Lindsay Lohan hit a photographer with her car while probably drunk

I’m sorry for the two Lindsay Lohan posts today, but the other one was pretty much a story dump so I couldn’t update it with yet more crap about her. TMZ says Lohan was seen visibly intoxicated when leaving a club in NY last night and was toting her trust “water” bottle. She blew off the question when shocked paparazzi asked her if she was actually going to drive, and got behind the wheel anyway. They say she “almost” got in an accident, and Splash News says she hit a photographer with her car. Police are said to have told her she was free to go after the accident, but she is wanted for questioning now. That was probably at some other point that night or TMZ surely would have reported it too.

TMZ’s account of Lindsay driving drunk:

TMZ cameras spotted the rehabbed and peroxidated Lohan outside Butter last night, where one of her friends did her best to keep Linds covered with a coat, but LiLo didn’t seem to mind the attention and quickly ditched the feeble disguise.

One photog then began shouting at Lindsay, “I hope she’s not driving! Yo, why you driving drunk?” That’s when La Lohan, carrying a bottle of water, gave him a look that is usually reserved for turning men to stone. She then hopped in the car and sped off — but not before nearly causing an accident.

Photo agency Splash News said she hit a photographer with her car and he was taken to the hospital. They’re brief and kind of vague about how it went down and what happened afterwards:

Lindsay Lohan has been accused of running over a photographer in New York. The photographer was taken to St. Luke�s hospital. Lohan was initially allowed to leave the scene by police but was called back several hours later for questioning. The extent of the photographer�s injuries are as yet unknown.

The guy can’t have been seriously injured or Lohan would have been detained by police, but I really hope they gave her a breathalyzer. This news is new and I haven’t heard anything else about it, so we’ll have to stay tuned.

There’s news that Lindsay’s meetup with Jude Law at a NYC club on Sunday night may have been prearranged. She was said to have called him at 1:00 a.m. and asked him to meet her out. He would be all over that. The guy has no scruples and was into Sienna Miller forever. Sienna Miller is like the British more outspoken version of Lindsay Lohan, and she’s now dating Lindsay’s brief ex, Jamie Dornan.

Here’s Lohan with her water bottle on March 10th. What a terrible polka-dot jacket she’s wearing, although I have to say I really like her hair and makeup. Pictures via

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  1. jessica says:


  2. KIM says:

    I don’t know which is worse- the nasty brassy hair or the sprayed on mystic tan. She looks like a brown leather jacket with a yak fur collar!

  3. m.a. says:

    Ok, so now the “cool” thing to do for the “hollywood skank club” is to get drunk or high and go for a spin and see what happens. Cool! Anything to get some headlines. Damn it, lindsey, if only you’d run over a little old lady, THAT would have been waaay cooler! Stupid, spoiled, rich & famous people! Why don’t they have to live by the same laws as the rest of the non-famous country? “Oh, we’ll let you go, so you can do it again and maybe kill someone next time. After all, you’re FAMOUS, so the rules don’t apply to YOU. Can I get your autograph?” Pfft! >:(

  4. Poor Boopie says:

    Rehab: Round Two (coming right up)

  5. MaiGirl says:

    They need to take away this bitch’s license.

  6. Viv says:

    Can’t help but not feel sorry for the Razzi. Maybe she just has poor impulse control. 😉

  7. Toubrouk says:

    Let’s just see if Linsay will receive the book this time. She’a a walking, driving liability…

  8. xiaoecho says:

    There’s no need to get in a celebs face with todays photographic technology – serves himself right

  9. miss luigi says:

    That’s it. Jude Law, former love of my life, is now dead to me. Mostly for making Sienna Miller somewhat relevant, but this is the final nail in the coffin.

  10. B says:

    Im sick of her.She just want attention all the time.She was ok before but she just kinda turn trashy.Not kinda.She is trashy.With all this money.Why do they have to act like that.Just stupid.

  11. SusyClemens says:

    Pu-leeze. If she actually hit him (I saw the video) it was so lightly, like a tap. Frankly, why not more comment about why someone fresh out of so-called rehab was partying at a club til 3 AM.