Beyonce & Jay-Z dropped $6000 after Christmas on gold-plated sex toys

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What does the couple who has everything get each other for Christmas? More diamonds? More art work? More fancy real estate or luxury vacations? All of that would be fine for me. But with Beyonce and Jay-Z, I guess they felt the need to do something different this year. According to Radar, Jay and Bey dropped $6000 AFTER Christmas on “sex toys”. Huh.

As temperatures drop in NYC, Beyonce and Jay Z are hotter than ever! Only has the exclusive details of the couple’s merry XXX-mas, which included a steamy date night on the dance floor and a $6,000 sex toy shopping spree!

While other parents were busy wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve, Blue Ivy‘s mom and dad made an appearance at hot Manhattan nightspot Greenhouse. Appropriately enough, the DJ blared Beyonce’s new song “Drunk In Love” as she and her husband walked through the crowded dance floor.

Beyonce later shed her hoodie and rocked out in a sexy white tank top that bared plenty of skin.

The couple spent Christmas Day at home, but on December 26 it was time for the grown-ups to get gifts at an NYC sex shop!

Beyonce and Jay Z stopped in at the notorious Babeland on Thursday afternoon, where they splurged roughly $6,000 on X-rated gifts, according to a source.

“They didn’t buy anything tacky or too extreme,” the insider tells Radar exclusively. “It was all top-of-the-line stuff. Some of it was even gold-plated!”

(It’s not B’s first time having fun at such a spot: In 2011, she was photographed helping her Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly Rowland celebrate her 30th birthday at a sex shop in L.A.)

Beyonce and Jay have a lot to celebrate this season, as Beyonce’s surprise album continues to dominate the charts and she just wrapped up her successful Mrs. Carter Show world tour. Jay is back on the road already, however, with his own tour stopping in Atlanta on Friday night and Birmingham, AL on Saturday.

[From Radar]

“Some of it was even gold-plated!” is my favorite line. EW. What was gold-plated? My mind IS The Gutter, so my first thoughts were “who wants a gold-plated vibrator?” and “why would gold-plated nipple clamps be that important?” But I’m guessing it’s probably a pair of gold-plated handcuffs, right? That might be sort of classy. But if you’re swimming in Beyonce Money, why not go for platinum-plated cuffs?

Anyway, I’ve seen some people critical of Beyonce for “flaunting” her “empowered” sexuality in the music videos for her new album, but… is it really that big of a deal? She’s a married woman, she’s 32 years old (and getting younger by the moment) and she enjoys gold-plated handcuffs and (maybe!) nipple clamps. It’s fine. One of the least offensive things about Beyonce is her ownership of her sexuality.




Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr, WENN.

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  1. mimifarrow says:

    Bend over boyfriend. 😀

  2. nico says:

    Gold-plated vibrator? LOL

    I just hope they make sure it’s warm first.

  3. bowers says:

    Why not order online?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Because then no one would know how “sexy” they are. Obvious attention grab. Tacky.

    • JojoAnn says:

      Part of the fun of getting toys is shopping with your SO. Are people really so repressed that they would rather sterile online shopping to an hour of exploring, giggling and getting warmed up with your man in a store?

      They are married. They have sex. They shouldnt have to hide in their bedroom like some guilt ridden teens punching in credit card numbers on AnnSummers. Grow up.

      • emmie_a says:

        Why does someone have to ‘grow up’ for asking a question?? It doesn’t make someone childish for not sharing your view or attitude about sex toys.

        I’m just wondering how they could’ve spent $6,000. For that price I’d want gold-filled, not gold-plated.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        If you think this is about intimacy, you are very naive. This isn’t the same thing as you and your husband or SO going to a store to “warm up.” They know this will become a story five minutes after they walk out of the store. This is about their public image, period.

      • Suze says:

        Exploring, giggling, getting warmed up, getting it all in the papers. I think the last of these is the most important to these two.

  4. lisa2 says:

    i never picture Bey and Jay in a sexual way. I don’t know why.

    • Tapioca says:

      Jay-Z is plenty sexual – probably just not with Beyonce! I imagine their nights of passion involve her staring at the only person she ever truly loves (herself) in the mirror whilst her business partner bangs a couple of video girls…

    • Megan says:

      Lmao! A++++ comment

      Sad part is I actually kinda believe it. These two are so try hard I tend not to believe their as badass as they’d want us to believe. Telling us to ‘bow down’ shows their true colors.

    • Penny says:

      Ditto. I’m listening to her album trying to picture her actually doing the stuff she’s singing about, and I can’t. I just see her as a sexless robot I think.

  5. Aussie girl says:

    Gold plated vibrators, I hear there all the buzz right now. 😜

  6. swack says:

    Again, celebs flaunting the money they have. As I said before, I will say it again, there must be some real self esteem issues if they must have posted (either themselves or by others) how much they spend on things. Don’t care how much any of them spend as it is their money, but to constantly put it out there for others to see is ridiculous.

    • Sarah says:

      criticizing this crazy spending is nowadays marked as racist.

      the website feministing used that same explanation when attackin the song “Royals” from Lorde:
      “I’m gonna take a guess: racism. I don’t have to explain why wealth operates differently among folks who’ve grown up struggling because this shit has been explained already: If you grew up with holes in your zapatos you’d celebrate the minute you was having dough.”

      • swack says:

        Racist – really? I don’t care (as stated) how they spend it, what I care about is how they flaunt the spending of it. I don’t care if you have bunches of money or not – it is yours to spend. Do I always agree with how it is spent? No, but you don’t see me making “racist” (your word not mine) remarks about how the person should be spending it or not. I’m not the one telling any of them that they should give it to charity instead. It’s an opinion that they must have low self esteem (any one who flaunts what they spend – rich or not) because they must show off what they spend.

      • Spooks says:

        I always though that people who grew up without money are more careful with their spending. Because you know the value of it. I also think it’s low self esteem.

      • Jessica says:

        I fail to see how criticizing crazy spending=racist. What does race have to do with dumb celebs blowing all their money on ridiculous, extravagant things?

      • Nicolette says:

        Really? Criticizing spending is racist? How is that exactly? It has to do with flaunting wealth and throwing it in ‘the little people’s’ faces, and absolutely nothing to do with race.

      • Maureen says:

        This continued fetish society has for calling everything racist (including not lying pit bulls, according to Miley Cyrus, is racist!) makes it harder and harder to identify and label true racism.

      • Jessiebes says:

        @sarah, your argument has no logic. People on this site critisize the Kardashians, the Pitt/Jolie, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and all other celebrities when they flaunt their wealth. Most of these are white!

        @maureen, correct. Misusing the word racism in this way dilutes the true meaning.

  7. Jennifer12 says:

    Just really didn’t need to know this…. I’m all for getting your freak on, but why does it have to be gold plated? You’re performers, not royalty. What a waste of money.

  8. MinnFinn says:

    Gold is an antimicrobial aka the oligodynamic effect.

    But brass, silver and copper are cheaper and they do an equal or better job of destroying bacteria than gold. So yeah, the purpose of the gold is status.

  9. Victoria1 says:

    I want a list if what they bought because $6000 for sex toys?!? Call me cheap but damn gold plated or not, I would expect to be taken to the moon with that vibrator

  10. tiki says:

    gold-plated sex toys? right now, brrr. in july, yikes!

  11. rep says:

    Lisa2, I was just reading this thinking that I just don’t see them in a sexual way either. She is beautiful no doubt, but they don’t look like they have sex to me. It seems more of a business arrangement than anything. I think this is why people were willing to believe she did not carry Blue.

  12. Frida_K says:

    Her weave looks really synthetic is the last photograph. And…creepy how the picture is staged to look like a Dorothea Lange scene.

    Even if I tried, and with a gun to my head, I could not care any less about their gold-plated sex toys.

  13. Katie says:

    I don’t think there is controversy about Beyonce “owning” her sexuality, there is controversy because this hyper sexualised portrayal of women has become the dominating image presented by the music industry. Pop stars from just a decade ago (Beyonce and Destiny’s Child included) seem positively chaste compared with what we see today, and I say this as a big fan of Rhianna, Miley and pop in general. The worst thing is that it all comes under the guise of being empowered and the choice of these women, but when one image (in this case hyper sexualised/borderline pornagraphic) is constantly rewarded and given attention, of course women will see it as a way to achieve success. The way women are portrayed to young audiences in comic books, video games and successful film franchises like Transformers doesn’t help things either. This blog post about it is pretty good

    • Jessica says:

      Exactly. Women shouldn’t HAVE to take their clothes off to get attention.

      • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

        Esperenza Spalding, whitney howard of the Alabama Shakes and Liane La Havas don’t take their clothes off, they have more talent than these manufactured pop stars, including ridiculously overrated bouncy, but that don’t get the public support or the media attention.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Really well said, Katie.

  14. eliza says:

    Just because they bought sex toys doesn’t mean they use them.

    • lucy says:

      This. I wondered if they were gifts for others, because these 2 don’t seem sexual at all and no chemistry between them.

      My next thought was, “Please, stop giving these ugly people money!”

      My third thought hooks onto the first, “If someone needs $6000 of sex toys, their sex life must be pretty darn BORING. Just how bored does a couple have to be to go for that much distraction in the bedroom?”

  15. Illyra says:

    Oh brother.

  16. Beth says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this headline.

  17. Skeptical At Best says:

    I think some of my annoyance is being replaced by pity for Beyonce. I couldn’t imagine having a such a hard time coming across as an authentic human being. To go from being a robot to this kind of drastic over correction is sad to me. I would rather live paycheck to paycheck if it meant being able to live my life without trying to prove who I am.

    On another note, these two are so tacky with their money. They are no better than these lowest common denominator rappers. If I was famous and had that much money you would not catch me patronizing sex shops publicly.

  18. Jessica says:

    Call me a prude but I don’t want to hear about “‘Yonce on her knees” in the back of a limo in a song.

  19. QQ says:

    Meh! is their money, they worked for it and I’m rather tickled ( but im a big supporter of getting thine freak on More so in the context of with one’s significant other of many years so YAY/1

    also ITA with “It’s fine. One of the least offensive things about Beyonce is her ownership of her sexuality.”

  20. Kim1 says:

    HaHaHa Jay and Bey flaunted their wealth,where? Do they walk around covered in diamonds,Do they dress their daughter in designer clothes? They don’t flaunt their wealth any more or less than Brad and Angie or any other power couple with net worth of several hundred million dollars.

  21. Nicolette says:

    And why should this be public information? Are we supposed to be privy to what sex toys they buy? TMI, a little discretion would be nice.

  22. Megan says:

    The thought of having sex with jay Z makes me ill :/

  23. kristiner says:

    I don’t know but I feel like Beyonce’s “sexy” shtick is all show. I’ll admit I have seen the Kim K sex tape and one would think with her ass and wannabe “I’m so hot and sexy” image it would be well….sexy. But she’s oddly a bit of a cold fish in bed. It was a bit embarrassingly boring. I personally don’t know how you can chill and chew gum during sex – him going down and the actual act but whatever. The same with Paris Hilton’s sex tape.

    But I feel like Beyonce and Jay-Z’s bedroom activities aren’t as sexy as they want us to believe.

    • Maureen says:

      I haven’t seen Kim’s tape but I have heard from numerous sources that she “just lays there” and that is exactly what I imagine she would be like. I don’t think Kim is sexy at all. She does not exude sex appeal. She exudes nasty.

      • kristiner says:

        She does just lay there. It was a little weird considering her image but I imagine now most who we think are wild given their image are probably the exact opposite.

      • Maureen says:

        Yep. Have you seen Madonna’s infamous sex scene with Willem Dafoe (the one with the hot candle wax) from some movie they were in together in the early 90’s? I saw it. I saw the whole movie. You’d think Madonna would give a sizzling sex scene wouldn’t you? At least back in the day? Well, it’s a hot mess to make you laugh. It’s stiff, awkward, boring, and totally not sexy. There’s nothing natural or charismatic about it. These celebs with their manufactured personas … please, I’m way sexier than most of them. Most of the women on this blog probably are.

  24. MsDaisy says:

    You do know that $6000 to them is like $60 for us right?

  25. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    There’s no way around it: they are both repulsive and empty human beings when all is said and done; and their “music” is rather mediocre: my son is listening to an old 25th edition of Woodstock from 1994 – say what you want about the times: those bands wrote and played their music live with simple equipment and they were stoned – and people still listen to it because it’s so good – beyonce and camel won’t have that problem who wants to hear Single Ladies now let alone 40 years from now.

    • Jaded says:

      Right on. I was just listening to Lizz Wright and thought, now there’s a voice. There’s talent. No auto tuning, no hyper-sexualized dancing or costumes, no posse of half-naked, buffed back-up dancers worshipping at the feet of the mighty Bey. Just a stunning voice, lyrics and real feeling.

      • Mimz says:

        Now – im a fan of Lizz Wright as well – but saying that Beyonce doesnt have talent is just plain unfair. She sings. Live. Dances while singing. Sings while she dances. How many artists do u know who do the same? Do you do the same?

        No Britney, miley or rihanna can pull that shit off. Right now i can think of Pink who i also greatly admire for doing so…

        You are well entitled to not liking her, what she represents, what sex toys she buys and etc but saying she is talentless is reaching and just a lie.

      • Jaded says:

        Sorry Mimz, I didn’t mean to say that Bey has no talent, she is a very talented performer, but I find her talent sort of gets overwhelmed by all the gimmicky stuff.

      • Linda says:

        Nothing irritates me as much as music snobs. You can be a fan of lizz Wright and also be a fan of Beyonce. Saying .beyonce is talentless is a complete lie. She may not be your cup of tea, but that girl has an amazing voice and puts on a great show.

      • Penny says:

        I think Beyonce is a fantastic performer.

        Very average singer, resorts to out of tune screeching far too often and she does rely on backing tracks a lot. She’s very, very bad at creating energy when she’s lip-synching, which means her next tour is going to be a bust because there’s a lot of stuff on BEYONCE she won’t be able to perform live. Ok dancer but not at the level of her own back-up dancers, and other people do her choreographing. Doesn’t write (maybe adds a word here and there, but doesn’t actually sit down and write music and lyrics for a song all by herself). Can’t play.

        Compared to Britney she’s a goddamn virtuoso, but that’s not a fair comparison these days. Compared to say, Michael Jackson, she’s got nothing. I’m not loving Gaga at the moment, but I’d take her over Beyonce. The ability to write music and lyrics trumps dancing for me and I’d say Gaga’s more competent at live singing. Beyonce puts on a perfect show, but Gaga’s shows have an energy Beyonce’s never have . Pink’s a better live performer than both of them.

      • Mimz says:


        Um i’m sorry. What?

        Even when britney was 100% she wasnt even close to have beyonce’s pipes, and she was known to perform lyp-synching. i mean. You are entitled to not liking beyonce, hell there’s plenty of artists who I dont give a crap over BUT i can recognize their talent.

        Gaga is uber talented – has too many stupid gimmicks and yes she writes her lyrics but how many of them are meaningful? Telephone? Judas? Yes some great ones born this way, you and i, but many of her songs dont say much either.

        Pink is amazing, i love her cant wait to see her live.

        Christina is above and beyond all of them – vocally.
        Beyonce – hated by so many of u – has an undeniable talent. She sings live, what backing vocals? I dare you to go watch her live and say the same. If u dont like her, fine, its ur choice, but dont tell lies. She Dances very well with her dancers and how many artists do u know who choreographs their own shows??
        Do you think Michael Jackson did? Since when do artists have to do eeeeverything – sing write dance – to be a great artist?
        If thats so, most great artists that EVER existed wouldnt have a career to begin with – because they cant do it all. Most people who write songs and sing them, co-writers, which doesnt mean they only put 1 or 2 words there.

        You want to hate on her so badly that you are just reaching, making up stuff to justify your dislike of her as a celebrity. Dont like her, fine, you’re free! But dont lie, lol.

        And no thats not a matter of opinion, she’s a great performer – and will kill it while performing her new album’s songs.

        There’s stuff she does i entirely dislike as well so i am not a stan, but it baffles me how people will say anything to justify their dislike of an artist

      • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

        No one is saying beyonce doesn’t have some talent, but it’s nowhere near as astounding or great as her stans make it to be; and her music really is disposable even by pop standards; hell, the Monkees are better and their pop has held up.

      • Kim1 says:

        Mediocre not my cup of tea.I do like her haircut though

      • Maggie says:

        Oh I did enjoy that song by Lizz Wright. I had never heard of her, so thanks for the introduction, she has a lovely voice.

        I don’t want to hate on Beyonce but her voice actually makes me a feel bit sea sick and she seems to suck any melody out of a song. Not a fan at all.

  26. Londerland says:

    You want expensive sex toys? Six grand is nothing. has a very…educational article on the topic:

  27. MourningTheDeathOfMusic says:


  28. Mimz says:

    I feel compelled to comment again because i think sometimes we just … Want to have so much control over what celebs do!

    Ok so they shouldn’t go shopping for sex toys. Then, lets just tell them not to go shopping ever, and not wear their expensive jewelry or show that they have money.

    Lets criticize them and tell them to stay home shop online and lock themselves up in their mansions because they cant spend the money they earn – yes because both of them work their asses off – because everyone will judge them for it…

    For f_cks sake, they are not caged animals, or trained ones we can tell what to do or how, they want to buy diamond encrusted lingerie or have cross gender sex with a platinum strap on its THEIR BUSINESS! No one’s looking at what u have on ur bed side table and judging you for it.

    • Mimz says:


      And also, just because Jay Z is not exactly the most attractive man in the world doesnt mean he doesnt have game in the ladies department, he might even be great in bed. Hes 44, he lived and had many chicks who hopefully taught him a thing or two. We all know how an experienced man can win 10 times over a young useless unexperienced one. By declaring him un-lovable or not doable because of his looks is going against the principle of love or even chemistry between two people… Unless we are all extremely beautiful and have only dated/married extremely good looking guys .

      • Maureen says:

        A man who is not-go-great in the looks department might actually be really inclined to study and learn to become a great lover because he needs the edge. A person who can’t rely on looks alone will often compensate in other ways. Other, very nice and very naughty and very affectionate ways.

      • Mimz says:

        @Maureen EXACTLY! I’ve met guys like that, that overcame their looks with chivalry, awesome personality, sensuality, kindness, etc! IMHO Jay Z does look like a gentleman to his wife – remember when there was some fight at a club and celebitchy posted about it, and he stood in front of her to protect her? – and he might have won her heart just like that.
        Who are we to judge what kind of men she likes?

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking, Maureen. Even if a person is beautiful, or rich, or even both–you’re going to need something to keep a partner. Like my mom tells me–you can be the most gorgeous thing on the planet. But if you’re a selfish person (sexually, in general), then it doesn’t matter how good looking you are–people will leave you, because there’s nothing else there, to keep them there.

      • Penny says:

        Well the talk is he’s a dud in bed, which isn’t really surprising given he primarily screws around with women who need something from him, whether it’s a record deal or to actually get paid for being in his video (yep, word is he used to make the girls in his video’s blow him before they got paid). None of those women are going to be teaching him anything, there just going to have to tell him he’s the best, even if he’s the worst.

  29. Paige says:

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  30. Mimz says:

    I mean, i never got why or how Mick Jagger or steven tyler ever got laid because I dont see the appeal whatsoever, but you saw ladies going crazy over them (especially the Jagger) i mean seriously…

  31. Maureen says:

    Gross. I can’t even imagine Beyonce getting kinky in the bedroom. I don’t want to try to imagine it, either. I just don’t see her as sexual at all. Pretty, sure. But she always comes across as the type who just pleases her man and that’s it. Like, that’s her job in the bedroom. To look beautiful and let her man do whatever while she tells him how incredible he is and what a Superman he is and so on. Yuck.

    • Mimz says:

      @Maureen i have to disagree with u on this one.

      I mean, sure, she doesnt look sexual – as in, she doesnt enjoy sex? U can tell she doesnt enjoy sex/exists to please her man by the way she sings/performs/dresses/looks? How exactly?
      Do u think people look at you and know you are a strong sexual being?! By the way you dress/talk/act? Im confused…

      People look at me and assume i’m a certain way, it is only until they know me that they can see there’s more than meets the eye, and believe me, men also don’t see it coming. I dont give a rats ass about what people think about me, think beyonce does?

      But ok, in your perspective, what is a woman that looks like she has great sex and etc? Madonna? Angelina? JenAniston? Nicki Minaj? Rihanna? (Who shows so much skin and touches her crotch so many times but has no boyfriend)?

      My point is: it is completely useless to say something like that, that u will never be able to verify abt someone. Saying she’s a woman that just exists to please her man is discriminatory, and shameful.

      She likes sex toys. She had a child with her partner of 12 years. THEY HAVE SEX!

      • jilly says:

        Concur. Beyonce and her husband seem to have a real relationship to me. You can tell that she has grown up in his care and now feels like a grown-a**ed woman. She is a mother, a lover, a wife, and it all comes together in her new music. I love the new CD. It’s meant for adults and it is an unabashed celebration of her grown-up sexuality. I love every song. Driver roll up the partition pleeeeease…. Love it!

  32. Jessiebes says:

    Ehh good for them I guess.

    • jilly says:

      Yeah that was a stupid move. Bad mistake. There were so many take-offs they could have sampled. Why sample one linked to such tragedy? Idiot move.

  33. Hypocrisy says:

    I think Beyonce, just like Janet Jackson is very sexual in the intimacy….but whatver they do, dropping their clothes, showing extra skin left and right or doing sexy moves, i don’t see them as full of sex appeal…super beautiful, yes, super sexy, not.

    I feel singers like Sade or the late Aaliyah or Diana Ross in her prime or even Jody Watley ooze sex appeal 10 times more without dropping clothing….it’s just something you have or not.

  34. Marybel says:

    Some sort of rumor is probably about to bust out, and they’re doing a little pre- damage control.
    So glad to hear others referring to her as a robot and him as totally not sexy.
    I KNOW I’m right…glad to have company. 🙂

    • kristiner says:


      Now that makes a LOT of sense! Nothing Beyonce does is by chance. There must be a surrogate gearing up for some clinic visits so we can all say “Welp, J and B’s wild and crazy sex toys sex helped them conceive baby no. 2” or that J has a love child on the side just born.

      I can see it now. And now that you said it I think you’re on to something.

  35. Skye says:

    All I can think of is, this has the makings for the most awkward “Cash 4 UR Gold!” infomercial ever. And I want to see it, I really do.