Dina Lohan wants to be just like her daughter Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar in which she reveals exactly why her daughter is so screwed up. She confirms all the crap we’ve been saying about her for a while – she revels in the spotlight and acts like a buddy to her daughter, essentially allowing her to do whatever she wants.

Not only is Lohan’s mom entirely neglectful of her parenting duties, she basically sanctions her daughter’s behavior, thinks it’s “cool,” and emulates her.

At one point she calls either prescription or illegal drugs “candy,” saying that “In that world, they give you things like candy. Hurt your ankle? ‘Let’s give her something.'”

Lindsay did hurt her ankle and if she’s calling pain medication or cocaine “candy” there’s something wrong there.

Dina also says that Paris and Britney are “the Trumps of the little world” and that “you can’t blame parents for the kids.”

“I’m living the American dream, and you can go . . .” she exclaimed after Harper’s asked her what she would say to critics of her parenting techniques.

In the interview in the April issue, the 44-year-old Lohan described how she’s more like a sister to her fire-haired daughter – going out to clubs with her and even wearing her old Prada jacket and Jimmy Choo boots.

“If you can button it and clip it when you’re in your 40s, you’re going out,” she said as she put her hand in the air to solicit a high-five from the Harper’s reporter…

The elder Lohan said she sometimes introduces herself as her daughter’s personal assistant. She even once lied about her identity to George Clooney.

“I don’t want them to know I’m her mom,” she said. “It’s a whole ‘nother demographic. People just go dark.”

She also had plenty to say about the other panty-less members of the “Bimbo Summit” – Paris Hilton and Britney Spears – who have spent many nights table-dancing and tossing back libations with her daughter.

“Some of these kids are just lost,” she said.

But not so lost that we shouldn’t worship them, apparently.

“They’re the American dream,” she also said. “They’re the Trumps of the little world, these kids…”

She also whined about the way the press has been treating her and her daughter, who has been in rehab and AA meetings.

“We’re just so misunderstood,” she said, adding that her cocktail-tippling daughter is not an alcoholic.

“Noooo! She is just a 20-year-old who had to reel it in,” she said, apparently forgetting that the legal drinking age is 21. “And she’s from an addictive personality genetically. And in that world, they give you things like candy. Hurt your ankle? ‘Let’s give her something.’ ”

She said people were being too hard on Britney and we should “cut her some slack.” If people cut Britney any more slack she might have seriously hurt herself instead of just shaving her head bald and freaking out. She needed to go to rehab.

Lindsay went to a revolving door rehab and came out to drink and party that very night. Sure 20 year-old kids are going to have fun, but she’s headed for even more trouble and it looks like her mom wants to go along for the ride. I wonder if we’ll be seeing panty-less pics of Dina next. Indeed, she got felt up while out to dinner at a restaurant just a couple of months ago.

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  1. gg says:

    This story, while not surprising, given her daughter’s lack of ability to ACTUALLY “reel it in” and the fact that she condones it, makes me nauseous.

    Dina, you are a complete dodo! Brains! Use them! You are not living right. How bout some culpability with respect to some maturity in your family life???!!

  2. Pecarrie says:

    I guess those square, pushed back teeth are hereditary.
    But the stuff that occassionally gets stuck in them, environmental.

  3. Mr. T says:

    What a horrible person she is. I think LiLo’s ex-con father is a more suitable and stable parent than this wretched, hiddeous, tramp, whore of an ass-hole mother.

  4. Lady Metal says:

    It’s not possible to don’t feel sorry for LiLo. Who’s gonna help her?

  5. neelyo says:

    Since when does the American Dream involve using your kids to make your money?

    She would be nothing without Lindsay and I can’t wait until Lindsay’s five more minutes of fame are up so she and Dina can go back to Long Island and score their drugs outside the local Hooters. Why on earth did BAZAAR agree to interview her in the first place?

  6. okay... says:

    the bitch is delusional….

  7. Elle says:

    I can’t believe it took me this long to realize what’s going on here. The problem is that Dina thinks that being a drunk ass, coked-up ho is the American dream. She taught Lindsey to chase that dream and pull her along for the ride. I wonder what Dina’s teaching Lilo’s little sister?

  8. Jess says:

    If Paris and Britney are the American dream then I’ve never been so proud to be Canadian.

  9. Fabiola Thing says:

    Ho needs to be bitch-slapped but good.

  10. just me says:

    LiLO is 20 yrs old her mom can’t really tell her what to do anymore. She could give her some advice but that’s about it. Who knows what she tells her daughter behind close doors. I feel like she doesn’t want to offend her daughter and in turn says things that sound stupid. I love the way everyone acts like they have never ever had anything to drink until they were 21…That’s a bunch of BS!

  11. ER says:

    Amazing when you realize how good you had it growing up because your mom and dad were actually the parents in the relationship and allowed you to be the kid!!! I feel sorry for people whose family lives were reversed – that’s no way to grow up!

  12. m.a. says:

    I agree with just me about the drinking thing, except that it’s lame that all the clubs KNOW that she’s underage and yet, they let her in, cuz she’s LINDSEY LOHAN!! Gasp! Whatever, though, what can you do? It looks like I might have to start being a LITTLE more forgiving of Liho tho, because it looks like her mom is a gold-digging, nasty, skank of epic proportions. “The american dream”, hahaha! Yes, my dream is to have kids and try to get them to make lots of money, by ANY means, so that I can live off of them and make a foolish whore of myself, preferably in public. Neato! Isn’t that what ALL of us Americans want? She’s nasty. Lindsey’s starting to look just as old and used up as her, though.

  13. m says:

    The “candy” comment was intended to emphasize the wrongness of consuming drugs as if they were candy.

  14. ... says:

    Ditto to many of the previous comments: Why did Bazaar agree to an interview with this idiot of a mother? Why are the clubs allowing Lindsay to drink underage, especially knowing that she’s newly “rehabbed?”

    I am a mother of a 10-year-old daughter. She knows Daddy and I like to have an occasional beer or glass of wine, sometimes in her presence. She also knows that consuming too much alcohol can make you do stupid things and that’s why the drinking age is 21. I feel no hypocrisy because I’m exposing her to the reality that adults can enjoy a drink without things getting out of hand. While I know some parents might not agree with drinking in front of their children, it makes no sense to me for a parent to drink behind their children’s back. Then what are you teaching them — to keep secrets? I believe these are the kids that will be breaking into Mom and Dad’s liquor cabinet.

    Obviously Dina Lohan does not know how to drink in moderation and therefore taught Lindsay nothing that would properly equip her to deal with the “reality” of Hollywood clubbing. As much as I hate Rosie O’Donnell and The View, hats off to her for calling her out — it was entirely appropriate and I hope Dina’s canceled appearance taught HER something.