Queen Elizabeth tells Prince William’s girlfriend he’s going to be king next, not Charles!

Wedding rumors about Prince William, 24, and longterm girlfriend Kate Middleton, 25, were reignited at the beginning of the month after a comment by a witness in a hearing at the House of Commons. British royal photographer Arthur Edwards was testifying to The House of Commons select committee about a recent intrusion of Ms. Middleton’s privacy by paparazzi. The MPs are trying to set up new laws that would protect the privacy of celebrities and royals, and want to avoid another event like the death of Princess Diana.

Photographer Edwards said “She’s in love with Prince William. I’m sure one day they’ll get married.”

That seems to just be speculation by a friend of the family, though. A spokesperson for the royal family said that he has no plans to get engaged, and William himself has said he doesn’t plan to marry until he is 28 or 30. It is also thought that he will finish his duties with the Armed Forces first. He has two more years to serve.

Now there’s an explosive report in this week’s National Enquirer claiming that William has been trying to convince Kate to marry him, but was unsuccessful until his grandmother Queen Elizabeth stepped in. In a bid to help her grandson secure Kate’s hand in marriage, Queen Elizabeth is said to have told Kate that she plans to pass the crown to William, not his father Prince Charles, when she dies! Charles is not considered as worthy as William to represent the monarchy as he is divorced and has wed another divorcee that is not well liked.

Elizabeth is said to have convinced Kate that she should marry William, and that she will ensure he becomes King when she passes:

Prince William finally convinced longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton to marry him using a secret weapon – his grandmother the queen!

Gun-shy Kate has turned down several marriage proposals, terrified she’d relive the sad life of Princess Diana.

But Queen Elizabeth had her over for tea and convinced her to change her mind – by revealing her plan to skip over Charlies and Camilla and give the crown directly to Wills after her passing…

“The queen thinks Charles and Camilla would be a disaster or the monarchy if they become king and queen, because there’s hatred for Camilla and contempt for CHarles.

“Buckingham Palace advisers think Wills and Kate are the last hope if the royals are to survive the 21st century.”

Constitutional experts say the queen doesn’t have to give the crown to the next in line, and there are precedents that support her bold decision.

As part of her plan, Elizabeth expect that Charles and Camilla will live abroad like his great uncle the Duke of Windsor did after abdicating to marry Wallis Simpson.

[From The National Enquirer print edition, March 26, 2007]

If you’re not familiar with the abdication precedent mentioned in the text, the Duke of Windsor, formerly Prince Edward, gave up his position as the King of England in 1936 in order to marry his lover, a twice-divorced American, Wallis Simpson. Edward was only king for a year, and it was a huge scandal at the time.

Queen Elizabeth must not think much of her son’s marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles if she’s making comparisons to Edward’s abdication over 70 years ago. Indeed, Elizabeth didn’t attend the April, 2005 civil ceremony in what was seen as a snub to the couple. She did attend a church blessing afterwards.

If all this is true and if Her Royal Highness has pledged to pass the crown to her eldest grandson instead of her son, it will make for an interesting turn of events. We shouldn’t hold our breath though. Queen Elizabeth’s mom, The Queen Mother, lived to the age of 101 and made public appearances up until a few weeks before her death. Queen Elizabeth will turn 81 this year.

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20 Responses to “Queen Elizabeth tells Prince William’s girlfriend he’s going to be king next, not Charles!”

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  1. Kolby says:

    I don’t think this is true. Queen Elizabeth is staunchly traditional, and I doubt she’d ever go against royal practice and pass over her own son to give William the crown. I don’t think Camilla is as disliked as she used to be, or even as much as Diana was, and things seem to be all hunky-dory with the royal family these days. Besides that, there isn’t any sort of real taboo associated with the royals divorcing and remarrying, they’ve been doing it for centuries (the whole scandal with King Edward came from him abdicating for a woman, and an American divorcee to boot). I think the succession is intact, it’s not as though Charles will be King all that long anyway..he’s already in his 60s.

  2. Clarimonde says:

    I have my doubts about this story as it is in the National Enquirer! Why hasn’t it been in the UK rags? I don’t buy it at all. And why would this girl needed to be talked into marrying Wills? I mean, he looks very horsey faced to me but many girls apparently find him irresistible.

  3. Carol says:

    He’s looking more like his dad as he gets older but he’s still cute.

    Was Diana disliked in England before they got married? She wasn’t over here. America loves a princess story and hers was the ultimate.

  4. boobaloob says:

    She wasn’t disliked by the British public – on the contrary – they adored her. It’s the royal family that came to dislike her.

  5. gg says:

    Unfortunately Wills looks more and more like his dad every day, and less like Diana, who I used to think he was a ringer for.

    Anyway, after they get married, whenver that is, I really hope she doesn’t get talked into getting some mumsy makeover. I think she’s adorable the way she is.

  6. ukexpat says:

    The National Enquirer? Oh yeah, a really reliable source!!

  7. Kolby says:

    When I said Diana was disliked, I meant by the royal family, during and after her divorce from the Prince.

  8. Fabiola Thing says:

    Edward and Wallis were also Nazi sympathizers, which probably didn’t go over too well with the Brits.

  9. Poor Boopie says:

    I seriously doubt that Charles will get passed over for the crown.

  10. Keri says:

    Years and years ago, I remember watching something (I can’t remember what) that, I think, was supposed to be a discussion of Nostrodamus’ predictions. Per this show, after Queen Elizabeth, the next ruler of England would be Prince William (he wasn’t named, but the prediction said the crown would skip a generation) and that this next prince would be the last royal “ruler” of Britain.

    I’ve remembered this very clearly for many years, because at the time I heard it, Charles and Diana were still “happily” married and the William was just a baby. Queen Elizabeth seemed (to me at the time) ready to die at any time. I couldn’t imagine what could happen that would make Charles and Diana not become King and Queen and why the royal family would no longer be part of British politics/culture.

    Well, lots has changed since then, and maybe Nostrodamus was right.

    We shall see.

  11. daz says:

    he needs some whitestrips.

  12. Silly says:

    This is hogwash. The only way Wills will become King after the Queen dies is if Charles has an accident/fatal illness of some sort and dies before his mother. Charles will definitely be the next King. The Queen does not “pass on” her crown before she does. She dies, and the laws of succession will kick in. Hence, Charles will be King.

  13. okay looking guy says:

    she’s pretty. he still looks like his mom. Diana was a saint but also had a very strong, not feminine face. I think it’s William’s father that’s got the rounder pointy face?

    does it really matter that he’s king. i here the royal parliament or something is now also going to be based on England’s people’s voting.

    royalty doesn’t fit into politics anymore, a dying race. at least Will has a fortune to rely on

  14. aneurysm says:

    i bet wills is the next king. charles is a joke & everyone knows it. nostradamus is prob dead on, incidetally in more ways than one concerning our times.

  15. Best of British says:

    Charles will agree to the passing of the crown to William and not himself. He knows that public opinion of him is relatively low, especially compared with his son. William will be a great king – he’s sensible and decent and the royals definitely want their reign to continue so the crown will definitely be pass on as Charles is too much of a risk.

    However, I dont believe that Wills has asked Kate to marry him yet as I’m positive she wouldnt turn him down. She looks very much in love.

    I’ve met Charles out hunting a few times and he’s complete prat.

  16. Clarimonde says:

    Silly, you are an idiot. The Queen does not have to die for the crown to be passed. She can step down from her duties as monarch at any time she wants and then pass the crown on to any of her direct decedents. She is he Queen after all, and one can do as one damn well pleases.

  17. Mairead says:

    What a load of twaddle.

  18. gg says:

    Lizzie seems to pretty much does whatever she pleases; it wouldn’t really surprise me if she skipped over Chuckie, and make him know it and like it (under the usual duress, of course).

  19. jmKelley says:

    Even if this were the Queen’s wish, I’m certain she’d need government approval. The line of succession is set by law, not by Royal pleasure.

  20. gg says:

    aaand she seems to be quite adept at getting around anything she wants. Laws change. There also used to be a law that a monarch couldn’t marry a divorcee. hmm, anybody seen Charles and Camilla ?

    Not to mention I can’t think of anybody in Britain that wouldn’t support the move to Wills bypassing Chuckie.

    If I’m wrong and people love Charles better than Will for the next monarch I’ve seen zero evidence of such.