Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux are fine, they’re vacationing in Cabo, of course


HAHA, jorts. Like a broken record, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux (and the jorts) flew to Cabo for some post-Christmas relaxation. They were joined, interestingly enough, by a different assortment of friends. Courteney Cox was there, as was Howard Stern and his wife Beth, plus Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly. No John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, no Chelsea Handler, no… eh, I don’t remember who else usually comes to these vacays. The important thing is that Justin’s jorts made their annual appearance. Why didn’t Aniston buy him a pair of big-boy swim trunks? Or did she buy him some and Justin just refuses to wear them because he’s so authentic and punk rock? JORTS!

So, I guess Justin and Jennifer are still very much ON. I guess the anti-JustJen brigade will mention that it was during another famous holiday vacation that Jennifer and Brad Pitt ended up calling it quits. But that’s not exactly the vibe I’m getting from these JustJen photos. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part – I would love nothing more than for Justin and Jennifer to make it through this difficult patch intact. But we’ll see.

Is anyone else really interested to know what happened between Jennifer and Courteney? And by extension, I want to know why Courteney is in Cabo and Chelsea Handler is not. There’s some girl drama there, mark my words.

PS… Oh, I’m glad this vacay didn’t turn into another blatant SmartWater photoshoot.





Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    It would be fun if this pair was papped vacationing in Spuzzum – Cabo is so last decade.

  2. Cecilia says:

    They really do make an attractive couple. Justin is hot — jorts & all.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      They both have great bodies, although Justin is a little thin for my taste. HOWEVER! Those jorts just look so uncomfortable! Who wants to wear tight used-to-be-black jorts with a BELT to the pool?!

    • Sal says:

      Lol I love your sense of sarcasm and irony!

  3. Oceansoul89 says:

    Not a huge fan, but her shorter hair does look much healthier. It used to look so dry.

  4. Patricia says:

    Jen you are just so goddam OBVIOUS all the time. Why do these other couples evens want to be involved with this circus? I heard Ben Stiller on Howard Stern talking about how Jen and Justin are just so plagued by the paps but it’s such a load of crap because they just love it and year after year we get the same shots of her in the same location on the same balcony so she can get the same post-holiday vacation write up in the tabs and on the blogs. Yawwwwwwwwwn, Jen, yawn. Do something with your life!

    • Janet says:

      If she doesn’t want to be plagued by the paps why in hell does she go to the same damn place every year where she knows the paps will find her? Jesus, what a phony.

      • Penny says:

        She used to go to another place in Cabo and she was literally mobbed my the paps whenever she stepped outside her room. When she goes to this place it’s clear from the pic quality that the paps are keeping their distance, maybe that’s good enough.

  5. Kim1 says:

    Praise God
    JustJen Forever

  6. The Original G says:

    Oh. Annual naked picture days.

  7. MrsBPitt says:

    I really like her shorter hair!!

  8. Tippy says:

    Uneven cutoff jorts with a leather belt. When does he break out his wool cap?

  9. pnichols says:

    does ANYONE think they are beyond mismatched?? the just don’t vibe. idk. I just don’t see it.

    • Anna-fo-Fanna says:

      Co-sign!! She’s all California beach girl, and he’s all NYC hipster cool. Does. Not. Compute. I want Jen to have a successful relationship so that we’ll get a break from the poor Jen stories, but they just don’t GO together.

  10. Abbicci says:

    If you are serious about your privacy why would you go on vacation where the paps can get such clear photos? Does she own that place in Cabo?

    • Tippy says:

      That would rule out every beach front resort. Paparazzi are probably a half mile off shore.

      • Abbicci says:

        Now I am really curious. The pics might be taken from the water? I would love to see a layout of this resort, just to get some perspective on it’s location and where the paps are getting the pics from.

        I wonder where Christian Bale vacations. You never see pics like this of him.

      • doofus says:

        to abbicci: I’m not familiar with this resort, but I’d say that, based on the “blurriness” of the photos when enlarged, they’re likely from very far away, as Tippy theorized.

        ON the water? maybe…or maybe just shot from the beach and the patio Aniston and Co. are on is far away? I’ve seen blurry shots like this of other celebs, in the same situation. the celebs are at a resort that protects privacy (as much as they can WITHIN the resort) but the paps are on the beach or on the roof of a building or on boat taking the pics. and if Aniston IS at the same resort she always goes to, and if she IS in the same suite/bungalow, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, OR get a call from a celeb, to know when/where she’ll be. not saying that she doesn’t call the paps EVER, but in this case I’d doubt she needed to.

      • Sal says:

        But doofus if she knows the paps know where she goes every year, wouldn’t you think she would, like, um, NOT go there? Or at least rent the same place? She goes there each year, knowing the paps know where she is. Unless she truly wants the attention, one would think she would change it and deliberately not go there. She goes there, because she knows the paps know to find her there.

      • doofus says:

        no sal, I don’t think so.

        she likes that place, and like any other celeb, I don’t think she should have to stop going somewhere or refrain from activities she likes because of paparazzi.

        yes, celebs can avoid it if they try hard, but simply having your picture taken by them doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in cahoots with them or that you “truly want the attention”, it just means that you don’t care, at THAT PARTICULAR TIME, whether or not paps get pics of you. it’s clearly an effort for some celebs to avoid paps, and I don’t blame them for doing so when there’s something they specifically don’t want the public to know about (like a surgery or a pregnancy) but I also don’t think they should have to alter their life and activities to the point that it infringes on their happiness to do so.

        I don’t think she goes there because, as you said, she knows the paps know to find her there. I think she goes there because she likes it, and doesn’t care one way or the other if they’re there.

    • atorontogal says:

      Who’s serious about their privacy? Not these two!

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Abbicii, who wrote: “If you are serious about your privacy why would you go on vacation where the paps can get such clear photos? Does she own that place in Cabo?”

      Good question on whether or not Jen owns that particular Suite or not, but she certainly ‘does’ stay in that particular Suite every year.

      • Abbicci says:

        It does seem we see the same patio every year. Even if it were a rental if you are going to the same property several times a year I am sure the owners would be happy to put in some privacy landscaping.

        I would expect maybe some pictures on the beach but it’s always the patio pics. Normally with pics like this I feel icky seeing them because it does feel like I am invading their privacy , not so much with Jen’s Cabo pics.

        But then we couldn’t see the Smart Water bottles and how she’s besties with Courtney again.

    • Abbicci says:

      Honestly, I can’t believe I did this but this might be the resort and it does look like the photos would be from the water.

      Learn something new every day.

  11. Ag says:

    Only bad assess go to Cabo on (presumably) their girlfriend’s dime. Haha

  12. Diana says:

    I am shocked Howard Stern is friends with her now! He used to tease her all the time on his show.

    • The Original G says:

      He’s very good friends with Kimmel, actually.

    • Cecilia says:

      It seems they’ve been friends for a while now. They had dinner & hung out last year in Cabo too. Howard & Beth were at a party Jen threw as well.

      • Diana says:

        It’s interesting how he has transformed! I haven’t listened to his show since it stopped playing over the radio ages ago.

    • Tippy says:

      Howard Stern seems infatuated with Jennifer.

      I’ve listened to several interviews he’s conducted with Handler, Bateman and others who are close acquaintances to Jenn and he always attempts to steer the conversation towards Aniston, to the point where his guests become annoyed.

    • epiphany says:

      Stern fell apart when he divorced Alison. He’s become the very thing he used to (rightly) scorn.
      And, like toto, I’m a bit suspicious of couples that MUST vacation with other couples. I have some friends like this; they openly admit they would be bored if it’s just the 2 of them.

  13. toto says:

    Some one in this relation gets bored fast with their partner that’s why they need the company of new or old friends in their vacations. we can see a pattern here .. beside cabo there must be some other families.

    • RobN says:

      Or some people are simply more social than others. A vacation with that many friends would kill me, but others love a group. To each his own.

      • toto says:

        Well for people who spend more time apart due to their work schedule it amuses me how often they spend time with others rather than having time for themselves and i’ am talking from an experience.
        Nothing wrong with having friends on vacation but they are engaged and still in their high romantic days.
        Anyway maybe you are right about the social Part , they are in a business where social relations are very important.

    • lucy2 says:

      …or they’re all friends who enjoy traveling together?

      Those jorts are hideous though.

      • toto says:

        That often? I’d rather have more vacation with my man only and less with friends.

        Not that i hate friends, but i do have a man who travels frequently hence we do our best to spend our vacations or time together alone.

        I have seen many families prefer to have visitors or others because if there is no one there will be not much talk at home or no joke just boring routine.

        I think maybe Jennifer is bored with Justin.

      • flipflop says:

        jorts are awesome! and hip! LOL

  14. RobN says:

    I’ve got a feeling that the jorts are now a running joke with them. My husband has a shirt that is vacation only, it’s horrible, but it goes on every trip because, somehow, a trip isn’t complete without him pulling that thing on and my explaining that I won’t be seen with it in public. It’s stupid and predictable, but we do it anyway. I tend to think that these jorts are the same thing with them.

    • Josephine says:

      He doesn’t seem the type to have a sense of humor, especially about what he wears. He takes his whole look so seriously – he had an interview in which he discussed being traumatized by men wearing flip flops. I think the jorts are real, and I think he thinks he looks good. He’s a talented writer but he seems too darned manufactured and fake to me.

  15. GeeMoney says:

    Perhaps Justin and Jen were on the outs for awhile… but it’s nice to see them back together. Although I am Team Jolie forever, I would really like to see Jennifer settle down and be happy.

    • Eh, I don’t think so. They’ve been pushing their wedding so hard. I’m really not understanding how a person can have THREE PEOPLE covers about a wedding that hasn’t happened yet (barring the engagement cover, of course)–the third cover happened in mid November, so I don’t really think that they’ve fixed whatever’s wrong. Because the first cover was about how they were getting married soon, in the coming spring. Then in June (I just looked it up–because it was a couple of months after Angelina’s back to back covers for her double mastectomy) she had another one saying their wedding was being put off because they were ‘busy’. Then a month and a half ago, they had another cover about how their wedding was off indefinitely.

      I didn’t think that there was really anything ‘wrong’ with their relationship, until that second cover, and then after that, when she started saying in interviews (she said it on the red carpet, in Marie Claire, I believe) that nothing was planned , nothing was being put off–why go running to PEOPLE then, for a blow by blow of a wedding that hasn’t happened yet? I mean seriously, something’s up.

  16. Talie says:

    I really hope Howard convinces her to do his show. Do it, Jen! I want to hear the dirt.

  17. doofus says:

    1) damn, all those women look good. and I think Aniston’s hair looks so much better. makes her look a bit younger, even.


    3) I REALLY REALLY hope that these shots mean she is cutting Handler back a bit as her friend. Handler is such an ugly person, personality-wise (she’s no beauty physically but that’s not a reason to stop being her friend). Now, if she and her man would just stop hanging out with that creeper Richardson…

    I’m not going to bash her for her choice in where she vacations. Some folks love variety and the excitement of discovering a new place; some folks find a place they LOVE and keep going back. no shade to either type of person because diff’rent strokes and all that. And people from LA have been going to Cabo for decades; it’s an easy hop/skip/jump from LA so you can take a long weekend and still feel like you’ve “gotten away”.

    • Rose says:

      I don’t understand why people call her boring just because she goes to Cabo for vacation every year.

      • I think it’s because she’s said that she wants to travel, for one.

        Second, it’s probably because she seems to do nothing but sunbathe–read by the pool and drink margaritas, maybe go swimming a bit (although I’ve never seen her swim or get wet). Why would you go all the way to Cabo just to do something you could do in your own backyard?

        Of course, I’m assuming that the paps that take shots of her in the same place, doing the same things every year, would also follow her around and take pictures of her doing something else (like swimming, surfing, walking around the town)–I’d think those would be worth more.

      • Rose says:

        Ah, so that’s why! But I kind of understand her too. When I’m going on vacation, I like to do nothing. I REALLY love to rest, read by the pool and sunbathe. Someone else might find it boring and want to have a more active vacation, though.

      • Well I would do a mixture of both–I like to read, so if I was going to go to the pool/beach, I wouldn’t be swimming–I’d be reading and relaxing. But I do that because I don’t like to swim, unless it’s a hot tub. So it’s not like I love swimming and the beach to begin with. I would probably go shopping (for books lol), and check out the local sites, go out to eat, etc.

        I just don’t get why you would go all that way, to hang out on a patio EVERY YEAR.

      • Rose says:

        Maybe she likes the ambiance there and doesn’t feel like going anywhere else? I’ve met one persorn who’s been going to the same vacation spot for like…20 years.

    • Penny says:

      Well it’s not like she’s a regular person who might only have one vacation a year, she can go to Cabo and then have other vacations if she wants. I imagine she likes this place in Cabo because the paparazzi don’t get close (pic quality suggests their on the water) and because it’s not far from LA it’s easier to organize with the friends who come along.

      So many celebs travel to the same places every year, places they know they won’t be bothered. I’m not sure why Jennifer get’s flack for it, maybe because people can’t help but compare her to Brangelina, but almost every celeb other than those two hits up the same places again and again. Even they have a few ‘safe’ spots they keep revisiting when they don’t want hassle.

      I imagine for the bigger names travel can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Travel to big cities and you’re going to get mobbed by fans and any paps who’ve caught wind you’re in town, and unlike in LA you and your security won’t be sure what exactly your walking into. I used to work at one of the main museums in London. Often we’d have celebs (well celebs assistants) call ahead and ask a load of questions, trying to figure out the quietest time to come, the lay-out, exits, that sort of thing. So many of them would show up, make it through about a tenth of the museum and then have to leave because they were being treated like an interactive display by the other museum goers. And that was happening everywhere they wanted to go. After seeing that up close, I can definitely see the appeal of a vacation somewhere where you know you can control things.

      • Ugh, that sucks. I do get why she goes to Cabo every year–I think it’s boring, but in the end, I’m not the one there.

        I also think that it’s such a big deal with her because hanging out with her friends, vacationing, is a thing with her. Part of her public personna, if you will. I’ve heard from other, older posters that that was a big thing with her when she was still doing ‘Friends’–that her and the rest of the ‘Friends’ were really close, were always at each other’s homes in their downtime–at least she was with Courtney (not quite so sure about the others).

        Plus she makes a big deal about her birthday (at least she has in the past) with the media–I’m pretty sure for a few of her birthdays, she talked directly the media, and they released a few pics–I seem to recall one in Mexico–I think Clooney was there?? Then of course, one year she celebrated with Chelsea Handler–I think it was on her show that they talked about that. Or to PEOPLE. Then there’s the infamous ‘Jennifer: Five Years After Brad…’ PEOPLE cover that she did for her 40-something birthday.

        So I think it’s partly the media (because her vacation is easy pickings if she goes the same places, and I do agree w/a poster down below that it’s for smartwater), and partly her encouraging it.

  18. Ruyana says:

    I don’t care how much money she has, her life would bore me right straight to death. Seriously.

    • Lady D says:

      Me too. With her money, I’d explore a million different roads.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Amen to that. I’d explore a million different roads … in comfort! 🙂

        I remember a wonderful episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” (did you ever watch the show) with Cher on the Orient Express (the original, which ran from 1883 – 2009, not the new one that started in limited runs in 2007); which was a long-route train that traveled everywhere from Paris to Istanbul.

        Anyway, when Cher was asked why she liked to travel on the historic train she said it had always meant intrigue and romance to her, and she is a die-heart romantic. So every couple of years she would take off for a couple of weeks and travel on the Orient Express with no clear destination, just for the people she met in the dining car (they said how much it was to buy a ticket for one of the lavish car-suites, and it was very expensive).

        Now, ‘that’ is the kind of shit I’d be all into if I had Jen’s money. She just seems so afraid to try anything new.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Seriously. She keeps it safe in her comfort zone. So boring.

  19. PHD gossip says:

    Does anyone (besides me) think she took out her implants?

  20. ZL1 says:

    Who will Courtney kiss at the stroke of midnight? She’s the only one without a date.

  21. Soulsister says:

    Interesting combination of Aniston and Stern. I say this because he is on record as repeatedly calling her out as boring and at one stage saying that he could understand why Brad dumped her for Angelina.

    • Maya says:

      Not surprising at all. Chelsea verbally abused Jennifer on her show regularly and what did Jennifer do? She bought Chelsea by making her sigh with CAA and promising her connections to other celebrities. Now Chelsea is apparently BFF who worships Jennifer and attacks Angelina and her children with vile and racist comments. That way Jennifer appears to be a sweet woman but instead uses Chelsea as her mouthpiece.

      Same with Stern – he has commented several times that Jennifer is boring, bland, not very attractive and that the best thing Brad did was dumping her for someone with class and intelligence.

      Funny how since Stern and Jennifer were pictured together he never attacks her.

  22. someone says:

    I don’t believe 95% of what the media writes about celebrities, I haven’t seen a ton of pics of jen and Justin, I don’t know how often they are together..or why so many people dislike her? Shes very pretty imo..has a ton of money and is living her life the way she wants, so she goes to Cabo every year,I go to Vegas every year..i just don’t get all the negative comments, she doesn’t go to clubs and get falling down drunk as far as I know, shes not whoring around with all kinds of random men, and as far as I know, she hasn’t been to rehab…if that makes her boring, then im boring as hell too.

  23. Suze says:

    Pretty obviously not preggo. So tell me again about why she had to have her seatbelt fastened so high?

  24. emmie_a says:

    But I did see lots of pics of SmartWater! Pics posted on DM showed Jen holding the water at the airport and there were bottles on the tables while they were sunbathing. It’s there. It’s always there!

    Justin & Jennifer are boring – I want to see Courtney’s new boyfriend!

    • Yep, my friend sent me a link for Celebuzz–they were drinking smartwater.

      Have you ever tasted it? My mom bought a bottle, while she was on a trip–that water tastes flat. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like they took all the minerals and vitamins out of the water—it doesn’t taste like anything. This isn’t me not being fan of Jennifer, this is me saying that water tastes horrible, no matter who’s repping it.

    • Sullivan says:

      I’m with Emmie, I’d rather read about Cox and her new boyfriend. They’ve managed to fly way below radar.

  25. Maya says:

    Don’t care if they are really together or acting lovey dovey. But I do find it funny that most of Jennifer’s fans don’t like Justin and that they don’t want them to last.

    But I will comment on the fact that besides Courteney – Jennifer doesn’t have any real friends who aren’t signed with CAA. All of her friendships are show business friendships which are for mutual benefits.

    Jennifer is also the only who complains about lack of privacy but then goes to pap haven Cabo yearly to show her bikini body and her current bedmate. Usually with show business friends and sponsored trip by SmartWater. She is also the one who posts selfies and calls the paps everytime she hosts a party or goes to someone else’s party. If world’s most famous couple can go unnoticed for months then so can Jennifer. But the main point is that Jennifer doesn’t want to avoid the paps because they are her bread and butter. Without the tabloid and her ex husband she will have been off our radar years ago just like the rest of the Friends crew.

  26. Meh, on vacation with Justin. I still think they’re done–mutually. If not, they wouldn’t be pushing the whole “we’re too ‘busy’ to get married” and then act confused when the media asks questions about their relationship (well it’s just Jennifer–haven’t heard Justin say anything). Besides, she has a history of denying things are over, up until she absolutely has to. Wasn’t it with Vince Vaughn, that she had to admit that they’d broken up weeks before, when he was ‘caught’ partying with a college student in London?? Jennifer was on Oprah, right? And then I think I heard some thing where she was dating Vince on the set of ‘The Breakup’, but because she was going through her divorce, she didn’t want to admit it–am I right?? I’m not sure if that’s true or not.

    Also–not to be mean, but why do her boobs look weird in her bikinis??? I don’t wear bikinis, don’t go swimming, but I thought they were supposed to hold your boobs UP, not let them sag—maybe because she doesn’t tie it tight enough???

    Also JORTS! God Justin–can you be any more tryhard?

    • Just Passing Through says:

      As far as the bikini top goes, I think we see so many celebrities today with implants that we’ve become programmed to believe everyone’s breasts are round and perky with or without any support and we’ve forgotten how natural breasts look……they have a tendency to fall into your armpits when lying on your back. 🙂 (at least mine do)

      • Well mine do too, but I thought with bikinis it would be different, since they’re sort of like bras. If I was her, I’d be hiking those things up to my chin–but then again, my boobs are at least twice her size.

      • Just Passing Through says:


      • doofus says:

        Oh, no…a bikini top is NOT like a bra, support-wise, unless it’s made like a bra. I’ve got a large bust and I buy bathing suit tops that are sold in bra sizes and have underwires. Your average string-bikini top has ZERO support for bigger boob-ed ladies.

      • I see, doofus. Maybe it’s just because she is a little older, boobs are starting to go south—I am just used to people who are young w/ perky boobs, or older women who’ve had a lift i.e. Stephanie Seymour. I just thought Jennifer’s boobs looked weird, because you could see the them sagging, slightly, beneath the bikini top–no support whatsoever. To me, it’s like she just put a bib over her boobs, support wise.

      • Marcus says:

        You think those are saggy breasts?

        Her breasts are fine. They don’t look weird.

        String bikinis pretty much just offer coverage and not much support. That’s probably what her breasts look like without any support which is frankly perky.

        Saggy breasts? Good lord.

  27. Paloma says:

    I wonder if JA is aware of Howard Stern’s previous bad mouthing of her?

    • Of course she is. She befriended Chelsea Handler for that express purpose–Chelsea Handler (according to my grandma who watches the show) used to make fun of Jennifer for being a desperate, lonely, sad single woman, for dating John Mayor–there was some sketch that she did about Jennifer being desperate enough to be on a dating show.

      It wasn’t until Chelsea signed on with CAA, that she started saying all that ‘Angelina is a homewrecking c*nt’ (funny that in the four years BEFORE all of that, she never had a problem with Angelina’s alleged homewrecking–she made fun of her for adopting, kissing her brother), AND then Jennifer invited her to Cabo–so I’m guessing that CAA had been coordinating the two for a long time.

      I don’t get why Stern would want to be friends with her, simply because I can’t imagine trying to befriend all of the people that I criticize for a living.

  28. It'sjustme says:

    Chelsea is in LA with an injury…knee, I think. I didn’t really care enough to pay attention.

  29. Bea says:

    So the day after there are articles published on how distant these two seem on this vacation, the paps just “happen” to catch them when they are sharing a peck on the cheek.

    When will the glasses/thick book photos appear so that everyone marvels that Jen can read?

  30. Decloo says:

    Where are they staying in Cabo that affords them so little privacy ? We always get these same pictures in this same setting. Are they at a resort? A rented villa? Maybe they are ok with getting papped there. I’m guessing the paps are using long lenses but clearly Jen and friends can see the cameras because they are looking right at them and smiling. Wouldn’t you think they would want to vacation somewhere with more privacy?

    • Suze says:

      It’s hard to even tell what year these photos are from – they all blend together. Different colored bikinis, maybe.

      • Jazz says:

        Exactly! These pictures look just like the ones from last year, when we made fun of the jorts. Or was it the year before?

  31. Ju says:

    He now is nothing more than a sellout. he tries to act otherwise but its so obvious with is bs wife causes and his new group of hollywood friends. His wife is vapid gold digger who has no skills other than how to be a dumbass socialite the way everything Howard used to hate he now embrasses and tries his best to explan it all way like we are all morons. Its laughable to listen to his crew kiss his ass like its alright to have changed into a total sell out.
    His wife is so Dumb and bored, i can’t with this only friends with celebrities

    Howard stern who wished cancer on rival DJ’s and AIDS on kathie lee gifford’s children? howard is utterly classless and all the money in the universe will not buy dignity, grace and class.
    i have nothing against beth stern. i think she’s probably a very nice woman but hooking up with howard may have brought money and fame into her life but will not insulate her from the fact that howard made his money on the exploitation of damaged young women and mentally challenged individuals. that is what he’ll be remembered for, not being a “judge” on a low rent gong show.

    Sick friends…

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      “Howard stern who wished cancer on rival DJ’s and AIDS on kathie lee gifford’s children?”—when did THAT happen? The only thing I’ve heard about Howard Stern is that he normally gets celebrities to admit stuff that they wouldn’t ever dream of doing so with a different interviewer—the last one I listened to was when Quentin Tarantino was on.

      He managed to get Quentin to talk about his d-ck, for one, and then he also managed to get him to talk about that idiotic girl that he had a one night stand with–who sent that email out, making fun of his looks, his d-ck, when SHE’S the one who chose to go home with him, he asked her permission for basically everything he did to her, let her spend the night, AND drove her home the next morning… can see I’m a little tetchy about that girl.

      But I didn’t know Stern was like that…wow.

      • Jayna says:

        Howard back in the day if he was mad at somebody or they said something bad about him, he would go on a rant. It was a shtick. He was the outsider and loner and would rail on celebrities, but always had this superintelligent side and wit. I used to be addicted to the first two hours of his show back in the day and tune out before the second half would get raunchy witht he strippers and such.

        Pretty much anyone he has said awful things about oftentimes they meet and like each other. Kathy Lee Gifford likes Howard. They had a good chat once. He hated Rosie O’Donnell and said some stuff about her and they really came to like each other. And everybody that knows him outside of the radio show like Rosie all say he’s a different person really outside of the show. And for his fans that want him to stay the same, he’s 60 years old. I would hope he has evolved. He goes to therapy three, four times a week to work on his negativity and solitary like personality.

        And he may be on that trip because he and Kimmell are close friends and one of the few people he would vacation with. But Howard is anti-social and only hangs out with a group like that in small doses and off he goes to be alone.. When I say alone, I mean with Beth usually. He hates to be alone alone. He’s needy that way, but isn’t a big social butterfly.

    • Jayna says:

      Beth is a very kind human being. You call her vapid golddigger. Wow. First of all, she always worked and still does and made a living for herself. She never says a bad word about anybody She has such a kindness and sweet personality that it makes her prettier actually.

      She works tirelessy for the North Shore Animal League in New York and is a huge advocate for animals in shelters and pushing no-kill shelters, very hands on working with rescue teams for animals, etc. That is her passion and has done so much for animals. She said since she doesn’t have children, these are her children. She even turned Howard into a darn cat person. Howard loved his dog, but Beth kept fostering cats and keeping them. I couldn’t believe one time how many they ended up keeping as pets in his penthouse. Who would have thought she could talk him into having four cats as pets and he ended up loving them.

      She adores Howard and he her even after all these years, and they are a great couple. They just really work somehow, but to make her out to be some vapid socialite, I find silly.

      • jU says:

        i FIND bizarre that Stern and his gold-digging wife are trying to raise money for the worst animal charity in the USA, to build an addition to the North Shore Animal League and name this addition after their dead dog, yet want strangers to donate the funds for THEIR project? If you want the naming rights, PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. He has some nerve.

        And look on YouTube for his show audio where he was blasting his own gold-digging wife for wanting to donate her book proceeds to the animal charity. He wanted the money kept in their bank account.

  32. And then there were none says:

    Someone mentioned this above & I think it’s true: I reckon all these Cabo trips are paid for & sponsored by Smartwater. It’s probably in her contract that she gets one or two paid vacations a year & she gets to bring a certain amount of people with her. She probably requested it be this resort in Cabo. So Smartwater pays for the plane flights & accommodation, in return for fitting out the plane & resort suite filled to the brim with Smartwater. They know & she knows she will be papped & with any luck she’ll have a bottle in her hand while its happening.

    • That makes sense–at least she actually endorses her stuff—we don’t see her sneaking around with any other brand of bottled water. But I also think that they’ve got a leg up on celeb advertising–I was watching the Golden Globes from earlier this year…..the celebs were drinking SmartWater out of the bottles, on camera, at the Golden Globes–the camera guy managed to get a shot of Rachel Weisz taking a swig of hers. So they must make deals with whoever runs those type of things in Hollywood. SmartWater is gross though–I’d be bringing my own. It’s so flat.

  33. CL says:

    Ever since JA had her ear cartilage pierced, she seems…..edgier, more daring. Amirite?

  34. Anguishedcorn says:

    Funny. Not enough time in their busy schedules to get married, but certainly enough for the vacations.

    • We have a winner! You said it better in two sentences than I could in a 20 separate posts—I wish I didn’t like to type (talk) so much 🙁

    • Josephina says:

      Yep. I noticed that too.

      There was a NEVER a need for any of the three cover pages from People magazine this year relating to whether Ticky was getting married.

      One year it’s “you don’t need a baby to be happy or complete.” Then she says, “if it happens, it happens.”

      Next year it’s ” I would never put my career before love” (see interview with Nicole Kidman around the time Just Go With It came out.) Yeah? You did it with Brad, and you are doing it again with Justin.

      NOW in 2013, she can’t marry because they are too busy with their work schedules (yeah right) … And hogs the People’s magazines cover pages THREE TIMES in one year to state a bunch of nothing about her non-wedding plans. She treats her fans like they were born yesterday and have no recollection of what she says.

      Girls want attention; women want respect.

      • Yep, that’s what I’m not understanding. I’ve been reading gossip for nearly four years now–I’ve never seen a person get so many PEOPLE covers to essentially say one thing, and then deny it in interviews (Jennifer has been denying that they had any wedding plans at all, let alone a wedding being put off, indefinitely, in at least one interview—with Marie Claire, I believe). I mean, PEOPLE isn’t giving Jennifer a headline out of the goodness of their hearts–especially THREE covers about NOTHING.

        Especially the day after the Oscars—I would’ve bought that cover if it had the Oscar winners on it–not Jennifer’s vague wedding plans, where she didn’t even give any juicy details or anything like that.

        So what’s the trade off? That if they get married (I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that this is just bs pr to keep ’em in the news), then they’ll get exclusive wedding pics???? I can’t see that being worth PEOPLE looking like idiots for reporting something that wasn’t true i.e. Spring 2013 wedding.

        So is the trade off that they’ll be taking crack shots at each other, and give PEOPLE an exclusive ‘break up’ interview? That might be worth it. I don’t know. But at best, they’re playing the game to get attention for their relationship (or lack thereof of one), and at worst Jennifer’s doing groundwork for when they break up.

        Anyway, I don’t think they’re going to last much longer–I never thought that there were issues with their relationship (issues that would break up them, at least), until this past summer when she started up with those bs covers–it was LAK who pointed out (on the second cover) that it was easier to upstage a wedding than a double mastectomy. Wonder what they’ll be trying to upstage in 2014.

        Anyway, I have to get a leg up on my tumblr blog before they break up—I’m gonna wanna have gloating privileges if everything goes down the way I think it will–I need that in writing 🙂
        Great post, Josephina!

    • Eva says:

      We need a like button on this site.

      She’s getting caught up in more of her lies.

  35. Just saw this at the dailymail:

    That doesn’t look comfortable for her boobs at all. I didn’t know Courtney’s boobs were that big though–I like the color of her bikini.

    And is Huvane paying the Dailymail or something? Or are they just trolling–who comes up with lines like this: “Working hard: No doubt Jennifer was thinking up great ideas for movies while lying on her back”

    And this:
    “Justin is currently working on the upcoming HBO comedy The Leftovers, a comedy centered on those left behind from the Rapture.
    Jennifer’s busy slate includes Horrible Bosses 2, which she is currently filming.
    She is also set to begin filming the drama Miss You Already, opposite Toni Collette.”

    That^^^^^^tells me these two don’t want to take the time out for a wedding ‘next’ year (in two days!!!) or any other year. You got all this time for baby showers, birthday parties, and vacation, but no wedding? DUN DUN DUN.

  36. Lady D says:

    Question: If the JP’s were to pull up stakes and move to France, would the tabloids continue the triangle? Would Jen cease to exist?

    • I don’t think moving to France would help at all. They move all over the place–unless they’re on a film set, at a film premiere, or at an awards show, we really don’t know where they are. So where they are is irrelevant–it depends on each couples news, so to speak.

      But like I said, that’s waning–it’s not selling any more. Maybe their fans decided to quit wasting their money on tabloids, and actually go see their movies. But I think that she and Justin have done their fair share of trying to keep it up.

      Like when they got engaged. I am not saying at all that they got engaged because Brad and Angelina were. I don’t believe that at all. But they sent out a press release, announcing their engagement, on a weekend where there were strong rumors of Brad/Angelina getting married, AFTER it was clear that they weren’t married, and on a Sunday–so that they could have maximum coverage of the engagement i.e. all the covers and media for Monday.

      And not only did they announce it straight away (not even telling her dad, he found out from the media), but then after that Jennifer spent the next 3-4 months hiding her engagement hand in her pocket or her purse, every time she saw a camera. Why would you announce your engagement (instead of being pap’d with the ring, like 99.99999% of celebs do), and then hide the ring for months. It’s not like they were being hounded by tabloids or interviewers about getting engaged/married. This came out of the blue.

      And then those PEOPLE covers–why give a blow by blow of a wedding that apparently isn’t happening for a while, according to their camps. Why do they keep running to PEOPLE, and then denying the reports? Why was it so important for the world to know the approximate date of their wedding??? Especially on what should’ve been an Oscar winner cover. They’ve been really famehoish about their engagement–don’t know why.

      So it depends–if Justin and Jennifer break up like I think they will (are), then it’ll probably be back to that poor, sad, lonely Jen BS (I think she likes being alone, for the most part–nothing wrong with that)–but who knows if they’ll try and drag Brad into it again. Jennifer and Justin should be glad that they lucked out–Heidi Bivens has more class in her pinky than Jennifer and Justin combined. I’d make a bet that they’d try and link Justin back to Heidi though–I’m surprised those stories didn’t come up more. Just the way he handled the end of his relationship with Heidi, leads me to believe that he was probably cheating on the poor girl the entire time–he just found himself a sugah mama now.

    • Sal says:

      The tabloids keep printing bs about celebs who live in London, in France, in America etc, it doesn’t matter. This is a global interactive world, and celebs are celebs, no matter where they live. Unfortunately.

  37. Heather says:

    Wow! You people are an icky bunch ;(
    Jennifer run over your dog??

  38. lisa says:

    Seriously, I think her PR machine is brilliant. Hand over the belly – stories for weeks about her pregnancy. Pictures at Thanksgiving without Justin – stories for weeks about their breakup. I could go on and on. She and her team really know how to keep her in the news. We are so easily manipulated. She must laugh for hours at how a single picture can generate weeks of stories. And who knows what the he– is really going on??

  39. And then there were none says:

    I just read a funny comment on The Daily Mail under Aniston’s latest holiday photos: “why do they always holiday on the same trashy concrete balcony?”. Love it.

    • Suze says:

      It’s true. It’s hard to tell the years apart. Well, maybe you can from the hair lengths and the players, but the background stays exactly the same.

  40. Liz says:

    Courtney looks good. Howard is really out of touch with his fans now. Cabo must be amazing cause Jen keeps going.

  41. Maggie says:

    I saw her in the Breakup the other night. She looked gorgeous. And the girl can act! I do though agree with others who have said her hair looks better dark. Those blue eyes pop.

  42. ZL1 says:

    Any theories on why – with all of the great stylish swimwear out there prints, ruffles, rouching etc – Jen wears the basic triangle style bikini all the time?