Kanye & Kim step out for charity, he calls her ‘the #1 socialite in the world’


Here are some new photos of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at “Gelila & Wolfgang Puck’s Dream for Future Africa Foundation honoring Vogue Italia Editor-In-Chief Franca Sozzani at Spago Beverly Hills” according to WENN, plus some bonus pics of Kanye in LA yesterday (in the leather pants and flannel, photos in the gallery). So grumpy. If you didn’t want the attention, why did you propose to your reality star girlfriend, Yeezus? As for Kim… I’m actually surprised by her slender legs. Remember how big her legs and ankles were during the pregnancy? She lost so much weight very quickly. That being said, this outfit is the opposite of flattering. I’m sure Kanye picked it out.

Yeezus has been doing press for his album and his upcoming tour, and he ended up giving some very interesting quotes about Kim and their relationship in a recent radio interview:

‘I have never loved any girl, other than my mother, as much as I love my girlfriend,’ he said of Kim, 33, during an interview on Monday with San Francisco radio station KMEL.

Kanye’s mother died in 2007 due to plastic surgery complications. The hosts Sana and Kimmie also asked the rapper whether he was going to marry Kim – mere hours before he proposed – but he dodged the question.

‘I just feel so blessed,’ before adding, ‘I’m not answering those questions.’

Kanye also revealed he is in it with Kim for the long haul – the very long haul.

‘I’m so happy to be with her, to live this life together, and – with our relationship with God – to be able to live forever in heaven together, and also to raise a strong family that communicates truth and beauty.’

He also had nothing but praise for his new fiancée, who is the mother of his four-month-old daughter North.

‘This girl is one of the No. 1 designers in the world. I don’t know exactly what her numbers are, but Sears does something like 300, 400 million a year,’ he said. ‘She’s been spending her whole check on clothes since she was 16, just like me.’

And showing his signature lack of modesty, Kanye also boasted that he and Kim were the biggest power couple of them all.

‘That’s the reason why both of us are the most influential,’ he continued. ‘I think me and my girl are extremely influential… Nah, me and my girl are the most influential.’

He went so far as to liken Kim to music mogul Jay Z.

‘One of the reasons I did Watch the Throne with Jay wasn’t just to do a dope album, which we did. It was because Jay Z has the best social skills of anyone that I knew at that time,’ he said.

‘And I wanted to learn from him. I wanted to learn how to move in a room full of vultures… just to knock the edge off and learn from Jay. And God has now given me another master of the social skills, my girl. She’s like the No. 1 socialite in the world.’

[From The Mail]

Do you hate-respect the way Kanye defends his lady? It’s a stretch to find something to praise about Kim, so I guess we’re going with her Sears clothing line (300 million? Not really) and Kim being “the number one socialite in the world.” I feel like Kanye thinks he deserves the best. The best ride, the best clothes, the best music, the best food. And he’s got to make Kim be “the best” at something, so he sets the bar pretty low. As for their relationship with God… well, I imagine Lucifer’s Homegirl will have something to say about that. Someone, somewhere made some kind of Faustian bargain in regards to this family, so let’s just see what happens when Lucifer comes a calling.

Also – there are some reports that Kim wants to take Kanye’s name. As in, she wants to be Kim West? That will really mess up her branding, right?





Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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    • Fritzi Schnitzer says:

      Infatuation is blind. Love sees all and still accepts, warts and all.

      • Kasey says:

        What Fritzi Schnitzer said. Honestly I don’t know if you meant it this way but yeah I think Ye loves her and I suspect the feeling is mutual.

        Say what you will about these klowns but they actually have gotten a sliver of something right in their relationship. Someone who is your friend/you enjoy being with -check. Someone who has similar goals and values-check for both. Someone who’s seen the good bad and ugly yet sees something redeemable/a treasure in you they want to help you journey through life to become- check for Kanye. Someone who loves you with all your flaws and idiosyncracies and still finds joy in your presence and wants to be with you/is inspired by you-check for Kim.
        THIS is what love, marriage, commitment is about. Getting a glimpse of something fabulous in someone who isn’t perfect and wanting to be with that person and as a team help each grow and mature into what they’re not yet as you face life together. *sigh* I pray one day I find what these two seem to have gotten a right understanding of.

        That being said…..Kim is still Kim, Kanye is still Kanye and old habits die hard. They’re superficial and narcissistic. Kanye’s got SOME ego and Kim seems shallow. In 10 years if this lasts there’s the potential for their egos and narcissism confronting each other to have softened and fine-tuned them. They’ll each be their own biggest obstacle in attaining happiness and a successful/lasting marriage in what we normals might more easily come into with those factors.

        I also think their not having a prenup (although practically speaking is unwise for their ilk) might help make them work IF they actually make it down the aisle. Having so much at stake should make them think long and hard before throwing in the towel. When either is ready to call it quits there’s more motivation to think about what he has to lose and why they did this in the first place and more impetus to hang in there, take marriage seriously and do the hard work it requires. And often each feels that way at different times. I seem to recall a celebrity this year saying the secret to their long marriage was that they never wanted to call it quits at the same time.

    • Diane says:

      Thanks for that laugh. You are so right!

    • Liberty says:

      Love is blind. Marketing has 20/20 vision.

  1. LadyMTL says:

    Good lord that outfit is awful. I think Kim would look ten times better if she just stopped letting Kanye make her look like an overstuffed sausage.

    As for his comments, all I can do is laugh. Being the number one socialite in the world is something to be proud of? Ohhhhhkay.

  2. blue marie says:

    I did not realize the full level of his delusion extended to her. I’m glad they’re happy together, but this is seriously workin my gag reflex.

    • Kaye says:

      blue marie, you have articulated my thoughts exactly.

      All I can add is . . . seriously, Kanye . . ?

      • TheEntrepreneursWife says:

        I might be alone here, but I actually don’t think he is serious. I think they have a contract and he is fulfilling his end of the deal, but doing so begrudgingly and his way of showing it is by being outrageous. I could be wrong, but I don’t think $300-400 mil for a clothing line is that much these days when you compare it to the likes of Jessica Simpson’s machine. By saying she’s one of the no 1 designers and then throwing out those numbers — that has to be joke. Also, her clothes that he allegedly puts her in. No way. The joke is on her.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Exactly what I came to say. This is the first time I’ve actually felt a little sorry for him. He thinks they’re a respected, elegant couple, gliding smoothly through the most sophisticated social situations and influencing everyone for the good. Oh. My. God. He really thinks that. While he’s saying “me and Kim” and dressing her in the most tasteless outfits and everyone is laughing at her. Actual “socialites” wouldnt be caught dead with her. Delusional is exactly right.

  3. Tia says:

    Wow what an achievement!! Son of an english professor and he thinks being a socialite/reality star is something to be proud of. What went wrong here?

  4. Nono says:

    Kim, the “#1 socialite in the world”?

    Kelly Osborne, Courtney Love, Stella McCartney … Do I need to continue? Kim isn’t even in the top 100.

    Nobody who is anybody likes a climbing ivy. Kim is now and will forever be a garden weed.

    • Bluebelle says:

      This is the perfect description of who Kim is… a damn garden weed. Not wanted and a pest. But I think he genuinely loves her, that contract thing people have said, I don’t think it’s true. He’s like finally dating his forever-long crush at 36. He can see no wrong, but that’s how everyone is when a dream comes true.

    • bettyrose says:

      But what exactly is a socialite? A woman who earned her wealth through birth or marriage and has no career to speak of. Even on Gossip Girl the women of substance snubbed socialites: “the Waldorf women are NOT socialites.”

    • emmie_a says:

      Well I guess he realized Kim wasn’t going to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame(whore) — so he’s going with the whole socialite thing now

      • gefeylich says:

        Not that it’s going to fool anyone, or cause them to agree that she’s the “No. 1 Socialite” either. I do wonder what his angle is. I think she’s his beard, but all this Walk of Fame/No. 1 Socialite nonsense is a little much. Talking this way just makes him seem more and more ridiculous, which I don’t think is what he’s trying to project.

    • JenD says:

      Replace “socialite” with “famewhore” and his sentence sounds right.

    • Nina W says:

      If you read what he said it’s clear he doesn’t understand the term socialite. He refers to Kim’s socializing skills as if that is what makes her a socialite. But as has already been explained a socialite is a usually well-educated woman of affluence who spends her time in charitable activities. Nothing to do with Kim or her self-aggrandizing empire of spandex and stupidity.

  5. Tracy says:

    Where is what’s her name? You know…. your baby?

  6. rianic says:

    I LOVE the idea of her changing her name, especially since PMK has been saying she wants to go back to Kardashian!!!!

  7. Birdie says:

    Kim, please wear a bra.
    As for Kanye, I think you are right, he wants the best of the best, but when your fiancee is a pornstar/realitystar/dumb***re, you get delusional.

  8. Soccer mom says:

    He sounds like some teenager when he talks. Like who says these things! He is delusional!! Her face looks so different and plastic now. I think they are only popular so people can make fun of them. They get attention for the wrong reasons.

  9. bammer says:

    Are we supposed to forget that he was M.I.A. during most of her pregnancy? Now they have the strongest most perfect & influential love in the world? Bitch please. You are not who you think you are.

  10. allons-y alonso says:

    “#1 socialite in the world”. What an utterly useless thing to be.

  11. Elisabeth says:

    All these interviews will be hilarious when they are in the midst of a bitter divorce

  12. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

    Why doesn’t he ever say her name? It’s always “my girl”.

  13. Kaya says:

    I don’t think Kanye picked her outfit? It’s not like she dressed in a flattering way before she met him.

    • Hakura says:

      @Kaya – You’re right, of course, about her flawed taste in fashion… But the things she’s been wearing for the last year or so seem to have this.. Complete lack of understanding of the female body. Kim dressed too tight & too short before, but she knew where her curves were, & tried to showcase them. He has no sense of a woman’s body w/regard to clothes, which is why I have to assume this change in style she’s done during the last year or so is the result of Kanye making the choices.

    • gg says:

      Actually I think she dressed a little bit better before he started on her. Now she wears dressier and even more poorly-made clothes. I have no idea where she gets these getups but they look like some amateur designed them just for her. A bad amateur.

  14. DanaG says:

    Does Kanye know what a socialite is? When I think of it Kim is the last person who comes to mind. Famewhore/porn star yeah Kim is top of the list lets face it she will always be known as those no matter how much Kanye tries to ignore those little facts. That outfit is just awful and yep I agree Kanye probably picked it out but then Kim is stupid enough to wear it. LOL

  15. maria says:

    It’s comedy gold every time he opens his mouth.

  16. Cordelia says:

    Let me guess, Kanye told her she looks good in paler (blush, especially) shades– so that’s all she’ll wear..ever. These two are perfect for each other. One likes to be told what to do, and the other likes to tell people what to do. Can’t wait for the wedding.. the inevitably catastrophic marriage and the epic custody/divorce battle!

    • Hakura says:

      @Cordelia – That would be interesting, if custody became an issue. Up til now, Kanye really didn’t show much interest in North. He spent her entire pregnancy hiding in Paris (in his ‘BFF’ boyfriend’s designer closet…), then he dragged Kim to Paris, away from the infant she supposedly breast fed from day 1. I’ve never really seen him interact w/the baby… There aren’t any pics, are there? Has he even really talked about North outside small publicity statements?

      I just don’t get feeling he really feels as ‘paternal’ toward her as Jay-Z does toward Blue. I always thought the pregnancy may have been an accident, given how quick he seemed to high tail it out of the freaking country & STAY there. His lack of open affection (that I’ve seen, I could be wrong) strengthens my belief it was a shock (at least to Kanye. I hate to be this cynical, but I can easily see PMK coming up w/the plan & ordering Kim to stop taking birth control or using protection. Kims old enough, & has been in MORE than enough relationships, to know exactly how to prevent pregnancy.) point being, maybe he wouldn’t challenge Kim for custody, sad as that would be.

      • littlestar says:

        Hakura – you are so right! Great observation. Not only has there neen NO photos of Kim holding North, Kanye has posted no photos of their child (not that that is a bad thing), but he’s barely mentioned his daughter. The few times he has, it’s been such generalizations, he could have badically been talking about anyone. He talks the same way about Kim too.

      • Nina W says:

        Don’t under-estimate his narcissism, this little girl is his and he won’t let her go ever. He may not treat Kim as well as he should but his little darling will be on a pedestal in his heart forever.

  17. eliza says:

    Please, make this stop. I just can’t with these two. The overly inflated egos have just worn me down. Good grief when will it end?

  18. ag-UK says:

    He is a FOOL, he sounds like one and should really keep his mouth shut. He is not in Jay-Z’s league. She looks swollen and washed out with that hair colour she should avoid wearing beige as well.

  19. BeckyR says:

    Is he full of crap or WHAT?

  20. Alexandria says:

    Kim and Kanye are socialoadofcrap.

  21. ScotiaGirl says:

    Holy Sh*t! Does he have an ego or what!! Thinks he is God and she is the next highest power. Unbelievable!! He is completely full of HIMSELF. Wish they would disappear off the planet. Really getting SICKENING!

  22. Samiam says:

    Haha he and her are the most influential couple in the world? Really? More then Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, President Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama, Prince William and Kate Middleton?
    This guy is clearly delusional. Neither him or his baby mama are world wide recognized like the couples I have mentioned. Whats so influential about them?

  23. yuck says:

    I find it so odd that Kanye’s main attraction to Kim seems to be her famewhorishness. “No. 1 socialite in the world”? Seriously? Even if that were true (in some alternate universe), why TF is that so important to him? I was under the impression that he’s trying to base his image on his deep thoughts and that I-am-an-ARTIST mantra, and this is what he considers important about Kim? I can’t get over the feeling that there is an intentional attempt to present himself and Kim to the world as caricatures. Maybe that’s his stab at High Art.

  24. wonderwoman21 says:

    She’s also the #1 urinal for men with boomerang d***s!

    • YEEESUS says:

      orchestrated by the one and only MOMMY! Kris Kardassian. I’m sure she is already talking to Vivid Entertainment about future deals for North, Kendell and the other one, she might have to do backdoor stuff since she doesn’t have the face for porn!

  25. lolita says:

    I’m not into body shaming anyone so this isn’t a read or shading her but do boobs sag immediately after you give birth and start breastfeeding? I thought it happened after years of breastfeeding? I’m genuinely asking.

    • swack says:

      Her boobs sag because she refuses to wear a supportive bra (even while she was pregnant). I breastfed 3 babies and mine didn’t sag and still don’t sag that much (and I’m 60). The dress is a major fail as once again it is too small.

    • LaLa says:

      That sag from the weight of the saline. She probably has at least 500 cc’s in each implant. If you look closely you can see the outline of the implants. Hence, the uneven breast. Beyonce has the exact same problem….

    • Nina W says:

      Depends on the size and weight of your breasts and your genetics. My boobs are pretty generous and a bit saggy at 46 despite 30 years of bra wear. Gravity wears on us all and if you have “real curves” you have to wear a “real” bra or you might wind up with your nipples at your knees.

  26. paola says:

    Ironic how Kanye’s mother died because of plastic surgery complications and he’s now going to marry somebody that had so many procedures that could now be a doctor!

    • Hakura says:

      @Paola – That is a very good point, I hadn’t even *thought* about that! So after what happened to his Mother (whom he just idolized), he’s hitching his wagon to a woman famous for their multiple cosmetic surgeries, shallow obsessive ideals about appearance, & absolutely NO self esteem?

      He would decide to make an emotional bond w/someone that will, w/o question, be having many more (likely risky, like the butt implants) procedures done as the years pass, risking their health? This is just one more thing that makes me believe this is a huge sham performance.

  27. goldie says:

    That bustline is so many kinds of wrong I dont know where to start…but yes I would think the centre of kanye’s world would’ve been the baby…

  28. MissMoody says:

    1. Kim shouldn’t wear so much white. Not a good look.

    2. She really destroyed her face. She went from standing out to looking like a slightly younger Real Housewife. Not a good look.

    3. THR did an article not too long ago about how the Kardashian Sears line was a huge bust for the company. Where is he getting these numbers from? Lying is not a good look.

    • Quinn Parker says:

      The Sears in my area hardly has ANY of the Kardashian krap in the store…and the few things I’ve glimpsed are hideous and cheaply cut. Big shock!!

      I’ll admit a few years ago, I bought a Jessica Simpson coat. I got a million compliments on that thing…her stuff looks like Chanel compared to the Kardashian junk.

  29. Dawn says:

    She is certainly not the number 1 socialite in the world and him saying it is like declaring himself a genius. These people are tiring with their vapid self-praise. Go away already.

  30. Ag says:

    Kanye needs to lay off the delusion pills. Bless his heart.

  31. Quinn Parker says:

    Kim Kardashian is as much of a socialite as Farrah Abraham, Back Door Teen Mom.

    Kanye must think he is marrying Pippa Middleton.

  32. Jayna says:

    He really is an idiot, isn’t he? I never realized as much as lately. Number one socialite? One of the number one designers? LOL All from a Sears budget line with her sisters that they don’t design anyway? I’m on the floor on that one. Number one power couple? Gag me. All Kim, who passed on Kanye for years until she was desperate, is thinking is, for all this money, still small hands, small . . . .

  33. mzizkrizten says:

    I have always wondered if Kanye is the one who insisted his mom get the plastic surgery. He’s so image conscious I bet he wanted her to look the part, mother of the greatest (fill in the blank).

  34. nigela says:

    She is not even a high-end socialite. I mean Kelly Obsournce has encountered more A List people and even has A List pals.
    Stella Marcathy has A listers wearing her clothing line and I think even Duchess Kate has worn her clothes too. Something Kim tried to do but the Duchess probably isn’t aware of Kims very existence lol. What A list star would be caught dead with Kim Kardashian? I remember how Gwenyth Palthrow shaded the MET gala being filled with untalented people and I think she was talking about Kim Kardashian. I bet most of the A list stars at the MET avoided her. No doubt KK’s mission was to probably take a few pics with them but they know she is trash and avoided her.

  35. Chewbecca says:

    Nah; if Kim were the #1 socialite Anna Wintour wouldn’t regard her the same way she does Garanimals and Birkenstocks

  36. Amory says:

    I think the word socialite has been grossly misused lately. The modern version seems to imply only that one is wealthy and likes to party.

    But the word socialite originally meant a woman with breeding and education (and yes, wealth), whose duty it was to be gracious and entertaining, usually to advance her husband’s interests.

    Kim fails to meet these criteria. She is neither educated nor well bred. She is vulgar and vacant. I fail to believe that anyone would be entertained by talking to her – the voice alone would be an issue, but so too would be her ability to discuss anything other than, like, um, clothes and, like, beauty treatments (insert giggle).

    And besides, real men want women of substance, not women trained to be docile hostesses. And real women strive for a position for themselves, not to be simply an appendage to someone else.

  37. Jayna says:

    I have a feeling that Kim is going to suck all the creativity out of Kanye’s music. His next album will probably be awful.

  38. dorothy says:

    Kim, the number one socialite? When did Kanye sustain a major brain injury?

  39. Florida Girl 50 says:

    Did they give any money to the chairity?

  40. Dusty says:

    Spending your whole paycheck on clothes is not an admirable quality.

  41. Dusty says:

    Does anyone remember the saturation point reached with “socialite” Cindy Margolis a few years ago?

  42. Mingy says:

    I wish I could punt these two off the planet with a giant punter.
    Her face though! Yikes!
    Kanye’s been wearing those ugly ass shoes forever and a day..and Kimmie has no business wearing that, a turtle neck, really?!?

  43. Jassy says:

    Am I the only one that still thinks her face has changed so much? I’m not even speaking of pregnancy stress – it looks duck-ish. Like somebody mentioned, one of those ‘real housewives’. She’s only 30 something, why do that to yourself?
    She looked so pretty and fresh only a few years back.

  44. karkar says:

    She makes me want the old days of Paris Hilton every where. I would rather have that over Kimye. That’s a sad day when itcomes to that.

  45. maria says:

    magical thinking…delusional…. words that describe a malignant narcissist. He is not mentally sound. His mother worshipped him too much…egomaniac. Kim doesn’t have a CLUE what this relationship will eventually do to her. After the infatuation wanes, he is going to criticize and control like crazy!.. he will destroy any vestige of self esteem she will have left.

  46. emmie_a says:

    As for changing her name to West, I guess Kim is one of those method actors who really commits to their role – err job.

  47. palermo says:

    I’ve read far too many blind items to believe for one second that they are in a real relationship. This is ALL for ratings and media exposure. Where in the hell is the baby, does she even exist

  48. shellybean says:

    I do like that he defends his lady love, however, he is completely delusional.

    Kim looks good in cream colors, but I’m not sure about the skirt portion of this dress. Her body does look good though.

  49. gg says:

    Okay … this: “‘She’s been spending her whole check on clothes since she was 16, just like me.” (this is supposed to be some great thing?)

    totally defeats this: “‘I’m so happy to be with her, to live this life together, and – with our relationship with God”

    Why? Not because it’s a “sin” to be a vain, money-wasting clotheshorse, but because the overwhelming greed, materialism and consumerism is completely non-altruistic and antispiritual. He needs to ponder on what the word blessed means. It means you don’t think about your addiction to spending thousands on worthless useless ugly clothing rather than helping unfortunates. Don’t even go there, Jerkye.

  50. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Aww! It’s sweet how two fame whores found love. It chokes me right up.

  51. anon says:

    LoL. Even Sears does not promote her line anymore and neither do the Ks. He is misinformed and if ks did that type of buisness for struggling Sears we would see far more promotion rather then none. Has anyone actually looked at the longjevity of anything the Ks promote from the first few months. Seriously take a look.. There flash in the pan strike while its hot and bail scam artists.one day it will slap them all where it really hurts. They live well beyond there means believe it or not. All for show and fame. Kanye now is on the same path. How they can be taken serious is beyond me. She inserted herself into weight war when she was declined by well established weight reducing companies. Whatever the agenda is dor the week the Ks will insert themsleves to to stay relavant. Its always piggy backing off of another to make it there own

  52. Tiffany says:

    So are there photos or video of Kanye in a compromising position and the family has the footage? Did Kanye realize that he is losing his fanbase? Is the record company not happy with the numbers of his latest album. Something has to explain this 180. He is just not self aware to think to change on his own.

  53. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    I can’t wait for these two to go the way of Heidi and Spencer.

  54. vicky says:

    I actually love that dress! Sorry everyone but I love them together. I was pro-Reggie for a long time, but he’s a punk. Kanye is the only one man enough to take Kim and her world on…so kudos! However I do have to agree about some Faustian pack being made. I think Lamar unfortunately is going to be the first casualty of that deal. :( Poor Khloe!

  55. Dommy Dearest says:

    All the surgery she’s gotten to her face is making her eyes slant which reminds me of down syndrome.

  56. Asiyah says:

    I truly believe he is the most insecure person in the world. To me, it seems that he’s only interested in her for the supposed status he thinks she can bring him, and vice versa. It’s all over power and influence with both of them, and not about love. The sad thing is that their daughter will most likely grow up internalizing this and believing this is what relationships are supposed to be about.

  57. MavenTheFirst says:

    Like all true narcissists, he sees her as an extension and reflection of himself. So, of course, when he looks in the mirror, he sees perfection.

    Until they break up, and then they will devalue each other like crazy and in the nastiest and most damaging ways possible.

  58. Claudia says:

    LOL, a power couple? Yeah okay.

    Real celebrity power couples: Brad & Angie, Beyonce & Jay Z, Victoria & David Beckham, Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert… In all examples, both individuals are talented and bring their own to the dynamic. The famous for being famous train eventually leaves the station, just look at Paris Hilton. No one will ever take the Kardashians seriously.

  59. chops 116 says:

    I think she is looking pretty good lately… lately as in maybe the last week or two…. for some reason I get the feeling that she isn’t happy in this relationship and ‘ long haul’ is not going to happen…. he comes across as such a miserable prick…. can’t imagine spending an hour with that ego! actually makes me feel sorry for her…

    • prettylights says:

      In her photos with Kris Humphries she actually did look truly happy, always had a big smile on her face. In her photos with Kanye she is rarely smiling and just looks tired and over it. You’d think having a baby with someone and getting engaged would make you on top of the world! Def don’t think they’ll last either.

  60. Sugarrbunny says:

    Urban Dictionary: socialite
    (n) A person who is rich and unemployed. Must be in active contact with the media and other rich and unemployed people

    Using THIS definition of socialite, then Kanye, for ONCE is right

  61. Emily says:

    Oh puh-leeze!!

    For starters, if this woman doesn’t stop trying to lie to the world and herself and claim she only weighs like 130 lbs, I might begin to think she is legitimately,certifiably delusional. I’m not knocking her, considering her body type I think she actually looks pretty decent, but she is at least 145-150 lbs. She is a small woman and she is carrying a lot of excess (not knocking it, just saying). Her butt and boobs alone are about 35 extra pounds and she has never been very slim to begin with, so you do the math.

    As far as Kanye up-talking her… Whatever. He only says positive things about her because he sees her as “his” and whatever Kanye has, has to be the absolute best in his eyes. His infatuation with her or any praise he makes of her has nothing to do with her and everything to do with himself. By complimenting her, he is trying to say “Look at what I have, what I have is the best.” Their relationship is seriously f*cked up and twisted and its pretty creepy if you actually consider the fact that these two people truly are a perfect match based on their narcissism. Kanye sees paparazzi following Kim around 24/7 frantically trying to get a picture and equates that with him having something very valuable by her being “his.” Kim sees Kanye getting praised in Vogue magazine and praised by the fashion world as being some great innovator and she sees him as the key to everything she really wants in life… Superficial excess.

    Was it a just rumor or the truth that their house wasn’t ready for such a long time because their gold toilets and sinks weren’t in yet? If that is true, it just goes to show how they’ve both become shameless in their excess because they’re both so superficial and soulless and they thrive and feed off of each other.

    I really just wish someone would tell celebrities that opulence is not synonymous with class. Just because you can afford a 15-carat ring does not mean you don’t look completely tacky and ridiculous wearing one. Just because you can afford to rent a stadium for a marriage proposal does not mean that it is tasteful. And also: I thought they wanted to shy away from the media? Why in the hell were there multiple cameras at their engagement?

    Anyone who actually buys into their bullshit is just as delusional as the two of them are.

  62. Bex says:

    She looks like she took pics of JLo to the plastic surgeon for her inspiration. When she turns around she kind of looks like JLo might look if she let herself go for a few weeks.

    Decent clothes would help so much!

  63. Asdfg says:

    That top is very unflattering on her. Her make-up is boring. Nothing new.

  64. RHONYC says:

    i wonder what all the jzooshed-up booty gals are gonna do when their 60′s hit?

    how ya gonna bodcon that sh*t when the old comes a callin’, hmm? i dunno. :?

  65. floridaseaturtle says:

    Wow. And still, the first word that comes to mind is tripe.

  66. NewWester says:

    All kidding aside if a man like Kayne with such a large ego, who by all accounts has been obsessed with Kim K for ages is acting like this now. What will happen when(not if) the break up happens? It could get very ugly and I am not talking just throwing around nasty words.

  67. Dirty Martini says:

    He says that like its a compliment….

  68. chalkdustgirl says:

    Aah, just what every mom wants to hear for their little girls…#1 socialite in the world, aka chick who shoots chemicals in her face and as* then exploits every part of her shallow life so some people may be slightly interested then buy crap with her name on it made by underpaid workers overseas…!!!

  69. Erin says:

    Is it just me or is Kim wearing a half top and a girdle? Do these two fame whores ever hang out with their child? Was the intention of this baby just another media scam or even to satisfy pimp momma Kris’ inability to have another child? Perhaps Kim should take notes from her sister Courtney regarding parenting.

  70. Lizzy1013 says:

    Why does he dress her in these ridiculous outfits???? And why does she wear them??? She has to know she looks awful. Just because something costs a lot of money, doesn’t mean it’s FASHION.

  71. LovesGossip says:

    Number 1 socialite in the world? I think not. I do not believe Kim and Kanye are a “real” couple AT ALL. I think Kanye gets a beard/girlfriend/wife who is supposed to make the gay rumors go away. Kim gets the “status” of being
    girlfriend/future Mrs. Kanye West (gag). Being Mrs. West is supposed to elevate Kim into a higher social status (Vogue cover, HWF etc). Future Mrs. West or not, she’ll always be remembered as the girl that was pissed on by Ray J.,IMO.

  72. Amelia says:

    There is nothing slender about Kimmidia. And Kanye is either high or punking the world.

  73. Jane says:

    She’s a number 1 something in this world, but I wouldn’t put socialite after that. I’d get banned for the word I want to use, so I’ll be good.

  74. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I still have flashbacks to when she stuffed her swollen feet into those shoes with the see through plastic ankle strap–I honestly thought it was a flesh colored strap at first glance.

  75. RN says:

    Two words that don’t belong in the same sentence – “Sears” and “socialite”.

  76. courtney says:

    yes Stella McCartney could be considered a Socialite but she’s also been in the fashion industry since age 15 she started as an apprentice for Christian Lecroix for his first collection in 1986 then has had a few of her own. Kim on the other hand is only infamous from her dad being one of OJ’s lawyers and the sex tape the Newman sisters could also be considered Socialites because of the wealth of their parents/stepparents but all of them have been involved in civic causes and Philanthropic work from a young age. granted the youngest will be 49 next spring correct Paul was married twice having 2 daughters Susan & Stephanie from his first marriage born February 21st 1953 and 1954 and three daughters from his marriage to Joanne Woodward Eleanor Theresa born April 8th 1959 Melissa Stewart born September 27th 1961 and Claire Olivia born April 21st 1965

  77. HB says:

    I think they are a beautiful couple. I think they look great together. I’m sorry the world is so shallow, but I don’t feel the need to target them for my own personal needs to feel better about myself.

  78. Terrile says:

    I would consider the term “socialite” to be an insult.

  79. Snappyfish says:

    I’m glad they named their child North West, unfortunately it will probably be the only guidance the child ever gets

  80. lili says:

    is it just me?
    or does it seem like he’s trying to turn her into (albeit a stockier version of) amber rose?
    seriously, imagine her bleached hair cropped.,
    so pretty before, even if overdone,
    she just looks weird now.

  81. RHONYC says:

    good lord, the rump roast on that girl. :-(