Joaquin Phoenix, 39, steps out with DJ girlfriend, Allie Teilz, 19: sketchy?

Joaquin Phoenix

We didn’t cover these photos of Joaquin Phoenix with Rooney Mara and Scarlett Johansson at the Rome film festival premiere of Her on Monday. Rooney is wearing an underwhelming white Balenciaga cape dress with odd peek-a-boo cleavage. Scarlett fares better in a white Dolce & Gabbana minidress adorned with flowers and medalions. I love Scarlett’s dress, and she’s positively glowing whereas Rooney is quite nearly glowering. As for Joaquin, he’s wearing one awful-looking mullet. I don’t know how he grew his hair out so fast after his recent Esquire UK shoot. Maybe these are mullet extensions, I don’t know.

Thankfully the topic of the day is not mullets. Instead let’s talk about 39-year-old Joaquin’s new DJ girlfriend, Allie Teilz, who just happens to be 19 years old. You can see some photos of them all coupled up at The Mail (aww … matching Chucks), but here is a photo of Allie from her Facebook page.

Allie Teilz

This is a surprisingly Leo DiCaprio-styled move for Joaquin, right? Almost a very Bradley Cooper/Suki Waterhouse weird vibey thing. I feel like we’re going to see Joaquin and his new galpal lounging in the park soon while unironically reading Lolita together. Actually the difference between Joaquin and Allie is greater than that of Bradley and Suki. 20 years! That’s very odd, and I never would have pegged Joaquin as the type to date someone so much younger. They do look comfy together in those photos, but what on earth would they have to talk about to each other? Creepy.

So who is Allie Teilz? She recently did a little feature interview with Bullett. Her musical goal is to “reshape the music industry because I don’t like the direction it’s going.” She sounds very young, but that’s probably because she is young.

Joaquin seems very attached to these Chucks. He even wore them at the premiere.

Joaquin Phoenix

Photos courtesy of Bullett, Facebook & WENN

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  1. Dorothy#1 says:

    This disappoints me. 🙁

    • Jama says:

      I know these actors are getting old, but come on, this could be lyour daughter. Now Phoenix is in with Johnny Depp, Leo, Bradley, James Woods, Raymond(forget his last name). Wht are they trying to prove, that they still can get it up. Please, guys, age gracefully and think about if you had a daughter and would like it if she dated someone 20+ years older than her. Ewww, just gross.

      • Ginger says:

        Also Norman Reedus. No offense but have to see other than love here

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I would let Norman Reedus hit it every which way. He is super sweet and humble in person and I damn near melted in his arms when he gave me a hug!

    • Dandhara Esperanza says:

      Who is NORMAN REEDUS DATING? He always seems to be hitting on danai Gurira (MICHONNE!) LOL

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Apparently Cecilia Singley (an underwear model) who is very average looking IMHO. Bug downgrade from Helena.

  2. bns says:

    A man dating a woman 20 years younger? You don’t say! I thought you were better than this, Joaquin.

    She kind of looks like a blonde Siouxsie Sioux, but not as badass.

    • T.C. says:

      A 40 year old dating a teenager. I thought he was better than this.

      • Liv says:

        Guess we all thought that. About what do they talk?! Nobody can tell me that they are on the same level. The only explanation I have, is, that these guys like DiCaprio, Phoenix, eventually Cooper are in desperate need of someone who doesn’t question them.

  3. T.fanty says:

    I’m sorry, but if you are almost 40 and you have to leave the country for your girlfriend to be able to buy a drink in a bar, then that’s a bit creepy.

  4. jj says:

    Don’t get his appeal, never have. He is quite a good actor (he was a bit too try hard in The Master IMO, but he was able to hold his own with PSH) but other than that he leaves me stone cold.

    • fingerbinger says:

      +1 I don’t get it either. Everybody was losing their minds on here the other day when there was a post about him. Now, “gross” and “creepy”. Too funny. I do kind of like him as an actor though.

    • LadyMTL says:

      The thing is, when he cleans up and makes an effort he really is quite striking. He’s got a lovely combo of dark hair / light eyes, he’s not too thin or too buffed…but unfortunately, these days he looks like he’s going for a “tidied up hobo” thing, never mind the inherent creepyness of a gf who’s only 19.

    • Ok says:

      Well now, that explains why he has to date a 19 year old. Nobody thinks of him as a hottie.

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    She looks like Joffrey from Game of Thrones.

    • 4theLuv says:

      +1 Yes just like him! Glad someone else noticed that! Ewww Joffrey…

    • gefeylich says:

      Bwah! And I think that’s very telling. What was it that someone once told me – that men in Hollywood only want women who look like girls from the waist up, boys from the waist down? Uh-huh.

  6. Tapioca says:

    I can make playlists on my iPod – does that make me a DJ too, or can you only claim that if your parents are rich enough? And is this the girl who’s goal it is to be “R.Kelly’s Bitch”? Good luck with that five-years-too-old-girl…

  7. Lucy2 says:

    I’m younger than he is, and 19 year old seem like children to me!

  8. Zbornak Syndrome says:

    Lemme guess… Is she a rich, privileged kid? Seems like most DJ’s these days are born from the upper crust society. Just musing

  9. Kristen says:

    I love Joaquin in spite of all his crazy. And this chick isn’t even a little bit cute. Wtf.

  10. Kit2 says:

    At 19 I was attracted to men in their 40s… even some in their late 50s.

    If she’s of age and it works for them, why not…? *shrug*

    • lafrenchy says:

      Because its creepy and please let’s not spread unhealthy heavy daddy issues as just normal shall we?

      • Kit2 says:

        If it’s creepy to some that’s fine, but it was considered normal throughout 99% of human history, and still is in much of the world. “Daddy issues” (and “gold-digging”) don’t necessarily factor into it either (they didn’t in my case anyway). To each their own.

      • lafrenchy says:

        Well NO it was not considered normal throughout human history at all!

        Actually the great age differences are very very recent in human history, the average age of death in most european countries was around 40 in Middle-age… and people were already grand-parents at that age so the 19 years old marrying a 40 and way over wasn’t even a realistic possibility (except for kings).

        If you happen to read some Faulkner books you will discover that a man as young as 34 was considered middle-aged even in the beginning of the 20th and was totally ridiculed because of his infatuation of a 19 years old (The city, The snopes trilogy).

        So please let’s not invent History to fulfill only very recent and odd dating habits!

        Oh and gold digging or Daddy issues are the very core of these relationships (any psychology researches available on the internet will back that)

      • Kit2 says:

        What I meant was a woman being with/marrying a (relatively) much older man was considered normal. Also it’s “natural” for men to be attracted to much younger women, even in the case of decrepit old men. Sexual attraction is at its core about reproduction. Young women are much more likely to be fertile and strong enough to survive childbirth, so *of course* men will be attracted to women young enough to be their daughters… if these men are old enough to have daughters who’ve passed puberty at least. It’s just biology.

      • Violeta says:

        “but it was considered normal throughout 99% of human history, and still is in much of the world.”

        LOL whaaa? Please enlighten me here, I must have missed that part of “normal” in history…

        and double LOL at the biology rationale… it reminds me of Akon who said some nonsense about biology to rationalize the way men cheat.

        Look, that you are/were attracted to older men is one thing, but your explanation/reasoning of things on that matter and extend it in a historical/biological field… no no.

      • lafrenchy says:

        @Kit2: well again not really it’s not biology!

        Biology intended us , initially, to die between the age of 35 and 40 (without medical prevention and care).

        (That’s why we have our wisdom teeth growth around the age of 23/25 meaning biologically no other teeth were left at that “ripped old age”)

        Biology intended us to have as a reproductive goal (as all other species) to target the very best genes in order to better our species.

        Biologically our muscles tissues and reproductive abilities are peaking at 25 (for both genders);

        Biology intended not all men to reproduce for the bettering of our species, only 40% of men passed there genes….Only the alpha males actually.

        Oh did I mention that alpha males are the strongest… and with all their teeth (I let you calculate the age of alpha male then…)

        All this to says that biologicallyo yes it’s natural for men to be attracted to these women but it is as much natural for women to be attracted to young men since youth equals , in term of biology, the best genetical peak to mate… for BOTH GENDER.

        Biology never intended for these types of ‘unatural’ mating, that could ruin her whole work of bettering called evolution….Men did!

        PS : just my 2 cents…as an anthropologist.

        What did you say again about biology?

      • Kit2 says:

        “Biology intended not all men to reproduce for the bettering of our species, only 40% of men passed their genes….Only alpha males actually”

        Yes basically alpha and beta males, and I can imagine the majority of today’s men becoming offended by this notion the same way women get offended by so-called “ageism”.

        The social status of a particular male also factors into whether or not certain females find him sexually attractive too… hence on this site you’ve got a number of actors who may not exactly be “old” but are by no means physical specimens, men who wouldn’t get a second glance were they walking down the street, but they still manage to have hundreds of thousands (even millions) of women fantasizing and writing dirty fan fiction about them. Does this mean that women are just as shallow and gross as they accuse men of being? Possibly.

      • INeedANap says:

        Women were married off young to ensure virginity. Women, for much of history and still in some parts of the world today, were considered nothing more than brood mares and men wanted to make sure it was their line being continued.

        Also, women were never considered to be on equal footing with men intellectually or emotionally, so it didn’t matter to have a child or an adult because they were all mentally “children” anyway. Try Henrik Ibsen’s “Doll House”.

      • lafrenchy says:

        @Kit2: Woaouww you get easily confused don’ you ?? First you tried History, without any success, then Biology, again with really poor results and now you are angling a totally fabricated notion without even caring to make sense!!! it’s quite funny!!

        Please read again what I wrote about biology and you will (if the lucky stars are with us) understand at last ( please dear god!) that biologically there is no difference on how Alpha males and Alpha females are sorted out: Young, strong, best genes, symmetrical features, teeth. There is no status for one gender and age for the other… Both were supposed to be Alpha.

        FYI (and very needed…) men and women were regardless of gender hunters… or nannies…

        Beta men are a culturally fabricated notion by (bitter) men only website on “how to pick ladies ” (which is quite telling about your knowledge background… and maybe possibly your gender) biologically only ALPHA men and female reproduce.

        Biologically and historically there is no such a thing as ageism toward women…. since you know every single human being has died still being fertile.

        So what’s your point now? since you have proved that you cannot back properly your saying by facts are you trying to make up some? or to create a totally fabricated perspective that would fit your Ancient men/ young ladies agenda?

        Please if you try to admonish a point at least back it up with an argument, or at least try to make sense so I can understand what you are trying to say.

        History, biology and anthropology are proving your point wrong… maybe it’s time to give one of these matter a proper shot by reading actual researches… and not just following sayings of sayings…

      • LAK says:

        kit2: Let’s not use biology/social history [your explanations wrong on both counts BTW]to justify a patriarchal societal where women had no say in who they could marry and were merely chattels to be used by men to acquire property and propagate heirs. A practice that is still ongoing in some countries in the world.

        Please educate yourself *properly* before making these sweeping statements.

    • SamiHami says:

      Actually it was common for women and young girls to be treated as property and forced into marriage to disgustingly older men. Women were, and still are in some cultures, nothing more than property. That had nothing to do with what the female wanted. I agree that it’s likely that the majority of young girls attracted to men old enough to actually be their daddies do have daddy issues.

      • lafrenchy says:

        Thank you!!

        Plus even in these disgusting “trading” dalliances,age differences were way much more smaller not because of choice but because of a way much more smaller life expectancy.

      • Kit2 says:

        “I agree that it’s likely that the majority of young girls attracted to men old enough to actually be their daddies do have daddy issues.”

        I’m not arguing with that.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      I have always been attracted to 40 and 50 year olds too, and I think that is pretty common considering what celebrities many people my age find attractive. But a relationship is different, I am not saying that it never could not work but is very rare. And I do not think people who have these kind of relationships where there is a huge age difference even wish to have a real relationship, they are just about sex. That is why these kind of things feel creepy, you never feel like there are about love, at least mutual love. And it is same if the woman much is older too. If people wish to have non-serious relationships, they should at least not have them with people so much younger.

    • Jag says:

      Kit2, I agree with you. My boyfriend is 19 and I’m in my early 40’s. We didn’t intend to fall in love with one another. He thought I was much younger and I thought he was older. He has always liked older women, and I have dated both younger and older men. Our relationship is unconventional, but it works for us. (And it’s about love, being there for each other, and experiencing life together as a team. Not just sex as some have said.) We’ll be together 2 years in January. Good for you for speaking your mind!

      • Violeta says:

        LOL here we go with the “I’m 19 and my boyfriend” statement etc… good for you but there is a difference between your story and the majority of guys going for younger girls because they are creepy, and Kit2 was (unintentionally or else) generalizing here so…

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Jag-I think it’s awesome if your relationship works, I really do.

        It’s just hard for a lot of us to see how two people can really be on the same page emotionally, maturity-wise with that big of an age difference.
        I’m 34 and have been messing around with a 27-year-old. He’s cute, it’s fun but I can’t imagine an emotional connection developing because he’s just a kid to me. All the posturing, the silliness and insecurity etc-he just seems so…YOUNG.

        Anyway, in the end we’re all individuals and no doubt some men are more mature than others so I wish you best of luck. If you’re happy then that’s all that matters, the rest of us with an opinion can eff off 😉

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        ..and that IS different than men who systematically target younger women, as Violeta said.

      • SamiHami says:

        So….you’re in your 40’s. Your boyfriend is 19 and you’ve been together for 2 years? You started dating a 17 year old minor child? And you think that’s okay?

        That’s truly horrible.

      • T. Fanty Fan says:

        My husband is 32 and I am 52 and we have been together for 11 years….it does happen!

      • Ange says:

        Ew ew and eeeewwwwww!!!! You at 40 or thereabouts had no business pursuing a romantic relationship with someone who, at 17, could not even legally drink or vote or who potentially hadn’t even finished high school! If you were a man confessing this more commenters would be all over you. Skeevy.

    • Ann says:

      “At 19 I was attracted to men in their 40s… even some in their late 50s.”


    • Ice Maiden says:

      Kit2”Also it’s “natural” for men to be attracted to much younger women, even in the case of decrepit old men.”

      It’s ‘natural’ for everyone – male and female – to be physically attracted to young people, because that’s when men AND women are at their physical peak.

      ”so *of course* men will be attracted to women young enough to be their daughters… if these men are old enough to have daughters who’ve passed puberty at least. ”

      Well maybe (allowing for the fact that, throughout the huge majority of history, most people were dead by their early 40s, if not long before). But it doesn’t follow that young women would be attracted to THEM. Why would a 19 year old girl fancy a man old enough to be her father? Yes, it does happen, just as it happens that young men are sometimes attracted to much older women, but there’s nothing particularly ‘natural’ about it. From the point of view of reproduction, men are at their peak in their early 20s, just like women. Yes, it’s true that female fertility reaches an absolute cut-off point at the menopause, while male fertility is just in gradual decline and in theory at least, men are able to father a baby until the day they die. However, that’s all very moot, as during 99.99% of history, very few people reached old age, or even menopausal age. So again, there’s nothing natural about women being attracted to much older men. Quite the opposite. Please, let’s not make excuses for centuries of institutionalised sexism.

    • T.C. says:

      “It’s creepy to some that’s fine, but it was considered normal throughout 99% of human history, and still is in much of the world”

      Well slavery was once considered natural but it’s not. The only reason young girls were married off once they hit puberty was to make sure they remained virgins so there would be no paternity issues with the husbands. The men had to be successful enough for the Dad to approve the marriage. It takes years to be successful in life so the men would be in their 20’s or early 30’s at most. There was never anything natural about this arrangement.

      Women reach their sexual peaks in their 40’s and men in their 20’s. If we are talking biology then the natural order would be for older women to hook up with younger men. Since they are at different stages of development it doesn’t work. Older men seeking teenage girls have a regression in maturity or they seek someone who can more easily be manipulated than women their age.

      • Ktx says:

        I’m not disagreeing at all- but I just wanted to say that I’ve always loved my Jane Austen novels but have always been creeped out by the age disparity between the protagonists and their male love interests. Was it ever “normal,” at least in certain social classes, for a young woman (late teens, early 20’s) to seek out partners (as much as they had a choice in the matter) a good 20ish years older than they?

    • Kelly says:

      “At 19 I was attracted to men in their 40s… even some in their late 50s.”

      Yep, me too.

  11. MrsBPitt says:

    Could somebody please slap all these rediculous men who date women young enough to be their daughters! And I know, I know, there have been a few women who have dated younger guys, but, lets face it, these cavemen do it waaaaaay more! This girl looks 15, 16, and Joaquin looks like a joke!

  12. nico says:

    I doubt you will see many pictures of these two. According to my sources, they have been dating since April and this is the first time they were photographed together.

    Jack Nicholson Jr.-The gf’s keep getting younger and uglier.

  13. allons-y alonso says:

    Get your s**t together Joaquin Pheonix!

  14. LL says:

    She looks like the ‘Who’s that girl?” era of Madonna but not that interesting.

  15. Sarah says:

    a little while ago he was seen with Sophie Sumner, another model. she is best friends with Emma Watson so i figure she also must be in the 19 to 23 age bracket.

    She also resembles her quite a bit and also the one before her. he seems to like skinny and leggy blondes who are much younger than him.

  16. Kathy says:

    She really looks like a dead ringer of Pete Doherty, quite odd.
    Apart from that, as long as they are happy together, whatever, none of my business.

  17. lafrenchy says:

    Robin Williams was right: someone should invent an app that would ring when middle aged men enter an inappropriate territory around girls that could be their daughter… that app would ring a lot at the beginning but everything will settle well after a while 😉

  18. Cindy says:

    I’m 19 & both my parents are 40 so this is kinda creepy to me and this is quiet unexpected from Joaquin especially since she looks like a 12 year old..

  19. Ag says:

    Sketchy AND gross. She’s still a kid, so she doesn’t know better probably. But he should.

  20. Violeta says:

    lol omg… this is some Commodus cuckooness realness here, only now Cuckoo Commodus from another dimension is eyeing his own daughter… welp.

    Unless she’s “an old soul” (which I doubt she is) what the heck do they talk about?… and spare me the “when I was 18, I met my husband who was 30+…” comments zzzzz … what the heck do they talk about now, him “Hey girl, make me feel young again”, her “ok ok ok so last night in Gossip Girl episode…” or something?

  21. Tig says:

    Well, he’s always been a bit off, so would imagine his filter is too. At least she’s (barely) legal- to echo above- what could they possibly find to talk about? Wonder if he’ll start hanging out at her DJ gigs- that would be a sight!

  22. taxi says:

    Her boobs look at least 40. Saggy. I thought fresh flesh was a big part of the appeal when middle-aged guys date girls half their ages.

  23. bammer says:

    Joaquin is a bit of a mess but he’s rich, famous and not bad looking. I don’t see the harm in dating him. If I was 19 and liked clubs, music, partying, fashion and wanted to travel. I would definitely date him. As far as I know Joaquin isn’t trying to appeal to Matt Damon fans so why can’t he date whomever?

    • lafrenchy says:

      because it’s creepy… and creepy!

    • Violeta says:

      Thus you would date him for the fame and lifestyle… If he was a regular schmoe joe, you being 19 and liked clubs, music, partying, fashion and wanted to travel… welp!

      • bammer says:

        I mean it all depends on what you want. People criticize Joaquin and Leo for dating models but that’s the lifestyle they want to live. They are single and childless. If they want to go to clubs and hang on the yacht, so what? Not everyone wants to be in a serious relationship, live in the burbs and have 2.5 children while attending soccer games on Saturday. If you are a serious career woman looking for marriage and stability you would not be interested in Joaquin and Leo. They would not be interested in you either and that’s ok!

      • lafrenchy says:

        @Bammer: you missed the point! Leo and Joaquin are disgusting for the behavior and just their behavior no need to try to rationalize what cannot be by trying to explain their creepy behavior with what they want. They are disgusting and creepy middle-aged man.
        It’s not because you choose a lifestyle that does mean this lifestyle is perfectly acceptable… otherwise you should seriously reconsider drug dealing, children lurking and such…

      • Violeta says:

        LOL I’m not crucifying the guy for his lifestyle, I’m pointing out the creepy nevertheless, it’s not about them being models, DJs etc. It’s about them being young enough to attend college, thus their lifestyle shouldn’t rationalize the creepiness, they aren’t off the moral hook because they have a lifestyle different from a regular joe. To take an **extreme** example : Roman Polanski.

        And yes nobody forced those young ladies to date them since they make that choice and it’s probably because the guys are high profiled celebrities, but that doesn’t make it right either, thus the creepy.

      • nico says:

        you missed the point! Leo and Joaquin are disgusting for the behavior and just their behavior no need to try to rationalize what cannot be by trying to explain their creepy behavior with what they want. They are disgusting and creepy middle-aged man.
        It’s not because you choose a lifestyle that does mean this lifestyle is perfectly acceptable… otherwise you should seriously reconsider drug dealing, children lurking and such…


        You think he’s creepy. We get it.

      • lafrenchy says:

        @Nico: Oh I am glad you are finally getting it… it seemed quite hard. So glad!

    • Brigitte says:

      There is a certain maturity that should come with age that has nothing to do with chosen lifestyle. These guys appear to be stuck in adolescence. For example, I am 49 with a 27 year old daughter who I love to spend time with. However, she and her friends are clearly in a different stage of learning and life experience than I am. I can’t fathom dating a 25 year old and not feeling like his mother!

  24. Rhiley says:

    His brother, River, my first love, always wore chucks.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      My entire room was wallpapered with his pictures and I owned every one of his movies on VHS. When my mom told me he died, I was so angry I tore down every photo and trashed my room. I was a very dramatic 13 year old!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        LOL! Mort-I also loved him so so much.

        We definitely would have hung out in high school for sure.

    • nico says:

      I’ve still never seen him act. I keep hoping My Own Private Idaho will be put on Netflix.

      • Rhiley says:

        Watch Stand By Me or Running on Empty. He is his most beautiful in Running on Empty. Sadly, he was a full on addict when making Idaho.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @kitten, mos def!

        My Own Private Idaho is one of my favorites. He was also great in Dog Fight with Lili Taylor. He was supposed to play the part of the reporter (that Christian Slater played) in Interview with a Vampire (but he died and they had to recast).

        Seeing him in his casket with that cropped black hair was heartbreaking.

  25. Hannah says:

    Spike Jonze really reminds me of Anne Hathaway’s husband in the header picture!

  26. MrsBPitt says:

    When they go out to dinner, does he order wine for himself and chocolate milk for her? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

  27. Anna says:

    It’s kind of annoying how for Joaquin and Bradley it’s some horrid, unimaginable thing to do, but for Celine Dion is way completely normal and supported. Her relationship with her husband always kind of disgusted me to be honest

    • Jules says:

      It disgusts me as well. He knew her when she was a child. Sick.

    • LAK says:

      i’ve always thought that was so,so creepy especially because he met her as a tween so he essentially groomed her and not just musically.

  28. magpie says:

    This is nothing new, I think his 4-5 last girlfriends were in their early early 20s.

    Joaquin and Leo are exactly the same. They both go for much younger girls of a certain type except that Leo’s type is preppy blonde and Joaquin’s type is more alternative.

    They are both menchild who are emotionally stunted by fame and will never grow up.

    With the Leo, Joaquin, George, Bradley et al. thank god for Brad Pitt.

    • nico says:

      Brad dated Juliette Lewis when she was sixteen and he was twenty-seven.

      • han says:

        Exactly he is not much better. All brads girlfriends are at least 10 years younger. Gwyneth is 10 years younger. Angie almost 15 years younger.
        Matt Damon seems to be the only one i can think of who dates women in his own age bracket, even before his marriage he dated his peers. Oh and ryan gosling too.

    • Liberty says:

      + 1

    • Kim1 says:

      At least Leo dates woman over 21.I read this teenage girl just turned 19

    • magpie says:

      What I meant was that Brad can be with a woman whose profile equals his own, and can want commitment and family (something these other guys seem really scared of).

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Two of the things that I really like about Brad, is that he wasn’t with a woman because she was gorgeous. Until he got with Angelina, all of his previous partners had been pretty, at best. He was so pretty when he was younger–I’m sure he had models throwing themselves at him every time he stepped out (no matter what his personal hygiene was).
        The other was that they always had their own careers. Jennifer–FRIENDS for the majority of their marriage, GOOP was the “it” girl, Juliette was the quirky, talented actress. Although I do think that they benefited from being together, people wanted to work with them–no matter what I think of their talent. He could’ve gotten with some girl who’s Amber Heard 2.0, (hot but can’t act) but he didn’t. I like that.

      • magpie says:

        Thanks, you got what I was trying to say here.

  29. nico says:

    My parents were the same age when they met. They were married for over twenty years before his death. He wasn’t a creepy man but fell in love with my mother.

    It’s really not that big of a deal.

    • Lizzie says:

      Thank you. While I do imagine that your parents had a stronger and purer bond than Joaquin and this DJ-chick, it’s not like all men who date younger women are creeps and all women who date older men have daddy issues. I am (just about) only attracted to men who are way older than me, and I don’t have any daddy issues. I have mommy issues by the barrel, but a stable and loving and not at all inappropriate relationship with my father. To suggest that I have a absent or creepy (or abusive) father just because I am attracted to older men is insulting to me and to him. Also; what do my boyfriend and I have to talk about? We have a broader spectrum to talk about since we have grown up and lived in different eras. For the 3 1/2 years we have been together I think we have watched tv maybe twice. We don’t do much else than talk. And our age difference is bigger than 20 years. It’s such a cliché, but in some cases, age IS just a number. Not saying that that is the case here, though.

  30. Erandyn says:

    I imagine that they live in the illusion, typical of this kind of situation, of her being “mature for her age” (or, if they’re flakes, “an old soul” *snort*), since it benefits them both. She can maintain the typical teenage delusion of being a unique snowflake, different and superior to her peers, and he can deny the glaringly obvious – that in the last 20 years he has grown so little that he can still relate to a teenager.

  31. DesertReal says:

    Please. My husband is 15 years older than me and we have more commonalities and chemistry than any other partner we’ve ever had (I call it the reverse cougar).

    Aaand other times some people just want to bone.

    Tomato, tamato.

  32. judyjudy says:

    This is embarrassing.

  33. Ann says:

    From what I’ve observed so far: men who go after much younger women are ALWAYS defective. I always feel sorry for the young chicas. Honey, what are you getting out of it? Some flabby body with sexual stamina issues and a messed up, controlling personality to top it off with?

    • lafrenchy says:

      LOL! and so true!

    • mommak918 says:

      My husband is 10 years older. He is not at ALL flabby or have any issues sexually. In fact, he is more fit and better in bed than the boys I dated before him.

      Now, it is only 10 years…not 20- so I cant speak for that age difference. But we are very compatiable. Im an ‘old soul’ and he is very energetic and young at heart. If anything, he could and does run circles around me.

      My ‘older man’ is a pro wakeboarder and can do more than my younger brothers.

      So, Ann…stop judging what you obviously do NOT know!

      • lafrenchy says:

        @ mommak918: good for you but Ann was speaking about a general case not your very specific and apparently exceptional case regarding physical abilities.

        Oh and people do judge… hence the website you are commenting on…

    • fingerbinger says:

      @Ann so older women that go after younger men are defective too? Do you feel sorry for the young guys that have to deal with saggy boobs, hot flashes and a cobweb cooch? See how that sounds. Not very nice is it?

      • Ann says:

        Hey, men diss women’s appearances ALL THE TIME; what I said was very mild compared to what I’ve heard/read of men talking about women. I think they need to know how it feels.

  34. Relli says:

    Oh sure it’s all fun and games until they start making comments about when Lollapalooza was for real and asking why you have never seen Pink Floyd live.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      At last! The defining moment of a May – let’s say November relationship. A while back, someone close to me was involved in a relationship with a similar age gap. It ended when the younger party asked the older party “do you remember what it was like before MTV?” Over and done.

      • Relli says:

        My comments are also legitimate things my husband said to me. I will count my blessings that he didn’t dump me the day I asked him if break dancing was a real thing in the 80’s. To be fair I had just finished a rousing marathon on VH1 classic of break dancing movies, you know Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. He was one part amused and one part felt really old that I wasn’t aware that dance battling was one time a real street thing.

  35. Runs with Scissors says:

    I think this is an example of arrested development, where you kind of get stuck at an age where something life changing happened. He was only 19 or 20 when his brother River died in his arms.

    I think he’s an incredible talent and seems like a really good guy. No shade thrown here, they are both adults.

    • magpie says:

      I think that’s exactly it. I think he dated Liv at 20. Leo dated Giselle. Both those ladies matured and changed their lifestyles, but they didn’t.

  36. SummersReign says:

    Scarlett’s dress is AMAZING….. I need that

  37. mytbean says:

    I guess I’m in the minority here but I just don’t really gaf about the age difference. It’s when the man or woman has a *pattern* of dating emotionally and mentally stunted people so that they can manipulate them more easily – that’s when it’s gross and disappointing. ala Leonardo (gag)

    I was a pretty precocious 19 year old and preferred dating older men back in the day simply because they were generally more grounded than my same age suitors. It could be that in this case or… We already know that Joaquin, based on that last interview, how sad his self esteem is. Maybe she is 19 on every level and he just feels safer dating someone non-threatening to his already fragile ego.

    I’m ok with either of those scenarios as long as neither of them is going into it with the intention to use or manipulate the other one…

    • mytbean says:

      ugh – I just saw the above post that says he has a pattern… sigh. Oh well – I guess we can chalk it up to esteem issues and choosing partners that are non-threatening to his ego. When he has his 60th birthday and he’s still chasing 19 year old tail… that’s when I’m going to gag.

      • Faith says:

        I am in an age difference relationship but if I once thought my partner had a pattern of dating younger women I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole (in fact he actually usually dated older women). Its one of those things that just happen sometimes you don’t expect it to happen to or even think it would work. Maybe it helps that I lived my short life far too fast and ended up having to find explore and find myself ahead of most of my peers. Although I believe yeah age differences can work being in one you understand often its a fluke and a rarity it does. To be honest its pretty disgusting if a man in his 40s dates women younger women one after the other it shows a deep sense of low self esteem and maturity. And being a woman on the other end its pretty depressing when people make generalised assumptions about you often that you lack intelligence and you have a weak character it can get fairly depressing having to deal with people like that.

  38. Violeta says:

    Some (young and else) ladies here, comparing your happy marriage/relationships and other yadda yadda above it testimonies are undermining and trivializing the creepiness of men out there, whether they are celebs or not … that you married your husband 15 years ago, that your parents defied the odds, that the boyfriend/husband is 15 years older/younger, that he isn’t flabby etc… it has NOTHING to do with a certain creepy pattern some men form as they get older and older, and the girl keeps getting younger and younger (waving at James Woods)… it has NOTHING to do with love, it has nothing to do with maturity, it has nothing do with sex … In general it has to do with some who have a perverted mind, manipulate and control over a younger one (no matter how precocious their mind might be), and rationalize that behaviour (the same goes for reversed genders)… so there is no “tomato, tamato” or other no big deal, that’s the difference with your personal stories.

  39. Cora says:

    When a man is almost 40 and he’s dating a teenager, it’s sketchy. Full stop.

  40. Londongal says:

    Great Actor, but troubled as fuck. Also, she looks much younger than her age which I find more grim and skeevy about all of this.

  41. manta says:

    Wow, something totally unseen in Hollywood.
    A 35 year old Liam Neeson dated a 19 year old Julia Roberts but every time his name is mentioned, comments are just swoon and drool. On the last post about Roberts,someone even wrote she was evil incarnate for having left him,breaking his poor heart. (paraprasing here).
    People here basically cheered when they learned that Sinatra was maybe Ronan Farrow’s father. A guy in is 50s who dated a 19 year old and married her at 20.
    In older days, John Wayne, still considered an american icon today, was in hid mid 40s when he married his last wife, then barely over 18. Bacall started dating a 45 year old Bogart when she was 19, and their story is always described as one of the greatest love stories in Hollywood.
    I’m curious, does it become sketchy, creepy only when the celeb is not a well liked one?Or not of legend status?

    • magpie says:

      Good points. I think people are mostly disapointed and a bit jelly because in general Joaquin is very well liked here. I know I am!

    • Violeta says:

      And add Charlie Chaplin to the bunch, regardless of his work I admire, the man was a creep!

    • T.C. says:

      Those relationships were before the explosion of the internet and blogs. If the were happening now people would comment. In those time periods they women looked older than their ages too. I don’t mind a 20 year age difference if a woman is in her 30’s and mature but a teenager hasn’t had time to develop yet into a mature woman.

    • Violeta says:

      Re – couldn’t edit my comment I wanted to develop – in my personal opinion, even if I like a celeb, I’ve learned to separate it, thus don’t have a biased view because I like them. Yes I’m the one who replied to the poster who was saying “wtf is wrong with her?” in regards of Julia Roberts and Liam Neeson breaking up. Well of course Bogart/Bacall the age difference made people talk, but let’s not forget the media coverage wasn’t as vast as it is nowadays; but it certainly looks like they were in love and married and remained so until his death so I can’t say anything in there, except a side eye when she started dating Sinatra quite shortly after Bogart’s death. Charlie Chaplin, god I love his work, but the man was a creep, since there were underaged girls! I believe people cheered within the context of Woody Allen being a creep (cf marrying their adoptive daughter) but yes Frank Sinatra isn’t off the moral hook either and treated Mia Farrow really badly, add to that his madness over Ava Gardner etc… Anyway in general behind any legend (or there is always a dark side so …

  42. claire says:

    Awwww….I love Joaquin. And I think he looks great in these photos. WTF though…this is some mid-life crisis stuff right here. Whatever happened to the woman he was dating, that is Anthony Kiedis’ son’s mom? That’s who I thought he was still with, when did that end?

  43. mj says:

    Maybe this is just me, but he’s so weird that I can’t clump him in the Cooper/DiCaprio camp. It’s like of course the brilliant outcast would have an oddly younger girlfriend.

  44. Side-Eye says:

    I find it funny that so many people are outraged over this when the tone was a lot more forgiving with the chick that married that Aaron Taylor-Johnson dude who was what,18? Is it better when the genders are reversed or…?

    Personally I see no problem with this as long as the person is legal and consenting. It’s their lives and all this with people pissing on themselves and clutching their pearls is a bit much when I’m constantly hearing spiel about how “empowering” it is for an older woman to date a much younger man.

    (For what it’s worth I’ve always been into older guys too–no daddy issues, these are the ones who just happened to catch my fancy.)

    • Violeta says:

      LOL girl I believe people are side eyeing the Aaron dude big time overall, they just pretend the contrary, the woman isn’t getting away with it. I’m all about equality thus personally find it creepy as hell in their case, even if they are married… If they make it to the 20 years of marriage, then I’ll take it back, but in the meantime, he was barely legal when they met, and she keeps saying that he pursued her, thus people cheer over the fact that an older woman got a young guy and they cheer with the whole “get that young d!ck girl!”… I don’t find it empowering by any means, I find it creepy. Both have issues imo LOL!

      • Side-Eye says:

        Yeah, that’s what I find annoying when stuff like this crops up. I mean, it’s fine when you’re that way with both, but I’ll see a lot of people say “oh, well, men do it so why shouldn’t she?” It’s like–if you’re going to be offended by something, be offended all the way, don’t flip flop around. It just makes you seem insecure as hell.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Hey Side-eye, come sit by me. I have cupcakes. 🙂

  45. Holden says:

    Those conversations must be fun.

  46. Ginger says:

    I think the major point here is that these relationships don’t last. Courtney Stodden anyone?

  47. Megan says:

    He’s looking a hot mess these days, and she isn’t even remotely attractive. This whole thing puts me off.

  48. Sara says:

    Gross, nothing else to say. I have lost a lot of respect for some of these male actors. I honestly feel that women in their late 20s and early thirties are at their most beautiful. A 19 year old still looks like a little girl and that is creepy.

  49. IceQueen says:

    Man, 19 years old…She’s still a kid for crying out loud! 🙁

  50. Sophie says:

    Sneakers? Really? What a dipshit.

  51. Snowpea says:

    Ah he’s JP…he gets away with it.

    I am so jealous of this blonde little waif child. Imagine JP in the sack? Intense, rough, passionate and hot doesn’t even start to cover it.

    Joaquin can do no wrong in my eyes!

  52. Quinn says:

    Personally, I always wonder how these mismatched-age relationships exist for longer than a week…I get the sexual attraction argument- but occasionally, you do go out in public and have conversations that don’t begin with, “OH BABY…DO ME!”

    I remember when I was 27, I met the HOTTEST guy ever-and he was 21. He was smart (for a 21 year old guy…) but it only took about two dates before the hotness wore off and I found myself in his dirty apartment looking at his charcoal drawings of spark plugs (truth). So, what I naturally assume about Joaquin is that he is either very immature, or very dumb. Whatever…he’s an actor, he’s not splitting the atom…carry on.

  53. Andrea says:

    When I was 25, I dated a 36 year old. My friends thought it was gross, but he was an amazing lover! Sadly, he was a divorcee whose wife cheated on him with his brother (seriously) and he had major issues with me looking in any feminine way whatsoever AND me having any guy friends. He felt safer with women who were very masculine/tomboyish. We broke up after 3 months and he married a tomboy a few years afterwards. Now at 32, I wouldn’t mind dating an older man again, I just don’t want baggage of any kind.

  54. I Choose Me says:

    Love him and I’m not bothered. I’m not gonna argue history or biology or anything because I believe everything should be examined on a case by case basis. She is of age and as long as it’s all consensual I’m good. I don’t wonder what they have to talk about or may have in common. Sometimes it’s all about physical chemistry or just feeling a connection with someone. If this a trend for him a la DiCaprio then I might side-eye him but experience has taught me not to judge others relationships too much esp., when judging from afar.

  55. SarahB says:

    You guys should Google ” project girl hipster runoff”. She’s somewhat of a joke. She also dated a member of M83, so she’s a climber.

  56. MegG says:

    I like dating older guys myself but I think this age gap is too big. I can’t imagine what they talk about? 40 somethings usually don’t watch Gossip Girl etc.

  57. Danskins says:

    Well this is disappointing. Can’t believe I used to have a major crush on him in the 90s, especially when he was in “To Die For.” He was definitely to die for back then.

  58. Melissa says:

    I am 39. The 19 year olds I come across (and sometimes try to hit on me) don’t do it for me. This is disappointing. I’ve always found Joaquin sexy. Weird, but sexy.

  59. isfd says:

    it weird I always want to date older guys and want to marry one as well (but a lot of that has to do with that fact that i’m not aging well ) but everytime I hear about a guy dating a girl much younger it bothers me. But yeah I’m hoping with some miracle I start aging better.

  60. J says:

    Oh, sigh. I’ve tried to keep my Joaquin crush going – it was good while it lasted, but I give in. We’re over, Joaq. You’re . . . . strange.

  61. sabine says:

    He is a weird dude…….the age difference is the least of his problems 🙁

  62. Happyhat says:

    They’re probably a good match mentally.

    In that other Joaquin interview, didn’t he say he was really immature? I imagine he’s got the maturity of a 19 year old anyway, so it works on that level.

    But really, it’s like: “Not a D-list actress/underwear model/under the age of 25? EWWWWW, get away from me!!!!!”