, but most Hollywood men share that trait.

Gyllenhaal was seen pondering the differences between boxers vs. briefs at Bloomingdales recently. Maybe he wants to make sure he’s wearing clean and stylish ones for whomever he’s hooking up with lately.

Pictures of Reese out walking via RandomCelebs.

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  1. Bex says:


  2. Sarah I. says:

    OOOOH gawd reccently I have this huge thing for Jake Gylenhaal. Then I heard the underware thing and people saying he is gay. That would really suck because I have been so hot for him! I dont know why! But since I cant have him then yes, more power to Reese. They would make a cute couple. Better than Dunst.

  3. gg says:

    I would love it if these two hooked up! He doesn’t look like a moody so-and-so like Ryan (I look 12) Phillipe.

  4. Kiwi says:

    I don’t think he’s gay, I just think he doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. His sister is the same – they clearly come from a well-adjusted family.

    This gay thing stems from Ted Casablanca’s Toothy Tile thing doesn’t it? Have we solved that yet? I always thought Clay Aiken = achin’ as in tooth, clay as in tile…

  5. Sorceressss says:

    I think they would make a great couple… too bad he’s gay.

  6. kikistar says:

    I suddenly wish he’s gay, not to see him end up with this… Did I say say I really cannot stand her??I tried but really can’t!

  7. Fabiola Thing says:

    “Reese stopped by a NYC apartment to see Jake on March 1, and that he was seen at her hotel the next night” does not mean they are an item.

    Maybe they just like each other and since they did a movie together and are both in NY they decided to hang out. Sheesh!