Ashley Judd speaks out against Sarah Palin for aerial killing (warning)

Severe warning on this video: Wolves are shown dead and being killed. Do not watch it if you are sensitive to seeing animals being killed.

Ashley Judd stars in a new video for the Defenders Action Fund, in which she speaks out against the brutal practice of “aerial killing” advocated by Alaskan governor and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Aerial killing is a practice in which private citizens are issued permits to shoot wolves and even bears from planes and helicopters, with the justification that they’re controlling the predator wolf population and helping save the elk, moose, and caribou that wolves feed on. Animal rights advocates say that the elk, moose and caribou numbers are underestimated and that it is cruel and unnecessary to kill wild animals like this.

Judd’s video is understandably sensational. This story in Salon is a little more measured account of the controversy over aerial killing:

The controversy over Palin’s promotion of predator control goes beyond animal rights activists recoiling at the thought of picking off wolves from airplanes. A raft of scientists has argued that Palin has provided little evidence that the current program of systematically killing wolves, estimated at a population of 7,000 to 11,000, will result in more moose for hunters. State estimates of moose populations have come under scrutiny. Some wildlife biologists say predator control advocates don’t even understand what wolves eat.

it is not hard to find Alaskans who say Palin’s enthusiasm for predator control fits a broader narrative of how she edits science to suit her personal views. She endorses the teaching of creationism in public schools and has questioned whether humans are responsible for global warming.

In 2007, she approved $400,000 to educate the public about the ecological success of shooting wolves and bears from the air. Some of the money went to create a pamphlet distributed in local newspapers, three weeks before the public was to vote on an initiative that would have curtailed aerial killing of wolves by private citizens. “The timing of the state’s propaganda on wolf control was terrible,” wrote the Anchorage Daily News on its editorial page.

“Across the board, Sarah Palin puts on a masquerade, claiming she is using sound management and science,” says Nick Jans, an Alaskan writer who co-sponsored the initiative. “In reality she uses ideology and ignores science when it is in her way.” The initiative was defeated last month.

Gordon Haber is a wildlife scientist who has studied wolves in Alaska for 43 years. “On wildlife-related issues, whether it is polar bears or predator controls, she has shown no inclination to be objective,” he says of Palin. “I cannot find credible scientific data to support their arguments,” he adds about the state’s rationale for gunning down wolves. “In most cases, there is evidence to the contrary.”

Last year, 172 scientists signed a letter to Palin, expressing concern about the lack of science behind the state’s wolf-killing operation. According to the scientists, state officials set population objectives for moose and caribou based on “unattainable, unsustainable historically high populations.” As a result, the “inadequately designed predator control programs” threatened the long-term health of both the ungulate and wolf populations. The scientists concluded with a plea to Palin to consider the conservation of wolves and bears “on an equal basis with the goal of producing more ungulates for hunters.”

Apparently Palin wasn’t fazed. Earlier this year she introduced state legislation that would further divorce the predator-control program from science. The legislation would transfer authority over the program from the state Department of Fish and Game to Alaska’s Board of Game, whose members are appointed by, well, Palin. Even some hunters were astounded by her power play.

The legislation would give Palin’s board “more leeway without any scientific input to do whatever the hell they basically wanted,” Mark Richards, co-chair of Alaska Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, wrote in an e-mail. The legislation is currently stalled in the Alaska state Senate.


The Defenders Action Fund has launched, a website to focus on Palin’s voting record and what they call her “extreme anti-conservation agenda.” Now that Palin is out of the spotlight, they want to continue to highlight the way she’s hurting Alaska’s wildlife with her policies.

This is not the first time vegetarian Judd has spoken out against Palin. Last September, she said that “A woman voting for McCain and Palin is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders” due to McCain’s poor voting recording in the Senate on reproductive rights.

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  1. cheetahstripes says:

    I can’t watch that video but I will say that someone needs to do some “predator control” on Sarah Palin. This makes me sick.

  2. geronimo says:

    Just sick and obscene and stomach-churning.

    Even now, I still find it almost impossible to believe that this vile woman came close to the seat of government. Such lack of empathy with other living creatures says one word: sociopath.

    Props to Judd, DAF and all continuing efforts to expose this cretinous, ice-for-blood moron for what she is.

  3. geronimo says:

    Or do I mean psychopath? Or both. Whatever. Just vile and inexcusable.

  4. RReedy says:

    Ashley Judd should stick to selling her fashion line at Kohls.
    Don’t condemn what you don’t understand.
    Typical grandstanding.

  5. Syko says:

    Definitely some kind of “path”. And definitely sickening and sad.

    Damn Sarah Palin. She ruined my Thanksgiving, I’m not able to enjoy turkey any more. But that’s not enough, she has to promote killing beautiful wild creatures from the air. Where did she come from, and is she ever going to go away?

  6. sissoucat says:

    Palin is a true wildlife protector, only she can’t manipulate logic for all she’s worth, or else she would already have advocated giving wolves permits to aerial hunt humans, since it’s well known humans are the biggest threat for wildlife out there.

    Specifically educated, gay, pro-choice, colored and liberal humans. If those are still ‘humans’ for her.

    Am I getting this right ?

  7. CC says:

    I hate this woman! I’m at a loss for words because of how much I completely hate her…

  8. mE says:

    I think that someone else might be ignoring science also. I live up here. Wolves have become a real problem. I don’t know if many people realize it but many villages up here are not accessible by car or boat. Many of those communities live on caribou and moose. The wolves have decimated their populations. With the wolf culling, their numbers have already started to increase dramatically.

    All things being equal, this is something that minds on both sides can disagree on and still be civil towards each other. Clearly this is a half assed attempt to discredit Governor Palin, should she decide to run in 2012, and make her look like some sort of monster. I cannot say I am comfortable with how these wolves are killed, I think it is easy to forget how bit it is up here (especially if you haven’t been here). Hunting wolves on the ground, while increasing the chances of getting a clean, relatively painless kill is pretty much impossible on the scale it would need to be done because of the extremely large area we are dealing with up here.

    That article from Salon isn’t quite so balanced. Seems extremely one sided.

    Wolves we feel sorry for, unborn human beings, not so much. Makes no sense to me.

  9. cheetahstripes says:

    @mE…that woman has no business running in 2012, unless by some miracle she’s managed to grow a brain by that time.

  10. Bodhi says:

    Of course Palin would reject hard science!

  11. daisy424 says:

    Agree mE, Judd is incredibly uneducated on this issue. She has it out for Palin due to Judd’s reproductive views. Judd shouldn’t confuse these two separate issues.
    That said the Salon article is one sided.
    Try this;

  12. GrnMtGirl says:

    I know a young man who recently lived in a remote area of Alaska and he told me that hunting Caribou is legal 365 & that people certainly take advantage of that right. So, I wonder how many Caribou are being killed by humans & how many are being killed by Wolves?

    At any rate, hunting Wolves from the air is just cruel.

  13. boomchakaboom says:

    Aerial killing of anything is more unbalanced than an article could ever hope to be.

    @mE: equating shooting animals from airplanes and the right to an abortion is something only an ijit could conjure up. Ijit.

  14. boomchakaboom says:

    I believe my comment to mE is the first time I’ve ever come right out and slammed a commenter. I apologize for the outburst, but I stand behind the reasoning.

  15. geronimo says:

    mE – “Clearly this is a half assed attempt to discredit Governor Palin, should she decide to run in 2012, and make her look like some sort of monster.”

    Only a truly desperate person could interpret this as an attempt to discredit Palin. Objectivity fail.

  16. Syko says:

    I got your back, boomchakab

  17. Tia says:

    Absolutely disgusting. I cannot beleive Sarah Palin was even in the running. I do believe though the majority of Amercia can tell what a disgusting human being she is. sissoucat had it right, CNN polls show the people who voted mostly for Palin were UNEDUCATED !!!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t that speak volumes??? SHAMEFUL, SHAMEFUL PALIN

  18. boomchakaboom says:

    @syko: good to know and thanks
    @geronimo: so true!

  19. Mr. T says:

    I see a lot of hate and ignorance regarding anything Sarah Palin. People are extremely ignorant about transportation in Alaska and how “science” is bandied about. It seems that hate and ignorance goes hand in hand.

    Let’s see a post on Tom Daschell and how he drives his own car to work, oh wait, forget that. How about how he pays all his taxes on time, oh wait, forget that. It seems that the Democrats are shining examples of virtue and intelligence, or at least the art of lying.

  20. HS says:

    Yet I am continually amazed at the one-sided viewpoints of people.

    mE- I have YOUR BACK.

    How many of u actually live in Alaska?

    There are always 2 sides to every story- I think we forget that.

  21. Flour says:

    @mE: I kind of understand where you’re coming from on this, knowing of course how important eating is. I had to do a bit of research and this is what i found:

    RE: Arial Killing of Wolves/Bears:
    The incentives include offering 180 volunteer pilots and aerial gunners $150 in cash for turning in legs of freshly killed wolves, Gov. Sarah Palin’s office announced Tuesday.

    Let me also define for you unethical. “morally wrong”. Need more? definition of moral… Of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character.

    So explain to me what is ethical and moral about shooting an animal with a gun from the sky where there is no place for it to hide, no way for it to run away fast enough and no chance at all for a clean kill.

    It’s a brutal practice of the rich and now, the illegal practice for that 150$ bounty.

    Perhaps instead of culling the wolf population, they should try culling the hunter population of the caribou and find a different way to make a bit of income.

    Hunting with a gun is wrong. I’m a minority on this, I realize. But if you really want a bit of sport, use a bow. And eat what you kill. Bah. Rant over.

  22. boomchakaboom says:

    Somebody needs to watch The Misfits, over and over. That practice was legal at the time, but it was outright disgusting.

  23. K says:

    Ashley Judd should continue her efforts to subjegate women as sex toys. That is what all her photo’s and clothing lines protray. She should stay out of things she has not personally researched and understands. Instead she shows her continued ignorance by singling out a single person for a ledgislative act. It takes a state congress to make a law. The governer only has the ablity to agree or disagree with the choice of the many. Judd must believe that the few should dictate the rights of the many. Here we go into Dictatorship!

  24. Jessie says:

    I hardly thinking Ashley is “grandstanding”. What is there to understand? People are shooting animals and KILLING them from the air. There is no rhyme or reason for such an act. For Palin the biblethumper: aren’t wolves Gods creatures to be loved and respected? Dumb broad!

  25. Ellie says:

    You know on every single blog that has carried this story, all the palin supporters come around to the whole abortion issue. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AERIEL WOLF HUNTING FFS!!! NOT ABORTION RIGHTS!!!!

  26. geronimo says:

    Daisy – thanks for your link, it’s an interesting read. It doesn’t change my opinion of Palin one iota (since that’s based on so much more than this story) but it’s good to have another perspective. It’s not the culling of the wolves that bothers me so much as the inhuman brutality of the method and the rigid, closed mindset behind it that refuses to take alternative methods of control – if they are actually necessary – into account.

  27. DEO says:

    he REALLY RUDE part!!! The people of Alaska have VOTED against this cruel practice of aerial killing TWO TIMES!!!! Twice the will of the Alaskan people has been OVERTURNED by the powers that be, i.e. judges, Palin.
    Thrill KIll Sarah says it´s FOR the people, but the people have come to conclusion that the pratice is counterproductive, but heck ya know, SARAH WANTS WOLF PAWS!!!!Palin is like Cruella DeVille.
    ALSO TOO Palin is now attacking DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE and Ashley Judd.

  28. bros says:

    mE, sorry, but I’m an alaskan too, and your little comment about ‘wolves being a real problem’ is silly and not true. wolves arent a real problem. this whole hunting wolves thing has nothing to do with predator/prey relationships or science or anything. it has everything to do with tourism and hunting and it is meant to keep the numbers of caibou artificially high so that hunters will have more of them to shoot and people will come to shoot caribou from other states. nature does a find job of regulating itself a predator/prey balance, and has been doing fine for thousands of years without sarah palin and her f#cking helicopter carnage. she is totally at the behest of hunting lobbys and this has everything to do with that. plus, what is even more disgusting is that this has already been voted down by alaskans in a referendum and i can’t believe it is back as an issue. the people of alaska have already spoken on the subject and this facking biotch won’t listen.

  29. Sauronsarmy says:

    I’m just glad Ashley didn’t go with PETA. Nice to see other animal organizations getting attention.

  30. DEO says:

    HEY K….Ashly Judd has never subjegated women. Her roles are very thoughtful and about women. She has never been involved in anything she didnt undertsand. She is very savvy. DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE, are a prestigious group of researchers AND watchdogs who have many HUNTERS and conservationists as members, Palin is out of line attacking THEM as a crazy gringe group!!! Another LIE.
    I have always respected Judd, she has always been involved in fine causes, I applaude her.

    Sarah Palin-Tonya Harding 2012
    Contribute heavily to Palin´s next shopping spree just log on to SARAHPAC and make a DONATION.

  31. Nikki says:


  32. Ellie says:

    It’s not that I have a problem with hunting because I don’t. It’s how the wolves are being hunted. I am from Oregon and am familiar with both bow and gun hunting. I personally think bow hunting might be harder but it’s more fair and a bigger challenge. Also, the hunters I know USE all the meat.

  33. Nikki says:

    Your forgetting that Obama had the majority of the uneducated vote, and as for trying to “discredit” her in 2012, that woman has nothing to discredit, Alaska is a very loose state and she does not have the experience needed, I don’t believe that she’s the moron she made herself out to be, she’s just a tool and it’s sad that another tool, Judd, won’t ignore her and let her fade away.

  34. DEO says:

    F^^K, everytime a Sarah supporter comes on they BRING UP Obama, or abortion, or some such stuff that has nothing to do with the validity of the subject.
    Palin is a self promoter, egoist, and con artist…for a person to be on the scene for 6 months and be involved IN SO MANY tacky things is absurd.
    Now she is whining about DEFENDERS OF THE WILDLIFE because they called her on her BS.
    Good for Judd, and I chuckled when I put it together that DEFENDERS used a WOMAN who WAS actually smart and alot prettier…I think a little IN joke!
    Although this carnage is not a joke.

  35. Ellie says:

    I think Sarah Palin has a problem with anyone that is brighter than she is….

  36. DEO says:

    If someone is doing something obscenely wrong, do you think it should be IGNORED so that the person will go away?
    I guess we should have ignored all the serial killers that were finally apprehended. Who cares if a little LIFE FORCE is being sucked out.

    …and also too, you mentioned the UNEDUCATED VOTE. That would be the south, they spend the least on education. McCain got those votes, just by the way.

  37. aleach says:

    sarah palin is a disgusting human being.
    that is all.

  38. DEO says:

    NEWBUSTERS is ridiculous PRO PALIN RAG, it´s run by fat old white guys that cream their knicks whenever they say SSSSSARAH.

    It is SO one sided, Palin could KILL THE POPE and NEWSBUSTERS would just tell you it was becasue the pope was PRO abortion. oh, it´s ridiculously SAD. They LIE as much as Palin does…check it out one time, it´s soooo desperatly sad. They assume the world is actually AFRAID of the little numbskull. I am afraid FOR Palin not OF Palin, everytime she picks up a sharp object Palin could put an eye out! DUMB as brick, pretty as picture…

  39. bros says:

    k-you are seriously an uneducated twit. there are no 2 sides to this issue. and to the person who said you have no problem with hunting, just HOW they are hunted, please consider that these animals are dying for nothing. they are not eaten for food, which is the only reason people should be hunting.

    and to nikki, you are also uneducated. people with higher educations are more likely to vote democrat. look it up.

  40. Nikki says:

    Yes, I do think Palin should be ignored. The people of Alaska know the real situation and they should voice their thoughts on what should be done and see that it is. All we can do from here is critise her. Also, McCain did get the uneducated vote in the south, but the majority went to Obama, I really don’t see why that matters to you , I was correcting someone. As we both know our President is Obama and people should accept that and support him and Palin should be forgotten for now so we can focus on the crisis that this country is facing- not some redneck.

  41. Orangejulius says:

    She’s a nightmare that we nearly inflicted on the world. Santa Claus help us.

  42. Kayleigh says:

    Now if it was hand to hand combat with a wolf I’d be ok with it, but sniping them off from a far distance just isn’t fair. At least give them a fighting chance.

  43. vdantev says:

    Shoot her from a helicopter…. wolf killing just imbalances natural order even further. Humans are the one who have the hunting thing ass-backward. wolves kill off the old, the sick and the weak and herds grow stronger with each generation. Humans on the other hand want the biggest and the best and the strongest and so those genes don’t get passed along and herds get weaker, sicker and there’s less to hunt both for the wolves and the people.

  44. bros says:

    nikki, again you are incorrect. higher education levels are correlated with voting democrat, so obama didnt get the majority of the ‘uneducated’ vote or whatever you are attempting to say.

    the people of alaska already did do their speaking, TWICE, to not allow this to occur. she is a terrible governor and refuses to listen to the voters.

  45. daisy424 says:

    @DEO, wipe the froth from your mouth and lay off the caps lock key.

    The link I provided didn’t jive with your view, so of course you disregard it as a Palin Rag. That doesn’t surprise me.

    Try this link;

    FYI, I am a member of DOWAF, but don’t agree with this tactic. They are starting to resemble PETA.

    I wonder though, are any of you as ardent in your wildlife stance and writing/phoning your Senators when the slaughtering of baby seals in Canada starts next month? Who do we blame for that?

  46. Cinderella says:

    Is she collecting wolf paws like rabbit’s feet to bring her luck in 2012?

    Give it up, sister.

  47. Nikki says:

    Yes I do know that the highly educated and least educated as well as the very rich and the extremely poor vote democrat. And to bros, this was the impression that I was given by the msm, guess I have been corrected, oh well that’s the media.(CNN and sometimes O’reilly, yes O’reilly he can be amusing). Well atleast Palin will be voted out in 2010.

  48. Chiara says:

    Interesting article … “Gordon Haber and 172 scientists,” opposed to Palin’s non-scientific approach.

    No surprise with Palin a former beauty queen who wears the label well of intellectual light weight.

  49. Ash says:

    Wow… that’s incredibly disgusting. WTF? Aerial Killing? That just SOUNDS aweful in itself.

  50. Annie says:

    Here’s my spin on all of this:

    Prior to our introduction into this whole circle of life business, predators were hunting their natural prey and everything was fine. Ecosystems work in a very wonderful way. Prey dies off, so do predators, so everything is balanced.

    Throw people into the mix and bam, now we have issues. You can’t decide what species is more valuable. That’s like attempting to put worth on specific people in a sense. Like oh, this person is from Harvard and has a PhD, so he can live, but this guy just staples boxes, so out!

    It’s ridiculous, we should let nature handle its business.

    Also, it’s interesting to me that Palin claims it’s for the preservation of the prey wildlife in Alaska…she says this while holding a gun and aiming it right at a Caribou.


  51. for_realz says:

    @ Dante..

    great point!! i agree with you!

  52. Diva says:

    So, lol.. the cover pic is funny. Ashley looking down, mouth wide open like she’s shouting condemnation, lol, Palin tight-lipped and looking up like a scolded child.

    Doesn’t have anything to DO with anything, lol… just funny. {=0)

  53. BluePlanet says:

    Hick is as hick does
    This woman thinks way too much of herself.

  54. NotBlonde says:

    Human hunting for sport is what screwed up the caribou population, not wolves. Nature handles itself very well. Wolves “realize” in a natural way if there are less caribou around because, there are less caribou around. So they’ll go for other things like rabbits, gophers and other small mammals until the caribou population gets bigger and then they start hunting them again. Humans, on the other hand, have been well documented in hunting things into near extinction.

    Don’t blame the wolves because you want a damn elk head over your mantle and you couldn’t get one. Blame the other asshole sport hunters who are decimating ungulate populations.

  55. dancingnancie81 says:

    @mE – maybe we shoot you in the back from a helicoptor and see how you feel? Douche. People lived there for hundreds of years without having to “control” wolf poplations. That’s why Alaska is near uninhabitable – it takes real survival skills to build a life there. Go sell your conservative oppression to some old white men. Or Palin.

  56. Peopleeattastyanimals says:

    To all you Palin “HATERS” and peta stooges, why do you hate what you don’t understand? Find out more about the indigenous culture in Alaska before you become so hateful and speak out of ignorance. Are you so much better than they that you can stick your nose in their life-style and tell them it’s wrong? Who are you to judge the leaders in a state you’re not even a part of? You are attacking a woman who is not a fame seeking movie star like Judd, you are attacking a woman who stood up to the corrupted business as usual political crowd and is beating them, shame on you!!!
    “PALIN rocks”, we need more women like her. The country would be less politically correct and much more sensible.

  57. JMC says:

    Daisy–I’m confused. Why would I write to my senator about a problem in Canada? Or is this going on in Washington state or something too?

  58. DaLeena says:

    Palin is a creep. Isn’t it obvious? I hope this no-brain adultress tool doesn’t decide to run for President in four years, lots of channel hopping if she does.

  59. Diva says:

    peopleeattas… (and yes, I know what your name is supposed to be)

    INDIGENOUS CULTURE???? Are you f’cking SERIOUS???

    There’s nothing INDIGENOUS about shooting animals out of planes with high powered semi-automatic rifles.

    Take a bite of your own damn advice and know what the hell you’re talking about before opening your pie hole.

    I’m a meat eater and come from a family of hunters, too, but I’m not an idiot.

  60. aleach says:

    Peopleeattastyanimals- Are you kidding me?
    “Find out more about the indigenous culture in Alaska before you become so hateful and speak out of ignorance.”

    Hmm, I dont think that shooting defenseless animals out of a helicopter is “indigenous culture”. I can totally get behind cultural differences, but this aint it.
    This is shooting animals so that there are other animals to hunt. Am I right? Alaskians hunt caribou, correct? And the wolves eat caribou to SURVIVE, right? So, youre talking about killing wolves so they dont hunt the caribou, so theres more for HUMANS to hunt. Yeah, good one….

    “You are attacking a woman who is not a fame seeking movie star like Judd”

    How many times exactly have we heard from Mrs. Palin since the end of the election? Too many. She wont shut up. She has nothing to contribute, just stupidity. And how much of the RNC’s money went to her faaaabulous wardrobe?

    “PALIN rocks”, we need more women like her. The country would be less politically correct and much more sensible.”

    That’s exactly what this country needs! More Sarahs!! More idiots that only teach creationism in schools (science is silly!), who are firmly against abortions (after all, its the governments body, not mine!!), who want abstinence-only education (its works so well. Look at the perfect Palin family to see that.), etc.
    Im all about females-in-power, but only if they are QUALIFIED to be there. Not because they are ex-beauty queens & tv sportscasters.

  61. Conservationist says:

    Apparently Ashley Judd has forgotten her roots growing up dirt poor in the hills of Kentucky with a rifle in her mom’s one hand and a shotgun in her hand, shooting, yes, killing wildlife to feed the poor family. In Alaska, it is different. Eskimo’s have survived by culling herds and controlling proper breeding of wildlife which supplies them with clothing, food, and other necessary items to survive in such a climate. Let Ashley live in Alaska for one year, with her credit cards and apparent political ambitions, and see if she can survive. How inappropriate of her to make such claims against someone without personal knowledge. Fund raising again?…..huh Ashley? Sorry, in this economic downturn, most people in rural Florida as hunting, fishing and raising foods to survive….there’s no money for your personal ajenda here

  62. aleach says:

    man, i didnt realize that was so long. i just hate this woman with a passion.
    and sorry for the spelling errors too, im just all riled up over here! 😉

  63. Peopleeattastyanimals says:

    ALL, look at the solution dancing nanci, suggests. “Shoot ME in the back…” That type of comment is indicative of a person who probably has supported the killing of humans, now there’s a person who shouldn’t be allowed near sharp objects. But then that goes for most of you commenting on this blog, so filled with hate and ignorance, devolution in high-gear. Why doesn’t Asshley Judd fight for the lives of helpless humans? Hmmmm?
    According to famed peta president Ingrid Newkirk, “a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy” then a child is as important as a wolf then why are we worried about a small number of wolves when so many more human babies are being killed. See the hypocrisy with animal-rights activists? Or are you just going to hate Sarah Palin no matter what?

  64. JustLookingIn says:

    After reading the article, (but not watching the vid- can’t do that) I’d like to weigh in as well. At the top of this page, the pic and the first few lines, I was thinking “OMG…is SP CRAZY? That’s hideous!” Then I read through all the comments. And I have to admit, mE’s post sticks out the most. I totally agree there. I do NOT live in Alaska, have NO IDEA what it’s like and totally get that there is a large population that needs to LIVE off of these other animals the wolf population is decimating. I do NOT agree with sport hunting AT ALL- I think it is disgusting and do NOT understand getting pleasure from KILLING something – but it seems that some population control is definitely needed in this situation. So what’s the right answer here? I don’t think any of us is actually qualified and informed enough to actually decide. I do agree that before yelling so very LOUDLY about an issue, one should be thoroughly educated about it. Wonder if Ms. Judd actually is?

  65. aleach says:

    Peopleeattas- So, because I have an opinion, and choose to voice that opinion, im “hateful” or “racist” or whatever? GOOD ONE!

  66. daisy424 says:

    JMC, Early spring I receive emails from all of these animal rights groups, most of which I belong, to write our senators & reps to put pressure on the Canadian govt. to stop the baby seal slaughter in Canada.

    They are trying to pass a ban on the sale of seal products. Basically most are killed for their fur (some are used in kilts) and because they are competition to the Canadian fishermen due to the seals eating the fish that they need to sell.
    I realize that people need to feed their families, but it is the manner in which these gentle creatures are killed. Some are skinned alive, in front of their crying mothers. (Yes, I said crying, watch the videos to see, but they are graphic)

    These links explain it better and show you ways to help if you’re interested.

  67. NotBlonde says:

    “totally get that there is a large population that needs to LIVE off of these other animals the wolf population is decimating”

    Unlike humans, wolves do not decimate populations of anything. Why? Because they live off of them and need them to be there next spring summer and fall so that they can survive. Irresponsible sport hunting is what decimates wildlife populations. When have you EVER heard of a natural predator decimating a group of prey animals? Indigenous peoples and hunters who actually need the caribou for food also know this and don’t decimate populations.

    Who’s left? Sport hunters who want to keep the populations artificially high so they have more game to kill.

  68. daisyfly says:

    Unlike humans, wolves don’t kill other animals for sport. If caribou populations are low, it’s not because of wolves. Wolves hunt for food when it is necessary – humans hunt for food because it’s a day that ends with the letter y.

    Don’t get me wrong – I support hunting – I just don’t think that endorsing the “shooting fish in a barrel” strategy is in any way humane, ethical, moral, or justified. The idea that you’ll get PAID to do it means that this is government sanctioned killing which goes against the will of the people. Hence, your tax dollars (state) are being used to give you the biggest BIRD imaginable.

    One last note – WTF? How does shooting wolves from a plane somehow equate to abortion? Seriously? I don’t know what they teach you all at the Sarah Palin School of I Learned Myself Good, but 1 + 1 does NOT equal Blue.

  69. Dallas says:

    Show people wolves being killed,

    “Stop the brutality! Stop culling the population!”

    what happens when you show the same people wolves hunting?

    “Oh my god the brutality! Stop the wolves!”

  70. Diva says:


    peopleeartas, I AM an INDIGENOUS person. I am Native American. I can guaran-f’ing-tee you that killing wolves, or any animal out of planes or helicopters with guns isn’t a part of INDIGENOUS culture. But you know that. You’re either trying to equate the way this woman promotes hunting with sustenance hunting or you’re insinuating that the non-Native people of Alaska are somehow “indigenous”. You’re wrong on both counts.

    I’m all for hunting for the right reasons. For the first 18 years of my life the only time I got any meat besides venison was on special occasions, and I love it. But not once did anyone in my Montana mountain family get in an airplane and chase anything down to kill it.

  71. cindi says:

    Sarah Palin is a narcissist who

    has her own interests at heart. She

    has no brains, no heart, and I hope she

    accidentally kills herself when she is

    out hunting!

  72. I’m a vegetarian, and I’m pro-hunter’s rights. But with these rights come responsibilities. Let the animals die quickly and with dignity, and utilize every salvageable part of the animal.

  73. Oliver Face says:

    She is an elected Gov. She has the right to chose whether to kill as many wolves as she wants. Isn’t Judd for a woman’s right to chose. The left must be getting nervous about Pres. Obama’s terrible performance and it’s only been three weeks. Plus Ashley dated Micheal Bolton, was that a good choice?

  74. Oliver Face says:

    Also, all of you morons who are wishing death upon Sarah Palin. Have the balls to tell it to her, send her an Email, Write, or call Don’t just mouth off in a safe forum. I hate Obama’s F**king guts but I would never wish harm on him just because I think he is a lousy president and he’s going to flush or country down the toilet.


  75. Oliver Face says:

    For those of you who keep harping about Sarah Palin being dumb, You’re opinion has been shaped by two interviews the first was when Charley Gibson asked her about the “Bush Doctrine” and she asked him to tell her. First of all Mr. Gibson himself didn’t know that there are no official Bush Doctrine, They were made up be Charles Krauthammer, over time there were four. The Question should have been Tell me about the Bush Doctrines, but Mr. Gibson did not know that. He was the dumb ass. The 2nd event was Katie Couric’s interview where she asked what newspapers Sarah reads. That is like asking someone if they use toilet paper? Of course no one who owns a computer would ever read an actual paper, but Mrs. Couric asked again in a concerned throaty voice “name two newspapers”. I would have been pissed off too. When Katie asked Barrack if he knew how insane his “20 year” Rev. Write was she took his first answer of “He didn’t know the Reverend had said those things” as gospel. She had no concerned throaty follow up like “do you think I’m stupid” or ” You must be a moron because everyone else knew it.” If you ask me the American people are the idiots and Sarah Palin is the smart one for at least trying to stop Obama from getting elected.

  76. whattheheck says:

    So….when meat comes in a package you feel no guilt or anger or pity, but how dare the Gov. of Alaska allow animals to be killed? Boo-hoo — you can’t eat turkey now that you found out they used to be live birds.

    Some of you need to chill out and watch Animal Planet and see how violent nature can be.

  77. dave says:

    I like Ashley Judd. I always thought she was a class act, but I have heard more negative remarks about her than I care to. Her remarks against Sarah Palin shows her ignorance and lack of education and information about the overpopulation of predatory or non-predatory animal species and maintaining a certain balance in nature. In this day and age, we cannot simply allow nature to take it’s course, otherwise we would lose species of wildlife at an accelerated rate if we did not intervene and try to help. Saving animal species is saving ourselves. Therefore, in my opinion. Ashley Judd is a twit on this matter.

  78. sauvage says:

    If you shoot into a group of wolves out of a plane, what are your chances of just deadly injuring some of the animals – who then will be left to die in a horribly painful way?
    No, I’m sorry, there is just no way I will believe that wolves are the ones decimating the numbers of prey in such an excessive manner. It is usually human hunters who do that. Wolves don’t take more than they need, an argument that in my experience does not necessarily apply to humans.

  79. DEO says:

    I dont think Judd has forgotten her roots of being dirt poor.
    I think she SAID in this video,
    Hey, you prick in the helicopter who just paid Palin money to shoot fish in a barrel and REALLY CAN¨T SHOOT , why dont you GROW A PAIR and hunt them on the ground.
    DEFENDERS is talking about THE METHOD of culling, not the culling, although alot of material suggest THAT isnt even necesary.
    It takes too many hours for the aniumal to die of exhaustion and bleeding. Hunters , real ones, WOULD NOT DO THAT!

  80. Flour says:

    LOL omg this thread is getting funnier and funnier. 2 things I can’t let slide…

    @Peopleeattast “Who are you to judge the leaders in a state you’re not even a part of?” You mean who are we? as in We The People? sigh. you have the internet too, sugar, don’t you look at anything but gossip sites?

    @Oliverface: “For those of you who keep harping about Sarah Palin being dumb, You’re opinion has been shaped by two interviews” See above answer.

    Someone above me said it and I’ll concur. Sarah Palin is a tool. And not a very shiny one, at that.

  81. Oliver Face says:

    Flour you said someone above you said Sarah Palin is a tool. If repeating something is your idea of an argument then everyone on this page is “above” you.

    I’ll say it myself, “You’re a Tool” see how easy that is.

  82. Flour says:

    i am a tool. a shiny one. thanks <3

  83. Oliver Face says:

    You’re special.

  84. mtngirl says:

    Wow, so many comments, agree with everyone speaking out about how despicable it is to promote aerial hunting of wolves. All emotional arguments aside, the fact is Palin does not want to have to consider the opinions of at least 172 scientists (we know science is not one of her big things) and the will of the people in Alaska who have voted against this disgusting practice. Palin just does not get it; but that is not surprising for a selfish, self-promoter at all costs who will step on anything and everyone to get her particular brand of agenda into the public fore. I just don’t understand how folks can support this, and Palin or her ideology.

  85. Oliver Face says:

    Mtngirl your comment of (we know science is not one of her big things). How do you know that? Who is this we? Are you referring to yourself and one other person, or are you making that up to justify your belief that you voted the right way for someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Tell me where did you hear or read this Palin anti-science statement, so I can educate myself. If you are referring to Christopher Hitchens article about the theory of evolution and the theory of global warming (or cooling) depending on what day it is, the FACT is that they are THEORIES and not scientific fact. They are meant to be debated because the cannot be proven, thus the name Theory. Sarah Palin’s dad was a science teacher. She said she agreed with teaching Darwin’s Theory, what more do you want, or are you just not tolerant of her religion? You should contemplate all of this or is it ABOVE YOUR PAY GRADE.

  86. pickles says:

    “So….when meat comes in a package you feel no guilt or anger or pity, but how dare the Gov. of Alaska allow animals to be killed? Boo-hoo — you can’t eat turkey now that you found out they used to be live birds.

    Some of you need to chill out and watch Animal Planet and see how violent nature can be. ”

    Dear post 76:
    I grew up watching my grandparents raise their own animals, then kill them for food. Every part was used. Killing wolves to collect one leg from each, and abandon the rest is not the same thing.

    Helicopters are not “nature.” Predators in nature do not kill for fun or sport, they kill to eat. How exactly can you compare aerial hunting to what is shown on Animal Planet?

  87. My name is Alice and I am a hunter and wildlife Photographer of 10 years.
    Do you people even try to get all the facts? First of all, this is not hunting, it is culling the over-population. It may not be the best method, but it certainly is the most effective. The money was offered because most people don’t want to go off into the AK wilderness as well as It costs money to rent a plane. This is not a bunch of drunken, inbred hicks going out to kill for fun. This is a planned and limited wildlife management operation. There are rules to be followed. The front leg issue is only for proof of a kill and to keep track of how many are culled. I am sure there is a limit to how many are culled. No one wants to kill off all the wolves. Americans already did that in many of the lower states years ago which caused a horrible imbalance in nature.

    Do you even understand or consider that when a species over-populates and area, it causes a disruption in the food chain. Too many of one animal and they can decimate its’ food supply, then weakness, sickness, disease and a very slow and painful deaths occur. Not just to one, but many. And when predators such as wolves begin to go hungry they start looking for easier prey to kill. How would you feel if wolves began killing our children and pets? This has happened. But we don’t want to talk about that do we. It might give us justification for culling over-populated predators. And wolves don’t kill that many large animals in Alaska because the Caribou stick to large herds. That’s why there are large herds of caribou; they are not being killed off by anyone, human or other. Watch any film about wildlife in AK and it will tell you that.

    As for Ass-lee Jugghead, she can kiss my rump. She needs to go out and get laid because she acts like she hasn’t had any for a year. She also doesn’t have a clue. Her viewpoint comes from the fog. If she really had any wits about her, she would have stayed with her mother and sister and joined in the fame, instead of heading off with a chip on her shoulder thinking she had any talent as an actress. She has only one style of acting and she cannot seem to deviate from that. It gets boring real fast.
    My husband can’t stand her either.

    Taking aim, Alice

  88. mtngirl says:

    The herds of Caribou have been growing, from 27,128 in 2000 to 31,857 in 2003 according to the Department of Interior. The wolves don’t venture up to the North Slope as much, but they do hunt the caribou when they range farther south during their annual migration; so indiscriminately killing the strongest wolves, which are most likely to roam farther doesn’t make any sense. Unless keeping the caribou herds inflated to allow for more sport hunting is to be the main source of population control; which of course also doesn’t make sense for the health of the caribou, as hunters generally go for the strongest, best looking specimen to bag. The wolves at least usually cull the weakest and disadvantaged, which is good for the long term health of the herd. The best interests of the wolves and the ecosystem at large are not served well by this practice.

  89. mtngirl says:

    Palin said about global warming during the campaign that “I’m not one though who would attribute it to being man-made.” In early 2008 she also said that polar bears should not be listed as an endangered species and doing so would hurt development in Alaska; she had Alaska Assistant Attorney General Steven Daugherty issue a statement: “We believe that the listing was unwarranted and that it’s unprecedented to list a currently healthy population based on uncertain climate models,”.

    Palin drafted a letter that was published in the NY Times on January 5, 2008. To quote: “Such limits should be adopted through an open process in which environmental issues are weighed against economic and social needs, and where scientists debate and present information that policy makers need to make the best decisions. Americans should become involved in the issue of climate change by offering suggestions for constructive action to their state governments. But listing the polar bear as threatened is the wrong way to get to the right answer.”

    In Palin’s mind scientific facts are questionable, but the suggestions of average citizens are what we really need to address the issue of climate change; that’s really scientific.

    The Alaskan Board of Game decided to kill black bear mothers and cubs and wolves to boost moose herds, even though the scientific community and many locals thought it a bad idea. This is the same agency she wants to transfer management of the wolf killing program to, away from the state Department of Fish and Game. Since when do game boards have more scientists and utilize objective scientific data to support their cause more than Fish and Game? They don’t, because that wouldn’t back up their desire to kill what they want, in the most advantageous way to them. This is about money, power and Palin getting what she wants, not scientifically based wildlife management.

  90. Beautiful says:

    The abortion comment is interesting. It is a fact that the pro-choice speak about abortion and deliberately ignore that there is a fetus, a human being, killed. Regardless of your position on abortion, research how death is “brought about” to a fetus.

    The assassination of animals is cruel no matter how it is done. Humans exterminate, torture, and devour millions upon millions of animals every year. Their skins and flesh are to be found everywhere. There is that.

    Palin is an idiot and so are many polititians. But she is being chased down for political purposes. There is that too.

  91. Reality Check says:

    What about the suffering of babies in Partial Birth Abortions?

    Since when did animals become more important than people?

    The truth is, Ashley has a grudge and she wants to advance her liberal agenda. Welcome to the age of Obama where everything is a crises and “government is the answer.”

  92. becca says:


    Look, while I think the arial part of hunting the wolves is rather cruel (why not hunt them on the ground like everyone else?), Sarah Palin is a psychopath that needs to stay the fuck in Alaska. I don’t want her within 100 miles of the Washington DC city limits.

    My observations on Palin have been from more than just Gibbs and Couric. She is an absolutely frightening woman. You can be against abortion, but the line is crossed when you try to take that right away from other women. Regulate your opinion to yourself and friends/family, not the whole country.

    Palin also doesn’t know a goddamn thing about the economy, and her religious views scare the shit out of me. Creationism is NOT science, and it NEVER will be. Her husband is part of a sepratist party in Alaska that wants to break away from the country and become a theocracy. Palin shouldn’t even be recognizing the party. But she has. On top of that, her husband is invested in an oil fishing business that makes a cool million or so. She’s forgotten what it’s like to be a “regular” American, or the American that Republicans adore so much, for the name of power and glory.

    I agree that Judd should have looked at all of the facts before she opened her mouth, but goddammit, Palin needs to crawl into a hole and disappear. She is the most disgusting piece of work in politics I have ever seen.

  93. gachilds says:

    I’m amazed at how many comments discredit anyone who questionswhere miss Judd is when it comes to why she objects to killing wolves but aproves of killing unborn children. I do not approve of either, but I have the feeling that most of the Judd supporters and Palin haters think it is OK to kill unborn children but wrong tokill wolves. Strange set of values.

  94. rand says:

    They say it takes all kinds, and thats fair enough, but do we really have to vote these lunatics into power.

  95. Haber says:

    Peopleeattas- So, because I have an opinion, and choose to voice that opinion, im “hateful” or “racist” or whatever? GOOD ONE!!

  96. Julio Muetzel says:

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