Is Aubrey O’Day from Danity Kane pregnant with Diddy’s baby?

Aubrey from Danity Kane has gained a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, and people are speculating that she must be pregnant. Media Take Out goes on to say that she’s probably preggers with Diddy’s baby since she’s been rumored to be having an affair with him. We reported back in September that Diddy was said to be having an affair with Aubrey, which may have led to jealous cat fights with her bandmate, Damn.

Media Take Out makes up a lot of stuff and are easily fooled by fake photos and doctored evidence, so I’m not really buying this. It’s possible she’s stress eating, has a medical condition, or is pregnant with someone else’s baby.

The group Danity Kane could be caught up in an explosive new scandal. spoke exclusively to a Bad Boy insider who believes that group member Aubrey O’Day may be pregnant. According to the insider, whispers of an Aubrey pregnancy have been widespread among the Bad Boy staff. The tipster explains, “People here are always gossiping, so at first I didn’t listen to them. But I swear … now Aubrey is beginning to show.”

The below pictures appear to corroborate what our tipster is saying. By looking at the pics, it’s obvious that the blond singer gained a significant amount of weight in the last few months.

And if that wasn’t enough of a bombshell, the Bad Boy tipster had more. According to the insider – the father of the child may be none other than Sean “Diddy” Combs. The tipster told, “Everyone knows she had something going on with [Diddy]. It makes a lot of sense that he would be the father.” But the tipster adds, “I really hope Diddy didn’t [get her pregnant], because this could turn into a real mess … imagine if she sued for [sexual] harassment.”

Whatever the case, Aubrey sure looks different in a short period of time. That picture is actually her as you can see the event on the Wireimage website and it comes up with other photos that were taken on March 23rd at a Christina Aguilera party.

Obnoxious hip hop mogul Diddy gets around with the ladies. We covered a story last week that he’s paying off the mother of his secret love child in Atlanta. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true, since he already has five or six kids by various women, but the only evidence at this point is Aubrey’s balooning weight.

Diddy and Aubrey were seen holding hands at this year’s Sundance festival, where Aubrey was the only one of Danity Kane to attend.

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  1. MissMara says:

    Is she grabbing his butt in the last pic?

  2. Kolby says:

    Sure looks like it, MissMara! The “bigger” picture looks doctored to me, even her face looked weird.

  3. SxyPaula says:

    Who know’s, maybe she is

  4. Del says:

    Um…pregnant alone doesn’t explain the sudden case of “fatassness”.

  5. MM23 says:

    No freakin’ way that either of those photos are real. She looks WAY too different in that “fat” photo. And something doesn’t look right about that hand on ol’ boys ass neither. That said, Diddy’s probably banging the hell out of her, knowing his crazy @ss past with the ladies.

  6. Jeb says:

    i thought that the photo could be a fake as well until i went to one of her fan sites and saw more photos from the same night; the photos look real. diddy will sleep with anything that walks.

    Doesn’t he have newborn twins and right after that he was seen leaving Sienna Millers place late into the early morning.

  7. gekk says:

    these photos look so fake, you need to find some offical ones, but i wouldnt be surprised if she was pregnant

  8. Jules says:

    I’m Aubrey’s cousin….She isn’t PREGNANT…here are pictures of her taken on March 31st:

    Yeah that’s what I think about the rumor Aubrey….hahahahaha

  9. Jules says:

    Sorry the pics didn’t post….here’s the link:

  10. ZexxyJexxy says:

    Sorry but she still looks like she gained alot of weight in those pics Jules. I mean but just because someone gains weight doesnt mean they are preggers….the last time i started gaining weight was because…oh wait…I WAS…who knows…

  11. Jules says:

    Here is the truth right from Danity Kane :

    It’s a radio interview.

  12. Mandy says:

    So what??? I believe that the same gossip rumor mill surrounded Sandra Bullock a while back. She wasn’t preganant, just gained a few pounds. And you know what if she wasn’t gaining(and perhaps losing), I can tell that I’m sure we’d add her to all the eating disorder speculations that the media jumps on! Leave the poor girl’s personal life out of this!! Mandy

  13. Faye says:

    She probably had some sort of eating disorder, is now eating again and gaining weight…

  14. Sammy says:

    i’m so sorry but u guys need to check out that (fat) pic…it seriously luks like sumone widened it up or did sumthing to it becuz her and fellow bandmates performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and she didn’t look fat at all, if anything she looked like she did in that Jan. pic….i don’t believe those rumors about diddy…nope, i totally don’t agree

  15. Ash says:

    Wil u all jst leave her alone?? whether she is preggers r not doesn’t mattr! its her bizz not ours!

  16. Ash says:

    lol dat (fat) pic luks so fukin hilarious! bt her face luks stretched so its ov bin widened! OMG if any1 readin dis has msn, add me!

  17. Shelby says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he got her pregnant, just look at all the other women that he’s knocked up. If she is, I hope she doesn’t do anything crazy, like get an abortion just because she screwed up. I don’t think a pregnancy will ruin her career anyway.

  18. Fra says:

    Has she had colagen (dunno how 2 spell it) in her lips on that pic taken last week?…trout pout anyone?

  19. sxybtch says:

    HELLO!!!!!!!!!! can any of you physcos see?!?!?!?!?! that “fat” pic isnt even the same fucking girl! although you are ringht diddy will sleep with anything that walks!!!!!

  20. Nicole says:

    if aubrey was dating diddy it’s sooo over. she is now with film producer jeff kalligheri of dolce vita productions. go to the website to see pics of the couple and there is a funny video of them on youtube where she also comments on rumors regarding danity kane breaking up …

  21. JP says:

    I wanted to follow this groups success and they sparked lots of interest to me in the beginning but after seeing how this girl Aubrey carries herself I think that it brings the group down. I actually would not purchase their music. She seemed cool before she became famous – now that she is – she seems very RUDE and OBNOXIOUS.

  22. diamond says:

    hey u guys just to ley yall know i love your show in i think that anbrey n donny should be togther in u should not let people put yall stuff in the air just to let u know cause their are lots of people talking adout u guy im still u guys biggest fan. p.s. i luv yall see your new show next week