Did Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ‘Client List’ get canned because of her baby daddy?

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is still very much preggers. We didn’t have access to the hilarious photos of JLH wearing canary yellow and grinning at the paps outside her baby shower. That was a few weeks ago, and you can see the pictures here. I’d say that JLH is getting ready to have this baby at any moment. She looks ready.

These are pictures of Jennifer and her fiancé and baby daddy, Brian Hallisay, roaming the streets of NYC in late August. Brian and Jennifer met while at work on The Client List. Jennifer (of course) was the star of the show, and Brian pushed his way from recurring character to series regular. Season 2 of the show ended on a cliffhanger (JLH’s character set her massage parlor/brothel on fire). Deadline reports that the show has been cancelled by Lifetime despite good ratings. What gives? Jennifer wanted Brian’s role to be expanded so he could play her baby daddy on the show just like IRL. As executive producer, JLH thought she could pull off bigger paychecks for her man, but Lifetime wasn’t having it. Cancelled!

There will be no third season of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Lifetime series The Client List. I hear it was a mutual decision between the network and producer Sony Pictures TV. While the show’s ratings slipped in Season 2 – from 2.7 million for the premiere to 2 million for the finale – I hear the reasons were mainly talent-related. As we reported in June, Lifetime and Sony TV were in a creative standoff with star Hewitt over storylines for a potential third season after the actress, who is an executive producer on the show, had requested that Brian Hallisay, her real-life fiance and father of her baby, also play her character Riley’s baby daddy on the show. I hear the issues eventually became too much for Lifetime and Sony TV, leading to today’s formal cancellation. Helping the decision is the fact that since the end of The Client List‘s second season, Lifetime successfully launched two new series: Devious Maids, which already has been renewed for a second season, and Witches Of East End, which will be. Lifetime also just picked up another season of Drop Dead Diva, which also is produced by Sony and whose ratings were on par with those for Client List, and has several pilots in production including HR starring Alicia Silverstone.

[From Deadline]

This is actually sad news not only for Jennifer and Brian but also for the hundreds of crew and cast members who have lost their jobs as well. I wonder if Jennifer regrets pushing Brian so hard to her fellow producers and the Lifetime network. She’s so desperate to please her boyfriends and wants so badly to be married. Maybe she simply got carried away. Now there will be no more Jennifer Love Hewitt handjobs on the Lifetime network. Nice work, JLH.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. klue says:

    She always seems so dickmatized by every guy she’s with. It’s rather pathetic

  2. Kenyan254 says:

    this woman blood and mine have never mixed..I don’t know why I detest her!Now this is giving me good grounds to…

  3. blue marie says:

    Or could it be that it was just a crappy show? I saw just enough to realize I didn’t care to see anymore.

    • Holden says:

      Ugh, the worst. Perpetuating the Happy Hooker myth with total crap story line.

    • Trillion says:

      Good riddance to that shiny piece of crap. Massage Therapists everywhere can rejoice in the death of another media-pushed stereotype that serves their purposes and diminishes our cred.

  4. Jules says:

    I love some good snark, but this article is almost downright mean. Hilarious baby shower photos?

    • SMGsummers says:

      She is an attention whore. I remember reading about her suicide attempt rumor last year or two years ago …idk – when her mother died. She will do ANYTHING for attention Disgusting.

      Comment moderator note: Banned multiple nicks

    • Susan says:

      I agree, she’s not my favorite but making fun of her at her baby showers?!!!! All children and pregnant women should be off limits!

      • sala says:

        Why should pregnant women be off limits? I don’t have an opinion of Jennifer, but don’t see why pregnancy should give anyone a free pass. I agree with you on children though!

    • metallicwow says:

      It always amazes me that people come to this site and then complain the articles are too mean.

  5. Hautie says:

    I tend to suspect that this is more of JLH wanting him on the set daily.

    She seems to like to have the current boyfriend under foot. At all times.

    Didn’t she do the same thing with Jamie Kennedy. She had him made a regular on that other show of hers before this one. (Ghost Whisperer?)

    But JLH does not seem to have issues with getting shows on the air. So I am sure she will have a new one within the year.

  6. Barrett says:

    She is just weird.

  7. Felice says:

    Show was just bad. If you want this type of storyline, watch Diary of a Call Girl with Billie Piper.

  8. Belle Epoch says:

    Apparently she has a loyal fan base but I can’t figure out why! I find her unwatchable and unlikeable. Soon she will be in Baby Land – she may never want to leave it.

    • Heaven_ says:

      She’s unwatchable, ugly and unlikeable. And untalented and irritating as a person

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      • paranormalgirl says:

        It really does suck when someone pisses in your cheerios. I’m sorry Jennifer Love Hewitt did that to you.

  9. Heaven_ says:

    I can’t stand her. Can’t wait to see Olivia Wilde’s baby bump, once she starts showing, there will be no more pictures of her. Olivia is a real beauty, she’s a rat.

    Comment moderator note: Banned multiple nicks

    • Jo says:

      Yikes, did she steal your boyfriend or something?

      • Heaven_ says:

        She’s annoying and I just don’t care about her f kid. Why is she in the news with her stupid baby bump? Has she done anything noteworthy?

        Comment moderator note: Banned multiple nicks

      • NerdMomma says:

        You’re amusing me today, Heaven! I mean, she’s in the entertainment industry, she’s been in a bunch of shows, so I guess that’s as noteworthy as anything any other B-listers and C-listers have done. I don’t give a hoo-haw about JLH either, she’s just some actress, but I don’t feel like she’s shoving herself into my face or anything.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “Has she done anything noteworthy? ”

        Unlike…Olivia Wilde, the nobel peace prize-winner? At least we don’t have to listen to JLH talking about her bone marathon with her boyfriend.
        Frankly, I’d rather picture hottie Hallisay in bed over disgusting Sudekis.

  10. JudyK says:

    Only saw two or three episodes of her show, but it was well done.

    Not sure why everyone disses JLH so much, except for her neediness, which is pathetic to watch, and who wants a clingy woman (or man).

    Anyway, she and Brian make a cute couple.

  11. Bridget says:

    Would this be as irritating if it wasn’t Jennifer Love Hewitt? People do this all the time – their girlfriend, mistress, wife is on a show and they give them bigger parts, and yet they don’t get hung out to dry like JLH. She was the Executive Producer so she actually did have some say. So she wanted her baby-daddy to have a steady paycheck? It could have been a lot worse.

  12. Ahhright says:

    The bitch deserved it. I hope someone from the cast or crew members will ‘leak’ some nasty stories about her. Besides being a slut what does she do in life ?

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    • NerdMomma says:

      Wow, this is weird. So she’s a bitch and a slut? As far as I know she’s a C-list actress who has had a few moderately successful shows. That’s what she does in life. What is there to hate about her? And how exactly is she a “slut”? Because she has had a few boyfriends? Weird comments today.

      • littlestar says:

        VERY weird comments today :S. A lot of names I don’t recognize either… Hmmm…

        Anyway, I actually don’t mind JLH. I think she’s beautiful and seems kind and genuine in interviews. I do think it’s a bit sad that she’s so desperate when it comes to men, but overall she seems harmless to me. She just seems like an eager people pleaser is all.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Trolls are out and about in full force.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        TOK, I think it’s the same troll.

    • Celebitchy says:

      We can’t delete trolls if you guys respond to them we have to leave up the comments for context with all the responses, but I will look into it to see if they’re using multiple nicks.

      -edit- yes it was the same person, thanks for reporting this, we really appreciate it when you take the time to report comments! I banned them and marked up all their comments on this page.

  13. Paloma says:

    I don’t see her as desperate; in fact, I believe she’s the one that dumps the guy. This, I believe, is her fault for the show being dumped. When the storyline turned away from her brother-in-law as a potential suitor to more screen time for her fiancé, I felt the show lost something.

    • lucy says:

      The show did lose out when the loser husband storyline got full frontal on the show. The bro in law angle was hot and sweet. And I like the actress who played Riley’s best friend, although I really really really want her to get her thyroid checked out because her goiter was very distracting (and easy to treat, too!). Also will miss seeing Cybill Shepherd. The Client List was cheesy silly sexy roll your eyes Sunday night tv fun. None of Lifetime’s other shows appeal to me, especially not Devious Maids with the dreadful speech-impaired Rosalyn Sanchez.

  14. Ag says:

    Yeah, she’s needy and stuff, but otherwise she seems pretty harmless. I don’t get the vitriol.

  15. Axis2ClusterB says:

    Wow. I’m not particularly a fan of hers, but this story has a mean angle and some of the comments are downright cruel. ‘Slut, bitch,’ etc. Seems excessive.

    • Gleekforeva says:

      .I don’t see the mean angle of this story And the comments are correct

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    • Tig says:

      Really- I was taken aback too! She’s always seemed pretty harmless to me. And going through a pregnancy fairly soon after her mom died must be tough for her as well.

  16. nicegirl says:

    I have absolutely NO HATE for this woman whatsoever, and I checked out her “hilarious” wedding shower “grinning at the paps” photo – I was not ROFL, but maybe it’s me? I look like hell when preggo, severe.

    It sucks her show was cancelled, simply because of all of the folks employed on The Client List, but I am not sure she should be an object of hate . . .

  17. SMGsummers says:

    Wait why is everyone suddenly defending her attention seeking ***?

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  18. GMarchetti says:

    “no more Jennifer Love Hewitt handjobs”… priceless!

  19. The Original Mia says:

    Jennifer is harmless. Not sure what’s going on in this thread. I’m happy for her & Brian. Sorry their show was canceled. Seems kinda stupid to lose a show that had a loyal fanbase and decent ratings. DIdn’t Lifetime do the same to another show, then the outrage was so much they had to bring it back?

  20. aemish says:

    Shows that glamorize prostitution never make it onto my radar. The shows are the symptom, the creators are the diseased.

  21. Denise says:

    This woman s not attractive to me at all. And I am so disgusted by her

  22. Meg says:

    how shitty must her fiance feel? lifetime wanted so badly to have him not a lead on the show that they’d rather cancel a show with good ratings. you know the percentage of shows that make it to two seasons with good ratings? very very few. not only did his fiance have to fight for him and pull her weight as the lead and producer but they still said no. I’m sure he feels very inferior and emasculated. dating someone out of your own pay range is usually a problem for men.

  23. T. Fanty Fan says:

    My nephew worked on the show and is now out of work….sad

  24. Meggin says:

    I feel bad for the middle class people who worked on the show and lost their jobs. Not so much for JLH though. The show was pretty awful; it made it seem like being a hooker was so easy and every client was going to have awesome abs and be really sensitive and tell you his life story and get emotional. Uh, no.

  25. deehunny says:

    lots of acronyms in that post :p

  26. Andrea says:

    I hate to admit it, but I watched the show despite the fact I hate JLH. I hated her in party of five (remember her in that anyone?) Anyways, her and the bro in law storyline was the best but it became obvious in the 2nd season she wanted the character to go back to the husband which didn’t make any sense whatsoever and ruined the show IMO. Its better cancelled than having that guy as a regular.

  27. Vera says:

    Looks like she totally overplayed her hand….