Kanye West compares himself to soldiers & cops: ‘I’m putting my life at risk’


I’ve lost track of how many insane quotes we’ve gotten from Kanye West in the past few months. Just look at our Kanye archives if you want a general idea. He’s compared himself to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Jesus Christ and so much more. He’s got a god complex, he’s a creative genius who can’t spell “genius” and he’s the greatest artist and fashionista that ever lived. You get the idea. So, what’s on Kanye’s mind these days? Well, it seems that Kanye is feeling slightly fragile, you see. Kanye is worried that he might end up dying for his art, which means he’s just like a cop or a soldier. HIS WORDS.

Kanye West has done it again. The controversial rapper told a radio host on Saturday night that during every concert he puts on he’s risking his life — as much as a police officer or someone at war, and RadarOnline.com has the video footage.

Speaking with SaturdayNightOnline.com host Garrett, West gets into the creativity behind his Yeezus tour, and particularly the mountain piece.

“Like, I’m just giving of my body on the stage; I’m putting my life at risk, literally!” West said.

“When I think about when I’m on the ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing,’ and ‘Coldest Winter’ moment, like that mountain goes really, really high. And if I slipped… You never know. And I think about it. I think about my family and I’m like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.”

With concerts on his tour scheduled through Dec. 23, West explains he has a job to do and one day he hopes daughter North West will know what he and baby mama Kim Kardashian went through for her.

“Like you literally going out to do your job every day, knowing that something could happen. Something can happen to you,” he said. “I’ll explain to my daughter my one day, that me and her mother, we had to fight for this position that we’ll finally have.”

The Yeezus tour must be stressful on West, because during a Tampa, Fla., show a couple weeks ago he stopped the show after only three songs, demanding the lights be turned off, spewing an expletive rant at his tech crew and storming off stage.

He eventually returned, but continued to blast the crowd with expletive-filled rants — with one lasting more than 14 minutes.

[From Radar]

Are you even shocked by this? I want Emma Thompson to give him a lecture about hyperbole. I want to witness that. Despite Kanye’s hyperbolic insanity, I guess I should say something about Kanye’s whole idea that he might slip off his stage mountain on his Yeezus tour and somehow that danger – that he might injure himself on tour – is equivalent to the danger cops and soldiers face? Here’s what I have to say: screw you, Kanye. Screw you.

Meanwhile, Radar has yet another story in a series of pieces about how Kim and Kanye’s relationship is bad for business on both sides.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a match made in marketing and PR hell, according to several experts.

“When putting two egotistical, self serving individuals together, you’ll create a rather vile spark. And in times of economic hardship across the country, bragging about materialism is typically frowned upon,” public relations expert Angie Meyer-Olszewski told Fox 411.

“The Kardashian brand is a sinking ship. Anybody who jumps on board will eventually fall. A successful celebrity in his own right, Kanye made a horrible strategic decision by engaging himself with Kim,” she added.

West, who has compared himself to everyone from Nelson Mandela to Michael Jackson and even Jesus, has seen his popularity implode since he hooked up with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. As RadarOnline.com reported, West’s Q Scores — the industry’s rating system for a celebrity’s popularity — has dropped a stunning 66 percent in the last 18 months.

His The Yeezus Tour has also been more than disappointing, with his show this week at the 19,000 seat Sprint Center in Kansas City drawing only 4,500 fans. And Kim’s reality show career appears to be winding down. KUWTK now pulls in fewer than two million viewers each episode and her spin-off shows with sister Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian are a thing of the past.

“We are often drawn to people who have an ego and confidence that is derived from their talent. But an empty ego, based on a fake self-inflated image and concept, creates an over powering sense of desperation and superficiality,” human behavior expert Patrick Wanis bluntly told FOX411.

[From Radar]

Yeah. Sounds about right. They were never going to be a “power couple” in a traditional sense, like Brangelina or Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. But… I can’t believe I’m saying this… I do wonder if Kim is going to be good for Kanye in the long run. I know, I know. What I’m saying is that he’s going to learn a lot about himself and the media from this relationship, and if and when he gets out of this relationship, he’ll be a bit wiser in the future.



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  1. Very Beeery Berytaas says:

    Soldiers don’t have bodyguards like you do, you obnoxious, no-talent bum. And they work for far less. Then again, they love their country.

    • atrain says:

      My husband could be killed any day at work. I mean, he works in IT, but there could be a fire in the building, he could be in a car accident, he could get struck by lightening. Just as risky as being a cop or a soldier, right?
      Kanye is a world-class jacka$s. I laughed at all of his rants for a long time, but this is just offensive.

      • JudyK says:

        President Obama was right. Kanye IS a JackA$$.

        Oh, and Kanye, you Genius You…here’s your quote:
        “…that ME and her mother, we had to fight for this position that we’ll finally have.”

        That would be “I” and her mother…would you say “me” had to fight. No, I don’t expect you to get it, even though you are a genius.

      • meh says:

        If we’re going to nitpick grammar, it would be “mother and I”, not “I and her mother”.

      • melinda says:

        Glad you corrected her, that was bugging me!

    • Stef Leppard says:

      I think we can now say for sure that he’s trolling us. I had no idea famewhoritis was contagious.

    • idk says:

      Also, what does he mean “what Kim and I have gone through”? What has Kim gone through to get to where she is? She did a sex tape, and then got a reality show. All she does is dress up and go out to eat. Wow she’s so brave !

  2. Coco says:

    That vag dress!!

    • Michelle says:


    • doofus says:

      seriously…first thing I noticed…”she’s got labia on her dress!”

      • Rachel says:

        Word. I was less disturbed by his quote (because at this point, I accept how delusional and out of touch he is) than I was by the fact that she’s wearing a labia.

      • fiona says:

        Now that the labia dress has been mentioned its all j can see. . So funny

    • gg says:

      It looks like she got up from the dinner table and the napkin and tablecloth stayed tucked in. Kan’tye must love these old fashioned peplum skirts to no end because it seems to be all she wears.

      I’d like to make him wear a ridiculously tight sausage dress instead of those tenty tank tops he thinks he looks like such a superhero in and pointy, tight shoes instead of comfy trainers, and have Kim tell him he only looks good in that for a whole day and see how he likes it.

  3. aims says:

    Do you think he really believe what he’s saying?

    • emmie_a says:

      That’s what I want to know. Almost everything out of his mouth is outrageous beyond narcissistic crap — but is he joking? I hope so because if not he’s a sick puppy. I’m all for having a healthy ego but he takes it waaay beyond healthy.

    • janie says:

      On behalf of all our Military and Police Officers, I’m offended and insulted! WTF is wrong with this man? Is nothing sacred to him? He’s in the perfect family! I’m done talking about the two… Period!

    • blue marie says:

      Nah, I don’t think he does. I mean there are some things he says that he might believe but other are just for headlines. I mean, he’s getting a headline per rant just about..

    • Carolyn says:

      No. It’s a deliberate PR ploy by he, Kim & PMP because everyone enjoyed not seeing Kim after North’s birth and by now there’s nothing interesting about her and getting Kanye to mouth off is the only way they can drum up publicity.

      People can read blogs & comment for free ….they’re increasingly not paying money for what they’re selling or watching their shows. Khloe came all the way to Australia just to make a couple of instore appearances to promote the Kartrashian bags. The tide has turned. At last.

      Kim & Kanye are just so unlikeable and boring as a couple. They have no redeeming qualities.

    • Nina W says:

      He doesn’t listen to himself anymore than he listens to anyone else so I doubt he believes it. It’s just the crap that happened to be spewing from his mouth at that particular moment.

  4. Dani says:

    I can’t with the vagina dress. Enough!!!

  5. Jaded says:

    Yeah buddy, you’re in the line of fire alright – better get a rotten egg-proof vest or a hazmat suit to keep those over-ripe tomatoes from mortally wounding you. Effin’ twat….

  6. lady mary. says:

    2 million ppl actually watch her ,thats obnoxious ,as for Kanye he is like the male version of Gaga, i suggest he start switching wigs ,and costumes atleast entertain us if ur planning to rant aimlessly Kanye

  7. Jayna says:

    You little whiny, whimpy, momma’s boy. Try really going to war and see how you do and compare it to slipping down a prop on stage. Idiot.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      My favorite comment. Just imagine him trying to get through basic training!

      I love the term “vile spark” (see quote). It’s like two Ego Supernovas colliding. They are obliterating each other, not creating more energy.

      Who is taking care of America’s baby?

      • Daaahling says:

        Imma let you finish but clearly you meant AMERICA’S BABY, THE GREATEST BABY OF ALL TIME. 🙂

    • QQ says:

      Stop dogging America’s Most Influential Butthurt Person Top Quality 100% Genius man

      He DOES put his life on the line every day sleeping with a full blooded Kardashian, yall!

  8. Mylene - Montreal says:

    One day he will say : “Ya ! I was a asshole at this time because i was over the top in love with my ex-wife”

  9. Zoid says:

    He really just needs to stop talking. Really. There’s a new quote every day. I had no opinion him a month ago. Now… Ugh. I can’t tell if he’s trying to shock us or if he’s really just this out of touch. Both are annoying, and in this case, downright offensive.

    • Nina W says:

      He does need to stop talking. I had sympathy for him when his mother passed so tragically and ever since he hooked up with Kim he has destroyed all the good will I once felt. This is yet one more impossible to forgive or forget quote. He is a giant infant and it’s not attractive or appealing at all.

  10. lovelylaura says:

    It’s truly Shakespearean – count me among the many waiting to see them hoisted on their own petard!

    And doesn’t he depend on off-duty cops to work security for his concerts? The man is dumber than a box of hair.

  11. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    He wasn’t popular in Van for cancelling the concerts; on the other hand, the washroom photo is priceless.

  12. Tracy says:

    These rants have been so over the top that at times they have been oddly entertaining. But with an over the top rant on the daily, this crap is starting to get boring.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    I’ve run out of ways to say STFD & STFU. Seriously, stop talking!

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      This. Just omg. Marine Corps grunt wife here.. 15yrs in.. 6 deployments… 5 combat deployments.. f#ck you Kanye. F#ck you.

  14. dorothy says:

    Love Kim’s prepubescent selfie in bathroom with Kanye in his little boy Star War’s pajamas with his Mr. T necklace on! That’s right up there with Beibers diaper pants being manhandled by a bodyguard.

    That said, he has to stop talking and doing interview’s. The people with the jackets are going to show up at his house any day now.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      …-looks around, covers the Star Wars pajamas pants awkwardly with hands-……

      Hahahahaha, sorry I couldn’t resist. But mine are awesome.
      And warm in the cold weather of Washington…. Granted I’m sitting on my couch.


  15. Darkladi says:

    I can’t…somebody please tell me he’s taking the piss

  16. CaribbeanLaura says:

    What the what? Kanye you are to a policeman what Gaga and Miley are to discretion. In other words to mention your name and cops and soldiers not only in the same sentance, but comparatively is HILARIOUS!!!!! Troll of the decade Kanysus has struck again.

    Oh and that dress does have some vaginal resemblence for sure. STAPH IT!

  17. Sarah says:

    i cant get offended by his statements anymore. he is like a comic book villain, so over the top.

    • CaribbeanLaura says:

      LOL IKR I can just picture him twirling his mustache while tying some poor ingénue to the train tracks. Oh but I still get offended tho. The man trolls hard.

  18. Cecilia says:

    Put a sock in it, you big ol’ windbag!

  19. epiphany says:


  20. Dani2 says:

    I’m sorry but there’s just no way that Kanye doesn’t have some deeply-rooted issues. I think he needs to stop talking to the media and start talking to a therapist. You ain’t got the answers Kanye!

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Honestly, at this point I feel like he says these things hoping someone will kill him.
      Miserable much Kanye?
      I think he is just so jealous of JayZ and Beyonce that he can’t see anything else.

    • Nina W says:

      I still think it’s unresolved grief over his mother’s death although I also heard he had a concussion and that can sometimes lead to zero impulse control and serious running off at the mouth.

      • Hakura says:

        @Nina W – I’ve had 3 concussions in my life, & I *still* know when, & how, to shut my trap (Not that everyone has the same experiences). I still think he’s more than aware he’s being a douchehole, & capable of stopping himself.

        But why would he? He’s an attention addict (as bad as Kim or Miley), & will do whatever he has to in order to get that high.

  21. Melissa says:

    Every since Kanye’s mother died (RIP, great lady), he has been spinning. I think she was the one who could hold him together and grounded. Life itself has become a risk, or maybe it has always been but I’m realizing it more now since I’m getting older. We all can die any day in any way. But to compare yourself, a celebrity worth more than 100 million dollars, to a cop or a soldier is beyond insulting.

    I found this interview of Kanye back in 2007 and I cannot believe how much he has changed over the years—for the worse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB_CrJJZEf8

  22. CMMSA says:

    His concert in San Antonio on Saturday night had less than 8,000 concert goers. This in an arena with 18,000 concert seats. Enough said!

    Side note to Kanye:

    Dear Kanye,
    All I want for Christmas if for you to STFU and just go away already. And take poopy diaper pants Kim with you.


  23. Dimebox says:

    Yes, Kanye faces danger just like our police and soldiers. That’s why they earn practically the same amount for their jobs.

  24. Kcaia says:

    I think Kanye constantly compares himself to those he admires because he wants those qualities to be in himself, but if he wants to be more admirable, he certainly has the money, fame and power to really make a positive difference. I am hoping and expecting that he eventually figures this out.

  25. PixieWitch says:

    he’s reached a whole new level of douche. king douche.

  26. Marigold says:

    Does Kim really think anyone believes she looks like that person in the mirror up there?

  27. NewWester says:

    Considering both Kayne’s and Kim’s popularity is going down the toilet. The self pic in the washroom is a good choice.
    I feel sorry for baby North what a legacy to inherit

  28. Abbicci says:

    First a post on FitMom, now Kanye. All we need is a Falkor/Brandi post and we will have a delusional Triple Crown!

  29. jess says:

    Is he trolling? I mean…is this his way of getting attention? Does he think since hes with Kim that nobody will pat attention to him , so the only way he can get the focus on him is to say crazy things? Or is he heading for a breakdown? Hes always been cocky but now hes just ridiculous.

  30. Dawn says:

    Well I am the daughter of a career soldier who fought in three wars and the aunt of a cop who has gone under cover to fight against human trafficking and I find this little man coming out to say that he is their league to be one of the lowest and officially offensive of all the offensive things he has ever uttered. Oh sure his apologists will come out and say what he MEANT to say and that is pure b.s. The guy is 36 years old and knows exactly what he meant to say. When are people going to wake up to this punk and poser and just say enough is enough, dude is nothing more than a cry baby millionaire who got extremely lucky when he met Jay Z who put him and his autotune on the map. What an immature jerk this small minded man truly is and nothing more. In fact I consider him to be Jay Z’s biggest failures and I can’t wait for others to catch on. And no he is not trolling he believes what he says to be the truth.

  31. Gaby says:

    Ok, dumbass, if you think the fake mountain it’s so dangerous and high that you might actually die if you miss a step and fall, how about REMOVING THE DAMN THING FROM THE STAGE and focus on playing a show based on talent alone? You know, like REAL rockstars do???? Are you serioulsy endangering your live and risking leaving your daughter fatherless because of a freaking stage prop?

    A cop, a soldier, a firefighter, they are putting their lifes at risk because they are saving other people’s lives. Not for the fame or the money, but because that is what they chose to do: serve and save others, change the world, fight for justice.

    I’m actually starting to feel bad for Kim K. Everyone always knew she was dumb and famous for the stupidest reason in the world, but she was harmless. Now your arrogance is going to drag her down with you, and she is the one that has to listen you whine all day long, every single day.

    • Anne says:

      I completely agree with you about Kanye and, especially, Kim. Most people delight in hating her, and I get the whole fame-wh**e thing, but what I’ve noticed since she’s been dating Kanye, is how wooden she is–as if she is on tenterhooks, knowing someday all Kanye’s excessive love is going to take a wrong turn and backlash at her in the worst way. She always appears to me like someone metaphorically holding their breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.
      I don’t have much respect for Kim’s life choices, but I feel very sorry for her in this relationship–I think being Kanye’s 24/7 cheering section must be exhausting.

  32. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder – delusions of grandeur. Add in enormous stupidity and ignorance and there you have it. He’s such an idiot that it’s embarassing.

  33. HappyMom says:

    A friend saw him in concert last month-and her feeling (and she had been a huge fan until that night) was not only was he completely contemptuous of his fans but that his narcissism is cocaine-fueled.

  34. insomniac says:

    Last week I saw a parody piece in which Kanye claimed he was the next Nelson Mandela come to liberate everyone. It took me way the hell longer than it should have to realize that I was, in fact, reading a parody. The stuff that the real Kanye says isn’t any less ridiculous.

  35. Daaahling says:

    As a combat veteran and wife of a soldier, let me help you all in telling ‘Ye to sit down and STFU. I have never been so offended by a person’s comment. To compare your job as an “artist,” rapper, and pop culture figure to my enlistment service and my husband’s job is beyond insulting. I am just as offended with Tommy Cruise’s comment as well, FYI. To all of you who are veterans, service people, or part of military families, I apologize that the very words ole Big West is saying are protected by the very people who do dangerous work. Shame on him. Is he on drugs, btw? Has he always been this crazy??

  36. Palermo says:

    My husband was a soldier, my brother is a retired cop. I have never said such a thing in my life, but Kanye, go straight to hell, your loss would affect nobody, not even your daughter, who apparently you rarely see any way.

  37. TeresaGiudice says:

    I really want that Givenchy vagina dress for Christmas.

  38. mytbean says:

    Every time he opens his mouth he’s putting his life at risk… true.

  39. gg says:

    He might be putting his life at risk all right with these douchey statements. It’s making people fighting mad.

  40. Kelly says:

    He is more than a little scary and delusional. If it weren’t for the fact that he is a celebrity and entertaining fodder, I think more people would consider him dangerous for Kim and his baby.

  41. Kiddo says:

    I literally don’t think literally means what you think it means. lol. Anyway, Kanye is a foot soldier in the battle of Trolling. It must be a fierce fight out there competing with all the other 5 star trolls.

  42. Nilber says:

    Oh Hell No! This idiot needs to go away. I don’t care if he is trolling us or if he is just a moron. I will never click on a Kanye post again. My husband is deployed to Afghanistan right now, where is he? The funny thing is he makes more in royalties in 5 mins than what the troops get for actual combat pay in a month. I literally broke my back (in multiple places) for this country during my service. I have buried more friends than one should have to at my age. I lost one of my best friends 2 yrs ago when he responded to call and the crackhead stopped beating his 6 yr old long enough to fatality shoot him. If he wants to be a martyr so bad… I truly hope he gets his wish. These entitled, narcissistic dumba$$ wannabe princesses are prime examples that show that money doesn’t buy class. Ugh I can’t even… I am going back to bed.

  43. Steven says:

    I have never seen anyone so full of themselves. What has he accomplished in life other than something that is difficult to even categorize as music? Let him walk one day in my shoes and then reassess what life is about. I am an ER RN, and what I and the other dedicated intelligent men and women in the ER do daily would bring him to his knees. Why is he so idolized? What makes him so great in his own mind….having a large bank account? To me he is the epitomy of a loser. A great man would be humble in his achievements, and quietly generous to a fault. Neither of which he is. And his wife, or what ever she is, and her family are no better. He is so worried about falling off his stage that he compares himself to a soldier or a police officer…OMG. I wish it would happen in my city and he showed up in my ER. I would get the biggest thrill starting a large bore IV in his thumb and watch him wail like the pussy he is.

    • Missykittens says:

      Careful, next Kanye will compare himself to an ER nurse.

      Even if Kanye is trolling, it’s a crazy idea because he is alienating EVERYONE. How much money can headlines on celebrity blogs make for Kanye? I wouldn’t think much, if anything. I don’t think he is trolling, I think he is deluded, probably on coke, finding it difficult to cope with the fact that his concerts are under-selling. Either way, I am no longer a fan. I was always so-so about him and didn’t think he was a good lyricist anyway.

  44. pantalones en fuego says:

    Kanye West is a delusional f**kwit and for my Christmas present I want him to stop getting press.

  45. Lux says:

    I hate to throw such a jackass an olive branch but wasn’t the Nelson Mandela quote fake?

  46. zut alors! says:

    Who do her clothes always look so cheap like she shops at Forever 21?

  47. Kemper says:

    Excuse me. They FOUGHT for this position. He sold his soul & her positions can be found in the Kama Sutra or a good copy of Cosmo.

  48. Diane says:

    Guess its been a slow week in the news for these two fame whores, time to say something that will get noticed.

  49. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    Well, Tom Cruise is off the hook now.

  50. Izzy says:

    He is an a$$hat. And why is she wearing a giant vulva?

    That’s all I got.

  51. Jessiebes says:

    Im a police officer, as is my dad. I know I should be more offended by kaynee comments, but they are just so crazy and ridiculous that I’ve personally tuned him out. He is just not worth it.

  52. madchen says:

    I’ve got news for you my fellow readers…there is an army of lemmings out there who think he’s speaking to a greater truth. A variety of websites that cater to young, mostly male, readers have article and comment sections that are at best filled with love and at worst mild confusion for him and his troll behavior. Sadly, I don’t think he’s losing his core audience. They live for his rants.

    • Nina W says:

      Yeah well there’s also 2 million tuning in to keeping up with the Krapfest, world is full of “fans”.

  53. Bennu says:

    **siiiiiiigh** When are people going to realize that you DO NOT compare your life to that of a soldier or police officer unless you are one. My husband is active duty military, has done three deployments & it makes me sick to my stomach that someone does that. My husband didn’t get to enjoy a gourmet dinner after a day of work over in Afghanistan. He didn’t get a king size bed to sleep on either. Kanye doesn’t have to worry if his driver is going to drive over any IEDs. I wonder if Kanye knows what it’s like to be woken up by a mortar attack…wait, I know the answer to that one. Just stop it. Stop. It.

  54. Jayna says:

    The white rappers got nominated for album of the year. I bet Kanye is going to throw a fit since he was snubbed except for rap album and song. But Justin and Bruno both got snubbed too for album of the year, which is shocking to me.

  55. Dommy Dearest says:

    Where is Deadpool when you need him?

  56. Amy says:

    Oh my, when was that header picture taken? Is that from Kim’s Instagram? Because if Kanye and Kim ever decided to do their own holiday card, they should choose this one! Represents them and their relationship to a tee.

  57. Blackbetty says:

    Maybe this idiot should spend one day with soilders and cops to actually see what it’s actually like. No PMK either.

  58. ccld says:

    What a twatwaffle.
    Once again…ignorance rears its undereducated head.
    You are just stupid enough to be dangerous kantspell west.
    I dare you to spend one week in a combat unit without your body guards, without preferential treatment, to experience what our troops reaaly go through.

  59. Nance says:

    He’s just trolling.

  60. lex says:

    Ya know what Kanye….you are god like!! Apparently here I was thinking the Greek god Narcissus was just a myth but apparently….he lives! lol

  61. Soldier says:

    I am a soldier. I have fought, bled, and cried in combat. I have been shot at, blown up, rocketed, mortared, carried my dead teamate to a safe area so his body can be flown back to his grieving family, stayed in the cold nights on end night after night so my buddies wouldn’t get a rocket fired at them while they were sleeping, seen the most horific and depressing sights, all the while teaching locals how to defend their villages, showing compassion to children who have no shoes or electricity or running water, children that are happy and grateful to receive a pencil or piece of candy, or called in a medevac for a child who had been shot by the enemy for no reason, or providing humanitarian aid, or sending farmers to get training on how to grow better crops, or providing a safe environment so children can go to school, a school that I helped build, or providing medical care to multiple villages without rest, and much, much more, while my wife continues to run the household and raise my kids and doing a wonderful job, without nannies, keeping a smile in public but crying at night when alone, or praying at dinner every night that her husband and childrens father comes home safe, getting excited to read an email or get a call once a week, sometimes longer, all without complaining for she too is a warrior. So don’t compare your profession to mine, I love my job and my country, you’ll never hear me complain, for I fight for my family, my country and your freedom without hessitation. I don’t worry about paparazzi, they only cover celebrities.

  62. larrymoe says:

    A**hole. Nothing more than an A**hole.