Jennifer Lopez: ‘I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact’


I have a feeling I’m about to get yelled at, but here goes: I believe Jennifer Lopez for the most part. Jennifer recently came to her own defense when a UK plastic surgeon tweeted “before and after” photos of Jennifer’s alleged plastic surgery. Jennifer tweeted back to the doctor: “@DrAyoubi Sorry Sir, but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact”. Here are the tweets:

jlo PS


So, is Jennifer lying? While I sometimes wonder if Jennifer has had some subtle nose work, I think that’s basically the only question I have about any surgical procedures when it comes to J.Lo. I don’t think she’s had eye work. I think her ass is real. I think she works out and dances a lot and she takes care of her skin. She doesn’t smoke, barely drinks and she eats pretty healthy. I don’t even think she’s crazy Botoxed. She wears a lot of makeup and she takes care of herself. That’s what I believe. Go ahead and yell!

Here’s J.Lo in October:


Here’s J.Lo in 2004:


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Anna says:

    I think you can work real magic with makeup and I think that’s what she’s doing.

    • Erinn says:

      I think if she did get work done, 90% of how good she looks is from the makeup artists. Whoever it is, I hope she’s paying them well.

      • JS says:

        She has had a nose job. Look at her old photos! You can also tell in her first movies. Magazine covers are all photoshopped!

      • Petee says:

        I think she had a little bit of the tip of her nose done but other wise the rest is make-up and hair.I went to a make-up school in hollywood years ago.Not beautician school but a real make-up school where you learn all kinds of make-up and even horror movie effects.It is amazing what you can do with shading and highlighting.When I was little I had a very wide nose and even a gap between my teeth.As i got older my nose thinned out and the gap closed up.And I learned how to do my hair and make-up.I would bump into people from grade school and I looked so different those same people that I had had my face done.So I do think it is the power of aging and beauty skills.I think J.Lo is the same.

      • Miss M says:

        JS: I was about to say the same. I think even in “Anaconda” you can see her natural nose.

      • springingforward says:

        She is a liar. If you look at old photos of her when she was a Fly Girl on “In Living Color”, her nose is much much wider. I hate when websites use photos that are too recent to be overwhelmingly convincing. Her Fly Girl days, Google it.

    • lauren says:

      Well I wouldn´t put plastic surgery past her but the pics the doctor chose proof nothing. One pic shows her with no or barely any make up on and it seems like the pic was taken with a phone. And the other pic is taken from a professional photoshoot (make- up artist, lightning, photographer and photoshop). Plus, I also tend to think that make up artists can work wonders- so no I don´t think she had a nose job.

      • Jenny says:

        Also the pic sans makeup looks pretty recent. I agree that most if not all the difference in her look it due to shading and highlighting.

      • HH says:

        Ditto. I can’t say yay or nay to plastic surgery, but the pictures the doc has shown are hardly sufficient evidence.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      She’s had injections and subtle tweaking, no doubt.

      I think when she says “plastic surgery” she’s referring to the invasive kind, where skin is cut.

      • Axis2ClusterB says:

        I agree with this. I also think she’s had a little something done with her nose. Not much, tho.

      • Anna says:

        I have been considering subtle injections but kind of freaked out…

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        You can get stuff done and not look like a freak. I have a friend who got resty and she looks amazing. It’s barely noticeable in the sense that she just looks like herself, but more….fresh.

        The problem with Hwood is threefold-these people have too much money to waste on injections/surgery, they become obsessed with competing with the “next hot young thing”, and they’re constantly seeing themselves in photos/film.
        I think regular people who get “work” done make very minimal changes and don’t become obsessed with it.

        To me, the best PS is not noticeable at all and doesn’t change the character of someone’s face. It shouldn’t be about looking 15 years younger, but about looking like you had a good night’s sleep.

      • Anna says:

        What’s resty? TELL ME TELL ME.
        Right now I get Botox twice a year – it’s funny, my mother spots a tiny scrunch and she is like, go get a face lift! (I’m 32). But my doc is hardcore ‘less is better’ type, right now pacing me about 2.5 times per year, 2 if possible (for ‘tox). She’s even telling my mother (nearing 60 and wants a full surgical lift) to wait with lifts till you cant wait anymore and only do them once in your life, period. And absolutely nobody can spot the work – forehead ‘tox doesnt change your face as all.

        But she recommended mild fillers, and I… dunno, I have seen too many scary Hollywood examples I guess, a la cat-face on KimK and Megan Fox. So I have been very NO NO NO about it, but as the same time…some sagging, some nose-to-mouth lines… >.< Aging blows.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Restylane. My friend got some under her eyes and it looks unbelievable. She also went to the best oculoplastic surgeon in the city who specializes in this exact treatment.

        I think the key is a skilled doctor who has a dedication to the natural, subtle look. I honestly believe after seeing my friend that it’s an art form and not every surgeon can do fillers well.
        I might end up getting stuff done and would def. go to him if I decide to, would avoid medspas and pay more to have skilled surgeon with a light touch do my treatments.

      • Anna says:

        Well, my doc is the best in the city, that’s my Botox costs about 50% above the city average, so maybe I’ll let her play around a little more next time…

    • SpankFD says:

      She has transformed herself into a different person, removing most of the evidence of her original identity. And don’t even get me started on the ethnicity angle which is even more disturbing.

      Here are a few pics as evidence:

      Even if she gets a pass for investing in plastic surgery to further her career, she doesn’t get a pass for lying about. Especially as there are a world of little girls who look up to her and judge themselves by her image. Its straight to the seventh circle, baby.

      • Anna says:

        Um, if you look at photos of me from 10, 15 yrs ago, I look like I’ve been under a knife a dozen times. It’s called aging, which changes yes, your features. Plus the magic of makeup.

      • May Cage says:

        +1. One nose job for starters….

        Ppl go so crazy with plastic surgery then don’t think about that their children may look like their before pictures! Just look at Jennifer’s daughter. 🙂

    • jenniferjustice says:

      Wow. You guys are really a bunch of suckers. That woman has had nose jobs, breast implants, lip work, and more. Look her up from fly girl days in in living color. Her nose isnt even half the size it used to be. She got her boobs done after she had babies. Not big ones but bigger than they were.

    • Kate says:

      agree besides since the older photo, she’s lost weight, changed her hair color and that would give your face a drastic change

    • Mel says:

      Right, I’ve always noticed that they do magic with shading when it comes to her nose. I don’t think she’s had any work done.

    • Sticks says:

      Completely agree. Good make up.

    • bobbiesue says:

      I agree 100%. All those things listed plus genetics, sometimes. My mother had the face of a 30 year old in her 50’s…no joke..but her hair was greying. It was the only sign of her real age. And makeup can work wonders. We can see now in these YouTube tutorials what is possible. Most of Hollywood probably has had plastic surgery but that doesn’t mean ALL have.

  2. QQ says:

    Bullshit! I think nose jobs happened real early like Post Selena early… Some also say a lip redduction for more anglo look

    • Tessa says:

      Selena was what, fifteen years ago? Faces lose their plumpness all over, especially in the lips and cheeks, which can even make the nose look slimmer. My nose in high school looked wider than it does now just because my cheeks were fuller around it.

      • lamamu says:

        I remember hearing some years ago that she most likely had fat sucked out of her cheeks to define her cheekbones more clearly. I think this is a fairly common practice in Hollywood. Does it count as plastic surgery?

    • MrsB says:

      YES! If you look at pictures of her in her In Living Color Days as a backup dancer, she has definitely had work done since then. Now, I don’t think those 2 pictures that the Dr. chose show any plastic surgery, but if you look at her early career, she looks totally different! She is full of sh*t.

      • PHD Gossip says:

        bingo! She completely lost her ethnic, natural look. Tons of well done surgery.

      • Ncboudicca says:

        Absolutely she looked different when she was a Fly Girl – and the difference was notable just a couple of years after she was on the show. Had nothing to do with normal aging process.

    • Cleveland Girl says:

      I agree – for sure she had nose work done. Or perhaps put her nose on a diet as it is noticeably much thinner!!

      • May Cage says:

        Lol!! I need this diet!

        People keep saying a thinner nose through makeup. I have JL’s nose (pre-op) and no amount of shading & highlighting will ever make it look like the after picture. Actually, my nose might be a bit smaller than hers but I still don’t get those results even with a pro makeup artist.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Agreed. She looks totally different from early days of In Living Color.

  3. An says:

    Nah, she looks the same to me too. A bit of botox for sure though.

  4. J says:

    you’re kind to Jennifer, but bull*!*#! She should have just ignored him.

  5. Andrea says:

    She’s had a nose job but other than that I agree with you. A lot of the changes to her appearance from her very early years was due to tanning, bleaching her hair and weight loss.

  6. teatimescoming says:

    Yeah, I think most of what people see as surgery in her is the magic of highlighting and contouring makeup. She wears a TON of makeup, and whoever applies it, does it very well.

  7. Ice Maiden says:

    I believe her too – sort of.

    I’m the same age as Jenniffer and, though I do say so myself, I have very good skin with few wrinkles. Part of this may be down to avoiding the sun, but I reckon mostly it’s genetics.

    That said, the term ‘plastic surgery’ is quite specific in that it refers to going under the knife. So it’s quite possible that Jen hasn’t had any surgery, but may well have had non-invasive procedures such as botox or fillers. Even so, I don’t think she’s had much done and whatever she is – or isn’t – doing, she’s looking good on it.

  8. truthSF says:

    Is he serious? Those two pictures looks like before and after makeup and airbrushing. Especially considering the plain pic is fairly recent.

    • elo says:

      I agree Truthsf, that is exactly what I thought too. She looks great in the makeup free photo, but she doesn’t look 20. I think it’s all makeup and that she just happens to look great for her age, I also think that if she did have work , she would own up to it or not say anything at all.

    • GiGi says:

      Exactly! People don’t realize that when she steps out she’s in (essentially) full stage makeup. And that shiz is no joke, lol!

      Nose contouring with makeup is so common and easy to do – this Dr just wanted his name out there.

    • Reece says:

      Just about to say this.

  9. Barrett says:

    Yeah maybe no plastic surgery knife but who are we kidding she is loaded and can do laser on her skin to erase any damage and make her skin smooth. She has good genes and the best prevention dermatology can offer along w incredible makeup, facials, blah, blah. She is not an average person with financial constraints!!!

    • Mirna says:

      That;s basically it, isn’t it. You really don’t need plastic surgery unless your skin is wrinkled and/or leathery. She has neither. I see contouring and excellent use of make up. Definitely some botox and fillers, but – shoo – if I had the money, I’d get all that done, too.

    • Sabrine says:

      Lighting is different in every photo and that’s why some people think she’s had a nose job. She hasn’t had one. She takes good care of herself and she’s got good bone structure. She’s aging well.

  10. Hubbahun says:

    Nah, I’m with you, I can’t see any p.s.

  11. Amanda B says:

    NO I believe her. We all know Latinas age way better than fair WASPs. Lots can be done with makeup too. It never fails to amaze me how as anyone ages, they look different than they did as a youth. Even in my suburbs, without Botox, and fillers.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Ignoring your comment about aging (I’m fair, lol) I do agree that your face changes over the years. My nose used to have a pronounced “ski slope” and it’s just a slight one now. I didn’t touch it.

    • Eleonor says:

      I’ve googled some photos she has with her mum. Her mum has an amazing skin, and looks good.

  12. minime says:

    Looks like someone was trying to promote himself at the costs of a public figure. Is he even a really physician??! That is so moronic. IMO She doesn’t look like she has done plastic surgery (other stuff maybe), but even if, a professional person should abstain of such comments. It only reflects badly on him.

  13. mystified says:

    To me it looks only as if she’s had some really good work on her nose. Maybe she’s had surgery to correct a sinus problem; often the surgeon will offer to alter the shape of your nose during the medical procedure. If that’s what happened, I guess she might get away with saying that she hasn’t had “plastic surgery “.

  14. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Hard to tell. Her nose looks different, but may be because of the angle of the photos and the obvious contouring makeup in the second one. If she had a nose job, it was very subtle.

  15. Jade says:

    I think her definition of plastic surgery doesn’t include Botox and lasers and some people think the same way about these procedures. Anyway I think she has had Botox for her jawline, it’s sharper and makes one more photogenic and slimmer on camera so that could be a career move. Regardless, she is aging well and her skin is well taken care of by her and her derm.

  16. MrsBPitt says:

    I just bought some face creme at Sephora for $65 for a small tube. This was a fortune for me! It makes my skin look so great (for age 55) . I’m sure these movie stars are buying much more expensive, and wonderful products for their skin. Cremes that cost hundreds of dollars. Its no wonder their skin looks fantastic! Not only that but they can afford laser and face peels. I do think Jennifer takes reallly, really good care of herself, and I think it shows! I’m voting no plastic surgery!

    • rianic says:

      What’s the cream? Don’t dangle that carrot!

      • MrsBPitt says:

        Caudalie Radiance Day Creme…I’m going back to purchase the eye cream, too (as soon as I sell my first born, so I can afford it)!

    • joanne says:

      what brand of creme was it? i’m always looking for one. it’s good if someone has tried it and says it’s worth it. thanks.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I started using Skinceuticals line (which is also insanely expensive) and it’s done wonders for my skin. Worth every penny.

  17. Nev says:

    Stunning woman. Sit Down doc.

  18. dahlianoir says:

    very expensive make up, beauty products and a healthy routine I guess.

  19. ShanKat says:

    I believe her…I think if she’d had any rhinoplasty, her nose would look a bit more refined overall, and it still has that sort of smooshy bit on the bridge. I love to love and hate J-to-the-L-O, and I never believe what she says…but this one I believe. Contouring works miracles!

  20. Paloma says:

    She’s had a chin job (yes, I’ve seen old pics) along with her nose job.

  21. Jackson says:

    I think she’s had a nose job, botox, fillers and probably a whole host of laser/tightening procedures. Perhaps she defines ‘plastic surgery’ as ‘having actual plastic inserted into her body?’ Or she doesn’t think a nose job is ‘plastic surgery?’ I don’t know, she looks good though – if only she would learn how to tone it down and dress with a bit of style and classic elegance and drop the glittery sausage casings that show too much skin.

    • hadleyb says:

      Agree. One time she was looking very cat like from having too much filler in her cheeks. She rarely over does it but I think thats why she looks good.

      Fillers / lasers / botox but in moderation not real housewives over done.

      I just love it when celebs say no plastic surgery and don’t consider injectables as cosmetic.

  22. serena says:

    I don’t know about her nose, but basically I believe her. She just wears a whole lot of make-up so you can’t really tell when you see her bare face.

  23. Kim1 says:

    No surgery with a scalpel

  24. ANDREA1 says:

    I don’t think she has had any work done latinos are blessed they have this age defying gene e.g salma hayek, sofia Vegara etc

  25. taxi says:

    She had a good nose job a long time ago, maybe 20 years or so. Lots of people call it “deviated septum repair” but it’s often a nose job. Anniston used that line about her most recent nose work.

  26. Sarah says:

    I think its makeup and photoshop.

  27. Lucinda says:

    There was a period of time about ten years ago where I never recognized Jennifer Lopez. I couldn’t figure out why until I went to look at old pictures of her. Then I realized her nose looked quite different and it changed her whole face to me and she looked less Latina to me. Eventually I got used to her new look. Whether it’s make-up or surgery, I don’t know. I think it’s surgery. I do believe she is aging pretty naturally. She doesn’t look plumped or pinched or Botoxed to me. But something happened with the nose in my opinion.

  28. JillyRo says:

    I defintely think she had a nose job. But I believe she has had some fillers and procedures done, but think she doesn’t consider that “surgery’., but yes, she has had work done without being cut, think she is saying she’s never been “knifed”.

  29. msw says:

    I believe her. Most of those “doctors” claiming plastic surgery seem way off to me. Usually, the pics they draw comparisons from are different as a result of makeup, angle or aging.

    She is beautiful, with or without makeup. I wish she could get a personality transplant.

  30. palermo says:

    Salma H had a nosejob and boob job. Aging naturally, who knows. J-Lo definitely had a nosejob and I’m guessing a tummy tuck after birthing twins

  31. Penelope says:

    Nose job & Botox for sure. Just admit it; you look freaking great and those two things are minor in Hollyweird.

  32. idk says:

    I believe her…she is one of the only women in Hollywood that has a very natural face ! If you put any woman’s picture side by side, one with make-up and one bare faced, ummm yeah there will be a difference. Jlo’s face has always looked the same, just weight fluctuations that’s all. She does use a lot of creams to keep the wrinkles away and it’s working great !

  33. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    Right, and she is also one of the greatest singer/songwriters of her generation; How about trying to put out some decent music and not that lame generic club crap.

    • idk says:

      No lol let’s be honest, she is not one of the greatest singers or songwriters, but you can tell her face is very natural. She normally ignores rumors, but replied to that Doctor…why would she put attention on something if she knew she was lying? You can tell which celebs have had work done and which haven’t.

  34. floretta50 says:

    It has come to the point where lay men know more than plastic surgeons who have studied, and practiced their profession for 25 and 30 years. I will go with the plastic surgeon. These stars seem to think that people are stupid and they tweek , pinch, remove and build up and think aha it is done so subtly it will fool the public, everything is au natural, and fools for some reason believe because the person is a so call star they were born with special genes and unlike regular people their faces stay forever young. It is obvious from Jlo’s past photo’s that she has cheek implants, her face was flat she also had a nose done and bleached her skin she was brown not white.

  35. Mar says:

    She did something in the eye area recently to give her that more lifted look. Maybe not evasive surgery but she did a tween or 2.

  36. Maggie says:

    She sucks as a singer but the woman is gorgeous. I dont think she’s had anything done.

  37. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I won’t say she had plastic surgery or not because I simply don’t have the eye for tht. Regardless, time is a factor as well, we can’t look the same after 10 or 15 years. I would even say that the new make-up products can make some kind of a difference, not to mention make up techniques like highlighting – there are comments that say that already. And this surgeon, he could have used two photos in which she doesn’t wear make-up and maybe he would have had more credibility at least as far as I am concerned. That being said, she doesn’t look like a woman who starves herself. That is a factor as well in looking good, healthy and youthfull.

  38. Lucy says:

    I believe her.

  39. P.J. says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. These ridiculously self absorbed/involved celebs are so far up their own *sses that I truly think that they start to believe their own lies and hype. (See: Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, etc.) I mean, they do know that “before” pictures can be found anywhere and that we all DO have eyes, right?? Also, the wealthiest celebs have access to the very best plastic surgeons and any great surgeon worth their salt will tell you that the best work-even work done with the goal of creating dramatic changes- is 1. Done subtlety over time and 2. Purposely done in that way so that you look “improved” but that the casual observer won’t ever be able to quite put their finger on the differences unless they see a side by side using said “before” pictures. J. Lo is a prime example of this. (This is how it’s almost always done one Hollywood-just look at before and after pics of say, Julia Roberts when she first started out compared to now. She has a COMPLETELY different face and that hardly came from “aging naturally” but you wouldn’t really know just how drastic the changes were until you compared.)

  40. Madriani's Girl says:

    She clearly had nose surgery at some point between her Fly Girl days and now. Please.

  41. nicegirl says:

    What is absolutely GREAT about this discussion, to me, is that we kinda CANNOT really tell . . .

    AWESOME work, if she’s had any.

  42. themummy says:

    Bullllllllshit. Her nose is not even the same at all, in any way, and it is NOT an effect from makeup. That excuse wears thin, especially here. Also, her chin is very pointy now compared to before, and not in a I’haven”t-lost-the-fat-in-my-face-yet kind of way. I like her just fine (as an actress, though–not as a singer…::gag::), and I think she’s stunning, but c’mon now. Stop the bullshit train right here.

  43. Megan says:

    I think she botoxes but I also think every actress over 35 botoxes, and I don’t think it is a big deal as long as it isn’t over the top which she isn’t. I also think JLo has a great face for make up. What I mean is her bone structure takes make up really well and allows it to do what it is suppose to do so I don’t think she had any work done.

    however, she isn’t in her 20s so it is nuts to think she is going to look the same as she did, and she doesn’t. I believe her.

  44. Quinn says:

    I smell some major BS on this one. Puhleeze ! This is the same woman who wore fake eyelashes made out of mink in the 90s…I don’t think aging naturally is going to be her thing.

    • Megan says:

      she isn’t denying fake eyelashes or even fake hair. She has actually always been very open about doing that. This is plastic surgery, now maybe she did but I really don’t see it, so if she did its good work.

      If she said she never did fake cosmetic tricks I’d call foul, but she isn’t and never has. I know a ton of people that have fake eyelashes and fake hair but would rather die then go under the knife. Big difference between those two things.

  45. Jane says:

    For Pete’s sake. When will people understand contouring.

  46. Holden says:

    I believe it, she also hasn’t updated how she dresses.

  47. sinjiin says:

    they can do some amazing things with make-up plus photo shop ,but if she had surgery its not any ones business but hers ,but i will say this since its a doctor thats claiming he took the before and after photos first the before pic looks like they were not taken in a doctors office she also looks like she just woke up . that doctor had better be careful because there the hipocratic oath he is not to reveal any details on any of his patients

  48. Fan says:

    I believe her.

  49. Torisan says:

    JLo also said her fraternal twins were naturally conceived, without the help of modern medicine or egg donors.

    I’m sure next she will tell everyone she’s never been sick a day in her life!

    Wow, she is just so much more special than all the rest of us.

    • idk says:

      What makes you think she’s lying about naturally conceiving? There is no shame in fertility treaments. I don’t see why she would lie about that. JLo has always come off as an honest person to me. IMO.

      • Torisan says:

        Ha ha. All i can say is, there is a MUCH higher percentage of celebrity women having fraternal twins than what you see in the general population. And none of these celebrity women will open up about using IVF or donor eggs. None of them.

  50. Kate says:

    She had her nose done a long time ago (which probably was put down as correcting a sinus issue, so technically she’s not lying), and I’d say she’s experimented with subtle cheek fillers at one point, but for the most part I do think she’s natural, if you think of things like chemical peels, laser treatments etc. as skincare and not surgery.

    She has a much rounder, fuller looking face when she’s not wearing much make-up. The thinner nose, intensely sharp cheekbones etc. are the results of really heavy contouring.

  51. Asdfg says:

    I don’t think she has had any PS. Maybe some botox here and there.

  52. RedMarine says:

    Check out this link, 4th pic down, a B & W bio/CV shot. She looks very different.

    • idk says:

      Yeah that was when she was really young and struggling to make it. She has admitted she was over-weight at the time and didn’t have a lot of money (therefore she probably did her own eyebrows, hair, make-up, etc.).