Welcome to the new design for Celebitchy (Update)


Two weeks ago we attempted to launch our new design. It was like trying to race a Ferarri down a country road with cows crossing, the cows and the car were both worse for wear. We traded in the Ferrari for a Ford Focus, which involved some haggling and selling at a loss, and are back. (I happen to drive a Focus and think it’s awesome, and it looks like a more expensive car than it is, right? Or am I just fooling myself?)

The new design should work well on phones, tablets and desktops. That happened with a lot of trial and error and some minor tradeoffs. If you notice anything that you would like us to change or add, please comment here and I will do my best. If it’s specific to your tablet/phone, please add details about your device.

I did read all of your comments and suggestions a couple of weeks ago and have tried to accommodate your requests. Many of you mentioned that the “latest comments” list was useful so we’ve added that. Some people missed the grey patterned background and our menu color scheme so we’ve put those back as well. I’ve also added some features for phones, like being able to go to the next and previous stories without returning to the homepage, and being able to view comments without indents for replies.

You may notice that the comments are the same as on the old site but with the added feature of being able to reply right underneath a comment. The mobile/phone comments should be about the same as well.

Hopefully the new site is just as easy to use and as quick to load as before. It should also not be a big change. We wanted it to feel familiar and seem similar to the last site and your feedback helped us achieve that.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and commenter! We appreciate it.

Update: We were having an issue where people using Internet Explorer could not respond to a comment. The developer tells me that this is fixed. If you are still having this problem, please clear your cache, hit shift-reload and try again. If it’s still not working, please email me at info@celebitchy.com with information about the browser you’re using and the issue you’re having.

Many mobile users have asked to be able to see comments in regular, non-mobile view. There is now a link above comments on mobile phones to switch to regular comment view.

Some people on Internet Explorer have said that there is too much scrolling on the new site and that images are huge. This is unique to Internet Explorer users with larger font settings and is due to the fact that our site is now text-based and “responsive.” Our older site was image based and appeared the same across browsers, this site is designed to adapt to the browser and will work on mobile devices. To fix the layout in Internet Explorer, please adjust your font settings.

Some of you have noticed that the comment section does not allow bolding and italics. This is a setting somewhere in the styles and I will find it and fix it. I will also make the links in the comments a different color so they stand out.



photo credit: WENN.com and FameFlynet

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  1. Gwen says:

    Looks good! Thanks for the ASkars pics :D

  2. Josey says:

    I love the new site.. The mobile site is truly a lot more fun too. Congrats to all who worked on it.

  3. SallyJay says:

    Thank you for the Hiddles pics too! And for all your hard work :-)

  4. PunkyMomma says:

    Looks great! Thanks for all of the eye candy, too!

  5. Sal says:

    Please, please please put the RSS feed function back so you can read the last 10 comments in a thread without having to scroll through 100-200+ comments just to see the latest 3 or 4.

  6. fancyamazon says:

    I love it. One thing I always appreciated a lot about this site was the layout and design, and this feels clean and fresh but with all the things I loved about the old layout. Great job!

  7. T.fanty says:

    It looks great. And so much better on my iPhone. Thanks!

  8. Sabah says:

    I really like it, much easier to use on iPhones than before

  9. girlnbayou says:

    Well yall fixed the things I was complaining about, so good job..but.. If I could just ask one more it would be to have less scrolling. So much scrolling. (Maybe that’s what the people who had to handwrite the Bible thought too) anyhow, I don’t know if it is because the fonts are 1000% percent bigger but it takes a lot of effort to get to the bottom of the screen for every thing; article headlines, article bodies, comments section. But regardless of that yall are still my most very favorite website ever of all time.

  10. Betty says:

    well well well it’s shiny and new and I like it too

  11. Sixer says:

    I am really glad you kept the comments as they were and I love the rest of it. The feel is much more contemporary.

  12. Old-Layout-Lover says:

    I hate to say it, but I don’t like the new layout and I miss the old one. With the old one, I could see 12 or 15 photos and headlines,at a glance on one screen. Now there’s only one giant photo at a time on the screen, so I have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll, and scroll, and scroll, and scroll some more to see all of the latest stories. It’s way too much work. It’ll probably chase me away, I’m afraid. I’ll miss you if that happens.

    • Celebitchy says:

      This should not be happening for you. What kind of device are you on? The layout should look essentially like this on desktops.

      Does it look like that for you?

      • UnAttributableSpoon says:

        I just wanted to say that I have the same issue. I use Firefox on my MacBook, if that helps. I also don’t like all the scrolling, and thought that was the new site design; but since you posted the screen shot, I wonder if it’s my browser or something (wow, that was a bad sentence!). Since Old-Layout-Lover didn’t say what browser/computer they were using, I don’t know if our scrolling issues are for the same reason. I’m going to try looking at the site in Chrome to see if it’s a browser thing.

        Also, if I can get it to work on my computer/browser, I do like the new layout! It looks clean and modern^.^

        Edited to add: I just fired up Chrome to check it out, and it looks right on there. So maybe it’s a Firefox issue?

        Edited again: I FIGURED IT OUT!!
        I have bad eyesight and often increase the size of the fonts on webpages. All I did was shrink the font down a little bit and it’s looking like it’s supposed to! I don’t know how many folks will read this, but if you’re having trouble getting the site to look like it’s supposed to, try shrinking the display font down a bit, that should fix the problem. YAAY!!

    • Liza Jane says:

      Don’t like it either but then when I like something I ate change! :(

  13. poppy says:

    love it, looks great. you did an amazing job culling the best suggestions.
    it doesn’t look jarringly different than the original, much faster, and the background is less harsh than the ferrari version. eyeballs are thankful. your work is much appreciated.
    (maybe make commenting guidelines a smaller point size, not crucial)
    long live celebitchy!

  14. P.J. says:

    WOW. Imagine my surprise when I just stopped by to do my morning check in on my iPhone and Chris Hemsworth’s beautiful face popped up in a totally re-vamped (much improved IMHO) format! Well done ladies 😄 P.S. My only hope-not really a “suggestion”-is that there won’t be nearly as many, if any, issues with comments disappearing/not posting from mobile devices…

  15. Luke says:

    I like the new design, easier to read on my tablet.

  16. sam says:

    Sorry but it’s horrible on a BlackBerry Q10. It only fills up one side of the screen and the tab button down doesn’t work.

  17. LadySlippers says:

    I have mixed feelings.

    I actually liked the indent & the time stamp before as this is harder to follow threads and responses. (I routinely turned off the mobile feature to achieve this on my phone).

    However, it is loading MUCH faster and I have my gravitar. :-) Also, it’s nice that this isn’t blindingly white. lol

    Will mobile users be able to bold or italicise? I don’t seem to have that option. And the mobile feature to turn on/off is no longer an option. As previously mentioned, I preferred this to be off for a variety of reasons, including decreased scrolling.

    And MUCH thanks for listening to feedback. *dips head in appreciation*

  18. AlmondJoy says:

    I really like it! Thanks for all your hard work CB! :-)

  19. Jen34 says:

    I can’t complain. The site looks great and there are my 2 favorite guys.

  20. meme says:

    I don’t get Askars appeal at all. He looks like a weasel. Love your new look

  21. Spaz says:

    I love it! No complaints here. :)

  22. j.eyre says:

    It looks beautiful and the layout is really crisp, which I like. The old site design was great but this is a nice fresh update.

    And nothing quite makes my morning like a smiling CHemboy photo – thank you. Any tip to load him on to my devices?

  23. Stefan says:

    Well done! Have to disagree on the Focus, though….

  24. Trixie says:

    I love it! My eyeballs thank you and my brain loves the more modern look. A happy, longtime and loyal reader am I.

  25. Silver says:

    I love the new site and is fast as a ferrari would be. That being said, I will miss how the old mobile site had no pictures on the front page, this is because I usually read my Celebitchy headlines at work in the morning and people are petty as hell where I work, so a happy combo of them not speaking english and there not being pictures on the CB frontpage made me look like “hardworking woman won’t talk to anyone until 10 because she’s working so hard” lmao
    But I love you guys anyway and will keep reading my gossip at CB. Easy to load, fun to read :D

  26. toto says:

    Congrats the site looks wonderful on PC and tablet , one thing is missing and wished it was there long time back ( its scroll to top Or Back to Top) link.

    It will save us time to go back home when the comments get so long.


  27. Ladybug says:

    great job, thank you for the hard work. Also much better on my phone x

  28. Mandy says:

    Love the new site design. It’s a good mix of old and new. I visit this site every single day. I need you guys just like my morning coffee! :)

  29. mina wurst says:

    I’m a sucker for hover effects. They turn me on. Great job!

  30. Asdfg says:

    I love the new design! YAY for the replies being boxed! :) That was my only dislike in the first switch. The comments weren’t boxed and that made it super hard to follow comments/replies.

    The new site looks great!

  31. Lucinda says:

    Can you bring back the like feature on comments that was on the new design when it went up last time? I really, really like that idea. Then you don’t have to reply to let someone know you agree with them.

  32. Hakura says:

    This is totally not a complaint, since I’m not using the most tech-savvy option (as right now, I’m forced to use my ancient iPod touch (really, either 5 or more yrs old) as my computer isn’t working & I don’t have another option.

    The previous layout worked okay, even though I preferred the regular over the mobile. (But even using the regular site w/my comp, I had to *type out the code* in order to italicize or bold my text. I didn’t realize, until another user above said something, that I shouldn’t have had to do that? Was there an supposed to be an easier way, before?)

    But the way the screen comes up now on the iPod, the background is all white (none of the layout bells & whistles other users have referenced, whereas before (even in mobile mode) I could see a color layout (separating posts w/lines/boxes, but now it’s all just a bunch of text, no layout lines to separate separate stories or comments) & the text is pretty large, & won’t zoom out.

    This is surely a side effect of having the use a much older device, but before, I was still able to view things properly, unlike now, unfortunately. But like I said, this is NOT complaining. If it’s working right for everyone else, then I wouldn’t ask for you hard working ladies to spend anymore timing working on it just bc I’m having issues. =) I’ll still keep reading & trying to comment properly as best I can!

    • LadySlippers says:

      I have a newer iPhone and don’t have all of what others have. I see comments and they are in boxes but following threads is still a challenge. That’s why I turned off the mobile feature so I could see the organization of threads….

    • Hakura says:

      Just wanted to add, I just realized that when I commented here, & in other posts, my italics & bold codes didn’t work. So my comments dont show up italic or bold. & when I tried to edit a longer comment, the load failed.

      I never got the chance to make any suggestions on the previous post, & it’s just a thought, but the one thing I would *love* (that is the only thing I remotely like about the Daily Mail site) is being able to go to your profile & see your comments, so you can see if anyone replied to you, w/o having to scroll through a whole thread searching for your comments, just to see if anyone replied to it not. I tend to miss people’s replies, bc it’s so hard to do that all the time & remember all the places you commented.

      But that’s totally just a thing I’ve been hoping for. I have NO concept of how putting a site & it’s features together is done, so couldn’t even imagine what THAT would require.

      • Nono says:

        CTRL+F for your name. Most cellphones and tablets should have a similar function.

      • LadySlippers says:

        @Nono. Can you explain a tad more? Thanks. :-)

      • claire says:

        @LadySlippers: ctrl + F is the Find feature. Click ctrl then F on your keyboard and a little search box pops up that lets you search a word on a page. Type in your name, hit return and the function will index the occurrences of your name(or any word you choose) on that page and then you can quickly go to your comment or comments where someone replied to your name using the @yourname in their reply. It won’t work on the main page of the site but in the individual story pages. It’s just a quick workaround or shortcut for finding the replies. On Macs it’s the command key + F.

      • Hakura says:

        @NoNo – Thanks =) That’s what I always use, which is effective, but when a story becomes a couple days old, & you’ve commented a few times in several stories, you end up A.) Trying to follow the comments of a lot of stories, as days pass (&discussions continue throughout a lot of them), B.) Having trouble finding an older story once there are a lot of updates, or C.) Forgetting where you commented, so not realizing you haven’t checked back.

        But even then, that’s under normal circumstances, & unfortunately, I’m not sure how long I’m going to be stuck on my old iPod touch for all Internet use (trying to deal w/computer warranty & all that fun)… & on this sucky thing, I don’t have the option to use ‘find’. But those are just my reasons I’d love it. It’s definitely not criticism of the current system. But I really appreciate your taking the time to read my long post, & give advice! =)

      • Nono says:

        You’re welcome. :)

        I don’t have an iPod so I’m not sure how Celebitchy works on it.

        Here’s a quick tip for when your computer returns: clicking “Comments” under each story in the main page will change the text colour to green. I open stories from their titles the first time around, and when I return to them a second time I’ll click on “Comments”. This way, the website indicates which stories I’ve commented on because the “Comments” text is green.

        Hope that wasn’t too complicated. :)

    • Celebitchy says:

      I had a developer help me with the mobile styles as I was super tired by the time I got to that point. I will ask him if he can develop a setting where you can turn them off.

      The issue where you can’t bold and italicize is built into the styles somewhere and I will find it! I just have to do some tweaking.

  33. littlestar says:

    It looks great! New and fresh :) . Thanks to CB for your hard work keeping us entertained.

  34. bluhare says:

    I like the new layout too, but I’m having a few problems on my desktop.

    Post heavy threads hang. It’s much better on Chrome so maybe it’s an IE issue?

    I am not commenting directly under a comment. It takes me down to the comment form, I click on it, and then it takes me back to the top of the article. I scroll back down and then I can comment. Although this is the first time I started my own comment instead of replying and it worked ok.

    Thanks for all your work. I know it was a tough job.

  35. Jane says:

    It’s OK. I prefer the old format though.

  36. Nono says:

    Revamp 2.0 is much improved. The website was chugging some last time you launched the new layout, but now it’s smooth as cream. Thank you, Celebitchy! Congrats on the renovations.

  37. Ruyana says:

    I do miss the list of other sites at the bottom of the page (Amy Grindhouse, CDAN and so on).

  38. Shauna says:

    It’s perfect, thank you for all your hard work!

  39. Vera says:

    I like the new design, and it’s good to see some new posts on a Sunday.

  40. Tara says:

    Oh no not again.
    All these big pics and having to scrollllllllllllll
    And that font
    I miss the old layout

  41. claire says:

    It looks gorgeous. I really commend you all for all of the work you put into it! I know it’s not easy as I’ve been through this process myself. It’s a great middle ground between the old site and the Ferrari version. Brava!

    I do have one teensy random suggestion. I’ve already caught myself clicking on the Celebrities button in the top menu bar to go “home.” I just didn’t notice that tiny house icon right away. I’m here all the time so I’m assuming newbies might have a momentary bout of confusion about that too, so I would suggest making the size of the home icon just a tad bit bigger and noticeable.

    Lastly, the photos in this version and the last reboot have looked positively amazing. Great quality! :)

  42. UnAttributableSpoon says:

    If anyone is having trouble with the site having one article/picture below another, I figured out how to fix that! I was hav ing the same issue and having to scroll for eons to get through things. I’m nearsighted, so I often enlarge the text of the sites I read, which I did here. All you have to do to fix the issue is shrink the text a bit, and that should make all the posts line up like they’re supposed to. No more extra scrolling around!

    Hope that helps! I’m going to bask in my problem-solving glory for a little bit (it’s one of those days, lol) ^.^

  43. themummy says:

    I love this design! It looks amazing. It was a lot of work, clearly, and I think I can safely say we all appreciate it.

  44. Aqua says:

    Wow! this is interesting.It will take some getting use too.I love that the Leave a comment is wider and makes for easier typing and reading.I hope the Reply is better this time around.Sometime I found it difficult to reply to someones comment.I appreciate all the work that has gone into this and it will take some time to work out the kinks.

  45. briargal says:

    Tried to reply to a comment above but for some reason it wouldn’t go through.
    Please NO-NO-NO like button. It is so abused on other sites–JJ and DM–by fans/haters and the general public. that it doesn’t mean a thing. Just don’t be lazy and post a response to a comment.

  46. Sunny says:

    I love it. It’s awesome that you guys really care about your users.

  47. Sparkly says:

    Love this site! Thanks for all you guys do.

  48. Cel says:

    Like it except for a too-bright white background, painful to look at after only a few minutes.

  49. Janet says:

    Works very well on my Samsung phone. Good job.

  50. nicegirl says:

    I was not fully on board with the last roll out of your site but am loving this new design! It is working very well on my computer and browser (Chrome). Thank you for returning to the grayer color.

    Your work is much appreciated. THANK YOU!

  51. lucy2 says:

    I like it – and I usually HATE when websites redesign, but this seems great. Good work!

  52. Monkey Towz says:

    Love the layout. Great on my smart phone which I use almost exclusively.
    Just read that Lou Reed died. Now I must go cry in a corner & lovingly caress my VU tattoo.

  53. tokeberry says:

    Kudos, this new design looks great. Very nice job, well done.

  54. Anon says:

    Looks very good. I miss the list of sites.

  55. DreamyK says:

    Bravo! Love the new look…and the men. It’s like Hot Guy Friday!

  56. rudy says:

    nnoooooo, I hate change!! :-{

    However, it does look good I guess. JUst tired of all my fav gossip sites changing their styles.

    Guess that;s progress. I do not have a smartphone, ipad, etc. I do have my lovely Imac. Everything looked fine before for me btw. Glad it has improved the site for everyone else.

  57. GreenHoof says:

    I visited the old site a few times but never commented but I like this new feel. I may drop by more often now! It’s a cool site. :-)

  58. Macey says:

    I absolutely hate site changes, creature of habit I guess but this isnt too bad. Havent had a chance to browse around but its not a shocking change or anything.

    Only problem I see is that you cant really tell the difference in fonts on the links in the text. Its all the same font & color. The only way I can see that something is actually a link is by hovering over it to see if hand pops up and then trying to click. Just like the Gravatar .com link above the comment box looks exactly the same as the text around it even tho its a link.

    I also miss the blog links on the front page, this site was my go to place for other sites, it was nice to have everything on the front page but now its on its own page. Not a biggie but will take some getting used to. also dont like the header pics changes to odd color when hovering around them.

  59. lmk24 says:

    It looks beautiful. And I never thought I’d say this about a Ford, but I love my 2013 Focus!!

  60. FingerBinger says:

    I’ve been having problems replying to comments and cannot comment at all with an android tablet.

    • Celebitchy says:

      Finger what make of android do you have? What’s your device name/version? I will see what I can do to fix this.

      • FingerBinger says:

        Thanks for responding. It’s a cheap android tablet that I’ve had for years, a pandigital novel. When I tried to reply to a comment nothing happened. There are no problems in how site is being displayed, just commenting has become a problem on the android. On my laptop, which I’m using now, I was using internet explorer and couldn’t reply to comments either. I would type in the comment hit ‘submit comment’ and nothing happened. I switched to Google chrome and now I’m able to reply to comments. Thanks again.

      • Celebitchy says:

        Finger there is a glitch in IE that is not allowing comment replies. Fixing this is the highest priority now and I will do my best. The issue with not being able to comment from your tablet is probably the same problem we’re having with IE. I have asked a developer for help with this and I will work on it too.

        -edit- the developer has told me this is fixed. However I can’t confirm it as I updated IE and it’s not working. Please delete your cache, try to reply to a comment and let me know. Thank you!

  61. Lukie says:

    I haven’t seen it on my computer yet, but I do prefer this new layout on my phone. :-)

  62. Nanea says:

    I’d take the Ferrari (or rather a Lamborghini Murciélago) over a Ford Focus any time but I like the middle ground of redesign 2.0 – some old and some new features.

  63. Meredith says:

    Ford Focus owners, represent!

    I wasn’t thrilled when you first introduced the redesign, but this new version took care of everything that was bothering me. Well-done!

  64. Dommy Dearest says:

    Really like the new look!
    Is there a way yall can add in the ability to reply with gifs that isn’t just the link or no? I have far too many that fit some of the comments hahahaha

  65. bagladey says:

    Very nice. Congratulations.

  66. Oh Hai says:

    SO HAPPY to get the Next/Previous! Thank you!

  67. Bianca says:

    I generally hate change, but you guys did a great job! I really like the new layout!

  68. the original bellaluna says:

    LOU REED IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :(

  69. icerose says:

    Love the new look. It’s clearer to scroll through and the reply action is quicker.

  70. Daniel says:

    the new look is good. great job.

  71. the original bellaluna says:

    I like the new look, CB. It’s a crisper, easier to read look, so great job!

  72. Tessabelle says:

    Looks great!
    What wpuld make it even better would be Hot Guy Friday returning ;-)

  73. Caz says:

    You had me at Chris Hemsworth..what’s that…a new site redesign? Looks good – appreciate all the effort this would have taken. Great job to all involved :)

    Please bring back Hot Guy Friday.

  74. Lane says:

    I really like it! I didn’t when you changed it originally, but it’s growing on me. Well done, I love your site!!

  75. Fangirl says:

    Love the new look ! LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE it ! Well done guys !

  76. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Love the new site! Especially how you guys have it set up in the archives. Being the loser that I am, I like to go back and read old archives, and it’s a lot easier to scroll through their titles, and click on the ones I want to read, instead of having to read all of them.

    Love it!

  77. Shelley says:

    Gahhhh! I’m on my iPhone, which is all I have (no computer at home). This IS blindingly white! Painfully so. Please please help. Can’t this background be a very pale green, beige, grey, or any color that isn’t burning its way into my eyes? I love this site. I can adapt to the other changes AOK but not to this. And yes, by the way, I agree – the Ford Focus and the Taurus too are extremely good looking cars! We chose two Taurus’s for many reasons, among which was loving the design!!

  78. Emily says:

    Unrelated to web design – BRING BACK HOT GUY FRIDAYS! Even throw in some girl crushes.

  79. Mibelle says:

    I love the men pics, I mean the new look, I mean the men, I mean the new look, ah, actually both!

  80. yt says:

    Very nice and clean. My only problem is that I cannot see the photos well because the mouseover washes them out. My screen view is magnified, so this would not be a problem for most viewers.

  81. Frida_K says:

    The new look is good, but can you please do something about the pop-up ads? I hate them.

  82. ag-UK says:

    The fonts look blurry or is it my eyes… didn’t look like this on my ipad but on my work PC seems like the titles are weird.

  83. Belle Epoch says:

    I can’t even IMAGINE the headaches this caused!!! Just reading about all the different platforms makes me crazy.

    I’m getting double comments (both formats) on my iphone5 – is that what you intended?

    Can we get “like” buttons next?


    • Celebitchy says:

      Oops damnit I thought I fixed something and I ended up giving mobile users double comments. Fixing that now!

      The like button is gonna have to wait. i tried it, was too complicated. (See my comment above.)

      -edit- Belle I sent you an email please check the email address you use to comment. Thank you!

  84. Slim Charles says:

    The new site looks great! You guys worked hard and it shows.