Courtney Love says she’s lost 44 pounds

I put up the Courtney Love posed bikini pictures that she must have made a mint for, and received a really kind cease and desist from Splash Photos. I’m not being sarcastic, the people who work there are always nice and say they enjoy reading my blog. I would buy their photos if I could afford it, so visit the sponsors if you can.

Here are the full bathing suit photos from Flynet that I’m allowed to post. Courtney Love says she’s lost 44 pounds and she must have done it super-quickly since she was looking chub to me the last time I saw her at Paris Hilton’s birthday party in that stolen couture fringed number.

Supposedly Love wrote on her website that she “lost 44 pounds with 6 more maybe 11 more to go.” She looks like she can’t afford to lose more weight unless she removes some silicone, but isn’t that the way it always goes when you lose weight? It’s never quite enough. I have to take People magazines word that she wrote that, because I went through her site and it’s such a mess that I couldn’t find her blog. Or maybe People got confused and didn’t really read that on her site. I heard that her diary book is full of all sorts of disorganized crap like that too.

Her rep attributed Courtney’s weight loss to a macrobiotic diet of fish and vegetables that sounds low-carb, and work outs that included yoga. She is seen smoking cigarettes in those pictures, so it’s kind of ironic that she was on a super-healthy diet. (Now that I live in Europe where so many people smoke I realize it’s culturally-influenced. Despite the fact that it’s so damn unhealthy and stinky I can see how people get addicted if all of their friends do it and it’s permitted in public places.)

Courtney doesn’t look as super-skinny in this weird cut-out one piece. She’s wearing too much jewelry and just looks like a mess.

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  1. m.a. says:

    *I* think she lost a lot of weight by using the “lyposuction diet”. It’s so much easier than that stupid “healthy diet and exercise” thing, ya know. She has hardly any muscle so I doubt she works out much, if at all. Even if she does, she lost the weight way too fast to have done it all the old fashioned way. I don’t know if going on a STARVATION and exercise diet would even make you lose 44 lbs. in, what, 2 months? Whatever she did, she doesn’t look HEALTHY to me, but hey, in hollywood, all that matters is that you are SKINNY, right? 🙂 Sigh…

  2. wondering says:

    I wonder if she ever bothered to read the instruction posted on the back of the tan-in-a-can that she uses: “WASH HANDS IMMEDIATELY AFTER APPLYING PRODUCT.” Her hands are TOTALLY covered in self-tanner! Am I the only one that noticed?

  3. Fabiola Thing says:

    She may have “changed her diet” (to meth and Red Bull) but there is no doubt that she had liposuction.

  4. Poor Boopie says:

    A skank is still a skank whether she’s dropped 40 pounds or not!

  5. camille says:

    Good for Courtney!

  6. Life says:

    She still has fat midget hands and the face only the Texas Chainsaw’s Leatherface could love!

  7. frewtloop says:

    If she lost the weight and didn’t smoke I may be impressed (despite the fact that the weight mentioned is surely an exaggeration). It easy to be thin when you smoke all the time because it stimulates the central nervous system and decreases food cravings.