“Dakota Fanning at the Push premiere” afternoon links

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– Note to Ali Lohan: Dakota Fanning is What A 15-Year-Old Should Look Like[Dlisted]
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50 Cent admits to having metrosexual tendencies: [Bossip]
Nick Lachey “Can’t Believe” Hype Over Jessica Simpson’s Weight Gain [Fafarazzi]
Renee Zellwegger’s “New in Town” review [Pajiba]
Tori Spelling’s Son Has Finally Accepted His Little Sister [I’m Not Obsessed]
Amanda Bynes Brings Her Legs Out to Party (site NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]
Pete Wentz defends Jessica Simpson [Celebslam]
Brooke Hogan is gonna wrestle! [Websters is my Bitch]
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen go for lunch at the SoHo House in NYC [In Case You Didn’t Know]
– Movie Review: “Confessions Of A Shopaholic” [Crazy Days and Nights]
– Tokyo Gets Another Dose of Angelina [PopSugar]
Tori Spelling’s Son Has Finally Accepted His Little Sister [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
Khloe Kardashian got cheated on [A Socialite’s Life]
Penelope Cruz Dresses to the Nines [Just Jared]
Elisha Cuthbert’s Hotness Isn’t That Complex [Egotastic]
Russell Crowe finally working out [The Superficial]
Rihanna’s concert crotch grab [Hollywood Tuna]

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  1. Mandy says:

    Wow, did Dakota Fanning even go through an awkward stage? She turned out to be really pretty. I would also compliment her for behaving properly, but I’m afraid that the moment I say it, a news story will pop up saying she was arrested for DUI, and her mugshot will show white powder on her nose or something.

  2. lynn says:

    Awww, she’s a cutie-pie!

  3. Rosanna says:

    Now, *this* girl, not Ali Lohan, looks 14-15.

  4. DD says:

    She reminds me of a mini Cate Blanchett. Beautiful and elegant.

  5. xiaoecho says:

    she morphs into Jodie Foster more every day

  6. orion70 says:

    re: Confessions of a Shopaholic. As someone who has read every installment of this series, and loved it (the Confessions and Takes Manhattan being my faves), the previews for this movie are doing nothing to entice me towards seeing it. It looks NOTHING like the book.

    I really like Isla Fisher as an actor…but hello, Rebecca Bloomwood is British, and also…is not Carrie Bradshaw…don’t even get me started on the choice of Luke Brandon.

    I hate what they’ve done with this. FAIL !

  7. vdantev says:

    So darn cute.

  8. Diva says:

    Dakota and that Amanda girl from Mamma Mia could play sisters.

  9. Ana says:

    I believe she did go through an awkward stage. She had braces and her teeth needed to be whitened. (Sorry, just being truthful.)
    But I believe she spent her awkward stage out of the limelite. I remember seeing pictures of her as a cheerleader at her high school. I think her parents are working hard to keep her grounded.
    I just love her. She always looks so fresh and youthful. Her style is great and doesn’t overtake her. A 15 year that is wearing the dress rather than the dress wearing her! I love how she doesn’t have a pound of makeup on, rather just lets her natural beauty shine through.

  10. sweetzy says:

    She looks beautiful in this pic.

  11. elainebenes says:

    Talk about a contrast between Dakota/Miley…/Ali. I hope she has a Jodie Foster future.

  12. Aspen says:

    It’s a little bit short for a girl her age…but aside from that, she looks beautiful.

    I saw her interview with Jay Leno the other day, and I was pleased to find that she comes across age-appropriate, intelligent, and confident enough not to be falsely modest…but without being arrogant.

    I have every reason to think this young lady is a lady, indeed. I can’t wait to see what she does with her career. So much talent, and so much apparent good sense are bound to produce great things.

  13. Aspen says:

    I don’t know how old that Leno show was. We get things a day or two late here.

  14. Jenni says:

    She doesn’t look like Cate Blanchett and nor is she plain looking like Jodie Foster. She is a really, really pretty girl and she is very similar to Amanda Siegfried.

  15. Lila says:

    fabulous outfit, head to toe!

  16. Jane says:

    I agree with everything you said Orion. Way to ruin the books.

  17. vdantev says:

    As I often say, if you want to experience a book properly- READ IT.

  18. Erin says:

    Hi. Does anyone know who designed the dress or where to buy it?

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