Kristen Stewart on fashion, advertising photo shoots: ‘It was always f–king torture’


Here are some photos of Kristen Stewart out and about in Beverly Hills over the weekend. According to Fame/Flynet, “Kristen stopped by a library and then by a newsstand. She carried with her a bottle of Smart Water and a piece of paper that said ‘We The People’.” What does it all mean?! Kristen has a library card! Kristen reads magazines! Kristen drinks SmartWater! So much to analyze. I’m not sure where Robert Pattinson is these days, but I hope he’s still in England and I’ve heard some rumors that he’s moving on from Kristen. Let’s hope. Let’s also hope that Kristen realizes that the end has come, because I kind of want to see who her next boyfriend would be too.

Anyway, Kristen is still the face of Balenciaga’s fragrances. She’s done campaigns for Florabotanica, and she recently shot a campaign for the new fragrance, Rosabotanica. I’m including the new print ad at the end of the post! To promote the campaign, Kristen spoke to Flare Mag about working for Balenciaga, and about her ART. She drops two f-bombs within the first three sentences. ART.

It’s been a tough year for Twihards. The film series ended, Robsten split, and neither Kristen Stewart nor Robert Pattinson has graced the screen since. But wait: Stewart’s angsty lip curl can now be spotted on a new crop of Balenciaga ads for Rosabotanica (Florabotanica’s follow-up scent), where her stony, smoky-eyed stare contrasts the vivid floral vines creeping over her shoulder. The spicy rose-pepper blend aptly reflects the non-conformist personality the 23-year-old’s fans have come to adore. Stewart’s F-bombed frankness and red-carpet Chuck Taylors are some of her best assets—because they’re real.

“I had looked at the fashion world as superficial,” she admits when asked about her collaboration with Balenciaga’s former creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, whom she considers a “true artist.”

“Before the photo shoot I did with him, it was always f–king torture,” she says of studio sessions. It’s this passion-first attitude that precipitated a gutsy two-year acting hiatus. “Unless there’s a story that you just f–king have to help bring to life, it’s not worth it,” she explains. Two roles have lured her back. In Sils Maria, she portrays a personal assistant to a troubled, aging actress, played by real-life Oscar winner Juliette Binoche. And in Camp X-Ray, a drama set in Guantanamo Bay, she plays a simple girl with unwavering ideals who realizes life isn’t black-and-white. “Her eyes are smashed open, and I know that feeling,” Stewart says, hinting, perhaps, at last year’s troubles.

As Twi fans wait for those flicks and her newly announced Chanel fashion campaign to be released later this year, they continue to beg, via tear-filled YouTube tirades, for a Bella-and-Edward reunion, be it fictional or real. Meanwhile, gossip blogs speculate daily about the pair’s on-again, off-again status.

“They cast you as easily identifiable characters they can sell to the masses,” says Stewart. “When people pick up newspapers and read perfect summaries of my life in little concise stories, it’s kind of silly. Can anyone’s life be put into words like that?” Stewart is far from one-dimensional, and it’s that sense of mystery that keeps us hooked. A rose any less thorny surely wouldn’t be as sweet.

[From Flare]

LOL: “It’s this passion-first attitude that precipitated a gutsy two-year acting hiatus.” Yes. I guess that’s how she’s going to play it? She’s CHOSEN not to work because she’s such a ballsy, creative artist who cares so deeply in her art. It’s not that no one wanted to work with her lip-biting, married-man-banging ass. Which was the bigger deterrent for Hollywood: that she and Rupert Saunders had such a huge affair that was revealed in such a huge way, or that Kristen has the emotional range of a peanut?

Also: “Before the photo shoot I did with him, it was always f–king torture.” Chica has a problem with hyperbole. That’s what I’ve come to realize. We shouldn’t take her words literally.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes video for the Rosabotanica shoot:

kstew balenciaga


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Balenciaga.

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  1. bns says:

    She is so full of shit.

    • Tapioca says:

      But at least she smells nice!

      She is keeping it real, though – 3 years of watching Jennifer Lawrence show how it’s done and she’s still as sweary and sulky as ever.

      • Janna says:

        I think her growing up on a movie set, listening to the adults talk with I am sure a lot of swear words, instilled in her the vocabulary she would grow up with. I don’t think she will ever change the way she talks. I don’t see how she can act and not let the words slip out. I see she has signed up for Equals playing opposite of Nicholas Sparks. The script was sent to JLaw first but she turned it down because she said she couldn’t see herself playing that character. Looks like she would have wanted to play opposite her real life boyfriend, so it will be Kristen and Nick together.

      • jaye says:

        @Janna…JLaw’s boyfriend’s name is Nicholas Hoult.

    • Frida_K says:

      But…but…she’s wearing Chucks and really cool glasses! And she has a LIBRARY CARD.


    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Two year acting hiatus. Uh huh.

      • marie says:

        That was because she was trying her bests to get Rob to come back to her and stay.

      • Mica says:

        Yeah, uh huh. no way H’wood stops employing actresses who blow up the internet and magazine racks on a regular basis, that would be beyond dumb. kristen stewart could run over a little old lady in that minicooper and hollywood would still put her in a movie. Are you for real? So H’wood is not giving work to people based on their personal lives and supposed indiscretions? It must be a ghost town where no movies are made, ever. Oops. But it’s not.

  2. Maria says:

    Go away.

    • Meaghan says:

      Ha, the more people hate her the more I seem to like her.

      And I do believe her 2 year hiatus was her choice, you can’t tell me people weren’t throwing scripts at her because of all the controversy that surrounds her. They were probably not the best scripts, which is what she may mean by saying that if a story isn’t worth telling she won’t do it.

      All this hate for her, its bewildering to me. Why is it all my favourite celebs are the ones everyone seems to hate? Leonardo Dicaprio, Hugh Grant, Britney Spears…. lol

      • aquarius64 says:

        Uh yes it was because her Mini-Coopering. If Stewart truly survived her cheating scandal:

        She would have been getting better scripts by now
        Robsten would not have ended.

      • Mica says:

        Aquarius, what planet do you live on? Jack Nicholson, Elizabeth Taylor, Harvey Weinstein, woody Allen, Audrey Hepburn, Sean Penn, and a million and one other LEGENDS, all adulterers, with questionable personal indiscretions…and yet your theory is that they’d punish ONLY Stewart by withholding roles all because of her little tabloid clinch? yes, they’ll punish her just like they do with Angelina and her 20 mil paychecks, and Oscar nods. Hahaha

  3. Delta Juliet says:

    I agree. Having your picture taken while you have the same sullen expression you wear every day, and get paid HANDSOMELY for it. Torture, totally.

    Stupid twit needs to get her head out of her butt.

    • Div says:

      Eh, she said she used to feel that way and I think the point was she changed her mind…still though it was a stupid choice of words.

      • Mica says:

        So on a sweltering hot summer day, when you say you were ‘dying because of the heat,’ is that just hyperbole, like you know, EVERYONE on the planet uses, OR…is it a ‘stupid choice of words,’ that makes you ungrateful to be alive, and also hurts the feelings of dead people’s families? If it’s the latter wouldn’t that make you just like Kristen Stewart?

  4. Div says:

    Isn’t this an old interview? I swear I’ve read those quotes about Nicolas G before. Eh, at least she acknowledges she likes it now. Whatever, this schtick is tired.

  5. Marigold says:

    Ceiling eyes. That is all.

  6. msw says:

    Then stop it. K Stew seems like the type of person I hate to be around. Always bitching about everything because she has nothing substantive or of value to bring to the conversation.

    • Maureen says:

      Nothing worse than an ingrate.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Exactly. She is average looking and not especially talented, and she has NO idea how lucky she is to have gotten a break. I hope she fades fast.

    • mimi says:

      I don’t think she’s actually bitching about anything in this interview. It sounds like she’s trying to explain that her opinion of doing fashion shoots has changed alot once she started working with Nicholas Ghesquière, whom she has known for many years. They both seem to have mutual respect and affection for one another. I see the point she’s trying to convey. Balenciaga photoshoots, with Nicolas there giving his creative, artistic input appealed more to Kristen and helped to change her overall opinion about photoshoots in general. She’s getting older and she’s admitting that her opinions are changing. Nbd.

      • T.C. says:

        Was anyone putting a gun to her head before to do those other fashion shoots that were torture? Is anyone forcing her to act in movies? She can go do theater or TV to get less attention.

      • mimi says:


        Everybody has aspects of their job they don’t like but that’s life. We don’t quit our jobs especially if we enjoy them just because we don’t like some things about them. Kristen loves acting in films. She has never said otherwise. She doesn’t like certain things about her profession but how is that any different from a doctor who loves saving lives but doesn’t care for the long hours, emergency calls interrupting private time or endless paperwork. Do we tell him to seek out another profession too? She even says in this interview that her opinion has changed and she doesn’t feel the same as before. Changing a once negative opinion into a more positive one shows a sign of growth and maturity, imho. And she certainly shouldn’t be criticized for changing her opinion for the better!

      • FLORC says:

        Kristen is just appreciative there’s a hand to feed her at this point. She was shut out in the cold after the minicoopering.
        She’s playing nice. This interview is showing no evidence she’s changed her ways for the better. Just doing damage control to get work.

        And to answer the question posed by Kaiser
        The bigger deterent for Hollywood is that she had an affair and it was exposed in such a big way. That means she will never be profitable enough to ignore the fact that she as the emotional range of a peanut. Her fan base was only for twilight and now that Rob is gone she has no base.

      • Apples says:

        This girl isn’t showing any “sign of growth and maturity.” This new picture was posted of her today.
        FLORC is correct- she hasn’t changed her ways for the better.

      • Mica says:

        To ‘FLORC,’

        I would say your presumed knowledge about this girl, and her personal/professional life along with the icky little nicknames you use popular with her ‘haters,’ tell the tale, which is: you’re too into her, and waaay overinvested. Yes, your disdain and snide mouth absolutely tell us how much you loathe her, but my guess is you also know every aspect of what you think her life is, thus making you, super pathetic.

        As for your theories on her employment status. It always amuses me how the same haters who made it their full time job since 2008-2009 to denigrate this young woman’s career and acting ability even as she made her way thru multiple extremely well reviewed indie performances and a huge franchise at the advanced age of 17-18 years old, and regularly tried to say she’d disappear post Twilight, are still living in an alternate reality where in their mind she’s a struggling nobody trying to beg for work. Hahahha

        How does that work exactly? You get calls for Chanel and Vogue and W covers, and no movie offers? Even J.Lo and Jennifer Anuston and Vanessa Hudgeons make movies….you don’t have to be Meryl Streep or even have a track record of GOOD movies behind you.

        Stewart sells out magazines, trends on Twitter, pushes sales off the charts for fashion houses, and maintains a massive fan base (yes, she does have one, and it’s just as imposing as ever – she still wins all those little fan based award shows when nominated, even POST- ‘minicoopering,’ so there goes that theory of yours…or is it your wishful thinking? lol)

        …she still blows up message boards, and has ishes fawning over her AND ripping their hair out (that’s gold to studios) so how is it you figure that no one wants her for films, unless she makes nice by using only two f-words per interview instead of the usual six? Really??!! In case you hadn’t noticed, her dance card is full. She’s got great buzz heading into SUNDANCE, much like her last trip there, and she still has her bf.

        As for Apples, and her paparazzi pic of Kristen flipping the bird to some awful grown man who regularly yells foul disgusting things her way – why is it okay, for adults twice Stewarts age to do the same thing and get a hearty ‘You GO Sean penn/Kanye/Gaga/Adele/Charlize/Ben Affleck/AlecBaldwin!!’ While Kristen who gets it 100x worse than all of those people put together, is seen as rude and immature? Why is she an ‘ingrate,’ and they aren’t?

        Some of these irrational haters, can’t even justify their behavior and angst over this girl. It’s beyond real. In short, she really does own you.

      • Lauraq says:

        Yes, everyone has aspects of their job they don’t like, and we bitch about them to OUR FRIENDS. A nurse doesn’t tell their patient how annoying changing bedpans is. A mechanic doesn’t tell a customer how annoying it is that they don’t know anything about their car. I’m a bartender and my customers think I just LOVE how they say no to another drink, then yell at me across the bar 30 seconds later while I’m serving another customer to tell me they changed their mind and they need a new drink NOW, and also a complicated way Keno ticket for one game at a time.
        Be annoyed at parts of your job, but don’t bitch about it to the people who are providing your paycheck.

  7. Sullivan says:

    So pretty. I like her with specs.

  8. Sisi says:

    she should hook up with Shia

  9. Maureen says:

    Oh Kristen Stewart, having to look at your snotty face and listen to your ungrateful attitude and watch your horrible “acting” when I’m stuck on an airplane is “f*cking torture” to me.

  10. LadyJane says:

    Girls needs to live in the real world, working a real, shit job for an asshole just to keep a roof over her head and food on the table. Then she can talk about what ‘torture’ it is to do a high fashion photo shoot and get paid millions. I just can’t with this girl.

    • lucy2 says:

      I realize every job has its downside and nothing is 100% fun, but…come on. She got paid millions to do very little. Be grateful and save the bitching about it for your friends and family, not the general public.

      • Dana says:

        Right? Even having the OPTION of not working for 2 years (whether it was honestly her choice or just a lack of good offers) is a luxury most of us could NEVER indulge in. While I’m working 5 days a week all year long, I’ll pity the girl who didn’t bother to get her high school diploma until she was 19 and now gets to make millions working an average of 2-3 months a year. Poor baby.

  11. Leah says:

    She should get with Johnny Depp, they are perfect for each other.

  12. Corrie says:

    No comment besides – how many best friends/roommates go with you EVERYWHERE. Its odd to say the least. I’d rather that be her new Robert Pattinson than just her shadow. Odd. Wink.

  13. CarnivalBaby says:

    So Twilight was a story that just had to be brought to the screen? Twilight? Okay then…I would love to hear the rest of her argument. She seems incredibly ungrateful. I’m not a fan, but if I was I would wonder why the hell am I investing all this time on her and she could care less about her career or her fans. If she hates most movies and only does the ones that “must” be brought to life, and hates fashion except for xy and z; then don’t do it and fade away from our consciousness….

    • jaye says:

      Well, you have to consider that she wasn’t the mega-celebrity she is now when she signed on to do those movies. My guess is that her management felt is was a good way to raise her profile in order to get more work. And the Twilight novel was the runaway hit at the time.

  14. blue marie says:

    Hell, if all it takes to be an artist is droppin’ the f-bomb then I’m bigger than Kanye. ha! I think her lack of acting ability is what kept her out of movies, but that’s just my opinion.

    The photo for her fragrance campaign is pretty.

  15. Lila says:

    This actually isn’t really offensive to me as far as Kristen Stewart interviews go. She admitted that she was wrong about fashion in the past dealing with that hypocrisy label that’s been thrown at her since she signed onto the campaigns. Her comments about the way magazines talk about celebs are actually on point. She seems more adult in this interview than I think I’ve ever seen her. Possibly because it’s mostly article and very little her talking? Either way, she came off well to me. And yes, she uses hyperbole. As do most people when talking about emotion.

    The idea that no one would hire her for two years is crap. It doesn’t matter if she can act or not. It doesn’t matter what scandal she was in. Actresses as famous as Kristen Stewart get hired. Maybe not on prestige projects or their first pick, but they get hired. The idea that this incredibly wealthy 23 year old who was having family and personal issues and had just been through a fame whirl that she openly hated chose to step back for a couple of years is the obvious answer for me rather than some massive Hollywood backlash where no one would touch her. History tells me that Hollywood doesn’t care so that doesn’t play for me from either side.

    The library stuff is actually more interesting to me than the article. It’s just so random for a starlet, mainly because is has a vibe of being studious which doesn’t match Stewart. Maybe she’s researching a role.

    • Leah says:

      i don’t think no one would touch her. I think her crown as teen franchise queen was stolen by Jlaw who if not as beautiful is considered a very talented actress and she has massive charm that appealed to the mainstream in a way Kristen never did. Jlaw has the combination of talent and box office appeal that HW loves

      The problem for Kristen is that she hasn’t proven she can make money for studios outside of Twilight and she isn’t that great an actress. She could do indies but she is probably too expensive for most indies and there are plenty of better actresses her age or younger, like Mia Wasikowski and Saroise Ronan and Chloe Moretz. They also don’t come with the twilight baggage.

      • Alina says:

        i don´t think the crown as teen franchise queen was stolen by Lawrence. The crown wanders automatically when the next teenie fantasy movie series starts. New is always better

        … – Emma Watson – Keira Knightley – Kristen Stewart – Jennifer Lawrence – next one soon – …

      • mimi says:


        I couldn’t agree with you more: HP —> POTC —> Twilight —> THG —> next big one

      • Leah says:

        Sure but in Jlaw they struck gold. You have someone winning lots of awards and simunatnously appearing in box office smash hits. You can’t say the same for the rest of them, Kristen has never been near an oscar nom and most of her movies in recent years bar the twilight franchise did not make much money. It seems to me that Jlaw is far and above those others, she is more like how Julia Roberts was in her time perhaps?

      • Mica says:

        To Leah, I think you’re confused. First off, a correction, Stewart proved herself beyond the Twilight franchise, by carrying the lead and opening another half BILLION dollar grossing film, Snow White. How quickly her hater detractors forget. Make no mistake, it was her, not Theron, or Hemsworth – when he’s in films other than Thor, they flop, and Charlize has never ‘opened’ a film in her life. Stewarts fans turned out for her alone.

        2nd, there are actresses whose careers are not contingent upon having box office smashes, and in fact all they do is indies – or on the odd chance they do a wide release, they themselves are not expected to carry it all alone. See Kate Winslet, see Charlize Theron, see Shailene Woodley, see Zooy Deschanel, see the Fanning sisters, Parker Posey, see Moretz, see Sairse Ronan, Knightley, and hundreds of other successful working actors who can’t sell a magazine or get a successful franchise to save their lives, and guess what? It doesn’t mean they won’t get the job if they don’t. Do you really think Kristen Stewart wants to be in a race to be, as you called it, ‘the Queen of the teen franchises?’ She just finished an almost 6 year long sentence working her arse off, and saying repeatedly all she wanted was to do indies. Seeing as she and Jlaw are friends, I’m sure she wishes her the very best, and is glad to hand her the teen queen baton. Except there is one thing you cannot hand off – the absolute voracious need to read, dissect and feverishly follow someone, Lawrence doesn’t have that like Kristen does. not that she wants it either.

        Kristen, quite a long time ago, at a very young age, around the time of the first twilight, said she didn’t want to be Angelina Jolie, i.e., super famous movie star. She wanted to act, and that’s all. It’s not as if actresses HAVE to be Angelina or Jennifer Lawrence, and if they’re not, they aren’t in films, and can’t work. Are you serious? If there was no room for anyone else, we certainly wouldn’t have to put up with godawful crap rom coms that always flop from Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.

  16. Jaded says:

    Oh sure you little idiot, it’s f*cking torture to make gazillions of dollars for basically sitting there getting your picture taken. Here’s what’s f%cking torture – not being able to pay rent or eat or go to school or worse, having to live in a war torn country where women have no rights and fear for their lives if they dare ask for those rights. She is beyond stupid and arrogant.

  17. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Does she honestly believe that WE’LL believe that she hasn’t worked because she didn’t want to?


    It wasn’t just that she had an affair, before the release date of a huge franchise, dry humping, blah, blah, blah–I think it’s just that that was the end of any goodwill she had. I remember her interviews and appearances from before that–she was talking about how ‘real’ and ‘edgy’ she was–how she hated Hollywood cliches. She would show up on the red carpet looking sullen and grumpy, and basically looked like she didn’t want to be there. Then, during the press tour for the last shitty Twilight movie, she was saying stuff like ‘I like to keep ‘em guessing’ (when a reporter asked her if she and Rob were back together)–chica NO.

    You don’t get to act coy and cutesy when you were caught getting dry humped by your creepy scumbag married director. I think, with all that added in, and also the fact that she can’t act—that’s what sent producers running from her. I don’t think she’s worth it. I don’t think Kristen is so difficult to work with or anything–but before the affair she was a huge trash talker, blaming everyone for what she did or didn’t do (remember her saying her teachers failed her?), wouldn’t properly promote her work. Now she’s playing a little nicer.

    • aquarius64 says:

      There was an article out there alleging that Kristen was Mini-Coopering Rupert AFTER they got busted by US Weekly AND while she was reportedly trying to patch things up with Rob. No corroborating evidence, but it’s out there.

      As for her acting dry spell – Kristen defenders forget she put TWO franchises in financial danger because of her foolishness. Breaking Dawn 2 dodged a bullet because the powers that be moved heaven and earth to assure the box office didn’t take a hit (namely, have Rob and Kristen reconcile and be seen together before opening weekend). Studio heads don’t forget that; so no matter how good an actress you think she is, Kristen has to prove she won’t endanger profits with her personal behavior. Money talks.

      • mimi says:


        There was never any proof that Kristen and Rupert continued seeing eachother after the pap pics from the summer of 2012 were released. The only mentions of it were created by hateful Robert Pattinson stans who were spreading lies about Kristen to various gossip sites via twitter. Nothing ever panned out even when they falsely claimed Kristen got into a car with Rupert at a Mexican restaurant parking lot because the truth was revealed when the restaurant manager stated that the man in the car wasn’t Rupert but the restaurant’s own valet employee. LOL

        Studio heads are only interested in the end result…the amount of money the film makes for them. Since Breaking Dawn Part 2 made tons and tons of money at the box office and in dvd sales AND SWATH made a huge profit as well, the cheating pictures, no matter how much attention they initially garnered, didn’t interfere with the huge profits both films made in the end. If anything, it proved her very public indiscretion had absolutely no negative effect at the box office and in dvd sales.

  18. Suze says:

    What is hanging by her crotch in the third shot? I really don’t want to zoom in.

  19. Josephine says:

    Surely she’s rich enough not to do “torturous” ad campaigns? It’s so distasteful to hear complaints from folks who do ad campaigns for huge amounts of cash for doing basically nothing.

    As for the ad campaign, I find it odd that they chose her since the pic doesn’t look much like her. If I were flipping through a magazine, I would not identify that as her. They should have left her trademark hair down.

  20. linlin says:

    You know what is more offensive than a young rich actress talking about how photo shoots are like torture? A young actress who just did a film about Guantanamo talking about how photo shoots are torture.

  21. Robstencuteness says:

    Kristen went through a tough year with the fake Rupert set up but her and Rob are stronger than ever. She has 2 movies Camp X-ray and Sils Maria that will be nominated for awards for sure. It will redefine her as an actress. Big fashion houses like Chanel and Balenciaga want to work with her. She’s pregnant with Rob’s baby and is due in April. Life couldn’t be sweeter. She WINS.

    • Dani says:

      Hi Kristen!

    • blueclouds says:

      Umm … Are you OK?

    • Another Ann says:

      How’s life on that puffy cloud?

      Seriously, where do these crazy pregnancy conspiracy theories come from? How could she be 6 months pregnant when she was just photographed in her usual skin tight skinny jeans?

    • Janet says:

      How old are you, honey? Twelve and a half?

    • Kat says:

      You definitely forgot your meds today. You are in Twilight disillusionment. The above photo of her has her belly flat and I don’t think Rob has touched her since last May. As far as her two films, we will have to wait and see how they are received. You must be one of the Robsten people. Honey, that has been long over.

  22. Luca26 says:

    I actually feel sorry for her. She obviously hates working in the entertainment field , she isn’t talented, and being a product of Hollywood she isn’t going to do anything outside of the entertainment field. The further she gets from Twilight her pay checks are going to dwindle and she’s just going to get more miserable. She is just another example of how awful a decision it is to push your child into acting.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      So why not take the money and run? She received millions for the Twilight films – 7.5% of the gross receipts for the last two movies on top of 25 million for Breaking a Dawn I & II. She likes the attention, plain and simple. She could easily disappear, go to college, have a career in the arts behind the scenes where she didn’t face constant scrutiny. Kristen’s novelty has worn off and she’s trying to resurrect her career. I don’t see it working, they’re too many hungry, more talented actors more than willing to sell themselves for a part. At this point in her career, she has more notoriety because of her personal life than her filmography. My point being, Kristen Stewart is no longer a child actor, she’s an adult. She could get out of the entertainment field if she really wanted to leave.

      • Luca26 says:

        Child stardom is a form of child abuse, they say you stop maturing once you get success in the entertainment field so to me Kristen has the maturity of a sullen adolescent and yeah I pity her. I acknowledge that she has a huge amount of money to fall back on but she has no social skills, she’s miserable, and she has displayed a self-destructive streak the size of Nevada. Basically all the success she had in her younger years has endangered her chances at happiness in adulthood and people feel comfortable in their contempt for her. She may be ungrateful and a miserable brat but she’s been coddled into that behavior by her team, and her obsessed fandom.

  23. Dani says:

    I mean if you’re sooo miserable with what you do…why are you willingly do it? Go back to college, get a degree and get a normal persons job if it’s ‘torture’ to barely sneer at a camera for a few hours and go home a million dollars richer. Brat.

    • mj says:

      Because we all know that going to college and getting a degree totally means you can succeed. Also, she’s been in the celebrity bubble since she was a child. It’s understandable that she doesn’t know what else to do. And before anyone points out Danica Keller please note that she is one of the rare exceptions, and also happens to be smart and naturally academically inclined. And was not receiving death threats on the regular. I don’t particularly like Kristen Stewart and I don’t like much of her acting, but I don’t think she could have predicted what would happen with Twilight, and I suspect she’s been having a difficult time dealing with that. Have you seen the videos of her being barraged after a flight? No one expects that, no one asks for that, and once it happens enough that you come to expect it, you’re a changed person. You cannot go back to being normal; your gauge is totally off. So I will defend her in so far as the regard that our creation of the contemporary celebrity is flawed and damaging. I know most of you are not Twihards but understand there are literally hundreds of thousands of them, if not millions. Lady Gaga requested that level of fame. Beyonce requests that level of fame. I sincerely think Kristen Stewart did not, and now she’s left grappling with what it did to her and what it means.

      • Hannah says:

        Oh please. She asking for it too, why is she doing fashion campaigns if not when she doesn’t give a fk about fashion? She’s just as thirsty.

      • Dani says:

        She didn’t request that level of fame? Then why did she sign up for the Twilight franchise? I find it laughable that people feel bad for celebrities. They KNEW what fame came with and they still willingly pursued acting/music. Cry me a river she’s richer than 95% of people her age and yet she still complains about it being ‘torture.’ Having a degree and getting a job would give her a normal life that she seems to want as opposed to suffering in her acting life, regardless of her being famous once before or not. Just because you’re born into something doesn’t mean it makes you or breaks you. Her whole attitude stinks of ‘holier than thou’ and ‘unappreciative brat.’

      • Andrea says:

        “Have you seen the videos of her being barraged after a flight?” Oh please. That was barely ever her life at the height of Twilight and it’s most definitely not her life NOW. The world’s moved on. She’s not on tabloid covers these days, she’s papped primarily when her team sets it up. If she wanted to fade away to do indies she was well on her way. Instead she’s hustling for Chanel contracts and trying to launch a 2nd franchise with Snow White. Anyone who thinks this girl didn’t want the fame is kidding themselves.

  24. Cricket says:

    I wish she could do a photoshoot with her mouth closed! Every photo has the exact same expression.

    What happened with her being in the Ben Affleck movie? And wasn’t there talk about a role with Will Smith but he pulled out when told he would be working with her? And isn’t her co-star in this ‘story that had to be told’ war flick some dude that was in jail?

  25. Kemper says:

    Her face looks dead in the perfume ad. No emotion or expression. If this is what Chanel bought into. . . God help them.

  26. Dingo says:

    I would kill for here skin!

    • Latisse says:

      OH, I can help with that! Just go to the store. Go to the make-up aisle, right next to the Herbal Essences face wash, there’s this really great facial scrub called Photoshop. It’s amazing. I heard like, all the celebs swear by it!! You’re welcome!!

      • mimi says:



        Since when do paps use Photoshop to make the celebs they’re photographing more attractive? If anything, they try to get them looking or behaving their absolute worst in every way possible to get more “interesting” pics. That’s why they provoke celebs into reacting negatively towards them by saying offensive and rude things to them.

  27. Elisabeth says:

    Life is hard when you are pointless Kristen

  28. GIRLFACE says:

    So this is what I got from this: “Blah blah I still hate my parents and society blah blah fashion shoots are torture. Blah blah blah I’m like, in this movie about some girl in like, Guantanamo bay… The part where I get to like, have two minutes outside without complete sensory deprivation, which my character endures for like 23 hours a day, which is why they cast me, was like such torture because the sun was like bright and I had to try to act and it was really hot. It was kind of like being caught red handed doing explicit things with a dirty married man who could be my dad in public. That must be what like, people in Guantanamo bay feel like every single day. Or like they’re in some like fashion nightmare and their publicist is like calling them a lot while they have to be really still. But it’s okay because I like have a library card and totally read 9/11 for Dummies after I rented a Proust novel for the purpose of strategically placing it on my coffee table so I could like, appear cooler than I really am. So it’s like deeply important to me to read. Punk rock.” Wow. I don’t even know. She kills me. So annoyingggg. Can’t handle. She should hook up with Shia for real.

  29. OhDear says:

    To be fair, she’s saying that her perspective has changed re: photo shoots. However, it’s only because she’s working with Ghesquière, not because she realizes that it’s better than cleaning offices or some other job.

    IMO, she (and her team) tries so hard to act all arty and rebellious and not mainstream that I think it’s a strategy.

    • nadia says:

      Exactly, because every other fashion shoot she did was BENEATH her until his marvelousness chose her for his campaign. What torture it must have been to grace the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair to sell her movies before before she could do the same thing in the name of…a perfume.

      Can someone please coach her if she’s going to be doing much more of these in the future?

      How hard would it be to string together something like “Nicholas opened my eyes to fashion and I’ve really come to appreciate it more than I used to” ? I’m guessing that’s what she was told to say, but she twisted it into something that sounds simultaneously arrogant and ignorant. She clearly thinks she’s being profound, but she really sounds like she has the depth of a raindrop. Horrible combination. Maybe this photo op at the library was damage control for this interview! LOOK-she totally reads!

      • mimi says:

        I think you’re missing the point. She’s saying she USED to think fashion was superficial and doing fashion shoots WAS tortuous for her. Past tense. Why is anyone surprised by her honesty on the matter? She is a tomboy at heart who has always preferred jeans, t-shirts and sneakers to high end fashion. She knows that part of her job as an actress is to sell and promote her films which requires her to dress up in fancy designer clothing that she normally would not wear. In this interview, she is admitting that her opinions of having to do photoshoots for promo have changed since working closely with Nicolas on the Balenciaga campaign. He was obviously able to show her a different prospective about doing fashion shoots which has had a positive effect and change of her once unfavorable opinion of them. I don’t see anything damaging about what she’s saying here. She may be guilty of exaggeration, i. e. saying photoshoots were once “tortuous” for her , but the point she was trying to make is that she no longer feels that way.

        It’s no secret Kristen loves to read. She has shared her love of books and some of her favorite reading material for years in interviews. How a pap pic of her making a trip to the public library turns into something calculated and used only for good PR is so ridiculous. The girl has always expressed a love of reading and is known to do research on the characters she ends up portraying on film. Who knows what she was there for but to automatically assume she’s using it under false pretenses to trick the public is very far-fetched.

      • Sullivan says:

        Mimi, you are the voice of reason.

  30. Eleonor says:

    She is James Franco soulmate. The most insufferable couple ever.

  31. Tig says:

    Is it possible to be a spokesperson and just not speak? Seriously, she really does herself in everytime she opens her mouth. Can you imagine what a debacle it’ll be if she’s expected to “discuss” Chanel? Yeesh!

    • Mica says:

      …and yet they still keep giving her deals at bigger and bigger fashion houses. Great to be her, sucks to be you.

  32. Dana says:

    She’s just not a likeable person. Even when what she says isn’t that bad, she’ll manage to say it in a way that still makes you roll your eyes. I kind of tried to like her when Twilight first came out, just for the irony of such a bitch playing bland Mary Sue Bella, but I had to give it up at a certain point (long before she got caught having an affair) because she just comes off as such an insufferable person.

    Is this campaign really new? That pic looks just like the one that came out months ago. This campaign is seeming pretty skimpy.

  33. gritsngreens says:

    I am SO OVER this chick.
    Here’s the thing to all the “Actors” and “Artists” out there….

    If the paparazzi are sooooo terrible (talking to you Kim K) or life is just so difficult (you fake hipster TERRIBLE actress), or you can’t stand all these people preening over you (might as well throw Harrison Ford under the bus) then it’s just this simple. GO AWAY.

    This one is not particularly gifted, nor that pretty, and someone just like her with better PR skills is around the corner ready to take her place. So bring it.

  34. Sandu Ciorba says:

    I like her. I ship her with Alicia.

  35. WendyNerd says:

    You know, I used to act and talk just like her. I thought I was hot shit, being an anti-conformist intellectual. God I’m glad I grew out of that when I turned fifteen.

    How old is she again?

  36. jemshoes says:

    I honestly thought this fragrance was called, “Robot-botanical”, at first glance!

  37. Whitney says:

    I just don’t get her appeal at all. Everything about her is lackluster at best.

    • Mica says:

      Let’s put it this way: she blows up message boards, gossip pages and the Internet, sells magazines, couture houses fall all over themselves to work with her, and people always want to talk about her and her life, including you, despite your protestations that she is ‘lackluster,’ that’s actually the opposite of lackluster, that’s called being charismatic. It might be indefinable, something you can’t put your finger on, but she’s got you interested enough to post and discuss her, and I’m sure this isn’t your first time.

  38. Moz says:

    Is this a little hetero-normic? Shouldn’t we be looking forward to her next boyfriend or girlfriend? Am I being overly hopeful, or is there something in the fact that she always dresses very neutrally if it is up to her and looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE in a dress. Also in all recent photos, she seems to have a promising looking lady trailing….

    • original almond says:

      Heteronormative or not, it’s the image with which the public has associated her since her introduction to the spotlight. The entire Twilight franchise promotion strategy was built around the Bella-Edward in real life, i. e. Robsten. And them of course, it didn’t help that she was caught in broad daylight, on the side of a road, minicoopering with the male director of her latest franchise.
      But I think it could be very likely that sometime in the future there’ll be a press release announcing her coming out as bi. Who knows, but that chick she’s always with acts more “boyfriendy” and chivalrous than Sparkles ever did. I have greater hopes for them.

      • Mica says:

        Yes, because you’ve forgotten his name is Robert Pattinson.

        First of all, yes you can be a girl who loves jeans and tees and baseball caps for everyday wear WAY more than dresses, and high heels and still be straight. There are MILLIONS of us out there, I’m one of them, so I know this for a fact. Who knew, right??!!!

        Secondly, you’re using ‘homosexuality’ as a denigrating insult for Stewart and/or Pattinson, that’s pretty despicable right there – but lets just say *hypothetically,* that that pans out for one or the other or both of these two young people one day….

        Holding a press-con or issuing a press release about who they now want to have sexual relationships with, is the LAST thing they would do. It’s none of your business. How many times do Stewart and even Pattinson, have to express utter disdain and contempt for the media intrusion into their private lives – yet you think they’re going to issue a press release on who they’re dating and having sex with all of a sudden? Ok. Right lady, great powers of deduction there. Lol

        Lastly, a point I’d like to make. These are two kids who essentially grew up in ‘Show biz,’ and the arts, they have gay friends and family, and they’ve portrayed gay characters on film wholeheartedly. I dare say because of this, they were/are more mature than most, and certainly knew about sexuality and gender from a young age. Kristen’s mother did a film about transgendered kids, Rob had full on homosexual scenes in a couple movies. You can’t really have it both ways in situations like this by saying, they’re hiding to promote the 10 year anniversary 2018 DVD Director’s cut edition of Twilight, or because they’re so ashamed, or because they want to be the biggest superstars in the world with a kajillion dollars in the bank (oops! thats already happened years ago, hasn’t it?!), or because they’re just so naive and still figuring out their sexuality….bahahaha, PLEASE…she’s going on mid-20s, Rob is late 20′s. That really doesn’t even jibe with them already having played lesbians and gay males on film (because yah…that would really make them less suspect) – wouldn’t you run in the opposite direction?!

        In other words you don’t make sense. A secret lesbian who knows what gay is, and is surrounded by gay people doesn’t really need to discuss her boyfriends armpits or having his baby, they would just not say anything.

        Bottomline, Rob and Kristen have been together for 5 years, and love each other according to people I know in the industry. It’s real. What’s truly bizarre are all these weird obsessed women whose illogic goes around the world, up to and including being terribly homophobic, to try and convince themselves they are not a real couple.

        Go back to your fanfic ladies and leave these two kids alone.

      • Apples says:

        I wasn’t 100% clear, do you think Stewart and Pattinson are currently dating?

      • original almond says:

        Mica, sweetheart, I think you need to take step back and a deep breath. While your passionate reply does you credit, it however completely missed the mark on what I said. I wish you would show me with a examples from text where exactly I made homophobic accusations or slurs. Furthermore, on a site called celebitchy, I reserve the right to be as snarky as I want towards celebs. Therefore I will call the “stars” of Twilight Sparkles and Lipbite with impunity.
        And lets not talk of maturity and KStew in the same context, unless the general gist comes down to “lack of”.

        *teaches me right for coming out of lurking.

  39. GIRLFACE says:

    I just seriously can’t handle her. She is a beautiful girl but everything she says is side eye worthy.

  40. Tig says:

    @ original almond- hey girl, I got “told off” too! Good times- back to the days of “sucks to be you” comebacks, while of course ignoring the points made in the original post!

  41. St says:

    Their fall from A-list to basement is amazing. Her and Pattinson and that Taylor guy. All those years of Twilight fame, interviews in biggest magazines, huge fan base, 300 millions at the box office for every Twilight movie… and all they can find after it are some small budget indie movies that producers will try to push to some festivals and then they will be released in some 20 theaters and then will die on DVD release…

    And it’s not because of that cheating scandal. Pattinson did not cheat and he still can’t find any lead role in solid budget movie. Producers don’t believe that he will make money when it will come out. So he can only score roles in those movies that producers don’t expect to receive money back. His biggest success was to sneak somehow to Benedict Cumberbatch movie The Lost City of Z. And no one knows how that will play out. Because Benedict can steal movie while being in supporting role and be great in it and receive praise from everyone, but his Leading One Fifth Estate flopped.

    At least it took few years and 3 Pirats movies, Troy and Kingdom of Heaven before Holltwood gave up on Orlando Bloom because he was not a leading man material. But Hollywood gave up on Pattitnson right after that Elephant movie. He should give up his leading man ambitions and try to sneak in big movies as some small supporting actor. This is how he will be relevant, in big successful movies, but won’t have to carry it and won’t be blamed if they will flop.

    When did Hollywood gave up on Kristen as movie star? What was the exact moment? Was it when Snow White was released and people saw just how awful actress she is and that it will never change? I think that was the moment.