Pony Hawk Eats Sanjaya and Ryan Seacrest Head First

Yes the Pony Hawk — it’s the hairstyle craze sweeping the airwaves … and more specifically the American Idol stage. It ate the smiling bobble head of young Sanjaya Malakar and Ryan Seacrest followed shortly after. ‘

One assumes Seacrest was, in part, trying to erase the uncomfortable memory of last week’s Simon Cowell venom spit – telling him to come out of the closet. His pony hawk wig gag is also the latest attempt by American Idol to manage how uncomfortable Idol has become with Sanjaya’s popularity week after week.

Malakar’s performances have been pretty flat and lackluster — although in a field of weak contestants — that hasn’t elimnated him. Still a thin voice and limited vocal range, if it has personality behind it, … is no limitation — it can be a career maker. Diana Ross was the guest artist last week. Nuff said. And here at Celebitchy we do call her Miss Ross … there’s no disrespect just clear-sighted analysis.

Take note Sanjaya — your Johnny Mathis charms could power you on through. You sang pretty at your audition. Who knew that Bengali and Italian would play the DNA out in such a smiley Mathis-esque way. Generations of ladies loved Johnny as well — go on with your bad self Sanjaya. Everyone knows there’s more to singing than the lowest common denominator belting of Idol … it aint just Miss Ross — Blossom Dearie, Anita O’Day, Macy Gray, Gnarls Barkley –the list of quirky voices goes on and on …

pics via American Idol and mattmonro

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  1. curious george says:

    this guy is wearing a bananna clip in his hair.

  2. Punjabi Spice says:

    i have an alternate headline for that story.(mea culpas and all that…lol)
    cover your eyes, here goes….

    Can a eunich have an orgasm? If so, would he ejaculate?

    i tried to research this on Answerbag, and i saw that someone did indeed make an effort to factually answer this mystifying question.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I cant believe we are doing hijra gags on celebitchy ….bap re welcome to globalization