Christie Brinkley, 60, covers People: ‘She has the legs of a 30 yo, the face of an angel’

Christie Brinkley is on the cover of the new People Magazine with the lead-in “She’s How Old?” and the title “Christie AT 60!” They promise to give “all her stay-young secrets,” and I was prepared to roll my eyes at the Botox white lies and “I eat whatever I want” tripe that we hear from so many celebrities, but that didn’t happen at all. Christie sounded somewhat honest about all she does to maintain her figure and face, and I came away from the article with more respect for her. It takes a lot of work to look that great, and Christie admits it. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s naturally drop dead gorgeous, but Christie will tell you that she uses hair extensions, gets modern dermatological treatments, eats vegan and works out every day. Here’s People’s preview of the article and we’ll have some more quotes in a moment.

On the eve of hitting the big 6-0 on Feb. 2, Brinkley celebrates her birthday – and her incredible figure! – by posing in a swimsuit on the cover of this week’s PEOPLE.

“I’m actually excited about turning 60,” Brinkley tells PEOPLE. “I feel on top of my game.”

But not game enough to wear a bikini. “My kids would be so embarrassed!” she says. “In private I may wear a bikini, but at the public beach with my kids I would change bathing suits because they do not want to be hanging out with some old broad in a bikini.”

Others disagree. “She looks phenomenal,” says MJ Day, senior editor for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue (Sports Illustrated is a sister publication of PEOPLE). “She has the legs of a 30-year-old and the face of an angel. She’s what you aspire to look like at 60. She’s mind-blowingly beautiful.”

In this week’s issue, Brinkley spells out all of her stay-young secrets, from her daily diet to all the beauty tricks to looking half her age.

But after four divorces, including an explosive public divorce trial with architect Peter Cook in 2008, Brinkley credits her three kids – musician Alexa Ray Joel, 28, college freshman Jack Brinkley-Cook, 18, and up-and-coming model Sailor Brinkley-Cook, 15 – as her fountain of youth and her motivation to focus on a healthy lifestyle.

“Because I’m an older mom, I have a responsibility to my kids as well as myself,” she says. “I want to be there for them.”

For more about Brinkley’s diet and fitness regimen, and how she really feels about dating again, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

[From People Magazine]

There are some quotes from the print edition that are worth mentioning. Christie says she drinks a glass of wine at night, but that she tries to drink red wine on the advice of Dr. Oz, whom she regularly watches. She also says that she’ll “never say never” to plastic surgery, and admits that she’s had other things done to make her look that great. “I think that there are so many other noninvasive choices that address sagging, winkling and discoloration. I go to my dermatologist about once a month and get special facials. I like modern-technology stuff.” So is she talking about laser resurfacing? I would love to know what she does exactly.

The rest of the article is full of somewhat useful tips like filling in your eyebrows (I do that, it makes a big difference!), exfoliating, and fitting workouts into your day. Christie admits that she even uses pantyhose to get “a sense of security.” You can see on the inside shots of Christie that she’s wearing pantyhose under her bathing suit.

So Christie isn’t made of lies. She was looking very Botoxy for a while, but she’s not denying it, it seems to have settled for her and she definitely looks amazing. There’s even more in People if you’re interested. Christie says that she hasn’t really dated in the six years since her divorce but that “I don’t feel this gaping hole because I don’t have a man in my life.” That’s probably her best advice of all.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Christie Brinkley Leaving The Katie Couric Show

Christie Brinkley is shown in November, 2013 (yellow dress) and on January 14, 2014 (black dress). Credit:

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  1. Ice Maiden says:

    ”She also says that she’ll “never say never” to plastic surgery, and admits that she’s had other things done to make her look that great. ”

    She’s not actually trying to get us to believe she has not had plastic surgery, is she? And I’m not talking a bit of botox, I’m talking *major* invasive work.

    Come on, Christie, we’re not that stupid.

    • SamiHami says:

      Major invasive work? No. Obviously not. Some very well done tweaking? Absolutely. Reality is she is naturally very beautiful. She has never had a need for major work. Some work around they eyes, sure. Botox, undoubtedly. A minor nip or tuck here or there? I believe it. But for her it works. She is without question the most beautiful 60 year old woman I’ve ever seen. Her plastic surgeon obviously has a delicate touch and knows to not go too far. If I were ever in a position to have work done, I’d to my best to find out who she uses!

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Certainly Christie is naturally beautiful, but there is no way this is a natural look. I’m guessing she has had at least one full face lift, and probably more. Look at her jawline. There is no way a woman of 59 could have such a firm jawline without surgical intervention. ”Diet and exercise” can only do so much, and they can’t rescue a sagging jawline.

      • V4Real says:

        @Ice Maiden “There is no way a woman of 59 could have such a firm jawline without surgical intervention.”

        Two words; Tina Turner. At 60 Tina’s face still looked amazing and that was without plastic surgery.

        But I agree with you that Christie has had some work done.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        I’m not saying a woman can’t look amazing at 60 – or at any age – but there’s a difference between looking amazing and having a perfectly smooth jawline.

        I would say it’s almost physically impossible to look like Christie does at 60 without surgical intervention.

      • Penny says:

        She looked older a decade ago. She’s had very good work done, but she has had some major work.

        I think now that things like fillers have become common and people are doing ridiculous things like trying to create sharp cheekbones by injecting mountains of crap into their face, people have stopped noticing things like neck lifts and eye-lid surgeries, things that when done well simply restore a person’s looks to what they once were.

      • AG-UK says:


        Yep Tina but then again she is black and our skin doesn’t age as fast, also Angela Bassett she isn’t 60 yet but in her 50’s

      • Kiddo says:

        She’s definitely had some kind of lift, not just botox and fillers.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Go back and look at the pictures when Christie married Billy Joel 30 years ago. Not of Christie, but of her mom. She looked like her sister.

        Good genes help. Luck of the draw. Surgery alone can’t make you look that good. Just like you have had a lot of surgery.

      • Moi says:

        I pretty much outright drool over Angela Bassett in AHS. I caught myself going on and on about how amazingly beautiful she is and how young she looks. Actually hoping that I never meet her. I will most likely will not be able to take my eyes off of her and there will be a restraining order, etc., etc … would just be a mess.

    • Liv says:

      When people say they are not against plastic surgery, I always suspect they already have work done. And she has either made a deal with the devil or did plastic surgery. Staying fit, eating healthy and a dermatologist certainly help, but she looks like Cate Blanchett, who’s what, 43 years old? Impossible.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Funny, I was going to compare her to today’s Cate pictures too. Cate is only 44, but has a lot more lines around her eyes and nose than Christie does – and looks all the better for it. I’m not necessarily opposed to plastic surgery, especially for someone like Christie whose career is dependent on her looks. But to imply that she hasn’t had it done, when it’s fairly obvious that she has, is dishonest.

      • Liv says:

        To each their own, but major plastic surgery is not my cup of tea. Brinkley really looks good, but people like her give always the impression that their world is just revolving around beauty, which must be kind of boring. I want to be like Cate when I’m her age, but who doesn’t? 😉

      • Lucinda says:

        But being pretty is what her career has been based on. First as a model. Then as someone who looks much younger than she is. I remember 20 years ago them talking about how she looked 26 instead of 40 and it was a really big deal. She talked about doing salt scrubs daily, watching what she ate, and eating well. Even then she admitted she was very vigorous about maintaining her youthful look and that money helped a lot. I never came away from those interviews feeling like she was trying to convince others they could do the same thing. So I can’t fault her for focusing on beauty. It’s been her career and she takes it seriously.

    • Catt says:

      I agree. She had a facelift or at least a mini facelift. Your facial skin and underlying structure just does not look like that at 60 without help. But she does look amazingly beautiful.

      • It'sJustBlanche says:

        She’s gorgeous but I agree with you. She’s had some help. I don’t even mind that she isn’t telling the complete truth–just hope her surgeon was passing his secrets along to the next generation.

    • Dinah says:

      Skin Tyte- radiofrequency therapy causes immediate tightening with continued improvement over months. Treat every 6 mos. Ultherapy similar but less dramatic. For the body- Exilis, laser body sculpting, Lipodissolve/Mesotherapy. Laser skin resurfacing, fillers, botox- there’s a whole world of shizz you can use to make serious changes sans scalpel.

      Read about it, seriously.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        It’s not just about tightening – it’s not even just about skin. ”Jowls” occur because the ligaments under the skin become weaker with age, causing the skin to sag and look loose. I don’t think any amount of surface work can change this. You need to go in with a scalpel and tighten up the underlying ligaments and muscle.

        There is no way Christie has not had a facelift, at the very least.

      • GByeGirl says:

        @Ice Maiden: Actually a lot of “surface treatments” help to rebuild collagen, which is a major component of tendons and ligaments.

        She may have had a facelift, but laser resurfacing, IPL, etc does more than smooth out surface wrinkles.

    • Decloo says:

      People must be frantic to get an appointment with her plastic surgeon. This is the best work I have every seen on anyone. If it’s just fillers (which I doubt) they did an amazing job.

    • Shazz says:

      Obviously she’s had a lot of help. But to look that amazing at 60, anyone would have to, and she is more stunning that many half her age.

  2. carol says:

    well she looks amazing!

    • Tapioca says:

      She does. However, I sincerely hope when I’m 60 I won’t care about my looks enough to go way beyond maintaining a basic healthy lifestyle.

      Seems like alotta hard work!

    • Nicolette says:

      Stunning. She either has discovered the fountain of youth or has an excellent doctor. I’m going with the latter, but it looks amazing! No cat woman here, just beautiful.

  3. PunkyMomma says:

    Love the yellow reptile handbag (no, not shading Chrissy, she looks fab).

  4. truthSF says:

    And this is why I “hate” Christie Brinkley. Just admit you drink virgin blood to look good so I can feel better about myself. 😉

  5. eliza says:

    Whatever voodoo ritual, pact with the devil or surgeon she has, she looks amazing to me.

    She is an example, in my opinion, of cosmetic procedures done right. I want the name of her surgeon!

    I do think she is a bit crazy but it works for her apparently.

  6. Hannah says:

    I am always freaked out by bathing suits with such a high leg. Christie looks great in it but I would never go anywhere near one!

  7. Plastic surgery or not, She looks great.

  8. GiGi says:

    I think she has great genes to begin with, but if you all aren’t seeing a great facialist – you’d be surprised what they’re doing these days with noninvasive methods.

    Radio Frequency, Lasers, Microderm., Dermarolling, and the list goes on! They can make a serious difference in your face/skin without injecting you with anything. It’s a good investment and I’m sure Christie Brinkley has a fantastic facialist and layers that with clean living on top of her inherited genes.

  9. bns says:

    Just wow.

  10. Lark says:

    She looks amazing. I’m sure she can afford top notch laser treatments and that sort of thing and injections. I don’t think she’s had plastic surgery though or anything harder than botox.

  11. Penny says:

    She has an amazing body, even compared to models decades younger, but I’ve always found her looks so boring. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very, very attractive, but in the way regional morning show hosts are attractive…like their attractiveness is so generic they’re completely interchangeable. I never understood how she scored the big cosmetic contracts.

    • NYC_girl says:

      She embodies the all-American blonde ideal that was created in the 70’s – Farrah, Cheryl Tiegs, etc. There is an article in the Vanity Fair with Jimmy Fallon on the cover about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue – there is a photo of Christie from that period. It’s interesting to see how that “ideal” has changed over the years. I remember being a teen in the late 80s and looking at Elle magazine feeling shitty about myself because I knew I would never look like Elle Macpherson or Paulina Porizkova. Thankfully I started feeling better about myself in my 20s.

  12. Rhea says:

    “I don’t feel this gaping hole because I don’t have a man in my life.” —–*side-eye-to-J.Lo*

  13. Kali says:

    Christ almighty, I’d be happy if I looked like that now and I’m a couple years shy of 30… 😩

  14. Kelly says:

    She does really look 20 years younger, at least, however – ” uses hair extensions, gets modern dermatological treatments, eats vegan and works out every day” – lol, NO thanks. There’s more to life than looking young and fckable.

  15. QQ says:

    *autotune QQ accent* YOU BETTAH WORK BITCH!

  16. taxi says:

    Christie had major facial surgery 5 or 6 years ago & was completely unrecognizable until everything settled after a year or 2. It was very obvious at the time & provoked plenty of comments among columnists and emcees on shows.
    Same thing with Jessica Lange. Her “awkward” phase after serious lifting was later then Brinkley’s & she now better resembles her old self. Best face lift was Jane Fonda’s and she spoke openly about her reasons for doing it.

  17. ldub says:

    THIS is the look that madonna is/was going for.

  18. Jayna says:

    She has great genes and a youthful face anyway, but around Alexa’s nose job she had a facelift. It was beyond noticeable how abnormally tight her face was for her age than before when she already looked great and was probably tweaking in a more subtle way non-invasively before that. The facelift has settled over the last few years. But she still has a youthful face because many women could do the same thing but still just look like an attractive 60-year-old or a few years younger. But Christy has a heart-shaped face, and naturally pretty shaped lips and a beautiful, happy smile, all youthful features, not a down-turned mouth like Madonna that is looking downturned even more by Madonna’s oversized cheek implants and overuse of fillers pushing the lower part of her face down. Christy definitely looks a lot younger than her real age.

    They all lie, don’t they, I guess when asked, but it was talked about a lot when she had the facelift because it was so noticeable. I actually thought she made a mistake at first doing it and thought she looked better before, more natural and still younger looking for her age, but after several years it is much better now.

  19. Tig says:

    I give Christie credit for taking care of her best asset-her face and body! And after all the man drama in her life, I am sure she appreciates some stress-free years! She does seem to be a good mom.

    • It'sJustBlanche says:

      I agree. She doesn’t have much luck in love but she seems to really love her kids.

  20. Granger says:

    “She’s what you aspire to look like at 60”: It might be silly, but I find that comment just so ridiculous, and vaguely insulting. No, actually, I don’t aspire to look like Christie when I’m 60. While I hope to be able to exercise well into old age, and will always take care of my skin, the things I most aspire to have nothing to do with my appearance. I want to be able to do the things I love that require me to use my brains and my hands, to always be curious, to never run out of things to say, and to laugh out loud at least once a day. Christie looks lovely, but so do the 60 and 70 year old women I know whose faces and bodies bear all the beautiful scars and wrinkles and imperfections that are proof of a long life spent working, loving, and laughing.

    It must be awfully stressful to spend so much time working on your looks. There’s just so much more to life.

  21. Cro-girl says:

    She’s aging gracefully and beautifully, if at all. She’s not butchering her face, her wrinkles aren’t trying to be erased or covered up, and she’s not starving herself. I think once you get past a certain age you have to maintain a certain amount of body fat before you just start to look like a shrivelled apple head. She also has a killer stylist… that hair alone takes years off of her. I dont get how women hack it all off once they have kids or hit 35.

    • Tig says:

      Will help with the long hair after a certain age- notice that Christie’s hair/extensions are curly and voluminous- they don’t hang straight down. If you don’t have a stylist following you around, then after say 50, long straight and sadly thinning hair brings the viewer’s eye down, and accentuates the rest of facial sagging.

      And for all you all 50+ w/gorgeous long manes- good for you! I wish I could get Helen Merren’s hair- her’s always looks amazing.

    • Zahava says:

      However, her hair is fake by her own admission…….extensions. I read a blog where many MEN, believe it or not, were laughing at her obvious surgery and photoshop. It is standard operating procedure (no pun intended) in the beauty business, movies, etc., to have plastic surgery and start young. She was never the beauty Jean Shrimpton was, and even she had a nose job early on.

  22. Anna says:

    Ugh she looks great but this whole thing gives me the creeps. It’s so superficial

  23. alexc says:

    I can’t believe how many people think she hasn’t had major invasive surgery. She’s had a facelift, neck lift and eye job plus fillers. It’s really really well done but she’s had it all people!

    • Paige says:

      Thank you Alexc!

    • Joe says:

      I am no expert, but celebrity plastic surgery is a guilty pleasure of mine.
      Anyway, I would add that there is possible cheek implants. If you look at Dr.Brand, too much filler can be a very obvious things. But a cheek/chin implants kinda lift the skin.
      Maybe she goes to Brand I wonder, cuz he said he pioneered botox in the neck area. And CB’s neck is fantastic.

  24. Dani says:

    Holy f if only I could look that good at 30!!

  25. Jen34 says:

    I may be in the minority, but I don’t think she looks THAT much better than most 60 year olds. There are a few ladies I know from the gym who are almost that age and look just as good. Of course they don’t have long, long hair, and I have never seen them in short skirts. But seriously, they look great in their work out clothes. It is possible to look great at any age.

    • Jayna says:

      LOL I can’t take that remark seriously. “don’t think she looks that much better than most 60 year olds.”

      • Jen34 says:

        I guess you are right. What I should have said is that it isn’t impossible to look that good at 60 if you take care of yourself, maintain yor ideal weight, etc. My hair dresser is 60. My aunt is 62. They both look great.

      • ya says:

        There is a youtube channel – ‘Betty’s Kitchen’ – presented by a woman named Betty in her ’60s – she is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      I half agree with you… I know a handful of women 60 or older who look just as good as Christie, without invasive plastic surgery. Some of them has Botox and had a little work done, though. But my mom is 65 and has had no work done and no Botox, fillers, etc. She is tall and slender, and has no cellulite, no major wrinkles, and despite some minor sun damage on her face from living in AZ, she has full cheeks, tight skin, no sagging in the jaw line or neck. With her short bob hair, toned arms and legs, people think we are sisters and I’m 39! It’s all genes – combined with lifetime of clean eating, simple but consistent skin care, daily walks and hikes and staying busy. I unfortunately got my Dad’s genes and I already look older than my older sister. Anyway, I always wonder why everyone thinks so-and-so over 40, 50, or 60 look great for their age because I know a lot of everyday women who look great without the resources, requirements, and inclinations of celebrities.

  26. Tania says:

    She looked amazing at 50 and still amazing at 60. I remember reading an article about her a while back where she was very honest and said that she was not only vegetarian but that she maintained a refined sugar free lifestyle. She takes very good care of herself. She is by all accounts, a healthy individual who takes care of herself. Do I think she’s lying about surgery? Maybe? I don’t know. In all honesty, people are taking better and better care of themselves, eating right, exercising and wearing their sunscreen! Look at Julianne Moore. She looks incredible, and I honestly don’t think she’s had anything invasive done. I would however, like the name of Christy’s dermatologist!

    • Ice Maiden says:

      Julianne is 7 years younger than Christie but has more wrinkles and slacker skin tone. I don’t mean this in a bad way at all – for me Julianne is one of the most (if not THE most) beautiful women in the world today. But like I said, even the healthiest, most naturally beautiful and genetically blessed person can’t naturally get to their 50s or 60s without some wrinkles and loss of skin tone. It just doesn’t happen.

      As for whether Christie is lying, I don’t think so either, because if you read what she said, she doesn’t actually say unambiguously that she hasn’t had plastic surgery, though clearly that’s the impression she wants to leave. It’s a ‘non-denial denial’, if you like.

  27. claire says:

    I couldn’t care less if she has had any plastic surgery. She looks great. She hasn’t completely changed her face. She doesn’t look like a freak like many other women going too hard with it. This is plastic surgery done right.

  28. BW says:

    Now this is what good plastic surgery looks like. And by plastic surgery, I’m including all those things that don’t actually use a scalpel, because you still should go to a registered plastic surgeon to make sure the laser, injection, or whatever is done correctly.

    For people who are saying, “She hasn’t had major surgery, just tweaking.” I disagree. “Tweaking” is just a nice way of saying her major surgery looks natural and not overdone. It’s still major surgery.

  29. idk says:

    I wonder what she’d look like if she had to work long 12 hour shifts in a factory for 30 years or in a stressful office job ? She can do yoga all day if she wanted to and has the money to buy organic everything. She does look good, and she should just write a book for rich women who don’t have to work, they have the easiest time staying young don’t they?

  30. someone says:

    There is no denying she looks fabulous for 60 – she looks fabulous for any age. But she strikes me as seriously high maintenance. And a bit narcissistic.

  31. Meggin says:

    OMG she literally does not age. So beautiful.

  32. Montréalise says:

    Radar Online has an article about Peter Cook (Christie’s last ex-husband) and his reaction to the People article:

  33. Miss_E43 says:

    Ageing is a privilege. Sometimes I think people forget that not everyone gets to do it. I try to live by the adage of I hope to roll up to the pearly gates dusty, dented & scratched (gray, wrinkled and saggy) so it shows that I lived my life to the fullest, rather than in pristine and immaculate condition that shows I just played it safe.

  34. mercy says:

    She looks absolutely amazing in pictures, but I saw her awhile ago in a documentary about models on HBO and frankly it was bizarre. Her face does not move. Except for her mouth. It was like looking at a talking mask.

  35. Anna says:

    I am 43 and I look as if in my twenties. I have never had botox, laser anything, injections anything–in fact, I use only natural oils on my face and I have a supremely disciplined diet. While CB has had work done, I do think she also takes very good care

    As for jawlines sagging, my mother is in her late 70s and she has no sagging jawline whatsoever–and has never had any cosmetic surgery. She still uses Ivory soap!

    • Joe says:

      Blah blah blah, keep telling yourself this, unless you are ready to provide the picture of yourself.
      Comments like this make me laugh.

  36. lolalola3 says:

    I hope Madonna gets her doctor’s name because Christie does look wonderful–real or not. And if no, who cares? She obviously feels great about herself and her confidence shows. I wish at 50 I looked half that good!

  37. Mrs.Martin says:

    Trust me she has the ass of a 60 year old …I’m a massage therapist that worked on her last year ….and all I can say is eeegad that ass is flat and saggy

  38. LilyT says:

    Just look at her hands.

    Yes she’s beautiful and has had good work done and an effective maintenance routine.

    But come on…

  39. Jayna says:

    Here’s a photo of before her facelift, when she was doing things for looking good and still looked youthful, but then the facelift was definitely tighter and her eyes it looks like were done definitely, but not overdone. In the before you can see the softer multiple lines where her skin is a little looser on the sides of her face when smiling, faint lines out past the fold of her natural smile line by her mouth, that she has naturally, barely noticeable but they are there. All gone with her facelift pulling her face tighter. It did make her look younger, I have to say.

    • Jayna says:

      It’s the last two pics I’m talking about side by side, the new face with the cap on.

      • someone says:

        Yes, I agree with you Jayna. In the eyes is where I see it the most, followed by the sides of her face below her cheek bones.

  40. Zahava says:

    Oh no. Please. This woman’s skin and eye color absolutely predisposed her to early aging! I have never seen a light eyed, light skinned person age well. They are gorgeous until say 45 tops then whammo. Ms. Brinkley has had her entire face refurbished and is photoshopped and made up to the hilt. The People mag cover is a joke; she has gray stripes down both thighs and on the left arm. This is an obvious photoshop glitch and heads will roll. They cut down the size of her thighs and for some reason the left arm. Didn’t Cindy Crawford long ago get herself in hot water by saying on a TV interview that trimming models down is ROUTINE for mag covers? Well, here’s the proof. We also have the Demi Moore and Julia Roberts photoshop fiascos to reflect on. Christie wears fake hair which means she hasn’t got enough of her own to pull off the look she’s dazzling us with. When the hair goes it’s fair to say everything else went a while ago, and was rescued by a deft surgeon. Can’t believe the gray stripes on that cover shot. And how do one’s cheekbones get higher with age? They don’t. They actually recede. Nice implants all the way around.

  41. Jo says:

    I have to admit I do not want to look lots younger when I am 60. Yes, she looks good but its almost comical that someone is so desperate to hold onto youth. I don’t get it. I want to be Helen Mirren as I get older.

  42. Evi says:

    Sorry but I don’t buy that she has the legs of a 30 year old. No 60 year old woman does. All the surgery in the world can’t provide that. Every image of her -including images used by photo agencies for magazine spreads, the ‘casual’ red carpet appearances – is enhanced.
    It’s like Elle McPherson, who is widely known to wield power through her lawyers, such that if any representation of her is not ideal, a potential lawsuit is likely to follow.
    These types of celebrities never allow less than ideal images of themselves to circulate.

  43. Jade says:

    Great work by herself, her genes, her dermatologist and plastic surgeon. Her barbie looks aren’t my cup of tea though, at 20 or 60, though she does look good.

    Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren; they look awesome and so elegant as they grow older.

    I think J Lo is gonna knock our socks off at 60.

  44. Snowpea says:

    Oh man she does look bloody awesome and waaaaay better than I do at the tender age of 38 but I have spent MY WHOLE ADULT LIFE trying to look hot and be skinny. I’m all worn out from the effort I have had to put in to maintain it!

    I think when I’m 60, I’ll be looking forward to being a nanna, growing veges, making jams and minding the grandkids, all the while wearing my comfy shoes and elastic waisted slacks.

    I admire her commitment to her hotness but the question needs to be asked…WHY CHRISTIE? 😉

  45. Kelly says:

    OK so I’ve googled other pics of her and have come to the conclusion that photoshop and truly epic makeup are making her look 10 years younger in these photos, her beautiful contagious smile takes another 10 years off – she really looks older when she’s not smiling – and then everything else that she does comes second (third?) place.
    All in all, she is a naturally beautiful woman with a youthful girly face, and when made up properly, hair and make up alone make her shine.
    So basically it’s mostly genetics folks, tweaked with cosmetics and a facelift, but essentially if we all adhered to her lifestyle and did plastic surgery we’d still never look as she does at 60.
    Good for her though, she seems like a lovely person.

  46. Jennifer12 says:

    She looks good and I appreciate her honesty, but she does seem pretty committed to looking as she did when younger. That in itself seems exhausting. Helen Mirren is who I aspire to be when I’m older.

  47. shellybean says:

    She looks phenomenol! Her legs are to die for! Her face looks like she’s had something done, but it’s subtle, and she still looks like herself. Whatever she’s doing is totally working! Gorgeous!

  48. Bridget says:

    It’s too bad she has not aged more naturally. It’s o. kay. ha! and doesn’t put the bar so high for the rest of us. I think of aging as a type of hour glass when looking in the mirror and remembering this world will not be forever. Is God Happy with me? That;s the main question.

  49. Moi says:

    Whatever Christie is doing, she is doing it well. Kudos.

  50. Amy says:

    She has a fantastic figure for her age. Really, I can’t believe how she has managed to look so good, if it’s all natural!

  51. Amy says:

    I fear for her mental health. She is so obsessed with looking young that when she does start to show her age it will be terrifying for her. I figure she only has a few years left that she can look like this and then, no amount of surgery will be able to cover her age.

  52. MsAubra says:

    If she did have anything done, I doubt it was much, not enough that I can’t give her props for killing it…get it bish!!!

  53. Just Another Dame says:

    Okay, we should not be naive, she has clearly had work done…who cares? I would appreciate more honesty from all the celebs, wouldn’t you want her doc if you were taking that route?
    CB would have tons of sun damage from growing up in Malibu, and playing outdoor sports (i.e. surfing, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, and the real killer skiing)!

    I adore her and have watched her career and life throughout my adulthood. Being a young 55, who also has the triangle of beauty face, know how it goes when it starts to go. I have those super high cheek bones and the fleshy youthful skin does start to drop around age 51…I still have them, but they are definitely making a noticeable shift. Then there are the jowls, that come and go depending on your weight…I mean really where is all that lovely, cheeky flesh covering those bones going to go? At some point, mild jowls remain, and no amount of working out or nutrition will make them retreat to their original home.

    I have several friends a litle younger or my age who are on the denial path and still feel the need to be sexually alluring to men – somewhat sad in my mental health mind. Their personal worth is limited to this vision of themselves forever youthful. I worry about the mental health of a couple of them. They actually believe someone is carding them because they look young enough to be carded when they are with men or women in their 30s and 40s. I don’t have the heart to tell either of them they only card you to find out how old you actually are as there is a distinct difference to any bartender on the planet! Anyway, who am I to burst anyone’s bubble?

    I imagine CB, with a modeling career life, felt a neck, face, and eyelift was necessary. I have to say it is freaking hard to watch your face literally slipping away (so to speak), but I am grateful I have lived my 55 years! Just remember, if she is too good to be true, she’s had a lift or two – and then some even with great nutrition and exercise.