Camille Belle in Gucci for the LACMA event: the worst bangs trauma in years?


The annual LACMA Art + Film event was held on Saturday, and like most years, the event was very well-attended. I guess because the fall fundraiser happens before the awards season really kicks off, ladies (specifically Fashion Girls) get excited about getting dressed up for something big. Just FYI: Gucci was one of the big sponsors of the event, and most of the women (and men) are wearing Gucci. So, let’s begin. While Camilla Belle isn’t one of my go-to girls when I talk about good or bad fashion, I cannot stop staring at her awful bangs trauma. Seriously, this is one of the worst haircuts a young actress has ever gotten, ever. Her dress is Gucci – it looks like maternity-wear.


James Franco – he’s represented Gucci in the past, plus he loves ART. I actually think Franco looks pretty cute here. The lady is Frida Giannini.


Fergie and Josh Duhamel. She is in Versace. I like the dress – it’s very “Armani circa 2000”. It also looks like Fergie has lost most of the baby weight.


I think Kate Hudson looks really beautiful here. I know she’s not anyone’s favorite person, but she’s grown into a legit Fashion Girl, and I’m always interested in seeing what she’s wearing and how she’s wearing it.


Amy Adams in what I’m assuming is Gucci. Pretty. I love when redheads wear bronze and rust shades.


Amber Valetta – NO. Girl, this is terrible.


Kate Beckinsale with her husband Len. I love this color. I have a dream of one day painting my bedroom this color.


Leo D. and Marty! NEW COUPLE ALERT.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    My bedroom is very close to that color, I love it!
    I am in love with Kate and Amy’s dresses. And Camille’s hair does look terrible here.

    • j.eyre says:

      I am throwing my vote for Amy and Kate as well

    • Meredith says:

      Yes, Kate Hudson looks great here. And while I agree she always looks great on the red carpet, she might not have so much time to be a Fashion Girl if she actually had an acting career at this point. She is someone who used to have an acting career but now just does interviews for magazines. Too bad as I liked her movies. But girl ain’t working much these days.

      • lucy2 says:

        I was actually meaning Kate Beckinsale, but Hudson looks good too.

        I agree about her career, she’s more celebrity than actress at this point.

    • Cazzee says:

      This paint color is similar to the hue of KB’s dress:

      It’s a very soft, pretty, changeable blue. Depending onthe light and the other colors in the room it can look quite different. It has an earthy touch to it that prevents it from becoming harsh. Used it in my house on the advice of a decorator, and I love it!

  2. blue marie says:

    Those bangs are not good, she’s prettier without them. I have no idea why but she’s reminding me of Phoebe Cates.

    My favorite of them all is probably Amy Adams, she looks great, Kate Hudson looks good too. Fergie and Josh look wax-y. That girl’s been working on her fitness..

  3. QQ says:

    Jesus… Those bangs are execrable….. I also have to wonder: Who is making this Camilla Chick happen? Forwhy?

    On another note I never understand how is it possible that James TheArtist Franco is really honestly not high when i see him in pics… Like by all accounts and stuff and even himself or other actors, he isn’t, but HOW??

    • Stef Leppard says:

      QQ, I agree. I’ve never seen Camilla Belle in a movie or TV show. Is she a Twilight person? And those bangs make her look like she was beaten with an ugly stick. Hard.

    • M.A.F. says:

      From what I remember she really only has two big movies under her belt. One about cavemen and the other taking on the urban legend of the caller in the attic terrorizing the baby sitter. I think at this point she a mock-tress.

      I will say I think she is a pretty girl and the bangs wouldn’t be too terrible if the rest of the hair was a little different. Hate the lipstick color. Too 1999 for me.

  4. Hannah says:

    Considering that it was an event honoring Martin Scorsese, there were very few people there that have actually worked with him. Weird. Maybe some of them just didn’t walk the red carpet?

  5. teatimescoming says:

    Wow, that hair is 80s in all the worst ways. Ugh.

  6. MisJes says:

    I think Kate Hudson looks AMAZING. Such a gorgeous dress, and her hair, make-up and accessories are perfect. Love it!

  7. Hannah says:

    Btw, is it me or does Kate Hudson look pretty knackered?

  8. allons-y alonso says:

    I love Amy Addams’ dress. Simple and beautiful.

  9. Gabriella says:

    I think Camilla is gorgeous and she would be able to pull this haircut off if only she had a consistent style to go with it, but she’s too boring stylewise and probably personality-wise too. It’s a pity, because there’s nothing boring about her face.

  10. Kit2 says:

    Wow, I really didn’t think it was possible for her to look this bad. She’s still a beautiful woman but jeezus, that hair is horrific.

    Also I just noticed that she’s got a very similar bone structure as Adam Sandler…… huh.

  11. Tig says:

    Camilla is a beautiful girl, so why she chose to do this to herself is a mystery! They are awful! Loved her gown. Re the grey shades- just got through the ordeal of getting just the right shade of grey for a room- and now I have 50 shades of grey-paint!!- samples! Just the jokes have been endless.

    Amy looks great, as does KB

  12. Kliving says:

    Poor Camille. Her look from the neck up is like it came straight out of 1993. Like the neckline of her dress, though. Amy looks gorgeous in that color, but I think her dress would look better long.

  13. eliza says:

    Good thing Beckinsale is a fashionable lady because she is an atrocious actress.

    • Andrea says:

      KB is not the greatest actress but she was sort of fun in the Underworld movies.

    • Jen says:

      I don’t think she’s that terrible. She was really great in a movie I watched a few weeks ago – “Nothing but the Truth”

  14. klue says:

    Camilla’s face makes up for all fashion disasters, beautiful girl
    James Franco..meh
    Fergie I swear has worn this dress before
    Kate Hudson..pretty standard for her..boring cutouts
    Kate Beckinsale= flawless
    Marty needs to make an honest man outta

  15. smee says:

    Amy Adams is stunning in that color and I love her shoes.

    ITA about Kate Hudson – she always looks amazing. She has an incredible bod.

    Camille Belle (whoever that is) looks like Joey Ramone’s head got photo-shopped onto her body. Good work!

  16. Nibbi says:

    Amy Adams is starting to look like Kathleen Turner.
    Still think Kate Hudson got plastic boobs, albeit reasonably-sized ones, and that makes me sad cuz she and her mom did a good job representing the smaller-chested as sex symbols
    Maybe some cold kinda distance between Fergie and Josh? dunno just getting my Celebitchin’ done 😉
    And HOLY HELL BANGS TRAUMA YES hahahahaaaa I don’t really like that girl cuz she seems to be famous for being famous/ pretty yet is known as an actress- why??- but damn, the whole hair seriously alters the attractiveness of her face- ouch
    Also, her face make-up is very off-color and ashy compared to the rest of her skin –

  17. stellalovejoydiver says:

    Kate Hudson looks beautiful, Kate Beckinsale looks good too, but I´ve seen this look on her too many times, everyone else looks like a mess.

  18. pretty says:

    wow i didn’t think it was possible for Leonardo Dicaprio’s face to widen again but it’s succeeded. holy hell. what a pancake.

  19. mimi says:

    Those bangs on Camilla are not flattering at all. I see her at almost every Hollywood party, film red carpet and fashion event but I have no idea if she is actually working in either industry. Must be nice to get invited to all these entertainment gatherings with so little, if any, actual current work in the industry to show.

  20. Mimi says:

    How is Camilla Belle making these red carpets with A-listers? Not trying to offend but, huh? Maybe she should have held on to Tebow a little longer.

  21. OriginallyBlue says:

    I think Camillia is gorgeous, but that hair is absolutely awful.
    I like her dress and the two Kates.

  22. hadleyb says:

    I think her short fringe would work better if her hair were longer.

    Don’t really get the fringe hate on here, most celebs have the same no fringe long hairdo. YAWN.

    More people need fringe due to their face and foreheads. Please be pro fringe, some foreheads scare me. Some faces scare me and might ease the fright if they had fringe.

  23. snappyfish says:

    fergie looks like she stood too close to a flame and her face is now melting off her skull.

  24. glaugh says:

    I like short bangs on some people but not her. They just do not flatter her at all.

    I only know who she is because I saw “The Ballad of Jack and Rose” starring Daniel Day-Lewis (directed by DDL’s wife Rebecca Miller I think?) and her. She was quite good in it.

  25. emmie_a says:

    Camille has my dream eyebrows. She’s gorgeous and absolutely does not need bangs. This is true bang trauma. And gel-overload (or maybe it’s just the lighting?)

    Fergie looks fake. It looks like Josh is posing with a wax figure.
    Kate Hudson looks wax-like as well.

    I love Amy Adams bronze dress!

    Is Amber wearing Marchesa? That’s the only way I can explain that outfit.

  26. Andrea says:

    Amy Adams looks great in that rust color and I like her hair that darker, rust red. Am I the only one that hopes she keeps her hair that darker shade? She’s so fair and it really sets off her coloring better than the blond shade she was sporting for a long time. Fashion is secondary with Amy though since unlike 99% of these wannabes she’s an actual actress with interesting projects.

    Kate Hudson irritates the crap out of me (and her breast implants are obvious as all get out) but she looks pretty here. I noticed that she’s the face of Ann Taylor now and she looks very pretty in their clothing too. She’s not going to be a successful actress anymore so I guess that path makes sense.

    It makes you realize how hard it is for these women to hang on to real careers though. So few of them are actually valued for their work anymore. It’s unfortunate.

  27. poppy says:

    what about that awful ghoulish foundation?

    she is beautiful, despite herself.

  28. wonderwoman21 says:

    Camille looks very Paz de la Huerta. Not good, no not good….

  29. GIRLFACE says:

    WOW hands down the worst bangs in my recent memory. Secondly, I am with everyone wondering who Camilla Belle is and why she is relevant? I mean, she’s a pretty girl and she dated a Jonas right? Why is she always at everything?

  30. Scavenger says:

    I think Camilla is one of the most beautiful women ever, and I don’t think her bangs are a disaster, I rather like them for a change.

  31. Tiffany :) says:

    I really, really love Amy Adams and Kate Hudson’s dresses. They both chose colors that are so beautiful on them.

    Werent’ Camille’s bangs longer the other day (about brow length?). I feel like they look even shorter and choppier today. They look terrible and uneven!

  32. Norman says:

    Though LACMA will never be known like The Met, the Art Institution of Chicago, or Tate Modern it is a great museum with a renowned collection of art from around the world and it is always busy, it is big, multi-building and you are not done in 15 minutes. I recommend going to this art museum for any tour of LA. I have gone here several times and I have always enjoyed it. BTW same thing with the Natural History Museum of LA. Worth your time.

    I think Amy Adams and Kate Hudson look great as well as Kate Beckinsale and Frida Giannini. Camilla Belle usually a go-to favorite, a little less than that today. Amy was I thought the best dressed.

  33. A Fan says:

    Yes, I must concur: that is the worst bangs trauma ever.

    [And this is coming from a certified bangs liker].

  34. Claudia says:

    Very Drew Barrymore from back in the 90s (I think), right?

  35. Aurelia says:

    Some serious hot messes here.

    Kate Hudson always looks perfect on the red carpet. As does Kate Beckinsdale. I have never seen that woman look bad.

  36. Carolyn says:

    golly how did Camilla step out the door looking like this. Did she seriously not look in the mirror? Nice dress but jeez that makeup & hair are truly awful.