Is Michael Fassbender dating Gerard Butler’s ex, Madalina Ghenea?


Michael Fassbender has a new girlfriend! That shouldn’t shock you. Michael is a Love The One You’re With kind of guy. CB just used the term “low hanging fruit” to describe something and now I can’t get it out of my head. Michael likes low-hanging fruit. Update: I mean “low-hanging fruit” as in, he doesn’t like to try too hard to find a woman, he just goes for whatever is convenient. His type is women of color, a mixed race lady or simply a woman with somewhat “exotic” good looks… I am not saying that all women of color are low-hanging fruit, I’m saying that if Michael comes across a woman of color, Michael is going to try to bang her. And I think he’s usually successful too. Anyway, you can see some photos of Michael and his new “mystery lady” here at The Daily Mail. Go there and come back, please.

We got some tips about these new photos, which were taken in New Zealand. Fassy has been in NZ for more than a week, I think, working on a movie called Slow West. New Zealand is standing in for 19th century America. Anyway, the Fassloonies are concerned about Fassbender’s new lady. They think she might be Madalina Ghenea, otherwise known as “that Elisabetta Canalis looking chick who dated Gerard Butler for about a year.” Madalina was a world-class famewhore who really tried to make a name for herself when she was attached to The Butler. Would Fassbender go for that? Would he go for a lady who once dated Gerard “Porta-potty Banger” Butler? Well… maybe. I could see it. Although I’ve looked at the new photos, and I don’t think that woman IS Madalina.

Also – Fassy was photographed taking a leak in the New Zealand brush a few days ago. Go here to see the NSFW-ish photos, but just know this – if you look at the photos, you are sexually harassing the Fassdong.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Megan says:

    I don’t think I’d call it dating as much as casually banging until the next woman comes along. Everwet doesn’t stay for very long, seems like a year tops if that.

    Never heard of her. She is pretty though.

    My crush for him has died long ago unfortunately.

  2. Abby says:

    She isn’t pretty at all…Fassy find yourself a descent gf for once.

    Out of all his gifriends, I only liked Nicole.

    • Violeta says:

      Urgh Nicole is so pretty and seems well rounded (from the interviews I’ve watched and read so far), I can understand why he claimed her as his then girlfriend last year…

    • T.C. says:

      I think this comment and the low laying fruit one are kind of offense. What’s not descent about his other girlfriends or hookups? Many busy actors date people from the set. Yes Fassy has dated every woman of color he was worked with but then other actors date women the work with too. That’s not low hanging fruit. Maybe it’s hard for him to meet women of color off set because of his busy schedule. And it goes both ways, these women are all falling for him too.

    • Kelly says:

      Goddess Nicole is too good for him.

      • T.C. says:

        WTF? Well Goddess Nicole spent an entire year with him, flying to see him wherever he was. So looks like SHE didn’t think she’s too good for him. I just don’t understand people claiming she’s too good for Fassy. She is a wonderful woman but it’s not like she ‘s the Queen of England or Michelle Obama.

      • Kelly says:

        “Well Goddess Nicole spent an entire year with him”

        I know, I kept thinking, why gurl, WHY. Thankfully she regained her senses. That guy is nothing but a one-night stand, he seems too much of a selfish prick for anything more than that, sorry. Not saying he’s not hot, but he comes across as a douche boyfriend. Nicole (or any woman really) deserves better. Fassy will end up like Clooney and DiCaprio, mark my words.

    • Liv says:

      He’s with a leftover of Gerard Butler? Is he crazy? Disgusting!

  3. T.Fanty says:

    Maybe he’s just getting the Fassdong out to make sure it doesn’t have any Butler-shaped cooties on it?

  4. Spooks says:

    He’s somehow getting grosser by the minute. Not for dating her, just in general. And why are so many people looking like they need a bath lately?

    • Tiffany27 says:

      MFTE. The man is cretinous.

    • Bubbles says:

      I don’t get the greasy hair look either, yet it’s everywhere.

    • MaiGirl says:

      I so agree. There is something skeevy about him now. I have found him really sexy at times, like in Fish Tank (a good movie in which he is very creepy, but he looked damned good!), but as time goes on, he has proven himself to be pretty uninteresting, always looks dirty, and is aging like milk. I kind of feel like if I touched him, he’d be crispy.

  5. Kelly says:

    His sexual shenanigans have put me off him for good. If he were a girl he’d be called a slut so many times by now. Even though I got nothing against promiscuous people, if you’re not cheating then none of my business. But still, the fact he just goes from one chick to another, and has apparently never been in a serious relationship that lasted for years… It’s like eww, man-gigolo walking here.

    • Latisse says:

      I don’t see what the problem is. He travels alot and is very focused on his career consequently he has a lot of short-term relationships with women who likely know what they are getting into. I don’t understand this American practice of being so overly concerned with people’s sex lives. He is not hurting anybody. He is not cheating on anybody. I highly doubt he is misleading anybody as to his intentions. If he is practicing safe sex, what’s the problem? How does this behavior warrant a: “eww man-gigolo walking”.

      Also just because it’s usually girls who get belittled for what is considered promiscuous behavior does not make it ok to do the same to men. He is living his life. What’s the big deal?

      • Kelly says:

        You’re absolutely right, I know that, the logical thinking part of my brain agrees with you. But my irrational brainwashed subconscious still does a back-flip and goes eww at the thought of how many women his dong has gone through. Sorry, I can’t help myself, I’m horrible.

      • Latisse says:

        Haha, fair enough Kelly, tbh I just try not to think of it. I do get a little squidged out if I allowed myself to think of how many sexual partners MY sexual partners have had and then I’m like GAAAAAAAHHHH, how many people am I indirectly…nope. nope. nope. nope.

        I hope you know I blame you, Kelly for this derailment of my thought processes:)

      • Kelly says:

        This is why the “how many people have you slept with before me, honey?” question should be illegal. In some aspects, ignorance is bliss.
        Though to be completely honest, I remember Don Juan de Marco being one of my favorite movies as a kid (yeah don’t ask), and I know that Johnny Depp saying there he’d slept with over a 1000 women didn’t bother me at all, I kept thinking, I still would…
        Damn people are complicated hypocrites, I gotta say.

      • Latisse says:

        Are you serious? Johnny Depp slept with 1000 women? *Trying not to judge, trying not to judge, trying not to judge* I can’t help it! *hangs head in shame* I’m a hypocrite too. D*mn you Kelly!

      • Kelly says:

        Ahahahahah, no his character Don Juan in that film did.
        Though I guess I’d have no problem with Depp sleeping with 1000 women either, yeah….

      • Latisse says:

        LOL! Thank god!

  6. bsh says:

    She’s been spending a lot of time here in Italy, appearing at every mundane event and trying to score some rich and young footballer. Major famewhore.

    • Bottle Brunette says:

      I recall she was linked to Borriello for a bit. Is that really her in the pictures with Fassbender? I remember her looking much more gaunt in her latter months with Butler and during the Borriello thing.

  7. Side-Eye says:

    Guys can’t hold urine as long as girls, which is why I don’t see this as worthy of the brushing off of sexual harassment some people would. Especially considering how obnoxiously people ecolpsed his enormous talents with his penis. Don’t care about the girl.

  8. Christina says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Jassy says:

    Before I clicked the thumbnail I knew she would be ethnic in some way.

    • Spooks says:

      She’s Romanian. How is that “ethnic”? What does ethnic even mean?

      • Nooneimportant says:

        Yeah. I know. I think ‘ethnic’ only refers to women of colour. However, as far as I’m aware Romanians are European , but what do I know. I bet if she was some tall Swede she wouldn’t be described as ethnic.

      • jinni says:

        Ethnic seems to mean or is typically used to mean anyone that isn’t of a majority Anglo-Saxon, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Germanic, or Scandinavian descent. Or another way of saying darker skinned white people and sometimes used for people of color (Africans, Latinos, Asians, Arabs,etc) . Or at least that how it always seems to be used.

      • Spooks says:

        I’m as pale as it gets and Slavic. Am I ethnic then too? Most of the world is ethnic then.

      • jinni says:

        @Spooks: I know it’s weird. That’s why I made a point of saying that it’s not just used on darker white people but on anyone not from those particular European ethnic group. It’s like Northern Western Europeans use it to distinguish Southern and Eastern Europeans from themselves. Not to say that all N. Euro’s do this, it’s just that how it seems to me. This is all purely my opinion/ educated guess from my small anecdotal experiences with the word ethnic and how I’ve heard/read people use it.

      • Spooks says:

        Oh, Jinni, I didn’t mean that as a comment to you, I know what you meant. The term ethnic seems to be quite ignorant, yet used quite a lot. I’m surprised the PC brigade didn’t jump all over it.

      • Kelly says:

        Well I’m also Slavic but dark and olive-skinned. Ethnic’s kinda non-descript in that sense. I think Jessy meant she was dark haired/skin.
        Hey maybe I should give him a ring!

      • jinni says:

        @Spooks: Oh, okay. I feel it’s use is ignorant as well. Like a way of saying that the people called ethnic are white but not the right kind of white. Like a form of colorism within the White/European community. I know that historically the word was used to describe undesirable European immigrants that came the US.

      • Miss M says:

        Thanks for asking the question. What I take from this thread is that ethnic is anything, but Nordic because the whole world seems ethnic. In other words, Fassbender doesn’t date Nordic women.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Really? What I’m getting from it (and most Fassbender threads, because usually they hit this topic) that going out with ANYONE who may or may not be from one’s own race is a worthy topic of discussion for that sake alone. Which makes me very uncomfortable.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ T. Fanty-Yep. I’ve echoed your sentiments many times on Fassy threads. I wish we could talk about his girlfriends as simply WOMEN without the need to bring up their color but I’ve given up on that battle.

    • Bubbles says:

      Roma people are gypsies, no? Is the term gypsy offensive?
      They’re not the same as Romanians. Nothing against either of them.

    • jinni says:

      The Roma, like Romanians, are Caucasians too. Like you said they descend from the people of India, who are considered Caucasians anthropologically even though the tend to be lumped into the Asian groups with those people from the Far and South East.

    • Kelly says:

      You mean the Roma people, otherwise known as Gypsies. They live in every country in Europe, they’re not only in Romania. And yes they get unfairly shite upon because of prejudice and skin color. I wish people would wake up to the racist undertones in their negative views of these folks.
      I don’t think anybody here mistook Madalina for a Roma woman, and even if they did, so what? Why would that hurt your reputation? That’s a serious insult, I mean God forbid anyone would look like a Roma person! Come on.
      Personally I think she is incredibly beautiful. She may be in it for the money only, but at least she’s got something to sell, no doubt. I would definitely have no problem in looking like her.

    • Kelly says:

      Alexandra, you seem like a smart person, but you gotta be aware that saying “calling a Romanian black/darker skinned is the best way to insult him” is terribly racist really…
      I get that the Roma are viewed as mostly criminals, but I know you’re aware that not ALL of them are that, and that it’s unfair to insult them indirectly by claiming you’re offended when you get mistaken for one of them.

    • Bottle Brunette says:

      What do you mean by “ethnic” though? Not white? Perhaps you’re not aware that she is European and she just so happens to have a very dark tan in that solo photo. When people use a word like “ethnic” to describe individuals who don’t look traditionally Caucasian (like old Hollywood white), it makes me think that they see traditional Caucasian as the Standard and all the rest who don’t fit that description as Others. Technically, aren’t we ALL part of one ethnic group or another?

      • Kit2 says:

        “Technically, aren’t we ALL part of one ethnic group or another?”

        Pretty much, yes.

      • Kelly says:

        “Technically, aren’t we ALL part of one ethnic group or another?”

        Almost, Benedict Cumberbatch seems like he’s from his own unique (*cough* alien *cough*) ethnic group.

      • Lilia says:

        Ethnic just means your origins and has nothing to do with colour. My husband is from Newcastle in England and the people in that area are called Geordies and the Geordies, although English by nationality, are in fact ethnically Scots.

    • Ioana says:

      I like your message Alexandra, I am romanian too and i am proud to be one! I am from Sibiu, Transilvania:)
      I don’t judge americans who don’t know almost anything about other countries or continents. It’s the way they are educated. They have a great nation ,a truly Land of dreams, but unfortunately they don’t get the chance or they don’t want to get outside their borders. they should try it. At least the young ones. go to Europe, visit as much as you can, go to Asia, it’s amazing. You don’t need much money, just the will of see this amazing world.
      If you don’t know what a nationality means, or how their people look like, go simple ;’search on google, or why not, try the classic and classy way: go to the library. Don’t be ignorants!

      No mean to offend anyone…i’m just a patriot but an open-minded one.

      As for the subject, Madalina is not an ugly woman, she has something special, but sometimes she photographs bad, she does look manly sometime.
      And i guess it’s really a new career/business to be a famewhore, regardless the country 🙂

      I may have written with spelling mistakes, but english is just my second language…sorry

    • Spooks says:

      Ionna, I like what you said. In my experience, Americans do travel to Europe, But they visit the UK, Spain, France and Italy. Europe is much more than that.

    • Renee says:

      Ioana – Perpetuating the stereotype that Americans are just a bunch of ignorant people. I’m sure there are plenty of people in Europe who have never left their backyard and no little about other countries but we don’t call them uneducated.

    • Bubbles says:

      @Renee, it’s not about leaving your backyard. I wouldn’t call Americans ignorant, just very self-centered. On a thread yesterday, people were commenting how they weren’t learning about Korea and Vietnam in school, and one poster said she learned about it even though her country didn’t have anything to do with it. The news, the school system, everything is very self-centered. Which is kinda understandable.

      I’ve never been to the US, but I had to learn about it’s history and geography. I still remember the names of state capitals. Not because I wanted to, but because our school system is that way

      • Renee says:

        I feel sorry for you if your only knowledge of Americans comes from the comments on CB. Things vary between school districts and states but I never meant anyone who didn’t have to take European and/or World history. If they choose not to remember it that’s on them but not all Americans are ignorant, self-centered or whatever other word you want to choose to put us down.

    • Eve says:

      @ Kelly:

      Your comment is sandwiched between two of the most racist comments I’ve ever read here on CB.

      @ Alix and Alexandra:

      Yes, you (both) are racists. But judging by your comments…I guess calling you that would be a compliment.

    • Eve says:

      @ Dremy:

      I’m not American. I’m Brazilian and I have dealt with some of the same problems they claim to have had, and yet, I have NEVER made sweeping, awful generlizations nor I ever said the best way to insult someone would be by calling him/her “black” (like Alexandra did) or that the “gypsies” are the sole reason her hystorical city is being destroyed (like Alix did).

      Some of the most horrifying attacks on Roma people in Eastern Europe recently come that mindset, it’s not simply a matter of being uncomfortable around a certain group, there are lots of hate crimes being committed against them. And in some places the authorities are lenient or doesn’t investigate the hate crimes properly because they sort of “approve” the actions of these racist groups.

      What they wrote and, even worse, the mindset behind what they wrote is apalling and very, very dangerous (to other ethnic groups and even to themselves because hatred, bigotry always invite more hatred).

      I stand by my every word of my original comment: what they wrote was NOT mere political incorrectness or a lesser form of prejudice. Cultural relativism DOES NOT apply here. Their comments were just plain racist and, I believe, so are these particular posters (not ALL the proud Romanians out there).

    • Eve says:

      I forgot one thing — you said the following:

      “It is a fact some crimes in Eastern Europe are perpetuated by gypsies. And so there is a prejudice against them.”

      It’s like you’re completely unaware — unintentionally, perhaps or purposely ignoring OTHER facts in order to justify your flawed logic — that there isn’t prejudice against Roma people, but serious hate crimes being committed against them, like a report I watched on CNN about a Roma family who their house set on fire because local people wanted them “out of there”. One of their babies were seriously injured but, luckly, this one survived. MANY DON’T have the same luck.

      “I would nt call the prejudice ‘racism’, because this is not a claim of superiority of one group over another. It is just a wariness and a prejudice.”

      That *IS* racism. And what makes you think “simple” prejudice is any better? Prejudice is in the root of most, if not all, racist ideals. That’s how it beggins.

      “Much like the policy of searching all people with beards or named Khan at American airports.”

      And that would be ok because, apparently, anyone sporting a beard or named Khan is a potential terrorist?

      Really, I don’t know what else I can say to make you see the wrong things in their statements and even in yours.

    • Kelly says:

      @Dremy and Alix:

      If you ask me, racism is rooted in prejudice. It comes from prejudice and the mentality to immediately belittle someone based on their outward appearance. You both assume you can judge a person’s morality by whether their ethnicity is Roma or not. That’s racist, sorry, don’t tell me it’s not about superiority because it is. What you present here is “oh there are horrible criminal Gypsies in my country so we must assume anyone who looks like them is naturally a criminal and an immoral person, period.”

      Alix I would understand if someone mistook you for a criminal Roma person from Timisoara, but how can you equate an entire nationality with the individual? What, you think other nationalities aren’t criminals? If you went to the Interpol database, what skin color and nationality would be most represented there? Seriously, you believe you can judge whether someone is moral or not based on their ethnicity?
      The difference you both seem confused about is between crime and ethnicity. One has nothing to do with the other, yet you equate it.

      It’s the same as American cops seeing a young African-American wearing a hoodie and shooting him because “damn, he just looks like your average gangsta, I got every right to be prejudiced against him because so many criminals in the US are black and Mexicans, I ain’t racist, I’m just looking at stats. So I’m not wrong to assume that most darker-skinned people are probably criminals”.
      Try telling an African-American person that so many crimes are committed by people of their race and that you don’t think it’s racist to be prejudiced against them when it comes to crime. See how they respond.

      Another example, Eastern Europeans in the West. Mostly pale and fair-haired, yet what I get in the UK, France, Spain, etc – “many women come here as prostitutes and gold-diggers, and the men are in the mafia so it’s okay to assume that every Slavic person from Eastern Europe will naturally rob you blind in some way. ”
      Well sorry, I beg to differ.

      Being prejudiced against someone because of their nationality, skin color or religion is one and the same to me – wrong and whether you call it racism, prejudice or any other word, it’s one and the same to me. You see what someone looks like or hear where they are from or what religion they adhere to, and you immediately jump to negative conclusions about them.

      P.S. how many people here see a random white person and their first thought is “ok he/she is probably a criminal and I better gtfo” ?
      you see a white person and you don’t assume the worst about them, right?
      not because the majority of the biggest criminals world-wide aren’t white, but because subconsciously white people are indoctrinated with the idea that most white folks are usually decent, nice people until proven otherwise.

  10. Violeta says:

    Uh… he doesn’t have a new girlfriend.

    LOL it’s definitely not not Madalina if you take a good look though…

    As for the taking a leak pics, as much as it’s very much awkward… the deliberate move was from the person who took pics of him taking a leak… unless I’m missing something? oh well… *scratches head*

    Anyway I guess he’s having fun, nothing wrong with that… I only wish the same could be said of a sexually active woman and not be treated as the Wh*re or Sl*t word and other “oh at her age she should settle down etc.” eh…

  11. Ice Maiden says:

    The more I learn about Fassbender, the less I like him.

    Anyone else feel the same way?

    • Oops says:

      I agree, The more he speaks, the more we learn about him more he appears as being gross, vulgar and a little dumb

      • Latisse says:

        Haha, this is one censure I can get on board with. I could care less how many people the man engages sexually, it is more of a turn off that he comes across as so stupid. But it’s not as if he would ever date me so everybody wins!

      • Ice Maiden says:

        I think he is the perfect advertisement for why celebrities should be seen and not heard.

      • Latisse says:

        Lol! Agree with you there Ice Maiden, I especially hate it when particularly misinformed celebrities start offering opinions on politics. It’s like: shut up, shut up, shut uuurrrrppp! Isn’t there enough noise out there without you adding to the din?

      • Bea says:

        From what I’ve read and heard he seems a nice and discreet person who loves talking about his work,saying also smart things.People who have met him say always flattering things about his personality. He’s very down on earth,I don’t know if aother A-list actors ,while they are spending time with their friends in a disco,sign autographs,make photos with a group of teenagers, and speak also on the phone with their other friends.

    • miapatagonia says:

      If you’ve been viewing Fassbender through Kaiser’s Celebitchy lens, than it makes sense that he seems less admirable to you by each post. Even when Kaiser had a crush on Fassbender, he always came off as dirty, bad boy we all guilty lusted after. I wouldn’t rely on celeb gossip pages to form my opinion on Fassbender or any other celebs.

      Since Fassbender is no longer Kaiser’s flavor-of-the-moment, I’ve noticed the tone of each post conveys him more of a douche than usual and the pics selected are less flattering. Poor Fassbender. Will the Cumberbatch-love soon succumb to Kaiser’s whim? I can’t wait!

      Anyway, Kaiser is paid to stir the pot and get us to click on each post AND to stay on each post as long as possible. She does a brilliant job and I love the Celebitchy community. The comments are 99% of the time more interesting and entertaining than the original posts. Kudos to Celebitchy!

      • Kit2 says:

        “and the pics selected are less flattering”

        LOL, I’ve noticed this too and find it amusing.

      • Renee says:

        I’ve noticed that too. I guess the bloom is off the rose and Kaiser wants everyone to know.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        This exactly. Great post, miapatagonia.

        Cumberbatch is the new Golden Boy around here. And I mean, Cumby is just so pure and saintly. He would never date a model or a fameho because he’s super-deep and sensitive 😉

      • Ice Maiden says:

        I think when Fassbender first made it big, I thought of him as a kind of Daniel Day Lewis type – reserved, slightly mysterious, and very very hot. There was no particular reason for me to think of him that way – other than that he was constantly being compared to DDL as an actor – but that’s the impression I got. Now, it turns out that he’s a cross between Leonardo Di Caprio and Gerard Butler – laddish, slightly sleazy, and just not that interesting. Not his fault I suppose – he never claimed to be anything other than a great actor (which he is) but it seems my expectations were just plain unrealistic.

        Having said all that, I still would!

      • Kaiser says:

        Fassbender’s only fallen out of favor with me very recently. It really started with that douchey GQ interview, as I keep saying. Anyway, I’m fine with Benedict Cumberbatch as This Year’s Fassbender. I wonder who will be 2014’s Cumberbatch? Tom Mison, maybe.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Scott Eastwood

        Just kidding!!!

      • I Choose Me says:

        Nailed it! I’ve always found it interesting how the tone of the article itself and the pics chosen tend to influence opinion. It’s mostly very amusing and our Kai-ser is a sly fox. 🙂

      • blue marie says:

        Hey, no to Tom Mison! He’s really hot and I’d like to admire him a while before he becomes over-exposed damnit

      • miapatagonia says:

        When I saw the lovely pic of the bearded Tom Mison on CB last week, I thought–ooo, he’s cut from the same furry and warm Fassbender cloth–and he will be Kaiser’s next ginger- necter.

        I’m a fan of Fassy’s talent and winsomeness, and I don’t think that’s going to be corrupted. I don’t care who he dates or the frequency. His focus is work and I don’t begrudge him for brief encounters when he has time off. He comes from a solid family background and good role models in his mum and dad, so I’m not worried about him. On movie junkets and interactions with fans on the red carpet, he shows presence and generosity. He seems to be very grateful to be where he is right now. Anyway, anything he says could be taken out of context and may shift public attitudes and good will.

        That said I’m not proprietory over Fassbender. I wouldn’t want Kaiser to be in love with everyone–it would be so boring here!

      • miapatagonia says:

        @ORIGINALKITTEN Being also a Cumby fan I’ve been delighted and bemused by the frequency of post-space allotted to him and the subsequent complaints and eye-rolls from indifferent CB audience.

    • lunchcoma says:

      My crush on him receded a long time ago. I don’t really care who he sleeps with or how many women there are, so long as everyone involved is being treated decently. It’s the other things that bother me – snapping at waiters, being huffy about awards, showing up to interviews hungover, making badly-informed political comments. As far as I can tell, he’s the Irish equivalent of a brodude, and nothing turns me off faster than a brodude.

      He’s still a brilliant actor, but I can admire someone’s work without being very taken by their personality.

  12. T.C. says:

    Madalina Ghenea is beautiful, the chick with Fassy looks basic as heck. No not Madalina. Can’t believe the paps took a picture of his dong. Damn that’s lowclass.

  13. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    That doesn’t even look like the same woman in those two photos.

  14. Ice Maiden says:

    ”Anyway, the Fassloonies are concerned about Fassbender’s new lady. ”

    TBH, I’m not entirely sure she’s a lady, or if she’s a dude who looks like a lady.

  15. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    If by “dating” you mean banging, then yes.
    And that chick does look like a budget Elisabetta, who I always thought looked really budget herself.

    And really the only time I start “judging” anyone’s sexual relationships is when they either fetishize women in a sense i.e. Leo and his 20 year old VS model girlfriends, or if they’re clearly dating them just for sex–like that James Woods guy who hasn’t dated a woman over 25 in like 20 years and he’s in his sixties.
    Or if they’re the type to go on and on about getting married and making babies while they go and date someone who clearly isn’t the right type of person for that kind of thing.

    I see Michael as someone who could turn into Leo very quickly–not the models part, but dating younger women who don’t demand much from him (but mindblowing sex apparently), so he can work. I get that he’s an “It” boy (or whatever the term is for men), but he needs to slow down–even if he doesn’t want marriage or kids, tomorrow he’s going to wake up, be 50, 60 something and won’t have anyone around him because all he did was work when he was younger.

  16. ag-UK says:

    In the 2nd photo she looks like Kim K… I don’t think it is the same woman as Gerard’s ex.

  17. Bianca says:

    That girl in the pictures doesn’t look like Madalina Ghenea at all. Actually, he doesn’t look like himself either…but maybe that’s because he’s getting grosser by the minute.

    • trudie says:

      It must have been a wild sleepless night.

    • trudie says:

      CDAN had a reveal that Fassbender likes to get bjs as he is driving – he was caught twice by a police officer recently driving erratically – god was this one the blower?

      • mark says:

        Enty is pure bullshit he’s been proven as a fraud plus his blinds aren’t consistent and have you noticed none of his blinds are true; they only come out when the celebrity gets papped in the street or an event.

  18. Maria says:

    The photos of him taking a leak being linked to the article of him discussing being objectified prove his point perfectly, though I doubt that was the intent…

    That picture is invasive and tasteless.

    He’s been very honest about the perks of fame, I’m not seeing why it’s an issue now. He’s buying groceries, not banging the woman in the car….

    • Ice Maiden says:

      I suppose the moral of this story is, if you don’t want ‘invasive and tasteless’ photos taken, don’t take a wee in public.

      • Maria says:

        I grew up with a bunch of male cousins, Fassbender is not the only man to do this.

        He’s shooting a movie in bumblefuck NZ, not the middle of Times Square ._.

        I’d feel this way about any celebrity being papped in this fashion, it’s tasteless.

      • Kit2 says:


        So many guys have a habit of whipping it out to take a leak in public, even if they don’t have to. When you’re famous for your package and are supposedly weary of the attention it gets though, this might be a good habit to break.

        Still it was shameful for the photographer to take a picture. For all we know this person was lurking in a deer blind or under a pile of leaves, and Fassbender thought he was off by himself with only the wildlife to observe him.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        ”I grew up with a bunch of male cousins, Fassbender is not the only man to do this.”

        That doesn’t mean it’s OK. Women manage to hold their water until they can find a toilet (or a VERY discreet place) so why can’t men? Besides, given that this was a film set, surely there were portaloos or other ‘facilities’ available, particularly if there were women among the cast or crew?

        If you’re famous for your package, and have just publically whined about how those who speak about said package are ‘sexually harassing’ you, then it’s a bit rich to get your gear out in public.

      • Latisse says:

        Meh, if I had a penis and it was that easy for me to take a wee discreetly in public, I’d take advantage of it too.

        Now that my daily quota of 1 for “if I had a penis” statements is filled…BYEEEEEEEE!

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Fair enough – so long as you’re prepared to take the possible consequences which in Fassbender’s case, are photos of yourself taking a leak all over the internet.

      • Latisse says:

        Hmm, I don’t know that I agree with that. If I walk around in the dark at 2 in the morning and I get raped, is that my fault? Yes, walking around alone that late is not smart, but surely the blame lies with the rapist. My point is: a lapse in judgement does not mean that people are let off the moral hook if they take advantage of me in a vulnerable situation. The majority of the onus should always be on the perpetrator, not the victim.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        I find it hard to see him as any kind of ‘victim’. The point is that he’s a famous person who recently complained about all the public attention given to his dick. As I’ve said, this was a film set, so presumably he could have easily found an appropriate place to take a leak, but he chose not to, and whipped it out in public instead.

        If there genuinely was nowhere for him to take a pee in private, and if he made every effort to find a place as discreet as possible, then yes I sympathise with him. However, if, as I suspect, there were facilities available to him, then tbh he only has himself to blame.

      • Latisse says:

        He has every right to complain about his work being disregarded in favor of tawdry jokes about his penis made by his peers in a public forum at his expense. It IS sexual harassment. If it had happened to a female actress, people would RIGHTLY be up in arms. Just because he is a man does not make his abhorrent treatment acceptable.

        Additionally, I still hold that just because one puts oneself in a vulnerable position does not give other people the right to take advantage of them. If someone left their door unlocked and I robbed them, they would STILL be the victim and I the perpetuator of a crime regardless of the fact that it would have been smarter for them to lock their door. So on this point, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

      • Kit2 says:

        “If someone left their door unlocked and I robbed them, they would STILL be the victim and I the perpetuator of a crime regardless of the fact that it would have been smarter for them to lock their door. So on this point, we’ll have to agree to disagree. ”

        Comparing rape to robbery is a very good analogy. If a rich man wanders around a sporadically lit neighbourhood alone at night in an expensive suit, and obliviously takes out his wallet to count his 100 dollar bills, it’s STILL wrong for anyone to rob him. If a woman stumbles around drunk and alone at night dressed in a sexy outfit, it’s STILL wrong for anyone to rape her. Most people wouldn’t rob the man, and most people wouldn’t rape the woman, but there ARE criminals out there… always have been, always will be, regardless of how the civilized among us might hate it. Encouraging people to act as though there are no predators skulking about looking for an easy mark is foolish, IMO. Just because someone has the right to do something, doesn’t make it a good idea.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        +1,000,000 to everything Latisse said.

      • miapatagonia says:

        KIT2 and LATISSE, both your contributions are spot on. I really take issue with self-righteousness.

    • Alexandra says:

      I feel so dirty and shameless for not resisting the urge to open the NSFW link. Now I need a good shower.

    • Latisse says:

      oops wrong place but anyway @Kit2: That’s what I’ve been saying: people should endeavor at all times to act intelligently HOWEVER even when they don’t, that still does not excuse criminal/immoral activity at their expense. We all have the responsibility to behave as moral human beings (we could get into a moral relativity argument but for simplicity’s sake, let’s not) regardless of how idiotically other people around us might behave. And if we choose to take advantage of the idiocy of others, we will always be more culpable than the vulnerable people we have victimized.

  19. Bruno says:

    Michael Fasbender is a tool and this won’t last long.

  20. Madpoe says:

    a rule of thumb for guys in Hollywood:
    Don’t sleep with Butler’s sloppy seconds.

    • trudie says:

      She was Leo Di”s and Adrien Brody’s sloppy seconds and Butler is friends with both of them so clearly this is not an issue for Hollywood man whores.

  21. chalkdustgirl says:

    Is no one horrified by that dress???

  22. trudie says:

    You haven’t seen the Romanian without her full makeup, which usually is at all times. Must not have been expecting paps at that time though with this chick she is the one who usually calls the paps.

  23. GiGi says:

    I’m surprised at the comments regarding his choice of bedmates. Hell – I’m glad to know the Fassdong is working 😉

    As to his preference – some people just are attracted to certain types. My sister always dated tall, thin white guys. And my own hubs always dated women with darker coloring or “exotic” features. It’s not fetishizing to know what you like. Not in the way I view Leo who seems to have extremely specific requirements in several areas. That seems a bit off to me.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I have no issue with him having a type, if that’s the case. My issue is with people distilling every woman he dates down to a color and constantly commenting about it, as if it’s a unique oddity that he may prefer WoC. Maybe a lot of people just aren’t used to seeing interracial couples or something..?

      Eh, I don’t know…it’s not a huge deal to me it just kinda makes me feel kinda…weird.

      • GiGi says:

        I feel the same… it’s almost like people are *mad* that he seems to prefer darker women… WTH? It makes me feel grody. Like, if he were running around only dating white girls would everyone be all crazed about that? I doubt it.

        I live in an area where interracial/transracial relationships and families are very common (I have one 😉 so it always creeps me out a bit when everyone is all, “Oh she’s ethnic, of course!” What are they really saying….

      • Kit2 says:

        “if he were running around only dating white girls would everyone be all crazed about that? I doubt it.”

        You’re probably right, but if it was a famous black man only dating a bunch of white women it would definitely upset certain people (many of who would be black women). For the record I personally don’t give a crap who anyone dates or doesn’t, just saying, this type of reaction isn’t new and has never been limited to certain races/ethnicities.

  24. Lilia says:

    When you take a good look at Madalina she is not nice looking. Look at the picture of her with the pink dress, by no stretch of the imagination can she be described as good looking and that picture is one of the better ones of her. She has now found another mug to cling on to and con into spending money on her. Gerard Butler is well rid of her.

  25. stinky says:


  26. stinky says:

    OH wow – I TOTALLY think its her.
    (how can folks not think its her?)

  27. j.eyre says:

    I think this post would have been much more fun if it had been “Is Michael Fassbender Dating Gerard Butler?” I am not quite as interested in accuracy as I am entertainment.

    It is the same thing I do any time you have a headline saying “Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth… ” I delete whatever you have written after that and in my mind add “… Finally Just Make Out for the Cameras”

    • T.Fanty says:

      I’d give them their Thor bonus for that. Maybe we need to start a Unicef kickstarter campaign. Tom won’t be able to say no if it’s for charity, and there’s got to be a reason CHemboy banished Remora from the campaign trail.

      • Eve says:

        “and there’s got to be a reason CHemboy banished Remora from the campaign trail.”

        The Curious Case of Remora’s Disappearance… o_O

        That woman worked the red carpet like no one else and she’s missed every single one of Thor’s premieres so far? I’m puzzled…

      • j.eyre says:

        A “Live Below the CHemboy” campaign? I could definitely back that. Let’s just say it would get my full support.

        (who says CHemboy banished her? I have my ways, you know)

      • T.Fanty says:

        Miss Jane –

        As well as raising funds for a worthy cause, you can also help him burn off any excess calories and maintain his trim shape. It’s a win-win.

      • j.eyre says:

        If I raise money for living below him, can I put “hooker” on my resume? Slut doesn’t look as good, I am finding

        As Anna mentioned the other day, it does get a bit tiresome to have to lift his weakened head for him (read that however you want.) The plus side, he is much more easier to manipulate these days. I finally got him in the magic unicorn outfit (UNICEF refuses to post the pictures but I have some if you need them)

      • T.Fanty says:

        Hm. I’d have to check with the IRS. I think “Lady of Ill Repute” might be better. Especially if you put it in a fancy font.

        As far as the weakness goes, I’d recommend fashioning some kind of prop using a Y shaped branch from a tree at Thornfield and maybe some of the bandages we have going spare since Eve went cold turkey on the shanking. You can wedge it under your armpit when he’s on top and hold him up.

      • j.eyre says:

        The fancy font is a FABULOUS idea – I cannot thank you enough.

        As for your bandaged divining rod scenario, although I do appreciate the irony of it all, it sound like so much work on my part. Can’t Tommyanna just hold him up since he is back there anyway?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        You ladies are the only ones I know who would set up camp on a Fassy thread just to talk about Hemsworth and Firebush.

        I hate to break up your picnic but can you ladies PLEASE stay on topic? This is FASSYTIME, ok? Hmmmmm? Understand?

      • T.fanty says:

        *throws a little catnip in OKitt’s direction*

        Apologies, my lovely. We tend to operate on the theory that 99% of the time most regular people just tune us out.

      • Eve says:

        @ OKitten:

        It’s an auburn bush (not ginger — so, technically, not “firebush”):

      • j.eyre says:

        OKitt – my most humble apologies, you are absolutely correct and our behavior has been shameful. It is, of course, all Fanty’s fault but I will offer this as a token in hopes of forgiveness:

        So, would Fassy or Butler be on top? The nice thing is that Fassy could stay in Ireland and Butler in Scotland and the Fassdong would be able to reach him.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Hey, what now?!

    • trudie says:

      true we need some hot man on man affairs

  28. MOPine says:

    Ah. Fassy is just having some fun. A lot of guys out there doing the same thing- difference is, we get to hear about who Fass is banging. He’s famous, single, okay looking with a big d*ck, so he’s probably getting more action than some men who don’t fit that description. This woman is quite pretty.

  29. Pav says:

    He and Louise Hazel were really never together. Louise has gone her way and Fassbender has gone his. Louise has been seen a lot with a well off business guy around London and they seem quite happy.

  30. Tig says:

    Just agreeing that taking the peeing pic was the absolute worst. I am plus/minus on him- I never understood the hub-bub over Shame. Anyway, will be checking out 12 yrs a slave.

  31. GIRL says:

    LOL. Madalina Ghenea is like a train: first Leo, then Gerry and now Fassy. Get on board!

    You go, girl.

    • Dandhara Esperanza says:

      She is doing it wrong. No one will want her if she is known for banging hot actors. Guys will get away with it but sadly it is harder for men to think of his boo as banging a bunch of famous guys.

  32. kiki says:

    I feel so sorry for Michael Fassbender. I understand that it would be hard to find someone to love him for who is and he does have a point except he is limiting himself. I think he should find someone who is not in the entertainment industry but these days you will find some groupie, sluts or famewhores ( like this Madale……. whatever the f*ck her name is, I think she is a fluzzy and I ain’t mad at him to have some ruffling some feathers just use some protection Michael). Anyways, I think he just need to take his time, he will find that special Afro descent woman who would gladly love ALL OF HIM………… and then some.

    • Dandhara Esperanza says:

      LMAO you wrong for that Afro decent woman.. 😉
      I think it would be easier to find a woman out of the business. He is making it hard for himself. My friend says he should have hooked up with Lupita from 12 years a slave but she might be too timid and safe for him.

  33. Dandhara Esperanza says:

    I get why people are saying he downgraded from Nicole. She is sweet, smart and seems to keep to herself. Also Nicole is the only girl he ever straight out said was his girlfriend. She is also the same one he praised in articles.
    As hot as these guys are, I just would not want to be going around with too many. I would beware if I were her. I am sure Fassy wouldn’t want to be known as picking up The Butler’s leftovers.
    This looks like just a hookup.

  34. Green Eggs and Ham says:

    Wonderful!! He is my new hero; bang away (if that he is actually doing). MF use your penis as you see fit – just not on them.

  35. ichsi says:

    Well he and Madalina DID meet on that FOX Searchlight party in September. So it could be her.

    Ah, I don’t get the hate. He’s always been a manwhore and he’s always been open about it. I for one did find that Elle interview far worse than the GQ one. I hate it when they try to paint him as a sensitive nicey-nice guy. He’s a cad that plays cads. I’m fine with that. AND I’m also very fine with his body, which I still want to bang into tomorow, Butler cooties or not.

  36. Trice says:

    I have to admit, he did NOTHING for me until I watched X-Men: First Class the other day & now I totally get it. I’m into it.

  37. Eve says:

    @ LilyRose:

    This thread is a mess. Beginning with the comment you mentioned and two upthread (by Alexandra and Alix) basically stating that all Roma people are criminals. Alexandra even went on to say that the best way to piss a Romanian off is by calling him/her “black”, then added a smiley (with its tongue out).

    • EscapedConvent says:

      I agree this thread is a mess. I am currently struggling to get my eyebrows back to their normal position on my face, as they raised & raised all by themselves as I read this page.

      I think I would have migraines every day if I walked around with a head full of judgement like what I have seen here. “Gypsies”? I recall not long ago, some commenters being called out for using the term “band of gypsies” to describe the Kardashians. That was considered offensive—by that standard, some of the comments here today are way off the leash.

  38. Cali says:

    That woman with Fassbender looks nothing like Butler’s ex. It’s not Madalina. They look nothing alike to me.

  39. Bea says:

    That woman can be a friend,a co-worker.. why is everyone so sure that she is “a new mystery gf”? And she’s not Madalina Ghenea,I’ve seen her many times on Italian tv and the woman in these photos is different looking. I don’t understand how it’s possible that people judge his relationships with women,his behaviour with women seeing sporadically a few photos that could mean nothing.He’s very discreet about his private life ,so I don’t see the need to judge him with so few elements.

  40. Cali says:

    Take a good look at the picture from the Daily Mail, looks like the woman is putting a box in the car and then driving for him. I doubt that this Madalina(sp) woman would load or carry a box in the presence of a man not from the looks of her in the pics with Butler above.

  41. redlips says:

    I concur the more I witness on fassy the more vulgar turn-off he seems like closeted dicaprio and clowney. Then again what more can you expect from a dumb male bunny??!!? Bad boy shock value today is miley cyrus predictable and boring! At least he should check with a doc often for his varietee of STDs and get a paternity test when the 2 cent sluts come back to haunt i mean “solicit” him! Use and be used karma always comes full circle. He couldnt even look into the eyes of most delicious high fruit with his utter lack of conscience and shameful grody past.. but reap what you sow! Truth Hurts!

  42. learnfromit says:

    well all actions have consequences someway whether it be a day or year from now including sleeping around with whoever is willing just to get your desensitized rocks off. if fassy doesnt get that at his age he never will. lainey is hi-larious and that pap shouldn’t have targeted him public peeing cmon!

  43. Iza C. says:

    “Low-hanging fruit” means that he usually date or try to bang women who work with him. It means he is lazy or don’t have time to meet women from other social circle. Think about his exes. It is easy. It’s normal since actors don’t have routine and work months far from home. So I believe Kaiser quote was about this. So don’t try to imply that Kaiser’s quote is racist. Because it isn’t.

    @ Eve: Agree with you. The comments about the gypsy people are disgusting.

    • Eve says:

      @ Iza C.:

      ” So I believe Kaiser quote was about this.”

      I agree. It’s just that, given Fassbender’s preference for dark-skinned women as well, it (the quote) came out wrong. It can be easily misinterpreted, that’s what I mean.

      About the racist comments on gypsy people…I got tired of reporting them so I replied to the posters. I hate engaging/replying to bigots. I avoid that at any cost but sometimes I just can’t let that pass.

  44. YOLO says:

    Just goes to show that regardless of good looks and charisma you can’t buy character, dignity, truth, trust, conscience, honor, and respect. Life is a challenging test and certain things have to be earned! And no woman can truly love a manwhore!

  45. LilyRose says:

    @Eve: I had to walk away. I haven’t been on this site much because I find some of the commentary suspect. I can’t believe it took this far down the comment thread for that phrase to be called out. Read the other comments, sigh. This othering of these women, communities and cultures is what makes it hard to move past racist/xenophobic attitudes. It’s a complex and nuanced discussion that won’t likely happen on a gossip site. Fine I get that. But holy crap was that racist.

  46. YOLO says:

    She meant easy women and groupies and we all come from and will go back to the same place!

  47. Naddie says:

    She does more for me than he does.

  48. Katie says:

    That’s definitely Madalina. She is even wearing the same coat as in this vid:

    • Selina says:

      Madalina Ghenea is stunning. It definitely is not her with Fassy. Don’t believe all the negative stuff either; it’s just Butler’s fans making shit up because they can’t stand him being with anyone.

  49. Sophie says:

    Lucky bitch.

  50. Kosmos says:

    I went to the other site. Since he’s honest about not having any relationships last longer than two years, I think that’s definitely a turnoff. He’s not that hot. As he said himself, about three years ago before coming into his fame, he probably couldn’t keep a female interested, but now, they’re all over him. I’m completely sure he will continue to get his low-hanging fruit as long as he wants, but some women wouldn’t want a guy who moves on so fast and doesn’t really care aka Leo DiCaprio.

  51. adela says:

    I am romanian woman,and if sheis a gipsy what is the probleme to have a relationship with a guy,better michael then dicaprio who s smeeling like wc,have a problem to do shower,and butler who whants fuck all the girls all over the world because is a actor,and both lonley because don t have respect for a relationship,all the women whants something stabile,no flying from flower to flower.

  52. Moi #1 says:

    That is Gerard Butlers ex, no doubt. Wash it off after Fass.

  53. Anna says:

    I don’t know if that woman is really Madalina, even if it’s her that doesn’t mean she is dating Michael, maybe they are friends. In the article they used unflattering pictures of her, I say on purpose, Madalina is in this top 50 of the most beautiful women in the world, and not at no. 50 she’s at no. 3!