Courtney Love bikini candids are not as scary as you would assume

Courtney Love is looking mighty skinny in these posed bikini candids from Hawaii. At first I thought these pictures were old because wasn’t she looking chubby and beat like just last month? It’s possible she had work done and/or has been on a strict diet. A commentor on Oh No They Didn’t notes “she’s been lipo-ed within a inch of her junkie life.” She does get a lot of work done and was recently said to have widened her nose to make it look more natural or something. Still, she must have lost some weight on her own too. The woman seems to yo-yo constantly. The book she’s reading by Candance Bushnell, “Trading Up,” came out in paperback in 2004, so it’s hard to tell if these pics are new.

There was a story earlier in the week that she was making out with randy Bruce Willis at a club. Janet Charlton says that the story is true and that they actually left together:

He was sitting at VIP table when Courtney Love playfully approached him. They had a few laughs and she sat down at his table. Bruce had more drinks and they next time my source looked Courtney was sitting on Bruce’s lap whispering in his ear! Before long they were openly nuzzling and kissing! Source said “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.” (Bruce usually likes young girls) After the show Bruce’s friends were holding a table for him at the after-party upstairs at On The Rox, but Bruce didn’t show up. He was seen slipping out the side door with Courtney!

Maybe all that plastic surgery is working out for Courtney. Pictures [via]

Update: Images removed on request of photo agency. They were new pictures I guess.

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  1. Other Karen says:

    She looked good in a bikini when Pam Anderson got married. That said, yep, that’s a mighty tiny waist on a older woman who isn’t “waist-training.”

  2. Randi says:

    I saw the pictures elsewhere. Body is good, especially for 41, but the face has got to go.

  3. arrunnenenarunnene says:

    While, hell yeah, she looks only about 1000% better than I do in a bikini, she could do with one that fits better. I note the telltale stomach looking more like Tara Reed’s old overly-lipo’ed playdoh ab area.

    I hope the face loosens up a little. The pic of her with that wierd frayed waitress dress at Paris Hilton’s party shows her face looking way too stretched. I think she’s actually kinda beautiful when she fixes up, and started out with a great body. but nowadays, you never know what you get with her. The face changes weekly. One day you see huge trout pout, the next day her lips and eyes are so tight you just want to tuck her into bed she looks so sleepy.