Naomi Campbell had magazine taking pics on the way to her cleaning job

Noami Campbell was posing for more than just the paparazzi when she sauntered into her community service cleaning job wearing Christian Louboutin heels the first day and a nasty fur coat the second. Word is that a photographer from W Magazine was taking pictures of her walk to work and that she’ll be featured in a full domestic-themed spread in the July issue. Naomi is also said to be posing as a cleaner in the magazine and should be featured in positions she’d never attempt without a court order or photographer present:

Naomi Campbell, the community service-serving supermodel, had her own agenda in mind Monday morning as she strutted into a city Sanitation Department garage.

She was posing for her next big moment in the fashion spotlight – as glamour shutterbug Steven Klein snapped paparazzi-style pix that are rumored to be running in the July issue of the fashion bible W magazine.

Klein, of course, is the photographer who earned worldwide notoriety for his infamous Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dysfunctional family layout for W in 2005.

Conveniently, according to Campbell’s Web site, Klein has already shot her for the cover of W’s July issue.

“I don’t want to give too much away about the shoot and will leave it as a surprise,” Campbell teased in a posting on her site.

Industry sources are now speculating that Klein will use Campbell’s walk of shame as part of the magazine spread. Klein is also expected to be behind the lens when Naomi poses in a slinky studio photo shoot performing menial chores like swabbing toilets and scrubbing sinks covered in dirt or cleaning product.

Agent Bedhead pointed out yesterday that the Press section of Naomi’s official website (site has automatic music) features a picture of her butt with a notice that press will come as soon as there’s something decent to report about her.

And of course the NY Daily News mentions in that article that this isn’t the first time Naomi has capitalized on her nastiness. She made “Naomi Hit Me” T-shirts with Chip & Pepper and was even seen out in one.

There are two and half more days left for Naomi to freak out and hit someone at her community service job and end up in jail. Maybe then she’ll stop being able to glamorize her terrible character flaws.

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  1. frewtloop says:

    I was so hoping she lost it on her first day, damn it!!!!

    It gets my goat that she and W magazine are glamourising the whole thing. It defelcts attention from her crime and turns the whole thing into a positive experience for her.

    Grrrr the woman is egomaniacle narcissist and I want her to go DOWN!