Kristen Stewart gets pap’d with a $3400 Chanel backpack in Paris: tacky or cute?


Judging by your lack of interest in yesterday’s Kristen Stewart story, I’m doubting many people will care about this, but I’m still covering it because I think it’s interesting. Kristen Stewart is changing! She really is. She’s trying out a slightly different public persona – less grumpy, more talkative and sharing, and now she’s the kind of girl who jets off to Paris with some girlfriends just to go shopping at Chanel (and to do a photoshoot, of course). So, these are new photos of Kristen running around Paris in her new Chanel ensemble. Of course she got a Chanel sweatshirt, plus a Chanel backpack AND a Chanel purse. She is, after all, the newest face of Chanel. So, here’s the question: was this all some carefully planned promotional trip so Kristen could get pap’d and hawk some Chanel stuff? Probably. Us Weekly even ran a story about her Chanel backpack:

A JanSport backpack, this is not. Kristen Stewart was spotted heading into Karl Lagerfeld’s 7L Bookshop in Paris on Feb. 4, wearing a custom Chanel sweatshirt and double-fisting Chanel bags. In one hand, she carried the fashion house’s Boy bag, and over her other shoulder she slung a Chanel backpack that costs $3400 — equivalent to more than 113 JanSport bags.

The black distressed bag from the spring 2014 collection is spray-painted and adorned with knotted strings and a carabiner clip. Lagerfeld’s inspiration for the Pop Art collection of real-life wear was young artists. “Life is not a red carpet,” the designer and Chanel creative director told Vogue. “This is for daily life. I wanted color, and a fraicheur. It’s a very happy mood.”

Stewart, the latest face of Chanel, arrived in Paris on Feb. 3 and headed to the Chanel store for a photo shoot. Before her campaign with Chanel for the Metiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection debuts in the spring, Stewart went topless for her ad for Balenciaga Rosabotanica, for which she’s also a spokeswoman.

[From Us Weekly]

$3400 for a BACKPACK?! That’s Olsen-esque. And to quote my favorite line from Working Girl: “IT’S NOT EVEN LEATHA!” Would you pay $3400 for a non-leather (it looks like run-of-the-mill plastic to me) Chanel bag? No. But would you carry it if you got it for free, and Chanel was paying you to carry it around to promote the label? Yeah, probably. And I do like her Chanel sweatshirt. It’s cute. Not for me, though. But for an 18-year-old heiress? Sure.

PS… I really can’t wait for Karl Lagerfeld’s inevitably bitchy interview about Kristen Stewart. It should be gold. I’m imagining a diatribe about her greasy hair.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. blue marie says:

    From the neck down she’s fine, but I hate the hat/beanie? (the word escapes me) She doesn’t always need to cover her hair.

  2. Cleveland Girl says:

    I think she looks great – if she can’t pull this off – WHO can? She is representing the brand. I am too old for this look, but if I were 30 years younger I would wear it in a heartbeat.

  3. Amanda says:

    I didn’t know Chanel made such tacky stuff. The hoodie and backpack look like the Victoria’s Secret Pink line..

    • Tig says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more- this looks like what you could buy off a street vendor. Surprised she’s not trying to get on Proactiv’s payroll- she’s already endorsed the product, it works for her, so why not?

    • CC says:

      I always found so tacky to buy even off-the-rack brands with the brand name plastered on it. Make a piece look like channel, not spell it.

      • Luna says:

        +1000! I’ve never bought anything with the brand name plastered all over it, I think it’s tacky and ugly. And I’m not even talking about designer stuff which I’ve never been able to afford anyways, but brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc,

  4. PunkyMomma says:

    While I sure wish someone would load me up with swag, Kristen’s look is tiring. I don’t want to look like her, I don’t want to smell like her and I don’t want the Chanel plastic bag.

    • Josephine says:

      Tiring is a great word for her look. For someone who claims to want to be comfortable, her jeans look so darn tight all the time and those flat shoes would kill me. I guess the uniform makes her comfortable, but I sure wish she would try some different casual clothes – these make her look like the kid who refused to grow up.

      The back-pack seems ok, but the black old lady bag makes her look like she’s carrying her mom’s purse.

    • CTgirl says:

      Agreed. This swag is horrible without a doubt, especially mixed with the homeless hipster look of KS.

    • Kosmos says:

      Well said, PunkyMomma !!!!

  5. LP says:

    The thought of paying that much for a bag makes me feel faint, much like when I hear about someone paying $7000 for a wedding dress they’ll wear once (obviously, I’m a cheapskate). It’s certainly not in the realm of celebrities who spend on accessories what most could use as a house down payment but…I think it’s reaching to call this outfit tacky. At least she can use a backpack every day.

    • original kay says:

      I like Yes to the Dress, but some of those brides are ridiculous. The ones that cry if they can’t have to 10K dress. lol!

    • Nerd Alert says:

      I don’t think you’re a cheapskate. I think fashion houses and Say Yes To The Dress are trying VERY hard to make it seem like bits of fabric sewn together could possibly be worth that much. I don’t care if God himself made the bag, there is no possible way any backpack could be worth that, ever.

      Again, not a cheapskate. Just clinging onto realism where you can. It’s hard sometimes, but the truth is that the vast majority of us have to shop at Kohl’s, Macy’s, or Target. Ladies at my work will buy a Coach purse and act like it’s the frickin’ Holy Grail because they paid $250 at an outlet store for it and it still isn’t really returning that investment. That’s reality.

  6. Crikey says:

    The next time Kristen gives one of her holier-than-thou interviews criticizing celebs who couldn’t possibly be as “real” as she is because they sell themselves for ad campaigns, I’d like someone to point out to her these pictures of her dripping in Chanel swag down to her sneakers (those are Chanel too!) to make a buck.

    • Anname says:

      But don’t you know it’s all about the art??

      I actually don’t fault her for doing the Chanel thing. But at this point her fans really need to stop selling her as above it all.

    • Ms. Turtle says:

      Agreed. This is a girl who used to complain about photographers (likening it to sexual assault) and basically seemed miserable being famous. So instead of acting and laying low, she’s now hocking Chanel. I actually have no problem with celebs endorsing products. Just don’t feign self righteousness on the subject.

      This girl is young so I am trying to give her slack because she gets a lot of crap thrown at her. But she makes it so hard to like her. I suspect she couldn’t care less if we like her.

      Anyone else find it appalling that Coco Chanel’s name is on a hoodie? I must be getting old.

      • Lee says:

        Well, I must be getting old too, then. I find it appalling also. I mean, really? A cheap looking hoodie? It looks like a street vendor/flea market purchase where you pick from a variety of “designer” names ironed onto all the same low-end sweatshirts. And the bag looks picked up from the pile on the ground from the same vendor.

      • mia girl says:

        Lee – I thought the same thing about the flea market “pick a brand,” iron on!

        I get that Chanel is trying to appeal to a younger crowd, but hoodies?
        Hoodies are for Hollister, not Chanel.

    • Lark says:

      Honestly, I don’t remember her outright criticizing celebrities for not being as “real”….She used to say the usually mumbo jumbo that a lot of teenagers and people in their early 20s do about being “real” and “authentic” and it came off as pretentious as hell….but I’m not really sure how her being pretentious and self-righteous got stretched to her “trashing” other celebrities. She was talking in general terms…Now,the fans on the other hand…Yes, they would say that type of stuff.

      It’s weird to me, because Emma Watson can go on about other celebrities being superficial and Jennifer can go on about being the only actress with a “real” body…and I don’t remember people “slamming” them as trashing other women. And honestly, I don’t think they were…they were just talking in general terms about Hollywood. But anytime she opened her mouth, it somehow got blown up and she became “the worst person in the world.” She’s 23, she seems to have grown up a little….

  7. Eleonor says:

    Celebrities hang around all the time with the most expensieve stuff,and she has a deal with Chanel, probably she’s got that for free.
    I don’t see the fuzz.

  8. Mia4S says:

    Of course it’s a promotional trip. That’s fine, as long as she’s dropped the holier than thou, paparazzi are a violation, attitude. She agreed to get her photo taken a bunch of times to shill clothes. She sold out like all the rest, just don’t deny it.

  9. CTgirl says:

    She could make an original Fortuny gown look cheap. She has such a total lack of style and appears to have questionable hygiene. No thanks.

  10. Lila says:

    This actually makes me like her more. I’ve had mixed feelings about her in the past but if she is trying to grow up, I’m willing to be open minded. She is a beautiful girl with talent IMO and became incredibly famous SO young (she was what, 18 when she started giving the dumbass Twilight promo interviews?). Hopefully she’s gaining perspective and communication skills as she gets older. Maybe getting back to her comfort zone of indies and festivals and out of the international franchise glare is helping.

    It’s a reality now that fashion is a part of the business, especially for young actresses. I think she’s articulated well in her recent interviews promoting Balenciaga that her feelings on all of it have changed dramatically. She still looks ill at ease but at least she is embracing what she signed up for and giving it an honest shot with interviews and product heavy pap shots. I’m not going to shade her for changing. I just hope she keeps at trying to express herself better. For a while there, her idiotic comments were overwhelming anything else she might have had to offer until I really disliked her.

  11. BendyWindy says:

    Head to toe Chanel, even if you’re their spokesperson, is tacky. Well, the obviously branded, emblazoned with the label name Chanel is tacky. A classic suit? That would have been nice, but totally un-K.Stew.

    Why did they pick her again? Why are we trying to make high fashion Kristen happen?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Bendy, it doesn’t sound like Karl would have wanted her in a suit. It seems like they chose Stew because they want to appeal to in a more everyday-wear kind of way…hence, no suit.

  12. mellie says:

    I think it’s cute, she’s young, she’s the ‘face’ of the brand she can do what she wants…but as others have pointed out, don’t get that sullen, ‘I’m too cool for the paps’ and ‘I’m not a label wearer’ attitude because it’s obvious she’s not!

  13. Tessa says:

    When she was 17-18 and Twilight was just starting, her style was cute, endearing even. As she gets into her 20′s, I’m sorry but it’s not cute anymore. Wash your damn hair and dress like a grown up. She’s suuuch a pretty girl. There’s so much potential, and she chooses to dress like Justin Bieber.

  14. Latisse says:

    This whole look is making me laugh. She is the WORST luxury brand ambassador ever. She is an object lesson in: “Just cuz you paid a lot of money for it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll look good.” It’s so funny, she is walking around in at least $10,000 of merchandise and looks worse than I do in my laziest Forever 21 best. This doesn’t make me want to shop at Chanel, it makes me want to burn Chanel down to the ground so that some other poor schmuck isn’t conned into dropping 10 Gs to look homeless.

  15. Marty says:

    I think this shows, like most actors and actresses, she’s willing to play the game. For all “anti-establishment” claims, she’s willing to play for her career and to build her brand up.

  16. Zandy says:

    Hypocrite! No middle finger, o f..k you, or calling them parasites? Oh yeah, this is different, this is wanted…. So real…

  17. smee says:

    That back pack – with all it’s faux punk rockness – reminds me of those ugly bags that Sprouse did for Louis Vuitton. Fug.

  18. ernie says:

    Karl is totally making fun of her with the hoodie and the backpack and she has to wear it. Chanel for a valley girl.

  19. shellybean says:

    Isn’t that the run-of-the-mill price for just about any Chanel bag?

    I know Kristen did that BAD THING. And that people think she looks dirty a lot and think she has a crappy attitude. But she’s never bugged me. I think she looks like a normal girl most of the time, and I think she’s naturally gorgeous. I also like her red-carpet style most of the time.

    • Tig says:

      Please tell me you are not attempting to minimize her behavoir that helped break up a marriage. Yes, it takes two to tango, but she didn’t have to be Rupert’s dance partner,did she?

      If her erstwhile fans want this episode to fade away, quit bringing it up. Perhaps a bit over sensitive to revisionist history, as just came from Dylan Farrow posts. Thank goodness not the same situation at all, but the effort to minimize pretty crappy behavoir-aka the BAD THING- is jarring.

      • Div says:

        How on earth did you get that from her post? I get what she was saying. KStew did a shitty thing but she never bothered her that much & was being a bit sarcastic considering how over the top people some people get about her. Claire Danes & Russell Crowe don’t bug me that bad either, even though they did the same shitty thing KStew did. Cheating is shitty, but if I got so up in arms over it two years later or whatever like in KStew’s case, I’d be seriously bugged by half of Hollywood. And bringing up Dylan Farrow even if you say a different situation? Really? I guess I’m a bit sensitive, but completely inappropriate. I’m a bit over people being so over the top about up this girl (I don’t see people react so strongly to cheating men).

  20. shitler says:

    Regarding Chanel now making sweatshirts-it’s a recession yo. Gotta make that cash anyway you see fit. Adapt and survive

  21. Annie says:

    She looks 17. I think the comparisons with Avril Lavigne have always been so accurate. From the bitchy attitude to the forever a teen style. They should hang out.

  22. Lark says:

    She was in Paris to do a photo shoot, so of course they gave her a ton of free swag when she was coming and going from the set and the store. Of course it’s “playing” the game but it’s not like she set up a pap photo–she was going to be at the studio over the course of a few days for the shoot and the meeting, she knew she’d be papped, and she wore the free swag they gave her. Instead of flipping the bird and screaming at the paps, she’s using them to her advantage by wearing the brand they paid her to represent….which seems like a much better idea. Anyway, hate the sweatshirt but like the bag.

    I don’t know…I guess I kind of like her “more” nowadays, although I’m a little biased because I’ve always liked her somewhat. People can go on about her being a sell-out, but she’s only 23 and was 17 when the Twilight thing started. People change and mature. I cringe to think about what I used to say in college and how I used to view myself as an “artiste”…and I’m only 25. Lainey used to say something about her, that she needed to accept that life isn’t a freshman philosophy class or something like that…and she seems to have come to that realization. Also, why would Karl bitch about her? He picked her for the campaign….

  23. aish says:

    Chanel has really gone down the drain, their latest collection at Haute fashion week was absolutely terrible with no point of return.. and KS is a pretty girl but she is no Chanel. I think Isabel Marant would be a good fit for her, edgy, a bit tomboyish and chic

  24. Jackson says:

    Hmmm. I don’t know, if you took away that brightly colored strap and the white lettering, I actually like that backpack. I would never pay that much for it, but then again I would never pay what those other expensive bags cost, either. I find them and their prices just as ridiculous as this one, leather or not. Lol, I am totally not a ‘bag’ girl so they all seem way over-priced and over-hyped to me. I’d by the knock-off version of this one though. :) Well, the “re-interpreted version” if you will.

  25. Liberty says:

    The bag looks 20% better in the tan canvas version. All this is just part of their marketing attempt to break deeper into a teen age group to start them on the Chanel path to front-fill lost aging-out sales. They need to get that Marc Jacobs, Prada, The Row market. That said – I agree with a previous comment group that said it looks like that derivative boring cheap Pink “midwestern mall” line.

    What’s odd is this stuff will be soooo easy for those copycat makers to turn into fake merchandise. I see headaches ahead for Chanel.

  26. Kemper says:

    Is designer sweatshirt an oxymoron? Or does it just make you a moron for overpaying for a sweatshirt?

  27. Dommy Dearest says:

    Sorry France, first Kimye and now Lady Bitesherlipsalot.


  28. Source says:

    Good job, Chanel. Your designer duds look like cheap twenty-dollar knockoffs. And if she’s wearing that stuff, it’s clear she wants to be papped in it. She’s got CHANEL emblazoned across her chest. On someone else, who could carry off a cool, kind of designer mixed with not-designer kind of vibe, this would be great. On her, it’s like she went…blue hoodie…gray backpack…paint on my jeans…DONE!

    It’s like when Britney Spears wears expensive clothing. It still looks like she got it off the rack at Target.

    I’m waiting for Chanel to say, “JUST KIDDING!”

  29. kingkayski says:

    I never had a problem with this girl,it’s not like she’s pretending to be high fashion when she’s not,they hire her for what she is ,an LA hipster,so they dress her like one.She’s just doing what she’s getting paid for,wear their expensive brand and prance around with it a couple of seconds in Paris,job done.

  30. Lux says:

    I can’t understand why, out of everyone is Hollywood, Chanel would pick Kristen. It’s simultaneously baffling me and making my head hurt.

  31. Melly says:

    You can a buy t-shirt with “It’s part of my job to wear the newest things” written on it, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Maybe he had this idea after explaining to Kristen what it means to be the new face of Chanel.

  32. tracy says:

    Those are the perks of representing a line of clothes… the free clothes and accessories. Kristen looks great!! Love this girl. Can’t for Still Alice and Clouds of Sils Maria!

  33. LAK says:

    Sure. Why not?

  34. Alina says:

    wow her facial skin looks flawless here!

    All these Chanel items look weird together, total overload. But she seems to come from some meeting with Chanel. Of course she now has to carry all the free stuff at once.

    The backpack is ok and it fits with youngster style. The sweater together with skinny jeans looks good! I dislike the handbag.

  35. TherapyCranes says:

    I really like that sweater.

  36. Blackbetty says:

    I hate the backpack. I dont see how KStew being the face of Chanel is supposed to want me to buy Chanel?