Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux ‘putting their wedding plans on hold’ indefinitely?


Do you realize that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux haven’t been photographed together since September?! CALL OFF THE WEDDING. No, seriously, is the wedding called off? Jennifer and Justin seem to be a weird place these days, and their engagement has seemed especially tenuous for the past, say, three or four months. I guess Jennifer really wanted to have her wedding this year, but now she keeps saying that they’re both working too much and they’ll do it next year. But then Justin signed on to an HBO show that films for months at a time in NYC, and Jennifer doesn’t want to live in New York so she’s been staying in LA. Now The Daily Mail claims that People Magazine has a story about JustJen and the sadness:

She and fiancé Justin Theroux haven’t been pictured together for months. And now Jennifer Aniston is allegedly putting wedding planning and starting a family with the screenwriter on hold.

The 44-year-old apparently threw herself into preparations for the nuptials in September, but her focus has since shifted to other priorities, reports People.

‘She had included her friends and seemed excited [about the process],’ a source told the magazine, but recently ‘Jen said she needed to focus on work.’

Jennifer has apparently also put the brakes on starting a family.

‘There was a lot of baby talk in the past, but she is not focused on it,’ said the source. ‘She’s aware her age makes it more difficult. Her attitude is, “If it happens, great, but if it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to be.’

The couple are still engaged, according to the publication, but their hectic work schedules have kept them apart. Justin, 42, has spent the last month in New York City, where he will be based next year to shoot his new HBO drama series The Leftovers. Jennifer, meanwhile, is preparing to reprise her role in Horrible Bosses 2, which is shooting in Los Angeles.

The pair allegedly reunited last week at their luxury Bel Air home in Los Angeles, before Justin headed solo to Robert Downey Jr.’s party for his wife Susan’s 40th birthday outside of San Francisco. Justin was pictured mingling with guests – including Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani – at the party, before lying in the grass on his own.

Jennifer was not pictured at the festivities and a source told People she was not spotted at the weekend bash. It appears the last time the couple were seen publicly together was in mid-September at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of Jennifer’s latest movie Life Of Crime.

The couple began dating in 2011 after filming Wanderlust together, and became engaged on Justin’s 41st birthday in August. It hasn’t been a straightforward road to the altar for the pair, after they allegedly postponed their nuptials earlier this year, citing work commitments and a renovation on their home.

Rumours also swirled that the couple were at loggerheads as Justin wants to move back to New York but Jennifer is set on remaining in California. Jennifer recently broke her silence over the reports, revealing she was in no rush to wed her beau. Speaking at a press conference for her film We’re the Millers in July, the star explained how the pair ‘already feel married’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Huh. And shortly after The Mail published that story last night, E! News got a “tip” about Justin and Jennifer acting lovey-dovey together in Beverly Hills “recently”. A source told E! News: “There is always a ton of room at the table, but they always choose to sit next to each other. They always have to be touching and he always puts his arm around her. They are so in love and he is so good for her.” Lord, that source sounds crazy.

So, what do you think? Just a couple very much in love and committed to each other, and they just happen to have busy work schedules right now? Or are they on the rocks? Hm.



Photos courtesy of Instagram, WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. doofus says:

    I’m shocked…SHOCKED, I tell you.

    the haircut could be a post-breakup one, I know a LOT of women who did something drastic after a break up. perhaps all of her varying cover stories of why she did it were covering up for that?

    ETA: I actually hope they’re NOT broken up, I want her to get married and be happy and have the dreaded triangle finally put to rest. though a marriage might not even stop it..

    also, while there haven’t been any pics of them together since whenever, I also haven’t seen pics of either one of them, by themselves, until we saw the ones of Aniston at whatever hotel it was she was coming out of. of course, I don’t scour the gossip blogs so there could have been some.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      DOOFUS I agree
      In as much as am not a fan of hers I want her to get married and be happy So that the triangle will end but I doubt that will ever happy I don’t see it ending anytime soon… If and when she does get married there would be headlines like; Justin a better husband than Brad! Etc. And if they break up it starts all over again…

    • mj says:

      Why does she have to be married to be happy? Seems like she has to keep pretending she wants to/is going to get married to make her audience happy.

      • doofus says:

        well, she doesn’t…I just meant that, married or permanently engaged, I hope she’s happy. that is, I’m not hoping for a break up, like some folks are.

    • Oriya says:

      Wait, so he went to a party, then laid around on the host’s lawn by himself? How weird.

    • Sal says:

      Lol. Unfortunately I don’t believe her marrying Justin would stop the triangle anyway. The Anistonloonies will never let that happen.

    • Merilyn says:

      Is that a new hair cut? I wasn’t sure which was more recent. If she’s like me, she’s probably sick of everyone having long hair and decided to do something different. That cut is cute and i love the color!! She always seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulder, so I won’t be worrying about Jennifer Aniston any time soon ;0)

  2. lucy says:

    I find it suspicious that there’s nothing about any of this on the People website. It looks like the Mail just took the old story from months ago about them not having a date set, and made a whole new (made-up) story from that.

    But some will still eat it up with a spoon.

    • springingforward says:

      I think that they are no longer together. The articles of postponed engagements and too busy to marry will keep her in the limelight for a while longer and then they will announce next Spring that they “love and respect each other but have work on opposite coasts and decide to break off the engagement” or some such nonsense.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Lucy, who wrote: “I find it suspicious that there’s nothing about any of this on the People website. ”

      But there ‘were’ reports all over the Internet a couple of days ago about Justin attending Robert Downing Jr.’s party SOLO.

      Personally? I think this last bit of work Jen had done on her face (just look at the first batch of pictures in the original “I chopped off my hair because I had a Brazilian chemical hair treatment that went wrong” article as evidence) didn’t go as planned. Her mouth is extremely ‘pinched’ and the area around her mouth/lower cheeks is more pulled/sunken than I’ve ever noticed after she’s had work done. Her lips are also WAY puffier than her usual ‘thin-lipped’ self, too.

      Perhaps that’s why she didn’t accompany Justin to the party? Or perhaps Justin chose his lifestyle in New York City over her?

      I ‘really do’ want them to get married … and soon … so all connections to the Jolie-Pitts will be severed forever. Then (if she and Justin ever divorce, G-D forbid), instead of the ‘next’ guy in her life being compared to Brad Pitt, her loyal fans can compare him to Justin, in a “He’s better and WAY hotter than Justin Theroux!” kind of thing.

      • nico says:

        Some people will never let the Jolie-Pitt connection go.


      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Nico, who wrote: Some people will never let the Jolie-Pitt connection go.


        Right! That’s why I want Just-Jen to get married … so Jen’s cord to the Jolie-Pitts will be severed forever, and she can finally, FINALLY let it go. :)

      • jj says:


        So true! But I bet they all have an agreement to keep the gossip going, because they all get major PR from it.

    • Kim1 says:

      Well according to X17 removed the story about the wedding postponed that is referenced in Daily Mail article.I was wondering why DM would specifically mention People Magazine rather than a source.People removed the article and broke or disabled the link.Aninston better never fire Huvane he is Gangsta, he gets the job done

    • Merilyn says:

      The DM is the worst gossip (or any other) site ever!! I know because i am bored out of my skull on bedrest and have been reading – well, there aren’t usually a lot of words, just photos – that site way too often. I just figure, if they want to share something with we who don’t know them personally, they will. If not? Not my business.

      But yes, the Daily Mail is notoriously bad. If you want to laugh at bad spelling, i highly recommend it :0)

  3. nico says:

    These threads are always fun.

    • Gossy says:

      Fun yes but even if people think Jennifer is a manipulative person who tries to get sympathy to boost her career (which is somewhat true I admit), can’t people be happy for her to be in a relationship?

      I just don’t get WHY people want her to be single (and justify it by saying stuff like “You can be perfectly happy single and if I had her money I would just have sex with random hot guys and party all the time”).

      I feel like people want to be like “she can’t keep a man” so obviously Brad was right to leave her.

      P.S. I don’t think Brad cheated on Jennifer (though probably emotional cheating).

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Maybe I’m not remembering the gist of every single comment ever spoken about her dating life, but I don’t really recall a majority of people on here wanting her to be single, just so we can laugh at her and rub it in her face that she’s single. If anything, they’re saying that she doesn’t really pick good guys–going by the last two, serious relationships she’s had–John Mayor and Justin.

        John Mayor was the one who told a group of paps that Jennifer was boring and stuck in the 90s and that he was too young to sit at the kitchen with dogs every day. He said this to the paparazzi. And she took him back–so she could show him off at the Oscars.
        Justin isn’t as bad–but this dude had Heidi’s mom going around to tabloids, denying that he and Jennifer were dating, saying that he had explained the situation to them–that he and Jennifer were just friends. This was said in PEOPLE. But low and behold, less than a month later–Heidi’s moved out, won’t answer whether or not Justin cheated on her (saying she’s not going to say anything until they say something about her), AND Jennifer has a PEOPLE article out stating that two days (count ‘em, TWO days) after adamently denying that she was involved with Justin (along w/Heidi’s mom), she threw a big, huge party for all of her close friends (article mentioned Courtney Cox and Chelsea Handler, specifically) to meet Justin. TWO DAYS after denying that they were together intimately (can’t believe Huvane let that slip–he must’ve been out of the office that day).

        So if anything, I’d say (I at least) criticize her more for picking guys who you clearly don’t date (at her age) if you want to get married/make babies (which she says she does). Out of all the men she’s dated, only one of them is married with a kid–Vince Vaughn. But that’s how I see it.

  4. Jaxx says:

    Is she having a nervous breakdown over her haircut? Maybe she can’t get married until she grows it out.

  5. tila says:

    Whatever…everything this woman does is a publicity stunt because she’s still desperate to remain relevant.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      +1. Very much agree with you.

    • Sal says:

      +2 No one in Hollywood knows how to manipulate the media as she does. There was a comment from a blogger, Just Say Jen who used to work with Yahoo, Star etc and she said that Aniston is very, very involved in dropping stories to paps and they in the industry all know it. And she said something bad about Jolie, so, shes neutral.

  6. V4Real says:

    Is there trouble in paradise? Justin did show up at Robert Downey Jr”s wife birthday party without Jennifer. Being that the party was a two day event in San Fran the press made sure to mention that Jen was nowhere to be seen.

    BTW RDJ I guess my invite got lost in the mail.

    • Cecilia says:

      Jennifer did attend the party with Justin. There are pics of Jen chatting with Gwen Stephani & she is dressed in black. She & Justin were both there.

      • V4Real says:

        Sorry don’t know where you got your info but Jen was not at Susan’s party. I got my info from E News and other sources; care to reveal yours. Perhaps you thought Paltrow was Jen.

      • Sienna says:

        @Cecilia: sorry but that is not Jennifer with Gwen. The woman in the picture has long hair plus Gwen will never be cosy with Jennifer as she is BFF with Angelina.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Cecilia, who wrote: “Scroll down…5th pic with Gwen.”

        That could not possibly be Jennifer Aniston. The woman in that picture with Gwen Stefani has ‘LONG’ hair, and we all know that Jen chopped hers off two weeks ago.

        Wasn’t Robert Downey Jr.’s party this ‘past’ weekend?? And wouldn’t it be stranger still if Jennifer Aniston is only person Justin Theroux wasn’t photographed talking to at the soiree?

      • Cecilia says:

        I certainly don’t want to argue about this but the pic is even captioned as Jen & Gwen chatting. Totally looks like Jen to me. She could have worn extensions, like many women do. People mingle at parties. Not unusual to not get a shot of JustJen together.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Sienna …

        (Blush) Sorry to duplicate your post! I didn’t read before I posted.

      • Amory says:

        I think it does look like Jen at first glance, but that woman is a lot thicker through the stomach and thighs than Jen. Don’t know about the hair b/c I’m not sure when the cut happened. (Can’t believe I got sucked into this – hanging my head now.)

      • V4Real says:

        Oh Cecilia bless your heart. That’s not Jen. I’m sure that woman would be flattered. The mail made a mistake. This was on various entertainment news shows and Jen definitely was not present. Are you going to believe one news source over several including the source that was taking the photos.

      • Bird says:

        I’m sorry, but one play date years ago does not make Gwen Stefani Angelina’s BFF.

      • Cecilia says:

        @ V4Real

        Well, bless your heart & thanks for your concern. The only article I read on the RDJ Birthday attendance was the Daily Mail, having spied it while browsing. I saw it & took it at face value. I did not research for verification.

      • Sienna says:

        @Bird: They have been pictured together multiple times over the years and Angelina & Gwen both have told the media several times that they are very close friends.

      • Bird says:


        Sorry, I’m not buying that BS for a second. Are the friendly? Sure. Close friends? No. Jolie doesn’t have female friends, and pleeeaaasse don’t say Marianne Pearl, as if we’ve ever heard
        boo about it since their film wrapped. And I truly find it funny that you think Gwen wouldn’t talk to JA at a freaking birthday party out of some sense of loyalty to Angelina. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

        From US- In an interview with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta last year, Jolie admitted she didn’t have a lot of close friends. “I’ll talk to my family,” she said. “I talk to Brad [Pitt]… But I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of friends I talk to. He is really the only person I talk to.”

      • V4Real says:

        @ Bird. Angie said she doesn’t have a lot of friends, never once did she say she doesn’t have any. You pretty much admitted to that when you posted the US quote. She said she doesn’t have many, not that she doesn’t have any. There is a difference between none and not many you know. So poster Sienna could be right in saying Stefani is a friend. She maybe one of the not many.

      • Malak says:


        I saw that interview with Sanjay Gupta. I understood him to ask whether she talks to friends ABOUT HER EXPERIENCES IN THE FIELD (as a humanitarian) and she replied that she really only talks to Brad about it, and I THINK that she implied only Brad is interested and would understand. She doesn’t talk about IT to friends.

      • Sal says:

        Oh Bird, lol you really are desperate and sad.

      • Merilyn says:

        That is definitely Ms Ansiton. That is also the Daily Mail, and they, not to put too fine a point on it, suck. :) So who knows, that photo could have been taken any time. I am sort of a recent JA hair-stalker, someone mentioned earlier that she something something “for her age” (Ow! Never do that!) which i share with her (see, ya got both of us at once!)

        Oh, I have nothing to add. Just that I vote yea on that being Jennifer. And will add that, and i KNOW this will be a shock to all of you, women in Hollyweird seem to have hair that goes longer and then shorter and then backwards! :0) Hopefully everyone whose opinion i would be interested in know that was ironic. Man, the hair extension business is still thriving!! I wish I sold them to Real Housewives, I could live someplace I don’t feel the need to curse every morning.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      In the next to the last picture in this group is a woman in a sleeveless gray top with sunglasses on that is either Jennifer or the same look alike as pictured talking to Gwen. Check it out. It looks like her, and yet it doesn’t. I can’t decide about it.

      • reba says:

        To me, that does not look like Jen. Look at the upper arms.
        I’m interested in this because I worked in a paparazzi agency in France in the 70s, and I know it is possible for the person putting the captions to get something wrong ! (A rare event, of course !) :)

      • V4Real says:

        @ Zella What pic are you seeing. The blonde with a short grey shirt is Reece Witherspoon, Reece daughter is also there. If you read the caption below one pic says Paltrow greets another guest via air kiss, that’s RDJ with his back to us. He’s wearing the same exact thing in the pic with Justin. A black scully, Black Tshirt, sleeveless grey sweater and Black jeans. The mail didn’t even recognize that as Downey. This is becoming laughable, Jen wasn’t there.

        Oh and if you’re talking about the woman walking towards the table with a cup in her hand, that’s Susan Downey, Roberts wife

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        It doesn’t matter if the woman in the picture favors Jennifer Aniston or not. It is ‘not’ her because she chopped her hair off nearly two weeks ago and the woman in the picture–from Robert Downey, Jr.’s party this past weekend–has long hair.

      • toto says:

        They are not on the rock and they are ok, the link above of RDJ party does show Jennifer with Gwen . Jen is wearing her side zipper leather jacket which she always wear.i think she is wearing a wig

        All these false report are for more gossip and stay in media, and they became a PR routine.

        my 5 cents

      • Kim1 says:

        @Toto Jen has never worn a wig unless she was doing a film or photoshoot.Why is she wearing a wig to a birthday party days after getting haircut?
        Justjen may still be together but that is not her Daily Mail in the article above says she wasn’t there so obviously they misidentified her in party pics.

      • V4Real says:

        Why would someone make up a story about Jen not being at a party. The better story would be Jen and Justin keeps their distance from each other while attending bday bash. That is not Jen, sorry.

      • jj says:

        I think the guy in pic 3 and 4 is Gavin Rossdale not RDJ. There are a couple of pictures with Goopy and RDJ sitting together on the grass talking to each other, but DM didn’t show those.

      • V4Real says:

        JJ I think you’re right RDJ is wearing the green skully. I saw it on a different site.

    • Humane says:

      @ Bird

      So ‘I don’t have a lot of friends I talk to’ = not having friends at all? Really?
      Besides, the question was about who she talks to about the countries she visits, not if she had any friends or not. Thats when she said she only talks to Brad about her humanitarian work not to the small number of friends that she has.

      • Sal says:

        +1 It does in Anistonloonie land. Anistonloonies need to lie and distort facts to have some sort of argument.

  7. Kiddo says:

    I think she could do better. He creeps me out. I know it’s because he looks like someone I knew who was creepy…still.

  8. Anoninga says:

    When is her next movie coming out? They’ll either be completely done before then or they will be lovey dovey, and her lunch and tight dress will be twins! I’m so tired of her game.

  9. MrsBPitt says:

    Well, he got what he wanted…name and face recognition with the public…now he gets this HBO show, (I’m sure at least partly, because he is JA’s fiance) and my guess is, if the show is a hit, he dumps her, if the show tanks, wedding bells!

    • Hypocrisy says:

      BINGO !

      It was always a joint venture of personal interests anyway. Once he will get his part from the deal, he’ll put an end to the mascarade, stay in New-York and find himself a younger, prettier woman.

  10. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    Well the Melificent trailer just came out, so of course there is a story out about this one.

    • Sienna says:

      No – more like the fact that Angelina is getting her second Oscar (for humanitarian work) this weekend and she will be in the news everywhere.

      Jennifer has always managed her life according to what Brad & Angelina do while the JPs just live their lives without giving a shit to what Jen does.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Sienna, who wrote: “No – more like the fact that Angelina is getting her second Oscar (for humanitarian work) this weekend and she will be in the news everywhere.”

        Oh snap … I’d quite forgotten that Angie’s ‘Special Oscar’ ceremony was this weekend. Now the ‘hair’ PR blitz (and the recent work on her face) makes sense.

        I guess it’s possible that Jen’s engagement to Justin really was a ‘Tit for Tat’ thing with the Jolie-Pitts, with absolutely no intention of ever going through with it.

      • Maggie says:

        It goes both ways. The rags make this crap up to bump up their sales to people who are still invested in this fake triangle.

      • Sal says:

        LIke yourself Maggie?

    • nico says:

      And so it begins….

      • springingforward says:

        You write that, nico, but I have also noted that when Angelina has some newsworthy event happening, Jennifer has a media deluge on some inane detail. Like getting a tattoo on her foot to commemorate her dead dog. (Ugh. I have to quit reading this stuff; I can’t believe that I know that.)

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I don’t know if it is Huvane doing stuff like that deliberately, all the time, but the thing that sticks out to me was when she announced that Norman had died–in a press release, the day that Brad and Angelina were in Cannes for Inglorious Basterds. And the thing is, Norman had died like two weeks before.

  11. GoodNamesAllTaken says:


  12. Sel says:

    I just heard on the radio that Star magazine has a picture of Justin kissing an unidentified blonde in a hat who is not Jennifer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make it to a wedding.

    • Gossy says:

      Oh crap it looks like something is actually up…although are we sure that’s Justin Theroux? hard to tell on that small picture.

      update: This is what gossip cop says:

      Because the “mystery woman” who hugged Theroux at the party was Trudie Styler, Sting’s wife and a longtime friend of Theroux’s.

      “They were saying goodbye upon leaving the party,” a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, calling the story suggesting that something scandalous had happened “ridiculous.”

      Interesting no mention of the full on lip-lip kiss……I sure wouldn’t want my husband/wife kissing a friend goodbye like that.

      Anyway @Kim1, I agree I hope it was just a costar because Jennifer deserves someone after all this time. At least someone who won’t cheat on her.

      • Sel says:

        That is a small picture, but I would think the magazine would be sure it’s him before putting it on their cover. I mean, I know it’s Star and they are horribly unreliable, but a picture speaks a thousand words. And it doesn’t look like a “friendly” kiss either.

      • Gossy says:

        @Sel yeah I don’t think even Star would intentionally lie about the identity of a person in a picture but they could get confused. Like many big publications (US Weekly and PEOPLE) initially got confused over Gavin Rossdale’s sister being a “nanny” and there was that time some random woman was confused as Sylvester Stallone’s mother Jackie.

      • Sal says:

        Aniston cheated with Justin. Justin was with Heidi Bivens when Aniston came in and homewrecked and stole Justin from Heidi, so Justin cheated WITH Aniston so he will cheat ON her. Aniston deserves the ‘happiness’ she gave Heidi when she homewrecked Justin and Heidi’s relationship. Nothing. It would be good if Justin cheated on Aniston after cheating with her so Aniston can finally know what its like to be cheated on.

    • Kim1 says:

      He is filming in NY, blonde is probably co star.Please God don’t let JustJen be over I can’t take years of more”Poor Jen” headlines.

      • Hypocrisy says:

        @ Kim1

        Well, according her fans, until there is no wedding ring around the finger, there is no cheating. So they better stay true to their tune and not blame him for dumping the UNMARRIED Aniston.

        No marriage, no cheating. That’s what they said while blaming Heidi in the process for being kicked to the curb by Aniston and Theroux.

      • Brigitte says:

        God, I know. They will milk those headlines for an eon! Poor Jen, my butt. If she can’t keep a dude, so be it.

    • Bird says:

      Heidi Bivens is so, so cute, isn’t she?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I was shocked at how pretty she is. Especially since she looks good as a blonde AND a brunette. I hope she’s sitting back and laughing right now (and has a better boyfriend).

  13. Aras says:

    Well, would Jennifer really walk down the aisle with a bob, a style she’s claimed to have hated (or at least she really, really disliked all the press surrounding it when she got it during the Friends era)? Like someone above said, maybe it’s a post-break up hair change? There’s another forum I frequent, and I was thinking, until this most recent hair cut, no one had posted in her thread since the beginning of October. I just went back to look, and sure enough the last pictures of her and Justin posted there were from mid-September.

    Who knows what’s really going on, but the story has remained pretty firm that Justin much prefers NYC while she prefers L.A. And now he’s going to be working for months at a time in NYC? And they postponed the wedding?

    I’m beginning to believe that this is just the piecemeal way they’re going to break up.

  14. Patricia says:

    They both seem like complete drama queens. If you can’t compromise enough to get settled on where to live or when to wed then you probably shouldn’t be getting married…

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – it doesn’t seem like they’re making decisions that would move them forward into marriage.
      Maybe they’re happy just being engaged?

  15. Gossy says:

    Well I always thought Jennifer could do better, but yeah lol at how E suddenly has a report about them being lovey right after the DM article came out.

    • Sal says:

      Jennifer is a homewrecker so she deserves cheater Justin. She might be able to do better, but she doesn’t deserve better.

  16. mk says:

    Is it really trouble? I’m getting the feeling that Jen doesn’t want to be married again, anyway.

  17. Sienna says:

    I dont know if they have broken up or anything but I can say that no bride will cut of her hair right before her wedding. Jennifer has always said that she wanted long hair at the wedding and the fact that she has cut of her hair – is a sign that the wedding is not going to happen any time soon (ofcourse she can wear extensions).

    Even from the beginning of this relationship – Jennifer cheating with Justin for months while he was still living with his then girlfriend of 14 years – this relationship has seemed one-sided. Everything has gone according to what Jennifer wants – she moved to NY to have continue the affair and than after she has succeeded to breakup Justin and Heidi – she moved back to LA with Justin. They are going to holidays to Cabo all the time which again is Jennifer’s wishes. Jennifer even turned Justin into a living Ken Doll with all of the fake tanning, weird and creepy smile, hair transplantation etc. The Justin from before Jennifer doesn’t exists anymore and I think Justin has started to realise that.

    Only thing I have seen is that Jennifer is high maintenance as her ex fiance Tate Donovan said and that can make men run away from her. Tate lasted 3 years, Brad 7 years, John M 2 years, Gerard B 2 months, Chris Gartin few weeks etc.

    Unlike the rest of Jen’s exes who were already established at their chosen field – Justin has not gained any recognition even after being in the industry for more than 2 decades. He only gained name after hooking up with Jennifer – just like Eddie Cibrian. Lets see how long Justin is going to last and how Jennifer will again use the media to attack him and turn the public against him.

    • Jayna says:

      Jen has always stated she wanted long hair at the wedding? Where? I have never even seen her talk about the wedding and anything about an actual wedding, just that she’s enjoying being engaged and they will marry when their schedules work.

      • Sienna says:

        It was in the beginning of the year when Jennifer said that she wants to have long wavy loose hairstyle for her wedding. I remember this because it was made out to be a huge deal because Jennifer described the exactly hairstyle she had for her wedding to Brad.

    • Peanut says:

      I cut my shoulder-length hair into a pixie in September and I’m getting married in December. So… The hair theory is pretty lame.

      • Sal says:

        Yes but you are not Aniston who freaks out at short haircuts. Though I do agree the theory is lame and I don’t buy it either.

  18. kibbles says:

    On the rocks! I don’t expect them to break up just yet, but they might remain a couple in name only while they live separate lives on different coasts. Justin never seemed like the marrying type to me. He was with his ex-girlfriend for 14-years. Don’t we all know these type of guys who don’t want to be tied down? He probably would have broken things off already if she wasn’t Jennifer Aniston. Most of us here sensed trouble in paradise last month when it was reported that he signed onto an HBO show that would require him to stay in NYC. Doesn’t it feel like these two are constantly coming up with lame excuses why they aren’t married yet? These two are wealthy enough to get married anywhere and at anytime. They haven’t done so yet because their relationship has issues.

  19. Paloma says:

    I’m not sure she really wants to marry again. As far as the having kids story goes, please! Enough!

  20. Christin says:

    I will be very surprised if a marriage ever materializes.

  21. PunkyMomma says:

    This wedding is never going to happen.

  22. Dyllish says:

    I hope they are Ok, I like Jen & want her to be happy..

    • Janet says:

      Why does her being happy depend on her being married?

    • Sal says:

      Jen is a homewrecker. She doesn’t deserve to be happy, not with Justin who cheated on Heidi with Jennifer. Why would you want her to be ok with Justin when he is a cheater?

  23. Amory says:

    I don’t like her at all, but who cares if they get married? Why is everyone so invested in a relationship that is not theirs? Maybe they’ll just shack up, maybe they’ll break up, but I’ve rather enjoyed not hearing about them for awhile. I find her pretty vacant as a person, but it’s hard to understand why people even care – can’t we let this one fade away?

  24. Shelby says:

    So tired of these two…nobody cares

  25. someone says:

    I said the same thing you all are saying when it first came out she cut her hair – there will be no wedding until it grows out. No way, no how. She will not want her picture on the cover of People with a wedding dress and THAT hairdo. I was wondering if something was up because they hadn’t been spotted out together lately. The real test will be what happens in the next week – they always put up a show of togetherness after these kind of stories as if to refute them.

  26. ZigZagZoey says:

    Wow, kinda harsh to break up with someone over a cartilage piercing!

  27. Lady D says:

    Props to Virgilia C. She called this exact scenario over a month ago.

  28. lisa2 says:

    I don’t like her but I’m sure she and Justin are still together.. I don’t really care one way or another.. but I don’t wish anyone to break up.

    And does anyone trust the dailymail???

  29. The Original Mia says:

    Is this surprising news to anyone? A man adverse to marrying his girlfriend of 14 years, cheats on her with his co-star, doesn’t announce he’s done, but allows couple pictures to be released instead. Does that sound like someone who wants to be married?

  30. Hypocrisy says:

    The wedding announcement was just a stunt to deflect the rumours about Brangelina supposed wedding anyway.

    She has been trapped into that gross lie aver since and has showed cold feet over and over again when it comes to that marriage.

  31. palermo says:

    Wasn’t he with the last woman for around 14 years? Some men never intend to marry you, they just pretend to to keep you with them. I never thought these two would do it, too many excuses they kept coming up with (and when I say they I mean him).

  32. KellyinSeattle says:

    If the haircut is reason enough to delay a wedding, and I’m not saying it is, but how SHALLOW is that? If a man loves a woman , he’ll marry her regardless of her “bob”. If a woman wants to get married, she won’t give a crap about her “bob” and how it looks for the world to see. I’ve seen bald women, from chemotherapy, get married to men who seem happy to be with them and marry them. What really bugged me was when her HAIRCUT beat out the 1,200 people who died in the Philipines. Unreal.

  33. Lucky Charm says:

    Between the drastic haircut and new ear piercing, I’d say they are not together any longer. Those are classic actions of someone wanting a change after a break-up. Just because they haven’t officially announced anything, I’m certain they already have a game plan and are just waiting for the “right” time to do it.

    She has made clear her desire to live in L.A. and he just signed on to do a tv show that films in NYC. Getting a People magazine cover just to say they’re postponing their wedding is showing cracks in a relationship.

  34. Holden says:

    I like Jennifer and hope everything works out for them.

  35. Fan says:

    Has she forgiven Brad and Angelina or Brad and Angelina in trouble? Those are the only reasons I can think of.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Don’t you mean “has she forgiven ANGELINA”? Because Jennifer’s fine with Brad, his career, his kids–it’s just Angelina that’s “uncool”.

      (couldn’t resist ;)

    • Kie says:

      This comment makes zero sense! Almost a decade later……..the only reason she could possibly be done with Justin has to do with B&A????
      Forgiven them for what exactly? Living their lives?

  36. Bird says:

    I think it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that they will not be getting married. What’s throwing me off is that if only one of them would be attending this party that Justin Thoreau would be the one to get the invite. If someone gets to keep the friends in this break up, it’s going to be Jennifer Aniston.

    • Miss T says:

      It was Robert Downey jr.’s b-day party. Justin wrote the script for Iron Man 2 so that’s why he was invited. He has plenty of A-list friends of his own, separate from Jennifer.

      • Bird says:

        That makes sense. She would’ve been his plus one, then.

      • jj says:

        Justin also wrote Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller. He is a very talented writer. Great to see Paul Thomas Anderson being at the party as well. Seeing all the people and talent who were there they, could come up with a great movie by just keep the camera rolling.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I don’t think Justin’s that great of a writer—Ironman 2 sucked balls–and he co wrote (with 5 other writers, including Stiller) Tropic Thunder. So I don’t get where everyone’s saying he’s this uber talented writer. I think he’s a good actor, but an average writer.

      • jj says:

        I think there was an overall problem with IM2 because its story was rushed and Marvel interfered too much because the movie had to set up the Avengers. Justin wrote the screenplay and he came up with some really snappy dialogue. He was definitely not the reason IM2 sucked. Besides after the disaster that was IM3, I don’t think people should complain about IM2!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I thought that the fact that Justin Hammer was jealous of Tony’s success, was a subpar inventor/businessman was a good plot point–but it wasn’t executed right. His lines were terrible–I kind of chuckled, but because almost all of his lines were so bad. It’s not a kid’s movie–but Hammer’s lines were horrible and childish. There’s better ways to create an immature, jealous character than the way Justin did.

        So are you saying that the script was amazing? Because I had no problem with the acting–it’s the writing that I hated. Justin Hammer was so two dimensional and had no depth. I felt bad for Sam Rockwell having to say those crap lines. IM2 sucked balls.

      • jj says:

        I thought some of the scenes were really greatly written and had zesty, spicy dialogue.
        Regarding characters and villains, Justin may have not been involved with those decisions. There was no inventive concept for the story and the villains were a bit boring IMHO. Sam Rockwell is a great actor, but unfortunately this is not my fav performance of him. But I still like the dialogue he had in that scene with Don Cheadle where Hammer tries to sell him some weapons. Also the senate scene and the scene where Tony Stark comes to apologies to Pepper with the strawberries were funny and great.

  37. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Oh Lord–I called it. I am such a loser to have nothing else to do with my time–but I knew this was going to happen. Why else would she be pushing her wedding so hard after the Oscars (saying she had her venue, dress, wedding ring, and date–after she finished filming in the spring–picked out), only to deny all that in a later cover in the summer???? And then act all confused when she’s asked about her wedding plans. Remember that interview, I think when she had those cupping marks on her back—the interviewer asked her about her dress, and Jennifer looked confused, until the woman said her wedding dress–and then Jennifer said something like “I like to be spontaneous; I don’t have it yet”–why would she put all this info in PEOPLE if it isn’t true.

    I bet you PEOPLE’s P I S S E D right now. I will bet all of you my life savings that she got that cover (specifically the day after the Oscars; any other time and I would’ve said that she’s Jennifer Aniston and PEOPLE will give her a cover whenever, usually–unless something big happens), BECAUSE she was going to trade them something–like having her exclusive wedding pictures (which hopefully won’t say something like “1st marriage after Brad!” unlike that ridiculous ’5 years after Brad!” cover). And I bet that when that wedding didn’t come to pass (which I’m guessing that was planned too) this past spring, she made an additional deal to have exclusive quotes from “insiders” for if/when they break up.

    Which PEOPLE had to be satisfied with that, I guess. And you all noticed that she’s been prepping for this for months right? There have been “we can’t decide where to live” “Justin’s friends don’t think they’ll get married” rumors for the past few months. I don’t think they’ll really last–not in a marriage anyway. I was surprised that they’d come this far, because I read this site from the very beginning of their relationship, and it didn’t seem like they had much in common, and nor was Jennifer willing to compromise on anything. All we ever see them doing is things that she likes to do–Cabo, lounging/tanning, shopping, going to Hollywood events, etc. When have we ever seen them coming out of a Broadway play in NY? Or going on vacation to Hawaii and going surfing and crap (a few weeks before the shizz went down with Heidi, I remember she gave this interview to Radar (I think) about the Hawaiian vacation that she and Justin took every year–she talked about what they did, etc)….NEVER. The only time we ever see him doing something he wants to do, is when she’s working i.e. those Terry Richardson pics in NY. She won’t even live in NY for part of the year–she stayed there for about 2 months, and then dragged him back to LA.

    So I think by this time next year, they’ll be done. Especially if he has a hit tv show (which the pilot does seem very interesting, and he is a decent actor)–he won’t need her any more, pr wise. BUT that also depends on how famehungry he is–because he definitely got with her for publicity. How many times was he on Ellen, or interviewed on red carpets BEFORE he got with Jennifer. NONE. So it depends on how much he wants to put up with.

    Unless you want to go with the Brangelina wedding conspiracy–that she’s putting her wedding off until they get married–which I could believe. OR (just thought of this) she’s waiting until they get married to officially break up (if they’re broken up, I think they’re broken up NOW), for the best pr moment. Kind of like Miley and Liam. Either three. It’ll be interesting to watch, that’s for sure. I also do think that the split stories about Justin and Jennifer will get stronger–because either way she wins. If they break up–people can say we all saw it coming; if not, then we’ll all say ‘wth do the tabloids know anyway’ (answer: nothing that Huvane doesn’t tell them ;)

    Be back later, ladies…any other theories??

  38. Jordan says:

    Any couple in their 40′s, engaged over a year is not getting married. I don’t necessarily see them breaking up either though. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Maybe they are happy, just the way things are.

  39. sophie says:

    Why hasn’t the media questioned why BRANDgelina has not married yet. Eight years, six kids, her jeweler announced her engagement and then pitt ‘s rep said it was just a promise for the future ring. Pitt said “the time is nigh” for them to marry, they are doing it for their kids, etc. They also said they would never both work at the same time. She has been in Australia since September parading the PR props and her new boobs even though filming did not start until October and he has been in UK except for brief kid trade off in HK. They obviously have no intention of marrying and don’t care if the kids want them to or they would have already done so.

    • The Original G says:

      Well, the simple answer is that the people believe that Brad and Angie ARE together and they’re skeptical about the longevity of JustJen. They fell Brangelina don’t need the PR and Anniston is desperate for it. You might not think that’s fair, but there it is.

    • Layla says:

      This is a post about Aniston, so why are you bringing them up?!?? You sure know a lot about them.

      Originally Unbroken was to start filming in December in Hawaii and obviously things were changed beyond her control. She is dealing with a studio film and many actor schedules. I do not think it was their plan to work at the same time, but it is not the end of the world! They are doing the best they can with the situation. It is not a 1 hour flight, more like a 24 hour flight.

      And she went in September to scout locations and get things prepared ie., doing her job as a director. There is months of prep work to do.

      Also, the kids are hardly seen at all and how rude to mock her breasts!
      Is cancer some joke to you?

      • Bird says:

        Layla, Jolie never had cancer and you know this. I’m actually starting to believe that this whole double mastectomy story was cooked up to explain away her giant implants that she knew she would not be able to slip under the radar. How convenient! No one can DARE to say a word about them. She was jetting all over the world and carrying five year olds on her hip while she supposedly had drains and was going through a painful recovery. I mean, her boobs hurt to much to wear a bra, but not too much to lift 50 pounds? Flame away, but you’ve been had by the biggest media manipulator in the biz.

      • Kie says:

        We KNOW she never had cancer. Ugh. People like you are vile.

        Her mastectomy was related to cancer in some way and was to decrease her chances of developing the disease!
        Angelina’s breasts were very full pre surgery. She did not need to get implants, she has never been flat chested. Why in the world would she need implants????

        She actually was very MIA during the whole process, she basically disappeared other than a sighting here and there.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Bird, so you’re saying her doctor (who made a blog about her surgeries) was lying too? Really?

      • Sienna says:

        @Bird: what a despicable person you are. You are actually accusing Angelina of faking her risks of cancer? And your excuse is that she carries her children but doesn’t wear a bra?

        Let me tell you few home truths about mastectomy – it hurts like hell during and after the operation. Most doctor advises you not to wear bra unless it is absolutely necessary. Angelina probably doesn’t wear a bra until she feels less pain. As for her lifting her children – if you are a parent (which I doubt because you don’t have any compassionate feelings towards a woman who does everything she can to be with her children) you would know that no matter how much in pain the parents are – they will never show that to the children and will give them hugs, kisses and even carry them around – that’s parental love.

        PS: all my knowledge about mastectomy is from my aunt who had it done and did exactly what Angelina is doing – she didn’t wear a bra until almost 2 years after her operation, she raised her 6 children (played with them and carried them around), worked at a office as well.

        PPS: your unreasonable hatred towards Angelina is turning you into a vile and despicable woman who simple cannot see things clearly.

      • Suze says:

        @ Bird

        I would posit that the responses to you are not flames, but simple wonder that a human being can make such a foul statement about another human being.

        That is one of the most vile comments I’ve ever read on this site. Not to mention inconceivable – surgery, recovery, heartfelt essays in the Times – all so she could get IMPLANTS, something any person, celebrity or not, can do relatively easily without drama.

        That is beyond snark. It’s reprehensible.

      • Lilly says:

        Pay no attention to bird he/she is one of those nutcases from FF so things like reality, reason and common sense dose not work with them they live in their own little imaginary world.

      • Bird says:

        Good Lord, calm down. You’re all foaming at the mouth! Why do you care about something a vile, despicable and reprehensible person said about a celebrity you don’t know?

      • Suze says:

        @ Bird

        Everyone is calm, no one is foaming.

        And you’re right about one thing, we shouldn’t pay any attention to you.

      • Maggie says:

        Sienna I cant help but laugh at your outrage. It’s a little over the top considering we are gossiping about some celebrity we know very little about. Jeez you’d think Bird murdered a new born puppy or something. She only made a comment I have seen many others speculate about as well. I’m not saying I agree with it but c’mon get a grip.

      • Sal says:

        Yes Bird, because a Doctor and an entire clinic lied and were in on it, too. You really are a nasty piece of work. Don’t be surprised if something similar to this happens to you in the form of karma. But you make me more determined to post on here.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Probably because the only time that they have ever “officially” talked about their wedding/engagement was Brad–when he did a cover in 2012 with PEOPLE for Killing Them Softly, and (of course–it’s a tabloid magazine) they asked him mainly about the wedding–which all he said was it would be “soon” and that “time is night” comment. Other than that–Brad was asked on the red carpet of “WWZ” and all he said was that he would be in charge of napkins. Angelina hasn’t said anything at all about her engagement or future wedding.

      Contrast that to Jennifer’s cover (where was Justin?? It was just her with her red oscar dress, if I remember right) about how she’s got everything planned out for her wedding in spring. Then another cover this past summer about how she’s busy. Then numerous rumors that those two kids can’t compromise on where to live (NY or LA). Then after all that, Jennifer acting confused when an interviewer asked her what was her wedding dress going to be. Then acting all snippy because people think her wedding was put on hold/cancelled (which SHE put out there with those stories). I would not be at all questioning if they were going to get married, if they hadn’t pushed it in the press. I would be wondering in the same way that I wonder when any other celebrity gets engaged.

      So she, excuse me, Huvane started all of this speculation. Which I’m sure is what she/he wanted.

    • Kim1 says:

      Well Brad and Angie have been together almost nine years.Whereas Jen has been in three high profile LTR.So people are wondering has she being dumped again, Mayer dumped her on TMZ,.Why can’t she keep a man, etc.
      Its the same reason people don’t question why Leiv and Naomi haven’t gotten married after many years.They accept that they have a stable family with their two boys.They are pretty much a “married ” couple.
      Also Justjen made it a big deal by Calling People Magazine on a Sunday to Announce their Engagement because it was SO IMPORTANT to let the world know rather than confirming an engagement because someone saw the ring

    • Sal says:

      Its always an Anistonloonie that has to default to the JPs. They have no other excuses or justifications for Aniston, they really ARE *that* desperate. Because unlike BRANDniston, the JPs didn’t do a people magazine exclusive announcing their engagement and then for details on their wedding. The JPs only confirmed they were engaged, they never made a huge deal out of it like JustBRANDniston.

  40. Roselia says:

    I’m neither a fan or non fan, but let’s face it – if they wanted to get married, they’d get married. You can get married without a huge wedding. If they wanted to start a family – they would do so immediately as she is 44, almost 45. Nothing wrong with not marrying or wanting kids – better you realize you don’t than go ahead with it.

  41. Claudia says:

    I like her well enough, but I just don’t seem them lasting.

  42. brooklyn says:

    Curious to see will Jen have the cover of People the day after the Oscars this year and will he being walking the red carpet with her. I don’t think we will have to wait until this time next year. Miley and Liam’s deal didn’t go as planned because he was photographed at a party kissing another girl so I guess we will just wait and see. At the end of the day they will be together or they will not. Crazy Hollywood folks.

  43. Sara says:

    Focusing on her career? Isn’t that what she has been doing for the last 20 plus years? I don’t think @ 44 you can put a hold on having a baby. It’s now or never for her unless she uses other methods. Either this is false or they are done.

  44. Murphy says:

    I don’t understand why anyone gets married anymore

  45. Suze says:

    It’s pretty obvious it’s not going to happen.

    I’m just wondering where the posters who were telling me that she was “for sure, for sure” pregnant last summer are today.

  46. d b says:

    He’s stringing her along. He did the same with his ex for what, 12-14 years?

  47. Lilly says:

    Gossip Cop said this 2 or 3 weeks ago .

  48. MegG says:

    Does anyone else still find it hard to believe Justin is related to Louis Theroux? I mean I love Louis journo shows but Justin I don’t like.

  49. Pandy says:

    Ordinarily I would contribute my snark … but I’ve gone through some marital woes in the last year and I just can’t gloat or laugh over someone else’s heartache.

  50. coffy says:

    As much as I detest Aniston, she can do so much better than this hanger on! Ugh, he’s ugly.

  51. Lawdawg says:

    I never thought they made a good couple anyway. She and John Stamos would be hot!

  52. Kosmos says:

    I really do NOT think they need to be married. They can be a couple for as long as they want, for years if they prefer. Marriage is not required for them to be happy. What concerns me more is the fact that they will be apart for long periods, as Justin films in New York, and Jen stays in LA. I know they will travel often to be together, but that will get old, and tiring, and while apart, they will each lead different lives with different friends. It just doesn’t make for the best situation in my estimation, but couples do survive this, right? I’m just not sure if Jen will be happy in the long run with this kind of situation.

  53. Noone says:

    Come on let’s face it, if it wasn’t for ‘the triangle’ Aniston wouldn’t have had the career she’s had. She wouldn’t have been bigger than Cox that’s for sure.

  54. Esme says:

    Gah, she is sooooo homely.