Katie Holmes looks pale and pregnant in Rio de Janeiro


Tom Cruise is still promoting Valkyrie, adding a little vacation time to his heavy work schedule in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian press tour doesn’t start for him until Tuesday, so he took his girls Katie and Suri to Rio early to do some sunbathing and helicopter riding.

Tom Cruise has arrived in Brazil to promote his latest movie, “Valkyrie.”

Cruise, his wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri arrived Friday night at Rio de Janeiro’s famed Copacabana Palace Hotel.

The Web site of the O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper says Cruise plans to visit several tourist sites in and near Rio before giving a press conference on Tuesday, the day “Valkyrie,” premiers in Brazil.

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The pregnancy rumors are still following Katie, though, and she’s not helping. Or perhaps she doesn’t mind because she and Tom like those kinds of rumors. I have no idea, it’s anyone’s guess. Katie has been seen around Rio in loose-fitting clothing, looking, in the words of UK’s Sunday Mirror “pale but happy”. Could it be first-trimester morning sickness?

Katie Holmes looks pale but happy as she leaves a hotel in Brazil with husband Tom Cruise and two-year-old daughter Suri.

Actress Katie, 29, appeared unsteady on her feet at one point and Tom placed a supporting hand on her back in Rio de Janeiro.

There have been fears that Katie – who has a tough stage role on Broadway in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons – has been pushing herself too hard.

From The Sunday Mirror

The rumors could be dogging Katie because she just finished her Broadway run. As we reported last week, OK! Magazine and other tabloids are all over this, but there is little evidence beyond Katie looking pale, or Tom Cruise putting his hand on her belly in a posed picture. I tend to think they like the pregnancy stories- those rumors are pretty nice compared to most of the other speculation about them.

Note by Celebitchy: Katie often wears blousy clothing, but time will tell.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri are shown out in Rio on 1/31/09 on the beach and also on 2/1/09. Credit: Splash News. Header image credit: WENN

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27 Responses to “Katie Holmes looks pale and pregnant in Rio de Janeiro”

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  1. vdantev says:

    or her first few days under real sunlight away from the cloudy gloom of the east coast US?

  2. rules says:

    OR she just wanted to wear comfy baggy dress on vacation. OR she just ate a big lunch. ugh.

  3. geronimo says:

    Woeful, shapeless dress and ridiculous, clumpy, unflattering shoes. All that money and not a clue how to dress. Katie, for the love of God, get a stylist!!

  4. mel says:

    Oh good more tomkatties.

  5. sandy says:

    i dislike her
    she photographs as very cocky
    yes, he’s nuts but at least he’s nice
    not a fan of suri either
    i do find it funny that she mostly wears heels when she’s with him- sucks for him

  6. Jessica says:

    Ugh!! What is wrong with her foot in that header photo????

  7. Alecto says:

    She’s been preggers for what a year now? When’s the baby gonna look like more than pms bloating?

  8. Blondie says:

    Sandy…Suri is a young child…how can you say your not a fan of Suri…very wierd comment – she’s an innocent child, you shouldn’t have an opinion on whether you ‘like’ her or not

  9. georgiagrl says:

    I can’t stand them. Another kid to pimp out for publicity!

  10. lynn says:

    She needs to start wearing boots. Her feet are sick.

  11. Ellen Smith says:

    If that’s what “pregnant” looks like then I want to be pregnant like Katie. I must be carrying octuplets with my gut!

  12. for_realz says:

    Poor girl!

    I hope for her sake that she isn’t pregnant yet. She has been burning the candle at both ends and seems to be running herself ragged.

    She needs a chance to catch her breath and care for herself before getting pregnant again.

  13. Ally says:

    Yeah, what’s up with super skinny girls & veiny feet like that? Horse steroids?

  14. cheetahstripes says:

    Tom needs to buy her some diamond encrusted flip-flops for the beach.

  15. Heather says:

    Sandy- how can you not be a fan of Suri? She’s a 3-year-old child, what could she possibly have done to make you dislike her already? I’m hoping you’re not a mother. Yikes.

  16. Diva says:

    I don’t think she looks pregnant at all… but then I didn’t think that bong smokin picture looked like Phelps, either, so what do I know? {=0P lol

  17. aleach says:

    damn, i wish i looked like that when i was pregnant…lol

  18. NotBlonde says:

    Or…she could just be wearing comfy clothes. I hate that crap. Just because she isn’t wearing something that clings to her everyone thinks she’s preggo. Everyone thinks everyone is preggo when they don’t wear something that clearly defines the stomach region. Whats up with that? And god forbid you touch your stomach, ever. Because the only reason anyone would touch their stomach is because their pregnant.

  19. Annie says:

    Suri is cute as all get out!

    And you know, if I was pregnant every time I wore something comfortable…oh man. LOL

    I’d be giving Ms. Octuplets a run for her money.

  20. Ned says:

    ” dislike her
    she photographs as very cocky
    yes, he’s nuts but at least he’s nice”

    I agree. Tom at least seem like a nice guy.
    Katie is just a professional gold (and fame) digger.

    As for having a small belly- I know many women that have a belly after they have given birth, even if the rest of their body was lean.

  21. Rosanna says:

    Blondie – helloooo – everybody likes some children and dislikes some others. it’s human nature.
    Personally I like Suri a lot, but more because she looks very curious, intelligent and opinionated. Not like her mom AHAHA

  22. Blondie says:

    Rosanna, noted, but generally people form opinions on whether they like children or not when they actually know them and see them, or spend time with them, not just via paparazzi shots and media info.

    I still don’t think its right to make a statement ‘liking’ or disliking’ Suri, thers is something strange and disturbing about judging a young innocent child.

    Tom and Katie et al, fair enough, they have chosen this career and chosen to be in the media, speaking, acting and performing for the paps to present themselves publicly and open to public scrutiny – as adults. Suri did not, she is 3!

  23. sandy says:

    never said i didn’t like her
    said i’m not a fan
    it means: meh, don’t care either way
    furthermore, you should type weird not wierd

  24. Kait says:

    Is anyone else a little saddened by the photos of Suri hiding with her hands over her ears? It looks like she is not especially happy to have to deal with the crowd, poor thing.

  25. Flour says:

    @Kait: I was going to post just to say that. I feel so sorry for that kid. She’s constantly hiding her face or covering her ears while her parents smile and wave. What a great way to give your kid a complex about something. Protect that little girl! Shame on them. They suck as parents.

  26. Lisa says:

    I agree with Flour and Kait 🙁

  27. miche says:

    in some of the beach pictures, katie’s legs look bigger than tom’s! lol

    dunno how much their relationship is fake, an act, or just plain true. but they make one helluva cute kid!

    dunno about suri, maybe during the first few times she was uncomfortable with the attention (thus the crying pics), but maybe she got over it already. press or no press, who could resist a kid as cute as her?! i bet she’ll always get attention wherever they go.