Miley Cyrus accused of anti-Asian racism

Miley Cyrus is being accused of racism towards the Asian community. Miley, with a group of friends, was photographed “slanting” her eyes in photographs posted on the web. So far, no backstory on the photos has been revealed, but what possible explanation could there be?

The OCA is pissed off, and sent Miley a harshly-worded statement, via TMZ. I had to look up what “OCA” was, and I’m Asian-American! It’s a pretty popular acronym, which stands for either Orthodox Church of America, or the Organic Consumers Association, or in what seems to be the most confusing acronym in history, the Asian Pacific Americans. But that would be APA. No matter. OK! has details.

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to dealing with controversial photos of her on the internet. But now, the Hannah Montana star is being accused of racism after a photo showing the 16-year-old and a group of friends slanting their eyes surfaced on the Web.

The OCA–a group “dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans”–is fuming mad at the photo of Miley and her pals for using what they have deemed an offensive, stereotypical gesture.

In a statement to TMZ, the OCA says, “The photograph of Miley Cyrus and other individuals slanting their eyes currently circulating the Internet is offensive to the Asian Pacific American community and sets a terrible example for her many young fans. This image falls within a long and unfortunate history of people mocking and denigrating individuals of Asian descent……Not only has Miley Cyrus and the other individuals in the photograph encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent, she has also insulted her many Asian Pacific American fans. The inclusion of an Asian Pacific American individual in the photo does not make it acceptable…OCA hopes that Miley Cyrus will apologize to her fans and the APA community for this lapse in judgment and takes the opportunity to better understand why the gesture is offensive.”

From OK! Magazine

I agree that this is offensive, and Miley could certainly do a lot of good by simply acknowledging a mistake and apologizing. Most people forgave those Olympic teams for their pictures taken pre-Beijing games with the players making “slant eyes”. I’m not Miley’s biggest fan, so I just think this is just another sign of her bratty, self-important teenage attitude, one drop in the bucket. Just apologize, Miley.

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  1. Ohforf says:

    She’s 16 FFS. How many of us acted like insensitive twits at that age? Hell, I personally still find slanting my eyes and talking like a faux-Charlie Chan to be hysterical, but then I’m still an insensitive twit.

    People need fo stop getting in such a twist over every little thing. Every “special interest group” in the country is always so damn quick to take offense, and all it does is divided us more as a nation by calling attention to our differences. You think I call up the media and threaten a lawsuit everytime Showtime at the Apollo is on and someone makes a dumb cracker joke?

    Please. Freedom of speech means sometimes people will say or do things you don’t like. It’s a two way street. People need to stop with this “Oh I’m so outraged” nonsense.

  2. Ohforf says:

    Divide, not divided. Damn no edit button.

  3. Dorothy says:

    And she is supposedly mature enough to be dating a 20 year old! What an ass…

  4. jen says:

    Why is there no mention of her Asain friend in the picture? It’s obvious this centers around ribbing on him like friends do. If he weren’t there I could understand the whiners. This is harmless. People should stop looking for things to complain about.

  5. HEB says:

    Dorothy–that 20 year old is in the picture doing the same thing! Why does she have to be mature to date him!?

  6. DD says:

    Hi, I have a picture with a couple of my Korean friends, we were all slanting our eyes. We were drunk and I’m not exactly sure who’s idea it was and I was in my early 20s. I mean she’ll need to apologize that’s for sure, but I highly doubt she was being racist.

  7. Syko says:

    I don’t think what she’s doing is that big a deal, and agree for the most part with what Ohforf is saying, sometimes it seems like everyone is just looking for a reason to get offended.

    I think we’ve all slanted our eyes or used various accents in telling a joke or in fooling around or whatever, especially when we are teenagers. Miley isn’t the brightest bulb in the marquee anyway. But she does need to be aware that anything she does, any picture she poses for, anything she says, is going to be publicized. And with that realization, needs to be more careful about cameras.

    She also needs to apologize.

  8. bros says:

    thats what i thought jen, what about the asian dude sitting right in the middle of all of them. i think this is far less offensive than the entire spanish olympic basketball team doing it and having it published in the newspaper.

    obviously, we dont know the back story, but it seems like OCA should reserve it’s panty-in-a-bunch-ism for a truly rainy day.

  9. voodoobetty says:

    more political correctness gone overboard. Jesus she is a 16 yr old kid. Nothing wrong with a bit of good natured ribbing of her friends. People need to lighten the hell up.

  10. voodoobetty says:

    And I can vouch that Ohforf is indeed an insensitive twit. But he means no harm and he does a spot on charlie chan. 🙂

  11. sissoucat says:

    jen : there *is* a mention of her Asian friend.

    I have to add that I’m *utterly* shocked nobody has yet complained about the 2-finger sign behind the guy that Miley uses as a cushion.

    On behalf of the D.A.A. (Donkeys Association of America), I vigorously protest against this picture, which is offensive to donkeys and a very bad example to M’s young fans, despite the common knowledge that donkeys are more intelligent than Disney brats or their model friends, and much easier to work with.

    Stop hating, world.

  12. vdantev says:

    Oh god this nation is turning into a bunch of soft, wussy, whining, temper tantrum throwing little effing BABIES. If we left the discovery of the West to the OCA and rest of crying children, we’d still all be bunched up on the eastern half of the country.

    Apologize? For what? A picture taken out of context or rather with NO CONTEXT TO IT ? Why aren’t the other kids getting ugly letters?

    Give me a break.

  13. geronimo says:

    Ditto everyone.

  14. Codzilla says:

    sissoucat: As the proud owner, I mean guardian, of a miniature donkey, I agree that Miley’s actions are incredibly offensive. Fortunately, Bobby Sue doesn’t use the laptop until after breakfast, so I can warn her to stay away from CB lest her self-esteem take a hit.

  15. neelyo says:

    Personally I’m glad people are looking for a reason to end Miley Cyrus’ career. I don’t care how, but I hope one of them sticks.

  16. sissoucat says:

    Codzilla 🙂

  17. Funny says:

    Yes, obviously her fan base consisting of preteens will approve of this picture. I for one, see Miley setting good example for many of her worshipers…

  18. cheetahstripes says:

    Miley Cyrus: Yet another overrated, overexposed celebrity kid who acts like a brat.

    Of course, MY kid who is her age would never (!!) say anything out of line. LOL!

    Teenagers can be clueless, give her a break.

  19. formosa says:

    How many people who have stated that some people are over-reacting are actually of Asian descent? If you are NOT Asian, then of course you would state that others are over-reacting. Don’t you think Asians and African Americans hear that all the time?

    Miley Cyrus is an irresponsible and ignorant girl. There is no excuse for her behavior. She’s not drunk or high on drugs. If she is, she has even bigger problems. The Asian friend is even more stupid to even be friends with people who think such a thing is amusing. It doesn’t matter who does it, it’s demeaning either way. It can be Miley Cyrus or any other person on the street. Just because she is a celebrity, it doesn’t mean she should be given a “pass” because some people think it’s socially acceptable behavior.

  20. tigerlille says:

    Two years ago I picked up my 7 year old to take her home from school. Suddenly she burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong, and learned that everyone at her table in class had made the ‘slant eye’ gesture and laughed at her. My daughter is Chinese. And you people think this photograph is funny, no big deal, and just another instance of political correctness gone overboard? Grow up and develop some compassion.

    My now 9 year old daughter is the sweetest, kindest girl in the world, and she adores Miley Cyrus.

  21. formosa says:

    jen, just because there’s an Asian in the picture, doesn’t make things ok. For all you know, he could just be a token Asian friend. Do you have any clue how many times I have heard, “I’m not racist, I have a [insert ethnicity] friend.”?

  22. sissoucat says:

    Sorry for your daughter, tigerlille. My Asian friends have been taunted too at school, and it sucks big time. And I’m French, and do you know how much French bashing there’s been out there ?

    Anyway, you might consider letting your daughter know about what Miley is really about. She’s not a good role model for anybody. I wouldn’t let my 5-year-old daughter see her for anything else than a product of the entertainment industry. Nothing to try to emulate. But that’s just me.

    Still, nobody ever defends Donkeys, you know.

  23. Sara says:

    And this is supposed to be offensive? Really, I’m very sorry Kaiser, but seriously?

    What’s next? If I puff up my cheeks for a goofy photo am I being offensive to people who have big cheeks?

    I agree with Jen. The elephant, so to speak, is right freaking there.

    Focus on something that matters, world.

  24. Spike says:

    This girl personifies the line — stupid is as stupid does.

    She gets no pass from me for racism. This little twit needs to go away now.

  25. cheetahstripes says:

    Adding to my comments above: I hope MC DOES get a clue! Hopefully her parents will have a little “chat” with her.

  26. Ash says:

    This is what media focuses on. Jeez.

  27. Ling says:

    Would everyone have such a cavalier attitude if she had pushed her nose down and puffed her lips out to look black? No.

    She has young fans who are going to see this, mistake an possible irony in this photo, and begin imitating her with more malicious intent.

  28. DD says:

    I feel bad for the Asian Americans who perceive this photo as an insult and Miley should apologize since this photo has no context and because of her impressionable fan base. It’s just unfortunate that this may have been harmless fun, but because some idiot publishes the photo it gets blown out of proportion. My friends of asian decent would not be offended by this though and that doesn’t make them idiots.

    And more should be done in the donkey’s defense. It’s not like they have a token donkey in that picture, so that is blatant racism right there.

  29. kassiopeia says:

    It’s thoughtless and stupid but no big deal, unless of course, you’re a girl looked up to and paid millions to be a good role model. Oh….

  30. vdantev says:

    Yeah, I’m just a white male so it’s just presumed I’m racist, I have no idea what intolerance feels like at all *sarcasm off*

  31. Codzilla says:

    Oh great, my donkey refused to heed my warnings and clicked on this story, despite my efforts to wrangle the laptop out of her hooves. Now she’s locked in the bathroom braying so loud that the neighbors are threatening to call the cops. Thanks a lot Miley, you f*cking tool. I’m suing.

  32. jay says:

    I think she should just try to be more cognizent of her actions…and being sixteen is not an excuse. At some point this must be learned and sixteen isn’t too young for that. IMO

    What’s more disturbing is that she’s dating a 20 year old (!) and there’s alcohol (note the dude with the wine glass) easily available to her. Just not a good mix with someone who apparently is on a “I’m young and invincible” streak (much like lots of teenagers, in truth). But she’s not your average teenager…she has access to much more yet is watched exponentially with that access. Some guidance is sorely needed before she becomes another statistic.

    Other than that…she bores me….but I’m not her demographic.;-)

  33. maria says:

    I am Asian. People are just adding meaning to something meaningless. I think the Americans are reacting more than the Asians themselves just to have an “interesting” topic.

  34. Shay says:

    I never really got the pulling the sides of your eyes to make them slanty in pictures. Just because your Asian friend thinks it’s cool or funny doesn’t mean that other Asians won’t be offended.

    To those who don’t see the possible offence to it why would someone need to slant their own eyes? I’ve seen many pics like this over the years and always found it strange.

  35. DENISE says:


  36. New Guess says:

    I bet they’re baked and the gesture has something to do more with the way they are feeling than a particular race/ethnicity. They all look pretty giggly, which could be a result of the wine, but seems more likely to be a result of herbal indulgence. It almost looks like Miley’s b/f has a lighter in his hand, too… anyway, just a thought 🙂

  37. Lindsay says:

    So if I dye my hair blonde to look like a blonde, am I offending natural blondes?

    Give me a break. People just want to whine and complain about something.

  38. human says:

    umm…anyone else notice that there is an asian person in the picture?

  39. jess says:

    UGH! this is SO not a big deal. people make fun of white people all the time. the only reason i get offended by ALL the white jokes (especially in black comedy) is for the simple reason that the opposite would NEVER fly in this country. suck it up people…suck it up.

  40. meredith says:

    It looks to me like there smoking something out of the pipe in her BF’s hand. Maybe they’re making fun of stoners and not asians?

  41. sissoucat says:

    Codzilla, you’re a very valuable donkey guardian, and Bobby Sue is so lucky to have you. So sad.

  42. Cath says:

    I hate to have to do this but PEOPLE! Freedom of Speech does not pertain to slanting your eyes and calling Pakistanis “Pakis” and shit like that. Freedom of speech as promised in the 1st Amendment deals *exclusively* with the state’s ability to limit you from engaging in *certain kinds* of protected speech. NOT ALL speech is protected, btw. You have obscene speech, inflammatory speech, and hatespeech–which is the most closely analogous to what Miley Cyrus is engaging in in that picture–all of these are NOT protected by the 1st Amendment.

    Freedom of speech has nothing to do with this! AARGHH. Sorry, but this really bugs me!

  43. Codzilla says:

    Thanks, sissou. I’ll get her through this … somehow.

  44. Cakeface says:

    OK, I’m half Irish, half Italian, grew up in London and now live in Florida. You don’t understand the supposed “just joking” remarks I get at school but are basically racisit.
    Most of the time it’s just my friends teasing me, and I find them quite funny, but other times it’s just low lives who have nothing better to do, than pick on the foreigner so I just ignore them.
    And personally this is probably just Miley and her friends playing with her friend. He doesn’t look like he cares that much. Sure we don’t know the back story, but do we really need to jump to assumptions.
    I’ve grown up my whole life, listening to drunk Irish jokes and facist Italian remarks, but I don’t cause a big ruckus about the whole thing. You just kind of have to grin and bare it.
    The world is never going to be completely free of racists, and I know that, but come on, she’s just a teenager.
    And to quote one of her own lyrics;
    “Everbody makes mistakes!”
    (my sister likes her not me (!) )

  45. DD says:

    I know this is going to sound so ignorant on my part, sorry for being an ass but you’re saying that freedom of speech actually doesn’t cover the hatespeech I hear from those kids facial expressions?

  46. Cakeface says:

    @Long Wang
    Now you have just stereotyped all white people…

  47. Marie says:

    I personally don’t really like Miley Cyrus. (No offense!) But I don’t really think this is racist considering THERES AN ASIAN PERSON IN THERE TOO! and it looks like there almost trying to make they’re eyes bigger! so yea Just saying, I honestly don’t think that it’s racist.

  48. peanut says:

    i’m appolled i may be only a quarter asian but asian or not that is besides the point the picture is no mistake Miley has her eyes stretched out far. If she does not applogize and own up to what she did ii think that her carrer should be reconsidered if she isn’t going to be serious about her job and if she thinks that just because she is famous she can do whatever and get a way with it she should lose her fame. I don’t think that she deserves what she hhas. She’s a snotty stuck up slutty ungrateful little 16 year old that thinks she rules the world. Rascism is unexcepting who cares what status she holds in this world. Shame shame on you Miley Cyrus. I thought you were alright but now i want you out of Hollywood.

  49. Jess. says:

    Seriously, it just sucks to be Asian. Yes, this is fucking offensive, maybe it’s just me because I live in a backwoods town where everyone thinks it’s hilarious to slant their eyes and talk jibberish and ask if I understand and make random jokes about my ethnicity, but I get really sick of being reminded that I’m Asian.
    Miley’s just showing how ignorant she really is.

  50. Asian says:

    Ohforf: who use to “do faux-Charlie Chan to be hysterical”, when my mother was a child, she was taunted with Charlie Chan impressions, they use to slant their eyes and say things like “ding dong ching chong” before they beat her up. Now I know that’s not the situation here, but without respect for another person’s culture that’s what it can lead to.

    I understand that no harm was meant by taking this picture, but at the same time, what message is this sending to children? That it’s okay to make fun of another culture as long as it’s meant as a “joke”. Am I suppose to laugh, even though I don’t find it funny? Was I suppose to tell my children to laugh too when a bully did this to them?

  51. Sarah says:

    it looks to me like the asian guy has his eyes wide open. Its an innocent joke.

  52. Chauncy says:

    Lighten up! My friends any I often paint our faces like blacks. But our finale is to wear our Coors hats, wifebeater shirts, eat our Wonderbread Mayo sandwich and talk like a cracker! Yee Haw! LOL.

  53. dinotopia says:

    Cath – actually, hate speech often IS protected. that’s the thing. it is generally viewed as protected speech up until it reaches a point of inciting violence. and rightly so. i’m not sure i’d want to live in a place where i didn’t know who my enemies were. countries with strict hate speech or secularizing codes have misapplied them, time and again, quite often to the detriment of minorities. viva la first amendment
    by US standards, this s pretty racist. i wonder how long t will stay that way, given the increasing global culture and the widely different views of race and ethnicity around the world.

  54. Shannon says:

    Umm there is an asian person sitting right there if he’s not offended why is everyone else?

  55. Casio says:

    Erm… is it just me that doesn’t think that that looks Miley Cyrus at all?
    I know it must be, I just don’t think it looks like her!

    People have really got to back off her, I’m not a fan, but everyone comments on every step she takes, it’s unfair. Everyone does stupid things at 16.
    And I don’t see what the big deal is about her boyfriend being 20. I’m not 17 for a couple of months and my boyfriend’s 20 – it’s not a big deal. It certainly doesn’t make her a slut!

  56. Shannon says:

    O and btw Long Wang
    that was incredinly steriotypical and rude. How can you say you are offended by what Miley Cyrus did but you are expecting everyone to be ok with what you just said.

  57. Shannon says:

    i think Casio has said it best… except i do think it looks like her srry

  58. daisy says:

    I HATE it when people have a cavalier attitude towards race – it’s not simply about what YOU think is acceptable, it’s also about taking into consideration what others might feel – sounds obvious BUt a bunch of people here sound like they don’t understand that concept. (i.e. – saying that you don’t understand what the big deal is, is not ok) – Jews have faced persecution throughout history for a no. of reasons and their genocide is throughly shocking – BUT, it happened because the common Aryan thought it was acceptable on a certain level to maintain racist attitudes towards the Jews) As an asian, I personally do not find any humour in the action, and find it completely unecessary – if anything, I think the asian in the photo looks uncomfortable, like’oh, here we go again….that’s great guys, ye, rlly mature’
    Yes, race is always going to be an issue in the world but I believe that cavalier attitudes are responsible for harsher acts of racism – also, the stories of asians/ other ethnic minorities being bullied really upset/ unsettled/ disturbed me. Miley is clearly not just another 16 yr old – she is in the limelight and it’s inevitable that other kiddies who might see this will think that such behaviour is funny/ acceptable etc. Tbh, the others in the photos are even worse! I know no 20 yr olds who would be immature enough to act in such a manner!
    As for Long’s comment – he is understandable angry and thus inappropriate in his comment but it just goes to prove that Miley/ her friend’s actions ARE offensive and they should ALL make a public apology – NAME AND SHAME THEM!
    Also, her ‘secret bf’ is blatantly a skank hoe – I heard he tried to put a move on Taylor Swift before moving onto Miley because Swift saw what a jerk he was and rejected him!

  59. Tanya says:

    She was rude.

  60. parjanya says:

    Reading these comments makes me uncomfortable. So it’s okay to make fun of an entire, billion-plus group of people? Why exactly are ‘asian’ eyes considered funny and something to make fun of? Why not caucasian eyes? Or caucasian features in general? Oh that’s right, because it’s ‘normal’ to have those type of features. So anything that deviates from that, like ‘slanty eyes’, ‘big lips’, whatever, is considered ‘funny’. More so if it’s associated with a particular race it seems. I certainly don’t go make fun of the way overweight people look, or people with Down’s Syndrome, anorexia, whatever, and if I did people would certainly call me insensitive. Tell me why race-based jokes get a pass?

    And I totally get that yeah, between friends most of us make racial jokes and there’s no malicious intent. But who – WHO? – would think to take a PHOTO of it? A photo! Of something that, out of context, seems pretty horrible! Ugh…

  61. Shay says:

    I still didn’t get a reason why anyone would do this and how this is funny.

  62. vdantev says:

    Or caucasian features in general? Oh that’s right, because it’s ‘normal’ to have those type of features. So anything that deviates from that, like ’slanty eyes’, ‘big lips’, whatever, is considered ‘funny’. More so if it’s associated with a particular race it seems. I certainly don’t go make fun of the way overweight people look, or people with Down’s Syndrome, anorexia, whatever

    Just because you associate racial characteristics with disease, doesn’t mean the rest of us do or should. Talk about an offensive attitude. Free yourself before your worry about freeing others.

  63. Karla says:

    I am asian and I think that this slant eye joke is really stupid. They were just joking around but this asian kid bothers me more than the white kids. What is he doing being friends with people like that? It kinda reminds me of this kid from Sweden in my high school. People were friends with him, but they always made fun of his accent and mocking a swedish person and he hated it, and told them to stop, but these kids didn’t and he is still friends with them. Idiot.

    As a socially responsible person, I call out people all the time when I see or hear any kind of offensive racist remarks. But I really enjoy that Miley is getting slammed by the media and watchdog groups over this. Who cares if she’s 16? This is AWESOME.

  64. Joolzz says:

    Like a few of you out there. I am a mix im polish and italian…however I could pass for various other nationalities… people have thought that I am jewish, fair skinned east indian…etc. SO I have gotten racist comments on all of the above types. Yes it is interesting for people to make fun of me for things that I am not. At first I would get outraged. BUt then I take a close look at those people and thank god that I am nothing like them…and it has given me a thicker skin to deal with ignorant insecure losers. I just laugh now. If stupid people didnt exist none of us would look smart.

  65. April says:

    “Oh but Miley Cyrus needs to behave because millions of little girls look up to her!” There’s your problem right there.

    The problem isn’t the fact that Miley is mocking a particular race. The problem is that so many people are letting pop singers, actors, musicians and sports stars be role models to their kids.

    I have a 6 yr old daughter. She loves Hannah Montana. She’s sleeping in her HM pajamas right now, she bought yet another HM t-shirt this week, she was Hannah Montana for Halloween.

    Do you think if I show her this picture she’s going to run to school and make slant-eyed faces at the Asian kids?

    Um, no. Because I, HER MOTHER, have taught her that its wrong to make fun of people just because they look, talk or walk different. That’s my job as her mother. The lessons and morals I’ve instilled in my kids have more of an influence on my child than some stupid picture…and that’s how it SHOULD be.

    Miley Cyrus gets paid to act and sing. She’s not getting paid to teach my kid morals. If you’re going to leave that up to some 16 yr old you’ve never met, stop breeding.

  66. NotBlonde says:

    April I wholeheartedly agree with you. No child should “look up to” a pop singer to get her morals or moral compass from. That is the job of her parent and no one else. A child should look to their parents for all things moral. Parents should not let pop singers, actors, rappers, whatever, raise their kids for them.

  67. IamAsian says:

    I am an Asian and this picture is very offensive to me and the majority of Asians. It is completely racist and Miley should sincerely apologize.

  68. Vex says:

    I don’t think they meant any harm you’ve got to have half a brain to do something like that.

    NotBlonde – Not everyone comes home to parents who are moral and a good example.

  69. Angela says:

    1) Some people made a comment on why do people care if the asian guy in the photo doesn’t care. I have a question, how do you know he doesn’t care. Perhaps he doesn’t, maybe he takes it as a joke because they are his “friends”, but if a stranger did that, would he still laugh out loud? Also, everyone must remember, he is MILEY CYRUS’S friend! Of course he won’t let anyone mind! I would laugh it off if I had a famous celebrity as a friend too!
    2)Some people are saying that she’s only 16, but I would like to say, is 16 too young to learn. Sometimes I hear 6 or 7 year olds saying the F-word and that someone is a mother-Fer. Should we say, ” they’re too young to learn, they don’t know better”. If anything, they should be taught WHILE they are young, to know that it is wrong, rather then allow them to stray off onto the wrong path of life.
    2) I agree with April that its the parents responsibility, but unfortunately, not every parent sees it that way. As a consequence, even if you teach your child to have good manners and to have respect, they may become tainted by other kids or even adults who think that disrespectful behaviour is acceptable. However, I respect the parents out there who stick with good parenting as much as possible.
    3) I’m not sure if anybody remembers, perhaps anyone of the Jewish population does, but remember that when Hitler was in power in Germany, he distributed portraits of a Jewish with a big nose. Of course, I don’t think Miley Cyrus will start a World War 3, but I believe that respect should still be paid to all ethnics, whether it is Caucasian, Asian, or Africans, etc.
    4)I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but a lot of Asians have bigger eyes then Caucasians do, it just so happens that few Caucasians have smaller eyes. I certainly have more then a few friends who have bigger eyes then I do.

    In conclusion, some may choose to take it as a joke, but we should always keep it mind that even though we meant it as a joke, that doesn’t mean that someone else will not take offence to it, “Impact, not intent”. “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”, while a racist joke about one’s ethnic and culture, whether about your own or someone else’s, may mean nothing to you, it may mean an awful lot to someone else. About the demand for an apology, if the American Asian Committee take it as a joke, then so be it, but if they want to hear the words, “I’m sorry”, then how much could it hurt to say it? I don’t know much about MC, but i’m sure she’s a decent enough person to sacrifice a few words.

    Have a good day everyone. =)

  70. Angela says:

    I meant, he wouldn’t let anyone know that he minds.

    (There is probably a lot more grammar mistakes and such, forgive me, I was too lazy to go over it) =/

  71. Renata says:

    People think it’s no big deal to make fun of Asians. They’ve been doing it forever and have gotten away with it because Asians remained passive, BUT not anymore. We won’t stand idly by and let you disparage our culture and heritage.
    If Miley and her friends were making fun of another race, like African Americans I bet all of you who said it’s no big deal would’ve jumped on the “she’d better apologize” bandwagon.

  72. Sima says:

    What the heck is “Anti”Asian racism? Is there something called Pro Asian Racism? The headline makes no sense.

    What she did was stupid. I don’t believe in live role models. Humans make mistakes, have a change of mind/heart, do things that normally people wouldn’t expect them to do. Even so called role models have skeletons in the closet. Can’t just make her a role model because she is in a popular kids show. Look inside yourself n inspire yourself. Don’t look at someone else.

  73. prissa says:

    I’m so late on this, but I though that two finger gesture referenced rabbits? Who is gonna defend the helpless innocent bunnies across the world?

  74. Lily says:

    Extremely ignorant

    Lindsay’s comment:
    February 3rd, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    So if she colors her face in black to pretend to be African American, would that be no issue? I’m sure that it would be a big deal. the same thing here. No matter how old she is or how famous she is.

  75. shannon says:

    the fact of the matter here is, you shouldn’t be teaching you kids that if someone notices something about you that is different from them you should run home and cry about it because they’re big meanies. you should be teaching your children that if someone (an actual racist, not miley who is simpley having a little fun with friends) is ignorant enough to behave in that manner that’s because they’re insecure in themselves and can see what a strong person you are and that’s the only way than can think to bring you down but you can’t let them. sticks and stones people.

  76. daisy says:

    Prissa, you are really not funny, if you have othing better to do than to mock another culture’s indignation/ affront, then

    1) You should totally get out and voice your opinion somewhere where it is even less relevant/ significant
    2) You are just as bad as Miley, the ignorant, immature 16 yr old

    (sidenote – to the comments that parents shouldn’t be letting Miley be a role model to their kids, it’s true BUT it’s inevitably going to happen, – you can’t force laissez-faire parents to teach their children decent values/ morals – Result: they will look up to Miley and think that it is acceptable/ cool to be racist)

  77. daisy says:

    Good on April etc. for teaching her kids decent values but not all parents are the same/ care whether their kids are offensive, hateful little creatures!

  78. francesca says:

    sorry but I think Miley shouldn’t apologize…the photo shows an asian boy, probably a friend of Miley, consequentely I think this was just a joke…c’m on she’s just a sixteen-year-old girl, who has fun with her friends…
    I think the asian community makes it too much worse than it actually is…

  79. Livi says:

    There is an asian friend in the picture..
    maybe they were joking around.
    Hell, I do that with my asian friends and it doesn’t mean anything.

  80. Maisie says:

    Miley Cyrus pisses me off sooo much! i never liked her from the beginning!! she does not deserve to be famous and to get all the stuff she has. Kids, should delete this so-called “role model” from their life. Miley is a slut. She looks drunk in this picture too. 🙁 sorry, but i had to express my feelings. She has gone over the top with all these photos already.

  81. megan says:

    i hate miley cyrus.
    i totally agree with jay, miley is sitting in a clearly older guys lap (dunno if that’s her bf, i know her bf IS over 20) and the guy on the far right drinking alcohol. plus they all look drunk. she says she’s like so christian and everything but she’s really just a tramp.

  82. Lucina says:

    Tigerlille I am sorry about your daughter…………… ok so her we go….. Freedom of speach only applies if it is not hurting anyone. But i am sorry to tell all of you gossip-mongers and seekers, it was harmless fun. I am sure MC is not RASCIST! I’m not saying she was right cuz she wasn’t she was an insensitive twit. But the COMPLETE EFFING IDIOT that published the picture is the person to be blamed. Guess what? Just cuz she’s a celebrity, it isn’t everyone in the worlds’ buisness about what she chooses to do in her free time with her friends. The picture was taken out of context and I am sure she meant no harm. (mind you i still think she is trampy! lol so i am a hypocryte)

  83. Annie says:


    She sickens me.

    As does everyone who’s been defending her on this.

  84. Justin says:

    hollywood & america will do anything to bring someone down over something so small, they build u up to tear u down

    i love you miley

  85. Nikki says:

    okay i really truly hate Miley but i defend her on this, i dont know one person who hasnt taken a picture like this shes with her friends having fun leave her alone on this just drop it!

  86. sooobored says:

    guys… the two finger sign is supposed to be an imitation of what us white people call a fob… because when they take pictures, they lik to put the peace sign up…

    even tho im not asian, i think its still disrespectful, joke or not. but itll pass over… jus lik her last scandal… and lik brangelina… and kids will love the sl*t again.. cheer up =D

  87. sooobored says:

    lucina, unfortunately, when celebrities choose to become celebrities, they give their lives up to the public, whether they want it or not. If they chose that, then its their responsibility to keep their images clean.

  88. Cass says:

    …Did anybody notice the asian guy standing RIGHT next to her? I highly doubt she’s doing this as a racial insult.

  89. goshhh says:

    oh my goshhh! , it’s not like only asians have slant eyes , any ones eyes can slant

  90. Katie says:

    Miley Cyrus is a silly teenage girl. My advice to all you parents out there is to stop allowing your kids to worship and idolize other CHILDREN who clearly are going to make mistakes and fall short of your perfect role model standards. Remember, Miley is no less human than your child even if she is famous. She made slanted eyes….ok, maybe not such a great idea. But please don’t assume YOUR child has never been rude or done something to offend someone else. If you think they haven’t, you are living in la la land. All parents who think their kids “would never do that” are fooling themselves and probably being laughed at by other parents…and your kids’ teachers.

  91. thatright says:

    Miley Cyrus might not be racist, but she’s definitely stupid enough that she thinks this is funny.
    There’s no question that they were mocking Asian people in this photo. See the guy with the V gesture and the hand covering his mouth? He was doing a triple-stereotyping. Having an Asian person in the picture doesn’t justify any of this.

  92. Autumm Leaves says:

    formosa and daisy ^5!!

  93. lway says:

    Miley is overrated. Yes, she is a teenager and yes, they do silly things, BUT she’s a celeb, a rolemodel to our our little ones and THAT is why she should behave accordingly!

    I do agree that this whole thing is being blown out of proportion too and hell if it was any other celeb i would probably backed them

    I don’t like her though, she is a brat. Tries to be this young woman, but the child within won’t let her …. yet

  94. Angie says:

    miley, influences many girl in the world, since she had the show hannah montana. to make fun of asians, is not way to boost her career, more like drop into a hole kinda way was definitely stupid. and for you guys who just brush it off and say its no big deal it is, how do you know how we asians feel , you must take other people feelings in to consideration.

  95. theworldwelivein says:

    well, Listen up people. I had to deal with people calling me chink, jap, egg roll,slanty, and yes people showing me how they can look asian. Now if you have to deal with this day after day after day in high school and then a huge star does it and pops on the internet…so you think it will help stop what I go through every day? No it encourages it. You say it’s not a big deal but to some few it can be suicidal. And yes I though about it but I don’t cause of my religious belief. so those of you who thinks its ok to make fun of Asians cause it’s funny, well just think about the Asians that do commit suicide because it seemed funny. Miley and her dad need to really think of how much more pain they caused.

  96. Steve says:

    Do you people even know what racism is?

    It’s only racism when the majority or dominant group within a society is the culprit. Therefore, a white person although you may face hate or dislike, it is not racism. This reverse racism crap is irrational. People who claim this nonsense are the same people who don’t know why a white group in any context are perceived to be racists. The reason why race specific organizations exist in the first place is because they are the minority.

  97. fran-kay says:

    good job miley! Don’t you just hate Asians everywhere in this country?

  98. Mishaa says:

    Mileyy you are one fukinnggg bitchh !! ur lyk acting lyk fukin kids doo in high skll u shudd no betta dan dahh No OFFENCE RIGHT buh u white guys cannot only be offensive to us brown guys we cann sayy more things bout u lot dan u can do us and wen we doo we will see it’s a no big-deall

  99. Shantell says:


  100. PCL says:

    What a bunch of leaches! You can argue all day about whether the gesture was offensive, or whether MC intended to be racist. It was bad judgment on her part for business reasons alone. But to claim damages because something someone said or did offends you in inexcusable. We have something called the First Amendment in this country. Can stupid people now sue John Stuart for all the jokes hes made about George W. Bush? Can Christians sue Bill Mahr? I’m half Irish, does that give me the right to sue SNL, Jay Leno, Conan Obrien and just about every other comic in the U.S. for the jokes they make on St. Patrick’s Day? The members of the OCA should grow up and get a life.

  101. Soda says:

    As a 16 year old, I think it’s completely ridiculous to excuse her blatant racism because “she’s only a kid”. 16 is MORE THAN old enough to know (at least) to apologize when you offend someone. And it /should/ be old enough to know what a racist act is. Pulling at the corners of the eyes is a classic racist act against Asians – akin to calling a black person a “n***er” in my book. It’s sad how many people are defending her actions. The number of people who reply “you guys are all just overreacting” prove to me that this obscene and racist gesture has been made socially acceptable – and that’s probably the fault of people like Miley Cyrus. This country has worked so hard to get rid of racism against African Americans, but it seems that anti-Asian sentiments are more prevalent than ever.

  102. kharyl says:

    i am definitely more insulted with her excuse… “simply making a goofy face”
    wow … now that was stupid

  103. omfggg says:

    ugghhhh :’/
    this is sooo mean
    im her biggest fan
    and im asian….
    ehhh whatever
    she just lost a fan/A LOT of fans

    hmm i wonder how BRENDA SONG feels…

  104. I am Asian and proud of it. Our family all born with big eyes. There is nothing wrong with slanted eyes. God made them. I am sick and tired of the prejudice whites making fun of the Asians. Would you like Asians to call whites- White trash-sex ,sex, sex and rapes. hate causes hate and war. Good for Lucie Kim,sue the hell out of them,they deserved it. Asian and love it.

  105. I am Asian and proud of it. Our family all born with big eyes. There is nothing wrong with slanted eyes. God made them. I am sick and tired of the prejudice whites making fun of the Asians. Would you like Asians to call whites – White trash- sex, sex, sex and rapes. Hate causes hate and war. Good for Lucie Kim, sue the hell out of them, they deserved it. Asian and love it.

  106. Mandy says:

    Miley Cyrus is a moron. Enough said.

  107. xin xin says:

    what a bitch!!
    asian are awesome as hell!!!

  108. TheSeer says:

    Did anyone notice the ASIAN KID IN THE PHOTO?? Didn’t seem to bother him.

  109. TheSeer says:

    Second note: Most of those kids look completely stoned. Especially the wide-eyed asian kid in the front.

  110. Joe says:

    Well, Miley should just “suck it up” and pay.

  111. Joe says:

    Hey, check this out.

    If what Miley and her bozo friends was no big deal, how come the president of Clemson Collage is all outraged about this party with White students “celebrating” MLK Day by appearing in blackface? What’s the difference? African Americans do have dark skin, don’t they ?

    As for the Asian guy being in Miley’s picture, is that the “I’m not racist, some of my best friends are XXXX” excuse?

    For those who’ve been saying we don’t know the context of the picture (as if that excuses anything…), what about the context in which the Asian guy allowed himself to be photo’d ? Your friends act like shitheads, what should you do ?

  112. Joe says:

    Hey, check this out.

    If what Miley and her bozo friends did was no big deal, how come the president of Clemson Collage is all outraged about this party with White students “celebrating” MLK Day by appearing in blackface? What’s the difference? African Americans do have dark skin, don’t they ?

    As for the Asian guy being in Miley’s picture, isn’t that the tired old “I’m not a racist, some of my best friends are XXXX” excuse?

    For those who’ve been saying we don’t know the context of the picture (as if that excuses anything…), what about the context in which the Asian guy allowed himself to be photo’d ? Your friends act like shitheads, what should you do ?

  113. Jayme Thompson says:

    It doesn’t matter if deep down Miley is truly racist, it’s about the message that she’s sending. Anyone who thinks the photo is “just fun” needs to think long and hard about how we want our world to be in the future. Do you want your kids to think it’s ok to mock another race? The fact that an Asian appears in the picture does NOT make it any better. Is it ok to call an African American the “N” word just because they themselves use it in rap music? NO. This isn’t any better. The point is that by her calling it “harmless fun” and “no big deal” it’s sending a message to younger children that it’s ok to do it. And that IS NOT OK. Miley should be ashamed.

  114. Asian_Girl says:

    I HATE MILEY CYRUS SO MUCH!!!! XCCC She is a fucking stupid slut! What the hell did she think to make fun about (us) asians?!
    I could kill her, when I saw these pics. XC
    We asians don’t have slant eyes!!!

  115. ab1977 says:

    The difference between our kids and Mily Cyrus is that every move she makes is caught on film. If you think your own children have not make some face or comment that could be considered racist than you are a fool. The best you can hope for is that the humor fades away before they become adults, thats when it is truly offensive, but keep in mind its more of a reflection on the parents than the kids. Move on…..

  116. Gene says:

    Asian male here with my 2 cents: let’s say I did a photo and exaggerated my lip size by turning them out, then took a b-boy stance, etc. You know, old caricatures that white folks use to do towards black folk. Harmless “fun” face? Let’s say I did it with no malice in my heart. Let’s say I was rolling hard and/or burnt out of my mind. Just chillin and having fun. Let’s say this offends the shit out of black folk and I just said ‘hey chill, it’s cool man.’ Lesson: it’s not what the offender says that matters, it’s the fact that it offends. Bottom line is that it hurts and it is offensive and no amount of explaining away will change that fact. The only good that came out of this is that we know now that no amount of make up and hair product can hide the trailer trash that lurks within. I don’t need a half-ass apology, I don’t need an explanation. She is what she is, and now I know.

  117. Gene says:

    Oh one last thing. White people, remember when you guys used to make fun of black people openly? Remember those good old days when you left us Asians alone? Asian people wish those days were back. So incidentally, why did you stop making fun of black folk in that overt way? You used to think it was okay. . . oh I know, you learned that it wasn’t okay. You learned that it was hurtful and ugly, even though you found it socially acceptable before. So do the same for us. Evolve. Besides, I would love to make fun of white folks’ physical features . . . but it takes too long to get that obese. “Supersize that please!” Fatties.

  118. jjj says:

    gene-you are right. europeans and asians call the whites in america, ugly americans ,because they are so fat!

  119. Annie says:

    Rofl@ Gene. Got me busting up at my desk here.

    True facts.

  120. WTF says:

    Uhhh, where’s Miley Cyrus? I mean, I see her picture in the magazines.
    But seriously, this picture is so bogus, I can’t find her.

    And seriously, EVEN if your asain, you’ll stay steamy for awhile, get offended. Maybe hold a grudge for awhile.

    And down the road, you’ll say “I HATE MILEY CYRUS”.

    Suck it up you pansies, I’m asian, I look at this picture and you know what I see? I see a couple of teenagers using this subject as a joke, maybe to fool around. Why are you getting mad? Seriously!

  121. KC says:

    I don’t normally comment on this kind of thing, hell I’ve never commented on this kind of thing. That being said, I think we all need to get our heads out of our 4sses, and get over it. Is it just me, or does it seem that people are now LOOKING for things that could be ‘offensive’??? I’ll say ot once more… GET OVER IT!

  122. Ken says:

    How is a group picture of mostly “white” kids making “slanty eye” gestures NOT offensive? That photo is clearly racist. Making “slanty eye” gestures for fun? WTF? I couldn’t care less if there was an Asian guy in the photo. He’s probably a banana that wants to be “socially accepted” at the cost of his dignity and racial heritage. What a pawn…Negative Asian stereotypes are fueled by the media/hollywood and ignorant racists that deem it “socially acceptable” since Asians hardly counteract the issues. The Asians that commented and did not find the picture offensive either are brainwashed due to being ridiculed so much that they socially accept it or just don’t have an appreciation of their heritage. I wish you would make a “slanty eye” gesture in front of me and tell me to “GET OVER IT”!

  123. Jordan says:

    Miley Cyrus is a racist b!tch. Shes a lindsey lohan in training and in 3 years I wouldn’t be suprised if she starts doing coke and driving on the wrong side of the freeway.

    Also another thing to note is the asian guy in the photo. His body langauge screams insecurity which is probabley how i’d feel if everyone around me was making racist gestures.

  124. Simple says:

    Fuck all y’all.

    You make that gesture at me on the street, you just might get sliced.


  125. not tellin says:

    hey guys i dont think she was being racistt cause theres a asian dude in pic and he wouldent be her friend if she was raist to asians get the point move on stop tryin to catch her evry time a photo comes out

  126. whatsRacist says:

    oic so if a black kid was in the pic and everyone else paint their face black would not be racist.. ha

  127. Stop Crying says:

    They look pretty messed up in this picture, they look pretty stupid too. But I don’t get why this is racist especially because theres an asian dude right next to her. Pretty dumb to call this racist. I look like that all the time and I’m not asian my eyes are just slanted does that mean they’re teasing me too. I’m going to file a lawsuit against her too. I can right, why not the Asian people are doing it. See how stupid that sounds.

  128. Jeff says:

    “But I don’t get why this is racist especially because theres an asian dude right next to her”

    ever heard the phrase “my best friend’s black…”? Using that context, it’s OK to chant monkey noises if you’re sitting next to a black guy.

    Miley’s response: ““In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity! I was simply making a goofy face”

    What, by pulling back your eyes like, as history has shown, many whites have done when roleplaying as Asians in a condescending manner?

    Whatever. I have 3 daughters (all half chinese), a couple were big Hannah Montana fans before this, all I had to do was show them the picture and they understood.

    On the plus side, their rooms look a lot tidier as a result.

  129. melot says:

    I agree that it might have just been a joking around kind of thing with close friends, however, it doesn’t seem like the token Asian guy is “that” comfortable with them doing that. He was probably just like, “ok guys…that’s not kool, but I’m just not going to say anything because I’m outnumbered…” It is unfortunate for Miley this picture has leaked out, but now that it has, it IS a big deal. WHY? Because to me, it brought me back to 5th grade when this white guy made the same slanted eyes face at me and I didn’t understand why until years later. I didn’t understand what’s the big deal about my eyes that he had to draw attention to it, as if I could do anything about my small eyes. This is just me, this is who I am, so what of it? This happened to me when I was in elementary school, but it had a profound effect on my view of the world and how it functioned. I can forgive that guy, we were very young. But, these people in the picture are not that young. I believe that once you reach a certain age, you suffer consequences for your actions AND after a certain age, your actions are no longer just seen as child’s play, but rather, signs of discrimination. I do wish that we can confront ALL those people in the picture. ALL of them were very rude & very offensive. For those of you who cannot see that this is offensive, perhaps you are the lucky few who have never experienced racism or you are part of the white privileged class & just can’t see it.

  130. Sylvie says:

    LOL. xD

    I agree what she did was stupid and insensitive, but hey, it’s Miley Cyrus what do you expect?

    And I know she’s 16, but I’m 14 and I never make fun of other cultures like that. She should know better seriously.

  131. Redre says:

    Can you imagine what would have happened if she had made herself look like she had a big nose and hairy. Jews would have been up in arms.

    Every likes to tell people to lighten up until they themselves are made fun of.

  132. spoiled white girl says:

    “why is this offensive? I’m white, white people are made fun of all the time, I don’t get mad. My eyes are kind’ve slanted should I get mad? Just grow up”

    It doesn’t affect you because you’re (hopefully) an adult, but I guess we’ll see how your kids enjoy the cultural shift. The president’s half black, every other newscaster is a minority, Wall Street’s becoming more mixed everyday and your kids love hip hop. Soon you’ll be the minority, bitches

  133. Jenny says:

    All the people saying that it’s cool, and that people are blowing this out of proportion…grow up. Unless you were in our shoes, and an asian, you wouldn’t understand how offensive it is to be insulted because of a stereotype like that. I remember getting lunch from my mom in elementary school and having a caucasian kid run up to both of us screaming rubbish and making the slanted eyes gesture. Such a gesture is extremely hurtful, and most of you wouldn’t know because you aren’t in our shoes.

  134. Morgana says:

    Miley Cyrus, honestly? She’s such a bitch! I don’t know why in the first place she got so famous, her singing sucks and so is her acting. I hope she dies in a hole 😕 But who cares about this photo as karma will come around and smack her in the face!

  135. Anti Bullshit says:

    Her making slanted eyes isnt racist as hell, asians have more slanted eyes then americans do, get over it. She doesnt need to apologize for anything, because it was obviously a joke and wasnt racist at all. Get over it. Done.