Britney heartbroken after K-Fed’s new gf spends weekend with her boys

Britney Spears is said to be heartbroken over learning that her ex husband’s new girlfriend has been spending time with her sons Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2. Photos came out last week on TMZ that showed volleyball player Victoria Prince holding Jayden after having dinner with Kevin and his sons. This week’s Life & Style has details and pictures a weekend trip that Prince took with K-Fed and all four of his children with Britney and Shar Jackson. Federline’s new girlfriend is seen holding the boys on several occasions and is even comforting Jayden by offering him a pacifier.

While Kevin and Victoria’s relationship has been tough on Britney, nothing prepared her for the latest and most painful stab in the heart: finding out that Victoria has also been getting close to [her] sons…

Kevin’s new girlfriend recently spent an entire weekend boding with Brit’s boys.

On Jan. 16, Kevin and Victoria loaded Sean and Jayden into the backseat of Kevin’s car. Also on board” Kori, 6, and Kaleb, 4, Kevin’s children with his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. Together, they drove 225 miles from LA to Clovis, CA, where Kevin’s parents live. From there, the group – along with several members of Kevin’s family – headed 40 miles north to the snowy town of Shaver Lake, CA…

Victoria, 26, seemed so at ease caring for Britney’s kids, it looked as if she were their mother…

While Kevin proudly videotaped them, Victoria and the kids played in the snow and went sledding…

It was the kind of moment Britney, 27, would have loved to share with her boys, and she was heartbroken she missed it. Making things worse: She’s aware there’s another woman in the picture who does get to share in these types of memories.

“Britney knows all about Victoria,” says a family friend. “But it’s what she doesn’t know that tears her apart. She’s not sure if this woman is changing their diapers or singing to them at night or what. She just knows there’s someone else doing these things for the boys.”

[From Life & Style, print edition, February 9, 2009 via Fame Pictures]

At least Prince likes kids. If I was in Britney’s shoes it would make me cringe to see another woman with my son like that. It’s some kind of weird primal response that I can’t explain. If Prince was just a babysitter I would think she was awesome with the kids, but add the fact that she’s with them because she’s sleeping with your ex and you would rather she hand the boys off to someone else. It would hurt my feelings too, and chances are high that the tabloids have no insider information and are just assuming Britney is upset.

In his People interview this December, Federline said he wasn’t dating anyone and that “I don’t really feel like bringing that around the kids.” He was rumored to be partying with hookers during weekends away in Vegas at the time. Maybe he anticipated the fallout that would happen if he got a new girlfriend and she was seen with his sons.

It’s nice that he’s found a woman who really adores his kids and you can’t blame her for picking them up and mothering them. Many women would want to do the same thing in that situation. You can’t blame Britney either if she really is hurt by it. She only gets so much time with her boys and she doesn’t want another woman muscling in. We haven’t seen many photos of Shar with the boys, but maybe she just keeps a low profile. It’s not like those type of pictures are in demand either, because the tabloids can’t blow it up into a big rivalry that isn’t there.

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  1. RReedy says:

    One suffers many indignities–some big, some small–when a couple has children and they divorce. It is a highly emotional thing to see someone else with your child. The Spears/ Federline children are darling and seem to have caring people around them.

  2. Mairead says:

    I don’t have kids so I haven’t a clue what it’s like.

    BUT, whilst it’s a primal response, these can and should be controlled. Especially as Britney was in exactly the same position as this girl was in when she got together with thingy. Perhaps she feels regret at not being around them more at what she herself exposed them to last year (albeit when she had minimal control).

    What does get my goat is the reporting. Britney or her family I’m convinced read these gossip rags – the language such as “she could be their mother” is just callous and vicious.

    And you’d swear that Britney has been banned forever from going near snow the way they go on. No, she won’t that the memories that day, but she’ll have to make her own memories with her children, separate to their dad. I may be blunt, but it’s just the case.

  3. Baholicious says:

    Isn’t there some kind of ‘rule of thumb’ in terms of how long you should be with someone before bringing them around your kids?

    I’d think 6 months at least.

    I do sympathize with Britney but I really think it’s best for her to bow out for the time being and establish a relationship with her sons when they’re older.

    She has to accept that her hands are tied and that’s not going to change for quite some time. There’s no use in her upsetting her own applecart over it. Hopefully she stays focused on what she needs to be doing for herself right now.

  4. MSat says:

    Mairead- excellent point! I recall Britney picking up and mothering K-Fed’s young children with Shar when they first got together in a very similar way. Funny how it’s different when the shoe is on the other foot, eh?

    My daughter spends time with her father and the woman he left me for. It definitely stung at first – this woman had an affair with my husband knowing he had a wife and young child at home. It aggravated me to see her hugging and kissing my kid- where was her concern for my child when she was spreading her legs for my husband? But I’m over it now. As long as she is good to my daughter and doesn’t come between her and her dad, that is all I can ask for. At some point you have to let that shit go, because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

  5. Syko says:

    Britney needs to grow up. Did she think Kevin would stay single forever just to avoid hurting her feelings? Yes, it’s hard. My ex remarried and I had to swallow his new wife criticizing me to my own kids. “Doesn’t your mother know that she can make that herself?” “Your mother doesn’t love your daddy any more.” But you shut up for the sake of peace and civility.

    Kevin kept his mouth shut when she was exposing the kids to all sorts of sleazy male companionship. At least this woman seems to be nurturing toward the kids, and I think Britney ought to be grateful that she’s nice to them.

    She decided to divorce Kevin. He has a right to move on with his life.

  6. sissoucat says:

    MSat – Sorry for you. Still, I think you’re misdirecting your anger. When that woman was spreading her legs for your husband, she had taken no vows towards you and your child. *He* had. And *he* chose to have no concern for your child, nor for you, at that time. He’s guilty towards you, not her.

    When my youngest was months-old, the hubby decided to go a-looking for females eager to spread their legs. I’m very patient and not that jealous, so I took time to think about it before letting divorce enter my 3 kids’ life. A bit more than a year.

    But the day he put my baby into the arms of a prospective mistress, I felt like killing both of them.

    I did DTMFA.

  7. Baholicious says:

    Sissoucat – you read Dan Savage, don’t you 😉

  8. dude wtf says:

    I think no matter what happened between KFag & Britney. Im sure its hard to see your baby in the arms of some brod w/ a criminal record. Eventually im sure she will adjust, but the 1st few times it stings. Especially when its in the media & in every magazine. Sorry to hear that Syko, no wonder your always sooo moody!

  9. MSat says:

    Oh, don’t worry – the bulk of my hatred was exclusively reserved for my ex-husband, not the little whore he took up with! If it wasn’t her, it would have been someone else. And, no need to be sorry for me – sometimes the best revenge on a woman who wants to steal your husband is letting her keep him. Heh heh.

    I’m much better off these days, believe me! But in those early days I did resent the amount of time this woman spent with my daughter. She can’t have kids of her own and was more than happy to try to play “mommy” to mine. I wasn’t cool with that. But, it didn’t take long for me to understand that my daughter was just that– MY daughter. It’s great that she has a nice relationship with the girlfriend, but I am confident that it will never replace what we have. Perhaps if Britney had been a stronger parental force with the boys before now, she wouldn’t feel so threatened now.

  10. rules says:

    seeing another women mother your child would be such a knife in the heart….its like she is taking over your role in your childs life….Im be pretty devastated too.

  11. boomchakaboom says:

    Considering the high divorce rate in the US and the number of children affected by parents breaking up, it is easy to see that this exact scenario happens every single day to thousands of people in the country, isn’t it? Why are we supposed to feel so much empathy for Ms. Spears? I’m confused.

    Maybe I need coffee.

  12. Phat girl says:

    “I do sympathize with Britney but I really think it’s best for her to bow out for the time being and establish a relationship with her sons when they’re older.”

    WTF kind of advice is that? They are her children. Does she have to share them with Kfag, you bet. Does that mean she has to bow out of their life, HELL NO. As long as she is not putting them in any danger than she has both a right and a responsibility to spend as much time as possible with her boys. If that means growing up and learning how to be civil to his new love interests, well so be it. She wanted those children and now needs to suck it up if she’s jealous. Bowing out should never be an option. Not for a mother or a father.

  13. Rosanna says:

    I personally think that Brit should be happy that those kids don’t just have their mom but also somebody else who cares for them. Would she prefer KFed’s gf to be uncaring toward the kids? I’m sure she loves them enough to let go of what hurts them and focus on the child, like any decent parent would do (sooner or later).

  14. Syko says:

    I’m moody? Not really. I’m just an opinionated old bitch.

  15. Whitey Fisk says:

    Nicely put, RReedy.

    It is reassuring to see the comments from divorced mothers here who – although likely hurt beyond words – choose to act like grown ups and not allow all those awful adult feelings to be spewed out for their children to deal with. Generally kids of divorce are dealing with their own helplessness and profound sadness… forcing them to also shoulder responsibility for their parents’ feelings is cruel. It’s ok (actually, healthy, as it is part of the normal human grieving process) to daydream about beating the ex with a sock full of pennies. It’s not ok to tell your kids about that fantasy. They are not small adults. They can’t process that information properly.

    And Syko, I hope you take comfort in knowing that gnawing insecurity and paranoia are behind the comments your ex’s wife makes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the karma!

  16. Jessica says:

    Poor Brit.

  17. Eileen Yover says:

    Sure she’s allowed to feel upset about the situation, but she created it herself. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t have to have her own babysitter. She might be on the road to getting healthy, but obviously not enough to see the big picture. Instead of working on new albums, interviews to repair her image to the public, and tours, she should be getting her crap together and create a relationship with her children. But she’s choosing her career over the kids-so deal with the consequences.

  18. Syko says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Whitey, but it’s so long ago I don’t even think about it, other than when I try to put myself in Britney’s position and think about why she would be so upset. It can be upsetting. It can also be amusing, like when New Wife sends the kid back from summer visitation with his freaking SOCKS ironed (to show how much better she is at homemaking than I was). But however it affects you, you have to remain civil and cool, because the welfare of the kids is what has to come first.

    The “kid” whose socks got ironed is 37 now, so you can see why it doesn’t really bother me any more. LOL

  19. Henny Penny says:

    It’s karma, Bitch. There were pics of Britney doing the same stuff with Shar’s kids, including her making statements about how cute they were, how she loved spending time with them, and couldn’t wait to have her own.

    Just wait for this new chick to get knocked up by K-Fed’s supersperm, and it’ll be Groundhog Day.

  20. JuleeJulee says:

    Wow, funny Britney never worried about that when SHE was the one cuddling Char Jackson’s kids after KFed left his girlfriend pregnant to be with Britney…

  21. Cha Cha says:

    I smell a publicity stunt. He wants to stay in the limelight, so allows some girl he’s dated for a short time to be seen holding his children in a paps area. And I’m sure she’s loving the publicity too.

  22. ashley says:

    “And, no need to be sorry for me – sometimes the best revenge on a woman who wants to steal your husband is letting her keep him. Heh heh.”


  23. sean says:

    Hmmmmmmmm dont see Shar’s Children n da photo wonder y????

  24. Whitey Fisk says:

    Syko, 37?! NO! Depending on when you had your babies, that would mean you’re in your…GASP! I don’t believe it…

  25. Mairead says:

    Whitey – yup, our very own Syko was a child bride. Even got detention at her own wedding reception, she did. Tragic really.


  26. Syko says:

    Oh, Whitey – the 37 year old is my “baby”. I have a 45 year old daughter. I’m 66. 19 mentally, 85 physically, and enjoying every day.