Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Nothing can motivate me to work out & diet. Not me!’

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence covers the December issue of InStyle to promote Catching Fire. I’m not crazy about the actual cover, but I’m in awe of the editorial. Jennifer is wearing all-white throughout, this is pre-pixie cut, and someone finally got her makeup right. For those of you who are prone to JLaw burn out, get ready because she’s gonna be everywhere for a few weeks. Oscar season should be good too. Jennifer is very conscious that not everyone likes her. More on that later, which is food for thought.

Speaking of food, Jennifer ordered eggs benedict again during this interview. She talks of her love of french fries, baby back ribs, pizza, cheesecake subs, Funfetti cake, and so on. Yes she’s talking about her body again. We’ve covered her statements on this topic many times, but now she’s actively claiming that she doesn’t exercise. Do I believe her? I buy that she eats “normally,” but the girl works out. She has to work out as part of her training for roles. We’ve even seen her drenched in sweat while leaving the gym. Maybe JLaw means that she wouldn’t exercise for the sake of burning calories. That sounds about right for her. Let’s do this again:

She hates diet and exercise: “Nothing can motivate me. During Hunger Games, when I was eating ungodly amounts, I used to tell myself, Stop eating — people are going to see this. This is going to be around forever. But nope! I was like, I still want candy, and I still want a hot dog! And then X-Men started and I thought, Oh, definitely — I’ll be naked, I’ll make myself work out and diet. But nope. Not me!”

On the future: “After I wrap Hunger Games, I’m going to calm down for a while. A real life is starting to look pretty appealing.”

She doesn’t own a house yet: “Everyone says I’m the richest couch-jumper ever. But I just feel like I’m not ready to own property. I don’t think I would take good care of it. My tastes are changing so much that I would buy something, then hate it in a few years. It’s like, right now I have the money but not the mental capacity.”

She’s glad she had brothers: “My brothers and I would scream at each other and we’d be like, ‘I hate you! You’re stupid! You’re ugly!’ And then five minutes later it would be, ‘I love you.’ I got thrown down stairs, I got punched, It’s not like I had a superior childhood because I had brothers – I was crying just as much. But you could see my wounds. Girls are so imaginative, so good at getting to the warped place and really just taking someone apart surgically. A girl will tell you: ‘Your arms are flabby.’ Oh my God! Don’t go for the arms!”

Will she marry? “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Will she have kids? “I love kids, and I hope I have kids someday, but not now,” she says is a calm tone.

Her hair problems: “No more color after Hunger Games. It’ll all fall out! This isn’t how Katniss is going to look in the next movies, don’t worry. I’m wearing a wig.”

[From InStyle]

I like how JLaw shuts down the personal questions without batting an eye. She didn’t have her publicist give a preemptive warning, but it’s clear that Jennifer won’t play the marriage and baby game with her audience (unlike another Jennifer). As for the body stuff, I see what JLaw is trying to do here. She’s telling her young fans to stop worrying so much about looking a certain way. If they want cupcakes, then have cupcakes. She doesn’t want them to become that girl interviewed by Seventeen magazine who confesses to eating a chocolate chip and staying up all night doing jumping jacks.

Some more Jennifer tidbits:

* JLaw is very aware of her status as a cog in the Hollywood publicity machine. She appears carefree, but she notices things and is pretty sure that everyone will get sick of her very soon. She recently told HuffPo that “Everybody is very fickle. They like me now, but I’m going to get really annoying really fast. Just watch.” As to her affable front, she stated, “I’m just afraid that everybody’s going to just stop believing it at some point. They’re just going to think it’s this genius act designed by my publicist. These are the paranoid thoughts that I have.

* Joan Rivers is one person who no longer loves JLaw. I guess Joan didn’t enjoy Jennifer calling out the Fashion Police for saying people are fat. Here’s Joan’s response on Twitter:

* Speaking to the BBC, JLaw says she wants to be a positive body role model: “We have the ability to control this image that young girls are going to be seeing. Girls see enough of this body that we’ll never be able to obtain … It’s an amazing opportunity to rid ourselves of that in this industry. And also, I think, it’s better to look strong and healthy. I feel like somebody like Kate Moss running at you with a bow and arrow wouldn’t really be scary.” Aaaand over to you, darling readers.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of InStyle

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  1. Mabs says:

    I know what will. Aging. Let’s hang onto these words. :p

    • wiffie says:

      That, and having a baby. that’ll do it.

    • Liv says:

      She does work out, there are pictures. Maybe she meant that she thought she had to work out more and diet, but she didn’t? I wouldn’t interpret her answer like she never ever works out.

      • Lori says:

        Jennifer was heavier when she starred in the first Hunger Games, then all of a sudden she got skinny, per the Dior photo shoot and several other magazines where you could tell she had lost at least 30 pounds. Now, how did she do that if she didn’t cut out her junk food and exercise. She got Hollywood skinny and became a cliche.

  2. Eve says:

    See? Again the same subject.

    • bns says:

      Yup. She tries too hard to be relatable.

      • Han says:

        You guys realise the person gets asked question and they answer them? You should actually ask why journalists think Jlaw is fat, or whatever it that makes them all ask her about weight, thats whats wrong here.
        Is kristen stewart being asked about her weight all the time. No, because she is considered normal weight for hollywood.
        And what the hell is wrong with a young actress reinforcing a positive body image?
        I wish she was around when i was 13 and nicole richie and all those skinny people was the norm in hollywood.

      • bns says:


        She doesn’t have to talk about her body if she doesn’t want to. She could easily refuse to answer questions like that.

        And how is talking about how much junk food you eat and how much you don’t exercise promoting a healthy body image?

      • Eve says:

        “And how is talking about how much junk food you eat and how much you don’t exercise promoting a healthy body image?”

        That’s it: that’s exactly what I think. Talking about how much you love eating junk food is NOT a good way to counterbalance media’s obsession with dieting (to lose weight). Both extremes are wrong, in my opinion.

      • LeLe25 says:

        Yes! I was just going to write this exact same thing! How is promoting junk food and lack of exercising promoting a healthy body image? It’s promoting a very UNHEALTHY body image if you ask me.

        Also she talks about negative photoshopped images, but always is photoshopped to death in every magazine spread, and they definitely take off a few pounds. This just makes me appreciate Adele’s not selling out stance even more. Morals mean nothing if you only stand by them when they’re convenient.

      • Maddie says:

        @ Han- disagree, I do think she’s bringing it up herself more than in absolutely necessary. It may be because she’s still young and not used to dealing with these questions though. The girl has such a perfect body, that rare holy grail of being not too fat or too thin in the public’s eye that I can’t imagine the media would keep harassing her over it unless she was fueling the topic herself. If journalists actually do keep asking her the same question over and over Jennifer really should tell them that she’s already addressed this topic and they need to GTFO. But by (at least seemingly) going on about the same thing over and over she’s starting to look as if she’s fishing for complements, not unlike Anne Hathaway’s OMGZ, losing weight was such TORTURE for my ART shtick.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        Reminds me of how models always say I eat so much and never work out.
        It’s annoying.

      • Liv says:

        I agree with Han. The main point is that she eats something, not that it’s junk food. Don’t be so picky, do you expect her to talk about veggies all day or what? Plus I think Jennifer likes to exaggerate things, my guess is that she wants to mock the healthy lifestyle of Hollywood by talking about junk food.

        I’m not saying it’s not a tactic by Jennifer, but at least she has a more reliable tactic than Blake Lively who thinks she eats tons of candy when drinking a cup of cacao! Tactic or not, I still think she gets asked about her weight pretty often, so part of it might be her responsibilty, but the other part is definitely on the journalists and media.

      • Jen says:

        Exactly, especially since she’s still skinny as hell even after eating all that junk food she goes on and on about, which proves that she at least has a body type that is ok for that sort of thing (which MOST people DO NOT HAVE)

      • melissa says:

        She cannot possibly win with the above requirements. Can’t talk about junk food, can’t talk about working out, can’t talk about avoiding the gym, can’t answer a question, can’t reject a question. CANT CANT CANT. You realize this, right?

      • Leila In Wunderland says:

        I kind of agree with Han. If she refused to answer questions about her weight, people would say that she’s being defensive or isn’t really comfortable with her body.

      • Camille says:

        So all snottiness aside, you guys are extremely hard to please. How is what she said bad? Can anyone say anything that won’t be nitpicked to death by you guys? I understand making fun of celebrities, but to dissect everything they say?

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Completely over this chick. She looks fine. Wish she would just shut up though.

    • Jules says:

      Enough already. As she complains about people asking about her weight, she gets thinner and thinner. Get over yourself little girl.

    • Franklymydear1 says:

      Exactly! What really is irritating is the fact she slims down, a lot. Maybe it was sickness but last year at the baftas she looked like she was a size 0.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      She might not be handling the topic in a way that everyone approves of, but IMO, she is repeatedly talking about this issue because she is aware of the young fans of the Hunger Games. She seems to want to try and counter the status quo of the industry she is in because of how it is perceived by young people. She knows young girls eat up what Hollywood sells, and she is trying to set a more realistic example for them.

      She might not give the most healthful advise, but I think her heart is in the right place.

      • Jen says:

        How is it realistic if all she talks about is how she doesn’t care about exercising and she eats tons of junk food and she’s still way skinny?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        As I said, it isn’t the best advise but I think she is coming from a sincere place.

      • booboochile says:

        I think she should shut up about it, because all I ever hear coming out of her eating hole is the same old, “i’m not f@cking dieting for anyone.’ We got it after 56788th time you said it. Jaysus!

      • Brigitte says:

        By the way, I think Jennifer is a genuine, real, funny woman, such a rarity in Hollyweird.

  3. Dani2 says:

    The cover is odd-looking but the other photos are great, she photographs really well sometimes and she’s got presence. And lol, from her comments about people getting tired of her and thinking she regurgitates what her publicist told her, sounds like she’s been spending some time on Celebitchy 😉 I love this girl, calculated PR product or not.

    • Latisse says:

      Thank you. I like her. I agree with her. I know we’re supposed to rip her apart but for the life of me I can’t understand why. What she did for that little girl in a wheelchair was BURIED at the bottom of the other Jennifer Lawrence post and the video wasn’t posted for some reason. But if you watch the exchange between her and the girl, I don’t care if a league of publicists with super powers advised her to do it, it was so genuine. Undoubtedly that was a human moment portraying kindness being willingly transferred from one person to another.

      • Karen says:

        Justin Bieber hangs out with cancer kids all the time and they rave about how wonderful he is. Are we supposed to go “omg he shows such genuine kindness why do people hate him?”

        I would love jennifer if she shut up about her weight and being bullied and other crap that sounds good on paper and that she knows people like to hear.

        And don’t try to say its good shes speaking about these issues because excessive repetition over a short period turns ppl off rather than inspires them especially when it sounds preachy and monotonous.

      • MisJes says:

        Disagree, Karen. They are not one and the same. Justin Bieber has proven time and time again that he is of questionable character – abandoning his monkey, urinating in a mop bucket – the list goes on. Jennifer has always appeared to be a genuine, thoughtful woman. Not to mention, to downgrade the kind, sweet thing she did for that little girl in any way is wrong. It was admirable conduct on her behalf.

        I don’t believe she has any agenda when answering the questions asked of her. She has barely any filter when she speaks as it is. Why should we believe it’s contrived and have to rip her apart, just because we like what she has to say?

        I for one am glad she talks about diet and exercise. I, for one, believe she is aware of the platform it gives her to use the opportunity it gives her. She is incredibly aware of her younger audience (thanks to The Hunger Games), and is trying to reinforce positive body image, particularly for them. That is commendable and I don’t think she should be knocked for it.

      • Latisse says:

        @Karen, LOL, I KNOW you’re not trying to compare Justin Bieber to Jennifer Lawrence. One through class and professionalism has won the benefit of the doubt in regard to her charitable actions not being deemed out of character whereas the other as a consequence of being involved in various unsavory incidents (Detailed by MisJes above) has served only to shine a light on the massive deficiencies inherent in his character. It is not the same thing.

      • Leila In Wunderland says:

        “Undoubtedly that was a human moment portraying kindness being willingly transferred from one person to another.”

        True. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that famous people are people too- I’ve been guilty of forgetting that. Just because they have PR people and stuff doesn’t mean that they’re these robots devoid of compassion and human emotion.

        As for Justin Bieber and the kids with cancer, I don’t think the guy is totally heartless. I just think he’s arrogant and has anger-management issues, and he’s fun to make fun of.

    • LB says:

      I love her too. I am a bit tired about hearing the same thing. But the message here seems clear – she can’t self motivate. It’s clear (to me anyway) that any weight she lost is probably due to being contractually obligated to big franchises which require her to be physical. But I buy that she likes to eat and that won’t stop until her metabolism starts to fail her.

      As for me, it took months with a trainer and in nonrefundable exercise classes before I started to like working out just for the sake of working out. It’s so difficult to start but once you do, someday you realize the exercise is fun or welcomed or a stress relief or something positive.

  4. Annie says:

    I love when people say things like this, like it’s a good thing. Good diet and excercise are not just to look good naked. It’s such horrible advice.

    Take care of your bodies. Don’t be apathetic to what your body needs. You need excercise. Especially in America when you’re never going to retire. You need to be strong and fit!

    • Jassy says:

      This. You eat good, you feel good. Exercising isn’t all about being vain, it’s being healthy and staying youthful.
      Her lack of discipline will catch up with her, it is then she will realize the importance of taking in proper nutrients.

    • Val says:

      Completely agree with both of you! Eating junk food and never exercises is not commendable, and shouldn’t be encouraged! Wth!

    • Wilma says:

      Yes, I just recently discovered the wonders exercise does for your health. As a type 1 diabetic I need to take care of my body and eat right and exercise. I never liked it until this year when I finally got stronger and faster. JLaw says that girls should want to be strong, but to be strong you do need to exercise and not eat too much crap.

  5. Jackson says:

    I think answering the question of ‘will she marry’ with ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ is very odd and silly. That, to me, makes her sound like a twitty little diva. She can’t give some generic answer or brush the question aside? Off the top of my head I have about ten simple answers that say nothing but yet don’t sound snotty. The pics are decent though.

    • Latisse says:

      YOU can think of flip answers. SHE doesn’t want to talk about it. Why should she have to? Don’t say it’s unprofessional that she refuses to talk about her personal life. She is very professional about her publicity duties. But I don’t see why that should include talking about some phantom marriage that is likely years and years away from happening.

      • Karen says:

        Flipping the finger at the oscars is highly unprofessional and saying wrong a presidents name shows lack of preparation.

      • Jackson says:

        Thanks, but I didn’t say it was unprofessional. However, if I want to say that, I certainly will. My point was not that she must speak of some possible future marriage, simply that her answer draws more attention to the question, while she would have been better served to give a response similar to the one she gave about having children.

      • Liv says:

        God, Karen, you do hate her, don’t you?

      • Latisse says:

        @Jackson, how else would she answer that question about if she will marry without speaking of some possible future marriage??? The girl cannot win. If she gives elaborate answers then she is pandering to the press and trying to propagate a false image. If she states concisely that she does not want to answer a question then she is unprofessional. It’s BS.

        Isn’t it easier to just admit that you don’t want to like her in spite of her mostly harmless (some would say commendable) behavior. That’s a trend followed by many on this site unless the topic concerns the Pitt-Jolies then god forbid any muggle say anything bad about the chosen ones. I don’t care if negativity is directed at a celebrity or a homeless person, I personally cannot get onboard with negativity for negativity’s sake.

      • Jackson says:

        @Latisse – good Lord, I would think you were punking me here since it’s so odd you would respond with all of *that* to *my* post. I like her just fine, actually. However, I’m not a card-carrying member of the JLaw Army who thinks everything she says, does, wears, or touches turns to gold. Other actresses would be eviscerated on here if they gave that response to a simple question.

        And since you asked about it, she could have answered that question in the same generic way she did the question about children.
        Example A: Will she have kids? “I love kids, and I hope I have kids someday, but not now,”
        Example B: Will she marry? “I think marriage can be great, and I could see myself married some day, but not now.” See? Simple.

      • Latisse says:

        I’m not a card carrying member of any fan club. Down thread you can read how I stated that I also think it is irresponsible that she touts her diet of pizza and ice-cream in a country with a high rate of obesity. Sure it is a better alternative to anorexia but there should be a middle ground. Nice try though trying to invalidate my points by calling me a fan girl. No cigar for you.

        Talking about maybe getting married “SOME DAY” is the same as talking about a phantom future marriage. All you did with that potential answer was prove my point that she could not answer the question without talking about a “maybe marriage” that hadn’t even happened yet. Why should she have to do that? She shouldn’t. What’s wrong with giving a short answer declining to answer the question? Absolutely NOTHING.

      • Jackson says:

        Lol. Ok, how absurd. And yeah, when you post *all of THAT* in response to my saying I think she should come up with a better way to decline to answer a question or to deflect a question, in a way that doesn’t sound so dismissive, it DOES sound like a fan girl to me, your other posts elsewhere not withstanding. However, I did not call you that, and whether you are or not makes no difference to me. And, yes, I STILL think she should come up with a better answer! What’s wrong with not sounding so dismissive? I don’t care in the least that she didn’t answer the question. Oh well, vive la difference. I will graciously tap out of this thread and give you the last word if you wish.

      • Latisse says:

        And which part of my argument exactly was absurd? The part in response to you saying she wouldn’t have to talk about a marriage that hadn’t happened yet in order to answer the question when she obviously would? That was just me calling you out for contradicting yourself. But I understand it is so much easier to try and invalidate my response to your weak argument by calling it absurd.

        You calling me a card carrying member of the JLAW army is exactly the same as calling me a fan girl. How does it differ? It doesn’t. And my other posts not withstanding? How exactly does that work? Let me guess: you ignore other things I’ve said that prove I’m not a fan girl so that you can negate the points I’ve made by pretending I am. How convenient for you. If you didn’t care that she didn’t answer the question, why did you call her a “twitty little diva” for not doing so? Don’t backtrack now. You only have a right to an opinion you can defend. If you can’t, feel free to tap out. But let’s not pretend it was done graciously.

    • MCraw says:

      I thought that was a generic answer that brushed it to the side. I really see no problem with what she said, since she’s there to promote the movie, not her personal life choices.

      I like her and all, but why promote bad eating habits to counter ED related influence? I like a pizza like the next person, but I also like kale chips and exercise. She can promote exercise and overall health in realistic terms without it falling into either extreme.

      • Latisse says:

        I agree with you. The whole “I only eat massive amounts of terrible food” in a country where obesity is a problem is a terrible route to choose. You’re right in that there should definitely be a middle ground between “I starve myself” and “I gorge myself”.

      • sunnydaze says:

        I know not everyone will view it like this, but as a woman in recovery from 18 years of bulimia (I’m 30 now) all I could think listening to the laundry list of junk food was “I remember when I could do that. Damn I miss my size 2 wardrobe”.

        I only mention this because of the high instances of eating disorders in our country. Not everyone has great metabolism, and for me my first attempt at recovery was only because my body was giving up, and I was gaining a lot of weight very quickly because of failed purging after a binge. Reading this interview doesn’t inspire me to be healthier or embrace fun eating. It triggers a lot of resentment, like she’s cheating the system and I should be able to also.

        Before anyone gets upset at my interpration, I know my thoughts are dysfunctional. My concern (about all celebs that do this) is that the reality is if someone wants to be a positive role model for body image, it would be helpful for them to understand many of the people looking up to them have dysfunctional thought patterns, and statistically, have suffered from some kind of ED. Don’t get me wrong, I know this is nit-picky, but I agree wiyh many comments that the best role models for body image stress being good to the body, feeling strong, whatever. I love she hates to exercise (I was the same way) , and I think its great to hear that, that some people just don’t enjoy it, and that’s ok, but you push through it.

      • Latisse says:

        Aww, I’m sorry Sunnydaze that you had to go through that. One of my really good friends in high school was bulimic and it was really horrible for her. She described it as being trapped in a mental prison of her own making. Sending out good vibes!

    • angie says:

      she was there to promote her movies, not her personal life
      if she does not want to answer the question, she has a right to

    • Latisse says:

      oops, double post.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Jackson, I think a big part of your alternative responses assumes that she would want to get married some day.

      What if she doesn’t believe in marriage? What if she is a woman who thinks that commitment is between two people and has nothing to do with a license registered with a government or a big puffy cupcake dress? Maybe she withheld comments because she has views on marriage that she wants to keep to herself?

      • Jackson says:

        No, that was simply the first thing that popped into my mind, but it would be just as easy to say something innocuous in the vein you mentioned. However, I truly do not care if she never, ever answers another question about her personal life or views on particular topics or whatever. She certainly doesn’t HAVE to answer anything she doesn’t want to answer. I simply think she needs a better way to decline to answer questions, a way that doesn’t sound so dismissive. Even saying something like she ‘prefers to keep some things private’ is better than flatly saying ‘I don’t want to talk about it.’ It also doesn’t serve her very well because then people start to wonder WHY she doesn’t want to talk about something. It’s just not smart on her part.

      • Latisse says:

        That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking @Tiffany. Not all women want to get married although I know that might come as a SHOCK to some. Therefore there is no reason why she should have to answer that question. She concisely declined in a way that I think was perfectly appropriate. That is, until interpreted by people looking for anything small to get worked up over.

  6. Jag says:

    I do like that she’s trying to get young girls to love themselves as they are and to not try to be some airbrushed photo ideal version of themselves. But I really am getting tired of her saying things like she doesn’t eat healthy food or exercise because that gives the wrong impression, due to the fact that most people do need to eat a sensible array of foods and then get some exercise in order to be healthy. Not to mention, she’s far from fat, yet she talks about herself like she’s my size. (Last I tried on clothes, I was a size 28.)

    The reason I’m tired of her is because she has become Gwenyth in saying the same things over and over, and putting herself above others like certain supermodels with lying about what she eats and how much she exercises. As you pointed out, she absolutely had to work out for the role.

    It is a nice photoshoot.

    • vic says:

      Great post! This is exactly what people get angry about with new moms and models. Like they are effortlessly flawless which is I’m sure, 99% of the time b.s. Not to mention the professional makeup artists and photographers that make sure most “flaws” are erased. She said people are going to get sick of her and she’s right with this stuff.

  7. marie says:


    • InvaderTak says:

      Came here to say the same. I would like to see an interview with a female celebrity that isn’t focused on the same 3 things: men/babies, body image, sex/sexuality. They are boring and it’s tedious and redundant to even discuss on blogs anymore.

      And Joan rivers can stfu. That is all.

  8. Karen says:

    Ugh at least Blake Livelys bikini body actually looks like she doesn’t work out or diet….but Jennifer has a great flat stomach and toned arms. This girl will say anything that sounds good.

  9. ANDREA1 says:

    Let’s see if she will talk about food and weight like this when she is in her thirties.. When her only role as an actress will be her guts!

  10. Kiddo says:

    I think if Lawrence begins to be covered at the same rate as Miley or Cumberbatch, I will experience burn out in short order.

    As to the Fashion Police crap, I imagine the *Tight Mask that was once Joan Rivers* probably said that she liked Jennifer’s clothing. Which, of course, anyone would take as flattery. At the same time, ragging on or admiring clothes and style *is* different than calling someone ugly or fat. So if something like that was uttered, then what’s wrong with calling it out?

  11. mk says:

    Jeez, Joan, grow up!

    • Emmeline says:

      Leave Joan alone. She always talk about people that is why we love Fashion Police.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      I’m with you mk. Fashion Police is one thing (although I honestly don’t like how mean and catty they all are), but she just comes off as a mean old bitch in those comments.

      • Kiddo says:

        That’s because she is! I don’t like Fashion Police. Have you seen how the participants dress? You should only “police” if you are on the side of the law. lol

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I generally like Joan Rivers, although she makes me uncomfortable sometimes, but I was disappointed in her comments about JL. Talk about dishing it out but not being able to take it. She says awful things about people all the time, and now JL is arrogant for making a negative remark about her show? Please.

  12. Emmeline says:

    Yes she is right. I’m tired of her.

  13. Maggie says:

    This girl is going to be if she’s not already the #1 movie star in Hollywood. She has it all. Beauty, brains and talent.

  14. Catherine says:

    I really hope the comments here were taken out of context, because otherwise this is sounding even sillier than Blake Lively the other week. There’s nothing WRONG with working out or watching what you eat, as long as you aren’t taking it overboard. And we all know that she works out plenty. Plus, didn’t her trainer or someone give interviews about how they did have her on a specific diet for Hunger Games? It sounded like they were not necessarily starving her or getting her to lose a ton of weight, but that she did have to eat a certain way as part of getting ready for a role.

    I can buy that she isn’t into the extreme workouts and diets that many celebs are but you’re never going to make me believe that she does nothing and then scarfs ribs and funfetti cake all day!

  15. HoustonGrl says:

    I admire her desire to help foster a new standard of beauty, which is much needed in our society. However, it would just be better if she were actually honest. She may indulge occasionally, but the fact is, someone that looks like her is someone who eats quite carefully and exercises a lot. She should just say that.

    • Spooks says:

      How is she fostering a new standard for beauty in our society, when she herself IS the standard?

  16. V4Real says:

    She’s starting to sound like Salma Hayek and less authentic. I like JLaw but enough with the body image. If tnis was Adele I would understand but tbis is coming from a girl who is probably a size 4. Jennifer is considered smaller than the average woman. You don’t hear people like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez bitchng about diets and not being thin enough. Both ladies have a lot more curves than JLaw.

    • Miss M says:

      Thank you! I said yesterday she doesn’t look like someone above size 4. She has a toned body, meaning she does exercise on a regular basis, which has nothing to do with extreme diet and image obsession. It’s health to practice a sport. But she needs to own that she exercises.

      As someone stated above, Blake Lively has a body type that she doesn’t look like someone who exercises.

    • Liv says:

      But remember that people called her fat?! She will probably know that, plus she was told before to lose weight for a role. She stated before that she thinks she’s normal looking, while people in Hollywood think she’s fat.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        They didn’t call her fat, they said that she looked to womanly to play a starving 16 year old, which she is.

      • Liv says:

        I read comments where people said she’s fat. And this whole debate about her being to womanly to play Katniss was super ridiculous.

        1. She’s an actress. She imitates a figure, she’s not the figure herself.
        2. There’s CGI, if they wanted to make her thinner, they could have done that.
        3. The book says that Katniss is not that thin because she hunts and gets food. I agree though that she’s supposed to be very thin in the end after the arena.

      • Jessica says:

        @liv: They’re supposed to CGI an ENTIRE film, to the sum of some multi-millions of dollars, rather than have the actress cut out the junk food and hit the gym? In what world does that make financial sense?

      • Liv says:

        Like I said in my opinion they just might have done that in the last scenes of the film. I think Lawrence looked fine for someone who eats regularly venison and vegetables and fruit.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @V4Real- Totally. It makes me think of the Amber Heard posts when all the Amberstans come out of the woodwork talking about how refreshing it is to see her “healthy, curvaceous body” when really she’s a size 2 and would be considered very tiny by ‘average people’ standards.

      I do think what Liv said is true–Hollywood just has ridiculous standards with what they consider to be thin. I really think ’emaciated’ is the look that is most coveted in the entertainment industry.

      • Eve says:

        Amber Heard has stans?


      • Kelly says:



      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yes, Eve. I think they’re mainly Depp stans that have embraced Amber and vilified Vanessa for whatever reason.
        Anyway, they’re the ones that come out on every Depp post to say how all of Johnny’s exes are “skeletons” and Amber is a “beautiful and curvy”.

      • GIRLFACE says:


      • Eve says:

        @ OKitten:

        So…she has stans by association.


      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Precisely. Her stans are on loan until Johnny unceremoniously dumps her ass.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Wow. When I’m a fan of someone, it’s their acting–their personality comes second. And at this point, Amber’s personality is the only thing she’s got going for her–which isn’t much because she sounds like all she talks about is “poor, rebel bisexual me! It so haaaard…”–without any talent whatsoever.

        I was really harsh on her in the beginning, because I think that she’s kind of one of those famehos who try and do it undercover (the whole “Johnny Depp’s girl” thing on Jimmy Kimmel, and that phone interview where the interviewer could hear Johnny interrupting the whole time), but they’ve been pretty low key.

        I’d have no problem with her if she wasn’t going with the tortured artist crap, while being #HOTBLONDEWITHBOOBS in every single one of her films–even Rum Diary. Which yeah, I thought she and Johnny looked good together in the movie, but she was the girlfriend. And that movie was so boring that I only made it through halfway and turned it off.

  17. hope says:

    Will she marry? “I don’t want to talk about it.”

    See? This proves that she can shut down the fat/weight questions if she REALLY wants to.

    • Diana says:

      +1. My exact thoughts.

    • MisJes says:

      I don’t believe so. Questioning if she will one day marry is not only personal but irrelevant to her current work or life. She’s not engaged (or even in a confirmed relationship) or ever has been. Avoiding questions about marriage is quite easy right now, and I don’t blame her for taking advantage of that.

      However, questions about her diet, exercise, weight, etc. – they is naturally harder to avoid, given the on-going preoccupation with body image in Hollywood. People are interested in her particularly because of the well documented training she had to undergo for The Hunger Games, and because she appeared practically naked in body paint for X Men. I commend her for taking the opportunity to use these questions to try and promote healthy, positive ideas about weight, particularly younger girls who look up to her as Katniss.

      In any case, these are questions asked of ALL actresses, not just her. She’s answered them, there is no reason why she shouldn’t. So let’s all get over it.

    • Han says:

      How about they stop asking her? You guys are putting this on her entirely. But there is something really wrong when a girl who looks toned and at a good weight, neither overweight or underweight, just not model skinny, is constantly asked about her body. Its really sad that the media people have to focus on her body in this way.

  18. hannah* says:

    It’s really easy to be loud about the fact that you don’t diet and exercise if you look like Jennifer Lawrence. She has a stunning body; even in terms of Hollywood standards. She’s not sickly skinny, but she’s got the ideal female body. I actually think she’s smaller than say Scarlet Johanssen? I’m all for her message of self acceptance, but let’s not pretend that the society we live in has difficulty accepting bodies like hers.

    • Gossy says:

      According to her everyone in Hollywood calls her “obese” which is weird because I never heard Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry say stuff like that when they are far from stick thin and have curves.

  19. lily says:

    Can’t she talk about something else? That’s all I ask.

    • Kaye says:

      I expect she is answering the questions she is asked, and I would guess that she is as tired of it as you are.

      • Nik says:

        Yet when she was asked if she would marry, she replied she didn’t want to talk about it. So let’s not act like she doesn’t have the power to shut down a question.

        She talks about not dieting and eating junk food because she knows it sounds good for a female celeb to say that. She comes off very rehearsed.

      • MisJes says:

        I disagree. This is a little copy and paste of my comment up thread:

        Questioning if she will one day marry is not only personal but irrelevant to her current work or life. She’s not engaged (or even in a confirmed relationship) or ever has been. Avoiding questions about marriage is quite easy right now, and I don’t blame her for taking advantage of that.

        However, questions about her diet, exercise, weight, etc. – they is naturally harder to avoid, given the on-going preoccupation with body image in Hollywood. People are interested in her particularly because of the well documented training she had to undergo for The Hunger Games, and because she appeared practically naked in body paint for X Men. I commend her for taking the opportunity to use these questions to try and promote healthy, positive ideas about weight, particularly younger girls who look up to her as Katniss.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        stars of her calibre have their publicist with them or the questions are publicist approved.
        That’s the image she wants to project, because it makes her more relateable.

      • MisJes says:

        They (the publicist) absolutely do a certain amount of control.

        However, after one outlet has questioned her about body image and weight, and she has answered it, how do you suppose she or her publicist will be able to justify not answering it for another outlet? “Sorry, answered it once. Can’t again!” “But you already did for someone else, why not us?”

        It’s not as cut and dry as you think. Having a publicist approve a question list does not necessarily mean that the star will get it all their way.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      To be fair…this is an excerpt from a full interview. This might have been discussed for 3 minutes of a two hour interview. We don’t really know.

  20. flavia_deluce says:

    WHAT is a cheesecake sub and where can I get one?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I noticed that too! Was that supposed to be Cheesesteak or is it a new wonderful thing that I don’t know about?

  21. Cora says:

    The reason she doesn’t have to worry about diet and exercise is because she’s 23. When young women like Jennifer and Blake Lively talk like this I roll my eyes. In 10-15 years, they’ll be singing a different tune.

  22. Lisa says:

    Okay, have fun with that in 10-20 years.

    That’s not what being a healthy role model means, you dim bulb.

  23. Lucy says:

    To me, she can do close to no wrong. “Close to” because she’s not perfect, knows it and is okay with it. She keeps getting asked about the same topic, and so far I haven’t seen any changes in her answer. You’re tired of her? Great, then stay away from the articles about her.

    • mayamae says:

      I agree with you Lucy. Everyone gets exposed when big movies are coming out. When I get tired of someone, I stop reading about them.

    • angie says:

      i don”t get some people, it’s like they get annoyed with a celebrity but they still click on articles pertaining to that celebrity and then, they again complain about the said celebrity, it’s like why don’t you just ignore it?
      no they have to be masochist and complain infinitely about it, it gets real old fast and repetitive, like we get it you don’t like this celebrity but move on already * rolls eyes* jmo

    • Nik says:

      Oh please, this site is called Celebitchy for crying out loud. All you girls hate on Scarlett, Rooney, Ann H., Kristen, Halle, and countless others. But when it comes to JLaw she’s above criticism? Girl bye!

      I don’t hate her just to be clear but I’m over the “no one is allowed to say anything negative about our precious little Jennifer” mindset a lot of you have. If I want to read a post about her and give a mean comment…I’m within my right to. Just like you’re allowed to stan for (which many of you clearly do). If you’re mad about it, well I guess you’re just going to have to stay mad. Not my problem.

    • Leila In Wunderland says:

      I’m no Jennifer Lawrence stan, but I have to agree a little bit with Lucy, Mayamae, and Angie. That’s one of the reasons why I only comment on Kardashian posts on any sites every once in a while. I don’t like them and I’m tired of them. There’s also the fact that I don’t like being in the uncomfortable position of feeling like I have to defend them, because I don’t even like them and they’re not likable.

      People should definitely be able to criticize whatever celebrity they want, but you’ve got to admit that it does sound a little contradictory when people say, “I’m so tired of them. Won’t they go away?” while they’re reading and commenting on almost every article about them.

  24. Tiffany says:

    Yes she is working out because of THG films. I believe that once those are done she will let up. That is what I am getting from the quotes.

    • Amory says:

      I agree. Note sure why everyone jumped to “I don’t exercise” from her comments. She obviously has trained a ton for the films. I think she was just saying that diet & exercise to maintain a certain weight is not her thing, and she’s not personally very motivated. Most people aren’t very motivated, hence the weight issues in this country. I think people don’t like her for a variety of reasons, and will take any comment and make it into what they will.

  25. lilian says:

    Ohh… She became extremely annoying pretty fast! Anne Hathaway 2.0 Couldn’t reading her FAKE PROPAGANDA interviews anymore. Im over her. Good luck to her fans/stans to be fooled by her PR hustle.

  26. Ginger says:

    Kate Moss with a bow and arrow wouldn’t be scary…this is why I love Jlaw! The girl is hilarious!

  27. Hannah says:

    “Kate Moss running at you with a bow and arrow wouldn’t really be scary.” Haha, true!

    • Franklymydear1 says:

      Now if it were Naomi Campbell you would fear that she would chuck the bow at you (which is why she’s so amazing)

    • Maddie says:

      Actually Kate Moss running at me with a bow and arrow would scare me more than J-Law running at me with a bow and arrow – druggies and alchos are notorious for being unpredictable and suddenly going psycho on you! Kate seems really – idk – undomesticated or something.

  28. yeahright says:

    I dont think she’s trying to “be relatable.” Why would talking about eating tons of food and being fat and drinking/smoking and being goofy be the most relatable thing for a celebrity to talk about? Why would I need her to be relatable? Im so lost.

  29. SuSu says:

    She looks gorgeous in the second picture. The dress is super cute.

    But what the hell is she talking? “Nothing can motivate me”… yes except the money for her movies!
    She poses for all those fashion magazines but talks about how bad “sex sells” in the entertainment industry is and all the stuff about weight. Hello? She loves and eats junk food all the time and doesn´t want to exercice. That´s what she tells her young fans. Oh my

  30. Lara Morgana says:

    I love, love, love her. I really don’t get all the hate. What’s up with that? Are these K-Stew fans who have gone around the bend?

    • Eve says:

      Yes, because people disliking ONE aspect of Jennifer Lawrence’s inteviews is a clear sign they’re all fans of Kristen Stewart.

    • Dani2 says:

      I’m a J-Law fan but I disagree with your logic so much, this is one of the least K-Stew-friendly sites on the internet lol! These commenters are genuinely just tired of her pushing the “I eat like crazy and don’t exercise” thing, that’s what people are criticising here for the most part.

  31. Samantha says:

    I’m a little over all the “I don’t diet” and “I don’t work out” bs, honestly, and this is coming from a hardcore JLaw fan (she’s my girl crush). She has a stellar body. She works out, and there’s no way she’s eating all that crap and staying that thin. A better comment would be: “No, I’m not obsessive about working out, but I do work out because it makes me feel good and happy”. Like, why is she so terrified of people knowing that she’s a healthy person? Wouldn’t that send a better message to young woman than “eat whatever you want, don’t work out”?

  32. GIRLFACE says:

    Those photos are perfect. She looks beautiful.

  33. Kate says:

    Type 2 diabetes and obesity are a much bigger problem in our society than the infinitessimal number of people actually diagnosed with real eating disorders. Her glorification of an unhealthy lifestyle is breathtakingly irresponsible, and her obsession with the way she looks makes her sound like a vapid fool.

    • GIRLFACE says:

      PUHleaze. As if people don’t know how to get healthy.

    • Leila In Wunderland says:

      “Type 2 diabetes and obesity are a much bigger problem in our society than the infinitessimal number of people actually diagnosed with real eating disorders. Her glorification of an unhealthy lifestyle is breathtakingly irresponsible…”

      But there are a lot of people who DO have some type of eating disorder, who go undiagnosed because they keep it a secret. To me the thought of middle school girls ‘practicing’ starving and making themselves throw up is scarier than the possibility of diabetes.

    • Josephine says:

      Seriously? If you are getting your diet advice from a 23 year old actress, you have serious issues beyond your eating habits. She made a few offhand comments. I’m sure you have never spoken of your love of a couple kinds of junk food, or how hard it is to be motivated to work out.

    • glaugh says:

      Oh come on. She doesn’t say she binges on MacDs and lazes around all day. Did you even read her comments? She said she still eats candy and hotdogs even while she’s filming and doesn’t work out as hard as she should. Jeez… to call her comment “breathtakingly irresponsible” is breathtakingly ridiculous, imo.

  34. I Choose Me says:

    Sigh. I want to like her more than I do. I like her look and I think she’s a damn fine actor and I do believe a lot of what comes out in interviews is the real her but I also believe that this girl is ambitious and savvy and knows how to play the Hollywood game.

    Also that quip about Katniss looking like Kate Moss…look I’m all for her trying to promote a healthy body image for young girls but Katniss is supposed to look more like Kate Moss as per the book. That’s what makes the game masters and the other tributes underestimate her at first so her point is lost on me here.

    I’ll take what Robyn Lawley has to say about weight and body consciousness over Jennifer Lawrence any day. How about we don’t judge a book by its cover hm?

  35. Happy21 says:

    I can’t read the interview! I’ve got to go home and anxiously wait by my mailbox for the December issue of In Style!!! LOL, ridiculous I know but I can’t wait to read it. I love Jennifer Lawrence and haven’t found a worthy interview in In Style for months!

  36. Kelly says:

    Just shut up with the body image obsession already. Other than that, top notch.

  37. GIRLFACE says:

    I wonder how much of the body obsession thing is JLaw and how much of it is pushed by mag editors and media producers. A lot of media outlets are stuck in the past when it comes to us ladies… every single byline on that cover is about looking good. It’s like mags still think all we do all do is dream up ways to up our physical beauty quotient with less effort. It’s moderately insulting. I’m just saying, actors are asked these questions over and over and over. If anyone needs to change the dialogue it’s the mags not the actors, IMO. Although it could start with them, if they demanded it but I guess they like getting paid too much.

  38. She looks just like Emily Blunt here.

  39. Nina says:

    I’m sick of celebrities with lovely bodies insisting that all they eat is junk, and claiming they never work out. It’s fine to admit that you exercise and take care of yourself, as long as you’re not a douche about it. I proudly admit that I eat well (most of the time!) and go to the gym twice a week.

  40. Janet says:

    I haven’t seen a single movie she’s been in and I’m already tired of her.

  41. Peeps says:

    It is HILARIOUS watching her fans twist themselves into delusional pretzels to defend her on every freakin’ point, knowing that they NEVER make the same excuses or allowances to other celebs on this site.

  42. paranormalgirl says:

    I hate exercising and dieting. HATE it. With a passion. I am the most unmotivated person in the world. The only things I like are running and swimming. And I can tolerate biking. I loathe going to the gym and working out though. And if I could have pizza every day every meal for the rest of my life, I would.

    That being said, I know that to run marathons and do triathlons, I have to cross train a bit, so I go to the gym for a few weeks before an event (I run every day). And I have pizza several times a week, but I make my own crust and pile on the veggies and watch the cheese. I also eat my share of super healthy grains, veggies, and lean proteins. I hate doing this, I would rather have fast food, but it’s what I do to stay healthy. Maybe Ms Lawrence is the same way. She isn’t motivated but does it anyway. *shrugs* Can’t hate on the girl since I’m the world’s most unmotivated marathoner.

    • Leila In Wunderland says:

      I’ve learned to like exercising. It’s a good way to release energy, and it’s the only reason why I’m not overweight, because I looooove food.

  43. terrah. says:

    great photies. the mcqueen dress is the very best thing i’ve seen all week, and she looks lush and amazing. the petticoat detail and dungaree buckles. blumming lovely. she seems such a sweetheart to me , talented, grounded, funny and amenable- seems a wee bit sad that people are giving her a hard time here. what she do so bad?

  44. Marianne says:

    I dont mind Fashion Police. It would be more tolerable with Joan off it. I dont think theres anything wrong in discussing a pretty or ugly dress, its when you start talking about the actual person in it. And thats what Joan does. Its like she can’t help hjerself but make jokes about that person’s life. And I think thats what Jen doesn’t like. Theres no need to be rude about about a person when its a FASHION show. Plus, they’re hypocries anyway. When they see the stars in person, they always compliment them and then when they go on their show they will be like “Oh her one boob was down here and the other was up there”. Etc.

  45. Claudia says:

    Fashion Police is such drivel. Every time I see pictures of the hosts online, they are all dressed horribly… so, pot meet kettle. Joan’s knee-jerk reaction to things appears to be unnecessarily catty/bitchy remarks– yes, I get it’s her schtick, but it’s so tired. I don’t find her funny or entertaining.

  46. allons-y alonso says:

    I’m all for Lawrence wanting to promote a positive image to younger people that look up to her but at the same time I’m sick of her talking about her non diet and exercise habits. Girl, you do work out, whether it’s for a role or if it’s just because you want to be healthy. I work out like a bitch and i follow a nutrition plan too – I don’t do it because of ‘negative body issues’, i do it because I want to be healthy.

  47. Leila In Wunderland says:

    Have I ever mentioned that I can’t stand Joan Rivers? I know some people think she’s funny, and I used to watch Fashion Police, but to me she just personifies a senior citizen version of Mean Girl culture. I don’t like Kelly Osbourne either, because she’s a spoiled brat who has the nerve to call other people on their bitchiness when she’s just as bad, and her mommy enables her all the time.

  48. Torisan says:

    Yeah, sure she can eat whatever she wants and not work out. Because, you see, there is this lovely little thing called PHOTOSHOP.

  49. Some Chick says:

    I wonder if people will turn on her the same way they seem to have turned on Kate Winslet, for taking on the positive body image mantra. I know they are being asked questions, but at some point it started to rub people the wrong way when it became all Kate could talk about in her interviews.

  50. TG says:

    I am feeling kind tonight so I will say I adore her and believe she is a nice person though I still sat to thus day that she faked her fall at the Oscars. I also wish she actors would stop mentioning other actors in their interviews. I mean why say something mean about Kate Moss?

  51. bettyrose says:

    What is she, 24? I adore her but she hardly deserves praise for talking like a 24 year old. I believe she can maintain her figure on workouts alone (at her age) and that marriage/babies are the furthest thing from her mind.

  52. Naddie says:

    Nothing can motivate me to watch The Hunger Games.

  53. TheCountess says:

    We get it Jen, you want us to think you’re relateable. Thing is, your shit is shining through. Just shut up.

  54. sq says:

    JOAN RIVERS totally right about JLaws arrogance. Girls ego became so big that she is on her way to have personality narcissistic disorder. Its inevitable illness that catch all successful hollywood starlets.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Narcissistic Personality Disorder is generally NOT acquired in that manner. Narcissistic traits, yes, but not a personality disorder. NPD is actually extremely rare (about 1% of the population and more prevalent in men). And I see nothing of the criteria for NPD in Jennifer Lawrence.

  55. O'Angie says:

    Put me in the, she can’t win camp. HG is a physical role, and her body is great. It’s going to keep coming up. And she didn’t say she doesn’t work out. She said nothing motivates her to work out. Basically, she doesn’t enjoy it but she does it when it’s required; ie. movie contract. Big difference. I’m sure she burned a ton of calories between gym time and fight choreography and was probably hungry all the time. Sure, she could have leaned out faster had she lowered her calorie count, but instead she said ‘eff it and ate what she wanted … and probably regretted it during every work out. And she has the metabolism of a 24 year old because she is 24. She’ll either worry about her diet and exercise habits when it impacts her or she won’t. Either way, she seems happy with her body and that’s what counts. She’s not out stealing husbands or having pretend twee showmances every other month. Why are we ripping her a part?

  56. Delorb says:

    And exactly where is her fat? She looked great during her Oscar run and during her movies. She still has a bit of baby fat around her face, but that’s to be expected from someone her age. Maybe I’m missing something?

  57. Caroline says:

    Ok, I love her personality and the stance she’s taken.
    However..obviously she’s made to care about her weight if she’s shooting and her face doesn’t have strong features, and its not a movie star look imo. (unlike angelina jolie, charlize theron, audrey hepburn for example)

  58. mytbean says:

    She’s saying one thing and doing another implying that she’s lost weight and stays in shape by eating whatever she wants and never hitting the gym. There’s one thing a starlet’s career can’t survive and it’s being perceived as disingenuous.

  59. lafrenchy says:

    She starting to sound like a Kate Winslet 2.0…..

  60. Meg says:

    “But I just feel like I’m not ready to own property. I don’t think I would take good care of it. My tastes are changing so much that I would buy something, then hate it in a few years. It’s like, right now I have the money but not the mental capacity.”
    She’s very self aware, even more so than many people older than her

  61. Megan says:

    I used to go through and actively read her interviews, but I just skip them now because I know exactly what’s going to happen.

    “I don’t exercise! Look how much I eat! Working out sucks! I’m not fat! *insert fart joke here* I love eating potato chips! Did I mention I hate dieting??”

    I used to be so amused by her but now it’s just boring. I will still watch her movies ( not hunger games though. So stupid) but I just can’t stand listening/reading her interviews.

  62. Dontbuyit says:

    Enough with the weight gimmick she is latching onto just to get a bigger fanbase and be the positive public figure for young girls everywhere, when she goes against the grain herself, it’s all a self serving purpose, that’s just my opinion. Sort of like how some artists use “the gays.” but then if a paycheck is cut for them to attend or sing at a private function and the host is homophobic, the guest suddenly develop a case of selective amnesia, all done on the down low and away from the press. Joan is right in her comments, you love it one moment but then when you have something to promote they start mouthing off their hypocrite opinions.

    I really hate the hollywood dips that blah blah blah about they won’t try to lose weight for a role, eat tons junk food and wont deprive themselves to fit in, in Hollywood and won’t exercise when there are a size 0-4 anyway and it’s clearly apparent than Jennifer has lost weight for roles. Her interviews are all the same, bit predictable and full of, word starts with S and end’s in T and it stinks to high heaven. Hypocrite! I’ve always had a feeling from the start is is very contrived in her interviews. I don’t buy the kooky, cutesy act. Hugging little bawling fan girls waiting for her, in front of the camera still won’t ever convince me.