Did Bill Clinton arrange to have a White House tryst with Elizabeth Hurley?

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Just the other day, I was thinking about how much I missed vintage Bill Clinton scandals. I think someone, somewhere compared Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal to something Bubba had done, and it just didn’t ring true to me – Christie’s scandals are about money and political retribution. Clinton’s scandals were almost always about women and lying about which women did what to him. Anyway, Radar and The Globe (sigh!) worked to put together this juicy vintage scandal about Bubba’s days in the White House. Apparently, he might have arranged for Tom Sizemore to bring Elizabeth Hurley to the White House so she could spend the night with Bubba? I don’t know, y’all.

As Hillary Clinton prepares to run for President in 2016, RadarOnline.com has uncovered bombshell new information that could torpedo her White House dreams: The philandering husband of the former United States Secretary of State, ex-President Bill Clinton, carried on a torrid year-long love affair with British supermodel Elizabeth Hurley behind White House walls.

That’s the explosive revelation dropped by the man who says he arranged the secret tryst, actor Tom Sizemore. In a blockbuster exclusive, Radar has unearthed a secret audio recording during which the Hollywood actor, who had his own three-year sexual liaison with Hurley, recounts how the famously-frisky ex-President once sent a plane to fly Hurley to Washington D.C., where he bedded her in the White House — while First Lady Hillary was in the very next room!

On the tape, recorded in January of this year and provided to Radar and GLOBE in a joint investigation, 52-year-old Sizemore boasts to two pals about how he arranged the pair’s first rendezvous. According to the Black Hawk Down star, it all began during a 1998 White House screening of Saving Private Ryan, when President Clinton pulled Sizemore aside from the crowd of A-listers that included Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Ed Burns and Dennis Farina.

Sizemore claims that Clinton asked if he wanted to see the Lincoln Bedroom and after shaking his Secret Service detail, the pervy President quickly made his move!

“We walk in,” Sizemore says on the tape, when suddenly Clinton, then in his second-term of office, asked point-blank, “Did you go with Liz Hurley for four years? Do you still see her?”

When Sizemore confirmed they had dated but were no longer together, he says the President asked for her number. Stunned at the suggestion, Sizemore admitted to being somewhat hesitant to dole out the digits, but claims Clinton insisted: “Give it to me. You dumb mother*****r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.”

The actor obliged, but before dialing, he says the President was already covering his tracks, thinking of his oblivious and long-suffering wife Hillary in the other room.

“[Clinton] said, ‘I’m going to say I asked you about your uncle, Ted Sizemore, who played professional baseball,” Sizemore recalls. “That’s the lie. Don’t forget it.’”

Then, Sizemore recounts, Clinton dialed, wasting no time in getting down to dirty business with the stunning brunette, now 48.

“Elizabeth, this is your Commander-in-Chief,” Clinton said to the actress, who played Vanessa Kensington in the 1997 hit Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. And though Hurley at first thought it was a joke, she played coy, but the President wouldn’t take no for an answer!

Clinton said, “Listen Elizabeth, this is the President!” Sizemore recalls. “‘I don’t have any time for this ****. I‘m keeping the world from nuclear war all the time. I’m sending a plane to pick you up.”

Hours later, he claims, Hurley was at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“While we’re at the reception, I see her,” Sizemore reveals, but then she disappeared through a door, trailed by a Secret Service agent. As she disappeared into a room with the President, Sizemore charges, “Bill turns to me and he goes, ‘I owe you one.’”

As to what happened after that, Sizemore declares on the tape: “What do you think? She was there for four days. He f***ed her that night.”

Later, her recalled, “I asked her (Hurley), what was it like there? …I said was Hillary a problem? And she said ‘No, they sleep in different bedrooms.’ Bill said that, he intimated to Elizabeth that they have been, they’re in love,” Sizemore claims, “but they stopped [sleeping together] a long time ago and they both have separate romantic lives.”

As such, the steamy affair didn’t end after Hurley’s visit. Sizemore says they kept in contact for a year, until Clinton ended the sexual shenanigans because he was falling deeply in love with the charming actress, 19 years his junior.

“At a certain point, he told her, ‘I don’t do love and I’m beginning to think I might love you,’” Sizemore says.

Later, after Sizemore’s claims went public, Hurley issued this tweet: “Ludicrously silly stories about me & Bill Clinton. Totally untrue. In the hands of my lawyers. Yawn.”

[From Radar]

Granted, I have no idea what Bill Clinton says when he’s not “on camera,” but I find it hard to believe he would ever say, “You dumb mother*****r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.” Bubba’s a good ol’ boy, but I just find it hard to believe. Plus, Tom Sizemore is a jackass and an addict. What could have been a pleasant rumor about Bubba maybe banging Liz Hurley now feels so sordid and gross. UNCOOL, Radar.



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  1. pru says:

    Sizemore and Hurley dated?

  2. momoftwo says:

    Are we still pretending like Bill and Hillary are in a loving monogamous marriage? Love Bill and Hill but I thought we all accepted that they have some arrangement that works for them.

    And I think he’s very sexy (on a side note)

    • CF98 says:

      I agree and could this be believable? Sure given Bill’s history but then again its easy to claim something when its been about 20 years or so and you can’t really disprove it.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Agreed. “Oblivious and long-suffering” NOT!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I believe that Bill hasn’t been faithful to Hillary over the years, but NOTHING would make me believe Tom Sizemore. That, and his quotes don’t sound suave enough for Bill. I don’t believe this story at all.

      • LadySlippers says:

        I’m with you. Bill strikes me a VERY suave guy. He likes ‘romance’ and all that jazz — I just can’t see him being that demanding to a woman he’s never met.

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Yep!! Bill would be much more charming than that. Not that he would HAVE to be, he WAS the leader of the free world and power is a VERY potent aphrodisiac. I would have done him, had the opportunity presented itself. (*shrugs) Tom Sizemore ewww!! Liz IS mental!

  3. rianic says:

    Is Hillary ill? I ask because her face looks puffy like when one has to take steroids.

    • Jen34 says:

      I thought the same thing. It definitely looks like she is on steroids. Does anyone know if she is ill?

      • ncmagnolia says:

        She may well be. She had a pulmonary embolism several years back,didn’t she? I’m pretty sure you treat those with blood thinners, not steroids, but she could be on medication where swelling is a side effect.

        Radar cracks me up, it is truly the bottom feeder of the online gossip world. So, they’ve “uncovered bombshell new information that could torpedo her White House dreams”, ZOMG!!! Exactly how does that scuttle her potential bid for the White House any more than Willy’s other affairs? Hillary is her own person and people would be voting for her entirely independently of her randy husband. *chuckle*

  4. Ag says:

    Yeah, what rings totally untrue to me is the stuff that Clinton allegedly said. It doesn’t sound like him. I have no trouble believing that he tried to bang anything that walked, but that dialogue just doesn’t sound like Bubba.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Agreed. I have no difficulty believing he was pursuing sex with lots of women (although I’m surprised he bothered with a movie star, because he never struck me as being all that focused on appearance), but he’s usually incredibly articulate, even when speaking casually.

  5. Lark says:

    Please, Tom Sizemore is an insane asshole. Doubt it. I’m not saying I think Bill is an angel either, but I think he’s a hell of a lot more discreet than that…

  6. Tswise says:

    Does anyone still care at all whether the Clintons are monogamous? Is it 1998 again? Did we not get our fill of this 20 years ago? Seriously.

  7. Jegede says:

    Clinton Wishes.
    Lets see Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones,……….Liz Hurley????????
    One of these is not like the other!
    (In any case Hurley has already said her lawyers are on it)

  8. bettyrose says:

    Hillary made her choice to stay with him and use his name (she only legally dropped Rodham in 2008) to advance her career. She’s a strong, financially independent woman who could have walked at any time. She’s a different generation than me and I struggle to understand her choice.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I wouldn’t make the same choice, but I can understand hers, even putting political considerations aside. They’ve been together for decades, have a partnership that seems to work for both of them, and work and travel so much that they probably don’t spend extended amounts of time together. Some people place a lot of value on familiarity and comfort.

    • gg says:

      What I understand is power is more important to her than anything else in the whole world. Even looking like a cuckolded wife with zero self respect. I have no use for either one of em and I’m not even a Republican, I just despise cheaters and liars that use their power for selfish BS.

      • ncmagnolia says:

        Completely cosign. This is all yesterday’s news.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        So agree. Everything about both of them is dishonest, even their relationship with each other. I will never understand their popularity. They have both been caught out lying time and time again, and people just make excuses for them.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I don’t see relationships as that cut and dry. Sometimes people form parternships that are more about the mental and emotional connection than the sexual one, that doesn’t mean their bond is insincere.

      • bettyrose says:

        Tiffany – agreed but his behavior was often indiscreet to the point of being hurtful to his wife & daughter, who were scrutinized by the media on account of his hobbies. He cold have chosen to honor their arrangement with discreet affairs – as I assume she has. She could have chosen to build a career on her own merits. Elizabeth Warren didn’t ride her husband’s coattails into being a presidential contender and Hillary didn’t have to either.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think she has built a career on her own merits. She was a Senator, cabinet member, presidential candidate all on her own. She has spoken at length in many congressional hearings, etc., and has been on record so many times sharing her views. It isn’t as if her political career is based on a series of quotes where she says, “Yeah….what my husband said. I agree with that.” To say she rode her husband’s coattails is to ignore the vast amount of work that has come directly from her. Her husband is well known, but that doesn’t mean she rode his coattails. If Elizabeth’s husband had been President, I am sure she would get the same accusations.

        While I don’t agree with her on everything, there is no mistaking that she is a very intelligent and capable woman. She shouldn’t be held accountable for the romantic misteps of her husband, especially when it has no impact on her insight into policy.

        Sometimes I really wish the US would stop focusing on the bedrooms of politicians. I really don’t care that much about it. Their views on policy are much more important.

      • bettyrose says:

        Tiffany – I have a lot of respect for Hillary and I absolutely believe that she and her Yale law degree could have been a senator and cabinet member on her own merits, but that isn’t how it happened. At every turn, she banked on the public’s sympathy for her as a “scorned” wife, even stating on the presidential campaign trail that she “knows something about bad men.” FFS, her legal name was “Hillary Rodham Clinton” until 2008, when she dropped Rodham to ensure the public wouldn’t forget she was Bill’s wife. And the only reason she was a cabinet member was that after her strong showing in the presidential race, there was strong public support for her place on the ticket as vice president. It is well documented that Obama asked Joe Biden FIRST whether he wanted to be VP or Secretary of State. Biden chose VP, so Hillary got the second choice.

        Let’s face it, she could have taken her Yale law degree and her intelligence, worked hard, and had similar results without playing the scorned wife to a shameless philanderer. Let’s not forget, she allowed this to happen while he slept with women barely older than Chelsea in the same house where Chelsea slept, while letting her Ivy League law degree gather dust. Would we really give a free pass to any other woman for doing that?

  9. doofus says:

    I don’t think I believe a word of this. well, I believe that Bubba could have gotten it on with Hurley, but the circumstances and the conversations relayed by Sizemore (a known liar, woman-abuser and meth addict) are NOT believable.

    regardless of the truthiness of this story, why should it affect Hil’s chances? it wasn’t her who had a “torrid affair” with a hollywood player. she’d be seen as the long suffering wife and might appear sympathetic?…

  10. queenfreddiemerucry says:

    “As Hillary Clinton prepares to run for President in 2016, RadarOnline.com has uncovered bombshell new information that could torpedo her White House dreams”

    Again what does this have to do with Hillary? First Rand Paul brings up Clinton’s cheating as an attack against her and now the tabs. I’m not the biggest Hillary fan but attack her (for things she did) not people her husband did.

  11. BendyWindy says:

    Why would he say “Elizabeth, this is your commander in Chief.” Is she an American citizen? I didn’t think so. This story is full of WTF.

  12. LAK says:

    Tom Sizemore’s description of Clinton doesn’t ring true.

    However, Clinton has always been tight with Liz Hurley’s baby daddy.

    And it came out via several ungallant gents that she’s not exactly the faithful type. I think the initial paternity denial given by her baby daddy was based around this point. Until DNA proved otherwise.

    2 opportunistic cheaters together? Very likely. Do we know for sure? No. And we can’t know for sure since the accuser is a drug addict with faulty memory.

    Truth will out eventually as I assume the white house keeps records of all visitors.

  13. Ice Maiden says:

    I don’t believe this story. Clinton wasn’t exactly discreet, but flying in a famous, erm, ‘actress’ for a ‘tryst’ in the White House? Nope.

    Besides, Liz wouldn’t be Bill’s type. He seemed to prefer his women fugly.

    • mia girl says:

      Plus, the article said this happened in 1998, which would be in the thick of the Lewinsky fall-out , Ken Starr and his impeachment later that year. All eyes were on this guy at the time.

      Seems like a tall tale built on maybe a kernel of truth (truth being he might have actually fooled around w Hurley at some point).

    • gg says:

      I dunno, I think Bill will nail any tail he smells. JFK was just as bad.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Oh sure, he would definitely have been extremely interested in Liz had he met her at some Washington party, but that’s not the same as having her flown in across the Atlantic, sneaking her into the White House and shagging her practically under Hillary’s nose. Bill didn’t seem choosy about his women – it was more a case of easy availability than anything else. I can’t see him being so infatuated with one particular woman, however gorgeous. He’d much rather do the fugly secretary than have a hot ‘film star’ flown across the Atlantic.

      • Jegede says:

        @Ice Maiden
        And JFK’s women were very attractive

  14. Anastasia says:

    The dialogue in that article was hilariously bad!!! I’m keeping the world from nuclear war, so you better get over here!

    No one talks like that. No one.

    I actually laughed.

  15. CarriOn says:

    Was he high when he recounted this “story”? I seriously had bursts of laughter reading this, because come on, who says these things? Sounds more like the Onion…

  16. The Original G says:

    OMG. I saw this movie on Space when I was home with the flu! Eric Roberts played the President. Lindsay Lohan played the model and Tom Sizemore was their dealer. A true story.

  17. littlestar says:

    True or not, this was hilarious to read.

    “Give it to me. You dumb mother*****r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.”


  18. foxyw says:

    No way this is true. Bill Clinton may be a philanderer, but he is a smart, smart man, and there is just no way on earth this alleged dialogue came out of his mouth.

    As for why Hilary stays with Bill, it’s a lot easier to divorce yourself emotionally than legally. When it’s legal, you have to start your life all over again. When it’s emotional, you can at least keep the structure intact.

    • Evi says:

      Maybe not the dialogue. But if he was a ‘smart, smart’ man then why would all his sleazy flings be exposed?
      Obviously not that smart.
      Hilary was always the brains behind the president – throughout his presidency.

  19. Sayrah says:

    Tom Sizemore? Puhleeze!

  20. hahahah says:

    OMG juicyyyyyyyyyy.im just gonna sit and watch this one out.no more comments.

  21. linlin says:

    Well, when I read the headline I thought it might be true, that he met her at some event and had an affair, but when you read the whole article it’s painfully obvious that this is made up, from the ridiculous dialogue to how this was supposed to have happened (he just called, told her, a non-American citizien that she has to obey him because he’s the President of a country of which she isn’t a citizien and sleep with him and then immediately sends an airplane? And she just is there, for 4 days and nobody notices).

  22. Nerd Alert says:

    And the lolz ensue. Let’s be real, Tom Sizemore made that (terrible) movie in his head. Bill Clinton is probably played by Matthew McConaughey in that movie, and Matty’s not doing a good job.

    Both Bill Clinton and Liz Hurley know that he is not her commander in chief; she is beholden to a queen/prime minister. Second, the dialogue sounds like it was ripped from a skit on SNL. Lastly, I find it hard to believe Liz Hurley stopped what she was doing in the height of her fame to bang the US prez for four days, just ‘cuz Bubba (colorfully) said so. I do not find it hard to believe she or he would do such a thing but COME ON. This is silly.

    It’s like saying the prime minister called up Ryan Reynolds and had him give ScarJo’s number, called her over the pond for some sex, and she was like “Four days, under wraps? Oh, sure! Okay! Be right there!”

    • LadySlippers says:

      Hey — even SNL writes better than that!!!

      (Okay depends on the year. Lol)

    • Elle Naj says:

      Also,I’m fairly certain Elizabeth Hurley lived in London then…I could be wrong, but, I lived in England for most of the Clinton administration and I remember her getting pap’ed quite frequently in London. Anyway, logistically this story makes almost as much sense as Elizabeth and Tom Sizemore dating in the first place does.

  23. Ok says:

    Tom Sizemore. God. What happened to him. He is ( or rather was) such am awesome actor. It is horrible that he is so screwed up on drugs.

  24. Tiffany says:

    There was an episode of Family Guy when Lois has sex with Bill Clinton and Peter finds out. Peter goes to confronts him and they wind up having sex.

    That pretty much sums up President Clinton to me, he can talk anyone into bed. So why in the hell will he go to Tom Sizemore to help him get some strange.

    I want to say shame on Radar for even encouraging him, but at the same time, I want to know how he ends his movie.

  25. Lilacflowers says:

    Tom “faked a drug test with a whizzanator and got caught” Sizemore? Tom “7 months in jail for hitting Heidi Fleiss” Sizemore? Sure, he’s a credible source.

  26. joan says:

    Not only doesn’t the story NOT sound plausible, but the CLUNKY dialogue absolutely doesn’t sound plausible.


    Poorly written, un-smooth, non-Bill language. We’ve listened to him for years and been charmed, and this doesn’t sound the least bit charming or the least bit like Bill.


  27. pink elephant says:

    Charming as Clinton may be in public situations, his tone – as recounted by TS – doesn’t ring totally untrue. Back in the 90’s, friend of mine had the misfortune of walking into the wrong (Clinton) hotel room. (Big hotel/lots of politicians – he was doing the political aide thing for someone else and then OOPS. Big oops!) Received a rash of foul-mouthed profanity, a la “WHO is this m*****f****r? HOW the F**K did he get in here? Get his sorry a$$ out, NOW!” from Bubba himself. Was stunned and a little heartbroken, as he is definitely a Democrat and had believed BC’s public persona ’til then.

  28. Evi says:

    Nothing that Sizemore says surprises me anymore. Once upon a time, Hurley was trying to bed and marry the richest man she could find and he rejected her after fathering her son. She is not beneath this type of stuff.

  29. Tara says:

    Weekly World News territory, in the voice of Dear Dottie. Well done Radar.

  30. Amy says:

    Neither Bill nor Elizabeth were monogamous in their previous relationships (Bill with Hillary, Elizabeth with Hugh and then with the Indian guy she married) but I find it hard to believe they ever any kind of affair. Clinton likes American girls, I can’t see Arkansas boy with a sophisticated British woman.

    And if you are longing for some good ole Presidential intrigue/scandal, I’ve said it before… cover the current French president! Or just read the Vanity Fair article about Hollande (that was actually written about the first time he cheated on his longtime partner with his journalist mistress who then became his girlfriend/de facto First Lady of France… who he then also cheated on with an actress) called “Palace Intrigue” because it’s such a fascinating and gripping read. Bill Clinton comes off looking like the pope.

  31. jensies says:

    Sizemore is taking it all back, and saying that this is all due to the fact that he was a huge drug addict back in the day: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/05/hurley-clinton-affair-tom-sizemore-video_n_4733818.html

  32. LaurieH says:

    While I totally believe that Bill Clinton would have slept with Elizabeth Hurley if he had the chance, I don’t believe this story. Sizemore’s supposed quotes of Clinton sound ridicululous. I can’t imagine Clinton ever saying those things. “I’m the Commander-in-Chief. The buck stops here.” Really?! That sounds like a line out of a bad movie script. Besides, consider the source: Tom Sizemore. Enough said.

  33. Lauraq says:

    Granted, I have no idea what Bill Clinton says when he’s not “on camera,” but I find it hard to believe he would ever say, “You dumb mother*****r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.”

    I agree. He’d be like ‘Come on, help a bro out.’