“Ewan McGregor & Melanie Laurent pose together as friends” links

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor & Melanie Laurent reunited on the red carpet to promote the Aquatimer watch. They don’t look awkward at all. *cough* [LaineyGossip]
Diane Lane turns 49 today. She still looks amazing. [Dlisted]
Aaron Paul holds sprinked donuts, might play Eddie Dean. [Pajiba]
Kristen Chenowith commits a style misstep. [Go Fug Yourself]
Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover at Gold’s Gym. [Buzzfeed]
Which actor smashed a pharmacy glass window? [CDAN]
Jenelle Evans & her soulless vortex have it hard. [Reality Tea]
Victoria Beckham says she’ll never be a Spice Girl again. [Evil Beet]
David Gandy rocks the leather at a Guess event. [A Socialite Life]
Taylor Momsen‘s NSFW shadowy-ass album cover. [The Blemish]
Farrah Abraham begs you to watch her hike a ball. [Celebslam]
Jessica Alba has great street style in the snow. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Amy Lee of Evanescence is pregnant. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Olivia Wilde is still preggers & takes her dog for a walk. [Popoholic]
Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova in a possibly racist photo. [The Frisky]

Ewan McGregor

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  1. blue marie says:

    Oh no, that Russian socialite photo is horrible.

  2. Ally8 says:

    They did have great chemistry in Beginners.

  3. LadySlippers says:

    The Ewan and Melanie pics are hilarious! I normally don’t read a lot into body language in photos because we only see so few — but if these were THE best ones DAYUM. Clearly Ewan is uncomfortable and both are trying to scream ‘Look we are SO not together. Anymore.’

    Poor Ewan’s wife. Hopefully nothing went on before and these two don’t want anymore gossip but these pics are sure damning.

    • Samtha says:

      I thought they have an open marriage…or is that just “internet common knowledge”?

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Yes, you do often hear that they have an ‘open marriage’ but I do wonder what that means? Does it mean that he puts it about big time and his wife grudgingly accepts it, because she knows the only other option is divorce? Or does it mean that they BOTH have pieces on the side? To me, only the latter arrangement is really an ‘open marriage’.

      • Kelly says:

        I’ve read over the years their marriage is “special” and unusual, but that was all from gossip sites online, so I do take it with a grain of salt.
        In all honesty, whenever I hear the term “open marriage/relationship” I call that sh-t BS. Either you really love someone and are willing to put them first and above your own selfishness, or you don’t.
        I guess when two selfish people get together and they agree that they will always put no.1 first, then that’s a working open marriage. Or actually, why even call it a marriage, why not a financial/accommodating arrangement.
        You get kids, you split the expenses, and you won’t end up alone. In the mean time, lets not kid ourselves we matter to each other THAT much.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Not sure I agree. There are people out there who can separate sex and love, are not committed to absolute fidelity and don’t expect that from a partner. That doesn’t mean they don’t love their partner, it’s just that their expectations from a relationship are unconventional. Provided it’s done within mutually agreed boundaries, I see no problem with it, though it would never work for me.

        What bothers me more are those so-called ‘open marriages’ where one partner (usually though not always the man) insists on sleeping around, and the wife reluctantly turns a blind eye not because she’s happy about it, but because she doesn’t want to break up the family. I have no idea into which – if either – category Ewan’s marriage belongs, but they are still together after 19 years and 4 kids so I suppose it must work for them.

      • Kelly says:

        “There are people out there who can separate sex and love”
        But isn’t that friendship? Or familial love? Why stay married if you go to others for sex?

        “their expectations from a relationship are unconventional”
        Well ok, live and let live I say. I just don’t understand what people get out of it – if you don’t want monogamy, why get married?

      • mytbean says:

        Kelly – I think the primary difference between friendship and an open marriage would be the life-long commitment to remain “in contract” with one another. That would mean sharing everything – secrets, priorities, and finances as well as prioritizing one another over time spent with other people but with an indifference to the traditional marriage bedroom partnership. I think… lol

      • Kelly says:

        Yeah, okay, I guess…

        Man some people are just weird!

        He’s still gorgeous as F*** tho

      • Ice Maiden says:

        ”But isn’t that friendship? Or familial love?”

        Well no, not really. You could be deeply committed to a person in every way, just as monogamous couples are, but still appreciate sexual variety. Like I say, it would never work for me, and I don’t know any such couples – I suspect they’re a rarity in ‘real life’ – but apparently it does work for some people. I think the crucial thing is mutuality – BOTH partners have to agree to work by the same rules and be comfortable with the situation. Otherwise, it’s just a good old-fashioned case of one partner cheating and the other tolerating it because of a lack of better options.

      • Carolyn says:

        same here – thought it was common knowledge. it’s obviously working out well for Ewan. hope his wife is also getting what she wants.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Man he is so ageless and handsome…and I’m sorry but I LOVE her so so much.
      I didn’t hear the rumors..?
      Fill me in (but not if it’ll make me hate either one of them!)

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        A few years ago there were photos of Ewan and Melanie looking all loved up together – they were holding hands, laughing and staring into each others eyes. It was very clear they were not just friends. Google their names together if you want to see it. But not to make you hate them – apparently Ewan and his wife have an open marriage and she is fine with his lovers (he had many other documented affairs). I even read that they are swingers and were seen at the special parties for swingers. Various sources claim it is not a blind item kind of “knowledge” but the truth which is well-known in show-business. It seems to be true because right after the Melanie-Ewan thing had been made public, Ewan’s wife attended a movie premiere with him to show that their marriage is ok (it looked like a statement because she doesn’t walk red-carpets that often) and they are still together.

      • QQ says:

        A few years back these two were traipsing around in paris Full makeout mode and coupley and such

        Lainey has said time and time again that his wife is ok with this ( CDAN has blinded that he has schtupped just about everyone he’s worked with, excluding Natalie Portman)

        My question is; are they still f—buddies or just for realsiez buddies now?

      • If they really are in an open marriage, I think it’s pretty screwed up for both of them. If I was in an open marriage, that is not something I would want to be advertising to the world–because of my family, any kids, etc. And it’s worse if you’re in the public eye, because you have to watch yourself. Even if you aren’t *that* famous, all it takes is one picture.

      • Kelly says:

        “that is not something I would want to be advertising to the world–because of my family, any kids, etc”

        Yeah I wonder how they’d feel if their daughters found out (eww, I’d rather have my parents divorced than have them commonly screwing around with other people) or if some day their daughters ended up in open marriages.

        Wonder what his reaction would be to his son-in-law screwing around…

      • Anna says:

        Honestly those pics in Paris were much ado about…probably nothing. They had their arms linked, no hand holding, with a group of people. I walk like that with guy friends all the time. I highly doubt it was anything scandalous.

      • @Kelly
        What I meant was that all it takes is for one of their kids, or one of their kid’s friends to tell them that Daddy is canoodling with some blonde chick, the kids go to Ewan, and he has to tell them ‘No, I’m not cheating, your mom and I see other people, etc’—in the ‘real’ world, they wouldn’t have to deal with that (unless someone gets mad and starts taking pictures and putting them on fb).

        I don’t understand the point of getting married, if you both want to sleep with other people–but it’s not my relationship. As long as you keep it away from the kids, then I think you should be able to do whatever you want, provided it’s safe and consensual.

      • Kelly says:


        yeah, I thought as much, I agree with you

  4. Anna says:

    Those pics from of few years ago honestly show nothing. I walk with guy friends like that all the time and there is nothing between us (and I have a boyfriend). Their arms were linked! WHAT A SCANDAL.

  5. Tania says:

    I love her dress. Casual elegance. So classy.

  6. T.Fanty says:

    That CDAN blind is hilarious, and absolutely aimed at Cumberbatch. Maybe the CDAN writer is pissed that Cumberpeople came after him for the hooker blind and decided to unleash his imagination.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Oh my god. Hahahahaha!
      Can imagine the thought process “ok we already threw hookers at him, lets imply he’s impotent and caused destruction related to his impotency. .because..well men hate that!”

    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      Hahaha. It’s so ridiculous and obviously made-up. I wouldn’t believe it even if it was aimed at Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn. There’s no way a story like this wouldn’t make headlines and there’s no bribe high enough to keep something so hilarious secret. Any witness including the pharmacy workers and police would try to sell it to the tabloids. Makes you wonder what did Cumberbatch do to the CDAN people.

    • Kelly says:

      It really does seem to be aimed at him, but it so does not fit his profile and character.
      The escort story I could buy, but this I just can’t. It’s so obviously someone else, but worded in such a way as to make you think of him, lol.
      Guess they’re pissed their BS stories aren’t being given more attention and credibility.

  7. Side-Eye says:



  8. Kelly says:

    Jesus Christ, does Ewan look good here.
    I swear I don’t know what I’d do if he came on to me, I doubt I’d have the strength to rebuff him, even though I know he’s married with kids…
    Poor Melanie really
    Damn, what a fine, fine man.

    • Amy Tennant says:

      He’s number two on my all-time list. Handsome, handsome man. Loved him since Shallow Grave. Seriously. We’re only human, aren’t we?

      • Kelly says:

        And apparently he’s in an open marriage! Well f*** me!

      • Amy you should be hating me right about now–I have two elderly neighbors whose entire family comes up every year during 4th of July. I swear to God above, they have a hot grandson, who looks exactly like Ewan. I did a freaking double take, and tried not to look like a weirdo—because when he came into the house while I was visiting, he said hi, and I looked, and I’m like ‘wtf?’.

        He looks just. like. him. All he needs is a gingery beard and a kilt…

        AND he’s a bit of a grumpy pants too. Virgilia likes that…

      • Kelly says:

        @Virgilia: I hate you…

        Whilst my neighbor is a pot-smoking 20 year old a** with no manners, whose every sentence lowers the IQ of the entire neighborhood…..

      • @Kelly
        If I could, without looking like a creeper in his grandpa’s house, I would snap a picture of him……he looks exactly like Ewan, it’s freaking amazing….so beautiful……

        And I’ve seen him every year for the past three years–and he’s always so grumpy and quiet–like Daniel Craig.

        I haven’t said more than hi to him, but I think it would break my heart to know that he’s got a girlfriend, because he is soo pretty, and Virgilia is legal and wants to jump on that full stop.

        And eh–I’ve got a neighbor two houses up from me (on the other side of the street) that’s selling meth—he used to be hot, but now he looks like a freaking Holocaust victim (he is over six feet, is RAIL thin, his skin is greyish green, and I can count his ribs from my porch), and the police have kicked his door in three times last year….

    • Maggi says:

      Agree! I didn’t think it was possible for him to look any hotter and then I see these pics….he looks better here than he did in Trainspotting (my personal Ewan high).

  9. Meggin says:

    lol Ewan is so handsome. But those are awkward photos definitely. And for some reason they look like brother and sister to me? Idk why.

  10. Happy21 says:

    I love Aaron Paul and vow to watch any new show/movie with him EXCEPT Need for Speed. I think it’ll do well with the Fast & The Furious crowd but it ain’t for me…

  11. Addie says:

    a close friend of mine lived in London and dated one of Ewan’s friends. I am pretty sure that she did not describe it as an open relationship. More like he cheats and she hangs in there. I think she has some mental health issues.

    • LadySlippers says:

      Well… that’s even worse.

      He’s still hot but he’s so off my forever ‘hit list’.

      Luckily, the UK & Ireland seems to have a nice supply of cute boys, I’ll just have to find another…

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah, it’s always “a friend of a friend” with “100% legitimate” inside information, right….

      Though admittedly, I do believe he is capable of cheating, and I’m basically suspicious of any marriage that’s lasted over 20 years.
      Like, you seriously, not once, not ever got close to being inappropriate with someone?
      It’s why I’m never getting married.

      • LadySlippers says:


        Personally, I am more inclined to believe he’s a cheater than it’s an open marriage. Granted I’m not in Hollywood but I’ve seen WAY more cases of outright cheating than true open marriages. (My ex is Navy so I’ve seen a lot of crazy things while I was a Navy wife). As for myself, I would not engage in an open marriage but have seen friends that are and it works for them. My belief is as long as both parties are okay with it and agree — it’s not my concern. Although, I have seen that the children aren’t nearly as thrilled with it as their parents are.

        Even though I’m divorced now, I still think marriage is a beautiful thing. You need to find a good person, who shares both your key values and goals, to go on a that lifelong journey.

        I think too many men (but women are catching up) think that sucess and good looks gives them a ‘right’ to do as they please. That’s not okay in my book. So that’s my guess as to what goes on in a lot of these so called ‘open marriages’ which is why I’m inclined to believe Addie even though it might be false. Because in reality, the open marriage comments, even if repeated over time, might be equally false.

      • Kelly says:


        Yeah I see what you mean and I have to admit it makes sense. Sad to think of Ewan as a cheater, but yeah, it’s way more plausible that he effed up and she forgave him and they’ve moved on…

        I kinda doubt she has mental issues though! As if that would explain or excuse his cheating or her reluctance to punish him for it