Us: Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling with a Canadian random

Tori Spelling

These are photos of Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and their three four kiddos a few weeks ago at a Disney On Ice event in LA. Dean looks as greasy as he always does, but I think Tori looks cuter here than I’ve ever seen her look. She usually demonstrates unremarkable style, but I love this outfit! The boots, the hat, the whole outfit.

But this is not a happy story. Instead we’re hearing from Us Weekly that Dean has cheated on Tori with a Canadian random on Dec. 6 (a week before these family photos were taken). The woman, Emily Goodhand, tells her story in disturbing detail. Ms. Goodhand tells Us that Dean whipped out the sex tape he made with Tori as part of a second night of foreplay. Who knows if this story is true, but Tori and Dean did cheat on their respective spouses together before they got together, right? If Dean really tried to show that home movie to this woman, that’s pretty weird. It’s bad enough that Dean was (allegedly) cheating. I’ll let you decide based upon the story:

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been married for seven years, but according to Emily Goodhand, he wasn’t faithful to her. She claimed that she spent two nights with him in his hotel room in Toronto and that they had sex!

Dean, 47, met Emily on Dec. 6 through mutual friends at Pravda Vodka House she told Us, while he was in town promoting his new hosting job on Chopped Canada.

“We were just having fun and hanging out,” she said. The group then headed to another bar and he was “flirting” and “very charming” during the walk.

“I was drinking, so what he said is blurry. But he was talking about his kids and his work,” she told the mag. “And when people open up, you feel closer to them in some way. I felt like I could trust him. And we know a lot of the same people, so we had that in common.”

When getting to the hotel bar, he kept the flirting to a minimum to be discreet, but at one point slipped his key card and a note with his room number into her purse. While at first Emily didn’t go to his room, she said she later changed her mind and headed there.

“I made a bad decision,” she told the mag. However, he wasn’t there when she arrived so she texted him. “I said, ‘if you’re not here in five minutes, I’m leaving.’” Then, less than a minute later he was there.

While in the bedroom, the father of five complimented Emily repeatedly, she claimed, but she “called him on his bullsh-t.”

The two stopped talking and had protected sex, she told the mag, before laying together and talking. “He said, ‘I love my wife. I love her so much, but she won’t sleep with me,” Emily added. “I didn’t ask why because it was awkward.”

She went to leave the room a little while later but he said, “Please don’t leave me. I want to cuddle,” Emily recalled. And she stayed the night – and that wasn’t the only time.

The next night he invited her over again and they ordered room service and just cuddled, Emily explained. Before bed, he tried showing her stills from the sex tape he made with his wife!

“I look over at the screen at a frame of Tori lying on the bed. I’m like, ‘I’m not watching that! No way in hell!’” Emily said. The next morning, Dean headed back to L.A. and the two parted ways.

However, Emily regrets her decision now, she told the magazine. “I’m an adult and I make my own decisions,” Emily said adding she’d like to apologize to Tori. “I’m sorry, I f—ed up.”

This interview comes as a surprise, but it’s not the first cheating mishap for Dean. When he met Tori in 2005, they both left their spouses after a three-week affair. Tori even admitted that since their relationship began that way, she “often worried” he would cheat.

“If the phone rings and it’s a girl’s voice, I have to ask if he’s having an affair. Dean tells me over and over again that he would never do that,” she wrote in her book Uncharted TerriTORI, which came out in 2010?

[From Us Weekly via Hollywood Life]

Ugh, this is awful. Even if Tori’s not doing the deed with Dean any longer, there’s no excuse for cheating on your spouse. I mean … Tori willingly married a cheater, and she was cheating on her ex-husband, but yeah. It still sucks for Tori and the kids. Tori seems sufficiently divorced from reality to not notice the signs of Dean cheating, but Dean is definitely the bad guy in this situation if it’s true.

I don’t know though. Part of me wonders if this tale is part of Tori’s grand media scheme. She’s been telling everyone how broke she and Dean are even while she takes $10,000 family vacations. Could this “affair” be a planted story to drum up some drama and sell more books? I feel bad for even suggesting as much.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. lisa2 says:

    They have 4 children. Young children. I don’t think they are going to put a cheating story out to gain money. It would hurt their children. Tori seems like a very loving mother to their children. I remember that story about them divorcing and she said her son saw that headline and was upset by it. I thing people forget that celebrities are parents. REAL parents with REAL children that as they get older are aware of the ugliness of Gossip tabloids. I hope this is a fake story. I wouldn’t wish this on any family.

    • mickey says:

      BEDHEAD: count those kids! Like lisa2 says, there are four of them.

    • Pandy says:

      I agree Lisa2. This must be hurtful for the kids. I like Tori. Hope this works out for her and the kids.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Eh, I don’t know. She is a known attention hoar, so I could see her putting out a story like this for sympathy/money/attention/whatever. Besides, I’m not sure how much exposure any celeb kid actually has to the tabloids when they’re young (despite her claims to the contrary), or how much of it they’d actually be able to comprehend from a headline.

      • sugar cookie says:

        I think the reason Tori was left so little money by her father when he died was because he and Candi knew Dean was a gold digger ~ they wanted to make sure he didn’t live off Tori’s money.

        Unfortunately that’s exactly what has happened. But Tori’s having to WORK to foot their bills ~ proving her parents right, Dean’s just a mooch.

    • Hmph! says:

      She looks better with age. Women are so beautiful if they take care of themselves and don’t spread out like heifers during middle age. They become more beautiful than when they are younger.

  2. Zimmer says:

    If those kids are really all his, I’m pretty sure she’s willing to sleep with him.

  3. V4Real says:

    He cheated on her with a random? Isn’t that how most men cheat? It’s not always the friend of the wife or the ccoworker. Most men cheat with someone they just randomly met.

    Anyways I don’t think anyone is surprised he met her that way right.
    They do have some beautiful children though and I hope they can shield them from all this mess for now.

  4. Eleonor says:

    Tori is the portrait of Kiki Spelling.

  5. Reid05 says:

    She regretted her decision to sleep with a married man so much, that she sold her story to a national publication…right.

    • Jayna says:

      Yeah. I love how they sell their sleezy story for money, but then throw in there they feel guilty and would like to apologize to the wife. No one is falling for it, little trashbucket. You knew when you went to that hotel room exactly what you were going to do and called a publication afterwards and sold it. Bragging to the world about your sexcapade isn’t feeling guilty nor apologizing to the wife. It’s the opposite. Now the trashbucket’s name will forever be on the internet. Does anyone have any class, that at least if you had a one-night stand with a married man, celebrity or not, that you don’t broadcast it to the world because you actually care about your career, your family and what you are perceived as? It’s like it’s a badge of honor these days to brag about being a one-night stand and to get your face into a gossip rag for money.

      • Zbornak Syndrome says:

        @jayna: I love that you called her a “little trashbucket”. Really had me giggling.

      • Kristin says:

        Yeah, kind of like how Tori slept with a married man (while married herself) on the very first night she met him and then proceeded to WRITE A BOOK ABOUT IT. Tori is no innocent victim here. I feel for their children, I really do, but Dean also had children from his first marriage, which Tori was fully aware of when she decided to forsake her own vows and hop into bed after knowing Dean for a whopping 8 hours. I’m not absolving him of his responsibility at all. He’s a complete douche and always has been. But Tori actively and knowingly participated in breaking up not just a marriage, but a FAMILY. And then she profited from it by writing a book (which I’m ashamed to admit I actually read). Just because they actually married each other doesn’t make her any less of a “trashbucket” than the skank in this story. And Tori never once expressed any regret or remorse about destroying those kid’s family as they knew it. Her shtick was pure Leanne Rimes: “We were just so drawn to each other, we couldn’t help it, it was a force of nature we couldn’t deny, blah, blah, puke, puke”. So maybe I’m alone in this thought process, but I have NEVER felt an ounce of pity for poor little rich girl Tori who only got (gasp!) a million dollars for an inheritance. Cue the violins.

    • Enn says:

      Yeah, I wonder if anyone buys the whole “I feel so bad, I need to apologize” nonsense. Just admit you wanted the check from the tabloid you sold your story to.

    • Anon says:

      @Reid05 LOL :-)

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Yeah, if I felt bad about sleeping with a married man, I wouldn’t be running to tabloids, selling my story. And I most certainly wouldn’t be telling a tabloid that I want to apologize to the wife–the best apology is to keep your f-cking mouth SHUT and go on with your life. Let HIM work on HIS marriage…

  6. Cleveland Girl says:

    I just wish Tori would stop with that bright red lipstick. It makes her look so bizarre. As for the cheating – this Emily must be some piece of work to go the gossip mags and spill her story. What a b**tch.

  7. Kat says:

    What we see here is just a small fragment of a bigger picture. We don’t know what’s going on between these two, but what I can say is that although I have the same objections to cheating as most people, I’ll also concede that if Tori isn’t sleeping with her husband anymore, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s hooking up with randoms. If you lose that connection with your SO, it’s inevitable that they will stray and no one should be surprised when they do (unfortunately).

    • Frida_K says:

      Maybe, given that she’s got all those little children, she is just not as frisky as normal. Didn’t the last baby come as a surprise and she had a hard pregnancy? Maybe she’s just not in the mood right this minute.

      He fathered those children (I assume) and he could be decent and let his wife and the mother of his children have a bit of a rest for the moment.

      Just a thought.

    • Dani says:

      Frida – I had a 4th degree tear and over 25 stitches, gave birth 3.5 months ago, HG had me in and out of hospital, and gallstones that almost caused an emergency surgery during my 8th month and my husband and I are back to having sex like normal. Nothing stops you after pregnancy by yourself. I’m not saying have sex every night but once a week I’m sure is doable. No one said you have to be a porn star in bed either. Kat – 100% agree. Unfortunately it goes for both men and women in relationships, too. I know many many women who aren’t satisfied with their husbands, sex life, life in general and cheat just for the thrill or to feel wanted again.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Dani, hormones play a huge part in sex drive and vaginal lubrication. That’s great that you were able to get back into the swing of things after the birth of your child and gallstone issue, but your experience isn’t indicative of everyone. Women who breast feed, for example, produce less vaginal lubrication (making sex potentially uncomfortable). I have an unusually high sex drive due to increased testosterone from PCOS, but I don’t expect every woman to behave the same as I do sexually. Everyone is different and hormones flucuate. You may not always be as willing to get to it with your husband in the future, so be kind to others who may be having a difficult time.

      • Michele says:

        By all accounts, Tori has a good work ethic and takes good care of Dean and their kids. She looks pretty awesome for having had 4 kids – I admire her for carving out the time to take care of herself.
        I can’t believe that Tori has a shred of respect left for Dean. He seems pretty okay with allowing her to shoulder all of the financial responsibility for their family. It doesn’t look like he’s using his downtime to stay in shape. He’s got a lot of nerve complaining about the lack of intimacy in his marriage. When you lose respect for your partner, it’s hard to find them sexually appealing.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      So, you are saying, if a woman has cancer or any reason at all, and doesn’t have sex with her husband for a period of time, then, that “poor” man, of course, will cheat? A woman should put her feelings aside and just “do it” for her man, because he is a man and can’t think with his head, heart, or moral compass. This kind of thinking drives me crazy!!!!

      • Kat says:

        Oh my God, that was not at ALL what I meant! This just brings up memories of John Edwards when he cheated on his wife! This isn’t a fair comparison because A) as far as I know, Tori isn’t suffering from any physical ailments (which would offer a valid reason for not “putting out”) and B) my feelings apply to both genders, so if a husband were to turn down his wife for sex, it should not come as a surprise that she would seek it elsewhere.

        Expressing an opinion about a sensitive subject on an online forum is tricky because we can’t express ourselves with intonations or convey our feelings as clearly. Cheating leaves an icky feeling in my stomach, and I think that in most cases people should have enough guts –not to mention respect– for their SO to be honest and/or leave if they want to stray. I honestly wouldn’t blame Tori if she kicked Dean to the curb after this stunt, because what he did was sh*tty; but, if he’s speaking the truth, I’m not exactly shocked that he hooked up with a random either. I have a habit of hating on the guy and I’m trying to be a bit more fair and balanced, that’s all.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Kat, it IS tough to get all you are thinking down in a post. I took your post as simply positing theories. I think I understand your point of view; when either spouse is neglected sexually, sometimes cheating happens. I know you didn’t mean to insensitive to a new mother.

      • Mrs Odie says:

        My husband and I were both surprised (unpleasantly) by how much young children destroyed our sex life. Even when we have sex, which is infrequent, it has a hurried quality to it that it didn’t have before. But we love each other, so we make the time and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. My husband doesn’t have little hoochies throwing themselves at him. He doesn’t work in an industry that treats its stars like demi-gods and makes them feel entitled to the point where even nobody supporting actors on tv shows will bitch at P.A.s if their lunch order isn’t perfect (I speak as a former P.A.). My husband mourned and grieved the loss of his pre-child wife (me). I am just so used up by the kids and being a mom is UNsexy. And I only have two! Sometimes I wonder if I had nannies and a big house if it would be different, but I think Tori is a hands on mom and after wiping 4 noses and 4 bums all day, having Dean poke her in the bum with his needs is probably annoying. I used to watch their first reality show and he was a lecherous, unromantic jerk. His idea of seduction was “I’m horny, baby.” Yuck. I feel bad for Tori. Sorry, girl. Hang in there. Don’t divorce him. Make him stay and be a dad. Don’t let him go all Jon of Jon and Kate plus 8. He got some third rate punani for a little while, but now he’s probably lonely and missing his family.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Hang in there, Mrs. Odie! This too shall pass.

        May I make an unsolicited suggestion? Whenever you and Hubby have an hour to get busy, (practically impossible, IKR), have the Mr. give you a 30 minute foot rub that sloooowwly works it’s way up! With this new ‘routine’, you get the relaxation and pampering you need to get in the mood, he has a reliable ‘easy button’, and you BOTH get a good deal too!

        Good luck!

    • anne_000 says:

      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander then, right? Instead of him being up there by himself, Tori should have hoisted all four kids onto him and she should have had the right to pick up men since if he says he’s not having sex, then neither is she….

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Kat, I do know what you mean. Being ill is beyond your control, not in the mood is another. And the child in question is over a year old. I think, if anything, Tori knows there won’t be more kids and it’s a huge issue. None of us know what is true beyond what a famewhore decided to sell, but their bond seems based on very little. Affair, quick divorces and marriage, then a child nine or ten months later and then another child a year after that. Then, suddenly, another two kids a year apart. They seem to want a huge bond, the kind where you’re together constantly, and there’s a always a big party or something big to be done, and the truth is, when you’re married with four kids, life isn’t one giant vacation or party. They seem forced, as though they know they didn’t know each other that well and don’t have a lot in common and now they feel trapped. It reminds me a little of Leann and Eddie because she was convinced it was mad, true love instead of a case wherein they both felt like cheating and they were constantly on vacations and having parties and mad, mad fun and “look at my new ‘family’” and the truth is, there’s not much to hold them together. Being busy with a lot of stuff that doesn’t add up to much can distract you for a while, but not forever. And sex that seemed incredible once loses it’s luster, and then there’s nothing left.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Seems as good as theory as any!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Yeah, I agree. I read above that they separated from their spouses after a three week affair–I’m presuming that they didn’t know each other before–and then started the baby making right away. I don’t think that you will be forever defined by an affair–yourself or your love life. I think that you can make a mistake and grow from it, and maybe even grow from it with the person you cheated with (in Dean and Tori’s case). BUT I would not be in such a hurry to marry this person. I would at least wait 6 months to even start thinking about marriage or babies. I would try and examine the reasons WHY I had the affair, why I even contemplated having an affair, and see if I could fix those reasons, BEFORE jumping into another relationship.

        That person you’re with is all fun and perfect when all you have to do is have sex, cuddle, play with a cute little baby–but when that baby gets bigger and talks back, and gets sick, and there’s more kids, and everything is just loud–if you aren’t coordinated as a couple, if there isn’t anything more than lust, then issues start.

  8. Nev says:

    This makes me sad. Ahhhh Tori!!!!

  9. truthful says:

    hmm, she and Dean cheated on their respective spouses to be together and now, HE is back at it.

    Does he ever see his other son??? the one that lives w/his ex?? I haven’t seen the young man in ages.

    a bunch of dysfunction that has been going on for years, that she covers up… if you ask me.

    • Jayna says:

      Yes, he sees him. He was just never allowed to be filmed on the show.

      I’m sure there’s dysfunction. They have four small ones. Life is not rosy all the time when you have so many children that young. The relationship does tend to suffer. Plus she has stated they’ve had issues. But that’s not anything out of the norm with four small ones for a period of time, I would imagine.

      He’s a pig. He’s nothing without her. He’s in his late forties. His acting career never happened to speak of. He has all these kids. Where would he go?

      Had protected sex? Hmmm. What, does he just carry around condoms in case he gets lucky, or she?

      I also think she looks great here. Love the outfit.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Maybe this is why Candy Spelling cut Tori out of the inheritance; she saw Dean’s true colors long ago and doesn’t want him to get his paws on the family fortune.

    • Mrs Odie says:

      Silly Dean. He and Tori had an affair. An affair is the most exciting thing in the world! He was dumb enough to think, “If I’m with THIS one instead of the one I’m with, then I will have sex 5 times a day forever! I just picked the wrong one!” And then he got married and had kids and didn’t get his “ego” stroked 5 times a day. And now he’s thinking “I picked the wrong one again!” not that for most women, frequent sex is an acquisition tool, not a way of life. There is no woman who stays that crazy lover of the infatuation phase forever. Not unless she’s paid to do it as her job.

  10. JudyK says:

    Agree that this is the CUTEST Tori has ever looked! Just perfection.

    I wear red lipstick, but it’s more subtle and I usually don’t like Tori’s overdone lips, but the red works here. Most of the time she overdraws her lips…they don’t need to be any bigger than they are naturally. So tired of the stuffed lip look.

    Think Tori’s a great mom and Dean’s, well, as you said…greasy. For me, he’s a double Yuk.

  11. QQ says:

    *yawn* How you get em is how you lose em …etc etc so no feelsies badsies here, That said, that gang of kids have these two cheesy attention needy assclowns for parents.. THAT is the real tragedy here

  12. daisyfly says:

    Right now, two people out there are having very large, almost Fassbenderdong-sized “I told you so” explosions of glee.

  13. Oceansoul89 says:

    I don’t feel sorry for any of them, except the kids. The both cheated on their spouses to be together. Tori couldn’t even tell her husband she was leaving him. She made her therapist do it. She should have know that how if he cheats with you, he will cheat on you.

  14. Pers says:

    Happy Boxing Day from Quebec, Canada everyone!

    Dean is in the Canadian version of Food Network/Channel’s version of Chopped. They’re pushing it really hard and his ugly mug is on every second commercial. He’s so vile and smarmy looking that I just roll my eyes every time the ad is on. Bleh.

    Happy holidays!

  15. kristiner says:

    If they have a “sexless” marriage it’s because these two act like birth control hasn’t been invented yet. Tori had those last few pregnancies WAY too close together.

    Despite being able to have sex while pregnant because they were so close and she had a few complications with those last two so her doctors could have told them to cool it while she was pregnant. So considering she’s been continuously pregnant for years sexless would describe it.

    I know people do what they want but they just seemed so irresponsible with those last two pregnancies. Really all of them. She’s only had c-sections and not easy ones. No one should ever be pregnant back to back with a c-section. Those first two are exactly a year apart. She’s had complications then she gets pregnant again real quick then more complications after the last birth so sexless is definitely possibly true in some sense because….Dean acts like he can’t wear condoms or get snipped and Tori can’t get an IUD or implant or SOME KIND of birth control.

    That’s no excuse but still.

    I will have to say if they weren’t careful this girl will be pregnant because Dean’s sperm is EPIC.

    • Mrs Odie says:

      Dean, get some original material! All married men seeking pity from single women say ‘my wife and I don’t have sex’ when in truth, they have infrequent sex. Once a month, or once every two. He plays the poor, blue-balled victim. And this chick fell for it! Or at least called US weekly first and said, “Dean McDermott propositioned me. How much for my story if I go bang him?”

  16. Jacqueline says:

    Somebody at Us must RRALLY hate her to break this story and sh*t all over her Christmas

  17. Jaded says:

    I can’t forgive Tori for her cruelty to Dean’s first wife, Mary-Jo Eustace. She made some sarcastic crack to the Canadian press at TIFF years ago about how she’s young and fertile, compared to dried up old Mary-Jo who had problems conceiving after their son was born, so they adopted a baby girl (which Dean has nothing to do with BTW).

    If Dean is wanking around on Tori she deserves it. Karma’s a bitch isn’t it….

    • Violet says:


      • The Girl Who Would Be King Of The Popes says:

        I remember that. It was the Much Music Video Awards. I’m Canadian, so I knew her from television that ran before the ‘le scandale” commenced and I definitely remember our collective gasp.

        I don’t think that that was the time when she ridiculed fertility issues, I think she called her names and made some confusing statement about Canadians being nice. But then she talked about awful ex-wives or something, I’m not sure. I vaguely remember her saying something about her problems with fertility and that it had something to do with her age (I think M-J is oldert that T and D).

        What happened was that M-J happened to be in the audience, neither one knew the other would be there and so Tori (somehow) got someone to believe that she had a restraining order out against M-J so M-J was escorted out…

        …Which takes a lot of class.

    • Oceansoul89 says:

      She actually made fun of someones fertility problems?! That’s low.

    • Monkey Towz says:

      I remember reading about the ex-wife comments. Never been a fan & don’t pay too much attention to celebrity affairs (also, had never heard of him until they hooked up), but that sh*t was just cold. She has always seemed extremely insecure to me & not very bright. I bought one of her books at my local Dollar Store. It properly stays in my bathroom, but perhaps if all of us buy a copy she can pay to get this Tool snipped.
      She looks really good in these pics. Glad she ditched the eyeliner.

  18. klue says:

    Tori’s books have the worst sounding names. Ugh

  19. Anon33 says:

    Ok first of all why would anyone sleep with this guy? Like seriously are you that pressed to have sex with a “famous” person that you would accept…this guy?!? Really? Ugh.
    Second of all every single married guy tells that story to his jump offs. I highly doubt there’s any truth to his assertions. It’s classic cheater behavior.

  20. Pandy says:

    Merry Xmas, what a nightmare.

  21. Michele says:

    Those children look miserable in every photograph I ever see. Seriously, I have never seen a single one of them crack a smile.
    Love her or hate her, you’ve gotta admit that Tori is the one who keeps that family afloat. She’s a hustler, and I admire her for that.

    • Lady D says:

      I saw the oldest girl smiling once. Charlie’s girls with Denise never smile either. They always look so unhappy.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Maybe those girls have good reasons to be frowning at the paps. I read elsewhere Denise’s girls had been mercilessly teased and had to switch private schools because of Charlie’s over the top vile shenanigans.

  22. Ginger says:

    I wish this were a fake story because they have a family but I think the odds of it being true are good since it’s in US Weekly versus say the Star which has a person vendetta against Tori. I feel bad for her that this was made public. BUT even though I’m a fan of Tori’s I have to add that this is probably Karma. Once a cheater, always a cheater. And Dean is an idiot if he thought this sort of behavior was going to remain private. I don’t understand why he would want to show that chick the video of he and Tori…that’s gross.

  23. Gia says:

    I call BS. This is a planted story. Dean still loves his wife and family, still wants her sooooo bad but cheats? This still makes Tori look good and her unwillingness to sleep with him justifies Deans behaviour ( not in my opinion but some here have already commented that it does ). Who the hell bangs a random in a hotel but talks about his wonderful family the whole time? BULLSH-T. It’s publicity.

    • GeeMoney says:

      Part of me agrees with you here… but why push a cheating story? That just seems so vile and sad.

    • DrM says:

      Unfortunately the story sounds truthful. And there were rumours about Dean and randoms in 2012. I feel for Tori. Four little kids. Ugh. I wouldn’t feel much like bonking either. Man is an asshat. Every marriage has its sexual ups and downs. He’s too old for such immature behavior. And it is a very hurtful thing to do.

  24. Holly Hobby says:

    He cheated with someone who’s last name is Goodhand? How come no one is seeing the laughs in that name. The name and situation is comic gold right there (not the cheating which is tragic).

    I don’t know why this woman bought the sexless life story because count those kids. They were birthed close together. That’s not a sexless marriage.

    He’s probably whining because she refused to do the deed with him after the last pregnancy. They should really save up for that vasectomy. His sperm is super powerful and it looks like he can impregnant anyone!

  25. MSat says:

    I am thinking this one is true. Here’s why:
    1. US Magazine has been on a roll lately with the “Totally busted cheating!” stories. Kristen Stewart; Katharine McPhee; Jason Aldean, to name a few.
    2. Tori and Dean have not denied the story – they went the “No comment” route. Very telling. No publicist’s denial; no blog/Tweet from Tori or Dean talking about what rubbish the story is or how they plan to sue.
    3. Tori has been honest about how many forms of birth control they’ve tried over the years and how each one has failed. And if her claim that they can’t afford Dean’s vasectomy is true, perhaps the “no-sex” thing is the only way she can be sure not to get pregnant again.
    4. For the first time since their marriage, Dean is now the breadwinner with this “Chopped” gig. He is probably feeling like a big man, and it went to his head. Both of them.

    Yeah, I’m buying it.

  26. Addie says:

    Emily Goodhand sounds like a character from a bad James Bond Movie. I thinking this is a planted story.

  27. Lucy2 says:

    I’m a little skeptical since the other woman ran right to a tabloid, but considering how they started, both married and him w/ 2 young kids…I could see it.
    While I think Tori’s pretty desperate for attention, I don’t think she choose this route for it. Her whole brand now is her family, and I don’t think she’d make up something like this.

  28. John M. Garrigan says:

    If you do not get it at home you get it elsewhere. Plain and simple. People are so stupid.

  29. Sarah says:

    the way they share most of their private life wouldnt surprise me if this was a planned story. especially mentioning the sex tape again. as if he constantly has that tape with him :D btw if that really happened it must be the weirdest thing in the world: “lets watch how i bone my wife before i cheat on her with you”.

    oh and that girl selling the story…seriously if you are really ashamed you dont tell the public about it. she doesnt even realise that anyone reading the story will smell her BS. if a guy tells you about his wife and kids and you sleep with him and then sell the story to a big magazine dont tell me you are sorry for his wife. everything in this article tells us that you dont feel sorry and are not ashamed.

  30. Sharen Skelly says:

    Poor Tori.

    Doesn’t feel good. Does it?