Kate Gosselin’s teen daughters: ‘People expect us to be damaged, we’re not’

It’s a notoriously slow week, gossip-wise, and this week is typically like this every year. People are still recovering from the holidays. So in that respect it’s not a big coup, relatively speaking, to earn a magazine cover at this time. It’s still a damn magazine cover, and somehow, in 2013, Kate Gosselin has earned two. This woman can’t get a talk show or reality hosting gig, but she’s covering both People Magazine and In Touch. This begs the question: what year is it?

People of course takes a more positive spin on Kate’s life, over two years since her show Kate Plus 8 was canceled. How did Kate earn this cover? I imagine some kind of long term contract with People, drawn up during her divorce and promising a cover story once a year into 2014. Kate’s issues can’t be big sellers, yet somehow she’s earned the cover of People twice in the last six months.

Here’s People’s take on Kate’s life. They focus on her 13 year-old twin daughters, Maddy and Cara, whom we’re hoping will write a juicy tell-all in a few years. People addresses the issue that Maddy and Cara “have been harmed in some way” by their harpy mother and a life growing up in front of the cameras. All People has up is a teaser quote from the twins, who deny that they’re messed up at all. It’s kind of funny to me:

“People expect us to be damaged,” Cara says, as Mady joins in: “People think we’re supposed to be messed up, like, ‘Oooooh, the poor Gosselin kids, they’re going to be scarred for life, waaaaah.’ Here’s the big news: we’re not messed up.”

What they are, however, is outspoken and ready to set the record straight on surviving their parents’ bitter split, starring on a hit reality show, and the biggest issue they’re still grappling with (hint: it involves six 9-year-olds with whom they share a house.) And when it comes to mom Kate, they aren’t shy with their opinions.

[From People]

They’re 13 years old. Everything they’ve gone through is “normal” to them, it’s all they know. I truly hope these girls are ok, but they have years to go before the develop any kind of perspective on their lives.

Meanwhile In Touch has Jon Gosselin bitching about Kate, yet again, for the fact that she keeps trying to put their kids under the media spotlight. Jon is nothing but a hypocrite, but at least he’s doing reality shows without using their kids, like Kate.

Jon Gosselin lashes out at his ex-wife in an exclusive, explosive new interview with In Touch. He slams Kate for wanting to put their eight kids back on television. “I consider that exploitation,” Jon tells the mag.

Jon believes Kate is using their children to get back in the spotlight and is driven by greed. “She uses them as her props,” he tells the mag. “It’s a problem for her that she can’t afford our old lifestyle anymore. It’s so unfair to them. I work really hard to keep my kids safe and then she just goes and tweets about them all the time. I don’t have a Twitter [account] anymore and even when I did, I never tweeted about my kids. I kept their lives private.”

Jon tells In Touch, “I don’t think being on TV is good for kids. A lot of them do not want to film and they come to me and tell me that. It’s upsetting and I think it’s embarrassing for them. They are enjoying having an ordinary childhood.”

He worries that the exposure has caused some long-term damage. “They shy away from cameras and I don’t think that is normal,” Jon tells the mag of his eight children. Gosselin also recently said, “Developmentally, they have problems with their peers, and they have problems with talking to other people — I think more so than someone who grows up off of TV.”

Kate insists the opposite is true. “They ask all the time, ‘Are we going to film more?’ They want to do it,” she recently said. “They weren’t harmed. I’d say definitely — we’d go back and do it again.

The majority of the money the kids earned on TLC has been placed in a trust to pay for their education, but it’s Jon’s belief that the children aren’t benefiting from a Kate-focused project, like her recent cookbook — even though the kids are pictured throughout. “That,” says Jon, “is a problem.”

For more, pick up the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.

[From In Touch Weekly]

Jon is a bitter broken record, but he does have a point about their kids. They should finally have a chance at some semblance of a childhood. Kate is featuring her daughters front and center on People. Is she pushing for another reality show about her family, particularly her poor daughters as they go through puberty? You know Kate would jump at the opportunity, her kids have always been little money-makers to her. I think there’s little for Jon to worry about, since Kate’s time has long since passed.

Kate Gosselin on The Marilyn Denis Show

Kate Gosselin on The Marilyn Denis Show

Kate Gosselin is shown on 10-1-13. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Wiffie says:

    Of course they say that. They’re 13. Wait a few years sweeties, and talk to me when you’re 17. Shit REALLY hits the fan then, even with a normal childhood.

    • MrsB says:

      Exactly. Life hasn’t even begun to get hard yet, if they are damaged they won’t know it till they are in their 20’s probably. I truly do hope they will be ok, but I really have my doubts.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Yeah 13. Just old enough to sound convincing, yet young enough to still parrot whatever mama wants them to say.

      • JudyK says:

        FINALLY! The Truth.

      • Lucinda says:

        Exactly. Like mama is going to leave them along long enough to dish real dirt with a reporter. They are minors. There is no freedom of speech yet even if they did believe they were messed up.

      • whatever says:

        hey amazing what a bribery of lets say one direction tickets, will make a 13 yr old talk. kate really screwed the pooch this time. never thought she could sink any lower then bam she proves me wrong. hats off to ya kate. worst mother of the year award 2014

      • Hakura says:

        @Whatever – I don’t know about that… I still think ‘LushMom Lohan’ & Satan’s Homegirl are tough competitors for such a prestigious position. I can even picture it now…(your comment inspired me, sorry for the novel length reply!!) They’d be standing on the ‘1st, 2nd, & 3rd place’ platforms like those at the Olympics, awaiting their awards.

        Kate, on the 3rd place platform, is bitching at her manager (who’d long since purchased earplugs/buds) for failing her, accusing him of working for Jon in a conspiracy meant to make her fail. Dina’d already received her prize, a huge bottle of moonshine (a little gift from the ‘Duck Dynasty’ cast), now losing her balance & attempting to flirt with one of the security guards (much to his dismay).

        Standing tall on the top platform, Kris held her (partially collapsed) nose in the air with a smug smirk (or sort of one, considering she cant move her face). But it’s her accessory of choice that grabs attention, as everyone realizes that she’s wearing Bruce’s gold medals… Right next to a necklace gift she received from her boytoy.

        But there’s no denying Kate deserves to be there.

    • Pri says:

      Just realised… how true! I thought I was all good up until the last year of high school and then… I don’t think so anymore.

    • lunchcoma says:

      …or maybe even 20. I don’t think I realized the little ways in which my family (which wasn’t horrible but had its flaws like any other) was dysfunctional until I left home and spent most of my time around people who grew up with very different parents.

  2. springingforward says:

    Yeah. Kate is trotting them out there to defend her mom skills and try to rekindle public interest. Just WAIT until they are out of the house.
    Jon is bitter because he didn’t stand up to her when he had the chance; this doesn’t make Kate less of a harpy. She is one damaging NPD parent. (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

    • Rosa says:

      She is one of the most narcissistic people I have ever seen. She and Lucifer’s home girl need to be dropped off on a deserted island together. I have always actually thought Jon was ok. He just put up with her too long!

  3. mzizkrizten says:

    I can’t even imagine the costs involved with raising 8 kids as a single mother. Of course she is going to grasp at any straw she can to make that money. Jon lives in the woods and waits tables so he obviously isn’t contributing.

    • springingforward says:

      Oh, give it a rest. She has lived off of the good will of others since day 1. First in her church and community and then off viewers of reality tv.
      There has been loads of money made from the show, books and appearances. She needs to quit spending it on plastic surgery, designer clothing for herself and (stealth boyfriends) bodyguards.

    • emmie_a says:

      There are other ways to make money than reality TV. This isn’t about making money for the kids. – the kids are taken care of (or at least they should be if she hasn’t spent ‘their’ money yet). This is about HER. She wants to be rich and famous.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    Sad that my first thought is, oh girls, give it a few years.
    I think Jon is enjoying the little resurgence in tabloid attention just as much as she is. Otherwise he’d be complaining to the lawyers and judge, not In Touch. Every article about him is about the children too, so he’s not keeping it private.

    • Jelly says:

      I think a little public shaming and identifying of shady motives goes a long way to reinforcing the public suspicion of her, so I have to disagree that J Gosselin speaking in public is out of turn. Also, if I read that correctly, he is asking about the financial benefits of current projects and how that is being directed toward the kids. If Kate Gosselin is writing a cookbook with pictures of her kids prominently featured, what portion of the profits of that book are being set aside into the kids’ trust? If that is not Jon Gosselin’s question, then allow me to ask it: What are the kids getting out of this? Seriously… this is gonna be so ugly when they grow up. These kids and the honey boo-boo baby should sue the pants off everyone who didn’t put all their earnings out of their parents’ reach.

      • Holly says:

        Supposedly, Mama June has put all of children’s money aside for them. She knows their 15 minutes won’t last. If it’s true, she’s smarter than she looks. Although, I haven’t seen the show, just going off of Michael K’s commentary, lol.

      • gg says:

        The Honey BooBoo show proceeds go straight into a savings account for their future, per June. Anyway, shows like this do not allow you to change your lifestyle because that is what the shows are based on, their current lifestyle.

        I don’t have a dog in this fight but Jon Gosselin is not one to question funds. He obviously doesn’t pay any child support and is on a couples therapy show on tv right now with a girlfriend he hasn’t even had very long bogusly trying to get cash for doing nothing.

      • jwoolman says:

        gg – Jon certainly has paid plenty of child support. He was on the show for years and that was his money, too. It was put in trust or whatever to contribute huge gobs of child support for a too-rich lifestyle until the money ran out. He has joint custody. If he were female, nobody would ever accuse him of not supporting his kids. When he and Kate were married, he was the real hands-on caregiver for those kids both physically and emotionally.

      • gg says:

        I have read several things on him lately that claim he does not now pay child support because he doesn’t have a real job. I guess they were all lying and he has a job now and pays child support?

        I don’t have any interest in their long-gone show, all I’m commenting on is his losership at the moment. The mother seems like a real nasty piece of work but he still has responsibilities.

    • jwoolman says:


      I haven’t kept up with it, but Jon has had a lot old trouble getting the court to even investigate his concerns. The court let filming continue over the protests of the kids’ father. Kate was deliberately scheduling tv shoots during his custody days, including holidays, cutting down his time with the kids. The court didn’t seem to do anything to force therapy for the kids, in particular the ones expelled from school for verbal and physical violence. I can understand why he feels the need to bring some of it out in public. Talking to judges and lawyers doesn’t seem to do anything.

      • Hakura says:

        @JWoolman – I hadn’t heard about their kids getting *expelled*! and for verbal abuse & violence? How the hell was that shit not investigated?!

        Do you know any other details? My low-tech phone isn’t cooperating when I try to google it. But that’s just horrifying, there are so many places that behavior could’ve come from, all of them awful.

  5. mickey says:

    The girls are cute and seem to have sincere smiles, but is that the best Kate can look?

    • strickchic says:

      I have said it before, she looks just like The Grinch!

      • Isa says:

        Finally!!! I’ve been saying she looks like the grinch forever. I’m glad someone agrees with me.

    • bluhare says:

      The only smile that looks like it could be sincere to me is the top girl. Kate and the girl on the bottom, no way. No movement at all around their eyes.

  6. Anna says:

    loool Mady is still a sassbag. She’ll be the one writing the tell-all book

    • jwoolman says:

      Mady always reminded me of the kid in The Emperor Has No Clothes. She recognized early that things weren’t right and is probably counting the days to freedom. I wonder what will happen when the sextuplets reach their teens? Two of them were expelled from kindergarten for verbal and physical abuse of staff and other kids. One of them became terrified of cameras- his dad would pick him up and shield him to get past paps while his mom would just get angry and physically abusive over it. He caused big trouble on school picture day. He was used to the tv crew (they got to know the kids and were nice to them, maybe that helped protect them against Kate’s rages) but lost it with any other cameras. Anyway, I think she will have to watch her back …

  7. Frida_K says:

    Kate is a budget, wanna-be Pimp Mama Kris. If she can’t be famous herself, she’ll pimp out her daughters.

    She’s a low-rent PMK, end o’ story.

    • JudyK says:


    • BendyWindy says:

      I’m surprised they’re not friends. PMK cold give her tips on the best way to leak her daughter’s eventual sex tape.

    • Christin says:

      A G-rated PMK wanna-be, at least for now. I do think she’s working any angle possible. Jon, though certainly no saint, has every right to question her endeavors as it relates to the children. I seriously doubt they clamor for more filming.

    • emmie_a says:

      And didn’t Kate try to hook-up with PMK at some point? Like she wanted PMK to manager her career?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      That is the perfect comparison. Kate talked to her children on that show in a way that was so awful and abusive, I can’t imagine her putting them first after seeing that. She is exploiting them for her own gain. She is adding to their emotional burden for her own benefit. Truly selfish and very disgusting.

  8. blue marie says:

    I would only pick up this copy of People if there was a long line at the grocery store. And even then I’m more curious about that guy’s walking suit.

  9. PoliteTia says:

    Wow! Kate Gosselin is still alive? Who knew? Okay… good to know? I’m done.

  10. Wiffie says:

    Haha, just noticed the other article on the In Touch cover- Farrah Abraham “porn ruined my life”.

    Another total fame hungry person, thinking, “ooh, THIS could be a story… I have an electric bill coming up…”

  11. TG says:

    It is so disgusting that Khate would put her daughters on People in order to trash their father and make her look good. I even more convinced than ever that she is an abusive selfish monster. Those girls are in survivor mode they will say what they have to in order to not upset mommy. People magazine had lost it for sure and this is disgusting propaganda for that monster Khate.

    • Erinn says:

      This. Jons no saint but the kids live with Kate and I don’t doubt for a second she rips on their dad in front of them. Hell, she ripped on him on TV enough and that’s when cameras were rolling. If you have a parent feeding you what to say its no wonder this sham interview turned out the way it did.

    • Montréalaise says:

      They don’t just talk badly about their father – they also let out their resentment of their younger siblings, calling one of their sisters “a wild animal” and worse. It’s beyond disgusting.

  12. Izzy says:

    No, of course they’re not damaged. NOW. But as adults, presumably they’ll get into romantic relationships, and what was their primary example growing up? A mother who heaped verbal abuse on their father.

    I’m not saying Jon was a prize – far from it – but she was awful. I watched a couple of episodes of their show, and it was all I could stomach. She was horrible, and he just seemed so beaten down by her. At the time I recall being glad I was single and never wanting to be treated the way she treated her husband.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. The way she treated Jon and the kids was incredibly ugly and disturbing to watch. It makes her smile seem even more creepy, knowing the anger that bubbles underneath.

      • Isa says:

        Izzy I completely agree! Maybe they will take it as a lesson of what not to do. But probably not.

  13. Pers says:

    I can’t wait for Mady’s tell all book. I’ll buy THAT Gosselin book.

    • Isa says:

      I’m curious to see what happens when Mady hits her teens. She was soooo much like Kate that I have a feeling they will have a tough few years ahead of them.

  14. marina says:

    She looks evil. Those poor kids are probably being brainwashed by that crazy woman.

  15. Andrea says:

    The truth is, Kate could have had a very lucrative, successful entertainment career. She was on Dancing with the Stars, the Today Show, The View, etc. The issue is she isn’t nice, funny, intelligent or special. I mean think about it, she was a guest host on The View. What an amazing opportunity and yet, it resulted in no additional work for her. If she was a nicer person, I could foresee a long career in TV. But she’s just so bitchy, she killed her own career. I really feel you reap what you sow in life and she’ll be left with nothing when the youngest children reach the age where they really won’t smile on cue.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Good point. She had the opportunities, but she wasn’t able to make anything out of them.

  16. umyeah says:

    Both Kate and Jon are awful people. They actually deserve each other. Before they were on tv, they were seemingly normal people, but she got a taste of the lifestyle that could be, and now she’ll do anything to attain it again.

  17. Martha says:

    She deserves to lose custody; Jon does NOT DESERVE that vile person

  18. jwoolman says:

    If they’re feeling undamaged, that’s to the credit of their dad and the time he’s fought for to spend with them. We have photographic and video evidence of their pain due to their mom. Mady was especially disturbed about the abuse Kate kept heaping on her dad. We could see it in her face and hear it in her voice, she even was making protective moves to try to shield him. Eventually, Kate stopped even pretending to like Mady on camera and tried to dismiss the kid’s legitimate complaints as being such a drama queen. Even Sarah Palin was horrified at the way Kate behaved and mistreated her kids (Mady was a special target) when they all were dragged out into the wilderness together.

  19. LovesGossip says:

    Kate needs to realize that for the most part her 15 minutes of fame are OVER! Perhaps an “update” show when the sextuplets turn 16 but Kate needs to accept the fact that it is time to face (real) reality and get a JOB to support HER children. It is not the public’s fault if she wasted the money she made on extensive plastic surgery, three vehicles, nannies, (unnecessary) bodyguard, lawsuit against children’s father, large home that is expensive to maintain etc. etc. It is truly mind boggling that a MOTHER would allow/expect her CHILDREN to support a lifestyle that SHE desires.

  20. Chrissy says:

    How is Jon any better for sharing such intimate details about his children – their supposed developmental issues when compared to theirs peers and problems socializing with other people?

  21. MavenTheFirst says:

    What 13 year old is concerned with damage?

  22. Montréalaise says:

    Maybe the twins think they haven’t been damaged, but how would they know – they’ve never experienced a normal life. It’s not normal to have the most intimate moments of your childhood filmed for the entertainment of strangers. It’s not normal to never have any contact with your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins because your mother is estranged from her entire family. It’s not normal to have your mother constantly tweeting about you to strangers. It’s not normal to live on an isolated estate, far from any neighbours, and to attend a school which is an hour’s drive away. It’s not normal to live with a mother who never takes you anywhere unless someone else pays for it.