Cowboy from The Village People calls Simon Cowell the biggest queen on TV

Randy Jones, the cowboy from 70s supergroup The Village People gave an interview to The Enquirer in which he named the male celebrities who set off his gaydar. He says he doesn’t see why they don’t come out of the closet at this point as it’s no longer a liability to be gay in Hollywood.

He lists off the usual suspects: Clay Aiken, John Travolta, Kenny Chesney… and Simon Cowell. He says Simon’s unique brand of bitchiness is a sure sign of a raging queen.

“Times have changed. I think actors and singers should realize that they can still be successful even if they are openly homosexual,” Jones told The Enquirer in an exclusive interview.

“In my opinion, Simon Cowell is the biggest queen on TV. To me, he gives off a ‘bi/gay’ vibe and tends to carry on with bitchy, campy commentary. I know a lot of gay men and Simon seems to me like a ‘gay wannabe.'”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, April 2, 2007]

Jones goes on to say that Kenny Chesney and Clay Aiken shouldn’t deny that they’re gay if they really are. He said they should be proud of their orientation and that they won’t lose fans if they come out of the closet.

He also said “I knew John [Travolta] in the 70s when he was great-looking, hotter than hot, buff Hollywood stud. Now he’s a big fat lady – at least in the movies!”

While The Village People are known as a gay icon group not all of the members are/were gay. The Lead singer Victor Willis, who was both the police officer and sailor, was married to Phylicia Rashad of The Cosby Show from 1978 to 1980.

I think Simon Cowell is straight, but he does have the bitchy thing down to a tee, the guy’s got a point.

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9 Responses to “Cowboy from The Village People calls Simon Cowell the biggest queen on TV”

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  1. Carol says:

    It can be hard to tell with British men sometimes, even the straight ones cam be bitchy and effeminate.

  2. MaiGirl says:

    I don’t think he’s gay, just capricious. I do wonder about his girlfriend, though. I don’t know how she puts up with an much older bitchy brit with moobs.

  3. rose no thorns says:

    Yeee Haw!

  4. rubba ducky says:

    this old fake cowboy queen trying to look like tom selleck circa 1981 should stfu. simon is a prick, whichever way he likes to get himself done. i dont watch that annoying as hell show.

  5. rorin' mcqueen says:

    total homosexual

  6. Randi says:

    Cowgirl Bob isn’t aging well. He looks like Eddie Van Halen in with a cowboy hat and mustache.

  7. smax says:

    It’s well known in the UK that he is gay and it’s become a running joke…
    “He has a girlfriend and some lap dancers said he slept with them – he MUST be straight” Yeah right!

  8. monkeyjoe says:

    I know that he is gay !
    But its him who has the problem..

  9. josh says:

    First of All In my own Opinion that Simon Cowell is A closeted gay. I have a lot of friend who are a male BRITISH BUT THEY DONT TALK THE WAY Simon Cowell is. I think He is just using terri Seymour as a front and If you look at Simon gesture the raising of Eyebrows, the hands,the way he talks and bitches no straight guy will ever says things like that. (Only those gays or drag queens ) and he always argue with women alot specially with Paula Abdul. He always wear shirt just to show hes masculinity and always wear the same shirt. people are so blind even though it is written on the wall and people they still Ignore it. Well yeah he is a good Judge (American Idol) but people who judge to much and talk to much they have more problem inside of them that is why they love to judge someone and say negative to someone else its a one way of releasing their own emotion their own problem and try to pass it to someone else. Be Honest Simon Cowell that you are definetely Gay that still Hiding In the Closet. Remember if you tell the truth it will set you free