Does Ron Howard want to make a Britney Spears biopic?

A recent article in Star magazine claims there’s a rumor that Ron Howard wants to make a movie of Britney’s troubled trashtastic life and that she’s been slated to play the lead role!

Surprisingly, Brit may find a glittering movie role awaiting her after she leaves rehab. Sources tell Star that The Da Vinci Code director Ron Howard is interested in making a movie about the popstar (who made a cameo in the 2002 hit Austin Powers: Goldemember but bombed when she starred in Crossroads that same year), with Brit playing the lead role! (Howard’s rep denies it.)

[From Star Magazine print edition, March 26, 2007, via Sammie's Effluvia.]

It could be true that Howard was thinking of a Britney Biopic, because given everything she’s been through that would be interesting and people would watch it. I doubt that he would be foolish enough to cast her in the lead, though. Britney can’t act, and it would kind of make the whole movie seem less interesting to have to watch her play herself. It would be more dramatic if there was a level of fantasy to it that only a hot actress with acting ability could bring to the role.

This is an old picture of Britney wearing a “Rehab” shirt. She must have realized what was in store.

The rest of the article focuses on Britney’s time in rehab, and despite a recent story that she “turned her life around,” she’s painted as a spoiled brat with a sense of entitlement who won’t get with the program. Star says a staff member found her in a closet chatting with a “Justin” on her cell phone, which is forbidden, and begging him to meet her an an outside AA meeting. She is also said to have not wanted to make her bed, to have requested special meals, and to generally be bucking the rules.

Britney’s out of rehab now and although one wishes her well it’s hard to believe that a month of reluctant sobriety will solve her many issues. She needs a humbling life-changing experience to get back on track. Of course she’s depressed and needs to dry out but I can’t help but think that extreme narcissism is her real problem.

Britney recently tricked the paparazzi into letting her leave rehab in peace. She sent a decoy to an AA meeting that photographers initially mistook for her, and she was able to leave the Promises facility without incident. I’m not sure there weren’t any pictures though, because I swear I saw some at Socialite’s Life.

Header picture via the Bosh. Older pictures of Britney below are from

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  1. boobaloob says:

    I call bullshit on this. There is *no way* Ron Howard would do a project like that, regardless of whether Britney played herself. This is the same man who directed A Beautiful Mind and won an Oscar for it. If he’s stupid enough to take on a project like this, then God help him.

  2. Carol says:

    I don’t see it either, he makes very specific types of movies and trashy biopic aint one of them.