Kelly Clarkson on if she’s pregnant: ‘we’re trying like rabbits… we have two kids’

There’s been speculation that Kelly Clarkson is pregnant, since she married in a very private, seemingly quickie ceremony in Tennessee last month. In a recent appearance on The Jay Leno Show, Kelly wouldn’t say whether or not that’s the case, simply saying “We are not announcing anything right now.” That sounds suspicious, but she could be looking for buzz for her Christmas album, Wrapped in Red. Kelly also talkedabout how she wants babies, and how she’s trying to get pregnant with her new husband, Brandon Blackstock. Kelly smacked her hands together, said “practice makes perfect” and later said they’re trying “like rabbits.” Leno interjected that he could help out “I’m working now, but I could….” He’s such a creeper. He then asked “are you pregnant right now?

Kelly Clarkson isn’t afraid to let the world know: She wants a baby, and she wants one now.

The 31-year-old singer made an appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” last night (Nov. 11) and revealed that she and her husband Brandon Blackstock are trying really hard to get pregnant.

“We are not announcing anything right now! We’re not, no,” Clarkson said when Leno asked her if she was already expecting. “Practice makes perfect!” she added, “We’re trying, trying, trying … like rabbits!”


But although Clarkson’s baby-making process is going well, the “Tie It Up” songstress admits she can’t wait to have kids of her own.

“I want a little baby with little feet and I just want to bite them,” she gushed, explaining that Blackstock’s two kids from a previous relationship made her want a big brood. “They’re so great,” Clarkson said. “I never wanted kids before, but now I want, like, five.”

[From The Huffington Post]

I’m happy for Kelly, but I liked her more when she was single. She needs to reign it in a little. When she was doing the interview circuit ahead of her wedding, she kept referring to Brandon’s kids from his first marriage as her own kids. She did this a couple of times and in this interview she said “we have two kids” so it wasn’t a slip or anything. Maybe their mom isn’t in the picture, it’s hard to tell. Now she wants babies and is going on about it. She’s happy and excited and that’s awesome. I just could have done without the hand smacking and the rabbit comparisons. They’re newlyweds, it goes with the territory. That said, I hope it happens for Kelly soon. She seems like she would be a great mom.

Here’s the relevant part of the interview:




Kelly is shown at her wedding and at the CMA Awards on 11-6-13. Credit:

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  1. MrsBPitt says:

    Love Kelly, (even with the tmi) but cannot stand Leno…don’t think he is funny or charming…hurry up and retire Jay…c’mon Jimmy Fallon!!!!

  2. PinkParasols says:

    I have a feeling this won’t end well. I hope I’m dead wrong.

    • We Miss You Enclave_24 says:

      I agree

    • Cazzee says:

      I think this blind item may have been about Kelly Clarkson:

      “It’s supposed to a happy day. Especially for a woman. Her wedding day recently was not a happy day. Unfortunately, she made it miserable, for herself and for everyone involved…”

      The item begins by saying ‘a happy day’ twice, which is a hint – and apparently KC posted a video of her wedding on her website that is set to the song ‘heavenly day’…

      It’s too bad, because Kelly Clarkson always seemed really appealing and likeable.

    • Jules says:

      I have said the same thing from the beginning….the Blackstock guy gives off a bad vibe or something.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      I think I read somewhere that he cheated on his first wife. I hope that’s not the case for Kelly. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    • Kelly says:

      This. I’m less likely to listen to her music now because I find her so annoying at this point.

  3. Faye says:

    Oh boy. I love Kelly, but I kind of winced at parts of the interview. She seems so uber-happy right now (the rabbit comment? Oy). I hope it doesn’t backfire on her, since this is a guy with a history.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Whats the “history”? I know he is divorced with two kids….if there is more…spill it, please!!! I want to know!!!!

      • Faye says:

        I read somewhere that he cheated on wife #1, hence the divorce. He also apparently had to be pressured into proposing to Kelly -another country music star “joked” about how he told him “Why don’t you go propose to this girl already?” I don’t know if there’s more, but that would be enough to make me hesitate about having five kids with someone like that :).

  4. bella says:

    an incredibly talented, lovely young lady.
    100% pregnant.
    an enormous difference in her body since her wedding pics.

  5. aims says:

    Kelly’s a hoot. she’s way more likeable then LeAnn, but she needs to lay off on her step kids. I know that you’d want them to feel loved and included, but they have a mother. I think what is genuinely good intentions can backfire. Love the children, listen to the children, but know your place, otherwise it will bite you in the butt.

  6. RN says:

    Wow, I can’t believe she had her wedding picture photoshopped. If she just got married last month, the weight difference between the photos is noticeable, and Kelly has never been a svelte woman. That’s not attributable to pregnancy, either – not that much weight in just a short period of time.

    • Joy says:

      Ok I was just sitting here wondering why she looked sooooooo tiny in her wedding pic and now she’s noticeably fuller. That’s not a baby. It’s a combo of being relieved not to have to fit into that dress anymore and photoshop. No shade, I’m not skinny either just stating the obvious.

  7. Me2 says:

    You know, I get a little tired of the shade about this. I have a stepdaughter and ALWAYS mention her as one of my children. Because if I don’t mention her, how would that make her feel? I do usually specify that she’s my step, but when I’m talking about our children in general, I don’t. Even before our second child was born I would talk about her as my child. And that’s not disrespecting the ex-wife, that’s honoring the child as a part of my family no matter what. I would want the same for my child if I was ever in that position. I don’t think in any way that Kelly is trying to deny or ignore their mother — she’s trying to make sure the kids feel included in their new life.

    • Roma says:

      I just read your post after I clicked submit, but I agree wholeheartedly!

    • MrsBPitt says:

      totally agree!!!!

    • Lrayne25 says:

      I’d like to weigh in as the bio mom to two boys and dealing with a step-mom. She is fantastic, and I think so only because she treats my sons like her own. It doesn’t make me jealous, it makes me happy. I like knowing there is a woman that treats them like I would when Im not there. I can see a situation like Brandi/LeaAnn being toxic only because LeaAnn says/does stuff to get under Brandi’s skin. In my situation, she does it because she is a sweet person and has been around the kids since they were little and cares about them…and if I was mad about that I would be an idiot.

      • Me2 says:

        I agree, LR is a different beast. You are doing SO GOOD for your family by seeing it like you do. This will create such a loving situation for your kids and it could be so different (in a bad way).

      • Jayna says:

        I agree. I’ve said this before. My brother-in-law has been in my nephew’s life since he was two and he calls him daddy /dad also like does his father, who lives an hour away and considers them both his fathers.

        My older brother is a stepfather to two boys who were age six and eight when he married his wife. The wife iw the primary caregiver and husband has visitation. He lives in another city. The boys several years into the marriage started calling my brother dad on their own accord, like their little brother does. It was a natural thing and no one told them to do it. He respects the father and always shows him respect even in disagreements with the wife and ex he doesn’t get involved. But he loves the boys and is very much helping to raise them as a father figure and calls him his sons most of the time in conversation when talking about his four children, not saying two bios and two step.

    • ctkat1 says:

      Agree. I have an amazing stepmom, came into my life when I was 18 months, who calls me her daughter and I call her my mom. When asked, I say that I have 3 parents. My mom is incredibly supportive of our relationship and isn’t threatened at all- she’s my mom, nobody is going to usurp her.

      I think there’s really no way to win with this- if you refer to your stepkids as “your kids” or “our kids” people are going to get mad that you are not respecting their other bio parent, and if you call them “step-kids” or “my spouse’s kids from a previous relationship” then you aren’t including them in your family.

      When you are trying to balance the feelings of adults against the feelings of kids, my personal belief is you err on the side of the kids- you do what seems right for your relationship with the children, to make them feel secure and stable in their family. If you do it respectfully (not LeAnn), of course!

  8. Roma says:

    I get the sensitivity of a blended family, but I like the idea of step-parents embracing the kids. Always recognizing that they have a mother/father who love them, but that the step-parent loves them with their whole heart as well.

    I realize this view is rarely accepted on CB due mostly to LR, but I grew up with a mother who kept herself very separate from the children from my dad’s first marriage and it gutted my brothers. They wanted to feel accepted. I just got engaged to a man with a 5 year old, and we constantly talk about how to respect the son’s relationship with his mother, but allow me to love him fully.

    Even if sometimes that might hurt the child’s mother, I’m more worried about his feelings and making him feel secure and wanted.

    • Dani2 says:

      I wholeheartedly agree, I think it’s wonderful when you can really grow to love your partners kids as your own. I can’t blame other commenters for being skeptical as to whether or not they’ll last but I won’t throw any shade at her for that comment, she really seems to be in love.

    • Me2 says:

      Yep! I grew up with a stepmother who didn’t get it, who never considered me “hers” and it hurt like hell. I never felt a part of that family and when that family includes your father it sucks. I learned a lot from that. You’re doing good!

      • aims says:

        I’ve also had a stepparent that didn’t get it. I’ll never forget when my bio dad told me that I should start calling her mom. I was horrified. She was a total bitch to me and she bad mouthed my mom when ever possible. Needless to say, I no longer have contact with either of them.

      • Jayna says:

        I have a niece who is in her teens. I have two older brothers. One is much older than all of us and he got his girlfriend pregnant when they were 18. They of course didn’t last and broke up after a few years. When he remarried, his new wife had a young daughter a year younger than my niece. My niece loved her mother and lived with her, but hated feeling different at her dad’s house where her stepsister lived full-time with no father figure really but my niece’s dad. When she went to live with her father in her teens (he mother had to move out of state and she wanted to finish high school in town), she struggled with her stepmother treating her differently. She desperately always wanted her love for all those years, but once she moved into her dad’s house full-time, the difference was even more glaring between her and her stepsister in the house.

    • Faye says:

      Thank you for this perspective. I’ve never been in this situation, but I can imagine how much it must hurt to feel like an outsider in a family that includes your own blood relatives. I would imagine that most good parents would *want* their children to feel loved by their stepparents. It doesn’t take away from the child’s true mother and/or father, it just adds someone new to their life to love them. I think LR is a different story because there’s so much public feuding going on between her and Brandi, so the kids seem like just another pawn. Very different from Kelly, who it seems is just trying to make her stepchildren feel welcomed by her.

  9. Anna says:

    That red dress she wore at the awards show did not fit well at all, it was clearly made for someone with a bigger chest…
    Lately Kelly’s fashion choices haven’t been so great, but she looked amazing at her wedding

  10. Bethy says:

    It’s funny. When I hear this stuff from LeAnn Rimes, it seems too proprietary. When Kelly says it, I believe her and think it’s nice that she has such a great relationship with her stepchildren. Kelly seems sincere.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know, I feel like her inclusion of her step-kids is totally different than Leann’s. Leann’s seems to be all about one upping Brandi and trying to make Brandi’s stuff her own, and doing things like posting the kids’ pics when she’s been asked not to. Kelly just seems genuinely happy and caring about the kids, and all I know about them is that there are 2.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Well, Kelly didn’t cheat with, then stalk, and break up their family, like LR did. And if Kelly starts having totally inappropriate birthday cakes, and starts writing and singing songs about breaking up a family, and then tweet that her “bonus” kids love the songs and are singing them…then I will have a problem with her…until then, I am happy that she seems to love her step-kids!

  12. Jericho says:

    @Me2, I totally agree with you. Maybe this is TMI, but I grew up with just me and my mother and my father wasn’t in the picture. When she married my step-dad, he and his kids from his first marriage started calling me his daughter and their sister. He raised me since I was a pre-teen and my siblings have treated me just like that–a sibling. In fact, my brother was introducing himself to someone recently and mentioned me as a step-sister (just for clarification purposes, no shade intended), and you know what…it stung a little.

    If their mother is still in the picture (which I have no idea), I can see how it can come across as a bit insensitive especially seeing as how Kelly is SO in the public eye. From my particular perspective, she is being a good step-mother and embracing that she not only has a new husband now, but a new family. Nothing like LeAnn’s behavior, though; she’s a different animal.

  13. mari says:

    Those wedding photos look ridiculous! Why the hell did she feel that she had to photoshop herself thinner!?!? She looks beautiful as she is. Nice to have false memories, eh?

  14. Jules says:

    Love Kelly, but damn, red is not her color…..and neither is the blonde hair.

  15. Scarlettmoon says:

    Eh, I like Kelly and I’m not getting any shady vibe off new hubby. What am I missing? When I got married ten years ago I was floating on cloud nine and shouted it to the world lol. I honestly think she’s just really happy with where she is in her life, it’s an exciting time of building. As far as referring to her step kids as “mine”… I have two step kids and I loosely refer to them as mine too. I think it’s flat out crappy to make a big distinction between “my” kids and “his” kids. Both of my hubby’s step kids have a mother but have both told me I’m more like a mom to them than she is, how could I then turn around and say, oh well, they’re not REALLY a part of my brood? Rude.

  16. Coco says:

    I had a Stepmom (they are now divorcing) for almost 15 years and she barely showed any interest in my siblings or myself outside of family holidays. She’s never done anything one on one with any of us, never accompanied my Dad to any of our events…it’s almost like she married our Dad but never had any interest in the family that came along with him. Now, I’m not her biggest fan but it still hurt, especially when we were all younger. As a result, I always referred to her as my Dad’s Wife rather than my Stepmom. My Stepdad, on the other hand, is a wonderful father figure to all of us and has helped my Mom raise us, despite how difficult blending a large family can be. My little sister, who has known him most of her life, calls him Dad too and both my Dad and Stepdad take her to her school’s Father/Daughter Dances. My Dad even jokingly refers to him as his “Life Partner” as they are both so invested in raising my siblings. Funny enough, I always refer to him as my Stepdad despite, technically speaking, he and my Mom are still unmarried after all these years. My Dad could not be more thrilled that someone so great is in his kid’s lives while my Mom was always so saddened for us that we had a non-existent Stepmom. You should want your kids to be in a loving, nurturing, respectful home because it’s the JOB of everyone involved to raise their kids to be functioning and contributing beings to society. It shouldn’t matter whether they are your biological kids or not, if they are spending time living under your roof then that is your family too and you have an obligation to give them love and support and have a part in raising them, because you are definitely influencing them. I’ve seen how absolutely wonderful blended families and parents can be and also how crappy. You can’t go wrong with genuine love because love wins every time.

  17. mrspatrickbateman says:

    But they do have two kids. My husband has two kids from a previous marriage and so do I, so we have four kids. We don’t single them out and make them feel like they aren’t a part of the family. Until she starts saying ‘I am their mother’ or something along those lines, I’ll cut her some slack. I’m pretty sure their mother would rather have someone in their lives who loves them and treats them as their own (especially if they plan on having children of their own) rather than a step mom who treats them as they’re left over baggage from a previous relationship.

  18. Nicole says:

    LOVE that dress on her. No way you would ever catch me in that much lace but she totally nails it and makes me feel like a wimp for denying the foofera.

  19. Doublesteff says:

    @celebitchy (and kinda off topic but still…
    Regarding this part of the article: “it wasn’t a slip or anything. Maybe their mom isn’t in the picture, it’s hard to tell. ”

    It doesn’t seem to matter what the truth of the matter is, this particular situation is always sticky to handle. I’m the soon-to-be-ex of someone who has let his current girlfriend and son move in and my daughter has been instructed to call her mom. I think it’s great that these children have so much love in their lives but it’s a really crappy snub to the a person who brought the(se) babies into the world. Drives me crazy. I love Kelly but man, would I love to have 5 minutes with her about the verbiage. Ok soapbox is put back up. Thanks for allowing this forum CB and the rest of you!